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07.08.2005 09:58
Wife of Keizer Activist, and Akha Activist, Denied US Visa
Akha Woman Activist and family, South East Asia Matthew McDaniel was deported from Thailand for filing a complaint about murders during the US funded drug war of Akha mountain people. The US Government cooperated in the deportation. His family was left behind, a wife and four children. He worked in Thailand to protect the human rights of the Akha for more than 13 years and opposed the US Drug War, Human Rights abuses by the Thai government, and the ruthless destruction of Akha culture by US funded missionaries.

The US Immigration Service, after being criticized in a Keizer Times, Oregon story for delaying the spousal visa for the Akha mother of four American children, (she is also an Akha Activist), came out and said that there wasn't enough proof of marriage. The Keizer Times article criticized USINS for the delays, saying that it was in retaliation for the Activists opposition to the US Drug War in Thailand.

US Immigration is claiming they are not retaliating against anyone.

related: The Akha Heritage Foundation | Looking for contacts in Activism Portland area re: Akha Situation In Thailand (11.08.04) | Akha and Indymedia Activist, from Salem, Arrested in Thailand (20.04.04) | American human rights activist from Oregon arrested in Thailand (20.04.04) | Thailand. Salem, Oregon anti-drug-war activist detained. Akha hill tribe defender. (18.04.04)


06.08.2005 09:44
Two Actions Remember the 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima
It's hard to belive that it's the 60th aniversery of the destruction of Hiroshima. The United States slaughtered 100,000 japanese civilians in a matter of two days, dropping a second bomb on the city of Nagasaki.

Physicians for Social Responsibility, Vets for Peace, and a bunch of other groups held a nice Memorial program in Terry Schrunk plaza. Speeches were made by clergy, and activists, and Japanese survivors of the attack shared thier experiences. There was also a beautiful choir and talented musicians. A few hundred people were in attendance. We were left with chalk and paper templates for the shadow project- hopefully it takes shape tommorrow.

'gk' reports: I went to the PPRC/Peace and Justice Works earlier action, a rally at Pioneer Square and march to the Japanese-American Historical Plaza at SW Front & Couch. About 30 of us marched in the hot sunny air behind the snappy No War Drum Corps.

realted: portland peace and justice resources | the international shadow project | Aurora Chorus | Hiroshima and Nagasaki--Symbolic Bombs, Authentic Deaths
Patriotic Correctness: the cover-ups of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
This is a repost of an article originally published to portland indymedia in March 2002, in conjunction with the Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage. [For voluminous coverage of that event in audio, photos, and text, see portland indymedia's special "dharmawalk" page, here.] This article, which is drawn from the book, "Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial", shows how the media and government have covered up the full story of the U.S. atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, then and since. Lessons from this historic episode are applicable to the current "war on terrorism" even more so now than when the article originally appeared.


POETRY 05.08.2005 07:19
Brave Ice Cubes

On these hot summer days
I gather peace about me
Handfuls, heart, and head-fulls
Imagining that they are ice cubes
Melting down my back
Phillips, my bedside clock in bright
Green letters is 12:01pm

A bright silver button
Its incised letters read:

The aged once white box fan
Roars away on "H"
Since way before dawn joins the chorus of
The pride of suburban lions in summer

other poems from 'omthunders': [ Streaming | Flow of change ] more...


05.08.2005 07:10
Dictatorship as Economic Advantage: China's Ascent
[This article published in: Zeit-Fragen Nr.27 7/4/2005 is translated from the German] China is the topic of conversation everywhere. The kingdom of the middle rises to a new superpower with effects all over the world. People in Europe are affected. The German journalist Wolfgang Hirn documents this in his new book. Solutions are sought for dealing with the challenge of a state that throws 900 million people on the world market in a slaveholder manner at the lowest wages as dumping-competition. How do we wrestle against countries for dignified work and economics? Hirn's book is a plea for an economic order that starts from equality and human dignity, exists everywhere in the world and is in force for all people because they are people.

The situation seems to be very serious. The supposed panacea, the wonder-cure often propagated like a prayer-wheel for poverty in the world, boundless growth and universal prosperity, economic liberalism known under the names "free market economy" or "globalization" is put in question not only by the notorious globalization opponents who are becoming ever-stronger worldwide but by an economist, a Nobel Prize winner, "one of the most renowned economists of all time." Paul Samuelson, 90-year old dean of his guild, questions the theory that persisted for 200 years: the theory of free world trade.

[ Other translations from Marc Batko on pdx indymedia | Marc Batko translations website ]


05.08.2005 07:06
Still Hiding the Bush Bulge
Pasadena residents didn't get to read about the exploits of local celebrity Dr. Robert Nelson, who, besides being a Jet Propulsion Lab photo analyst who helped present those dramatic photos of Saturn's rings and moons, also gave the lie to White House claims that the bulge seen on Bush's back during the presidential debates was "just a wrinkle."

They didn't get to read Nelson's account of how his photo analysis of Bush's jacket--a story that would have increased speculation that the president was wearing a hearing device during the debates--almost made it into the New York Times before being killed by top editor Bill Keller (Extra!, 1-2/05).

They didn't read all this in their local daily, the Pasadena Star-News because senior editors at that paper killed the story on Saturday, April 30, right before publication in the Sunday edition--apparently for political, not journalistic, reasons.


CO-OPS MAKING HISTORY 04.08.2005 01:12
World's first open-source POS system tested at People's Food Co-op
open source POS system This past weekend People's Food Co-op in SE Portland made history. During a conference with tech and IT folk from co-ops around the country these uber-geeks assembled and successfully rang out items on the world's first entirely free, open-source point-of-sale system. A point-of-sale system (or POS) is the software needed to run a cash register and manage the pricing of all the items in a store.

It all started several years ago when Tak Tang, the Technology Coordinator at The Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis, MN got frustrated at his stores POS system because of his inability to get the information out of it that would really be useful to the store. Like most proprietary software POS systems have a locked core that prevents anyone from copying the source code and also prevents anyone from getting inside to mine data that the software wasn't designed to spit out. Not being able to get inside of the software means expensive service calls to vendors when something goes wrong. It also means having to wait to purchase the next version for new features and bug fixes.

Well all of this was really cheesing Mr. Tang off so he decided to go ahead and write his own POS system. And he DID! IS4C (Information Systems 4 Co-ops) was born.


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 04.08.2005 00:50
Hobson timber sale being logged; Activists gathering to stop it
Greg Liles can be reached at (541) 772-6960
The Hobson timber sale, part of the Biscuit Fire salvage logging hoax, located in an old growth reserve in the rugged Siskiyou Mountains is home to many rare & sensitive creatures including mountain lions, eagles, scorpions, rubber boas, & black bears. This area is currently being logged. The sale was bought by Greg Liles Timber Company, based out of Medford, OR. The sale has already been a focal pont of blockades & other actions that are on going.

Due to the many variables involved in forest defense, including the start of active logging at the Hobson timber sale, we have had to move the location of our resistance camp once again! But don't fret, it's easy to find, and you'll want to find it to come join us "Hunkering Down at Hobson" this week and beyond.


04.08.2005 00:33
City of Portland settles *another* case against Police Officer Leo Besner
Officer Leo Besner Today's Oregonian has an article about the City of Portland settling another police misconduct case involving Officer Leo Besner. It involved Besner and another officer tackling a teenage girl for no reason, except possibly being Hispanic. This incident happened on April 8, 2003.

Officer Leo Besner cost the City of Portland at least $165,000 in three weeks of work - he was also the one who arrested Bill Ellis on the morning of March 25, 2003 for holding a sign on the sidewalk (shown in the picture on the Week of Bombing action page) . He also arrested clergyperson Brent Was on Belmont for "jaywalking" - this case was settled very quickly by the city attorney's office.

I doubt the city will do anything about him, though...but let's keep these incidents in mind. Too often, information like this falls down the memory hole - that's the beauty of Indymedia, though - so much information remains available.


04.08.2005 00:28
Pizza Time Negotiations Break Down
pizza crime The former Pizza Time workers met with owner Heath Flores to discuss the reinstatement of four workers who lost their jobs in February. Flores broke off negotiations on Tuesday by flatly refusing all six terms of the written proposal. We had hoped Flores would work with us to reach an agreement. We offered to draw up a new proposal with Flores' input, but that idea was refused as well. Flores' final offer was the same as his first—we could turn in applications and may be hired and fired at will. We feel Flores is not taking the negotiations seriously and never intended to consider our position.

previous: [ Olympia Pizza Time Strike Continues (19 July 2005) | Update From the Pizza Time Lockout (27 March 2005) | Olympia Pizza Time Workers go on Strike; Support needed (13 Feb. 2005) ]

more info: [ Olympia Workers Association ]


04.08.2005 00:22
'State of Oregon' to scan your irises and flouridate your water
I just heard on OPB that the Oregon state House just passed a bill requiring the Oregon DMV to collect biometric data for driver's licenses. I don't know what the actual bill states, but the reporter Colin Fogerty explained biometric data means iris scans and facial measurements. OPB reported that this bill is on it's way to the Governer's desk for his signature. I thought the Senate had to pass it as well before it went to the Governer, but I could be wrong.


04.08.2005 00:02
Wild Horses and Burros Need Your Help -- From the BLM
wild horses In a recent press release, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) called for horse lovers to come to the aid of America's wild horses and burros. While these animals do need your help, they must be saved from the BLM - not from the lands on which they have historically roamed. For over 30 years now, the agency responsible for protecting these national treasures has worked harder at undermining the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act than at the very task they were assigned.


03.08.2005 10:07
Pastors for Peace Caravan celebrates successful return; Campaign to send seized computers to Cuba continues
Pastors for Peace announced a victory today when its 16th caravan crossed the International Bridge from Reynosa, MX into Hidalgo, TX after returning from Cuba. But there is still no word about release of the computers seized from the caravan's cargo last week. The caravanistas'energy and motivation were very high last night when they returned from Cuba to Reynosa, MX, and then assembled this morning for their 'reverse challenge' to the US blockade against Cuba.

As the caravanistas crossed the International Bridge in two school buses, supporters of the caravan in Reynosa accompanied them across the bridge, chanting "Cuba si, bloqueo no!"

Homeland Security officers spent nearly three hours interrogating caravan participants about the details of their trip, and two more hours searching every item of their personal luggage. But in the end, nothing was seized from the caravanistas, and all of them are back home in the US.

previous: [ Friendshipment Caravan barred at US-Mexico border: Oregonians on board aid mission to Cuba (21 July 2005) ]


03.08.2005 09:58
"Some will fall so that others may be saved" - A dispatch from Jeff "Free" Luers
jeff free luers Back in '98 when a friend and I started the Fall Creek Treesit, we sat alone in that forest; no ground-support, no other treesits - just us. We watched from our perch high in the canopy as Grandmother and Grandfather trees were felled to build the road. I remember spilling the coffee I was brewing on our little stove as I watched. My friend, the most mean and cynical man I've ever known, said the first and only kind words I've ever heard escape his lips:

"Some will fall so that others may be saved."

The tears streamed down my face in silent protest of what I was witnessing. Below, the loggers jeered and laughed. I donned my climbing gear and my knife. I was going to the ground, and, one way or another, this was gonna end.

[ Free "Free" Now ]


03.08.2005 09:55
Bombs, not food: 10 million for famine, 500 million for military
After appealing for famine money since the locust plague last year, at the end of July the U.N. finally received a donation of 10 million dollars for the famine victims in Niger. Meanwhile Niger is receiving 500 million dollars in military aid, for, you see, Niger is a rich source of the Uranium required for the production of Weapons of Mass Destruction. This is on top of the millions Niger is receiving in the form of military training in what is supposedly training for the 'war against terrorism', but as is the case in all poor countries, is actually part of the machinary of oppression of the poorest people on earth, and thus best described as the 'war against revolution' , the exact same tactic you see practiced against the Bolivians, and all other third world people, and since it is for such a good cause, receives many billions in funding without the need for constant appeals.

Bombs not Food. This is the slogan for the current capitalist system, and unlike appeals for food money which go unanswered, Bomb money flows in a steady stream, forked over with remarkable generosity, as you would expect money to flow like gusher, when its for a good cause.


02.08.2005 13:33
Cyclist Injured at Milwaukie and Powell is Getting Better
A rose just placed in Schekel's shrine by a Critical Mass rider. as i understand it after speaking to portland police this is what happened: roger stoped at the interscetion of miluakie and powell drank from his watter bottle then the walk signal came on to cross as that happened the miluakie to powell eastbound turn lane went green the cars started to turn from miluakie to powell the driver turning noticed the car that struck him was running the light and stoped roger thinking that the turning driver was stoping for him as traffic should stop for anybody walking or bikeing after all he had the right of way as that turning car stoped it obscured rogers view of oncoming traffic and as soon as he cleared the bumper of the turning car he was struck by the drunkass no license driver....

i just want to say that this is all i can take how make cyclist's have to get killed before people realise that they need to share the road in attition to not driveing drunk i am a native to portland and i can remember every other time this has happened

Driving in the United States: 42,636 dead this year!
Wow! Is that figure from war all over the world? Nope. That is just deaths from vehicles on American roads this past year. The article actually sounds upbeat that the figure went down from last year. Hooray! It just disgusts me to no end that we allow our roads to run red with the blood of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children. And somehow this is acceptable to us as a society? It's like that law that just passed that allowing gun dealers to sell guns in an irresponsible manner and we can't sue the gun makers for their negligence. Man this country has gone beyond wacko! I'm looking into escaping into Canada. Is that tunnel still open?Good luck everyone! You'll need it.
related stories: Another Biker Down -- from Snoregonian (02.Aug.05) | unprossecuted bicyclist Murderer, Lindsey Llaneza ??? | Nature is Angry (always)


02.08.2005 10:12
Action Alert: "Safety" Meeting Becomes INS Sting Operation
homeland security Last week immigrant workers gathered to attend mandatory safety training they thought was being held by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It turned out to be a sting operation by the Homeland Security's Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

After serving coffee and doughnuts, an official announced that he had bad news -- the immigration office had called the meeting, not OSHA, and immigration agents filled the room.

Forty-eight workers, hired by subcontractors at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina, were arrested on charges that they were illegal immigrants. At least one person was later released upon proof of citizenship.


02.08.2005 10:09
Want a real raise? Try a minimum wage for health benefits
When will working America get a real raise again? Not until we get more employers to start paying their fair share for health care. Every year, more of the costs of health care are shifted to workers. Sometimes we see it in our paychecks, when premium increases exceed pay increases and reduce our take-home pay. Other times, our raises disappear in the payments we make to cover higher deductibles and co-pays. Either way, these cost shifts force us to work for less.

Union members are better off when it comes to health care, because we bargain hard — and sometimes strike — to protect our benefits and our paychecks. Witness the recent Teamsters strike at the Tillamook Creamery. As a result, we are more likely to have health coverage for ourselves and our families and less likely to pay exorbitant amounts for our share of the costs. But our "union advantage" in this area is getting harder to sustain. For many of our unions, health care costs now exceed $5 per hour — about a third of the average hourly wage for all working Americans.


31.07.2005 22:31
OHSU primate 'researchers' visited at home by protesters
Friday July 29th 2005 started out just like any other night for the researchers of OHSU's Primate Torture Facility(PTF). Judy Cameron, Elliot Spindel and good old Cynthia Bethea were relaxing at home when they were again visited by angry, non violent protesters. This time 2 protesters were dressed as monkeys in striped jail suits and 4 others were wearing white researcher coats. Judy Cameron was first. This time she decided it was to scary to come out and chat with the protesters so we reminded her neighbors the exact nature of Judys work. We could hear vomiting from some houses as we described her work over the bullhorn. Next was Elliot Spindels house in Lake Oswego. When we arrived the neighbors down the street were out talking and there attention quickly focused on the protesters and there creative attire. Like Judy Cameron, Spindel only is tough when it comes to beating up animals and he didn't come out to confront us. We reminded his neighbors the nature of Eliots disgusting animal torture techniques which had induced vomiting again amongst those who were able to listen to the entire protest.

Finally we reached Cynthias house.

related: [ Cynthia Bethea, who performs invasive experiments on intellegent primates at OHSU ] (over 200 comments!)

reports from previous home demos: [ Cursed Animal Rights Activists Ruin My Evening (27 May 2005) | Another night of OHSU researcher residential fun (2 Jun 2005) | Noisy activists disrupt our peaceful neighborhood again! (17 Jun 2005) | Animal Activists Rock Neighborhoods... Again (3 Jul 2005) ]


31.07.2005 15:55
Possible Cyclist Fatality at Milwaukie and Powell
There was a car that hit a bike on Powell today. It seemed really bad. Does anyone have any information on the rider or saw it?

BotanicManic answers: I went down to the intersection of Milwaukie and Powell to check it out. The cops blocked off part of the intersection for hours while they investigated. They refused to divulge any info on the cyclist (of course) but I saw a member of the PPB Traffic Investigation Unit (TIU). TIU officers usually show up when there is a criminal investigation and/or a fatality. The orange mountain bike landed about 25-30 feet from where the car had stopped. It looked like the cyclist broke through the driver side windshield. A two foot in diameter pile of blood dried on Southbound Powell in front of the AmPm. Two black Nike's and a pair of sunglasses lay scattered on both sides of the car. Corporate media seemed conspicuosly absent from the scene.

related: Local Cyclist, NOAH CARDAMON, Killed Monday (31.5.05) I 11-Year Old Bike Enthusiast Killed by SUV in Portland (20.5.04) I Orion and Anglea's Murderer, Lindsey Llaneza never went to trial... (08.4.04) I bikes and transportation page on pdx imc


INDYMEDIA 30.07.2005 11:37
Don't Give Me No Lip, "What's wrong with Mimicking Corporate Media"
-- A response to Jennifer Whitney's article on indymedia, which can be found here

The spirit of critique and wanting to help move indymedia forward is something I really appreciate. However, Jennifer Whitney's article, "The Good, The Bad, & (sic) The Ugly: "What's the Matter with Indymedia?" is one part critique, and two parts personal axe grinding, three parts "Ra! Ra! UC, NYC, 501-c(3) IMC" . Beyond the fact that the article is so deliberately misleading in many ways, it should be critiqued on the facts and arguments that it proposes about editorial policy and the mission of indymedia. To its credit, this article raises some of the right types of questions about indymedia's effectiveness and methods, but to its detriment, gives all the wrong answers. Rather, it gives short sighted answers or all the same 'ol answers.


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