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FOREST ACTIVISM 10.07.2002 10:38
New Tree-Sit in controversial Mt. Hood old growth sale
Forest Defenders Take to the Trees at Solo Timber Sale
As part of a week of hard-hitting actions following the Earth First! rendezvous, activists with the Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA) are occupying a new tree sit in a 300- 400 year old Douglas Fir tree in the Mt. Hood National Forest, poised to defend the Solo old growth timber sale. This brings the number of active tree-sits locations in Oregon up to five, as activists across the region step up their campaign to protect public lands in response to the Bush Administration and former timber industry lobbyist Mark Rey's pro-timber agenda.

The Solo Timber Sale, which will clear-cut 216 acres of ancient forest in the Oak Grove Watershed, is set to be auctioned by the Forest Service July 30th, 2002.

"We want the logging companies to know before they buy the sale that it is no longer acceptable to commercially log public lands, and we will be using non-violent civil disobedience to protect this ancient forest," said Sally Smith, a CFA volunteer. [ Read More... ]

Media Tour of new Solo Tree Sit
At 11 am, on Thursday July 11th, activists with CFA will be touring the controversial Solo timber sale. The tour will include two major highlights: the rare lichen, known as "old growth specklebelly", and the new tree sit, set over 120 feet up in an old growth Douglas fir. [ Read More... ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance Website

FOREST ACTIVISM 10.07.2002 10:18
Clan timber sale auction protest at Mt. Hood Forest HQ
On June 9, members of a broad coalition of environmental and citizen groups convened at the Mt. Hood Forest Headquarters in Sandy to protest the Clan timber sale auction. The Clan timber sale is located in the Cooper Spur area of Mt. Hood, and is only one element among many threatening the area. There are also two other timber sales, a planned expansion of the Cooper Spur ski area from 50 to as much as 1400 acres, and a proposal for a massive resort development on private land just outside the Mt. Hood National Forest boundary.

Represented organizations included Bark, the Friends of Mt. Hood, the Hood River Valley Residents Committee, and the Mazamas. Earth First! was also in attendance, fresh from their brilliant action in downtown Portland the day before. The day's action was an up-close-and-personal follow-up call to the lawsuit filed the previous day by many of the same organizations, which demands that the Mt. Hood National Forest withdraw the Polallie-Cooper timber sale, which is also in the Cooper Spur area.

According to Heather Weinstein, of Mazamas, Forest Service employees are expected to raise a certain amount of revenue every year from timber sales. The Mt. Hood Forest is lagging behind and people who work there are feeling pressure to sell timber. To this end, they are ignoring vital data regarding the dreadful impact that logging in the area would have on the flora, fauna, and environment. "They're supposed to be the experts but they don't know about new forestry science."

The Forest Service videotaped everyone, and went around the parking lot to get the license plate numbers, too. Uniformed individuals from the Federal Protective Service and the Sandy Police Department were on hand en masse.

Kate McCarthy, founder of the Friends of Mount Hood has a true and deep love for the mountain and its ecosystem. At 85 she is still a sprightly hiker on the slopes, according to witnesses, and her dedication is unwavering. She approached the Forest Office's door with a comrade, to see if she could attend the auction as a witness. One of the Feds stepped forward to stop them as the other moved back to secure the door, and refused to let them in. "I pay your salary," McCarthy said. "This is a public building and we have a right to be here." She was not allowed too enter and a lively discussion ensued.

The buyer of the Clan timber sale was High Cascades, which bid $116,203.13, the minimum amount. No other bidders were present. High Cascades was informed of the lawsuit that was just filed, to give them a chance to back out. They bought it anyway. Now the courtroom battles will fire up in earnest. The fight is not over. [ Read full story... ]

[ More accounts of the same action: "Photos and Commentary from the Clan Timber Sale" | "pigs & freddys @ mt. hood timber auction protest today" ]

[ Cooper Spur Wild and Free Coalition ]

50 Gather in Salem to Support the 'SOA 37'
To show solidarity with Salem resident Chani Geigle-Teller and her 36 co-defendants, nearly 50 area residents gathered at the Marion County Courthouse to call for WHISC/SOA to be closed.

"To see so many people here really means a lot to me and my family," said Pete Teller, Chani's stepfather. "It makes this whole situation more easy to deal with."

Salem Mayor Mike Swaim told the crowd that the letter sent by the City Council in support of Chani "may seem insignificant", but it's the kind of proactive message that says a lot. "We will let Judge Faircloth know that Chani is a valued member of this community." [ Read More... ]

[ Previous Feature: Salem City Council calls for compassionate sentencing of SOA activist | School of the Americas Watch Website ]

Senate approves Yucca Mountain as nation's nuclear dump
Oregon PeaceWorks expressed dismay today that the U.S Senate voted today to approve a proposal by the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) to store the nation's nuclear waste at Yucca Mt., Nevada. Senator Gordon Smith voted for the proposal and Senator Ron Wyden voted against it.

"Senators Wyden and Smith heard from hundreds of Oregonians regarding the Yucca Mt. Vote. Their message was clear - Oregonians do not want nuclear waste transported through Oregon to Yucca Mountain," said Oregon PeaceWork's Program Director, Michael Carrigan. "Unfortunately, Senator Smith did not listen to the people of Oregon and with his vote today he put the interests of the nuclear industry before the health and safety interests of Oregonians."

"Today's Senate vote accomplished only one thing," said Michael Mariotte, executive director of Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS). "It proved that 60 members of the U.S. Senate caved in to the nuclear power industry and put those interests above the interests of the American people. By approving this project, the Senate has assured that this multi-billion dollar waste of taxpayer and ratepayer money will continue for now. But that doesn't mean Yucca is a done deal."

Mariotte said NIRS would now step up its preparations for large protests and blockades of highways and railways if the transport of high-level waste actually begins in the U.S. NIRS and grassroots environmental organizations have been training people in non-violent resistance to such shipments since 1997, and has sent activists to Germany to learn from the massive protests there in the past few years.

"Germany has made six shipments of nuclear waste casks since 1995," said Kevin Kamps of NIRS' Radioactive Waste Project, who was in Germany earlier this year to view a shipment. "It now requires some 30,000 police and $100 million to move a cask just 250 miles, disrupts the transportation network of much of the country, and requires a police state in large parts of northern Germany. The U.S. is talking about thousands of shipments, averaging 2,000 miles. There will be thousands of protestors along these routes," he predicted. [ Full story ]

Will nuclear waste be going through your neighborhood? Find out at nuclearneighborhoods.org.

[ Oregon PeaceWorks | Nuclear Information and Resource Service | Shundahai Network - "dedicated to breaking the nuclear chain" ]

MOVEMENT POLITICS 09.07.2002 12:57
'How to Challenge Violent Male Domination'
A writer who goes by the name "emma goldwoman" has been posting essays to the open publishing newswire on the topic of male domination. #4 in that series was posted today, 9 July. Here are some excerpts:

"Each time we confront men with the fact of violent male domination we increase the likelihood for world peace. Through confrontation we learn to confront more effectively. We may begin timid and nervous but each time we confront our confidence grows, our heart beats more calmly, our reasoning becomes more articulate."

"[One] common response of men, when confronted about the reality of male domination through violence, is the accusation of 'anti-male feminist sexism'. This is exactly the same technique that supporters of Israel use when they call critics of Israel 'anti-Semitic'. Yes, anti-Semitism exists, but the FACT is that Israel is oppressing Palestinians through the use of State terrorism. And similarly, yes, 'anti-male sexism' exists, but the FACT is that men control all our social institutions (and have controlled since the dawn of the Neolithic age around 10,000 years ago) through the use of male violence. An exploration of this fact is, obviously, not 'anti-male feminist sexism'."

"Male violence will not go away unless we confront men about it, and make it an issue on the left. Currently it is not an issue. Take a look at commondreams.org, counterpunch.org, thenation.org, zmag.org and the various indymedia.org sites. Count the articles where men address the issue of male domination and male violence. Obviously, the men who control these sites will not make male domination an issue unless we confront them about it." [ Full story ]


CLASS WAR 09.07.2002 00:39
Portland School Board votes to privatize custodial services
Under the glare of more than a hundred Portland Public School custodians and their supporters, the Portland School Board voted by a 5 to 2 margin to contract out the jobs of 300 custodians. Derry Jackson and Marc Abrams opposed the move but it was too little and too late for Portland's school custodians. Voting for the move was Debbie Menashe, Sue Hagmeier, Lolenzo Poe, Julie Brim-Edwards and Karla Wenzel.

For nearly 6 months, the custodians and their union, SEIU Local 140, fought privatization through rallies, testimony, lobbying, public education and other actions. From the start however, the School Board seemed intent on making the move toward privatization. While insisting on 4.5 million dollars in savings from custodial services, the Board engaged in sham bargaining with the union representing the custodians. Derry Jackson pointed this out in his comments to the board stating that while SEIU Local 140 offered 2.1 million dollars in savings, "the board did not put 1 dime on the table through the course of 14 bargaining sessions."

Several observers at the board meeting tonight described the board's action as being rife with class bias, noting the largely upper middle class composition of the board and their willingness to replace decent family wage jobs with workers earning sub-poverty wages. A couple of board members called the vote the toughest in their career, but this was small consolation for the workers losing their jobs. [ Read more... ]

Previous portland indymedia coverage: [ March 19, 2002: "School Board Meeting Commentary" | March 16, 2002: "Portland Public Schools in crisis" | April 10, 2001: "84 Custodians Laid Off by Portland Public Schools" ]

POLICE BEHAVIOR 09.07.2002 00:27
Portland Police officer to citizen: 'Just remember we own these streets'
A first-hand account from the open publishing newswire: "so... i was riding my bike up 6th ave on the bus mall and i noticed 2 bike cops riding up on a group of latino folks. so i thought this might be interesting to see. so i rode up on the sidewalk and walked my bike off to the side to observe what would happen. it appeared that one of the latino folks had some sort of power drill. the police officers were acting under the assumption that he was attempting to sell it and that it might be stolen property. (latino guy with power tool=thief?)

"The larger group of folks continued on and the 2 officers singled out one fellow. the one cop noticed that i had taken interest in the events unfolding and asked me if i needed any help. i replied no thanks and i was just hanging out. he then very sarcastically asked if i was going to make sure that he didn't violate the fellow's rights. i replied no and that i was just interested in the interaction taking place.

"the officer then told me to stand there and that i was next. i asked what he meant and he replied that he was going to cite me for riding my bicycle on the sidewalk. i was a bit overwhelmed and confused at this point. but the thing that happened next was quite peculiar..." [ Read more... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 08.07.2002 18:00
Earth First! shuts down Umpqua Holdings building for two hours; four arrested
For over two hours today, about one hundred Earth First! activists shut down the headquarters of the Umpqua Holding Company in Portland to protest the destruction of public lands, ancient forest logging and to demand the immediate cancellation of particularly controversial 'replacement volume' timber sales. Umpqua Holding Co. and its subsidiary, Umpqua Bank, are tightly connected at the highest levels to the destruction of Oregon's ancient forests. Umpqua Holding Co.'s largest shareholders own Herbert Lumber Company and the president of the board of Umpqua Bank is Allyn Ford, owner of Roseburg Forest Products and among the biggest loggers of public ancient forests in the region. Furthermore, Roseburg Forest Products owns the contracts to some of the most controversial mature and old growth timber sales on public lands in Oregon. Over the last two years activists have increasingly begun to target Umpqua Bank for protests as a means to force Roseburg Forest Products and Herbert Lumber to respect the public's desires to protect ancient forests.

At 12:15 this afternoon fifty activists, including the Infernal Noise Brigade, occupied the lobby of the building at 200 SW Market St. while another fifty activists occupied the Umpqua Holding Co's 19th story office, including two 17 year olds who locked their necks to the Bank's doors with kryptonite locks. Police pepper sprayed the group in the lobby of the building without issuing an order to disperse and arrested four individuals in the marching band who have not yet been released from jail. The fifty activists on the 19th floor remained for two hours until they felt their demands were delivered clearly to the leadership of the Bank, most notably Allyn Ford of Roseburg Forest Products. [Stay tuned for VIDEO of this event, to be uploaded here soon.] [ Full story ]

Earth First! protest against Umpqua Bank in Eugene
From the open publishing newswire: "About 25 activists gathered with beautiful banners and signs outside stUmpqua Bank this afternoon. Mysteriously a load of wood chips was dropped inside the door of the bank and a big stump blocked the driveway entrance until a patriotic good samaritan took it upon himself to be the one-man police force and moved the stump out of the way. Several police showed up at this point, but the only harrasment was a citation given to an alleged 'jaywalker' trying to hand a piece of literature to a passerby. A loud speaker was informing customers of the bad deeds of the bank and Allyn Ford, and informing them that their money really does not 'want to be there' and their coffee does not 'taste better'." [ Full story ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 08.07.2002 17:54
Earth First! activists occupy trees in Bitterroot National Forest
Two Wild Rockies Earth First! (WREF!) activists, using the names Fireweed and Lupine, have occupied trees in a proposed helicopter landing site for the Little Bull and Big Bull timber sales in the Bitterroot National Forest (BNF).

The proposed landing is located at the junction of Rye Creek and Mine RD south of Darby, MT. Live trees are planned to be cut to clear the landing pad. The activists are protesting the changes made to the timber sales through the 18.1 process as well as the multiple violations discovered in previoulsy cut timber sales which are a part of the Bitterroot Burned Area Recovery (BAR) Plan.

The 18.1 process is a way in which the Forest Service can make changes to the Record of Decision without any public input. Using new information the Forest Service can put through changes such as those disregarding winter only logging restrictions. A proposed change goes through a quick review and is either approved or denied. So far all have been approved. Eight of these changes have been made and four more are pending. "The 18.1 process is proof that the Forest Service did not adequately study these areas during the Environmental Impact Statement.", said Lupine, one of the individuals occupying a tree, adding "They weren't doing their job then and they aren't doing their job now".

"The Forest Service has once again circumvented the public's right to be involved in the decision making process by using this back door deal called 18.1" said Fireweed, the other tree sitter. Through the 18.1 process, the Forest Service has allowed ground based logging to be done in the summer. Previously, ground based logging in the Little Bull sale was only allowed if winter conditions existed. Winter conditions are defined as twenty-four inches of snow or four inches of frozen ground. The results of this change are obvious in the Little Bull Timber sale where huge trenches have been created on hillsides, further adding to the immense sedimentation of streams already caused by logging. [ Full story ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 08.07.2002 15:09
Community and environmental groups file lawsuit demanding Forest Service withdraw controversial Mt. Hood timber sale
A coalition of environmental and citizens groups led by Bark has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, District of Oregon, demanding that the Mt. Hood National Forest withdraw the Polallie-Cooper timber sale. Oregon Natural Resources Council, the Friends of Mt. Hood, the Oregon Wildlife Federation, the Hood River Valley Residents Committee, the Mazamas, and the Friends of Tilly Jane are co-plaintiffs on the lawsuit. These groups have come together to oppose ill-considered activities on the Northside of Mt. Hood in the Cooper Spur Area.

The lawsuit makes four claims:

  1. That the Forest Service has not considered the cumulative impacts on the four large projects planned for the Cooper Spur area.
  2. That the proposed logging in riparian areas is a violation of the Northwest Forest Plan and its Aquatic Conservation Strategy.
  3. That the Forest Service failed to indicate what science they were relying upon in the decision to log the Polallie Cooper area to decrease fire risk.
  4. That the Forest Service only considered two alternatives in the Polallie Cooper Environmental Assessment: log extensively or do nothing.

The lawsuit asks the Forest Service to halt any further actions on the Polallie Cooper timber sale, including the associated Clan timber sale, scheduled for auction tomorrow, July 9, until further analysis can be done. [ Read More ... ]

Marlene Eid and Emma Franks speak at forum on Palestine
Saturday's Forum on Palestine featured two powerful, moving and thought-provoking speakers, Marlene Eid and Emma Franks. This was the sixth in a series of forums, presented on the first and third Saturday of each month by the Palestine Action Group. About forty people attended.

Marlene spoke on the effects of war on Palestinian children, who, she said, "have seen nothing but destruction." Marlene was born and raised in Jerusalem, and now teaches psychology at PSU and PCC. In 1990 she went to the Gaza Strip and helped found the Gaza Community Mental Health Program.

The title of Emma's talk was "Where are the women?" Emma is an anti-racist, feminist and solidarity movement activist who visited Palestine on a delegation during the Gulf War. Originally from Uganda, her family relocated to the UK when she was a child, and she just recently moved to Portland. Her talk centered on the experience of women in Palestine and the links between different movements against oppression and between different communities and nationalities. [ Read More ]

The next Forum on Palestine will be held on Saturday, July 20th, 6:00 pm at the Campus Ministries Building at PSU (corner of SW Broadway and Montgomery).

Cooperation Transcends Competition as Linux Challenges Microsoft
Over the past couple years, the Linux operating system has emerged as a viable alternative to Windows and Macintosh. This is remarkable because Linux is based on the "free software" philosophy, and is released under a 'copyright' called the GNU General Public License. The Preamble to the GPL describes the intention of the license:
"The licenses for most software are designed to take away your freedom to share and change it. By contrast, the GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free software--to make sure the software is free for all its users."

Commercial Software and Hardware manufacturers, like Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, IBM and a host of smaller companies work together to quickly make obsolete the equipment and programs you currently use. They must do this to stay in business. However, this viscious cycle of competition is not in the best interests of the end-user or the environment. The push for glitzy new features means you constantly pay money, end up with buggy software and have to upgrade your computer hardware regularly. If properly utilized, a 2-4 year old computer is actually capable of fulfilling the needs of 95% of computer users. For a given task, Linux and many free open source applications require less memory and CPU power than their commercial counterparts!

Since Linux has the capability to work well on older computers otherwise destined for landfills, it is an ideological and practical alternative to corporate products and the devastating ecological impacts of computer-consumerism. The creation of a single computer may require as much as 7,300 gallons of water, use 2300 kilowat-hours of electricity, produce 49 pounds of toxic waste (including PCBs and various heavy metals), and 139 pounds of other waste. A single monitor may contain as much as 6 pounds of lead. All this for a mere couple years of useage is not just wasteful, but outright deadly to humans, other creatures and the environment.

In Peru, facing objections from Microsoft, a bill is on the table mandating the use of free open source software in public institutions. They are recognizing the imperialist nature of Microsoft, and the doorways they leave open in the software. Naturally, the U.S. government has access. Using Free Open Source software like Linux can ensure the security because all the code is open to view.

If a person is not ready or able to switch operating systems, one first easy step to say no to corporate control is to switch to the newly released Mozilla Browser. Unlike Internet Explorer, Mozilla is made to assist the user, not the bottom line. For example, the user can block those annoying pop-up ad windows, and can block images from advertising servers with a click of a button. There is also Open Office. It duplicates Microsoft Office, has been well received, and is, of course, free software. There is also AbiWord, a free word processor that runs on Linux and Windows.

This is an area where people can make a difference on numerous fronts. Switching to Linux directly challenges Microsoft, saves energy and money, protects the environment and third world workers, and promotes the free open source ideal which is a radical, cooperative, egalitarian way to work together towards community and sustainable, sane culture.

[ End Corporate Dominance- free your computer! | OpenSource alternatives to your Proprietary Software | Microsoft attacks schools, linux adocates provide alternatives |Large portions of the internet off-limits to those not using Microsoft software | On Open Source Code, Computers and the Revolution ]

[ Free Geek Website | GNU Website | Basel Action Network Website ]

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Eugene: Subversive Pillow Theatre is back
After a brief hiatus, Subversive Pillow Theatre in Eugene is back. Subversive Pillow Theatre shows "hard-to-find films that reflect a deeper truth to capitalism, imperialism and revolution."

Scheduled events in July include:

Salvador: an Oliver Stone film that was made during the climax of the revolution in El Salvador. A story about a dirt poor journalist who leaves Los Angeles to El Salvador in search of a juicy story to cover.

Women In Prisons : former political prisoner, longtime prison activist, and internationally recognized expert on women in prison, Bo Brown, will show a film about women political prisoners in the USA. Following the video showing, Bo Brown will talk about the film and the politics of women in prison.

Waco: The Rules Of Engagement: This is a powerful, shocking film which says that the FBI machine-gunned Branch Davidians at the Waco compound and committed numerous other crimes there in order to set an example of what will happen to people who don't follow the rules. The film raises serious doubts about the FBI's version of the story, and makes you question the government as a whole.

Subversive Pillow Theatre will be showing films at Cosmic Pizza (14th and Willamette) on Sundays in July. [ Details and schedule ]

98,000 signatures turned in for Oregon Universal Healthcare

On Friday, July 5th, the Health Care for All Oregon initiative organizers filed 98,001 signatures at the State of Oregon Elections office! 75% of the signatures were collected by VOLUNTEERS and came from working class cities all over the state.

The campaign now waits for the official State Elections office OK to move toward grassroots campaigning. Every major city in Oregon has organized a coalition to support the initative. All are bracing themselves for the onslaught of corporate ads against this much needed Oregon universal health care bill. A major action of the coalitions will be to raise money to defend the initative and educate the public.

This is an initiative for the people of Oregon, by the people of Oregon. [ Read more... ]

MICROSOFT, VERSION 1984 06.07.2002 19:37
The Beginning of the End of Freedom on the Internet

On Monday, July 1, Microsoft announced plans for a new product known as 'Palladium' that it claims will assure 'security' and 'copyright protection' on the internet. Advocates for freedom of expression and privacy, though, point out that the processor-based digital authentication system will enable Microsoft to effectively remote-control home PCs. If the system becomes widely adopted, people will be forced to buy Palladium-enabled computers.

Palladium is only roughly outlined, but what is known indicates that it is almost certain to put an end to Open Source software as we know it—i.e., Linux. Palladium would also give Microsoft unlimited access to your personal internet history, email history, email encryption keys and even the contents of your hard drive. It would also enable centrally-controlled, hardware-based blocking of websites that it deems 'insecure' and hence 'non-Palladium-approved'.

"It's the ultimate in an Orwellian presentation of the issue," says Chris Hoofnagle, the legislative counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center. "You dress up an invasive tool as a helpful one."

Once this sort of external control is enabled, it is not only Microsoft that would have what is, in effect, complete control of your computer. For example, if the government were to label an organization as 'terrorist', a 'threat to national security', 'illegal', or 'socially inappropriate', that organization's website could be blocked to anyone with a Palladium-enabled computer. Non-Palladium-enabled computers would be identified as 'insecure' and have limited or no access to the internet.

Sites like Indymedia that feature creative and radical individual expressions could be marginalized and kept from public view. Likewise, anyone who has unauthorized music or software on their machine would not be able to play/use it. If the government does not like what you are doing on your computer, they can wipe your hard-drive and lock you out of it.

The internet has become a powerful tool for individuals to communicate, educate themselves, organize and oppose centralized domination. This initiative is a primary component in seizing the internet from the individual and putting it under centralized control. [ Read more... ]

[ Alas, a Couple of Bob's Dire Predictions Have Come True | MS DRM OS, retagged 'secure OS' to ship with Longhorn? | MS to eradicate GPL, hence Linux | TCPA / Palladium Frequently Asked Questions | Why Intel loves Palladium | Microsoft's Palladium: Security for whom? | TCPA Website ]

MOVEMENT POLITICS 05.07.2002 22:07
Time to Reinvent Portland's Anti-War Movement?
On July 4, a poster to the open publishing newswire wrote: "Today's July 4 parade needed to be challenged. But it wasn't. I think it's time the anti-war movement here in Portland reinvented itself. I have been feeling this for a little while, but seeing tanks rolling down Broadway this morning, and no visible anti-war presence makes it more of a priority in my opinion... We need an anti-war movement or organization that: effectively challenges US imperialism, reaches out to folks most affected by US foreign and domestic policies (and is not mostly or entirely led by white men), recognizes and utilizes different kinds strategies and tactics, has good internal democracy, and is not dominated by authoritarian or alienating 'leadership'.

"I'm sure there is much more that is needed, but I just wanted to open the question. But I want to do it in a way that focuses on what we need, not in a way that overexagerrates our mistakes." [ Time to Reinvent Portland's Anti-War Movement ]

A participant at today's PPRC (Portland Peaceful Response Coalition) rally seconded these sentiments, saying: "I attended the weekly PPRC rally in Pioneer Square tonight. In the back of my mind was the newswire post published yesterday called 'Time to Reinvent Portland's Anti-War Movement'. I have to say I agree. Two or three dozen dedicated regulars were there tonight, bless 'em... [but] I got the same feeling I did last week, that we weren't really connecting with anyone... I believe public demonstrations are one tool to use to protest and educate, but they have to be better than this. More people, better ways of conveying information, and more creative tactics would all help." [ PPRC rally in Portland tonight ]

Another poster to wire writes: "Now that we have vented, where do we go from here? I have a few ideas. Let me know yours..." [ Reinventing Portland's Anti-war movement part 2 ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 05.07.2002 16:32
Bush Administration Rejects Public's Demand to Protect Roadless Areas, Save Old Growth

From the open publishing newswire: There are clear lines between the public and corporate special interests in the battle over the protection of 58.5 million acres of wild national forest land, according to a report released by the Heritage Forests Campaign. The report follows a Forest Service analysis of comments submitted in response to the Bush administration's plan to change the Roadless Area Conservation Rule.

"The public has once again told the Forest Service that it overwhelmingly supports protecting our last wild national forest lands," said Jane Danowitz, director of the Heritage Forests Campaign. "The real question this time is whether the Bush administration will listen to its corporate special interest friends instead."

The Forest Service report analyzed comments submitted by the public last fall in response to the Bush administration's announcement that it intended to make changes to the wildly popular roadless rule. According to the report, completed on May 31, 2002, but not released until last night, the Forest Service received 726,440 comments from the public, and that 97 percent of these comments favored implementing the Roadless Area Conservation Rule without Bush administration changes. [ Read more... ]

Bush Administration seeks increased logging, possibly targeting Old Growth
The Oregonian says it has obtained a memo which outlines a three-year timetable to boost timber production from the region while streamlining regulations that industry officials find costly and burdensome.

The memo which was drafted this spring, is the work of Portland-based regional executives for the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. These agencies manage most publicly owned timberlands in the region. The memo has not been released to the public.

The Forest SerVice, a public agency, is working to negate the regulations that some companies find burdensome, while ignoring the clear mandate from a significant majority of people in the Northwest to protect the remaining native and old growth forests. [ Read more... ]

[ Take Action for Condrey Mountain Roadless Area | Norton versus the Environment ]

Salem City Council calls for compassionate sentencing of SOA activist
The Salem City Council passed a resolution on Monday, July 1 calling for compassionate sentencing of Chani Geigle. Geigle is one of the 'SOA 37', a group of activists being charged with 'crossing the line' and getting arrested at Fort Benning, Georgia, the home of the SOA, during a protest there last November. In addition to the letter, the council voted to send an addendum listing all of Geigle's service to the people of Salem and a video transcript of the debate.

The letter begins: "We are writing today to express our strong support for Ms. Chani Geigle, a Salem citizen who is being tried for civil disobedience at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC), formerly the School of the Americas (SOA). Ms. Geigle is a courageous young woman willing to put her support for human rights above her own well being. In this case, she stands with many Americans who are appalled at the SOA's record of educating large numbers of officers later implicated in mass murder, torture, and other crimes and are now concerned about its continued operation as WHISC." [ Read more... ]

On July 30, Geigle and other SOA activists spoke in Eugene about their beliefs and experiences. Read about it in the open publishing newswire post, "Crossing Lines of Justice - Voices of SOA Activists".

Find out more about the SOA at SOA Watch.

MOVEMENT POLITICS 05.07.2002 00:15
A Call for 'Male Restraint'

One indy contributor, writing under the psuedonym of Emma Goldwoman, has written 3 articles posted to indy newswires. She is calling for a movement of voluntary male restraint. She has pointed out that progressive websites are male dominated stating that: "I did a very unscientific survey of my three favorite progressive websites: zmag.org, counterpunch.org and commondreams.org. I wanted to see to what degree these websites suffered from masculism. Zmag had a ratio of men writers to women writers of around 6:1. Commondreams' ratio was around 6:1 also and at Counterpunch the ratio was around 10:1"

In her original article, Emma is saying that here is one place the progressive movement can take immediate action, and have immediate impact: "It can happen this week, if the editors at these three web sites decide to do it (replace men with women writers). In addition, men in progressive organizations, such as those organizations engaged in battling corporate-globalization, or environmental organizations, can voluntary abdicate all positions of power in favor of women. This can also be done this week. In one week, if we are truly serious about social change, all progressive organizations in the U.S. can be led by women."

Many commentors to her posts have focused on a criticism of her call to replace all men with women, meanwhile the important question is lost of why these ratios are currently so high in favor of men in what are labeled progressive organizations. While some commentators found her suggestion of all female leadership exciting and intriguing, we all have to at least ask ourselves, when as Emma suggests, it is entirely within our reach to do it this week, why there is not a balance of women and men in progressive and activist organizations?

Emma Goldwomans Indy Newswire Articles
[ A Modest Proposal Concerning Masculism | TEN THOUSAND YEARS IS ENOUGH | The Movement For Male Restraint ]

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JULY 4TH IN OREGON 04.07.2002 18:17
Ashland: Resistance in the Streets on July 4
People from all over Southern Oregon and beyond come to Ashland for the 4th of July parade every year. Enthusiastic and colorful contingents of costumed marchers and floats range from the traditional to the outrageous, and everything in between. Virtually every local person, family, affinity group, organization and business turns out. Visitors and guest marching contingents are very welcome.

This year, some marchers took up the theme of "Alternatives To War" and resistance to the Bush Regime. Spirited demonstrators for Peace and Justice to Save the Planet were colorful and well recieved. [ Latest New Photos! | More Photos! ]

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[ Ashland Community Action | Erin's Photos | Pre-Parade ]

Portland: "Wydenettes say STOP FAST TRACK" at July 4th Parade
Amidst the flags, tanks and rodeo champs, twenty highly visible, energetic and dedicated pro-democracy activists greeted politicians and crowds at Portland's "Celebrate Independence" parade. The activists from Cross-Border Labor Organizing Coalition (CBLOC) highlighted the appearances of Senator Ron Wyden, who voted this spring to give Fast Track trade authority to the anti-labor, anti-environment Bush administration, and Representative Darlene Hooley, who voted against it. The festive atmosphere inspired many of the activists to join in the parade, tagging along with Senator Wyden's entourage, reaching thousands of parade-goers with leaflets describing the dangers of Fast Track and how to stop it. [ Story & Photo ]

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