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02.06.2005 00:29
Disabled woman on Trimet with small dog accosted by police
Yesterday a woman with a small dog was dragged off a Trimet bus by a police officer. The woman had a small dog in a carrier. If you were on the bus and saw this happen. Please post what you saw here. Others on the bus were yelling at the officer to let her go. In the incident a bus driver went whacko over a small dog (puppy) sniffing at people around the woman. No one on the bus complained. The bus driver yelled at the woman to get off the bus. The bus driver called the police. The bus riders were telling the police that nothing happened and they still dragged the woman off the bus. The officer held her arms behind her back and very forcefully removed her from the bus. The puppy was crying.


02.06.2005 00:27
Another night of OHSU researcher residential fun
PPD-So I'm sitting there, saliva dripping down my chin, waiting in line to get some more donuts, when the little old lady behind me tells me my radio is calling for me. After I get my donuts I stop to listen and find out what's happened. Apparently the OHSU monkey researcher Judy Cameron was having a graduation party for her daughter and some noisy protesters stopped by the house to say hi and let her daughter's friends know the nature of Judys work. I was really looking forward to those donuts. I managed to scarf down a few on the way to the Cameron residence and had to eat the rest after I investigated the call. When I arrived the protesters had left and were on to another researcher's house but I was able to gather a statement from Judy.


01.06.2005 10:52
May Bark Hike To Bearknoll Timber Sale
hiking in the rain The May monthly Bark Field Trip was to the Bear Knoll timber sale, where 16 people hiked in an almost continuous rain in order to compare Forest Service documents and maps to what they found on the ground in that location. This is called Groundtruthing.

The hike was led by Gradey Proctor, a volunteer hike leader who has led a few hikes to various timber sales in this area. He led off the hike with an explanation of what Bark is and what it does. In the audio file, Gradey defines bark as "the monitors of Mt. Hood National Forest. So basically what that means is that anytime a timber sale is proposed, we send out volunteers that go out and check over the areas, gather facts and see what we feel is going on one the ground. And then we'll take that information and accrue it."

listen: [ RealAudio | MP3 ]

Other forest news: [ Klamath Forest news... | Tillamook Insider - Action Needed ]


31.05.2005 21:29
100th Anniversary of the IWW-Weekend of Activities
iww pic The Traveling Wobbly Show will be on display in Portland June 2 and
June 4 at the IWW Hall, 616 E Burnside. The exhibit consists of
original artists' cartoons from the new book WOBBLIES! A GRAPHIC
HISTORY OF THE INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD, edited by Paul Buhle and Nicole Schulman. Distinguished illustrators participating in the
show include Trina Robbins, Seth Tobocman, Carlos Cortez, Spain
Rodriguez, Harvey Pekar and Jay Kinney.

On June 2, the First Thursday program will be accompanied by musical performances and brief talks on women and the Wobblies and IWW cultural contributions. The Saturday evening program will focus on
history and politics, on what can be learned from the early Wobblies
and on recent and current organizing efforts.


BIKES 31.05.2005 10:59
Local Cyclist, NOAH CARDAMON, Killed Monday
Local cyclist Noah Madison Cardamon was killed while riding his bicycle early monday morning. Brief Summary: Two 18 year old girls, apparently intoxicated from a night at a nearby bar, reportedly rearended Cardamon. He was not wearing a helmet, and died quickly.

The driver of the car at first told police that they had been driving past and noticed a wounded cyclist, but later admitted to hitting him. The driver, Dana Abdullah, is being charged with one count of criminally negligent homicide. Her passenger, Sheena Dawn Foster is charged with one count of hindering prosecution and one count of interfering with a police officer.

Noah was a student at the Metropolitan Learning Center in high school, and was an avid cyclist. I remember one day in high school, he and a friend of mine, David, hiked up into Forest Park, by way of McCleay park. We spent the whole day, when we should have been sitting in class, exploring the beautiful forest, talking about life in the amazingly lucid way that feels so natural in the teenage years. Although i had lost contact with him in the last few years, the news of his death was nonetheless immediately painful.


[ Keeping Alive with crazy drivers arround | Biker Killed @ 49th and Stark Last Night ]


30.05.2005 16:53
America Wants Roadless Forests, Bush Wants Profits
Mt Rainier Forest High up in a douglas fir in the picturesque town of Hood River, a banner flaps in the wind. The statement is a simple one: "This is a nonviolent protest". The issues surrounding the banner, and the person perched just below it, are a bit more complex.

On May 5th of this year, the Bush Administration formally repealed the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, a measure which protected about one third (58.5 million acres) of the national forest system's total acreage from road building and logging. There are currently over 386,000 miles of roads in our national forests, enough pavement to circle the earth more than fifteen times. These roads are used mainly for logging and resource extraction.

On the evening of May 29th, shortly after 10 PM, a local forest activist calling himself Lorax (after the Dr. Seuss character), climbed 60 feet into a tree in downtown Hood River, Oregon, in protest of this policy change. "I'm up here because the Bush Administration is ignoring the sentiment of the American people," he said, referring to the fact that the Forest Service has received more than 1.6 million comments regarding the rule, over 95 percent of them in favor. "We cannot let them ignore the ... American people so that their cronies in the timber industry and in the resource extraction industry can destroy our public lands".

Related: Press Release | American Lands Alliance NW ecosystem overview | Roadless Area Conservation Act | Legacy Forest Campaign Action Alerts& upcoming events | Hood River Rally Friday June 3rd @ 7 pm | Field Checking Blitz at the B&B Fire Sale June 3-5


30.05.2005 16:19
Olympia Free School interview: Why Free schools?
Interview May 16, 2005 by David X of Bellingham.rogueimc.org With Beth of Olympia Free School

"Olympia is a community with amazing resources. There are folks here with many diverse talents and skills to share. Too often however, a lack of communication keeps us apart. The Free School is a synergy of the diverse ideas, talents, skills and resources of community members."

The Free School works to facilitate this learning exchange as an instrument for individuals who want to learn in an open environment. We are a resource that provides free alternative educational opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds. The Free School also works for profound social change by serving as a model for education in the future. "The Free school helped to start the Bio-diesel co-op project in Olympia."

Related: Audio File of interview | olympiafreeschool.org
Portland Free Skool Mtng Monday June 6th


30.05.2005 13:35
State legislators propose initiative to provide health care for all
Frustrated with the lack of progress on expanding access to health care in Oregon, three state legislators today announced that they have filed language with the Secretary of State for a constitutional initiative to require the state to "ensure that every Oregon resident has access to effective and affordable health care as a fundamental right.

The initiative drafted by Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) and Senators Alan Bates (D-Ashland) and Ben Westlund (R-Tumalo) would tell the Oregon Legislature to "adopt a plan that incrementally expands health care coverage so that every Oregon resident is able to obtain effective and affordable health care on a regular basis."

The initiative is identical to a joint resolution introduced by the same three legislators as HJR 6.

That bill, if it had passed both houses of the legislature, would have placed the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2006. But, after HJR 6 failed to get a hearing this week, Greenlick decided to file the bill as an initiative and go through the signature gathering process to get to the November 2006 ballot.



30.05.2005 13:31
Hanford vitrification plant to cost more
Estimated construction costs are going up for the Hanford vitrification plant, designed to turn Hanford's liquid underground tank waste into glass logs to protect the Columbia River. This is the usual pattern with Dept. of Energy projects, which are farmed out to corporate contractors. We need to keep an eye on this.

Comment: Understanding vitrification: When we say that there is no safe way to dispose of nuclear waste we are usually ignoring this option. The idea is to turn the waste material into lumps of glass . Glass IS a material with stability over geological time... The idea is you simply bury the lumps somewhere -- but even if uncovered or moved the radiation cannot get far from the lump wherever it ends up.

Response by Lynn Porter: There is no completely safe way to store nuclear waste. The waste in Hanford's underground tanks was left over from producing plutonium for nuclear weapons and is intensely radioactive. The plan is to vitrify it -- turn it into glass logs by melting the waste with glass at high temperatures. The glass would be enclosed in metal cylinders, which would be stored in an underground vault in the middle of Hanford, as far as you can get from the Columbia River, which we are trying to protect. This is not a perfect solution -- no perfect solution exists -- but this waste form will be much more protective of the river than the form it's in now. As for commercial nuclear waste, we should stop producing it.



30.05.2005 00:01
Vernon Allen Event Takes Turn For The Worse As 3 Yr Old Suspect Drops GUM
Reportback from the Vernon Allen memorial event at the Waterfront

So me and a couple other people were riding our bikes across the bridge to the Waterfront park to the dead cop memorial and were followed by a gang of about 16 bike cops and 2 patrol cars. When we got there it looked like the event was coming to an end and folks were just standing around talking. There was only about 15 or so people left and a disproportionate amount of cops. The cops seemed bored as hell and were throwing out assinine threats at people they deemed to be old enough to be "leaders" and trying to intimidate and polk fun at the youth. Someone brought out some chalk and the cops flipped their shit. They started to become more aggressive and called for extra backup.

Then, it happened, a 3 yr old girl brandished a PIECE OF GUM folks! Yes, this criminal young girl took that PIECE OF GUM and DROPPED it on the ground of the dead cop memorial. Yes, folks, I know, it's terrible but that's what she did. So naturally the cops called in even more reenforcements. They evacuated the memorial and roped it off with crime scene tape. Then the horse cops rushed to the scene with more cops and patrol cars. Yes it was a very tense and serious situation. A 3 yr old had DROPPED GUM. Then more empassioned, youthful people began to draw chalk outlines of themselves on the ground and wrote the names of people that had been murdered by cops. This distracted the cops long enough for the 3 yr old suspect to make her escape.


29.05.2005 15:01
Olympia Workers Association Barbeque June 4
The Olympia Workers Association's mission is to assist working people in Olympia who want to improve their working conditions. Workers in all different types of employment deal with the same issues - job insecurity, health, safety, and childcare issues, bad pay, and the general lack of respect for wage workers. The Olympia Workers Association believes all people deserve workplace dignity, a living wage, safe working conditions and workplace democracy.

Olympia Workers Association BARBEQUE
Saturday, June 4th at 2 PM



29.05.2005 07:23
Let Washington Know We Want Answers to "Downing Street Memo"
Rep. Conyers and 88 Congressmen have written to Bush asking for an explanation regarding recent disclosures of a "Downing Street Memo" in the London Times. This memo consists of the minutes of a July 2002 meeting between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his top advisers. These minutes indicate that the United States and Great Britain agreed to attack Iraq by the summer of 2002, well before the invasion and before the president sought Congressional authority to engage in military action, and that U.S. officials were deliberately manipulating intelligence to justify the war.

Any response from the white house yet? No.

The next step is to get 100,000 signatures from ordinary citizens to bring to the White House.

John Conyers letter to Common Dreams


29.05.2005 07:23
Oil-for-Food scandal? Galloway opens door to expose U.S. crimes
British Member of Parliament George Galloway's stinging anti-war testimony before a U.S. Senate committee in Washington May 17 electrified progressives. Galloway stunned the U.S. media, which are unaccustomed to seeing anyone, and certainly not members of the timid Democratic Party "opposition" to the Bush administration, match the right wing blow for blow.

In 2003, the British Daily Telegraph and the U.S. Christian Science Monitor said documents had been uncovered in Iraq showing that Galloway was being bribed by Saddam Hussein to oppose sanctions by receiving "oil vouchers." Galloway successfully sued the Telegraph over this story, winning a 150,000-pound award and proving that the "documents" were forgeries.

The Christian Science Monitor attempted to avoid the same fate by formally apologizing to Galloway. who sued them anyway and won an undisclosed settlement.

British MP George Galloway interviewed May 26th 2005 from Portland


28.05.2005 21:43
Born In Flames is a 3-day conference addressing Sexual Assault from a radical perspective. It will be June 24 to 26 at PSU and have evening events from the 23 to 25 at Liberty Hall.

borninflames.org | born in flames message board


27.05.2005 12:56
SHAC-7 trial: Wednesday, June 1st in Trenton NJ
In May 2004, 7 animal rights activists were arrested on charges of "animal enterprise terrorism." Specifically, they are charged with operating websites for the SHAC campaign which exposes HLS, the notorious animal lab in NJ & England. For this they face 23 years in jail each and upwards of $1,250,000 in fines. By levying these charges, the US government is trying to set a precedent. They are saying that attempting to close down a business that abuses animals is a federal offense, that advocating animal liberation is illegal and that we don't have the right to END such animal abusing institutions, just reform them. We cannot allow our right to speak for the animals be taken away!

The trial date for the SHAC 7 is just around the corner. This is a monumental case in the history of the animal rights and free speech movements. It is up to every one of us to do whatever is in our power to support these 7 and see to it that the government cannot label animal rights advocates as terrorists. Please attend this important event!!

www.shac7.com/updates.htm | SHAC roadtrip in Scotland May 27th


27.05.2005 09:06
Cursed Animal Rights Activists Ruin My Evening
Another lovely evening watching Goebbels on the History Channel was ruined when a mob of crazed animal activists rang my doorbell and announced that they were there to protest! My dog Fido immediately sprang into guard dog duty as he lept on chairs and tables to let them know that animal supporters are not welcome here. They even asked me to stop torturing the animals, as if they could think and feel. Everyone knows all that twitching and screaming is just reflex, and besides, I don't torture animals, my technicians do.


27.05.2005 08:46
Organizing a new Portland Free Skool
Years ago...some guy started a free school in Berkely called the "Tuesday Night" learning collective. Every tuesday night people met to discuss anything they wanted. If they wanted deeper learning they just met at other times and explored the world together. If someone had something to teach, they did. If someone wanted to learn something they posted it on a bulletin board or brought it to the group...or just did it and shared what they were learning with other.

I want to start a free school here, in Portland...

There are things we need to learn from each other right now so we can survive and thrive in the future. We need to learn to live without oil. We need to learn to grow and preserve our own food. We need to learn to heal ourselves using natural plant and earth medicine. We need to learn to cooperate and create strong healthy communities. We need to learn to talk and listen to each other. Many of us do not have money to spare to pay others to teach us. So, we have to assist each other to learn in a free and natural style. Free skools are a way for this to happen.

Portland Free Skool MeetingMonday June 6th at Laughing Horse


27.05.2005 05:52
‘Left gatekeeper’ “Democracy NOW!” on KBOO?
Amy Goodman in the studio of Free Radio Santa Cruz           KBOO is currently surveying its membership about whether to air "Democracy NOW!", the Ford Foundation funded program that is apparently quite compromised when it comes to issues too close to the power elite's worst activities, such as 9/11 truth exposure.

Comment: The very notion of a "Left gatekeeper" is erroneous, or at least easily dealt with on a personal level. All the information on why the world's fucked up is everywhere around you, from countless sources. Also, on how to help fix it. Only if you let someone else do the thinking and analysis for you can you claim manipulation by "gatekeepers."

Comment: I support KBOO's local productions - but our definition of "local" has, by necessity, really expanded (finally) these last few years. Local truly is Global and vice versa. If KBOO carries DN!, chances are that more people will tune in to KBOO, and wind up listening/learning from Circle-A and whoknowswhatelse on KBOO.

Comment: Democracy Now! is invaluable for it's regular coverage of important issues like: Iraq/Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Haiti, Venezuela, Neo-Liberalism, Global Protests, and many, many more. As well, she regularly provides a forum for important speakers such as Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Malcolm X, and many others of their calibre.

That Amy gives less coverage to some issues or perspectives is undeniable. This is a reason for running more news and analysis, not less. Reject the fuzzy "guilt-by-association" argument from Charles Shaw. Amy Goodman is incredibly important to the movement for social change. Her show provides important information and inspiration to this movement in many locales. Democracy Now! would be a very powerful organizing tool for Portland. Please do everything you can to support KBOO in running this important show.


26.05.2005 22:05
SOU's Student Government Kicks Military Recruiters Out of the Student Union
Southern Oregon University's Student Government (ASSOU) passed a resolution last night banning military recruiters from the Student Union. The US Military's discrimination against homosexuality, the so-called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, is in direct conflict with SOU's anti-dicrimination policy. The resolution was carried 8 votes to 2.

The resolution titled, "Barring discriminatory practices in the Stevenson Union," will prevent Military Recruiters from having access to the building. They will no longer be allowed to table in the foyer or at job fairs in the Student Union. Nor will recruiters be allowed to hang flyers or display brochures in the Student Union and Access center.


26.05.2005 15:44
Activist Pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Terror Charges in Wisconsin
mink Madison, WI: Animal rights activist Peter Young pleaded not guilty Tuesday to domestic terrorism charges that he freed mink from Midwestern farms in 1997, causing thousands of dollars in damage and spreading fear through the nation's fur farmers.

Young, 27, made the plea in U.S. District Court in Madison as he appeared for the first time on the charges after eluding authorities for more than seven years. Prosecutors say Young and accomplice Justin Samuel set out to cripple the fur industry in 1997, freeing more than 7,000 mink from their cages at five farms in Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin, which is the nation's largest mink producing state. Bob Anderson, an assistant U.S. attorney, said Young cost farmers $569,000. Sympathizers have started a Web site to raise money for his defense, www.SupportPeter.com

Theresa Platt, an apologist for those who imprison fur-bearing animals and then skin them for profit, noted that the Animal Liberation Front(ALF) claimed responsibility for releasing 58 pens of foxes from a farm in Illinois this last April to show solidarity with Young. She urged farmers to be vigilant. Stating the obvious, Mary Ann Sveom, an animal rights activist from Beloit, said the "government is overreaching in this particular case." She said the case was about "the cruelty of mink farming," not terrorism.

animalliberationpress.org | supportpeter.com


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