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17.07.2005 00:37
Oregon House Committee Votes to Allow Utilities to Continue Charging Phoney Taxes
Today, the Committee on State and Federal Affairs of the Oregon House of Representatives passed on to the floor of the House a version of SB 408 that reverses its effect from the version of the bill that passed the Oregon State Senate by a vote of 26-4 on June 8. As it passed the Senate, the bill would have ended the enormous utility tax scam in Oregon. Senator Vicki Walker (D Eugene), the carrier of the bill, stated:

"For several years, the large electricity and gas utilities regulated by the Oregon Public Utility Commission have been charging to Oregon ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars for "state income taxes" and "federal income taxes" that in fact have not been paid to any government. Currently, the best available estimate of these charges to Oregon ratepayers is $150 million per year."


17.07.2005 00:35
Creating the Next Pandemic
After listening to this series, if you are not concerned, you should see a doctor. Ralph Shoenman and Mya Shone provide some background on the terror state and the prospects of state sponsored terrorism by the activities of our black death labs and how, without public scrutiny, we live on the edge of a species extinction; ours.


15.07.2005 23:33
Radical Botany class: Week three
We have begun to understand plant families and have also begun to learn some of the more important healing plants such as Oregon Grape. But, more than that we have begun to learn that this class is not just some plant identification project, it is a survival class. What will we have when the oil is gone? Will we know what to eat, how to weave, how to construct shelters and vehicles without ripping down the forest and plummeting us all into starvation and chaos. And now, what can be do to heal our bodies and minds as we walk slowly from the chaos into a world we want to live in.

We are a group of between 15 and 20 people walking into a new world. Plants are one of the most important tools that we have. Most of us know little. It is knowledge that has been kept from us so that we are dependent on corporate structures for our food, our medicine, our shelters, our balance.

[ Report back on organizing meeting for Portland Free Skool (6/6/05) | Organizing a new Portland Free Skool (5/27/05) ]


15.07.2005 23:27
Rep. McKinney to hold all day briefing exposing sham of 9/11 Report
whatisthetruth5 On July 22, 2005, Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) will host a full-day briefing, co-sponsored by Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), and other sponsors, for Members of Congress and their staffs in the Caucus Room, Cannon House Office Building, Room 345, Independence Ave. & First Street SE, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. One year after the release of the 9/11 Commission Final Report many questions about what transpired on September 11, 2001 and who should be held accountable still remain unanswered. Serious flaws and omissions in the Report have been addressed by whistleblowers and academics. Well known researchers and authors have put the events of that day into historical perspective, and have suggested possible alternatives to the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission regarding intelligence reform, domestic and foreign policy. The hard evidence has yet to be properly evaluated, and points to the need for full transparency, release of information, and continued probative investigations to have an effective, democratic response to the crisis that confronts all of us.

RELATED: Second WTC Janitor Comes Forward With Testimony Of Basement Explosion
Jose Sanchez, while working in a sub-level 4 workshop of the north tower on 9/11, heard a bomb-like explosion, had his hair burned and rescued a co-worker who had his leg and knee broken from the basement blast taking place at the same time the jetliner struck the top floors.


14.07.2005 17:17
A Simple Story of Human Interaction
every once in a while, i will have a seemingly small encounter which turns out to strike me to my core. today, after a long morning of management meetings at multnomah county and a quick yet powerful union action at the county board meeting, i was feeling the low blood sugar hunger of not eating all day. around 2p i jumped on the bus up to burnside to get some lunch. i got off at burnside and grand, and proceeded to walk up to the "back to back cafe".
the entire 15 minute ride back to work, i wiped away tears, my heart aching for the brutal reality of our society--what it does to the people inside this country and the hellfire it dishes out to the rest of the world.
i walked past the clusters of day laborers, waiting for hours in the sun for the small chance to do some sort of usually hard physical labor. i walked briskly both because i was hungry and because it often makes me sad to see these guys, as a reminder of a broken society and of their difficult existence.

i ordered my food and sat down at a table next to a couple of spanish speaking individuals who looked like they might also be day laborers. as is too often the case these days, i was absorbed in my own world, my own petty stresses and long "to do" list, my grumbling stomach, and my desire to get some quick fuel so i could get back to my pressing tasks. the fishbowl was over my head, and the tunnelvision was in effect. my burrito arrived and i dove into it greedily. between mouthfulls, i caught a portion of the conversation of the spanish speaking guys behind me, as they talked about how hard it is to get work, how they would do anything to just have a little bit. they talked with the soft voices of immigrants who know all too well about where they fit in our cold society, their place on the lower rungs of a social heirarchy that values them only for the cheap labor that they can provide and then ignores them or worse the rest of the time.


14.07.2005 15:46
Making Folk a Threat Again: More Riotfolk! Torrents
  • Anna Roland - Some More Songs download
  • Tom Frampton - Making Folk a Threat Again download
  • Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman - Songs of Hope and Resistance download
  • Brenna Sahatjin - Crude but Lucid download
  • Live...3am (on KBOO) download
  • Live at IWW Portland 01/10/05 download
Riotfolk! is back. Six new albums await at indytorrents.org.

Riotfolk! is self described as: We are a collective of radical musicians acting as an anti-profit record label/performance troupe. We're participating in the resistance by writing and distributing music that teaches, provokes, heals, and inspires.

related: riotfolk.org I indytorrents.org


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 14.07.2005 09:08
Forest Service Begins Logging in Illinois River Canyon
The Wild & Scenic Illinois River canyon - now being logged by the Forest Service Selma, OR - Three years after dry lightning strikes started the Biscuit fire in southwestern Oregon's Siskiyou Wild Rivers area, the Siskiyou National Forest has begun logging forests in the Wild & Scenic Illinois River canyon.

"It's disappointing to see that with millions of taxpayer dollars and three years to work with, the Forest Service is still getting it all wrong" said Rolf Skar, campaign director of the Cave Junction based Siskiyou Project. "Instead of working together on real fire safety and creating restoration jobs, we're watching them log along the fish-rich Wild & Scenic Illinois River at heavy taxpayer expense."

The McGuire logging sale is located entirely in an Old-Growth Reserve that was to be shielded from cutting for sensitive species under the Northwest Forest Plan. It also logs the 3,529 acre Six Mile Creek roadless area - an uninventoried roadless forest near the giant Kalmiopsis wildlands.

Tree-sit up; You're invited to join the forest defense effort
The Forest Service has recently discovered a n occupied arboreal structure in the area, and machinery has started to enter the area. The beginning of logging may be imminent. The Biscuit campaign has been preparing and working to make this new site of civil disobedience and resistence public. Lots of planning and organizing rewards us with making this announcement to everyone interested

[ Battle of the Biscuit ]


14.07.2005 09:02
Person Of Color Singled Out By Trimet Fare Inspector
I boarded the 17 Holgate bus going from Portland at a stop near 17th and Powell around 1:55pm today.

A few blocks down fare inspectors boarded and began asking people for their proof of fare. First 2 people presented Honored Citizen bus passes. They were asked for their additional card that is supposed to accompany this type of pass. Each person explained they did not have it. Each one was told that they need to have this. No further action was taken. Then another person on the bus presented his HC bus pass. He was told he needed to have the additional card as well. He explained in the very same polite manner that he did not have this. He was then removed from the bus by the fare inspectors. So what was the ONLY difference between this man and the other 2? He was the only black person on the bus.


Native Resistance 12.07.2005 23:00
The Continuing Pollution of Tribal Land
flyer for video showing In Shiprock, NW, about a hundred yards from the San Juan River, there's a buried ditch of uranium, polluting the land, air and sea. This uranium is the radioactive remains of a mine that existed in the 1940s. The mine is long gone and the governments answer to cleaning up the waste was to dump it in a long ditch and throw rocks on top of it. Now, history stands to repeat itself.

[ Event Info


12.07.2005 11:50
Hate Crime in Old Town
I saw a couple of guys that were sitting in front of East Chinatown Lounge in Old Town on Saturday night. A group of about 5 men called them fags and then proceeded to beat the crap out of both of them. I yelled and then proceeded to call the cops. An ambulance came, but the guys were gone by the time that the cops showed up.

The cops are looking for more witnesses to this crime. Apparantly no one that was inside of the club even saw anything. Don't they have bouncers outside? It looked like one of the guys had his leg broken and the other guys face was a complete mess. Please contact the police if you know anything about this. This was obviously a hate crime and it kills me that I couldn't do anything at the time.

Comment: These guys hit fast and hard and leave quickly. Is there any way to organize against this type of random yet calculated violence? In Seattle they had the Q-Patrol and other neighborhood watch volunteers which purportedly lessened attacks on Capitol Hill... [ Read More ]

If you have information about this crime, email bellachopin@yahoo.com.


11.07.2005 22:00
Cyclists: Beware of man driving maroon Oldsmobile, plates "WDA 637"
Coming home today from work, I encountered an extreme case of road rage from a driver. Turning from Powell onto Walters (I think that is the name of the street) on my bike,
I made a report to the Gresham Police and the officer said he knew the guy. The officer was surprised that this guy would behave in such a manner considering who he was but more importantly who his wife is and what she does.
I was about to get onto the Springwater Corridor bike path. This is between the cemetary and the elementary school in downtown Gresham. I hear a car coming up somewhat fast behind me. I am on the side of the road very close to the curb as the driver passes me. He gives me less than 2 feet of space. JHC! He was close.

All his windows were down so I said, "give me some fucking room". He slams on his brakes, jumps out of his car and comes running at me. He is shaking with anger and his fists are tightly closed. He starts threatening to kick my ass while swearing profanities at me.

Carless Zone in Portland?
I had a brainstorm with a friend a few weeks ago: why not have an area of Portland be carfree? The streets could be minimized down to bike size, gardens could grow out into where the streets used to be- the possibilities are endless! Imagine, stepping out of your house, into a place where there were no zooming cars, no stinky exhaust, kids running around everywhere, carefree, carfree, like you were in a gigantic park? Hmmm... sounds pretty friggin' rad to me! And this is just the town to do it in.


11.07.2005 21:52
Starbucks to open at 39th & Holgate?
Seeing the demise of local and promising Sunday cafe on 39th & Holgate in the SE leads me to wonder as to it's replacement. There is talk of a Starbucks being installed as to further commercialize and destroy any personalized and local efforts to have a successful business in town.
Wal-Mart in Sellwood?
When I was at the True Value Hardware store in Sellwood a couple of weeks ago there was a petition to stop Wal-Mart from buying and building on the old Good Will and Fabric Store properties just south of the Tacoma street overpass on SE McLoughlin Blvd (99E). Today as I was passing that property is was clear that something massive is going in --- HELP!!! DOes anybody know if Wal-Mart actually got in without any protest??? Or is there something else happening there?

White Lilac comments: "no walmart yet" - see http://www.nosellwoodwalmart.com for details and updates

MORE INFO: [As reported here 16.Jun.2005]: Walmart has signed a secret deal with developer Howard Dietrich to build a 150,000 sq ft supercenter, along with 600 enclosed parking spots, at SE Tacoma street and 99E. The lease can only be broken if a city agency decides to buy the property. [ details ]

see also: [ pdx indy "neighborhood news" section | GreshamFirst.org | SaveCedarMill.com | Anti-Walmart protest in Bend ]


11.07.2005 21:37
Oregon House sits on bills passed by Senate
Well, it's Day Two of the Oregon House Republicans' paid vacation. That's right, folks, rather than doing the people's business, they've taken the end of this week off. (And that's after the Monday holiday!)

Is that because there's nothing to do in Salem? Of course not. There's lots to do. What's at stake - while the House Republicans are taking their taxpayer-funded vacation?


11.07.2005 09:52
Earth First! protests logging in Mt Hood National Forest
On Monday July 11th, following the 25th annual national gathering of Earth First!, activists stretched an eye-catching banner between two visible tree-sits across Highway 26, outside Government Camp, drawing attention to an adjacent old growth logging project on Mt. Hood National Forest.

"Mt. Hood National Forest continues to log old growth, destroying native biodiversity and threatening our drinking water. We need to re-direct money from the commercial timber sale program to true non-commercial restoration," said Sarah Wald, of Cascadia Rising.

The action took place at the Hilynx Logging Project, a timber sale slated to log 300 year old Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock trees just 10 miles southeast of Government Camp, with several units visible from Highway 26. The Forest Service claims they need to log the area because it is "diseased' with Indian Paint Fungus, even though this so-called "disease" is a natural fungus praised by biologists for creating habitat for an array of old-growth dependent species. The area has a high density of recreation use with many trails, dispersed camping sites, and usage by hunters.

10:24 Update: Massive State Trooper Response to EF! Banner Hang Across Hwy 26
11:40 Update: Banner Hang Over Hwy 26 Evicted
photos: 1, 2


10.07.2005 23:45
Union Women Take Over Wal-Mart
The No War Drum Corps joined us in front of the store About 40 women (and a few men) took over Wal-Mart for a brief time this afternoon [Sat. 7/9] to dramatize the unfair working conditions at Wal-Mart stores and at the sweatshops where Wal-Mart gets much of its goods.


10.07.2005 12:15
Animal Rights Activists Visit Cynthia Bethea's Home
A small group of activists visited Cynthia Bethea's home again on Tuesday night (5th), after several requests that she come out and speak with them, she and her young daughter actually did. Of course Ms. Bethea defended her research and denied any wrong doing but in the end she invited the group to come out and visit her lab inside the Oregon National Primate Research Center.
from Cynthia: Upon the insulting invasion of the privacy of my home on July 5, I came out to "answer questions" from a group of animal activists which was SO NOT the objectiove of calling me out. I let the activists deride me,insult me and my life's work in front of my 9 year old daughter and neighbors. I never once said one insulting or disrepectful comment to anyone. I support the First Amendment. I have offered to approach my administration and try to start a dialogue. Next day, see posting. Lets think about this approach. Trash, bash and ask for WHAT????

related: Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing I Boycott OHSU I Noisy activists disrupt our peaceful neighborhood again! I animal rights page at portland indymedia


10.07.2005 12:14
California corporation targeting Hood River juice producer
Columbia Gorge, a family-owned, all-organic juice company based in Hood River, has been offering its products in stores and on campuses for over 7 years. They have survived competition from such competitors as Odwalla (owned by Coca-Cola), among others. One competitor, Naked Juice, based in California, has taken the concept of "business is business" to a new low. Over the past year, Naked Juice has been approaching campus administrators at Reed, PSU, and others with an offer they can't refuse: Stop offering Columbia Gorge and we will give you a large lump sum of cash. The amount of money offered has not been disclosed, but is certainly well in the thousands. Columbia Gorge is not in a position to make any similar counter-offer, and student input is not welcome. Complaints have fallen on deaf ears. These colleges have been a cornerstone of CG's operation from their beginning. Seems as though the free market isn't free after all.
What the hell is this thing called "capitalism," anyway?
Why, in the greatest capitalist country of them all, do most of us never hear a clearer and more precise definition of what this thing CAPITALISM is, which is afterall supposedly so great? Without further definition and analysis, we are told that "capitalism" is nothing more nor less than "the natural order of things." As elemental and invisible as the water fish swim in. And yet, paradoxically, we here in America are blessed to live under "it," while others in some places lack "it." But if "it" really is so natural and elemental, then how could THAT be? And what is this "IT" in the first place! Could it be that this astonishing carelessness and take-it-for-granted-ness in this little matter of definitions serves the interests of certain folks in our society? And who would THEY be? (Hint for the rightwing populists and Libertarians: It ain't "the United Nations" ;-)


09.07.2005 10:33
Evictions Lead to Homelessness and Terror, in Portland
Thumbnail. Link has readable size notice. I'm glad GW Bush and everybody in DC is dedicated to waging the war on terror! Let's expand it, because...I'm on the brink of homelessness and I feel TERROR. I was laid off in 2003 from a good paying job. I looked for another until my benefits ran out, then I had to get a near minimum wage job. I don't have health insurance and my savings are almost gone, so it's getting harder and harder to pay the rent. What I feel when I think about what might happen if my kid had some serious illness I couldn't pay for to keep him alive is TERROR. What I feel when i think about having depleted all of my life savings and ending up in shelters is TERROR. When I think about the neighborhood my kid plays in and all the meth addicts around here I feel TERROR. The thought that I might be homeless and scratch my unbathed nuts on the street one day, to be tazered or shot by a cop who claims I'm reaching for a weapon makes me experience TERROR. from the comments: I went to court on Wednesday for an eviction hearing; I had some legal counsel provided by a wonderful, witty man, Harry Ainsworth. I/we were opposed by a subcontractor who appears and handles a large number of cases for the Corporate Property Management Plaintiffs. In my case he was representing Princeton Property Management Inc. I estimate there were close to 200 preliminary eviction hearing cases called that sunny day, July 6. Most were dismissed because: the defendent (renter) didn't appear, the defendent had reached an agreement with the landlord prior to the hearing (pay rent/vacate); the defendent had already 'jumped out'--the parlance that Harry used for the tenant leaving prior to the hearing. [ full comment ]

related: more articles from Anarchy-nonymous I what an illegal eviction notice looks like I Tyranny of Double Eviction Gives Local Couple Global Human Housing Perspective I Fannie Mae Study for Renters: "Evictions: The Hidden Housing Problem" I Portland Collective Housing I Community Alliance of Tenants


09.07.2005 00:24
Fatima, the Virgin of Abu Ghraib
I've just finished a painting with accompanying article about a story that is one of the most powerful modern myths to emerge out of the war in Iraq.

This painting is dedicated to Fatima, an Iraqi woman who was held in Abu Ghraib Prison*.

Fatima was arrested sometime in 2004 and managed to smuggle a letter out to her family. Here is an excerpt from her heart-wrenching letter:

"... I am your sister in God (Fatima). They raped me on one day more than nine times. Can you comprehend? Imagine one of your sisters being raped. Why can't you all imagine it, as I am your sister. With me are 13 girls, all unmarried. All have been raped before the eyes and ears of everyone... Brothers, I tell you again, fear God! Kill us with them so that we might be at peace. Help! Help! Help!"

[ also posted by Kim Alphandary ]


09.07.2005 00:20
Tre Arrow speaks out after extradition hearing
tre arrow It's a sad day for justice... July 7th, the year 2005. The G8 Summit in Scotland has commenced, bombings in London make all the headlines and top news stories and Canada has committed me for extradition to the U.S to face alleged arson charges. Arsons which destroyed vehicles... no living thing was hurt, yet the U.S government and the Canadian government in its complicity seek to imprison me for the rest of my life!

[ more about Tre Arrow ]


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