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23.03.2005 22:47
A fresh breeze blowing through City Hall; Potter and Leonard's resolution challenging the PJTTF
Mayor Potter i attended both press conferences this afternoon -- the Mayor's in the Council Chambers in City Hall, and the FBI's at 1500 SW First (i didn't know that's where their offices were). The first was characterized by its hopefulness and strength (though hedged with a certain amount of politically necessary guardedness) and the second by fearmongering and domination. In both instances, the Corporate Media showed their true colors, which range in hue from petty to dispicable, for the most part.

The Corporate Media casts itself in the role of an objective truth-seeker ("We report - you decide"), but that conceit is belied by their cozy relationships with the Powers-That-Be. If you're looking for the down-and-dirty muckraker of times past who needles government officials and corporate elites with facts that expose their plots and propaganda, you won't find 'em working in the mainstream press anymore. Corporate media long ago ceased to be the watchdog required by a democracy (or any form of community living under governance that yearns to be free). For example, at the FBI press conference, the feds waited to start until Channel 12 got there. Now, if Channel 12 was doing its job -- asking hard questions, demanding solid answers, and not letting manipulative rhetoric go by unchallenged -- the FBI would have been thrilled that they were late, and would have rushed to finish before they had to deal with them. But of course, the FBI knows it can count on Channel 12 to act as its partner in shaping public perception, which in this case means making people scared.

Full Audio of FBI Press Conference
There were many inconsistencies and weak arguments that Agent Jordan made in his press conference yesterday. I have included the full audio of the press conference including questions.

The federal government is using the fear of terrorism to strip citizens of their rights, to take away peoples control of their own lives. The federal government is wasting lives and money in Iraq. It is supporting the destruction of our environment. It is betraying the heritage of the people of this country by facilitating the corporate takeover of our lives. The people of Portland and Multnomah county should know what is going on, should be deciding how its money, time and resources are used. The federal government has failed us. It is time that we, as a community chart our own course and redefine our relationship to the federal government.

KBOO story & raw soundage from both press conferences
mayor tom potter has requested full access to the joint terrorism task force investigations and files. fbi special agent in charge robert jordan refused. during the fbi press conference jordan also admitted that at least one jttf investigation has violated state laws banning investigation of lawful political and religious organizations.

k-boo's andy seaton was there and this is his report.

background: [ Mayor, Leonard to make Announcement re Homeland Security, PJTTF, at City Hall Today | articles about the PJTTF ]

coverage on portland communique: [ Early Federal (And Media) Reaction To City's JTTF Demands | City Sets March 30 Showdown Over Joint Terrorism Task Force | Resolution Establishing Criteria For JTTF Participation To Be Unveiled ]


NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS 23.03.2005 15:00
An Update on Stopping Walmart in Beaverton
Our group has grown to more than 720 members--in only a month! In that short time, we've been very active and very vocal in our opposition to the proposed Wal-Mart store at the Barnes Road/Cedar Hills Blvd. site. I congratulate all of you for taking such a strong stand and for getting involved. I wanted to bring you up to speed on what's happening--and tell you how you can help propel the movement forward.

I'm thrilled that our membership has grown so quickly. A large group sends a powerful message that the community is serious about our resistance to this store. To that end, we have set a goal to double the size of our membership in the next week.

[ Save Ceder Mill ]

"Not Another Wal-Mart!" rally in Bend
First off, thank you for all the support you have given to our growing community campaign to stop the proposed Wal-Mart superstore. We have collected over 1,000 signatures in our petition drive and we are just getting started. Wal-Mart wants everyone to believe this is a done deal, but it isn't. We have hired the attorney who helped people in Hood River and Medford stop a superstore and we are building our public awareness campaign. We need to demonstrate visible opposition to this store and we need as many of you as possible to come out to our...


23.03.2005 10:30
House votes to require Portland to flouridate water
water issues in the state of oregon The Oregon House passed a bill requiring cities with more than 10,000 people to add fluoride to their drinking water - this means Portland! Time to call your reps and senators and the gov. Porland currentlyhas some of the best water in the nation.

The bill passed by a 36-22 vote.

'$$$' writes: "Sue Them and Stop Them"
There was an activist in Arizona that informed each and every one of his representatives that if they voted for and proceeded to poison his drinking water with flouride he would pursue them in the courts individually for damages caused to him personally for poisoning his water. He made a convincing argument to the crooks where he lived and they backed off.

'jbk' adds:
Here's a bit more info I've gathered this morning: The OR House Bill is number that passed is HB2025, the Senate Bill that is in the works is number SB539 - It passed the house but needs to pass the senate and have the gov sign it to be law (if I recall my school house rock process correctly). Then city government in Portland could also fight it i guess. The senate bill (SB539) is in the ways and means committee, so that's a good place to start if you want to contact your senators...

related: [ Where is the protest against fluoride in our drinking water???? | Please do not allow the fluoridation of my drinking water! ]


23.03.2005 10:26
Healthy Foods for Oregon Schools Act to be voted on by Oregon legislature
To be voted on this spring by the Oregon state legislature is Senate bill 560, the "Healthy Foods for Oregon Schools Act", an important bill that will have an impact on the health of Oregon schoolchildren. The Healthy Foods Act will require that food available in schools meets health standards. It also requires that at each meal clean water and cups will be provided to students free of charge.

Obesity and diabetes have been dramatically increasing among young people. This bill, sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and American Cancer Society, among other health groups, hopes to prevent childhood illness and disease.

State legislators may be hesistant to pass the bill due to the fact that some schools receive funding from deals made with companies such as Coca-Cola. The bill would not make these deals impossible, but it would require substitutes such as bottled water.


NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS 23.03.2005 10:17
Big Box Store stopped at Burnside Bridgehead
From Onward Oregon's e-mail to me today:
If you've been following this issue in the news at all, you probably know that we've prevented a big-box store from being dropped on the East end of the Burnside Bridge. Thank you for making this action successful. More than any other action we've undertaken, your involvement changed the course of history. 591 Onward Oregon members sent messages to the Portland Development Commission, and those messages came at a time when it was widely thought that a Home Depot or Lowe's was a "done deal."

Both Opus Northwest and Gerding/Edlen Development have resubmitted their proposals without a big-box anchor store. The Beam proposal never had one. The Opus NW resubmission reads, "Notably, the revised design eliminates the need for a big box retailer, in favor of an anchor tenant surrounded by smaller local retailers and restaurants, affordable housing and creative spaces."

[ previous stories about the Burnside Bridgehead project ]


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 22.03.2005 09:25
Breaking news: Forest defense camp near Fiddler Timber Sale being evicted
i just spoke on the phone with an activist in Southern Oregon who told me that the current forest defense camp near the Fiddler timber sale in the Biscuit fire area is being evicted "right now".

This second camp was set up about a week ago because the first camp, right next to the Green Bridge on Eight Dollar road, had been in place for two weeks, which is the legal limit for a campsite on National Forest land. The second camp was on Bureau of Land Management land, about a mile up the road, and outside the closure that the Forest Service declared around the Fiddler units.

"This is not stopping the resistance," the activist declared. "We are going to regroup and keep pushing it."

The Bush administration strikes again in the Biscuit: Logging of roadless areas now imminent
i just got this in my in-box. i know people can get wary about "URGENT ALERTS", but here's why this particular issue is important AND new: The cutting so far in the Biscuit has been in "matrix" sales (set aside for logging anyway, though still defendable), and one (Fiddler) in "late successional reserves" (set aside NOT to be cut), but NONE yet in the roadless areas. So this call-to-action is definitely important. Once again, it's about the Bush administration pushing the envelope, arggh.

For all pdx indymedia stories about the Biscuit, its ecology, the plans to log it, and the active citizen resistance to save it, see: Battle of the Biscuit.

See video about the Biscuit at the next two pdx indymedia Videos from the Resistance shows:

  • "Best of" show, 2002-2005: this Thursday 3/24, 7pm @ Reed College
    details | posters
  • It's a Beautiful Pizza, Monday 3/28 @ 7pm


22.03.2005 09:17
Please do not allow the fluoridation of my drinking water!
water issues in the state of oregon After watching this evenings corporate sponsored news drivel, I was amazaed to see that Oregon is now trying to change our water! and it goes before the senate next week!

This is horrible, I happen to KNOW fluoride is poison!!!

Europe and Japan have virtually abolished water fluoridation. Why is it the most advanced and powerful nation on earth continues to dump tons of this toxic industrial waste byproduct into our water supply?


22.03.2005 09:15
Queer evolution theory, deep ecology, biological exuberance, population safety valve
The theoretical debate about the origin or cause of homosexuality is between genetics and personal free will. Certain individuals on the Judeo-Christian/Islamic extreme right wing (didn't think i'ld just pick on one dogmatic religion, did'ya?) believe it is a personal choice possibly influenced by some abstract "devil" being that tempts people 2 stray from the "proper" path of breeding, er, heterosexuality. Increasing the population usually results in increase of membership to their respective religion. Remember, these are the same folks who wish to outlaw birth control and abortion worldwide..

Genetics as cause of homosexuality is the standard scientific theory, some people are randomly chosen by their DNA to be attracted towards the same sex. There is no moral/ethical blame possible in this view since people cannot be blamed for their DNA (though someone will try 2 find a way)..

The genetics theory needs to be inclusive of ecology. This takes the focus off the individual (sorry, no blame game here) and widens the lens 2 a species scope. Science is preoccupied with looking at human genetics/DNA as if we exist in a vacuum. Our human evolution is not seperate from any other animal, plant or fungi on Earth today, we're all interconnected..


21.03.2005 17:26
Interview with an activist about her harrassment by the FBI
My friend tabby676 had a run in with the FBI. I've decided to interview her about it. I have to admit at the outset that this whole thing scares me. I can't believe that the government can persecute a person for his or her political beliefs, but this just shows how middle class I really am.

Question 1: On what basis has the FBI contacted you and what do you guess the consequences of the investigation will be?

They claim that they contacted me based upon a comment that I may or may not have made 3 months ago to a person who may or may not have informed them of that conversation. This is clearly B.S. surely were it such an emergency they would not wait 3 months to have me come in, so honestly I do not know what the real basis is.

Question 2: Are you considered an "enemy combatant" and are you concerned about incarceration without due process or representation?

I am not currently but based upon what they were saying it seems they may be trying to go that route.

[ Other posts from Douglas Lain ]


21.03.2005 17:16
Saving Shiavo While Burying the Real News
Media McCarthyism(amsellem) The weekend second anniversary of the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq was marked by demonstrations large and small around the globe, but here in the U.S. you could be forgiven for not knowing anything was happening. In the corporate media, the front pages and TV news programs were dominated by a demonstration of 30 religious fundamentalists opposed to the removal of a feeding tube from the brain-dead Terri Schiavo.

Who had time or space for reports on tens of thousands of noisome protesters in New York, London, Ankara or Tokyo? Who had time to pause and reflect on two years of a war that never should have happened in the first place, that has taken over 100,000 civilian lives, and that has killed over 1500 American soldiers?

Most outrageously, no major media covered the remarkable 4500-person protest in Fayetteville, North Carolina outside Ft. Bragg, which featured large numbers of former military personnel marching against the war, including Camilo Mejia, recently released from 9 months in a military brig for desertion from his army unit (he courageously refused to return to Iraq after doing one tour there, saying it was an illegal, immoral war of aggression).

Historic anti-war protest in Fayetteville, NC, covered on IMC, ignored by corporate media
4800 antiwar activists gathered near Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC on Saturday to commemorate the second anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq with demands to bring the troops home. A half mile march to Rowan Park saw a colorful group of weathered Vietnam vets, Gulf War vets, military families and thousands of antiwar activists joined together for a common cause. Bring the troops home!

As the procession reached the perimeter of the park, the well-manned police forces were waiting at the many checkpoints. What seemed to be an illegally-imposed search mandate was carried out on every participant in the march in order to gain entrance into the public grounds. The police, assisted by the ATF, patted down each peaceful marcher and swiped each inch with a metal detecting wand. They also stirred through all bags and backpacks. As if this was not absurd enough, the officials demanded the peace demonstrators to lift up every mock coffin which passed through the checkpoint as the officers searched for "weapons".

related: [ In the Bars on the Road to Fayetteville: Support for the War is Paper Thin ]


21.03.2005 08:20
International Day Against Police Brutality, Vancouver CA
police accountability march - additional photos March 15th, 2005, was the ninth annual International Day Against Police Brutality (IDAPB). This day of action began in 1997, as an initiative of the Black Flag collective in Switzerland, with the help of the Montreal Collective Opposed to Police Brutality. The date was chosen because on March 15th, two children, aged 11 and 12, were beaten by Swiss police.

In Vancouver, this year's IDAPB started off with a hot food serving at the former Woodwards squat (a large department building in Canada's poorest neighbourhood, occupied in 2002 and evicted by riot police). Along with the food, leaflets and newsletters were also distributed, containing information on the IDAPB march scheduled for that night and profiles of Vancouver Police in-custody deaths and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) involvement in the military occupations of Haiti, Iraq, and indigenous nations in Canada.

At 7:00 pm, about 100 people gathered in Victory Square. Some flew black flags and wore masks to avoid police identification (including video surveillance and plain clothes officers). After a few short speeches, the crowd began to march down Hastings Street, led by a banner with the words: "Resist Police Control - Fight For Freedom". Another banner read: "Stolen Lives", listing some of the people who have been killed by Vancouver cops in the past few years (Gerald Chenery, Robert Bagnell, Roman Andreichikov, Christopher Ecklund, Benny Matson, Jeff Berg, and Frank Paul). A stereo pumped out anti-cop hip hop, heavy metal, and punk songs.

related: Reports From British Columbia IMC I Report From Resist!ca I Vancouver, CA Copwatch I Portland Copwatch I Rose City Copwatch


20.03.2005 23:26
Cyberspace, mirror worlds, "tron" and the unabomber
cyberspace i am a diehard cyberpunk fan, and information pattern junkie. as i started reading about the history of the making of the movie "tron", patterns started to emerge that were interesting to me. here is a brief timeline of some interconnections that might surprise you...life imitating art, and the inevitable feedback loops.

1975: john brunner's "the shockwave rider" is published. often regarded as the first literary concept of cyberspace, and a primary influence on william gibson.

1979: william gibson describes his first conscious thought of cyberspace, living in vancouver, b.c. with a group of fellow vietnam war draft dodgers:

"I was walking down Granville Street, Vancouver's version of "The Strip," and I looked into one of the video arcades. I could see in the physical intensity of their postures, how rapt the kids were inside were. It was like one of those closed systems out of a Pynchon novel: a feedback loop with photons coming off the screens into the kids' eyes, neurons moving through their bodies, and electrons moving through the video game. These kids clearly believed in the space games projected. Everyone I know who works with computers seems to develop a belief that there's some kind of actual space behind the screen, someplace you can't see but you know is there."


PEACE 19.03.2005 20:15
Report-backs from M19 marches in Bend, Corvallis & Eugene
No oil war It had rained in the morning here in Bend, and I thought I was going to rain during the March. We were fortunate that the rain had stopped and it was only windy and overcast.

There was a PA system playing Country Joe and the Fish's "What are we fighting for?" song among others.

There was a table for filling out postcards to be sent to our representatives.

About 110 people showed up for the event.

[ Other posts from March Hare ]

[ Corvallis M19 pics | eugene M18 direct action against the war ]


STOP THE WAR 19.03.2005 17:25
Reports from Portland M19 Peace March
About 1000 people took to the streets of Portland today to protest the war and occpation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The march wound through downtown, stopping briefly at the Oregonian to upbraid them for their slanted coverage of the occupation and U.S. Policy in general.

After brief remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs With Justice, the crowd marched north on 6th Avenue. The mood was festive, yet not flippant. Though a solomon occasion, the anniversary of a preemptive strike for reasons later proved to be mistaken, if not deliberately fabricated, the crowd celebrated their sense of community with witty signs, music and even laughter.

Tightly packed and over two blocks long, the stream of peace moved through the city, stopping at the offices of the Oregonian, where Laurie King questioned the veracity of their coverage, especially the typical Corporate media habit of counting Israeli dead, but not Palestinian.

Capitalism, War, and KFC: Report back on the first four and a half minutes
I left the march early today. Truth be told, I wasn't really in the mood for a march. I haven't been for at least two years now, when I finally realized all those marches weren't making any difference. I go anyway, usually, for the same reason everyone else does: I can't figure out what else to do. But I did not stay today.

I left when the donation buckets came out. It was just so damn disheartening. No, this isn't a rant about "damn liberals," I'm not gunning for anyone. I saw the same well-meaning people there that I always see at these things, carrying the same signs and flags and dwindling hope that they are always carrying. I'm in no position to be looking down on any of them. At least they're still trying. I saw the same shiny faces surrounded by the same threatening mob of the same bored riot cops, and the same utter lack of concern about the ineffectiveness of it all.


PHOTOS: [ "photos from todays march" by navy dad | "M19 *Intense* Demonstration PHOTOGRAPHY" by Matthew Graybeal | "M19 *mild* protest PHOTOS" by Brian Thomas ]

pdx indymedia streaming web radio provided coverage of the events of the day in Portland and around the world, and discussions of the issues behind the ongoing war in Iraq. Callers from the street gave updates from Portland, Milwaukee and Baltimore.


18.03.2005 22:33
Iraq Invasion anniversary actions: Vancouver, Washington, Starts It Off
Nearly fifty members of Vancouver For Peace showed Peace banners, flags, & signs from the Evergreen Boulevard overpass, above the I-5, just north of the Columbia, splitting between northbound & southbound, during evening rush today. We were a spirited, determined group, with a nice age spread.

(Halfway thru, a WA state patrolman stopped on the center shoulder below the bridge & asked us on the southbound side to leave, explaining his concern about us distracting drivers, but we did not leave. So he called Vancouver Police, who, when they finally arrived, backed us, so that another state patrol officer simply asked that we not hang anything over the side, but to hold our stuff high, to prevent anything from falling onto the freeway. It's cool to be treated with respect & with smiles from police. It's cool to not feel a knot in my gut with cops around.)


THE BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 18.03.2005 13:58
Biscuit Protesters Speak from Inside the Josephine County Jail
The following letter was written while we were in jail, as a letter to the editor of the local paper, the Grants Pass Daily Courier. We wanted to explain to the people outside, who only knew about the issues posed by the Biscuit timber sales from the coverage that had only recently begun flooding the local papers and television news, what we are doing out there.

We're writing from the Josephine County jail, where we've been held since we disrupted logging on Fiddler Mountain March 9th, after one of our jailers was kind of enough to leave copies of your paper in our cell block. We can tell there has been some confusion about why we are protesting recent logging at the Biscuit timber sales. Most of us remaining in jail are not even permanent residents of Southern Oregon, but were drawn to the area on the merits of the forest ecosystem you are lucky enough to have on the public land in your backyard, and the fact that the largest timber sale in the National Forest history threatens to destroy it.

New Green Bridge Base Camp set up
Following the closure order issued by the Forest Service- the campaign to stop the massive Biscuit logging project has established a new base camp just below the closure line on BLM land along the Illinois River. The directions are the same- take Highway 199 from Grants Pass about 25 miles west- past Selma but not quite to Kerby- and take a right onto Eight Dollar Road- go a mile or so and turn left onto a dirt pullout and there our wonderful encampment awaits! If you go all the way to the closure and are turned around by grumpy feds in uniforms- simply turn around and take your first right!

Come one come all! Our momentum is still strong and morale is once again high! We are receiving a ton of community support from cooked meals to fire wood and maintain a high profile in the national media in newspapers, television and radio! Bring gear, food, donations, toys of all sorts and fresh minds and bodies to support the campaign!!!! We can win this one!

[ All pdx indymedia stories re. The Battle of the Biscuit ]


18.03.2005 13:55
Portland City Bureaucrats Attempt To Dismantle Cable Access TV
Public Access is coming under increasing assault nationwide. Akaku: Maui Community TV is being hijacked for funding by State bureaucrats and politically connected land developers. TVTV in Beaverton, will soon be run by their local Cable Regulatory Commission, which some believe will reduce citizen access to the cable.
Nationally, there are court cases pending which will have impacts on our access to airwaves owned by the people.

And now, Here in Portland, City Bureaucrats are seeking to eviscerate the Cable Regulatory office, probably the most progrssive, knowledgable and sympathetic to issues of free speech and citizen access to the airwaves in the nation. Budget constraints are being used as an excuse to reduce funding to our Mt. Hood Regulatory Commission, which oversees, Portland Community Televison and Multnomah COmmunity Television in Gresham.

PCM has lost about 25% of it's budget in the last three years, which amounts to about $250,000 a year, money that cable subscribers pay in their bill, but disappears into the Portland General Fund, to be allocated as City Bureaucrats see fit. And they don't see fit to transfer much of this money to the Public Access facilites.


18.03.2005 13:44
Report on 9-11 Premieres in the Bay Area
The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw With a short lead time, activists managed to pull off a very successful series of premieres, despite the non-participation of the mainstream press. Public support for 9-11 Truth continues to grow, and the movement attracts some major new allies and opposition.

The premieres were benefits organized by the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance and Project Censored in less than a month; The Grand Lake Theater was donated by its generous owner, Allen Michaan...

The first night at the Guild Theater in Menlo Park, the theater was packed and they had to turn away 75 people. Fortunately, we were able to offer the DVD to the people who couldn't get into the theater, and suggest that they attend the other showings. We probably broke a fire regulation rule or two, and squeezed at least three hundred people into the Guild.

related: [ Support artists that are challenging the media's support of 9-11 cover-up | 9-11: High Crimes And Misdemeanors ]


18.03.2005 13:33
Audio of Brian Tokar speech at PSU in February
A photo of Brian with Redesigning Life, a book on genetic engineering he edited Here is the audio of the Brian Tokar speech from February 28th at PSU. The speech came on the heels of the decision of Tillamook Dairies to not use milk from cows that were given rBGH. This is the first portion of the speech and does not include the question and answer session. It is about 45 minutes long.

Brian Tokar has been an activist, author and a prominent voice for ecological radicalism since the 1970s. He is the author of The Green Alternative and Earth for Sale. He is the editor of Redesigning Life, and the new collection, Gene Traders: Biotechnology, World Trade and the Globalization of Hunger. Tokar is a faculty member and Biotechnology Project Director at Vermont's Institute for Social Ecology. He has lectured extensively across the United States, as well as internationally, on ecological movements and politics.

listen (streaming MP3)
comment >>

related: [ Support Tillamook in their fight against Monsanto - an rBGH primer ]


17.03.2005 14:52
Walking a Tightrope Between Hope and Fear: Northern Haiti One Year after the Coup
Former headquarters for former military's political party - - - now abandoned. On February 22, 2004 the former military violently invaded Cap Haitien and the surrounding towns, killing police officers and organizers and burning public office buildings.

Guy Philippe, a former soldier trained by the US in Ecuador and accused of numerous human rights violations, acquired a building in downtown Cap Haitien that became the headquarters for his new political party FNP. During the first months of the coup repression against Aristide supporters was especially severe in this area. People reported that pro-democracy activists and their families were rounded up and stuffed into shipping containers then left to die at sea, thousands of elected officials fled to the mountains, radio stations were burned, and schools and literacy programs closed down.

As of February 22, 2005, the former military had officially abandoned their office building and many of them left Cap Haitien moving to Port au Prince or other rural areas. This dramatic shift in power over the course of the year was the result of many forces but most notably the courageous resistance and dedicated activism of the poor majority. Haiti's bicentennial year will be remembered as one of intense struggle and political repression. Amazingly despite thousands of illegal detentions and politically motivated killings, resistance to the unelected government continues to grow and the democracy movement has had some amazing victories in the face of tremendous repression. These victories are certainly a cause for hope but the people of northern Haiti have been down this road before and they remain on the defensive, poised for the potential backlash.

most recent reports from Haiti from Sasha Kramer: [ Lavalas Officials throughout Northern Haiti Forced into Hiding | Community Schools in Northern Haiti: A plea to the international community | Peaceful Demonstration in Cap Haitien a Success despite Ongoing Repression / Beloved Mayor Continues to Serve his Community from Hiding (12/21/04) ]

previous reports to portland indymedia about Haiti by Zoe Moskovitz and Sasha Kramer: [ The Politics of Injustice in Haiti: The Cases of Auguste and Chamblain (2004.09.01) | Hard hit Municipalities:The Attempt to Destroy Lavalas and the Consolidation of the Coup (2004.08.21) | The Dismantling of Popular Education Under the new U.S-backed Regime in Haiti (2004.08.21) | Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup (2004.08.21) ]

More info: [ HaitiAction.net ]


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