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02.03.2005 23:43
Janitors and their supporters rally downtown to "blow the whistle" on unethical employers
Today's rally was another spirited event organized by Jobs With Justice. One thing that always stands out about their actions is the enthusiasm of the participants. People shout the chants and let you know they mean it! At this event, many people were armed with whistles, and the No War Drum Corps was in attendance, so at times the din was nearly earsplitting. Nothing speaks like passion, and the folks at this rally were speaking up, and speaking up loud!

"Blowing the Whistle on law-breaking companies" was the title on the flyer they were handing out. It featured a photo of Jason Barber, who works as a janitor for Servicemaster Swan Island, the corporation targeted by today's protest.


PSU ELECTIONS 02.03.2005 14:22
Red Scare at Portland State: Devaney/Woon slate hit by Republican dirty tricks
Hatecase. Yesterday, March 1, the College Republicans officially and publically launched an anti-Devaney/Woon Slate campaign by creating a display case and locating it strategically in the highest pedestrian area of PSU. The display case had comparisons of the Devaney/Woon slate to communist leaders of the past, namely Stalin and Lenin...

They also tried to fit into university policy by advertising an event, which they were supposed to do in the first place. The event that they decided to advertise was the "Ebony Ball," a dance held every year by the Black Cultural Affairs Board and the Association of African Students. Once word reached the members of these respective groups, a large grouping went down and demanded that the flyers be removed because it misrepresents the mission and beliefs of the groups in questions.

previous PSU Election stories: [ Student body candidates at PSU call a "Student Alert" / Barron/Craven - NOT the Progressive Candidates (2/27/05) | Barron-Craven Enters Campaign Proposing Real Solutions to Real Student Issues (2/14/05) ]


02.03.2005 08:05
Portland-Venezuela Video Alliance - Volunteers Needed
Portland Indymedia volunteers have been contacted recently by an public Venezuelan television station (Venezolana de Televisión) interested in trading videos. Inspired by the strong resistance of the people of Venezuela to corporate domination, along with the role that independent media plays in combatting the propaganda of the corporate Venezuelan media, Portland Indymedia volunteers are scrambling to assemble videos to send to Venezuela.

Scripts to the videos would speed up the delivery to Venezuelans, so we're asking for volunteers to view the following videos and transcribe the narrative, along with time and visual queues at approximately 2-minute intervals, or shorter if appropriate. If any of you can translate to Spanish as well, all the better. The idea is to make PDX IMC and Venezuelan videos more available to both our English and Spanish speaking populations via subtitles.

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01.03.2005 17:06
Tillamook County Becoming r-BGH Free
The Tillamook County Creamery Association's membership voted 83-43 to back up the Board's previous decision to go rBGH-free, effective April 1, 2005 (No kidding!). After a two-hour discussion, the co-op's members decided to listen to their consumers' wishes rather than Monsanto.

In an incredible display of consumer activism and strength, over 6,500 people commented to Tillamook by phone, e-mail, fax and letter. Over 98% of the comments stressed the desire for the dairy to go rBGH-free! If ever there was a demonstration that this genetically engineered hormone has nothing to offer but increased disease rates in cows and health risks to consumers, this was it.

We really want to thank all of you who responded to Oregon PSR's requests to contact Tillamook. And a double thanks to everyone who sent our alert memo's to others and asked them to do the same. Never in our wildest dreams did we think the ripple effect would go so far.

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GOOD NEWS IN DARK TIMES 01.03.2005 10:56
Community Organizing Stops Development Threat to Tryon Creek Watershed!
try/on farm On Friday morning, after months of hard work and negotiations, TLC Farm successfully acquired the purchase option for the land it occupies from Brownstone Homes, a development firm that had planned to build 23 luxury houses on the sensitive site. Now TLC Farm is in a contractual agreement to purchase the land from its owner by January 2006.

Also on Friday, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Terry Hannon stayed the eviction of the residents of TLC Farm pending appeal of the case to the Court of Appeals. Representatives of the owner expressed a desire to work with TLC Farm and the residents to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution for all concerned.

related: [ Tryon Life Community Farm continues to build support despite judge's eviction ruling (2/1//05) | Try/On Life Community Farm website ]


28.02.2005 22:21
A call from Southern Oregon Forest Defenders
Green Bridge over the Illinois River The campaign to stop the largest logging project in modern history is entering a critical new phase- and Southern Oregon forest defenders are calling on all allies who are able to gather for a camp out at the Green Bridge on the Illinois River. The Green Bridge is a symbolic and literal gateway to the expansive roadless wildlands of the Siskiyou Mountains beyond. This is an inclusive and ongoing encampment ready to receive helpful people now. Specifically, folks are asked to sleep by the river Sunday March 6th and attend a mass demonstration Monday morning, March 7th, the day the first-ever logging within designated old growth reserves is set to begin.

The Green Bridge is a rallying point for those who wish to show their opposition to the so-called Biscuit Fire Recovery Project, an extreme logging scheme that would remove tens of thousands of log trucks from remote regions of unmanaged native forest. A small group of local organizers are camping beneath the bridge on the bank of the picturesque Illinois River. The camp is becoming the public face of a growing campaign that is increasingly supported by old timers and locals who bring food, warm clothes and camp fire songs to share with those gathered.

recent related: [ The Battle to Save the Biscuit Heats Up: A call-to-action, direct & otherwise (2/25/05) | Defending the Wild: Biscuit Action Bulletin (2/19/05) | Portlanders rally downtown to demand immediate cessation of logging in The Biscuit (2/7/05) | Selma, Oregon: Report-back from rally to save the Wild Siskiyous (2/8/05) ] | For more coverage: Rogue IMC


DEEP POLITICS 28.02.2005 22:15
Hunter S.Thompson Silenced with a Silencer?
Hunter S. Thompson "Gonzo-Journalist" Hunter S. Thompson was talking to his wife Anita on phone about his work on his weekly ESPN column and that she should come home from her health club, but instead of proceeding the phone conversation she heard a "muffled noise" and "didn't know what had happened". She reported further: "I was waiting for him to get back on the phone,"...

Her account to Rocky Mountain News reporter Jeff Kass is slightly different: "I did not hear any bang," she told Kass. She added that Thompson's son, who was in the house at the time, believed that a book had fallen when he heard the shot, according to Kass' report. Now that's interesting: WHY "slightly different"? Because CNN spinned some different CONCLUSION into it????? Stay with the facts!!! Learn from 'Bloggers'!!

Was Hunter Thompson Suicided?
Skolnick reports that Thompson was working on an expose of the homosexual pedophile underground which permeates the MSM, Washington, DC, & BOTH political parties, a la the Franklin Coverup scandal of the 80's & 90's. The danger of the Jeff Gannon scandal becoming the next dot to connect the BusShes to Franklin is causing panic among the MSM & DC, according to Skolnick.

...Hunter Thompson's "suicide" then might be an attempt by SOMEONE to delay the dot-connecting.

related rumors: [ The Gannon Cannon Bush Treason In Spy Whorehouse | Jeff Gannon isn't James Gukkert he's REALLY Johnny Gosh (Franklin paedophile ring?) ]


28.02.2005 10:25
America's high schools are obsolete
Why does Amerika's mainstream media and mainstream politicians (from the Clintons to the Bushes) push kids to stay in high school and NEVER DROP OUT, oh no, your life will end at that point? For many of the best kids, a better world is possible outside of high school.

I don't want to mislead any kids that are doing okay and actually learning something in high school into dropping out on a whim. But I do want kids who are miserable in high school and learning little or nothing, except how to conform and prepare for military service -- to those young people, I suggest that they reject the propaganda that high school graduation is the key to success in SuperAmerika and decide to accept the challenge of finding a better way to invest valuable years than further subjecting themselves to the trivia and bull-shit of the American high school system.


28.02.2005 10:24
Reviving the Debate about Human Rights: Book Review
The author describes the development of human rights. The first generation-civil and political rights-goes back to the late 18th century. The second generation-economic, social and cultural rights-arose as a consequence of impoverishment. The development of the third generation-collective rights-after WWII was impelled by the desire for peace and a healthy environment.

This book review of "Pictures of Human Rights" originally published in: Zeit-Fragen Nr.7, 2/14/2005 is translated from the German by Marc Batko

[ Other posts from Marc Batko | Marc Batko Translations ]


PSU ELECTIONS 27.02.2005 12:38
Student body candidates at PSU call a "Student Alert"
psu elections 2005 Beware of what you hear in you classes Portland State Students. There is misinformation about the REAL Progressive candidates going around in the hallways.

Amanda Barron has been working hard to get rid of privacy pirates Higher One, a company that bought social security numbers, adresses and phone numbers of all students enrolled at PSU. She proposed a privacy bill to Senator Ringo out of Beaverton.

Barron/Craven - NOT the Progressive Candidates
As a candidate who is running on the opposing slate to Barron/Craven, I would just like t say that they are the ones misleading people. Using IMC to act as though they are progressive is completely absurd. Instead of using tactless language to tell you why they are NOT the progressives [because believe me I could], I can tell you why the Devaney/Woon slate is the REAL progressive slate.

more from the newswire -- Devaney/Woon endorsed by: [ PSU Green Party | Progressive Student Union | Students for Unity | Jewish Student Union ]

previous related: [ Barron-Craven Enters Campaign Proposing Real Solutions to Real Student Issues (2/14/05) | MasterCard Student IDs Incite Boycott and Walkout (11/20/04) | Portland State Outsources Financial Aid (10/19/04) ]


26.02.2005 20:30
Free Tri Met Rides? It Could Happen
Tonight as I was getting on the 20 I handed the driver my transfer. The ticket stated I validated it at E 162nd and that it expired at 6:15. Woozy and a bit cranky from selling plasma, I thought I had made it. But no. I handed my ticket to the driver (instead of slipping it into the ticket machine before he could examine it), such was my good faith. He peered at it over his glasses and said flatly "This is expired." "What time is it?" I asked, slightly dismayed. "6:17" he said, deadpan.

Even though I was weak from trading my precious fluid for a mere 20 Federal Reserve Notes, I wasn't about to spend a buck thirty-five more so some goblin could drive me home. My ill-conceived plan was to walk home just to show the bus driver that his stinky-pants attitude was not going to coerce any more dough out of my already cash-strapped-ass. I said something ineffective and indignant like "Whatever" and spun to storm off the bus. I could not however, because a woman with curly grey hair insisted on paying my fare and was blocking me like a goalie from leaving.

The woman came back to talk to me and I apologized for almost mowing her down and that I was just angry. Lo' and behold, like a Jehovah's Witness telling you that "God has a plan for you" when you are obviously having a bad day, the woman launched into a well rehearsed pitch about her website called http://www.freetrimetrides.com. She stated what I had always suspected was true... [ Read More ] [ freetrimetrides.com ]


environmental assault 26.02.2005 16:41
Water Board Gives Green Light for Logging in Freshwater and Elk Watersheds
Welcome to Freshwater Despite lack of facts, the Water Quality Board ok's more Maxxam logging above Freshwater Creek and Elk River.

Eureka, CA - Maxxam/Pacific Lumber will be allowed to clear-cut more steep hillsides in the blighted Freshwater and Elk River watersheds, the Regional Water board decided Friday. The decision flies in the face of independent scientific data that shows logging by Maxxam/PL is causing permanent damage to the two Northern California areas that are listed as sediment impaired under the Clean Water Act.

"At this point I am prepared to approve timber harvest plans that will allow Pacific Lumber Company to harvest up to 50 percent of the annual harvest limit set by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection for these watersheds," said Catherine Kuhlman, the North Coast Regional Water Board's Executive Officer in a press release. "Staff inspections this week have assured me that excess sediment will not run off from those operations."


26.02.2005 01:17
Critical Mass Went Back to Normal...Police Issuing Frivolous Tickets
Photo 1a Besides the Mayor riding in Critical Mass last month, something unique happen on that misty night... no police issuing frivolous tickets. Instead the police appear curtoious to bicyclists riding in Critical Mass. Only six bicycle cops joined Critical Mass last month. Could this be the Mayor showing off his 'community policing' he preached about during the campaign? Could the Mayor have recognize that the City has wasted much of their resources with massive police escorts issuing frivoulous tickets, which ends up in court wasting tax payers money?

Sadly, tonight went back to the same old Critical Mass. Eleven motorcyle cops with two police cars escorted over fifty bicyclists ridging in Critical Mass

Critical Mass for dummies, by dingo the clown
It started out a pleasent day on Alberta street, lots of barking dogs and catterwalling kids. After all the days shinnannigins were done the idea came up of riding tall bikes downtown and visiting Critical Mass. Mayday the clown said he was into it and picked a bike out, so did I.

So I ran into the clown house, stabbed my finger in the peanut butter jar for my dinner,kissed my dog and scratched my wife,pulled my finger from my mouth and whala'Two big ass clowns are squeeking downtown on teetering tall bikes.

We rode down to the Max and had to enter from opposite ends.

I got to ride with the suburb kids who were on lots of what I expect were powder drugs, they were hooting and acting like tweaking chimps. Mayday got the end with the guy who suggested that tall bikes be used at his mental hospital. He never said exactly what role he played there or what the bikes should be used for.

We roll up to the park.

more stories! [ Critical Mass and your 1st Amendment | Possible incident on SE Clay between 9th and 10th ]


25.02.2005 09:45
The Battle to Save the Biscuit Heats Up: A call-to-action, direct & otherwise
View of valley from nearby, w/towns hidden under fog i just spent a week in Southern Oregon learning about the (so-called by the Forest Service) "Biscuit Fire Recovery Project" in the Siskiyou National Forest and the fight to stop it. i shot a bunch of video footage and will be putting out an indymedia film about what i saw and experienced, but that project will take a little while to complete, so in the meantime here's some text and photo reporting. (Photos are posted separately in a set of three.)

The basic facts about the Biscuit Fire, its effects, and the inappropriateness of the "recovery project" are not as well understood as they should be. As in most situations involving the relationship between people and their lifestyles on one hand and the environment and its natural cycles on the other, the truth is fairly simple, but has been clouded in the mainstream consciousness by the government and the corporate media, both of which kowtow to well-moneyed interests, in this case the timber industry. With the Biscuit, the stakes are high, and it's essential to pierce that fog of lies; in the bigger picture, it's not just that particular forest that's threatened, but the survival of all wild places remaining in the U.S. and hence of ourselves as a species.

Read on, and i'll share with you what i found and how you can help.

accompanying photos: [ 1 of 3: Fiddler | 2 of 3: Redwoods | 3 of 3: Briggs ]

related: [ how is fiddler mountain? ]

Who to contact to offer help: [ Siskiyou Project | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Oxygen Collective ]
In Portland: Cascadia Rising!, phone: 503.493.7495, email: action (at) cascadiarising (dot) org


nw resistance against genetic engineering 25.02.2005 06:19
Support Tillamook in their fight against Monsanto - an rBGH primer
oakhurst farmers pledge The evil forces of Monsanto are gathering at the coast to try to stop the Tillamook County Creamery Association from going rBGH free, and your words of encouragement are desperately needed to stop them! rBGH is not used in most other industrialized countries, including the European Union, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. So, how did it get approved in the U.S.? The short answer is that there is a quite cozy revolving door relationship between the government and corporations.

To learn more about genetic engineering, NW RAGE invites you to hear author and activist Brian Tokar on Monday, Feb. 28 at the Food For Thought Café at PSU at 7 p.m. Brian will be discussing genetic engineering and Vermont's Town to Town Campaign urging a "Time Out on GMOs." Over the last four years, 79 towns have agreed that regulations are needed to protect Vermont farmers and food systems from genetic engineering. Come hear what is making this campaign a success and how we can help stop genetic engineering in Oregon.

homepage: www.nwrage.org


24.02.2005 17:39
Packed Public Workshop on Pacific Lumber Logging Plans
maxxam economis Maxxam Economics: A jam-packed audience attended a public workshop that aired concerns surrounding controversial logging plans by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber and the flooded-out residents who oppose them. In front of a standing room only crowd that spilled into the lobby, opposing sides gave their best to convince the North Coast Regional Water Board that they should - or shouldn't - approve permits for waste discharge for logging in two impaired Northern California valleys.

PL scientist Jeff Barrett tried to demonstrate that logging would help rather than further harm the heavily-logged area, saying "elimination of all harvest effects would do almost nothing to reduce flood frequency." "That's tobacco science," said McKinleyville resident Dr. Ken Miller. "Really, smoking is good for you." A fiery presentation by Humboldt Watershed Council president Mark Lovelace used PL's own documents to show it knew increased logging would cause flooding and lay-offs after the boom-and-bust timber cutting that followed Maxxam's hostile take-over of PL.

homepage: www.contrast.org/treesit


inspirational 24.02.2005 17:34
RIOT FOLK in Portland, Feb 25th and 27th!
RIOT FOLK is an anti-profit, radical folk music collective participating in and supporting movements for social, economic and ecological liberation. As part of our "bi-coastal solidarity tour," Riotfolks Anna Roland, Brenna Sahatjian, Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman will be playing in Portland, Feb.25th at In Other Words Books (7pm), and Feb.27th at the IWW Hall (7pm).

This February, Riot Folk is embarking on a solidarity tour-- sharing radical folk music, inspiring movements, and raising funds for kick-ass grassroots organizations around the country. 4 Riotfolks on the East coast, 4 in the Northwest. Our show at In Other Words Books (3734 SE Hawthorne) will benefit the In Other Words womyn's book store collective, and will also include fiery spoken-word performance by Contajus. The show at the IWW Hall (616 E.Burnside) will benefit the Portland IWW and the Back to Back Cafe. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, but donations are greatly appreciated for both shows!

For more info, check out www.riotfolk.org


24.02.2005 17:20
Critical Mass Friday 25 Feb
critical mass drawing February Critical Mass is this Friday, 25 February. Meet 5:30PM at the North Park Blocks
A destination event has identified...details to be revealed later.

Portland Critical Mass is every last Friday of the month at 5:30PM, and always meets at the North Park Blocks (NW Park & Couch, near the big elephant).

Ride daily, party monthly.



21.02.2005 13:40
Protest Tuesday: Build Community, not Brownstones, in Urban Greenspaces
Urgent call out for short-notice protest at the office of the developers who want to replace the gardens at the TLC Farm with asphalt. Eveiction proceedings have been under way and are going to conclude, soon! Meeting time and place:


21.02.2005 13:10
Tuesday Feb. 22: Support the J20 Arrestee with the most serious charges
At 9am [Tuesday February 22], Alex will be arraigned at Justice Center, courtroom 1. He won't be going into the Community Court Program, however, and will not be pleading guilty in exchange for community service. Instead, his case will be referred to the Multnomah Court House, to stand trial for misdemeanor charges of Harassing an Officer, and Trespassing.


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