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22.07.2005 19:42
Ouspoken Haitian Priest and Democracy Activist Assaulted by Mob and Arrested for Murder
Father Gerard Jean Juste marching with the people in May (photo HIP) On Thursday July 21, 2005, Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste went to St. Pierre's Catholic Church to be one of the priests participating in the funeral of Haitian journalist Jacques Roche. Fr. Jean-Juste is a cousin of the Roche family and members of the Roche family protected him from a mob earlier in his life. He went to express spiritual comfort and reconciliation to the family.

Fr. Jean-Juste went to the funeral expressly to pay his respects to the family and express his open remorse and opposition to any killing of anyone, no matter their political affiliation. When Fr. Jean-Juste walked out, people started yelling at him in the chapel. They called him "assassin" and "criminal" and yelled out to "arrest and kill the rat."

Fr. Jean-Juste has been publicly accused in the last several days of "a plot against the security of the state," smuggling money and guns into the country, and of being behind all the kidnappings. All clearly false charges but widely reported by unfriendly press.

related: Jean-Juste Free, For Now I Father Jean Juste speaking in Berkeley, CA January 2005

past stories: UN "peacekeepers" step up the violence in Haiti I Continuing crisis in Haiti exemplified by plights of imprisoned Prime Minister, Yvon Neptune, and singer So Anne | A Mother's Day Call for Justice in Haiti's Prisons | Police Brutality in Port au Prince puts UN Mandate to the Test (2005.03.25) | Walking a Tightrope Between Hope and Fear: Northern Haiti One Year after the Coup (2005.03.17) | Lavalas Officials throughout Northern Haiti Forced into Hiding (2004.12.24) | Community Schools in Northern Haiti: A plea to the international community (2004.12.23) | Peaceful Demonstration in Cap Haitien a Success despite Ongoing Repression / Beloved Mayor Continues to Serve his Community from Hiding (2004.12.21) | The Politics of Injustice in Haiti: The Cases of Auguste and Chamblain (2004.09.01) | Hard hit Municipalities:The Attempt to Destroy Lavalas and the Consolidation of the Coup (2004.08.21) | The Dismantling of Popular Education Under the new U.S-backed Regime in Haiti (2004.08.21) | Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup (2004.08.21)

More info: [ HaitiAction.net ]


NAVAJO|POWERPLANT 22.07.2005 02:18
Sithe Global turn Dine Power Authority to the Dark Side
Sithe Global ("The Sithe"), a power company from Houston, TX are leading Dine Power Authority of the Navajo (Dine) Nation down the road to the Dark Side, on the Dine reservation near Ship Rock NM. The Dark Side looks like $2.3 billion dollar coal fire plant that would take up 600 acres on the reservation, add to the already 35,100 tons of sulfur dioxide and 45,200 tons of nitrogen oxide already emitted by other plants. Further, it would take enough water to serve 70 communities there. More than four (4) of the dirtiest plants in the US would then be on or near the reservation. Power from the plants would not go to the Dine people but to Las Vegas and Phoenix.

An Audio Interview with Che Glawnii

Here is a phone interview done by PDX IMC Web Radio with Che Glawnii a member of the Native Youth Movement and Dine rap artist. They are establishing a chapter in Ship Rock, NM as part of their counter action and beginning of what seems to be a new and more vigorous wave in the movement for respect for native americans.

Click Here to Stream The Interview
Download the Interview with BitTorrent - Please seed it after you download :)


21.07.2005 19:08
Friendshipment Caravan barred at US-Mexico border: Oregonians on board aid mission to Cuba
As of 1:30 pm EDT, The Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba is being held up at the US-Mexico border by US Commerce Department officials. Officials are threatening to search every vehicle and every item of humanitarian aid saying that "only licensable goods will be allowed to cross into Mexico." Pastors for Peace does not accept or apply for a license to deliver humanitarian aid to Cuba.

There are 130 US citizens traveling with the caravan, including 8 Oregonians. The Friendshipment Caravaniztas and the humanitarian aid are traveling in eight busses, a box truck and two small cars. It will take days to inspect the 140 tons of aid. Pastors for Peace is prepared to do whatever is necessary to deliver our humanitarian aid to Cuba. This situation is particularly urgent because of the assistance this humanitarian aid could provide to the hurricane victims in Cuba.

Ashland residents Mary Ann Jones, her son Brad Jones, Jaine Palmieri, and Suzi Auferheide and her twin sons are among the 8 Oregonians being delayed at the Reynosa border. They would like to urge their friends, family and community to contact the Commerce Department, Oregon elected officials, and the media to express their demands that the Caravan be allowed to travel through Mexico to Cuba to deliver the 140 tons of humanitarian aid and message of goodwill to the Cuban people.

another report: [ Action Alert: Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba Detained ]
at Rogue Valley IMC: [ Cuba Caravan has arrived in McAllen, Texas (7/1/05) | Interviews with Host Families on the Caravan (MP3) ]


21.07.2005 19:03
SB1000, an Oregon anti-discrimination bill, needs your help
I applaud all the people who are putting their personal lives on hold, taking the time off work, and putting serious effort into trying to get SB1000 to a vote on the house floor. To the rest of you, what is it going to take to get you involved in your own future? Are you going to say not today until they actually take the few rights you have away? We are in a fight for our very existence, and only a hand full of people seems to get it. If 40,000 LGBTQ and allies can make it to Portland's Pride then we should be able to get at least 10% to show up for a rally for our basic rights. Last nights rally in Salem drew people from as far away as Ashland and Pendleton, but where were you? Yes it was hot, yes it was rush hour, yes you have a job, yes you had other plans, yes other people would be there, yes you're not that political, yes you live in Multnomah county so you think you are safe, yes I've heard it all before and frankly I care too much to just let you slide. We need to come together and work together if we want our basic rights not just sit back and hope for the best.


21.07.2005 08:30
New Biscuit blockade shuts down logging activity for full day
Wednesday morning, just 72 hours after law enforcement dismantled the log cabin fortress that launched the Siskiyou Free State in Southern Oregon- dedicated forest defenders worked through the night to reconstruct a bigger, better-fortified version of the blockade. When the feds arrived at the Hobson old growth reserve timber sale this morning, they encountered an intricate lockdown scenario that foiled their efforts at extraction for the entire day.

on pdx indymedia: [ Battle of the Biscuit ]


20.07.2005 19:26
Portland medic writes from Chiapas
I'm posting this from the Centro de Medios Independientes Chiapas, or Chiapas Indymedia. The intrepid girl reporter at the next terminal is Mayan and she's wearing a skirt of matted black wool that make it look like her whole lower body has a coat of thick black fur. Que viva Indymedia!

This looked to be an exciting and potentially scary time to go to Chiapas. A few days after I decided to come here, the Zapatistas issued a communique that they were closing all their autonomous government sites, workshops, community centers, schools, andcafes, that they were calling a "red alert" and all the leaders of the movement would move to remote locations in the mountains to discuss the future of zapatismo. The only thing that would remain open, serendipitously enough, was the Zap hospital I had visited last year and was hoping to return to this year. IMC Chiapas The declaration of the red alert provoked a lot of debate and comment on the american websites where I read it. Were the communities under renewed menace by the government or paramilitaries? Was there going to be renewed open military conflict instead of what is euphemistically termed "low intensity warfare"? The coincidental timing of my visit ensured I was going to find out.


20.07.2005 19:11
My Trip To Wild Oats on Division
I was doing a personal project today: price comparisons at my three area natural food stores (People's Food Co-op, New Seasons on Division, and Wild Oats on Division). As I walked around the grocery aisles with a few sheets of paper and a book to lean on, I felt the eyes on several employees, then suspected I was being casually watched (they kept passing me, nothing in their hands to stock!). After about 15 minutes, a manager (did not get his name sadly) approached me and here was our conversation:
Manager: May I ask what you are doing?
Me: I am doing a price comparison.
Manager: We don't allow that here.

previous post about Division Wild Oats: My evening at Wild Oats


20.07.2005 09:04
Olympia Pizza Time Strike Continues
pizza crime Our struggle is not over. Olympia Pizza Time is set to reopen in mid-July under new ownership. The new owners refuse to meet with the striking workers. The striking workers are asking the new owners to recognize the Olympia Workers Association to begin union negotiations. On July 14th, the Olympia Pizza Time strike will enter the 5th month and community support is needed to send a clear message to the new owners.

Pizza Time workers may be forced to make another stand for workers' rights and decent work conditions. We will maintain a picket line in front of Pizza Time until our union is recognized. We urge the community of Olympia to stand in support of worker's rights and buy their pizza elsewhere until Pizza Time becomes a socially responsible business.

previous posts: [ Olympia Pizza Time Workers go On Strike--support needed (2/13/05) | Update From the Pizza Time Lockout (3/27/05) ]


20.07.2005 09:01
Oregon HB 3500: Too Little Too Late?
Late in the session Representatives Dalto, Greenlick, Senators Bates and Westlund proposed HB 3500, a referral to voters to increase tobacco taxes by 60 cents to provide health care for all children and increase funding for OHP-Standard. The lofty and laudable goals of the referral would be to:
a. Provide health insurance for all of Oregon's 106,000 uninsured children,
b. Restore Oregon Health Plan benefits to 25,000 Oregonians, and
c. Prepare FHIAP for insuring 250,000 uninsured Oregonians through FHIA
This measure also does nothing to improve health care coverage this session. HB 2048 would restore the 10-cent tobacco tax to fund vital health care services being left out of both the House and Senate budget proposals. Send a message reminding legislators HB 2048 is needed now!
Dialogue with State Representative Paul Holvey about human services cuts
Paul, From news accounts I've gathered that the reason you are "forced to vote on budgets with cuts included" is that your Democrat leaders in the state Senate are agreeing to them. I figure that also makes Senate Democrats responsible for what their leaders are doing. Behind closed doors. I would never trust Kate Brown, as she has lied to us before about blocking cuts to the Oregon Health Plan.


20.07.2005 08:55
Comment period on Oregon prison phone changes extended to August 8th
The public comment period for the proposed inmate telephone rules change at ODOC has been extended to August 8. We need to keep going with this and calling, phoning, emaling and faxing. The people who have called already should write a letter. If you have written a letter and email, write another one and use different info. We need persistent and constant pressure on this. They need to know we are watching.


19.07.2005 14:12
Skateboarding at the Portland City Council
The average age of the skateboarder is 14, and most prefer skating urban (or "street-style") elements, such as stairs, rails, etc. According to the Sporting Goods Association, there are more skateboarders than baseball players, and skateboarding is statistically safer than soccer, baseball, football, or basketball. A study in Texas showed how a skateboarder's heart rate doubles in "about 2-3 seconds," thus demonstrating its athletic benefit; one item of value in a nation facing an epidemic of youth obesity.

Yet skateboarders are criminalized as if they were just another "economically undesirable" class as the homeless, forced out of public areas, yet are afforded no recreational alternatives. Just what exactly is a kid, aged 8-18, supposed to do in Portland? A huge number of them skateboard, and are thus "criminals" because too few safe and legal alternatives exist.

related: Skaters for Public Skateparks


19.07.2005 09:18
UN "peacekeepers" step up the violence in Haiti
UN and masked Hatian Police working together. Violent repression of democracy has a new face in Haiti: the "Blue Helmets" of the United Nations multi-nation "stabilization" force in Haiti which goes by the acronym MINUSTAH. The UN mission took over "stabilization" responsibilities in June 2004 from the US-led forces which were deployed to Haiti since before the coup which overthrew President Jean Bertrand Aristide on February 29, 2004. Their operations since last year have acted to support the unconstitutional coup government of Prime Minister Gerard Latortue, principally by supporting the increasingly repressive Haitian National Police in their efforts to root out, imprison, murder and terrify the leadership and support base of the widely-popular political party Fanmi Lavalas.


18.07.2005 22:57
"Managed" Wreckreation and the Motorization of Wilderness
forest rally photos #3 For years, the US Forest Service has been working hand in hand with the American Recreation Council in order to convert our national lands into commodities to be privatized for commercial exploitation, specifically with the motorized abuse of lands in mind. They have successfully engineered getting the federal budgets reduced for maintenance of trails and other natural, quiet and undestructive land use and now are exploiting the lack of funds for an excuse to continue converting public lands for motorized and other commercially-oriented, non-reflective exploitation. "Managed Recreation" is their Orwellian speak for such land abuse.


18.07.2005 22:42
"On your left!" "On your right!"
bike audio project A few times in recent months I have been walking on the sidewalk, either Hawthorne or Division, when I was passed by cyclists riding on the sidewalk. With a loud, cheery "on your left/right" announcing their presence and intention, they passed me by. It was just like downhill skiers do on the mountain. A good idea. There was just one problem, several times the shout "on your left" was followed by my moving towards the right to allow the passing "on my left" only to have a near collision from the rear by the cyclist trying to pass me on my right, not my left as they announced.
A question of bike helmets
I was riding home from work the other day and was waiting at an intersection for the light to turn from red to green when I heard a woman's voice directed at me from inside the car to my left. "You really should be wearing a helmet, you know." I looked at her, nodded and looked away, hoping that would be the end of it. It wasn't. She went on for the durration of the red light to lecture me on the pros of bike helmets, asking me if i had one, telling me i should be wearing it etc... What bothers me about this situation is not the woman's desire that i wear a helmet. What bothers me is her insistance on lecturing me with a tone and air of authority and morality. I've thought about this issue a lot and i've asked many people what they think about it.


18.07.2005 22:39
KBOO AudioOnDemand "Born In Flames" conference news story
About a dozen organizers and participants from this past June's Born In Flames Conference at Portland State University met last evening to start planning for next year. It's billed as the "first conference on sexual assault from a Radical perspective". KBOO's Glen Owen talked with some of the participants, and filed this report.


18.07.2005 22:32
Trader Joes keeps the hungry starving
Just got back from the Trader Joes on 39th in the southeast, after accumulating a LARGE collection of food tossed out in the trash (bagged lettuce, unopened jar of pickles, soy ice cream, sorbet, cookies, unopened sausages, cashews, etc). While bagging these discarded treasures a gorilla from the store came over to instruct us that the food was unedible and needed to be thrown out. We made it clear that the food was fine but he wasn't having it. He had us put the entire bag back into the dumpster.

related pdx indy video: [ DIY Dumpstering 101 | DIY Dumpstering 102 ]


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 17.07.2005 22:23
Siskiyou Free State Declared in the Biscuit!
biscuit free state In an exciting new chapter of the campaign to save the Wild Siskiyou, forest activists announced today the construction of a bold and elaborate infrastructure of resistance at the Hobson old growth reserve timber sale in the Biscuit Fire area. Southern Oregon forest defenders are calling on all allies to support these actions in whatever ways they can.

An impressive log cabin fortress now stands on the single road leading to this remote North Kalmiopsis timber sale, sealing off vehicle access to an area now referred to by many as the "Siskiyou Free State." In addition, an unusual new form of tree sit has been established in one of the units of the sale that connects many trees together across multiple acres in a rope-work network that suspends an activist in midair while preventing any trees from being felled in the area.

Blockade evicted
I was not present for the desmantling and the crew up there is without cell communication- we can only speculate why the lockdown did not occur- it is reported that everything was in place and a thorough plan made. . .frustrating and disappointing, yes, but the treesit/multi-acre webwork platform still stands and the fortress was yet another skirmish in a much larger campaign-

pdx indy stories/background: [ Battle of the Biscuit ]


17.07.2005 12:12
Vancouver for Peace presents "Marx in Soho"
Vancouver for Peace proudly presents Howard Zinn's play, MARX IN SOHO, at Michael Servetus Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 4505 E 18th Street in Vancouver, Washington[ directions ]. There's still one more performance, tonight at 7:30. Check it out.

review from last nights performance:The play itself is wonderful. Mr. Levy gave a great performance. If you get a chance to find a copy, it's a good read. Very much Marx the man, the political commentary much less than I had thought. I hadn't read the play beforehand; I like to be surprised. I so much enjoyed that aspect of it, the man, and I believe that was Zinn's intent. There has been too much killing in the name of the beliefs associated with Marx, very little emphasis given to his passion and compassion.

We are funny creatures. It's difficult for me to understand how we do the things we do, forgetting that we are living a life, not an economy, or a set of policies, that warmth not only comes from oil or it's derivatives, electricity and nuclear fission, but from each other and the love that we have within us if we'd transcend our pugnacious beliefs. So we see a Marx who speaks of his wife, his children, his collaboraters and detracters, and makes them wholly human; a Marx within whom there remains the man, not a 'Marxist,' not rigidity steeped in pedantic and, probably to most, boring and little understood phrasing. We're reminded it's the passion that is our connection, becoming compassion as we connect.


17.07.2005 11:55
Progressive Groups Rally at Army Recruitment Center
PPRC, vets for peace, code pink and some other friends paid a little visit to the "Armed Forces Career Center." After an hour or so of the no war drum corps and lively chants, the recruiters came out and closed some metal shutters on the outside of the windows.

Anyone out there with young friends, neighbors or relatives- Talk to them now about what it means to join the service while the country is being trashed by this band of traitors. Hook them up with Veterans for Peace (chapter 72 here in portland) for some counseling from someone with first hand experience.

Anyways, it doesnt take much to get the recruiters to close for the day and hide behind metal shutters normally only seen in dicey areas of real cities..

related: PPRC I Code Pink I NW Vets for Peace


17.07.2005 00:39
July 2005 Dispatch from Jeff Luers
I'm sitting here on my bunk, sipping strong coffee and listening to Crass. You punk rockers out there can understand the relevance of the latter. Writing was the last thing I intended to do when I got everything together a few minutes ago. But here I am.

By now I've received a rundown of all the June events held in various cities around the world this year. I am constantly amazed at the level of support I have received over the years. A day does not go by that I am not incredibly thankful to each and every one of you. And while most of you remain nameless and faceless to me you have earned a special place in my heart.

[ Free "Free" Now ]


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