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07.05.2005 00:20
Want to keep Liquid Natural Gas tanks off the Columbia River?
NO LNG We all need to learn everything we can about the LNG caper. This is a very big deal.

The May 19 meeting with another of the pirate corporations, this one known as "Northern Star Natural Gas", out of Houston, Texas, with a fake office in Tigard, will be ramping out the guys in suits (or jeans, whatever they think will see the best), and will be dazzling us with powerpoints, in the Knappa High School gymnasium. Representatives from FERC will tbe there, too--woohoo!

Our counter presentation needs you.

[ previous posts about LNG | Columbia River Vision ]


07.05.2005 00:16
Washington county plans new tax break giveaway to Intel
The U.S. has a chronic shortage of jobs. Governments at all levels are using this as an excuse to give tax credits to big business. The result is a loss of tax revenue to support public services. We are throwing people out of the lifeboats. Another result is a shift in the tax burden from corporations to the rest of us. And from what I've read, the tax credits do NOT produce jobs. We need to demand that our elected officials stop playing this game.


07.05.2005 00:13
The Slaughtering of Wild Horses
wild horse I first got wind of this from a Cascadia Wildlands Project (CWP) email, and felt it was something people should know about. For anyone who is familiar with the herds of wild Mustangs in the Steens Mtns., this may be close to your heart. The following correspondence is from a woman by the name of Camilla who has taken on the daunting task of resisting this sickening hypocrisy. I've taken the liberty (with Camilla's permission) of posting her response to my inquiries, and the articles she sent...

If you have the time and energy, please get involved with the campaign to reverse the Burns Amendment. All the pertinent info is contained below.


07.05.2005 00:12
Regulated Resistance: Pt. 2 - The Gatekeepers of the So-Called Left
Left Gatekeepers Last February United for Peace and Justice, the largest representative coalition within the American "anti-war movement", emerged from their second annual Assembly with a 2005 "action plan" that effectively caged the "anti-war" debate exclusively within the Iraq conflict to achieve partisan ends on behalf of the pro-war Democratic Party and their Neoliberal corporate benefactors. Their "action plan" refused to address any of the core issues of US Foreign and Defense policy, which are the root causes of a pervading culture of war and militarism that has taken over the nation in the years since WWII.


THE END IS NEAR 07.05.2005 00:10
What will the new depression be like?
Well kids, this looks like it might be it... Car culture is on the skids. GM & Ford look like they might be going under and they'll probably drag much of the rest of the world economy down with them. The word "depression" has started to get some serious use in the mainstream media in the last few hours (a few hours too late) and it would probably happen even if they weren't allowed to use the word. So what's it, the depression, going to be like?


07.05.2005 00:09
Young anarchist wounded by the police in Colombia
As usual, this May Day there was a massive demonstration in Bogotá, Colombia. Hundreds of people from a diverse range of social movements took the streets to fight against capitalism. Walking along with the workers, there were a lot of young anarchists that agitated their black flags and shouted for freedom while hearing rock bands in a non-violent attitude. Suddenly, when the demonstration reached one of the main streets of downtown Bogotá, the police started to throw tear gas to the anarchists without any reason. Soon there was an explosion and the police initiated a violent repression, hitting people with wooden sticks and shooting rubber bullets in all directions. In this moment a 15 year old, who was walking inside the anarchist block, was badly beaten up by various policemen.

[ Colombia Indymedia ]


YOUTH 05.05.2005 20:45
Student Walkout at Jefferson School over teacher cuts
Today, at 1:30, students for peace went over to Jefferson to take part in a walk out. It started off quite, and everyone was afraid that it would not work. There was a rumor flying that if you participated in the walk out that you would be suspended. Many of us had our doubts, but in the end it, all worked out.


05.05.2005 16:48
Police Informant Billy Cottrell Gets 8 yrs Imprisonment
In April 2005, over a month later than expected, police informant William "Billy" Cottrell was sentenced for his role in a series of coordinated ELF arsons on four SUV dealerships, which saw the destruction of 125 vehicles.

Much to everyone's surprise, Cottrell was not rewarded for his cooperation with the courts, but instead was sentenced to eight years imprisonment. This sentence sends out a strong message that informants will no longer find favours with the courts.

I think actually it sends a message that the state didn't consider Cottrell an informant... He didn't tell them anything useful, because they already knew that if Cottrell was involved, so were Tyler and Oe... On the other hand, Cottrell's not viewed as having been cooperative with the courts or the FBI - he wouldn't play their game in the run-up to the trial, he refused to renounce his ecological views... The state don't like him, and neither do we.

[ previous postings to pdx indy re. Billy Cottrell ]


05.05.2005 08:13
Oh for the Day When Journalists Were Journalists
I was doing a little research into the history of war reporting in preparation to lead a class on journalism in World War II at my son's elementary school, and found some old clips of the columns filed about that conflict by journalist Ernie Pyle.

They were eye-opening not just because of their sense of gritty veracity--he was right there taking the bullets with the grunts he was interviewing, one of which ultimately killed him in the Pacific--but because he never swallowed the jingoistic bilge that was ubiquitous during that conflict, as it is in every war.

Take this piece written right after the successful invasion of Normandy on D-Day, titled: The Horrible Waste of War.


03.05.2005 23:54
Services Axed, Prisons Grow. Diane Linn, Say it Ain't So.
Bear with me, I know few words inspire more boredom than "budget." But this is important. The Multnomah County budget is just about to break out of the secret box in which it's been fomenting since the commissioners learned that they were facing yet another gigantic funding shortfall. Although it's not slated to go public until Thursday, word about its substance has been eeking out bit by bit. And if you care about the people of this city, you're not going to like it. Despite the reputedly progressive leanings of Diane Linn and at least 3 of the four other commissioners, it looks like children, old people, people with disabilities, and people who are poor are about to get the shaft, while the Sheriff's department smiles.


03.05.2005 23:35
March of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom was Beautiful
About 40 people came out for the 90th anniversary celebration of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). We met at O'Bryant Square in late morning and visited and greeted eachother under bright, warm sunshine. Many of the women wore clothing-types from the long ago era. Gathering many WILPF banners and signs, we marched by police motorcycle escort up to the South Park Blocks at PSU. The giant, awesome peace dove which made an appearance last year at the Hiroshima nuclear bomb ceremony on Waterfront Park, was with us!


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 03.05.2005 23:31
Second Biscuit Defender passes Two-Week Mark in Jail
Amber pictured with a newly-born spring Goat Amber Birmingham was arrested April 18th after unlocking from a 1200 lb. cement-filled barrel blocking the road to logging on the Biscuit timber sale at Fiddler Mountain. She stayed locked in while the Forest Service and County Deputies used a small dolly to precariously move the barrel to the side of the road. This was her second arrest, after she participated in the Women's Blockade of the Green Bridge on March 14th, and the court refuses to release her without bail, which is she refuses to pay. She follows in the footsteps of 74-year-old Joan Norman who has never paid bail in her life, and spent 18 pre-trial days in jail for her second arrest in March.


03.05.2005 21:41
Grand Jury Symposium in Portland on Wednesday
Wednesday May 4 at 6 pm in the Jefferson High School Auditorium (5210 N. Kerby Ave.), representatives of the Metropolitan Public Defender's Office, the District Attorney's Office, and the Multnomah County District Court will participate in a symposium on the Grand Jury System.

They will discuss (and answer audience questions about) why we have grand juries, how they work, and whether the grand jury system should be changed. The symposium is part of Community Law Week, an event sponsored by the Young Lawyers Section of the Multnomah County Bar Association.

For more information about other Community Law Week events, please visit www.mbabar.org


03.05.2005 14:05
Portland should limit its acquisition of PGE/Enron to municipal boundaries
Portland Metro Pacific Green Party Chair opines that Portland should limit its municipal takeover of PGE to city boundaries as a way to ensure that it can control its destiny. It is possible that Portland could acquire all of PGE territory and lose control of a board of directors and discover it has minimal voice in its electricity destiny.Portland should condemn Portland General Electric assetts in Portland only, avoid a purchase of PGE "stock" and avoid collaborating with conservative interests outside of Portland that do not share Portland's values about ecology and sustainability.


02.05.2005 17:25
Portlanders Display Resistance to CAFTA
About 200 people showed up to protest CAFTA. From all indication, it seems that Earl Blumenauer will vote with Gordon Smith and the other Republicans on this one. Call his office at 503.231.2300 to voice your opposition. Ask Earl to say it loud and proud: "I support fair trade and will vote NO on CAFTA."

Speakers included: Madelyn Elder, Pres. CWA Local 7901; Tim Nesbitt Director, OR AFL-CIO; Diego from the Amalgamzated Sugar plant in Nyssa (he drove 6 hours to get there!); Mary Mendez from Enlace America; and David Foster from the District 11 Steelworkers. They focused mostly on Oregon job loss, but Mary did speak about the lies that sold NAFTA to Mexican workers. Now we know that these agreements screw workers on both sides of the equation: US and Central America.

related: Portland Central American Solidarity Committee I FTAA IMC I Roadless-Summer I Resistance to CAFTA in Central America (photos) (11/04) I CAFTA Protest at Rep. Blumenauer's (10/04)


01.05.2005 18:57
Hundreds Demonstrate and March in Celebration of May Day
We met in the North Park Blocks and there were speakers from unions, farmworkers, anarchists and Code Pink. Someone put up a maypole and unionists, anarchists, children, a farm worker and other people took hold of the ribbons that walked the may pole.

There were several hundred people who walked to the INS where speakers talked about legislation and corporation around immigrants and farm workers. Someone tried to burn a flag there and someone else tried to take it away and after a short tussle, the flag was given back and we all walked on.

We walked a mile or so to the World Trade Center where there was a banner strung across the street celebrating free trade. It was hard to hear the speakers because they did not have any kind of amplifying device.

[ May Day's Past, as reported to portland indymedia ]


01.05.2005 00:47
DHS Simulated terror attack to happen in Portland; Call for activist response
It's Called TOPOFF 4 and it has happened in several cities already. We have a year to prepare: will we be ready to show the DHS how portland will respond?

I am imagining how WE would respond to a terror attack. the DHS would try to take us over to establish martial law, but we would hold potlucks in the streets, we would take over and plant gardens, we would rally to ensure that those who hold power in the council and state act following the will of the people.

let's not protest the Simulation, let's inhabit it! let's act as if there has been a terror attack and let's treat one another as if we were in the midst of a disaster and it was nessisary to care for one another. let activists stage neighborhood assemblies and permaculturists distribute composting toliets and let black cross treat the wounded.

THEY are using the senario to get better organized. so should we!


01.05.2005 00:44
"My Mom is stunned"; 9/11 Truth activist gets mother to question the official conspiracy theory
"what is the TRUTH?" graphics I've been trying to drop a few hints about the 911 truth movement to my Mom now for quite a while. I called her this morning and told her to turn on C-Span2 to see author David ray Griffin talk about his new book "The 911 Commission: Omissions and Distortions". Quite frankly, she thought my "conspiracy theories" were a load of BS until she saw this amazingly clear and concise analysis. I called her back later and asked what she thought about it all. "It's wild" was all she could say at first. I pressed her a bit and she simply admitted "I'M STUNNED'. Let me tell you, it's damned hard to stun my Mom about anything. She's a hard-headed Taurean whose feet are planted firmly on Mother Earth. If my Mom, middle class, a straight citizen in her 70's is stunned about all this, there may actually be some light at the end of this murky tunnel.

'Johny Revolution' comments: I lucked in to catching this unambiguous account of what happened on 9-11 and got my 70 year old Swedish mom to listen in. She too was blown away by Mr. Griffins lecture. It was rather sad to see the reaction on my mothers face when she realized that the government she has faithfully supported for 50 years was capable of such heinous treachery. Myself, being a forest activist for many years, I have never doubted that the Bush corporate elitists and their co-conspirators in the Pentagon were guilty of not only allowing 9-11 to happen, but of actually orchestrating the entire thing. Eisenhower warned, in his last days, of the dangers of the military industrial complex and how if they became too influential and entrenched in our economy that dire consequences would take place. "President Cheney" new that in order for the neo-cons to get away with 9-11, they would have to secure the confidence of not only the pentagon, but also the mainstream press.

[ pdx indymedia 9/11 Investigation section ]


30.04.2005 13:46
Oregonian goofs -- publishes "a fair article" about City's withdrawl from PJTTF; Quickly covers up mistake same day
oregonian axe At 4AM I picked up the April 29th , 2005 Oregonian. It had a front page article titled "Joy in galley as Portland quits FBI task force" (It really did - I still have the paper!). By nine I came across the OTHER April 29th, morning (NOT the Street Final) that ran an article titled "Families living atop asbestos site to be moved" occupying the same front page spot instead - with no mention anywhere in the newspaper about the original PJTTF article or anthing about Portland's decision.

'Matilda' writes: All right, I admit it. I looked up this article online. I hate the Oregonian, I make it a point never, ever to read that rag anymore, after all they have done to prove themselves unworthy of so much as lining the bottom of my compost pit. But on my way home from work, I happened to walk past a paper box, and I saw that headline. ABOVE THE FOLD, no less...

So yes, I read the article online as soon as I got home. And damn if it wasn't what it seemed! It was all about how happy everyone here in pdx (even if not in Washington) was that the resolution passed, that people in the gallery were overjoyed, that Saltzman alone got a stony silence, and that when it passed, the gallery erupted into 3 minutes of applause. It also detailed the reasons why the proposal was so warmly greeted -- including the abuses of the JTTF and concerns of civil rights violations. It directly quoted the best parts of Potter's speech, and seemed to keep everything in appropriate context.


29.04.2005 19:23
State Representative Mary Nolan Against Senate Bill 861
Just found out my State Representative, Mary Nolan, does not support Senate Bill 861, to stop the cruel and unnecessary force-feeding of birds for foie gras. This even though no Democratic State Senators voted against it, and two Republicans even voted for it.

She represents the west side of Portland - here is a map of her district (36): http://www.leg.state.or.us/nolan/hd36.jpg (If you want to find your state senator and representative, not to be confused with your Federal senators or representatives, go to http://votesmart.org

This makes me wonder what other issues she is basically a Republican on. Anyone have any ideas how to find a better candidate (i.e. a real Democrat) next time around?

more about foie gras from pdx imc: Radio - 'On The Air' with Matt Rossell talking about the foie gras campaign I Three Local Restaurants Drop Foie Gras I all articles


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