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31.08.2005 19:18
Legacy Strike: Report Back
While some people handed out flyers, others handed out refreshments, and still others marched and chanted. I wandered around and talked to numerous workers, including one woman who has worked as a unit secretary at Emanuel for 36 years... Supported by SEIU local 49, the demands of the workers are simple: They want fair, decent wages. In addition, they want to be assured that staffing levels at the hospital are adequate to meet the needs of patients, and they would like to be able to afford healthcare for their own families. Startlingly, many Legacy workers are unable to afford healthcare for their families, even though they are working at a hospital. [ Comment: "Only 17% of Legacy's SEIU represented workers actually have health insurance. The rest cannot afford it... they are only making about $12 an hour, and are expected to pay out-of-pocket the enormous, gouging prices for corporate healthcare." ]

Workers initially asked for a 6% raise, in order to bring their wages in line with those of other hospitals. After intense bargaining, the union compromised, dropping its demand to 4%. However, Legacy Emanuel refused to meet even this demand, holding firm to a 2.5% offer. This parsimonious offering is difficult to understand, given that Legacy just shelled out a 59% raise to its CEO, Robert Pallari (503-415-5600). No, not 5.9%, but 59%. This increase brought Mr. Pallari's annual salary up to a staggering $2.2 million... in stark contrast to the average wage for the striking workers of Local 49. They make just about $12 per hour, or around $22,000 a year.

[ audio files and more pictures ] [ SEIU 49 ] [ SEIU 503 ]


30.08.2005 13:34
Mckenzie Watershed: Tree-sitters and ground support shot at by loggers
At 1pm on saturday 8/27 a large white suv with 3 or 4 loggers stopped just below the tree-sit. A man got out and unloaded 6 shots at the sit and 2 ground support people. Each shot was answered by war whoops and yells. As the ground support got closer to the fireing the shooter took off in the truck and fled, as support made loud chicken sounds in appreciation of their false bravado! 4 shell casings were recovered, steel jacketed 45 shells.

[ Directions to Sten Tree-sit ] [ Map to Sten Timber Sale ] [ Press Release ]

previous: [ Tree-sit action in Mckenzie Watershed defending forest from attack by Freres Lumber (22 Aug. 2005) ]

Reach the Mckenzie Watershed Defenders at blueriverface@riseup.net


30.08.2005 13:30
Analyzing 'The Movement': In defense of polarization
At every public event I have attended for the last two years - all of them being related to opposing the war - I have invariably run into someone speaking with a thoughtful, sensitive, reasonable inflection about the need to "reach out to the other side" and help stop the polarization that is creeping into American society. And I have had to practice my best diplomacy to respond... because if I said what I want to say how I want to say it every time I hear this bullshit, I would look like a bully. People who adopt these "reasonable" tones are often skilled passive-aggressives who could easily make anyone who opposes them look like a bully. I suspect they also often have agendas.

Let me say now with no equivocation, I endorse polarization. Deep, wide, disruptive, knock-down-drag-out polarization. That's what social upheaval looks like, and upheaval is exactly what we need.


29.08.2005 20:39
Arturo Commando Interviews Human Rights Activist Matthew McDaniel
Arturo Commando, host of the Arturo Commando Show on Portland Indymedia Web Radio, recently interviewed human rights activist Matthew McDaniel. The interviewed aired live on Sunday (8/28/05), the regular day of Commando's show.

McDaniel spoke at length on his human rights activism in Southeast Asia, specifically with the Akha tribe. They also talked about the United States involvement in Southeast Asia, the US funded drug war, and the vast measures the United States is employing to keep McDaniel and his wife out of the United States. The interview is 45 minutes long and available for download and for streaming. It is a great introduction to the horrors that exist in SE Asia and provides insight on how we can help bring justice to SE Asia.

listen to the interview: listen to streaming file | download torrent file | more torrents from indytorrents.org


LOOK OUT 28.08.2005 12:03
The Coming Oil Crash
peak oil we are now checkmated by the oil crash, a disaster wholly of our own making, since we refused to prepare for it, knowing it was coming for the past fifty years. society must now pay for its sins of greed, arrogance, overconsumption, carelessness, waste, and stupidity. we can frantically try to smash our opponent's chess pieces (i.e. steal their oil) in a fruitless attempt to alter the outcome, as our govt appears to be doing, or we can surrender gracefully and make the best of it, recognizing that the real opponent is inside ourselves - our feelings of powerlessness, our lethargic accceptance of the status quo, our inability to see new options. overcome these, and a new age will be born amid the ruins.

[ LifeAfterTheOilCrash.net ]

We're Not in Kansas Anymore: The Rise of the Fourth Reich
In recent years the warm and fuzzy coating has fallen away from the modern capitalist state. Or more accurately, it is being torn off. On one hand the social programs that were used to keep the lower classes happy are being reduced and removed. Where people were coaxed into docility before, the future does not have docility in the cards. As a result the state will force political compliance.

The shift has already occurred. We have slipped over the boundary into the world of the nightmarish police state. How this was accomplished was quite impressive. At this point most people still have not noticed and those that do, for the most part, welcome the change.


28.08.2005 11:57
Haiti: soccer stadium massacre by Haitian National Police
Bullet wound (infected) of victim-in-hiding, afraid to go to public hospital. The weekend of August 20-21 marked a horrific development in Haiti's killing fields. In two attacks on unarmed civilians in Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince, the Haitian National Police in tandem with civilian attaches armed with machetes, shot and hacked to death an estimated 25-35 unarmed people. The victims were mostly supporters or members of the persecuted Fanmi Lavalas political party or otherwise viewed as opponents of the illegitimate Haitian government put in power after the US-backed overthrow of Jean-Bertand Aristide on February 29, 2004.


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 28.08.2005 11:46
The Vertical Range War: Part Two, Up and Downs On the Yellow Brick Road
The Horn has been a place where, by some twisted magic of the Gods, the paths all seem to go straight uphill. Here, help has been far removed from just around the corner, and sometimes the only people with transportation are the people on the other side. Here, every act of resistance must be constructed out of materials on site, and the willing hands of the campers are often the only tools they have to hold back an enemy waiting to overpower them with bulldozers and hoists. Here in the heat of summer many of the campsites have been over a mile from water, and a site that lasts beyond a few days is a rarity. Here physical exhaustion is the norm. I've sat around campfires in the evening here at the Horn, eating with the campers after one of my runs in what they call the Revolution Taxi, and with very little convincing I would have sworn to God I was eating with front line troops from some long ago war. A conflict where the irregulars went to battle wearing the cloths on their backs, and those who returned could be marked in a crowd by the thousand mile stare in their eyes, and the grime on their limbs and faces that only long months of desperate struggle grinds into a body.

But there is something else about the Horn. Something every resister should know. It's something that goes beyond the long hikes, beyond the intimidating drive, beyond even the physical demands and deprivations, you see, there's something sinister about the Horn.

previous: [ The Vertical Range War: Fear and Transgression at the Hobson Horn (21 Aug. 2005) ]


28.08.2005 02:44
Announcing the Return of Videos from the Resistance
After a summer hiatus (that turned out not to be as relaxing as most of us had hoped!), the Videos from the Resistance shows will return Monday night.

Where: It's a Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont, between 33rd and 34th) When: Monday, August 29th at 7pm

As always, there will be no cover charge, because Capitalism is a Crime.

While less relaxing than anticipated, the summer has at least been very productive for the pdx indy video collective. Despite (now-healing) injures, mayhem, and a damaging police assault on at least one videoista camera, we present the following videos.


CRITICAL MASS 27.08.2005 15:39
August Critical Mass Report

This month: lots of polite biking: courteous cops, patient drivers, happy pedestrians, mild mannered massers. Still the question lingers, how much police presence is necessary? Can we handle policing ourselves? Do we need to be radical to get our point across? Where is the bike fun next month?

Finally, how awesome is it to have cops corking?

read more

[ more articles by reverend phil | From Portland With Bike Love ]

Seattle Police Harass Critical Mass Yesterday

Dining on Broadway last night, I heard the sounds of cheering and ringing bells and looked up to see a hundred or so bicycle riders cheerfully and slowly making their way down Broadway. People on the sidewalk began throwing thumbs-up signs and cheering them on. Suddenly, the ride turned and started flowing backwards, filling the whole street. I looked back at where they were going and that's when I saw the problem. They were being tailed by constables on patrol. There were at least six police cars, 1 or 2 police VANS and several bicycle cops. The vehicles followed as the bike cops tried to flank the ride. I have often seen critical mass ride down Broadway, but NEVER with a police presence, especially one this out of proportion. You would have thought they were tailing the Gotti brothers after a bank heist.

read more


26.08.2005 09:52
The Real Story about Lynnae Lake and Emily
I am the President of the Foundation for Children's Rights of Sheridan MI. Lynnae and Emily lived with us for 3 months over the Christmas Holiday.

Here are some facts:
1. There was NO COURT order holding either Lynnae or her daughter in MI or anywhere else when she left.
2. Lynnae is a very articulate intelligent woman who was trying to raise her children as a single mom when her oldest daughter who was particpating in risky behavior and had been caught by mom decided she could get out of the house with one simple phone call. That was about 3-4 years ago. She made the call to DHS and made a complaint against mom. That started the first nightmare in motion.

The Foundation for Children's Right along with the Citizens for Parental Rights of Allegan MI have been working with this Mom for some time. I hold her Power of Attorney at this time to handle her personal and legal affairs.

I was the one Emily called when the Police stormed the house. I heard the noise and the screaming and the pounding on the house and the utter horrified fear in that little girls voice.

Previous feature on this story: Police raid on Portland house raises questions


25.08.2005 23:36
The Democrats' "Exit Plan" from Iraq and the attendant liquidation of the antiwar movement
Bush's war in Iraq has run into trouble: the Iraqi people are supporting the resistance, too many US soldiers are dying and it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit additional cannon fodder. Furthermore, antiwar sentiment is growing as it becomes obvious that, from the beginning, this was a war about oil, world domination and permanent U.S. military bases in the Middle East.

Bush's war needs help. The Democratic Party is coming to the rescue. Here is their plan to liquidate the antiwar movement with an endless supply of nonsense about a supposed "exit plan"

[ The Hayden Plan: Containing the Anti-War Movement ]

Amy Goodman Promotes Imperialism
Yesterday on Democracy Now, Amy Goodman interviewed Juan Cole of U of Michigan and his 10 part plan for extricating the US from Iraq. His plan: remove most US ground troops, use air power to support "the Iraqi military", keep units such as Special Forces (to do things like "rescue pilots who may get shot down"), and forces to guard pipelines, promote reconciliation between the different groups, and invite all nations to participate in the open free market. He opposes timetables, views with favor tactics such as the prohibition of all traffic back in January that "enabled the elections to take place". This is Iraqization (as per "Vietnamization"), pure and simple. Even with everything that's happened, i'm stunned at her brazen attempt to promote a "kinder,gentler" imperialism.

[ Amy Bashing ]


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 24.08.2005 23:59
Forest Service Wrongfully Logs Botanical Reserve
Logging aftermath - including parts of the devastated Babyfoot Botanical Area Cave Junction, OR - Parts of the Babyfoot Lake Botanical Area, a protected reserve in southwestern Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest, have been discovered logged. The violation occurred as part of the Fiddler Old-Growth Reserve logging sale, which the Forest Service closed to the public for months in an attempt to squelch the protests and controversy that surrounded the logging.

The Babyfoot Lake Botanical Area was established by the Forest Service in 1963 to protect Brewer spruce (Picea breweriana), a rare, ancient conifer tree that have existed in the area since before the last Ice Age. Brewer's spruce are among the rarest conifers in North America, and were the last to be discovered and described by western science on the continent.

"There is no excuse for this kind of abuse," said Rolf Skar, campaign director of the Cave Junction based Siskiyou Project. "The cause of this violation can only be either gross incompetence or callousness - and neither is acceptable. This sort of logging free-for-all shows why the government needs more public oversight and accountability, not less."

related: [ forest service admits fawking up botanical reserve in siskiyous | photos + more info at Siskiyou Wild Rivers Campaign website ]


BATTLE OF THE BISCUIT 24.08.2005 08:44
Starhawk Joins Biscuit Activists for Spiral Dance at Grants Pass Forest Service office
6 A march, starting at Gilbert Park holding colorful banners, snaked through the north end of town to the offices of the Forest Service. The elements were brought forward into a large circle as press took pictures and video for the nightly news. I was surprised by the fun vibrant spirit which was created in front of the FS building and enjoyed dancing around in spiral dance. We were reminded that there are still some brave souls struggling to stop the destruction up at the Hobson logging sale who need our help. I think we made our message clear.


24.08.2005 08:41
Police sweep person from O'Bryant Square
Got to O'Bryant Square and saw at least 2 uniformed police officers, an unmarked white crown victoria police car with government plates, a (c.o.p) city of Portland truck, and a plain clothes woman and man who seemed to be ridding along, and two green uniformed bikers. They appeared to have talked to the young man who was there with his bicycle, and then the young man left. I asked one of the officers what was going on after he yelled something I couldn't understand from across the street. He choose ignore me and the other officer and him talked and then crossed at the end of the street away from me.


24.08.2005 08:38
Blame Vulture Capitalism, not God, for Pat Robertson
On Aug. 22, 2005, Rev. Pat Robertson, a Christian, knee-jerk supporter of the Bush-Cheney Gang and a lackey for Israel's Ariel Sharon, publicly insisted that the U.S. should assassinate Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez. The incendiary remarks were made by the founder of the so-called "Christian Broadcasting Network" on his program known as the "700 Club." What kind of Christian is it that suggests on a public television show before a nationwide audience that a leader of another sovereign country should be murdered? Hasn't Robertson ever heard of the Ten Commandments? I also believe that the-not-so-Reverend Robertson is giving God a bad name.

related: [ According to the Corp Media, Pat Robertson Calls for Assassination of Hugo Chavez | Hands Off Venezuela calls for Emergency Picket at US Consulate in Vancouver [BC] - Aug.24 ]


23.08.2005 08:55
Checkpoint last week on Burnside Bridge
Anthony Hilder arrived in Portland on the evening of August 12th 2005 at 9pm and we went to grab some food downtown.
As we ventured onto the Burnside Bridge heading west towards downtown....
we found ourselves in gridlock and didn't know why....until we got over to the other side.
We discovered that we had entered a checkpoint. 20 motorclydes, flares, guns, flashlights, cars, the lights, essentially the works along with the police now all in black swat like uniforms.


23.08.2005 08:53
Tree-sit action in Mckenzie Watershed defends forest from attack by Freres Lumber
Tree-sitters are currently occupying unit 43 of the STEN Timber Sale in the Mckenzie Ranger District. Sten is located near Deer Creek hotsprings, near Sahalie falls and Ollalie Creek in one of the most heavily used recreational areas in Cascadia. The Sten Timber Sale is part of the Robinson-Scott complex of timber sales, which include STEN, FLATCO, TWISTER, ANDY, BULLIT, NUGGET and KINKO sales. Women and men have been occupying the trees at STEN for the last week. More information on this action will be forthcomming soon.


23.08.2005 08:52
Gale Norton Touts Recreation Fees
In allegiance to the American Recreation Council (ARC), headed by Disney, RV manufacturers, and makers of off-road motorized vehicles, Secretary of Interior Gale Norton has started a media campaign to quell the strong, prevailing opposition to the charging of fees for individual access to quiet, harmless recreation on public lands. With the overarching goal of commercializing and privatizing our public lands, Norton/ARC have already succeeded in criminalizing non fee-paying with penalties of up to 6 months in jail and $10,000 fines. Her first example of the wonders of charging these fees is in the Mount Hood National Forest, where timber companies meanwhile get paid millions to clearcut sensitive ecosystems. A letter-writing campaign can subvert Norton's PR campaign and put her on the offensive rather than being able to shape the media's representations of the issue.


22.08.2005 16:48
US Soldiers Brutally Shut Down Rave in Utah
US Soldiers, local sheriffs and SWAT officers violently shut down a legal, permitted, outdoor electronic music event dubbed "Versus II" taking place the evening of Saturday, August 20th in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon in Utah County.

Here are some short excerpts from firsthand accounts:

"Out of nowhere huge semis filled with national guard, swat, and the police rolled up. Soldiers came out of the bushes and rushed down to the party. Carrying M-16s, Ak-47s, nightsticks, and tazers."

"The police were rounding up the staff of the party and the main promoter went up to them with the permit for the show and said "here, I have the permit." The police then said, "no you don't" and ripped the permit out of his hand. Then, they put an assault rifle to his forehead and said "get the fuck out of here right now."

Though cameras were being confiscated, some video has surfaced:
ED2K network video files (need client - win | linux / mac): wmv file | mov file
BitTorrent network videos: torrent download of both videos (indytorrents.org)


22.08.2005 12:15
Harvest Moon 2005: All the Work That Must be Done
Here in the City of Roses, in sea-warmed, mountain-sheltered Cascadia, it is the peak of Summer. The warm nights under this full moon are balmy enough for a tank-top. The sky slowly bleeds to black through a deep deep blue. Whistling through the tree-lined streets of pre-WWII neighborhoods on my bike -- hearing the crickets at one corner, human revelry at the next (it seems like everyone is out on their porch drinkin' a beer with friends tonight), running headlong into a cloud of flower scent, feeling the air rush by (or just rustle, if you're coasting slow), seeing the lights of the West Hills twinkling across the river as you sink into the happy hippie valley of inner Southeast -- it seems like Paradise.
We are all riding a wave of time with its own momentum, whose force has already been generated, and which will play itself out only by crashing.

And in a way, it is. Gardens are overflowing with fresh vegetables, and the flood hasn't peaked yet. Though the temperature can rise into the nineties, the humidity is low, and the shade cool. Night-time swims in the Sandy River (or covert dips in condo hot-tubs), casual circles around backyard bonfires, and lazy post-bar walks mark the sky of the social calendar like comets; brief, flashing moments of joy with others, in an atmosphere of sultry pleasure.

The air is charged, under this moon, in this month, in Cascadia, and everything and everyone seems to feel it, in some way.


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