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09.07.2005 00:17
Impeach Bush protests in Salt Lake City
impeach-31 Demonstrators in Salt Lake City, Utah took the declaration of June as "Impeach Bush" month seriously as they gathered every Thursday evening during the month from 5-7PM at the corner of 100 South and State streets to protest lack of U.S. President George W. Bush's accountability for his war and human rights crimes and of congressional action to impeach Mr. Bush for those same crimes.

One demonstrator, who asked not to be identified, stated, "I can't believe how many passersby, both on foot and in cars, who've indicated they support us. It's at least ten to one over those who don't, and this in heavily Republican Utah no less." A visitor from Michigan, who joined in the sign holding, also noted how surprised she was to find such a protest going on every week in Utah.

[ Utah IMC ]


08.07.2005 21:18
A True Tale of Gentrification on N. Mississippi
We used to live in North Portland, on Mississippi Ave.(back when it was rough) A few of us engaged in vigilante justice: us vs. the jerks who sold crack and beat up prostitutes in our yard. The crack dealers' union almost fell apart, as their representatives lobbied the C.I.A. for more funding and better training since none of the pimps and thugs were schooled in countering vigilante clown insurgents.

Yes, the plan worked. People were coming out of their houses; enjoying the community, and more people, told people who told people who told people, and they all began loading their bikes on their cars (hahahahahaha) and moving into the neighborhood. Pretty soon, it was so safe that we could no longer afford to live in our clown house. Rents skyrocketed with the influx of Young Urban Professionals. A coffee shop sprung up, and then a video store with no videos, just little records that don't play on the record player.

Friends of ours who had lived and worked there 40 years got swindled out of their building, and evicted. Our slumlord noticed the coffee shop, and the presence of people who wear ties, and decided not only to raise the rent but also to evict us.

from the comments: Have you been up to North Mississippi lately and taken part in the financing of pdc's process of economic and cultural racism that is being applied to the Boise community that historically has felt the rath of community ethnic cleansing,being forced to relocate from one neighborhood to the next by white fear,white business and a white Portland city council.So where's the community outrage,where's the protests,where's the marches ? Maybe you are planning the marches and protests while sipping your latte at freshpot while writing your manifesto on your laptop, or looking for working close commadre while sipping a cheap corporate beer at the crow bar. See it for what it is RACISM and we can & will stop it...


7/7 = 9/11? HERE WE GO AGAIN... 07.07.2005 18:23
Bombs explode in London; Perpetrators unknown
london bombing banner UK IMC reports: It appears that there were 3 explosions on the London Underground along with another bomb that exploded on a London Bus blowing its roof. There was no warning and although an unknown group linking themselves to Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility on a known Jihadist web site (Arabic web site, translation here), this has not yet been confirmed. The BBC are reporting that the death toll now stands at 38, with another 700 or so injured, whilst at least The Sun (not one of the more reliable of the UK papers) is now reporting 53 fatalities. Reports that the Israeli embassy had been tipped off are circulating although a Scotland Yard spokesman denied this.
A Brit reflects on the day's events and 'terrorism'
Isn't it wonderful? The timing of the bombs? Right after the G8 meeting? I won't be surprised if the crisis in Africa go untouched now, considering that America's eyes have shifted from poverty to terrorism. Anyone else have similar suspicions?
As word reels in from London about the horrific blasts in the subway there, I am not sure how to feel. My mate expresses horror that innocent civilians have been targeted. I point out that a poor man's war is no more devastating than a rich man's war, that there are no innocents in London or America if you're living through Iraq. That it's the consumption habits of firstworlders like us that leads to bombs raining down on people "over there." I believe that. But somehow, even to me, those words are just not adequate to capture all the complexity in this.

Because the truth is, the people on those subway trains are just people, just like me. And because they were riding the trains rather than driving in cars, I believe the working class was disproportionately hit. And finally, because a million people stood shoulder to shoulder in the streets of that very city to demand an end to the wars in the middle east, I question the need to blast them out of complacency.

I do not know who lit the fuses, so to speak. If we are to believe the corporate media, then it was Al Quaida. But I never believe the corporate media, so I'm convinced it could just as easily have been the bush regime, just to show Londoners a lesson -- "See? Terrorists. Better get behind this never-ending war on terror." In fact, considering who stands to gain and who stands to lose the most, it seems much more likely to me that it was American terrorists than anyone else. Who knows.

CNN fans the flames of anti-Muslim hatred
Just watched Lou Dobbs on CNN. "Islamic Terrorists" bombed targets in London this morning, according to Dobbs. No mention of proof. They did it period. Dobbs has become the posterboy for racist, lying reporting that regularly demonizes immigrants, legal and otherwise. Any illusions that CNN is somehow 'better' than FOX News is totally disproved by the reality of Dobb's vicious nightly attacks. But to actually declare within 7 hours of these bombings that 'Islamic Terrorists' were definitely responsible is nothing short of irresponsible propagandizing. CNN tries hard to come across as fair and balanced, but Dobb's ultra-primetime slot every single night betrays CNN's true philosophy. When the trials for 911 begin, there's going to be a lot of 'newspeople' defending themselves against conspiracy charges. Conspiracy to coverup the truth, and aiding and abetting MASS MURDER. Lou Dobbs will be at the very top of that list. Can't wait to see his smug mug behind bars in Leavenworth, right next to Bush and Cheneythesatan.
Indymedia UK Statement on London bombs
Indymedia UK stands in solidarity with all the victims of today's horrific attacks in London. We share the disgust felt by all about these acts and their perpetrators, our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We are also acutely aware that these events will be exploited by the most reactionary elements of the British media and political establishment for their own selfish purposes. We are particularly concerned about a possible backlash against Britain's Muslim community as we saw following 9/11 in the USA.
Who did the London Bombings?
Those of you who understand the significance of propaganda should be able to understand that the Live 8 event signified that people like the Bolivians and the Venezuelans are finally winnning their centuries long battle with those Capitalists, thus requiring Capitalists to start caring, or at least try to look like they care, these being capitalists you should remember. And wouldn't you know it, next thing you know that Osama Bin Laden would show up and start blowing up working class people so that politicians could then take away some more of their civil rights.

...Personally, I think this operation looks more like a classic Karl Rove operation, rather than an Osama operation...

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See also UK IMC: [ Alston points finger at 'anarchists' | London bombing to the eyes of the third world ]


07.07.2005 17:15
Canadian judge rules to extradite Tre Arrow to U.S.
tre arrow Mr. Tre Arrow was ordered to be committed for extradition by Judge Kirstie Gill this morning, July 7, 2005. This means the judge's functions are done, and the extradition process now goes into the hands of the Minister, subject of course to Tre's right of appeal, which he plans to file-a notice of appeal-Mr. Tre Arrow will absolutely appeal this decision.

Basically, Judge Gill didn't accept Tim Russell's arguments; she chose to accept the Crown's. She found that she has no jurisdiction to consider the constitutional issues that Tim presented-and found that in this context, she wasn't going to engage the co-conspirators exception to the heresay rule. In considering those elements, she committed Tre for extradition.

Again, Mr. Tre Arrow will exercise the appeal process of Canada to the fullest extent possible, as he would NOT receive a fair trial in the United States of America.

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[ Tre Arrow Legal Defense ]


06.07.2005 10:17
Animal rights group spurns OHSU's attempt to silence them, calls for public debate instead
The animal rights group, In Defense of Animals (IDA) received a certified letter from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) public relations office, asking the non-profit watchdog group to "cease spreading false and defamatory information." IDA had sent OHSU President Peter Kohler a petition with hundreds of signatures collected during one day of their World Week for Animals in Labs outreach, criticizing OHSU's cruel and fraudulent animal research at their Oregon National Primate Research Center. The following is IDA's response in which they refuse to be silenced and challenge OHSU to a public debate about the whether their research on animals is working.

[ BoycottOHSU.com ]


G8 MEETING IN SCOTLAND 06.07.2005 10:13
Live 8, the G8, and the White Man's Burden
I have been searching mainstream news sites for any sign than someone at the Live 8 concerts might have broken the rules and made a forbidden criticism of Bush, Blair or the Iraq war, and discovered instead the comments section where readers are invited to give their feedback on the Live 8 phenomenon. What I have found is that there is much criticism of Live 8 being expressed by the public, at least as is revealed by this particular forum for public expression, but what shocks me is the way the criticism is focused on what I will call the theme of 'the white man's burden.'
The G8 conference - a simple primer
According to capitalist economists from places like Harvard and Yale, the ideal unemployment rate for America is somewhere between 4 and 6 percent. If the targeted rate goes below this limit, say, the unemployment rate drops to 3 per cent, and your ideal was 4 percent, then an announcement will come out of the Federal Reserve Board that the economy is, to quote the slang lingo, 'overheating' and that, therefore there are concerns about 'inflation.'

Now you might think that the ideal unemployment rate for any civilized society might be, say, zero percent. To most people, being decent sorts using their ordinary common sense that would seem like a wonderful idea. But it wouldn't seem like a wonderful idea to a capitalist.

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for more on the G8 meeting, including protests, visit: UK IMC


06.07.2005 10:06
Action Alert-ODOC proposes limitations of phone use in Oregon prisons
Many of our friends in the Oregon Prison System are very concerned about a proposed rules change about prisoner telephone use. The proposed rules change effects the way prisoners can make calls, who they can call, and how many people they can call; amongst other things. Sources tell us that that this is a reincarnation of a previous unpopular rules change attempt which was soundly defeated by a prisoner telephone strike. We are asking for your help in letting the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) know how we feel about this restriction on Oregon prisoner's lives.

Unfortunately, the deadline for comment is July 18th.


06.07.2005 10:04
4th Of July Fireworks A Disappointment
My family and I showed up several hours early to find the perfect spot to set up. We went down to the eastside esplanade like usual. I had noticed an unusually large crowd gathered by the bourgie condos and marina near the south end of downtown. But I thought nothing of it as it is usually toward the center of downtown where everyone would have plenty of room to watch for free.

Then the fireworks started. They were down right in front of what turned out to be the blues(consumer) festival. This was at the south end of downtown all the way down by the I-5 bridge! For the majority of the crowds gathered there was a large bridge and/or trees in the way of the show. Half of the people just left pissed off.

a comment: Driving through Portland last night it was really hitting me that fireworks sound like gunfire and that men and women in Iraq are beng shot or exploded and are dying every day. The bombs bursting in air" and the flag was still there. I just couldn't join in the "celebration".

another comment: As the fireworks were going off, I became sad because they reminded me of the "Shock and Awe" over Baghdad......I kept visualizing the domed buildings and the palm trees and the bombs going off when the war started. I wondered: Why can't we just be paying for pretty fireworks instead of war. I became sad and we had to leave.....on the way out someone admired my antiwar button and I gave them one plus an anti war brochure.

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05.07.2005 09:37
PSU Students Meet With University President to Cancel Coke-Odwalla Contract
Student Killer-Coke Can On June 22, 2005, Portland State students in Portland, Oregon, including newly-elected progressive ASPSU president Erin Devaney, met with the University's president, Dan Bernstine, along with Cathy Dyck, Vice President-Finance, and John Eckman, Auxiliary Services, regarding the University's canceling the Smith student store Coke-Odwalla contract, in support of the Coke Boycott. Eight campus groups, so far, have endorsed the Coke Boycott at PSU. On July 1, 2005, PSU became the 9th, and last, college, to remove Taco Bell from the school's cafeteria, in support of the now successfully-completed Taco Bell Boycott for a living wage for Florida farm workers.

Progressive Student Union ( lc@pdx.edu) has been organizing the Coke Boycott at Portland State for over a year. John Eckman, from Auxiliary Services, was the Administration official who negotiated canceling the Taco Bell contract at the school. PSU is Oregon's largest four-year public university, with 25,000 students. Students had requested the meeting with PSU president Dan Bernstine seven times, and finally got to meet with Bernstine for an hour on June 22, 2005.


04.07.2005 23:16
Report from the recently logged Bear timber sale
unit 10...not much of a canopy i visited the Bear II timber sale in early autumn, so when i heard that it had been felled, i decided that i needed to see how much was left. here are my observations:

several days ago i traveled to witness the further disruption of a part of cascadia currently known as the mt hood national forest; specifically the Bear II timber sale. i should note that i do not support any commercial harvesting of timber on "public" lands except in the case of overgrown plantations with poor diversity. when i first visited some of the units of Bear II in autumn, i was surprised how the USFS had left the thin slices of native and old-growth forests among devastating clearcuts. like most logged landscapes, it seemed ridiculous. however, once i had entered the remaining stands, i could see the unravaged diversity and was relieved that there were still native forests left. they are so important.

pre-logging photo report (6/4/03): [ The Bear & Cub timber sales: Old growth islands surrounded by clearcuts & tree farms ]


04.07.2005 08:31
Fireworks Stink!
fireworks They're bright and flashy and fun to watch. But there are many ugly sides to the public fireworks displays. If you had a handful of lead, mercury, chromium and arsenic, you wouldn't set fire to it and snort it up your nose. But that's what happens every year at public fireworks displays. Levels of toxic metals in air particles were found to be 50 times higher after a public display in a study in Washington state. How much of the mysterious fish mutation observed in the Willamette River is due to treating our riverfront like a toxic waste dump set ablaze??! Fireworks endanger human health, especially for fragile individuals, frighten and poison vulnerable animals, and waste precious city resources. Portland's big fireworks display tarnishes our progressive reputation. How can we extinguish this toxic fire?

previous July 4th fireworks feature: [ Patriotic incendiary devices: Toxic for health, manufactured in sweatshops ]


04.07.2005 08:27
American theologians on war and peace: "Confessing Christ in a World of Violence"
Our world suffers under violence and war.

But Jesus says: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" (Matt 5,9). Innocent persons here and abroad are increasingly frightened and endangered by terrorist attacks.

But Jesus says: "Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you" (Matt 5,44). These words that were never easy seem even more difficult today.

However a time comes when silence means betrayal.

How many churches have preached about this since September 11, 2001?

[ Other posts from Marc Batko | Marc Batko translations website ]

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G8 PROTESTS 03.07.2005 23:12
Over 200,000 take to the streets of Edinburgh to protest against capitalism
g8 2005 indy i Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators today rejected the fact that 2/3 of the world's population live on the poverty line. Early in the morning people came from all over Britain and the world to assemble on the Meadows in Edinburgh. This has been the biggest ever demonstration in Scotland since the Hunger Marches of the 1930s.

The march through the city streets began in bright sunshine at 12.15pm led by Church leaders, celebrities and charity campaigners. At 3pm the marchers, most of whom were dressed in white, stopped and held hands for a minute's silence, forming a giant white circle round the city centre that represented the white band, the symbol of the Make Poverty History campaign. The marchers flooded the streets of the Scottish capital for five hours.

more, from UK Indymedia: [ G8 Summit Quicklinks | G8 Mobilisation Reports - Friday 1st July | G8 Reports - 2 July | G8 Sunday 3rd July ]


03.07.2005 00:29
My month in the high-tech industry
In February of this year, I worked for an HP contractor located on the HP campus in east Vancouver/Camas, (hereafter known as "the company"). I was surprised to be offered this product testing job, since I didn't have any experience in the high-tech industry or with product testing. My experience with certain MS applications isn't that great either.

The company called me after I submitted an online application through an employment services website. Before I was called in for an interview, there was a brief phone screening, in which I was asked about my experience, and during which I claimed to be a team player. After that, I was chosen to come in for an interview.

That night an acquaintance of mine asked me if I'd like to smoke some pot. So, being in the good mood that I was, I decided it would be a great idea. The prospect of a new job, and the probable chance of a drug test that would go along with that, was not the first thing on my mind. The thought may have flashed across my mind briefly, but I didn't want to let hypotheticals get in the way of my decision, or let worries dictate to me like a high-school coach.


03.07.2005 00:28
Attacked by group of young kids at 82nd Max Stop
82nd st. max After having dinner at a fellow activists house, I left feeling great. Waiting for the Max at 82nd, I was singled out for harrassment by a group of about 12 kids. I was hit 3 times, threatened with lethal weapons, and they tried to steal my bike. What can be done about this, in a non-violent way? I have no interest is fighting a bunch of teenagers, know I'm a bigger man than that.


03.07.2005 00:27
Upstanding citizen arrested for photographing police after they handcuff several inviduals in Salem neighborhood
boot Upstanding citizen in Salem (30+ years in same neighborhood) went down the street when multiple police showed up. Citizen stands across street taking one-to two pictures. Told to stop, or be arrested. Citizen stopped, put camera in pocket and asked to speak with supervisor who showed up momentarily. Sgt. (supervisor) agrees that citizen can take pictures. Citizen takes camera out of pocket for 1-2 more shots.

Citizen later "detained" while Sgt. investigated "interception of communications" law violation, based (assumed) on Cpl.'s statement who 5-minutes earlier asked if camera recorded video.


03.07.2005 00:25
Eberhard's Dairy goes rBGH-Free
Eberhard's Dairy, a highly-respected and well-known fixture in Central Oregon since 1951, will announce in the near future that as of June 1, it had obtained signed affadavits from all of its suppliers that they do not use recombinant bovine growth hormone.

I had met with the company president and owner, Bob Eberhard, in May 2004, to give him our Power Point presentation. We had a good discussion then and I appreciated that he invited me in to give him our information, even though he was allowing rBGH to be used (that doesn't happen with every dairy!). Over the past year, a number of our volunteers in central Oregon had contacted Eberhard to ask them to go rBGH-free. Our thanks to everyone who took the time to express their opinions to Eberhard's.


03.07.2005 00:23
Call your State Senator about Fluoride
fluoride There are several state bills trying to force cities in Oregon over 10,000 to fluoridate their water. This is simply wrong. not just because fluoridation is wrong, but because it is not the state's role to tell Portland what to put in its drinking water. The original bill was actually proposed by Representative Bob Jenson of Pendleton. So some Republican yahoo in Pendleton thinks he knows what's best for the people of the city of Portland. It really doesn't matter if you're pro/con fluoridation, this is repugnant. Portlanders alone should decide what's in our water and what's best for our people. Feel free to tell this yahoo what you think of a Pendleton Representative trying to tell Portlanders what to do with our water


03.07.2005 00:22
Animal Activists Rock Neighborhoods... Again
Thngs are heating up--on both sides--as local animal activists encounter growing resistance to their use of free speech, and also some appreciation. The first stop was Judy Cameron's house at 3326 SW Marquan Hill Road, Portland. With garage doors and window open, and lights on, no one greeted the activist who politely knocked on the door to ask Judy to stop hurting animal except for one cat, who seemed to look to her owner to open the door. After a short speech to educate neighbors about why they were there, activists chanted their message--"vivisection has to go."


02.07.2005 00:36
The Legacy of Maxxam
Old-growth redwood in the Humboldt County, CA - In the home state of Maxxam, INC., the slogan is "don't mess with Texas." When it comes to their dealings in the Redwood country of Northern California, Maxxam's slogan is "he who has the gold rules." Maxxam CEO and billionaire Charles Hurwitz is a man of few words, but speaks loudly through his wicked logging plans.

Bad logging and clear-cuts are pretty "run of the mill" for The Pacific Lumber Company (PL), a once friendly local timber operation turned county scourge after Texas financier Hurwitz and his Maxxam Corporation took the reigns in 1986. But now and again, the Maxxam controlled PL drafts a logging plan so arrogant and destructive that even the most callous cynic shudders at the thought of it.

By all appearances, Maxxam is attempting to extirpate the Marbled Murrelet, a seabird dependent on old-growth forests, while the company itself threatens to go the way of the dinosaur. Specifically, PL (under control of its multi-billion dollar parent company) is threatening bankruptcy due to a log shortage - the cause of which is a high logging rate imposed by Maxxam. Local residents, who've recognized Maxxam's pattern of taking over other companies (like Kaiser Aluminum) and driving them into the dirt, have predicted the PL bankruptcy for years based on breakneck logging that has turned the coveted Redwood forest into a land sliding, muddy mess.

Much of PL's 211,000 acres have already been converted from trees into cash. Now at the end game, Maxxam is targeting the most visible and valuable old-growth redwoods left in PL's holdings, which unfortunately are crucial for the survival of threatened and endangered plants and animals. Maxxam's latest scheme, called "Bonanza", is one such plan.


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