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FOREST ACTIVISM 09.08.2002 11:24
Update from the battle in Bitterroot: Activist cut from lockbox in tree
From a Wild Rockies Earth First! report posted on the open publishing newswire: "It has been a busy week here in the Wild Rockies for us. On Tuesday, after maintaining 24 hour security shifts for 14 days, officers with the U.S.Forest Service and the Ravalli County Sheriffs finally decided to remove Fireweed from her tree. They brought in a cherry picker to get her out of the tree. Fireweed (Rebecca) used a lock box to attach herself to the ponderosa pine. The officers then proceeded to cut off the top of the tree while she was in it. After that was done they lifted her out of the tree and arrested her." [ Read more... ]

[ Previous Bitterroot stories: Action Update-August 3, 2002 | Earth First! Activists Occupy Two Trees (July 8) | portland indymedia forest activism page ]

Eugene activists to host speakers, video, and radio shows that highlight resistance
Every Sunday night, Eugene's Subversive Pillow Theater features video of important issues and events ignored by the corporate media. August's schedule includes a speaker from D.C.'s Anti-Capitalist Convergence (ACC) who recently spoke at the Red and Black Cafe in Portland and who will discuss the "People's Strike", an effort to disrupt the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings Washington, D.C. in October. Later in August, Subversive Pillow Theater will show "Four Days in September", a film about Brazil's "MR-8", a Marxist guerrilla group made up primarily of young students that formed during the Vietnam war to fight against capitalist imperialism and Brazil's military dictatorship, and "El Norte", which is the dramatic story of two Mayan Indians, a brother and sister, who flee from Guatemala to escape persecution from the military. [ Details ]

And, starting Monday morning, Radio Havana Cuba's English language short-wave radio world news "week in review" will be replayed in Eugene at the new Infoshop on the corner of 2nd, Van Buren and the train tracks. "One of the best 30 minute overviews of world wide anti-imperialist and anti-US strugles around will be heard while we sip free coffee and chai tea." [ Details ]

THE FACE OF CAPITALISM 09.08.2002 00:13
Corporate Censorship at Powell's Books

From the open publishing newswire: "According to some workers (these workers maintain their anonymity due to their jobs at the bookstore) at Powell's Books, Michael Powell the owner of Powell's Books who was also known for his union busting strategies when his minimum wage employees tried to organize themselves for better working conditions; and whose desired goal is to put out of business as many independent bookstores as possible in the Portland area, is now commencing a policy of corporate censorship. Recently Boss Powell sent out a directive to the stores stating that books deemed 'pornographic,' which includes various books of erotica and art books containing nudity, must be kept within glass cases; hence customers wishing to look at the books have to ask permission from a sales person, so that the attendant can unlock the glass case. The directive states further that those same books under glass casement, if they do not sell within a month probabationary period, Powell's Books will no longer sell them.

"This directive is obviously an attack on free literary and artistic expression. What is most hypocritical about this directive is that Michael Powell proclaims himself and 'his bookstore' as defenders of free expression." [ Read more... ]

FREEDOM OF OPPRESSION 08.08.2002 11:57
Talk Radio: Voices of Hatred
From the open publishing newswire: "THE CONSERVATIVES on radio have found once again the zenith of all human evil. 'LIBERALS' they scream during their tirades which are often incoherent and always rambling. The radio Conservatives blame 'Liberals' and 'the Left' for everything from terrorism to the fall of the Roman Empire.

"The Conservatives talkers on radio are professional hate peddlers, wrapping their bigotry and racism in the American flag. When these right wing extremists are not busy throwing mud at homeless people, environmentalists and war protesters, they are launching attacks against Muslims and Islam - attacks so venomous that a king cobra would be envious. These attacks by the hate radio community ('conservatives') are based on nothing more than hatred, US government propaganda, and ethnic stereotyping." [ Full story & Call for boycott ]

[ related story (May 1): Thoughts on the KXL-Michael Savage Protest ]

Gathering at Red & Black discusses effective tactics for September IMF mobilization
From the newswire: "Wednesday night I went to the Red and Black Cafe on SE Division to listen to a representative of the DC ACC [Anti-Capitalist Convergence]. There were roughly 55 people there, most were younger people between 18 and 25.

"I was interested in what was going to be said because this particular event will be utilizing a more decentralized demonstration model. Rather than converging en force, as at a rally or march, the DC ACC plans on running a series of affinity group-style actions that are aimed at closing off the downtown work corridor in DC on the 27 of September.

"This is interesting. A real experiment. Since Seattle, these mass assemblies have had an undeniable impact on raising consicousness about many isses. They have also, however, become stuck in a familiar routine that no longer invoke mass appeal. That is a main point isn't it? To raise the awareness of people who are being exploited? Certainly the other goals of such 'globalization summits' include disrupting the various meetings of uber-exploiters like the IMF or the folks at the World Economic Forum in NY. These direct-action style confrontations have met with varying degrees of success. Certainly the initial breakout of Seattle in 99 ushered in a new range of civil disobedience not seen in this cournty in decades." [ Read More ]

[ Globalize This | Abolish the Bank | 50 Years is Enough | Jubilee USA | Whirled Bank Group ]

pResident Bush coming to town: What form will protests take?
From the open publishing newswire: "Local media sources have announced that 'President' Bush will be visiting Portland, Oregon during the week of August 19th. Activists have begun planning a protest for the visit. A coalition of activists is expected to be involved in the protest. People from as far away as Bellingham, WA have announced their intention to attend the protests. A temporary web-site to help organize the protest has been set up at http://www.geocities.com/cascadiac/."

What form will the protests take? How many people will be involved? Other posts to the portland indymedia open publishing newswire have discussed the issue, but nothing clear has emerged yet. One person posting under the name, "Mr. Salty" made this suggestion: "Lot's of Pretzels. Bags, and boxes and cups and saucers full of the baked snack that suits this man oh so well. Heaps of Pretzels. Piled high in the street, flying through the sky like liberated mini-disks searching for the mother-ship, sailing throught the air in complete and utter summation of the last two years antics. Pretzels. Bring extra!"

"Just an organizer" writes: "So, what can we do with the President's visit that will not be used as fodder for Smith's campaign and will also build what is now a fragmented movement in Portland and Oregon and the U.S.? What can we do that will slow, even for a moment, the U.S.presence in Afghanistan and preparations for an invasion of Iraq? What can we do that would demonstrate our opposition to expansion of logging in federal lands and oil drilling in the Arctic?"

[ Preparations for Protest of Bush visit to Portland ]
poster for bush protest

[ Protest the Bush Regime website | previous posts about Bush visit: August 2 | July 10 ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 08.08.2002 01:32
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom demonstrates against war in Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: "The Portland chapter of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) held a demonstration in Pioneer Courthouse Square on Wenesday to oppose U.S. military action against Iraq. Though U.S. aggression against Iraq did not end after the so-called 'Gulf War' in 1991 -- the time since has been marked by harsh sanctions and regular bombings -- the Bush administration has lately been threatening an invasion of the country, ostensibly to oust its leader, Saddam Hussein. WILPF members stand in opposition to such escalation, and to the current policies of oppression. They were on the street on Wednesday to express that opposition and to educate members of the public about why they too should dissent."

"Those of us who dissent, even if it is merely in thought, sometimes feel alone. The fact that corporate media assiduously ignores public sentiment against the war is a major factor. The pretension of 'balance' claimed by professional journalists is a hollow lie. If local media outlets wanted to 'show both sides of the story' then why don't they contact WILPF, Women in Black, PPRC, or any other number of organizations when they pass along the latest 'leak' about the upcoming war in Iraq? Simple. Because corporate media institutions do not exist to be 'objective'; their mission is to uphold the status quo... Fortunately, WILPF is taking the truth directly to the people and organizing those who cherish the values of peace and justice." [ Full story and Photos ]

Upcoming event: WILPF is cosponsoring a "Forum on Civil Liberties and the Social Justice Movement" on August 24 at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. "Citizens from a variety of organizations will address concerns regarding the erosion of civil liberties in the wake of the USA Patriot Act and the renewal and expansion of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force." [ Details ]

[ Women's International League for Peace and Freedom | Iraq Sanctions: Humanitarian Implications and Options for the Future (just released, August 6) | previous WILPF demos: June 26 | July 3 ]

People's Co-op reaching new heights during expansion
From the open publishing newswire: "The People's Co-op has been under renovation since April. Stop by right now and you'll see a somewhat alarming sight: the old purple house the store used to occupy is currently jacked up off the ground into the air while a new basement is built underneath it... People's has built a new building next to the old one and will connect both into one larger structure. The new building utilizes many alternative construction techniques that are low-impact, sustainable and beautiful. This outer wall, for example is made of cob and is pierced by bottles. The sunlight creates a colorful play of light inside the store as it shines through.

"A resevoir was buried under the open space between the buildings to collect rainwater for the toilets. Much of the wood is recycled. A heat exchange system for warming in the winter and cooling in the summer utilizes a pipe with a coil driven 300 feet underground. People's is open for business during the renovation. The grand opening is scheduled for September, and so far construction is still on schedule." [ Full story & Photos ]

"If you want to learn more about alternative constructive techniques, you can have a hands-on experience on Thursday, August 8, from 2-6 p.m., when folks from the Natural Building Convergence will be working on a straw bale house in SE Portland." [ Details ]

[ Previous story: People's Co-op expansion going strong (29 April) | Other sustainable projects in Portland: "Natural Building Convergence - Bringing the Vision Down to Earth" (21 May) | Current event: "Natural building continues" ]

INDYMEDIA VÉRITÉ 06.08.2002 16:03
Street report: 'Mr. Jones Knows The Law'
From the open publishing newswire: "at about 5:20pm on Monday the 5th of August, 2002--i'm sitting on a bench a few feet nort of the 5th and Couch (NW) intersection--stitching my backpack--and i hear a barked command for someone to 'sit on the bench!' i turn around a few moments later to see a uniformed police officer use a armlock maneuver to carry a female suspect to the ground on the sidewalk right at the edge of the parking lot. he was relatively 'gentle' so far that i could tell and she seemed to be subdued--the issue however was that she had (yes, she did) an amount of crack cocaine in her mouth. the officer who took her down was telling her to spit it out and after doing this a couple of times officer JONES (could not discover a badge number) walks up to the female on the ground and sprays her in her eyes and on her face. the suspect was about 5'0" and 'small' in stature and was asking why she had been pepper-sprayed in the face. she then complained of difficulty seeing and some 'first-aid' (a spray bottle, presumably filled with water) was retrieved and the officer that initially subdued the person took care of this task." [ Read more... ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 06.08.2002 13:51
Grand Jury releases activist without questioning her
From the open publishing newswire: "In downtown Portland at the U.S. federal courthouse protestors gathered to show solidarity with a young activist called before a grand jury hearing. Expressing their disapproval for secret trials, and political intimidation of innocent activists, approximately 50 people wore T-Shirts stating 'Stop the Grand Jury' and carried signs. Some of the signs read 'FBI=SS', and 'No justice just us'. Despite the crippling haze of sleepiness there was some cheering and shouts from the crowd. Activists played the drums to raise awareness of the situation."

"Protestors from the Solo auction sale will remember two of our favorite friends who pepper sprayed those gathered there. They were seen at the site of the grand jury standing inside the building and lingering on cell phones. With the exception of all but retired federal marshals calmly patrolling, no other federal agents were outsides the building, at least none who cared what we were doing.

"The woman called to testify returned shortly after entering and said 'Grand juries are the tools of state oppression, and we're not going to take it'." [ Full story & Photos ]

"Why you should help stop the Grand Jury"
"The alleged focus of the grand jury is attacks on logging equipment in Oregon's forests. Subpoenas to appear before the grand jury have been delivered by the F.B.I. to a number of people who have been associated with or are members of the Cascadia Forest Alliance.

"Last month at least one person refused to assist in the investigation by citing her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. She was in and out of the jury's hearing within minutes. Others have responded to the questions placed before them by the U.S. attorney. Since all proceedings of the grand jury, including the questions and who has been called, are supposed to be secret it is impossible to say what evidence, if any, has been gathered by the F.B.I. and the U.S.attorney's questioning.

"There are a number of reasons why anyone who considers themselves a supporter of democracy, whether they are a member of the ACLU or of ALF, would oppose the existence of grand juries and this particular grand jury." [ Read more... ]

THE FACE OF CAPITALISM 06.08.2002 00:01
Greek Cusina owner: Food trailers a 'disease', homeless people 'evil'
Ted Papas, owner of the Greek Cusina Restaurant in downtown Portland, held a meeting Monday night ostensibly for the purpose of forming a new organization, ormal Association of Restaurant Entrepreneurs ('FARE'). In a statement released beforehand, Papas described FARE thus: "The goal of this organiziation is to address issues such as sidewalk camping by homeless, pushcart and sidewalk permits, parking lot food vendors, and more. We will also put an end to politics, favoritism and corruption that exist among some of the self proclaimed 'food critics.'"

A witness at the meeting posted a report to the open publishing newswire: "The meeting tonight at Greek Cusina was attended by approximately 50 people - owners of restaurants, carts and trailers. It seemed like an opportunity for Ted Papas to vent - there was no focus to the meeting. There was no agenda - Papas stood in the front of the room and controlled the meeting. He stated several times that it was a private meeting for restaurant owners only; and implied that he was doing a favor to the cart and trailer owners by letting them stay and 'enjoy his food, drinks and Greek hospitality.'

"Papas jumped from issue to issue: food trailers; food critics/the media; Entertainment Books; and 'transient problems.'"

"Whenever the trailer owners tried to explain or defend themselves, Papas would repeat that it was a private meeting for restaurant owners only and there wasn't enough time for them to speak. He referred to the trailers as a 'disease' and said, 'if we have to go to court we will.'"

"The meeting ended with a short rant about 'transients.' Papas said that in the old days, 'transients were more civilized.' Today, he says, 'they are evil, bad, drunk, bad news, violent, and have no respect. The minute you try to argue with them they storm around your restaurant.'" [ Full story ]

Original article announcing meeting, with comments and artwork expressing opinions about Papas and his ideas: "Urgent: Downtown Restaurant Owners Meeting Tonight at 6 PM"

FOREST ACTIVISM 05.08.2002 23:58
Judge protects bull trout from old-growth timber sales
From the newswire: Portland, OR - Judge James A. Redden issued a temporary restraining order on July 29 against the United States Fish and Widlife Service ("FWS") in an effort to protect bull trout from old-growth timber sales in the Willamette National Forest. FWS issued a biological opinion to the Forest Service in May, concluding that the timber sales would not jeopardize bull trout even though the Forest Service admits that the logging and associated road-building will degrade habitat for the threatened species. Four conservation groups filed suit in June, claiming that FWS ignored the plain requirements of the Northwest Forest Plan and failed to use the best scientific evidence in reaching its conclusions. Judge Redden granted plaintiffs a temporary restraining order, meaning that the biological opinion will be withdrawn until the Court hears the rest of the case.

Tributaries of the Upper Willamette Basin support the only population of bull trout west of the Cascades in Oregon. Bull trout in the Middle Fork of the Willamette River have been on the brink of extinction for several years until the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife ("ODFW") led an effort to re-establish these magnificent trout in a watershed that has been heavily damaged by decades of logging and road-building. The fish released by ODFW should begin to spawn for the first time this year, but the timber sales, scheduled to be cut this summer, will further degrade spawning habitat that is critical to the efforts to re-establish these imperiled fish. Read More

[ Cascadia Wildlands Project | portland indy forest page ]

LABOR AND IMMIGRANTS 05.08.2002 13:56
Activists seeking farmworker juctice picket downtown Taco Bell
taco-hellA half dozen people gathered at the Taco Bell on Burnside at NW 21st on Saturday to urge people to boycott the restaurant. "Boycott the Bell" is a national campaign called by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a community-based worker organization whose members are largely Latino, Haitian, and Mayan Indian immigrants working in low-wage jobs in Florida. Their intention is to educate the public about the low wages of Florida farmworkers who supply the tomatoes that Taco Bell buys and to discourage people from patronizing the fast food restaurant until its national corporate management agrees to negotiate with the farmworkers about better living and working conditions.

Saturday's picket was organized locally by the Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition (CBLOC), which has staged actions outside other Taco Bells in Portland over the last few months. The goal of these actions is to get the local store manager to write a letter to Taco Bell's corporate management urging them to negotiate with the tomato pickers. The local store manager at this Taco Bell refused, so activists will be back. [ Full story and Photos ]

[ Boycott the Bell HQ | Coalition of Immokalee Workers | CBLOC | Previous Taco Bell Protest, in NE (20 July) ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 04.08.2002 18:52
Citizens blow the whistle on animal cruelty at OHSU
On Saturday, August 3, about three dozen citizens gathered outside the Oregon Regional Primate Resarch Center (ORPRC) at the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) west campus in Beaverton to protest the brutal treatment of animals at the facilities there. The ORPRC claims that the animals are "treated with concern for their psychological well-being [and] are kept in good health, except for illness or death induced for experimental reasons, [when] every attempt is made to make them comfortable." However, a number of whistleblowers have stepped foward and exposed these claims as lies. The most recent of these is Tom Larimer, a former primate technician at ORPRC, who described the conditions there as being the "most insensitive" he has ever seen: "In one case involving primate restraint during blood collection, I was told by one of the technicians 'training' me to: 'just pull the shit out of that leg'... 'you ain't gonna hurt that monkey'."

Animal-testing -- like the cutting of old growth trees, the mistreatment of workers, the cutting of social services, and war -- is another form of oppression wrought by the corporate powers-that-be in the pursuit of profit. Chemical companies test toxic substances on animals to prove their safety with humans, even though such comparisons are junk science. Tax money intended for basic human needs is hijacked for this testing. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is charged with overseeing the conditions in labs (and which also runs the U.S. Forest SerVice), doesn't do its job. The result is tragic.

Armed with whistles, signs, and passion, the people outside the OHSU entrance on Saturday made their outrage with ORPRC and animal testing loud and clear. The protest was organized by In Defense of Animals. [ Full story & Photos ]

[ portland indymedia animal rights page | In Defense of Animals | Boycott OHSU | Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing ]

NUCLEAR MADNESS 04.08.2002 17:48
Hiroshima Anniversary - Nuclear Action Week
The first atomic bomb used in warfare was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Three days later a second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Hiroshima was the dawning of the Nuclear Age and the realization that humanity had unleashed a power great enough to destroy itself.

Hiroshima neither was, nor is about victory or defeat. Nor is it about the Japanese, the Americans, or the people of any other single country. Hiroshima belongs to all humanity, residing in our collective consciousness. It is universal. We share in its destructive fire, its suffering, its death, and its resilient hope for the future. (Full Article)

Earlier this year, the 2002 Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage carried the Hiroshima Flame through Oregon on its cross country walk to promote peace and nuclear abolishment. This week there are events in Eugene, Portland, Corvallis & Salem commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki and addressing the existing threats from nuclear power.
Salem - Monday, August 5th: Remembering Hiroshima, Celebrating Life - Waterfront Park Amphitheatre, 6:30-8pm
Portland - Tuesday, August 6th: Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki - A memorial for all of the victims of the nuclear age & a call for Peace Action Japanese American Historical Plaza, Waterfront Park, 6pm
Eugene - Tuesday, August 6th:Hiroshima Commemoration,"Countering the New Nuclear Threat" - Alton Baker Park, Shelter #1 - Potluck at 6pm, Program starts at 7pm
Corvallis - Wednesday, August 7th: One Water, One Air, One Mother Earth - Corvallis Library, Main Meeting Room, 7-9pm

Among the various speakers at the events will be Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone spiritual leader and anti-nuclear activist who will be speaking in Salem, Eugene and Corvallis. [ For full information on events ]

Family Spirit Walk for Mother Earth: August 6 - October 12

A base camp begins August 6th with the walk leaving Los Alamos National Lab, New Mexico on the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki (August 9) and arriving at the Nevada Test Site on Indigenous Peoples' Day (October 12). A journey of almost 800 miles (1200 km) in two months through four states.

This international group of walkers will be continuing a prayer that was started ten years ago. Their effort is for a positive change in the direction of U.S nuclear weapons policies. The Family Spirit Walk is committed to taking every step in honor of all those that suffer (past, present, and future) from the inter-generational effects of nuclear weapons testing and use. We plan to take every step in prayer for every living thing affected by the U.S. military and the environmental damage caused by military actions globally. (For Details)

Comment on this feature

[ Utah Indy Nuclear Feature | Utah Indymedia Website | Comprehensive Links | U.S. map of nuclear waste routes | Map your location to see how close you are to a nuclear route | Senator Smith a top recipient of nuclear industry PAC money ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 04.08.2002 15:05
Update from the battle in Bitterroot: Activists facing harrassment, starvation
From a Wild Rockies Earth First! report posted on the open publishing newswire: "As we enter the dry and hot months of August the Bitterroot Campaign continues with the dedicated work of a few folks. On Monday, July 29, Lupine ( Joel), after one week with very little water and food, descended from his ponderosa pine located on a helicopter pad for the Big Bull timber sale. He was arrested immediately and charged with maintaining an unauthorized structure, violating the 14 day camping limit, interfering with a federal officer, and creating a hazard.

"Joel was arraigned in federal court and has been released pending trial although he is banned from the entire Bitterroot National Forest. Fireweed continues her resistance and still occupying a tree and preventing the helicopter pad from being constructed. Police officers have continued their 24 hour siege of the tree sit. They will not allow Fireweed any water or food."

"We continue to have problems with the Missoula county sheriffs department who have taken to visiting our house on a regular basis. They are looking for Molly who had briefly stopped by the tree sit and was identified by federal law enforcement officers. She is out on bond and has no specific conditions regarding where she can be. None the less their is now an arrest warrant for her stemming from a five minute visit to the tree sit." [ Full story ]

[ Earth First! Activists Occupy Two Trees (July 8) | portland indymedia's forest activism feature ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 03.08.2002 01:13
Portlanders protest the war
From the open publishing newswire: "Over 50 people gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square for the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition peace rally this Friday. This event attracts a fairly diverse crowd, with people of all ages. Skin tones also vary from white, though the Caucasian percentage is still disproportionately high compared to the population of the city.

"The highlight of the rally was a talk from a woman recently returned from a trip to Iran and Afghanistan. She gave us first-hand accounts of life there, including the suffering and the joys of those trapped in war-torn places. The U.S. government is dropping bombs on people everywhere, and they are normal people, like you and me, just wanting to work, fall in love, raise families, and live in peace. The speaker made these people very real through her stories. It was inspiring and I hope she has other opportunities to to share her experiences with people publicly. More people need to hear what she has to say.

"The crowd marched out of the Square and down Broadway. They had flyers that they passed out to pedestrians, which was a great addition to the event. Onlookers who appeared curious had something to take and read. Outreach. Right on.

"This was the first time in a few weeks when the crowd was big enough that 'Walk' signals didn't last long enough. This was somewhat of an issue. Most of the time the light would switch, people would wait, and the march would get split. Then the front half had to wait for the back half, and it messed with the rhythm. I corked a couple intersections long enough to help keep the thing together, but not all the participants appreciated this. So different opinions about tactics were present within the group" [ Photos & story ]

[ PPRC Friday Rally - Photos ]

The Women in Black: Media fails, but people stand up
From the open publishing newswire: "Every Friday near Pioneer Square you will find a Women in Black demonstration against the occupation of Palestine by Israel. What you'll never find in the next day's bOregonian or on that night's Channel 'X' news or hear on the drive-home radio news is a story about this event. The tiniest tid-bit of government-spun propaganda about 'terrorism', 'security', or 'protecting freedom' will be front page above-the-fold in the daily corporate rag or narrated earnestly by some blow-dried paperdoll on the boob-tube, but you won't hear a word about what real people think about it. Corporate media presents itself as balanced, objective and factual, but this stance is a cold conceit. 'The fourth estate' is a telling label; these lie-mongering institutions are part and parcel of the powers-that-be, distinguished only by the method of oppression they employ. Laws and pepperspray are for governments and the police; disinformation is the media's big gun, and they use it well.

"Why is it not 'news' that dissent is expressed publicly on the street on a regular basis? Why do the Women in Black deserve no mention? Because they are not stuffing the pockets of the media owners, and because their message runs contrary to the worldview of the ruling establishment, of which the media owners are members. We live in a culture that is increasingly controlled through fear and as far as I'm concerned, it's news every time anyone stands up bravely in this climate. That's why it's so great to see Women in Black there every Friday, and that's why it's news every time they're there." [ Full story ]

Previous coverage of Women in Black demos: [ July 28, 2002 | July 27, 2002 ]

Starbucks brings its sleazy tactics to bear against local coffee shop in Astoria
Think you own your name? That you can use it wherever you want? Maybe not.

Nearly two years ago, in October 2000, Samantha Buck of Astoria, Oregon bought a small coffee shop in downtown Astoria and named it Sam Buck's -- after herself.

One year later, Starbucks Coffee® opened a Starbucks store inside Fred Meyers, five miles away. Starbucks® lawyers then served Samantha Buck with a cease and desist order: she must stop using her own name on her store, because they claimed it was causing confusion for Starbucks customers who might be led to believe they were patronizing a Starbucks® store when in fact, they were going into Sam Bucks. They offered her $500 for the expense of removing her name from her store.

Sam said no thank you, and soon thereafter, Starbucks filed a lawsuit. She must rename her store or an injunction will be filed, and assuming a properly corporate-friendly judge, will likely be issued and enforced. If Sam Buck continues to use her name on her store, she can be found in contempt of court, and can be jailed. [ Full story ]

[ ihatestarbucks.com ]

Town hall meeting exposes Hanford nuke waste boondoggle
From the open publishing newswire: "The DOE plans to dump 70,000 truck loads of various types of radioactive waste on Hanford. Hanford is located approximately 300 miles northwest of Portland and is right near the Columbia River. Aside from being the birthplace of the Nagasaki bomb and probably the most contaminated area in the US, it is home to the last remnants of mature sagebrush steppe in WA and provides habitat for endangered species such as the bald eagle, ferruginous hawk, and spring-run chinook salmon.

"A friend and I went to an informational workshop presented by Gerry Pollet of Hearts of America Northwest (HAN) on July 30, 2002 that was held before a public meeting with Department of Energy (DOE)... I was pretty much dumbfounded when I heard about DOE plans to dump 70,000 truckloads on Hanford - I still am.

"Earlier that day, we had attended an action in front of the Mt. Hood Forestry Office held in protest of the Solo timber auction. We had heard the night before how the forestry department forced timber companies to log old growth. As the representative from Thomas Creek drove off with the winning bid and his law enforcement officials pepper sprayed the non-violent crowd we wondered who the hell needs to log old growth?"

"Its with that same frustrating 'why' that we attended the workshop and public meeting on Hanford. Why the hell do they need to transport nuclear waste around the country to dump it one of the most radioactive contaminated areas in the US? My friend hit it on the head after we left the meeting - its the economy stupid. There must be money to be had for the nuclear industry in shipping waste around the country." [ Full story ]

[ Hearts of America Northwest | Hanford Watch ]

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