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15.08.2005 09:17
Rural Organizing Project opposes Iraq war at town hall meeting
It was an action that seemed to feel good to all who participated. Thanks to about 30 human dignity activists, a 100 person Town Hall in St. Helen's went on record in opposition to the failed and expensive war machine in Iraq. It happened like this.

The Town Hall was to go for an hour and have a focus on social security: a critical and timely topic. It was held at the senior center in St. Helens. CCCHD (Columbia County) and WCCHD (Forest Grove) wanted to use this congressional recess access to Congressman Wu to push him to further challenge Bush's pro-war administration. But we also didn't want to dis-respect or derail a critical conversation on social security. Especially since we wanted to build popular support for our anti-war stand.

A simple plan evolved that had many additional benefits. We would use signs, held aloft at critical moments, to accent our point. We would limit ourselves to two speakers, both asked to weave their opposition to US Occupation in Iraq into support for social security. We would be brief. We would be choreographed (i.e. when one of our speakers had the floor, we would hold our signs up.)

Our group was spread around the very full room. When it was our turn, we seemed to be everywhere.

[ Rural Organizing Project ]


15.08.2005 09:14
PortlandPeakOil web site launched
We're a grassroots group of concerned local citizens, from different backgrounds, with different interests, who've separately become aware of the looming crisis caused by the peaking of world oil supplies. We've come together to try to:
  • Develop individual and collective strategies to cope with this crisis
  • Create awareness in the Portland community about Peak Oil
  • Influence policies of local government to help mitigate the crisis
  • Serve as a community resource as the crisis becomes more severe

[ PortlandPeakOil ]


15.08.2005 09:12
IMC Super Rural Access Problem
Those of us super isolated in rural America are dependent upon access to the independent media centers through the facilities of extended wireless services as proposed via FCC docket 04-151. The FCC is to be commended for their work and support in bringing this proposal to it's present state and should be encouraged to resist reopening docket 04-151 which would likely result in a takeover by big corporate providers.


15.08.2005 09:10
Activists Shut Down Mining in Tennessee with Multiple Lockdowns
A whole range of Mountain Tops removed Knoxville, TN - As dawn approached this morning, activists stood on an ancient Appalachian mountain in a dramatic protest against mountain top mining. This is the first time a mountain has been taken over in the struggle to protect the Appalachian Mountains from the devastating practices of mountain top mining. Dedicated citizens are blockading National Coal's strip mine in scenic Campbell County, Tennessee to halt the destruction of Zeb Mountain. Activists affiliated with MountainJusticeSummer.org and Katuah Earth First! are using creative non violent tactics to bring attention to the modern atrocity of mountain top mining.

In an unprecedentated non violent intervention, individuals are blockading the entrance to the mine by locking themselves to a car on the haul road and sitting in a tripod to prevent access to the mine. Other activists have locked themselves to drilling equipment. Citizens are using their bodies to create a giant "no blast" zone across the mountain.


12.08.2005 18:12
Portlanders Rally Downtown in Support of Cindy Sheehan
For the past several days Portlanders have been holding rallies from 12 noon to 1pm in front of the federal building in downtown Portland. Groups and organizations taking part include Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, Code Pink, and, of course, Gold Star Families for Peace which was founded by Cindy Sheehan. At around 1pm, when these photos were taken I counted over 40 people taking part in the rally. Spirits were high and support from passers-by whether traveling by car, bike, or foot seemed to be enthusiastically positive. I witnessed several people stopping to talk and engage with those with signs and flags and talk about Cindy and the events unfolding in Crawford as well as more general talk about the occupation, peace, and the US government.
related: Camp Casey: Day 6 | Casey's Mom for President in 2008! | Support Cindy Sheehan/Out of Iraq Now! Rally continues | Organizing Buses to Crawford | Support Cindy Sheehan! Rallies at noon at Federal Bldg | Cindy Sheehan to Be Arrested Thursday | Dear Friends and Supporters | Who is Cindy Sheehan? | Cindy Sheehan on MSNBC indicts Bush

ongoing coverage: Oklanhoma IMC (on the scene reporter) | North Texas IMC | Houston IMC | US IMC (for coverage from all across the states)


11.08.2005 14:41
Riotfolk GASFAST Tour: Pedalling to Portland this Saturday
Gas fast summer 2005 is a 1,000 mile bike ride and folk music tour of the northwest featuring radical singer-songwriters Thistle and Anna Roland (of riotfolk). The tour began July 19th in
Bellingham Washington at the the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center, and will wind up in Arcata, CA on September 13th at the Redwood Peace and Justice Center.

Currently they are heading towards Portland, for two shows this weekend. The first show is on Saturday August 13th at Liberty Hall (311 North Ivy). It starts at 7:30pm sharp and has a $5.00 suggested donation. Proceeds go to benefit Liberty Hall and the Blackrose Collective Bookstore and Community Freecycling Center. Thistle and Anna will play at the Bookstore (4038 N. Mississippi) during the day for the Mississippi Street Fair.

Anna and Thistle will be joined by "the banjo kid," a local musician that plays banjo on Mississippi Ave. and other local bands "Mondo Hollywood" and "Shakey Hands." It will be a great way to spend Saturday night! The second show is at the IWW hall (616 E Burnside) on Monday the 15th, 8:30 pm. To find more dates after portland, refer to their show calendar.


11.08.2005 08:39
Cyclists: Bike Portland wants your close-call reports
bug and bikes We as cyclists risk our lives every day on the streets of Portland. Many of us have had near-misses and other altercations that left us rattled, angry, and feeling vulnerable. Yet the only people that ever hear about these incidents are our friends, families and riding buddies. The media, the police and our elected officials usually don't take notice until someone is killed. This needs to change.

If our elected officials and city leaders realized how dangerous our daily rides and commutes were, they would begin to take the needs of the bike community more seriously. Now is your time to speak out. If you have had a near-miss incident, or other dangerous interaction with a vehicle while riding your bike in or around Portland, please share your story...

[ Bike Portland close-call reporting form ]


11.08.2005 08:36
Akha activist married to Oregonian with four American children prevented from entering US
Akha Woman And Family of Oregonian in Exile An Akha woman activist who opposed the US War on Drugs in Thailand that saw many of her people brutally murderd and is married to Oregon Activist Matthew McDaniel of the Akha Heritage Foundation has been refused entry into the US.

She has four children. Together the six of them are on the run in South East asia. Her spousal visa was applied for in Jan of 2005, they have been married more than five years. Their four children have US passports and are residents of Oregon as American Citizens.

But without their mother they will not come to the US.


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 10.08.2005 16:12
Forest Service attacks tree sitter in Hobson Sale
Monday's Sky Pod action at Hobson Old Growth timber sale HOBSON TIMBER SALE, OR- Yesterday, August 9th, at around one o'clock, Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers, including Officer Paul Williamson, Officer Lee Fox, and Officer G.W. Ross, made a reckless but unsuccessful attempt to forcibly remove a dedicated protestor who has been living in the tree-tops. The elaborate and unusual tree sit, known as an Upper Canopy Protection Station, stretches across multiple acres and is currently blocking logging within a unit of the Hobson old-growth reserve timber sale in the Biscuit Fire Area.

A network of ropes, stretching throughout the unit slated for logging, support the platform the activist is living on. The support lines are tied into dozens of trees, preventing loggers from falling those trees as well as any trees in the area that could fall into the support lines and endanger the safety of the person living atop the platform.

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09.08.2005 22:51
Home Demonstrations: Effective Action to Initiate Dialogue
This is an open letter to all Animal Rights Activists/home protesters, present and future, written and hand delivered by OHSU researcher Cynthia Bethea during a home demonstration at her residence, 10367 NW Alpenglow Way, Portland, Oregon 97229 on July 29,2005.
You do not have my or my family's permission to be on my property at any time. Whether or not you are actually on my property, you do not have my or my family's permission to operate any noise-amplification devices on or near my propertyat any time, or scream, yell or shout on or near my property at any time.

An Open Letter To All Vivisectors (a response to Cynthia's open letter):

You do not have my or any other Animal Rights Activists' permission to use animals for medical research inside OHSU's labs or properties at any time.

Whether or not you are actually conducting animal experiments yourself, or merely instructing others to act on your behalf, you do not have my or any other Animal Rights Activists' permission to, at any time, force animals to live outside their natural environment, to be housed in substandard wire cages, to be subjected to foreign instruments, to have a variety of drugs forced into their systems, to be part of any psychological study, to be denied both proper diet and exercise, to be disallowed a natural family structure or to be deprived of natural stimulation of all senses, all of which creates extreme emotional and physical stress to the captive animals at OHSU.

related: [ OHSU primate 'researchers' visited at home by protesters | Cynthia Bethea, who performs invasive experiments on intellegent primates at OHSU ]

reports from previous home demos: [ Cursed Animal Rights Activists Ruin My Evening (27 May 2005) | Another night of OHSU researcher residential fun (2 Jun 2005) | Noisy activists disrupt our peaceful neighborhood again! (17 Jun 2005) | Animal Activists Rock Neighborhoods... Again (3 Jul 2005) ]


09.08.2005 22:33
A Personal Account of Ground Zero Actions: August 6-8
submarine = weapon of mass destruction I spent this last weekend with Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in Poulsbo, WA, in planned actions on the 60th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Having just returned, I am still quivering from the awesome experience.

I rode with several participants on the Bainbridge Island ferry early Sunday from Seattle. After about a half hour drive, we arrived at Ground Zero, an almost sacred land of trees and peace, located alongside the Bangor Submarine Naval Base. A tall fence separates the properties. About 100 people arrived Sunday to participate in planned actions, strategies, and a walk and vigil to the Bangor main gate.


09.08.2005 22:25
Trib, Jim Redden, smear Erik Sten in characteristic hatchet-job
All right, I have a lot of axes to grind at Erik Sten. He's dropped the ball as often as he's carried it. His liberal-minded flops and turn-abouts on such important issues as the PJTTF are legendary. But he did not deserve the flogging he got in the Trib today. In fact, the Trib is blatantly carrying out a mission for the PBA.


09.08.2005 20:47
Officer Haunsperger's Bicyclist Rampage
Last Thursday August 4th, I got off work with a borderline migraine and I started to ride my bike down 6th Avenue towards 1st Thursday Arts Walk. As I cruised down the EMPTY sidewalk, Office Haunsperger roles up next to me and tells me to get my bike off the sidewalk. I am not in a good mood and I must have shot him a dirty look saying, "What are you talking about," and I continue to ride. He cuts me off at the next intersection and almost causes an accident had I been going any faster. He exits his GAS powered vehicle and starts shaking me down for I.D. and personal information... I try to talk to him, but all he wants is my information or he threatens to arrest me, which later people tell me is against the law for him to do, I think. So I give it to him, meanwhile two more police cars pull up, block traffic, and continue to leave their cars running after exiting their vehicles.

I look inside the car to see Officer Haunsperger writing me a ticket and I ask him why and he says despite the fact that there are NO SIGNS stating I can't ride my bike on the sidewalk, he is citing me with a $132 ticket for unlawful bicycle operation. The irony of this situation couldn't have infuriated me more considering they were all blocking traffic.


09.08.2005 13:37
Revolution in the United States: The World Can't Wait
Last night, Aug. 8th, Larry Everest spoke at Liberty Hall in North Portland. His speech was a call to action for massive protests to "drive out the bush regime" starting on the one-year anniversary of the last presidential election, November 2nd 2005.

His call to action, compiled with the driving organizations (world cant wait, not in our name), seems very similar to the idea of the anti-war "movement" prior to the start of the latest war on iraq. In his speech he referenced the anti-war "movement" a couple of times, and many more times he referenced the 1960's movements and the power they had behind them; he seemed to be drawing on the energies that existed at hose times, and this call to action is a way to reinvigorate that momentum. I am not holding my breath, but I hope it works.

His ultimate goal is revolution in the united states, he is guided by the ideas of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), and while I dont necessarily agree with all of what they say, I like the fact that he, and other RCP folks are out there seeding the ideas of revolution. I have recorded the full speech, and it is available for download HERE, the speech is prefaced and closed with songs by Anna Roland who is currently on tour and will be playing Liberty Hall this Saturday, August 13th. The question and answer session is separated from the speech, as its own file. The questions are hard to understand, but the answers are not.

related sites: The World Cant Wait | Not in Our Name | Revolutionary Communist Party | Anna Roland | indytorrents.org


09.08.2005 08:06
Washington case brings "stop and identify" laws into focus
The Columbian reported on August 5th about a Clark County man whose criminal convictions were thrown out by the state Supreme Court. Byron Brown was a passenger in a car stopped in January 2002, and he was asked for his identification. He was subsequently searched and arrested for having a fraudulent credit card, and later was convicted of 22 felony counts relating to identity theft.

Because police had no reason, and therefore no right to ask Brown for his identification, the convictions have been dropped. Brown was not a suspect in an investigation, or otherwise involved in an investigation, which means there was no reason to ask for his identification.

A 2004 court case in Washington, State of Washington v. James B. Rankin, the state Supreme Court ruled that police can't request identification from vehicle passengers "for investigative purposes, absent an independent basis for making the request."

If this applies to vehicle passengers, surely it applies to anyone else who comes into contact with police, who isn't the subject of an investigation.


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 08.08.2005 21:52
17 Year Old Woman Halts Old-Growth Logging in Memory of Joan Norman
A blockade has been constructed to stop ancient forest logging within the Biscuit timber sale and to honor the late Joan Norman. Atop a platform 50 feet in the air, a 17 year-old woman sits committed to halt felling within this contested old growth reserve timber sale, called Hobson... The platform is suspended from a traverse between two trees, with support lines anchored into multiple points in the road. Any interference with the ropes will cause the platform to tip, thus endangering the woman's safety.

"I'm incredibly inspired by Joan," said Leera, the young woman occupying the road blockade. "I know that the protection of the last ancient forests is up to all of us; following in Joan's footsteps, its time for my generation to lead the way."


08.08.2005 21:49
State legislature failed to pass most health care bills
When the 2005 Legislature adjourned Sine Die, they left behind countless Oregonians screaming for relief from the high cost of health care. Billed early on as the number one priority of the session, health care bills languished in the Republican-controlled House through the final hours of the 2005 session.

"Every day this session, we shared the faces and stories of Oregonians battling the health care crisis with legislators- those who are uninsured, paying too much for health care or unable to buy the prescription drugs they need," said Maribeth Healey, executive director of Oregonians for Health Security, "Skyrocketing health care costs are the number one concern of Oregonians-from business owners to parents. I can't understand how they can go home without substantially reducing the cost of health care."


08.08.2005 21:48
Tech Mandates Force Companies to Build Backdoors into Broadband, VoIP
Washington, DC - Today [August 5, 2005] the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a release announcing its new rule expanding the reach of the Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The ruling is a reinterpretation of the scope of CALEA and will force Internet broadband providers and certain voice-over-IP (VoIP) providers to build backdoors into their networks that make it easier for law enforcement to wiretap them. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has argued against this expansion of CALEA in several rounds of comments to the FCC on its proposed rule.

CALEA, a law passed in the early 1990s, mandated that all telephone providers build tappability into their networks, but expressly ruled out information services like broadband. Under the new ruling from the FCC, this tappability now extends to Internet broadband providers as well.


07.08.2005 17:14
Police Use Drug Free Zones to Justify Offensive Searches of Women
Last Friday, August 5, 2005 at about 6 PM, I witnessed a stop and pat down of a woman and her boyfriend by three PPB officers. I was in a parking lot between SW 10th and 11th on Salmon street when I noticed three officers and two police cars surrounding a young couple at the edge of the parking lot. I decided at that point to watch carefully what was taking place (and I advise others to do the same when the police are making a stop in your vicinity). One of the officers was speaking with the couple while the other two were in the car donning blue plastic gloves. I knew that the use of the gloves was a precursor to a search. I did not see the what prompted the stop and the search but I noticed that the couple did not at all seem threatening to the police.

I then watched as the two police that were in the car get out and one of them walked over to the young woman who I estimate was about twenty five years old. She raised her arms up to her sides on command of the officer. The officer proceeded to pat her down. He felt her buttocks, he slid his hand over her frontal private parts, he put his hand in both of her front and back pockets and he slid his hand slowly down the inside of her thighs. He did not touch her breasts. He went through her pocket book. He did not find anything of interest. After this ordeal was over, the woman collapsed on her boyfriend's shoulder bawling histerically. She was noticeably traumatized after being felt up in public by this officer.


07.08.2005 17:11
Oxford Primate Lab Victory and What It Means for the Anti-vivisection Movement
Across the Atlantic, on the Oxford University campus in England, surrounded by a high plywood barrier topped with barbed wire, looms a cement skeleton of a primate research lab. Unique is that this lab that will never be completed, at least not if the enormous crowd of 1000 angry activists rallying outside the fence on July 23rd have any say in it...

What I came home with was a sense that this landmark victory in Oxford must have implications for the anti-vivisection movement in the United States. What our European counterparts in the scientific community have accomplished is to bring the scientific question to the forefront. Experts on both sides of the fence are having public discussions about the efficacy of animal research on the BBC and in other mainstream media sources. The public in the UK is becoming educated about the fraudulent nature of using animals as a model for human disease, and the public is responding.

The biggest fear for the vivisection industry in the United States is that this exact scientific discussion is coming their way... In Defense of Animals is publicly challenging OHSU and the ASP in a public way. BoycottOHSU.com | SPEAK's Oxford campaign

The Protecting Primates Rally & March
WHEN: Saturday, August 20
Rally begins at 12 Noon
WHERE: Begin- N. Park Blocks; between W Burnside, NW Couch, NW 8th & NW Park (at the elephant statue)


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