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11.03.2005 18:15
Willamette Week's Hypocrisy Exposed Again
Willamette Week was beholden to do favors for Old Town real-estate interests by receiving a subsidized, below-market-value rental rate on its former Old Town office space when it wrote a nasty, homophobic smear "expose" against the director of a social-service agency in an attempt to prevent the agency from locating in gentrifying Old Town. In a recent "Where Are They Now?" article, the sleazy paper repeats these antique charges against Michael Stoops and even went so far as to try to cause trouble between Stoops and his current employer, the National Coalition for the Homeless. The sleazoid tabloid has repeatedly regurgitated this disgusting smear, and yet again, in "Thirty Years of Willamette Week" (March 9), they do it again. This letter to the director of NCH sets the record straight.


11.03.2005 16:05
March 19th, The start of something new
Everyone wants peace, that is a given. But the question is how far will we go to accomplish peace? Following an ice-cream truck around in a parade fashion is not my idea of an actual protest. Our voices need to be heard, not muffled. There have been too many times we have been ignored because of our lack of persistence. Do we not care anymore? When the war started we protested, but why have we dimmed our actions? March 19th should be the new beginning of a revolt. How many more people does our nation have to kill in order for people to understand what is going on? We are the ones that have to put an end to this senseless brutality. What ever happened to "For the people, by the people"? Time of action is at hand.


10.03.2005 22:50
Battle for the Biscuit comes to Portland
i've been following the stories here on indymedia of the direct actions that have been taking place this week to stop the logging in the Fiddler Sale in the Biscuit area. It's been quite exciting to see that so many people have been willing to put their bodies on the line, and that so many have been supporting them. My admiration and gratitude totally go out to them.

i'm also impressed at how organized the outreach effort is. Today, outside my co-op, some folks had set up an info table to draw attention to their fight. They had photos printed up from the portland indymedia website, Call to Action flyers to distribute, and were making themselves available to spread the word and to collect donations. Many people stopped to talk to them and it was clear they were getting support! Such grassroots organizing inspires me.

Biscuit timber sale action orientation
This is an orientation to anyone interested in coming out here to save the ancient ecosystems of SW Oregon. It answers some questions and gives a run down of what to expect... details >>

for download: [ halfsheet on the biscuit situation for mass public distro ]

events: [ Rally to save our wild siskiyou Saturday morning ] [ PSUers: Fiddler/Biscuit Talk at Food 4 Thought at noon Friday, Special Request for Support ]


10.03.2005 22:04
Victory for Farmworkers! Taco Bell Agrees to Pay!
Taco Bell Picket in 2002 CIW to end Taco Bell boycott; Taco Bell to pay penny-per-pound surcharge demanded by workers, will work with CIW to raise farm labor standards in supply chain, across industry as a whole

March 8, 2005 (IMMOKALEE/LOUISVILLE) - In a precedent-setting move, fast-food industry leader Taco Bell Corp., a division of Yum! Brands (NYSE: YUM), has agreed to work with the Florida-based farm worker organization, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), to address the wages and working conditions of farmworkers in the Florida tomato industry.

Taco Bell announced today that it will fund a penny per pound "pass-through" with its suppliers of Florida tomatoes, and will undertake joint efforts with the CIW on several fronts to improve working conditions in Florida's tomato fields. For its part, the CIW has agreed to end its three-year boycott of Taco Bell, saying that the agreement "sets a new standard of social responsibility for the fast-food industry."

related: [ Boycott's Over... And We Won! -Immokalee Workers get there penny/# ]


10.03.2005 21:59
A visit with Bend Democrats
Issues we discussed:

Someone wore a pin that showed the Republican party eliphant with the words "Got Fascism?"

Allen school burning down (early 60s).

Veterans for common sense, a web site.

WalMart and don't trust the Bend chamber of commerce to help out. It was pointed out that many small businesses in the Bend area don't even participate in the chamber of commerece. Someone mentioned that WalMart had dug up an ancient burial site in Hawaii and were hiding the bones in a trailer. Someone else suggested that maybe we could bury some artifacts out at the proposed site and in Bend and then claim it as an historical site.


09.03.2005 12:18
Protesters Stop Logging at Fiddler Timber Sale This Morning
Rally at the green bridge two people sat with their neck's u-locked to each other in the middle of the road, with approx. 12-15 people softblocking [not locked to things, but blocking the road] around them. when the first forest service vehicle stopped, a man went under the truck and used a lockbox to attach himself to the rear axle.

after awhile the LEO [law enforcement officers] roped off the area and forced everyone not willing to face arrest out of the area. 9-10 people, including those locked down, stayed in.

the police began to arrest those who weren't locked down, and since the media had not yet arrived [the sun was just beginning to rise] they treated the people harshly. people were dragged, sat on, raised by their hands cuffed behind their back, and generally mistreated, despite a complete lack of resistance. Once corporate media arrived on the scene, the police became more gentle and began to put the protesters who were going limp into stretchers to be carried out.

Original Breaking News Report: Reports from the field indicate that four people have locked down to the Green Bridge, blocking access to the Fiddler Timber Sale. Please stay tuned to http://www.rogueimc.org for further updates as more information comes in from the field.

Contact Info: Kalmiopsis EF! / Wild Siskiyou Action / 541-659-2682 / siskiyou@cascadiarising.org
Local Carpool Info: Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense / 503-493-7495 / action@cascadiarising.org

Biscuit/Fiddler Photos
Where to mail donations

related: pdx imc forest defense page I rogue indymedia (southern oregon) I Cascadia Rising EcoDefense I Oxygen Collective


09.03.2005 07:35
Portland Community Gardens Spared Budget Cuts
At the Tuesday evening budget hearing for the Parks Department, Commissioner Saltzman prefaced the meeting by stating that the community gardens program would be spared budget cuts for one more year. While a great temporary victory, we who utilize this fantastic system need to use this year to help figure out some ways to cut expenses.
related: Portland Community Gardens I Portland Community Gardens Under Threat of Closing (2/19/05) I NWRage


08.03.2005 12:41
Free Geek Grand Opening in Olympia!!
Free Geek Olympia had a benefit last night in Oly, with many there from Portland Free Geek speaking at the event at Traditions Cafe Sunday March 6th. It was a fun event, with some local performers, and then a salmon dinner with steelhead and greens and yummy BEETS and yams and carrots to add color and the wild rice mix rounded out the meal and made us all happy to hear the speakers talk about the amazing directions that Portland Free Geek has gone in, how many tons a month are being diverted from the land-fills, and other great ideas for Olympia to consider...

The humour and excitement about this new Free Geek opening was enhanced by the film shorts of a fundraiser that had been held (and reportedly is still a possibility for this coming saturday I think) at the Portland Free Geek awhile back, where the public was invited to come in a smash printers for donation, with their tool of choice, (including but not limited to a baseball bat, sledge hammer, golf club, and other implements of destruction- very entertaining if a little disturbing at how much the parents were getting into it, but awesome to watch the kids and adults enjoying smashing technology)


08.03.2005 12:38
The truth and lies of the attempted assassination of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena by the U.S. military
Well, here's the White House damage control about the Sgrena story: "U.S. Rejects Italy Jounalist's Claims" That's straight from the horse's mouth, none other than Terence Hunt, "AP White House Correspondent."

This "rejects" thing, it leaves a little wiggle room, just in case -- whereas "rejects out of hand" -- now THAT ends the conversation forever. Well, obviously, the corporate press goes to the Source of Truth, the White House, to determine what the truth really is. I mean, you wouldn't want to take it some neutral tribunal (the World Court or whatever) to have to do the "reject" thing. You wouldn't want it to be decided in an Italian court.

Imagine this headline -- "Michael Jackson Rejects Boy's Accusations". Pretty good, no? Except it would really have been great for Michael to have rejected the accusations "out of hand" -- whatever that means. But, poor Michael, all he can do is "deny". That's all any ordinary person can do, really, because the idea that the accused can "reject" the claims, that means that the accused is the judge!

'Silencing Sgrena, gangland-style'
Sgrena had the goods on them, the whole bloody litany of crimes perpetrated by the swaggering Texas psychopath and his Pentagon goons. Her interviews with Falluja's refugees put her in a position to spill the beans on Bush's murderous farce and splatter the headlines across Europe with the real picture of what is going on inside Iraq.

"I wanted to tell about the bloodbath in Falluja through the refugees tales....I had in front of me the EVIDENCE of what Iraqi society had become with the war," she announced in her confession My Truth ("La mia verita")

Of course she did...so she had to die. Others have died for much less. According to Eason Jordan, veteran news chief who was axed for telling the truth of what most suspected anyway; that Rumsfeld was intentionally targeting journalists in a maniacal effort to control the flow of information coming out of Iraq. Eason predictably recanted and threw himself on his sword, but the evidence is clear...


07.03.2005 14:50
Biscuit/Fiddler Update: Logging begins in Old Growth Reserves; 11 arrested blockading road
Lockdown on the Road to Fiddler Mountain Old Growth Reserve Logging has begun on Fiddler timber sale unit 11 about 1 3/4 miles above the National Wild & Scenic Illinois River on the road to Babyfoot Lake (also known as the T.J. Howell Memorial Botanical Drive). The old growth forest making up unit 11 was burned by the Forest Service in fire suppression efforts during the Biscuit Fire.

Note - Unit 11 is an 18 acre logging unit, directly adjacent to the 335 contiguous acre Inventoried Roadless Area timber sale the Forest Service has laid out in the Mikes Gulch watershed/South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area and Briggs Late-Successional Reserve.

About 11 people were arrested this morning, in a peaceful blockade of the Babyfoot Lake/Fiddler timber sale road. There is heavy law enforcement presence. In addition, law enforcement drew a big line around the road blockade, called it a crime scene and threatened to arrest anyone, including media, within the line.

More details from the lockdown at Fiddler this morning
i just got a call from an activist who was on the ground this morning during the road blockades at the Fiddler timber sale in the Biscuit. She filled me in on a few more details about what happened. Here's a summary, quickly typed from notes i took while talking to her.


07.03.2005 08:02
Keynote speech at ELAW given by Jeff 'Free' Luers
Jeff Luers 2004 The 3 day conference was held at the University of Oregon and not only featured Jeff as a keynote but premiered a new documentary about Jeff. Thanks to the folks in Eugene who advocated for Jeff to keynote, recorded it and got out there.

[ LISTEN (WMA file) ]

[ Free 'Free' Now ]


07.03.2005 07:56
Maurice Cheeks, Tonya Harding, Dwight Jaynes, and the Portland sports press
The front page of the current Portland Tribune is sports. No, nobody got busted for smoking grass this time. In fact, it's not even a news story. The main headline of the Tribune this week is an editorial by Dwight Jaynes that reads: "Memo To Mo: It's Your Fault." Now the sacking of a Blazer coach mid-season is big news in the Rose City, but there's little news reported here. In fact, it's just one fat, bald motherf*#@er who probably couldn't run from one end of a court to another with folding over and gasping for breath, basically rubbing salt in the wound of Mo Cheeks. Even though he didn't win any playoff series as coach, Mo' did what neither President Patterson or GM John Nash have been able to do the minute he set foot in Portland--bring a touch of class to the floor. ..

Bottom line is, this is a town full of so-called "sports writers" like Dwight Jaynes who have not fully recovered from their forced break-up with Tonya Harding.

Bill Maher takes on Ward Churchill
I was surprised to see Ward Churhill on Bill Maher. He had a sit down with him at the beginning of the show and a family member of one of the victim's of 9/11, Michael Faughnan.

Maher doesn't agree with Churhill's "ikeman" comment, but mentioned that if someone doesn't ride the edge of what is acceptable, then we won't have a democracy to speak of. I agree there, but I don't think Churhill rides the edge. In our current conditions, what is the edge? The Bush administration, while robbing civil liberties at home, likes to use "american freedom" whenever they can, but we know that the edge, is when you speak out about anything that is not part of our pro-fascist government.

Ward talks about the 12-15million american indians we killed via manifest destiny, he talks about all the murders that have taken place at our hand, but Bill disagrees that we "think" about it. Bill's take on this, is that we may care more for our I-pods and SUV's, but we don't wake up wanting to murder people. That is the difference between the "terrorists" and "americans".

One More: [ Me, Art Bell, and 9-11 ]


06.03.2005 19:52
I Cannot Support the Troops
Because, to support the troops I would have to support war criminals. Every soldier in Iraq and throughout the U.S. military infrastructure that continues to follow orders that support the invasion and the continued occupation of Iraq are directly or indirectly complicit in a war crime. The members of the U.S. military have had more than enough time to study the illegality of the actions that they are involved in, in Iraq. They cannot plead ignorance of the law nor of any of the criminal actions committed by superior officers or for that matter those of the Commander in Chief who set this act of genocide, this war crime in motion.

In case you are a soldier who is reading this and is unaware of the International War Crime you are committing, it is very clear in international law that I might add the U.S. helped to write and has officially endorsed, that no nation may invade another nation without clear provocation. In the case of Iraq there was absolutely no provocation, and no threat whatsoever to the United States of America being posed by an already destroyed and sanction weakened nation that could not even defend itself let alone launch an attack on the United States of America.

In your individual case, the Nuremberg trials after World War II made it very clear that you could no longer use the excuse that you were just following orders and therefore attempt to shuffle the total responsibility up the ranks. In other words you the soldier made the act of genocide...

[ Other posts by Lloyd Hart ]


06.03.2005 19:49
Tasers and Our Fight Against Police Brutality
Tasers may save some lives, but seem to increase police brutality. Take a moment to count five seconds. 1-2-3-4-5. That's how long a taser usually stuns a person.

We all want the police to stop shooting people. The Taser, providing an alternative to shooting as a means to incapacitate an individual, is said to decrease police shootings. However, knowing that police are capable of abusing any means they have to control people, we need to be aware of some of the factors involved with the Taser that the media and the police department won't share with the public.

'a cop' writes: Honestly, when tasers first came out I was thrilled; they sounded like a way to save lives (I had the same thoughts when I was first issued pepper spray as well). Honestly, most police shootings are not cops vs. "Bad Guys," and we all know it. They are almost all cops vs. sick people. Not sick "evil twisted," sick as in "ill." A person who is off his meds and comes at us with a knife is not a bad person, he is a person in need of medical care.

Sadly, this author is right. The tasers (as well as the variety of other less lethal options we have) have morphed into something else. They are being used less and less as a way for us to save lives of officers and assailants, and more and more like the numerous recent articles that show abuse.


05.03.2005 12:50
Report-back from Walmart picket in Beaverton
Earlier today [Friday, March 3], at four o'clock, i counted as many as 37 people with Anti- Wal mart signs at the intersection of Barnes Rd and Cedar Hills Blvd in the Portland suburb of Cedar Mill. People were there to protest the newly propsed Wal Mart that is to be built at that intersection. People where there for all reasons, from a fundemental dislike of Wal Mart to the threat of greatly increased traffic. People were there to protest the drop in property values and the increase in crime and loitering that has occured in other communities. For whatever reason people showed up, I am glad they did.

[ Save Cedar Mill ]


Activists of Beaverton call to arms
  • THURS. 3/10, 7pm
  • Walmart Informational mtg
  • 15450 S. W. Millikan Way
  • Beaverton
As a Beaverton resident and frequent Portland visitor, I know many Portland people turn their noses up at Beaverton (the burbs). The area that Beaverton, Tigard, Bethany, occupies, used to be beautiful...

I just don't know who is out here in numbers to take up the fight, but I hope there are some. People are going to be living here for some time. When places like Walmart suck up the lion's share of the business, opportunities for small business will dry up. We've got too many people already. Acres and acres of open crop land have been paved over with houses and asphalt. Skyline Ridge, not so long ago, a beautiful wooded expanse, viewable from many points in the area, is gradually covered with housing, as is the north side of Chehalem Mt. Neither of these places have walk-to shopping or employment.


Let me tell ya friends, thousands of people really give a damn about sports
media distortion is from hell I was watching the news after "Celebrity Fish gutting" was over and was informed that news was BREAKING! Wow, busted I guess from being off kilter for so long. I've heard that sometimes-whole stories break so I wasn't surprised.

After a recruitment commercial for the Navy showing swabbys on the other side of the planet (Out sourcing?) the news reader blathered on for the whole segment and most of the next about Basket ball politics,( who's in who's out, who cares,) in the last few seconds before the news part was over they mentioned 1500 dead Americans in Iraq (No mention of Iraqi dead) and a peeping Tom perping NE Portland. WOW!

Doe's the outcome of a basketball match mean anything to anyone?

Will it keep G.W.Criminal from clear-cutting everything but the unborn crack babies?

Will effective coaching change the outcome of the oil wars?


03.03.2005 22:05
Richard Rosenthal, Director of the Portland's Indepedent Police Review, looking for job in Denver
Our man Richard Rosenthal, director of Portland's "Independent Police Review" is looking for a job as director of Denver's IPR.

rosenthal victim writes: Rosenthal sucks. He's rude. He's biased. He's a liar. He's a cop apologist who has absolutely no business heading a police accountability administrative agency. The people of Portland have been very poorly served by Rosenthal. He has supported numerous cops who have done really terrible things. He does not support victims or even listen to them. In his view cops do no wrong and victims are liars. Mostly because of him the IPR/CRC is a complete joke. It's the citizens who suffer since he doesn't do his job yet deceives people into thinking that he does - that makes people unsafe because rogue cops don't get disciplined. The result is that there is no police accountability and so the only recourse left to victims is the courts - that costs the citizens money. Rosenthal is a huge liability and it will be good to see him get the hell out of this city.


03.03.2005 21:58
Campaign to Bring Oregon's Troops Home; Salem Photos and Public Access Appearance
On Tuesday, March 1, 2005, military families whose loved ones are serving overseas or who have died in the conflict in Iraq, veterans, peace activists and other concerned Oregonians gathered on the Capitol Steps in Salem as part of an ongoing campaign to bring Oregon's troops home.

This issue and Rally will be the subject of this weeks the A Growing Concern Public Access program, which airs live on channel 11 from 7-8:00 pm, Friday evening, March 4, 2005. Erik Blickenstaff of Gold Star Families For Peace and Military Families Speak Out will be there to speak to this issue. Video clips from some of Tuesdays speakers will also be featured. Live phone calls will be taken sometime during the second half of the program.

[ Over four years of posts to pdx indymedia by Jim Lockhart ]


03.03.2005 21:54
Cynthia Mckinney Shakes Rumsfeld and Myers Over 9/11 Wargames
On February 16th Congressional leadership and two of the planners of the 9/11 attacks blocked, stalled and almost got away with ducking the central question about 9/11. Though they were not forced to answer McKinney's question, their reaction belongs to all of us. We know. They know we know. Don't hold your breath that Rumsfeld and Myers will ever be compelled to answer it, but also don't ever forget the heroism coming from the last bright light on Capitol Hill.


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