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Blowing the Whistle on Lab Coat Welfare
Tom Larimer is now working on a field study of baboons in rural Africa, but he spent six weeks working inside the labs at the OHSU-operated Oregon Regional Primate Research Center (ORPRC) late in 2001. In the past month, his work with baboons in the wild convinced him to step forth and speak for the primates he worked with at the primate center.

He's atypical for a whistleblower, considers animal rights activists wackos, but was prodded by his conscience after seeing things inside the primate center that made his blood boil.

On the same day Matt Rossell of In Defense of Animals, also a whistleblower, held a press conference to present Larimer's findings on primate care at ORPRC, Oregonians were having to fight more OHP cutbacks. The ongoing budget saga just highlights the iniquities that run rampant when there is so little transparency and accountability for public funds, as is the case with our state government and OHSU. Please read the history of [The Heist] for more details.

There are many issues involved in the fight against animal research and for human health. Omit any one of them and miss the big picture.

Saturday, August 3rd, 11am - 2pm, In Defense of Animals is holding a protest at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center in Beaverton (505 NW 185th Ave.). Come blow your own whistle.

[Highlights of Tom Larimer's report on the ORPRC]
[The Unraveling Social Safety Net] * [The Heist]
[Animal Experimentation - Hidden Cause Of Environmental Pollution]
[BoycottOHSU.com - IDA's campaign to end OHSU's animal research]

Pacific Green Party leading charge for 'People's Utility District' in Portland
From the open publishing newsire: "[T]he Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party and local concerned community members met today to discuss and formulate a plan to create a PUD, a people's utility district. A PUD is a democratically controlled and maintained not-for-profit public utility. The current proposal is to take over for Portland General Electric. As the Greens state in their earlier proposal, entitled "Proposal to Form a People's Utility District in the Portland Metro Area" (July 24, 2002), A PUD "...is intended to lower and stabilize utility rates, protect Portland ratepayers from the predations of large, for-profit energy corporations like Enron, and provide the public with greater opportunities to benefit from renewable energy sources".

"The Portland Greens argue that having a publicly elected, maintained, and accountable utility would aid in preventing price fluctuations and corruption as seen with Enron. Furthermore, the constitution allows the voters to obtain PGE's assets at very low price through the power of eminent domain. This means that a PUD is able to buy PGE's assets for just compensation, which is decided by an Oregon jury in an Oregon court. This court would also take into consideration the billions spent on hiked rates by local ratepayers. Accountability is achieved through a five-person elected Board of Directors."

"The group expressed a great desire to include and gain the support of labor unions in their struggle. A Green-Labor coalition is greatly desired both in this campaign and generally. The law requires, and the Coalition supports, upholding current Union jobs and contracts. Some members volunteered to attend meetings of local labor groups to press their case and attempt to build a collaborative team." [ Full story ]

[ Pacific Green Party, Portland Metro Chapter ]

Future of Broadband Communications at Stake
From the open publishing newswire: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Oregon chapter, and the Center for Digital Democracy sponsored a conference Tuesday evening at Multnomah Co. Central Library to discuss how to combat the cable monopolies that are looking to dominate the internet, and thus the exchange of information and ideas, into the near future.

Unlike dial-up internet, which is done over phone lines that have 'common carriage' requirements by law, meaning anyone can utilize the network of phone lines without discrimination, cable internet access has thus far subjected itself only to the rules governing cable tv, meaning, the cable company controls access for its customers, can choose to block content, give speed priority to its advertisers, or monitor usage of its customers. With broadband cable internet access increasing among households at a brisk pace, this system should put fear into anyone who feels the internet should be publicly accessible by all, and sites such as Indymedia, should not be subject to blockades or slower service. [ Read More ]

Portland Cable Access covered this event and will broadcast video of the meeting several times over the next couple weeks. [ Schedule ]

AUDIO of event

[ Getting a lock on broadband | How Monopoly Control of the Broadband Internet Threatens Free Speech | A 12 Step Program For Media Democracy ]

MEDIA ANALYSIS 31.07.2002 16:36
Oregonian demonizes protesters... again
No reporters from the Oregonian attended the Solo timber sale auction protest on Tuesday, but that didn't stop the paper from printing an article about the event. In a post to the open publishing newswire, a "concerned individual" writes about the article's factual inconsistencies: "In the article, they are repeating lies from the aggressive Forest Service, Sandy Police, and Federal Protective Service's officers who are trying to cover their asses and justify why they attacked the crowd without issuing any sort of dispersal order. For instance, after the crowd was attacked physically, but before spray was used, a SMALL PLASTIC BOTTLE was tossed onto the windshield of the logging company owner's car. It did not hit any officers, nor was it thrown at them. The allegations relating to the 'menacing' charge are similarly unclear and should not be taken at face value. Video reveals the Sandy Police first losing their shit and pepper spraying people point blank in the eyes. But to repeat, the law enforcement attacked the crowd - shoving people to the ground, throwing people to the ground and at least one into blackberry brambles, and pepper spraying people in the face without ever having issued a dispersal order. They were out of control."

Another poster spoke to the Oregonian reporter who wrote the article, Andy Dworkin, and comments: "Dworkin confirmed that 'unfortunately' no one from the paper was present at the auction and protest. Dworkin says he spoke with Clackamas County Sheriff Dept. and Forest Service employees, including one person from each agency who was at the protest. He also said he spoke to more than one protester who was there. Dworkin claims, then, to have cast a wide net in gathering information for this story. His account, however, gives us the words of only one fish. Nowhere in the account [of the direct action and pepper-spraying] does he quote anyone who was present, either protester or officer. What we've got, with Dworkin quoting Blanchard, is someone who wasn't there quoting someone else who wasn't there. This is third-hand information of a quality that in social circles we would call 'gossip'." [ Read more... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 30.07.2002 11:52
'You buy Solo, you buy us!' - Pepper spray and arrests at the Solo timber sale auction
On Tuesday, July 30, the Solo timber sale auction took place at the Mt. Hood forest office in Sandy. The Solo timber sale will clear-cut 157 acres of old growth in the Oak Grove Watershed. Valiant forest activists have set up a tree-sit in Solo [ picture ], in a tree named Horehound (in memory of Beth O'Brien, who fell from a tree to her death at the Eagle Creek tree-sit this Spring).

Over a hundred people showed up for a protest of the sale, which was bought by Thomas Creek Lumber. When the Thomas representative left the sale, protesters employed non-violent, direct action to block in his car. Law enforcement officers responded with violent, oppressive action.

A first-hand account reads in part: "At that point, approximately 9:30, the protesters surrounded the car attempting to blockade the person in. This lasted about 5 minutes or so when the police shoved some protesters to the ground, others fell on nearby comrades. As the man attempted to drive away, the protesters crossed the bushes and set up another human blockade. The protesters stood yelling for a minute or so. Then the shotguns with orange handles surfaced, presumably bean bag guns. The police and forest service agents unsheathed their pepper spray, shook them and took aim. 10 seconds later many protesters were saturated in the painful substance. Fellow protesters quickly rushed to the infected with water, and aided with the detox process. Other brave souls managed to face the pepper spray and took direct action against the possible timber buyer all the way to the street where he left." [ Read more... ]

More, from the open publishing newswire:
[ AUDIO from protest ]
[ Initial phone report | "freddie pigs out of control at solo auction" | "The solo auction, a brief account and officer information" ]
[ Solo Auction Protest Photos | Photos, Part 1: the fun part | Photos, Part 2: the pepperspray part ]

Reports from previous timber sale action protest at same office, July 9, 2002: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance | Bark ]

RADIOACTIVE WASTE 29.07.2002 23:51
Downwinders cry foul on selection of Hanford as the Northwest's nuclear waste dump
In May of this year the Department of Energy issued plans to dump 70,000 truckloads of radioactive waste in unlined trenches at Hanford. According to a press from Heart of America NW, this plan calls for, among other things:
  • Importing waste including Transuranic wastes containing plutonium
  • Permanantly leaving high-level nuclear waste in single shell tanks that have already leaked over one million gallons of waste that is seeping towards the Columbia River
  • Avoiding Congressional, Regulatory, and Public oversight

Outraged? There will be a public hearing on Tuesday, July 30 at the Metro Regional Services Building in the Council Chambers. The address is: 600 NE Grand Ave. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. There will be an informational workshop held by Heart of America NW, Hanford Watch, and other groups at 6:00 p.m.

According to the Environmental Working Group's website: 705,655 Oregonians live within 1 mile of a nuclear transportation route and 294 Oregonian schools and 19 hospitals are within 1 mile of a route. [ Flyer with more information ]

[ Full story ]

Previous portland indymedia articles on Hanford: [ PDX IMC article with link to Paige Knight of Hanford Watch interview | Clarification on FFTF and Commercial Nuclear Reactors | Hanford Produced Plutonium for Nagasaki Bomb | DOE Site on Human Radiation Experiments INCOMPLETE | Hanford's Atomic Man ]

Would You Like Some Uranium with That?
According to www.organicconsumers.org, "Since 1983, the FDA has legalized the irradiation of numerous classes of food, including beef, poultry, pork, lamb, fruit, vegetables, eggs, juice and spices at the equivalent radiation dose ranging from 33 million to 1 billion chest X-rays." Much of this irradiation is being done with cobalt 60 a by-product of uranium and an end-product of nuclear reactors.

The government line calls food irradiation "a promising new food safety technology that can eliminate disease-causing germs from foods." They assure us that the food does not become radioactive or fraught with dangerous substances and that the nutritional value of the food is essentially unchanged.

However, Public Citizen says that irradiation destroys vitamins and other nutrients, forms chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer and birth defects, and masks unhygienic food production practices. Instead of this shortsighted quick-fix, we are encouraging the food industry and government regulators to institute comprehensive solutions in response to food safety challenges. [ Full story... ]

HOMELESS IN THE U.S.A. 29.07.2002 11:13
Jody's guide to homelessness
From the open publishing newswire: "I have been technically homeless since January and truly homeless (by that I mean homeless and broke) since June. I woke up yesterday morning and realized that this condition might present a good journalistic topic on Indymedia, so here it is.

"First of all, in advanced countries (I'll be generous and include my own nation, the United States, in that category) it's not all that bad. For as much fear as it inspires in the heart of man to keep working at their horror of a job, the hells of homelessness are definitely overrated. The worst things about it are boredom and daily rituals of pride-swallowing. Sounds like your typical low-end service job to me. I'm a good person to ask about this: in the span of a year I've gone from working so much I didn't have a life to not working at all and thus not being able to afford a life. I honestly can?t say which is worse, though the latter definitely carries the greater stigma in my country..."

"[H]omelessness is a great way to work on your materialist hang-ups. One thing I?ve discovered is that my fellow homeless people are far less likely to rip me off than your average Fortune 500 CEO. I'm also much more likely to toss things that I don't need because I simply can't carry them every place I go. In the past few weeks I've given away a cassette player, paints, clothes, and thrown out stacks of old love letters. They just weren't worth the weight and space they were taking up in my knapsack." [ Read more... ]

Information about local homelessness: [ Dignity Village website | street roots newspaper | portland indymedia posts about Dignity Village | [One] Friday Night at Dignity Village ]

NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL 28.07.2002 20:20
Activists decry union-busting and 'racist-scapegoating' at SeaTac Airport protest
"Imagine that one day your husband or wife was going to work and does not return home, disappears. And you do not know what happened to them. What would you say to your children, when they ask for their parents?" -The Latino Coalition, from the public statement by the arrested workers' families

Activists descended on the SeaTac airport on Saturday to express concern for the "outrageous anti-worker and immigrant conduct" of LSG Sky Chef, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Airlines, which makes airplane meals. On April 18, 16 unionized LSG Sky Chef workers were arrested by Immigration Naturalization Service (INS) officials who were disguised as LSG Sky Chef management. Since September 11, 2001, airport employers across the U.S. have been using "national security" as an excuse to bring in the INS and remove workers who have been active in unions. Jobs with Justice of Washington characterizes this behavior "racist scapegoating" and condemns it.

From the open publishing newswire: "The rally snaked it's way into the airport. We were all very quiet at first. I've been pretty nervous to be in airports lately, and was pretty quiet too. Someone offered to trade me the banner he was holding for my sign, because he wanted to be able to 'move real quick' just in case...

"We ended up inside the airport, and banners were hung on the stairwells and railings as the rally started. Cameras started rolling. Speakers from the unions and worker's rights and immigrant advocacy organizations showing solidarity with the deported and arrested airport workers were all inspiring and loud, pointing out that we are all immigrants by birthright, except for native peoples, that no human being is illegal, and that we can't allow this kind of treatment of workers who have worked for years for this Lufthansa subcontractor, and who don't pose any threat to national security to be victims of union-busting activity like this staged INS raid."

First-hand account of the protest, including audio of the speakers, an update about the Longshore workers' contract negotiations, and insight into how the privatization of airports is connected to attacks on National Forests: [ Full story, featuring AUDIO ]

[ Another report, on Seattle IMC | Letter to Editor on raids | Jobs with Justice ]

HUMAN RIGHTS 28.07.2002 12:05
Doctors Without Borders demand 'Access to Essential Medicines'
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian organization that works in over 85 countries in the world, tending to the poorest of the poor in places that have been ravaged by war, disease, and environmental disaster. Each year, more than 2,500 volunteer doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, logistics experts, water/sanitation engineers, and administrators joing more than 15,000 locally hired staff in delivering emergency medical care. MSF received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

Malaria, tuberculosis, sleeping sickness, and kala azar are some of the treatable diseases that kill millions each year in the developing world. The death toll would be lower if Western pharmaceutical companies invested more research and development funds into drugs and treatments but the profit margin is considered too low. In other cases, intellectual property laws forbid countries from manufacturing the drugs for themselves. MFW is touring the United States and Europe with the Access to Essential Medicines Expo to highlight this ongoing tragedy. The Expo is educating people on the work of MSF and is promoting a signature campaign that demands more funds -- both public and private -- for the drugs and treatments that are desperately needed. People can sign postcards in person at the Expo or make their support known online. MSF is hoping to gather at least 1,000,000 signatures for delivery in Washington, D.C. in March, 2003.

The Expo visited Portland from July 25-27 and will be in Seattle, Washington from Aug. 1-4. Over the summer and fall it will move across the Midwest to the East Coast. [ Report on Portland stop, with Photos ]

[ Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières | Access to Essential Medicines Expo U.S. | Schedule | Online petition ]

Midsummer Night's Massacre: Final Fast Track legislation passes House at 3:00 a.m.
image from CONFLUENCE, a St. Louis publicationStatement of Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch: "This travesty of a vote [for Fast Track authority] will be remembered as the Midsummer Night's Massacre, where growing popular concern about corporate-led globalization was shot down in favor of a backwards policy combining corporate managed trade and global deregulation of basic consumer, environmental and other public interest standards.

"Over the past decade, public opposition to NAFTA-style trade deals has grown so strong that now the only way to move this policy is to ram through at 3:00 a.m. in the dark of night 304 pages of legislation combining five different trade bills which was unavailable for public or congressional review until hours before the vote.

"This Fast Track bill is supposed to set the next five years of U.S. trade and globalization policy. If U.S. negotiators follow the outrageous agenda in this bill, including a 31-nation NAFTA expansion and global deregulation of food safety, accounting, energy and other standards, the resulting agreements would be dead on arrival in Congress and in the court of public opinion.

"A tidal wave of hypocrisy ripped through Washington's wee hours. It has been a tawdry spectacle to watch the GOP House leadership and President Bush ramming through a 'trade' bill which has as its main agenda promoting massive global corporate deregulation just hours after crowing about passage of new regulations aimed at the corporate crime wave caused by the very sort of deregulation this bill promotes globally." [ Read more... ]

Oregon representatives Blumenauer, DeFazio, Hooley and Wu voted "No". Walden voted "Yes".

[ Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch | Fast Track | FTAA ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 27.07.2002 05:08
Portlanders protest Gaza Strip bombing
Every Friday, members of the local community meet in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland to protest war and demand peace. They hope to educate, activate, and motivate other people in the community with their public presence. This regular event has been occuring since shortly after September 11, 2001, when two commercial airliners crashed into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. The perpetrators of this crime were unknown, but the United States government and corporate media immediately began a war against Afghanistan, Muslims, and the civil liberties of U.S. citizens.

Each week, the people who meet in Pioneer Square choose a different theme in order to highlight particular crimes of the U.S. government and demand their end. This week, they chose to focus on the recent attacks by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF, the Israeli army) on the Palestinian-inhabited Gaza Strip.

A gentleman got up in front of the crowd to speak. He was very passionate. He talked about how a U.S.-made F-16 fighter plane dropped a high-yield explosive onto a civilian neighborhood in Gaza, a narrow, densely populated region bordered on its south side by Egypt, its west side by the Mediterranean Sea, and it's north and east sides by Israel. The Israeli government claimed it was trying to kill a leader of Hamas, a group of Palestinians who use violence in their struggle against the Israeli occupation of their land. The speaker said that this type of action is considered "legitimate" by the U.S. government, and is treated so by the mainstream corporate press, but is actually "extrajudicial execution" and "illegal murder". "There was no jury and no judge. Just an exectutioner." [ Full story, with Photos ]

[ Portland Peaceful Rresponse | Palestine Indymedia ]

Automobiles hamper 'critical mass' community bike ride
From the open publishing newswire: "on the last friday of every month in portland, oregon, usa (cascadia, turtle island), citizens gather for a community bike ride. they range far and wide over this fair city, enjoying open streets, two wheels, and each other. it's a tradition that started in san francisco ten years ago and people do it everywhere now. everybody with a bike can go and have the time of their life. the community bike ride is called 'critical mass'."

"over two hundred people, maybe more, gathered for this month's critical mass, from two different starting points. at about the same time, both groups set out on the bike paths in the glorious golden light of the sinking summer sun. it was a beautiful day. people laughed and hollered and howled. they rang bells, honked horns, and beat drums. one person had a stereo on their bike and played johnny cash."

"but something wasn't right. for some reason, there were cars on all the bike paths! i didn't understand why. no matter which path we rode on -the burnside path, the nw 23rd path, the broadway path, the morrison bridge path- cars kept getting in our way. it was downright dangerous of them! we took turns stopping our bikes in front of the cars so they wouldn't run us over. some drivers were mean and yelled at us." [ Read more & see Photos ]

Women in Black continue weekly vigils in Pioneer Square
The Women in Black gathered in Pioneer Square on Friday at Noon to speak out for justice and freedom for Palestine. This has been a weekly event for over a year. This local group is an expression of the international Women in Black movement that started in Israel in 1988, where women began protesting Israel's Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Women in Black is not an organization, but a tactic. The recent attacks by the Israeli Army on a crowded residential neighborhood in the Gaza Strip which killed 14 civilians brought extra urgency to the Women in Black's message.

The Women in Black's message this week was focused on the money Israel receives from the U.S.: "The U.S. government gives aid and loans to Israel, whose GNP is higher than the combined GNP of its neighbors Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the West Bank and Gaza. Israel's GNP is higher than oil-rich Saudi Arabia. The U.S. has given Israel at least $91,500,000,000 since 1949. We have always given them their billions in a lump sum at the beginning of the year. Because Israel can't spend this much fast enough, they invest this money back into our government and earn millions more in interest from our government. One third of all foreign aid goes to Israel." [ Full story & Photos ]

[ Women in Black vigil, July 28 | A Women in Black website ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 26.07.2002 11:20
ODF to degrade Washington County's Watershed
Despite thousands of comments calling for a balanced approach in the management of the Tillamook Rainforest, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) plans to clearcut in the largest stand of old trees remaining above Washington County's drinking water supply. Area 1 of the Scoggins Combo timber sale is a 43-acre clearcut of trees up to 80 years old above Hagg Lake, a key source of drinking water for over 445,000 citizens of Washington County.

Local activists are asking people to help prevent this clear-cut: "Please send your comments to the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) calling for the cancellation of the Scoggins Combo timber sale. Let ODF know what you think about clearcutting on steep slopes above Hagg Lake." [ online comments form ]

"After you successfully send your comments you will be sent to the Cougar Monster comment page. So while you're at it, send comments on the Cougar Monster timber sale that has yet to be cancelled. Cougar Monster has some of the biggest and oldest trees remaining in Tillamook Rainforest. Of course, ODF plans to clearcut these giants. See tillamookrainforest.com for pictures and information on what you can do to save them." [ More details on how to help ]

More information: [ tillamookrainforest.com ]

See more on "A Growing Concern" tonight
OSPIRG, Sierra Club Tillamook Committee and the Coast Range Association held a press conference today in Hillsboro, Oregon to call for the protection of Washington County's Watershed. [ listen to audio of the press conference ] Tune into "A Growing Concern" tonight to see video footage. Donald Fontenot, who spoke at the event, will be a guest on the show. Also featured will be video of an interview with Paige Knight about Tuesday's public meeting on the storing of nuclear waste at Hanford, and a highlights of the In Defense of Animals press conference on Wednesday [ article | audio ], in which another whistleblower came forward to expose the cruel treatment of monkeys at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center.

"A Growing Concern" is broadcast in the Portland market on Channel 11, every Friday night from 7:00-8:00 p.m. The live show, which is produced by local video activist, Jim Lockhart, features video from local events, guests, and call-ins from viewers. Don't have cable? Watch video that has been featured on the show at philosopherseed.org.

Local forest activist released today
Emma Murphy-Ellis, 19, aka "Pitch", was released from her four month sentence in the work release program. She was arrested during the campaign to save Eagle Creek in the summer of 2001. Activists put pressure on Judge John Jeldreks to release her early, with a post card campaign and at one point said he wanted to commute her sentence to time served, but the prosecuter, Bob Ross, would not allow it.

Pitch was first at the Eagle Creek in the Summer of 2000. She and three other women were arrested for blocking the two access points to the Eagle timber sale. Her charges were dropped since she was only 17 at the time. The other three women were eached sentenced to the YWCA for a month, along with fines.

In the Summer of 2001, logging equipment was brought to the timber sale for the first time in a year or so. Activists had been ready and about 40 activists sat, stood, and did cartwheels in the road to prevent the equipment from entering the sale area to clear spur (small access) roads. No single person was blocking the road but the U.S. Forest Service ["freddies"] gave Pitch four citations. She was the only person in the blockade to be cited. [ Read more... ]

Oregon Health Plan enrollees say 'No' to co-pays
The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is a program of the Oregon Department of Human Services intended to provide health care benefits to low income individuals and families. For many, it is the only affordable way to receive medical treatment. Unfortunately, like many social services in this cash-strapped state, it doesn't cover everyone who needs it, and fails to adequately provide for those who are enrolled. And it's about to get worse, if certain state legislators have their way.

Recently, a citizen activist campaign spearheaded by Project Equality turned back an effort in the Oregon Legislature to mandate co-payments for pharmaceutical and ambulatory care expenses for OHP recipients. Such co-pays would have had a deleterious effect on the lives of many low-income people. This victory was temporary, however, and the co-pays are scheduled to take effect in January 2003.

Project Equality and its allies, including OHP enrollees and others concerned about the plight of the poor in Oregon, gathered in Lownsdale Square at 4th & Salmon SW in downtown Portland on Wednesday, July 24, to call attention to this situation and ask fellow Oregonians to help them in their struggle. The fear is that, when faced with higher medical costs, people will be forced to make the choice between food and pharmaceuticals, or between calling an ambulance and paying the rent.

OHP enrollees talked about their personal situations. Ric, for example, has only $120 left every month after paying room and board. [ Full story, with Photos ]

[ Demo announcement, with discussion and testimonies added as comments ]

Doctors Without Borders Converge in Pioneer Square
Today, Thursday, July 25th through Saturday July 27th, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF) will be hosting the Access EXPO Exhibit at Pioneer Courthouse Square from 10:00am - 6:00pm, focusing on their Essential Medicines Campaign.

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF), an independent, international humanitarian voluntary NGO, delivers emergency medical care in over 85 countries. MSF is sponsoring an Access to Essential Medicines campaign in Europe and US in 2002/2003. The lack of access to affordable, effective drugs causes millions of people to die each year from treatable diseases.

Meet experienced Doctors Without Borders medical field volunteers and staff. Visit the exhibit profiling five patients from around the world, each with a treatable infectious disease but unable to get care. By putting the visitor in the situation of the patient and offering a "diagnosis" with an experienced Doctors Without Borders medical field volunteer, the exhibit personalizes the need for better access to medical treatment in poor countries.


More information on Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF) or call Amelia Pan at (310) 277-2793

National Call-in Day against Fast Track on Thursday
From the open publishing newswire: "Join workers, environmentalists, family farmers and concerned citizens everywhere in telling the Congress to say NO to Fast Track! Fast Track is a sneaky maneuver that gives corporations and their government cronies a free ride to go over the heads of the American people and devise trade agreements in their own best interests. Under Fast Track, trade agreements (like NAFTA, the WTO and the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas/FTAA) are delivered signed and sealed to Congress AFTER they have been negotiated for an up or down vote by Congress with no amendments allowed and only 20 hours of debate.

"Fast Track is a way to make sure that the public remains uninformed about how US trade policy puts corporations over people. When an agreement is 'Fast-Tracked,' the final product of these corporate-driven negotiations is steamrolled through Congress without any chance for debate or changes."

Organizers of a National Call-in Day on Thursday, July 25, are urging people to call their representative and say they want "Democracy, not Fast Track!" The AFL-CIO has set up a toll-free number to use: 877-611-0063. [ Details: text | flyer ]

[ Previous event: National call-in day ]

ART AND RESISTANCE 22.07.2002 16:10
Portland Resistance Artist: Wake up to growing police violence & power
The images are intensely politically dark. The artist calls them non-official public art. Images of police, cops, storm troopers - the darth vaders of the corporate world. The Portland resistance artist Alex Lilly creates images to wake people up the increasingly violent nature of America's Police. Alex started drawing and printing cops when he was a teenage skate boarder in the mid-Willamette valley. He says the cops followed him everywhere and harassed him and beat him up - his only crime was skate boarding on city streets.

Alex started to draw and study cops. He became interested in their thinking, body language, and psychological makeup. He could not understand why some human beings chose to be controlling, manipulative and violent. Since Seattle-WTO Alex says the police of this nation have become intensely violent - in their demeanor, in their dress, in their arms, and in their tactics. He says some of them they lie and twist reality to suit themselves. They talk in what he calls "verbal judo", using manipulative questions and very controlling language.

Alex draws, etches and screen-prints what he sees. He says his art is his truth. He says he's been an artist all his life. He speaks through his art. What he sees now in America is a buildup of a police state. He says he prints the images to try to wake people up!

The show now at the Red & Black Cafe holds etchings of cops silhouetted against a backdrop of symbols of oppression. The images were created in reaction to different protests and actions Alex has attended. The Red & Black is on SE Division St. at 22nd. Check it out in person!
[ Read more & see more images | More images | Comment on Resistance Art ]

Resistance art giveaway at Division Street parade
From the open publishing newswire: "Alex Lilly will give away signed resistance art to anyone who will walk in the division/Clinton Street parade and hold a poster of his art... This is a action to resist the current movement toward Bush's control of police in the U.S.

"The parade is next Saturday, July 27th. It is part of the Division/Clinton Street Fair. Meet at 16th and Division at 11:00 AM. The images are powerful, the time is now! RESIST! Afterwards there will be music and booths and time to spend with people at 26th and Division at the street fair." [ The Division/Clinton Street Parade ]

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