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katrina aftermath 12.09.2005 03:12
The Houston Astrodome: Do You Know What Is Really Happening?
help us find this person It turns out that the city is talking about closing down all the shelters in the city this week to get people out and find them jobs. I don't know how people are going to find jobs without a place to stay, let alone no address.

More and more people are leaving the Astrodome. Family members are not being allowed in to find other family members. If your outside the gates from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. you are not allowed back in if you are a survivor. You have to wait till 5 a.m. to get back inside.

There were about 8,000 people left in the Astrodome when I was last there, and shinking. They were moving everyone to another building right across from the Astrodome last time I checked. There are free one-way tickets by plane to anywhere any survivor wants to go, all you gotta do is ask.

One of the problems though is that you have to ask if you want to get anything. There are currently not enough people going to the dome to volunteer. Much of the elderly are being overlooked as they sit in wheel chairs in the dome, and will soil themselves because there is nobody to help take them to the bathroom.

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11.09.2005 09:43
Police shoot and kill obviously unarmed man near Sandy
fouad A 27 year old man who appeared to be mentally disturbed was driving erratically out near Bluff road. He allegedly rear-ended someone and then fled. At some point, either before or after this incident, he removed his clothes. The police were called to respond, which they did in their customary manner. After tazing him a couple of times, and determining it wasn't having the desired effect, they shot him.

The man, 27 year old Fouad Kaady, was on foot at the time of the killing. He appeared to be having some sort of psychotic breakdown, and according to the public information officer (PIO), was "out of control." Two officers armed with state-of-the-art "less lethal" weapons and all the academy training tax dollars can buy, ultimately decided that he presented some sort of threat that they were unable to deal with any other way than to pull out their "lethal backup" and blow him away.

related: [ Another PDX police shooting? | HE WAS BURNED AND WAS FREAKING OUT ]


11.09.2005 09:38
Portland Youths Report Back from World Youth and Student Festival in Caracas, Venezuela
The 3 delegates from Portland, and 3 members of the Portland Bolivarian Circle At the Musicians' Union Hall Friday night, participants returning from the World Festival of Youth and Students in Caracas from August 7-15th, shared photos, stories and analyses from the event. Portland delegates Megan Hise, Robinette Jones and Lila Zucker showed photos and spoke about their experiences at the Festival and what they learned about the ongoing changes happening in Venezuela.


katrina aftermath 10.09.2005 22:20
The Surreal Scene of Dome City: HOUSTON
a look down on the floor of the Astrodome On September 9, myself and two other west coast IMCistas arrived in Houston, Texas to help provide independent media coverage from Houston and other communities. Our first stop was the Astrodome and surrounding buildings. There are about 10,000 people now living in these buildings, which are now being called "Dome City."

The scene in the Astrodome is almost unreal. There are thousands of people sleeping in close proximity. Many people are trying to get in contact with loved ones, but there does not seem to be a practical way to facilitate this. There seems to be very little organization, plenty of unanswered questions and almost no information about what the future holds for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

AUDIO: Interview from 'Dome City' with Joseph Bijou of New Orleans: On September 10, I met Joseph Bijou from the 70122 zip code of New Orleans, Louisiana. Joesph had just finished getting a haircut at the makeshift barber shop setup inside the Astrodome of Houston, Texas. (27:57 minutes / 12.8 MB)


KATRINA AFTERMATH 10.09.2005 02:54
Hurricane survivors not coming to Portland; Mayor Potter speaks out for local homeless
The city was going to host two more training sessions today at the Multnomah County Building located at SE Hawthorne and SE Grand from 12-2pm and then again at 6-8pm. These training sessions were set up to give an opportunity for volunteers to get the information they need to be a "greeter" at the airport. This was also the time the city was going to give people ID badges and also run background checks on folks interested in participating. I was intending to go to the 12noon event, essentially to get it over with, however, decided that going after work would be more convenient.

I decided to check the City website to see what the status was of the folks that were soon to be arriving. In big red letters at the top, it stated that people were unlikely to arrive.

FEMA says NO to oregon

...[A] state worker and close friend of mine, who attended Buckman Community meeting last night found it unbearable to hear that this "open minded, forward moving" community made it very clear at the two hour meeting that they do NOT want these residents in their neighborhood. Well then, they can rest in peace now and i, personally I am hopeful the residents will find a home closer to their own in a neighborhood with open arms.


09.09.2005 23:46
Tre Arrow Moved to Victoria BC
Free Tre Arrow Hello to all, it's Tre. I've been moved to VIRCC (Wilkie) in Victoria, BC. This is the centre I was initially held before being transferred to Vancouver. I am happy to be back here, as this facility offers many advantages over North Fraser. For the first time in almost a year and a half, I have been able to get my feet in the grass, and the sun directly on my skin without any tint or fence between myself and grandfather sun. I have been able to receive fresh air through the window in the cell I'm being held. The cell faces south, therefore I can receive grandfather's rays in the cell much of the day.

The transition has been a little bit difficult and I am trying to get settled here in my new home. I am grateful for the administration accommodating my diet and working with me to make this transition bearable.

[ Tre's new address & Peter Young/ Leece 5/Danae Kelley/Fiona Cresswell updates | Tre Arrow Legal Defense website ]


KATRINA AFTERMATH 08.09.2005 23:56
Hurricane Katrina and Amerikkkan Apartheid
Hurricane Katrina and Amerikkkan Apartheid The message is clear; Blacks loot. whites courageously find supplies. Two cities. Only in amerikkka. whitey had the way and the means to get out. The poor and Black did not. Without a car or money for gas or public transportation, where the fuck are you going to go?FEMA and Katrina: REX-84 Revisited "The disaster that struck New Orleans and the southern Gulf Coast has given rise to the largest military mobilization in modern history on US soil. Nearly 65,000 US military personnel are now deployed in disaster area, transforming the devastated port city into a war zone..."
Katrina and White America's Denial ou blessed your chimichanga in the name of Jesus Christ, and then proceeded to spend the better part of your meal--and mine, since I was too near your table to avoid hearing every word--morally scolding the people of that devastated city, heaping scorn on them for not heeding the warnings to leave before disaster struck...They lied to us to get us to move Before we were close enough to speak, they began firing their weapons over our heads. This sent the crowd fleeing in various directions. As the crowd scattered and dissipated, a few of us inched forward and managed to engage some of the sheriffs in conversation. ... [They] informed us there were no buses waiting. The commander had lied to us to get us to move.
Dress rehearsal for martial law? [O]n Friday, Bush administration officials sent Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco a legal document demanding that she sign over control of the state's National Guard as well as state and local police units. The memo sought their federalization under the Insurrection Act, a statute that allows the president to take control of state militias under conditions in which state governments themselves are unable to "suppress rebellion."Cheney Live on CNN told to 'Go F--k Yourself' When a usually polite Southerner tells the Vice-President of the United States "Fuck You", live on national TV, in MISSISSIPPI of all places, you know the Bush Machine is in deep shit. Also dug how Cheney and his wife gave Sheppard Smith the evil eye when he mentioned Nancy Pelosi's rejection of their fixed "commission".
what really happened in new orleans? The struggle continues, and we must not allow them to get away with their evil plans. It would be a social, architectural, and cultural crime to let Bush destroy New Orleans. New Orleans needs to be brought back to life in its existing buildings, most of which can be saved, and with its former inhabitants.Katrina's Silver Lining If there is any silver lining to the smoke-laced cloud that is hanging over the toxic cesspool and mass graveyard that used to be New Orleans, it is the just deserts that are coming to the millions of people who put the Bush Administration and the lunatic right in power in Washington.

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PDX BEAT REPORT 08.09.2005 23:35
15 year old tased twice
While walking to my bus station at around 4:10 this afternoon, I noticed flashing lights ahead. I walked a little closer and found 2 park cars and one cop car. About 6 law officials were there at the scene looking down at the ground. I thought to myself, great another biker killed by a car. But to my surprise, I found a 15 year old crying in handcuffs. Walking closer and closer to the scene I just stood there and looked at what was going on. I looked across this young mans body and saw a zigzagged string coming from his back. Curiously, I looked to the source of where this string was coming from and saw a metal needle tip lodged in his back. The police officer told the young man that he was under 16 and was not allowed to do stuff like that. I didn't really understand what that meant.


08.09.2005 23:30
Counter Recruitment Efforts Kicked Off This Morning
This morning, folks passed out hundreds of leaflets at Jefferson and Madison high schools. The response at Jefferson was great, with students, teachers, and parents excited to see us there.

"It's a national shame that our youth are being lured by recruiters through false promises to fight a war based on false premises," said Annette Pritchard, the aunt of a Franklin High alumni that was killed in Iraq.

"As a student, I want my peers to know we have the legal right to "opt-out" of the recruiters' list and that there are alternatives to military service. We're exposing the misleading conduct and false promises that recruiters use to lure vulnerable students into the military," said Lila Zucker, a senior at Lincoln High School.


07.09.2005 23:36
Treesitters at Sten/McKenzie River still being shot at by loggers
traverse between two treesits I just got back to Portland from the Sten timber sale treesit east of Eugene, and the firing of live ammunition that went on last weekend hasn't stopped. Pickups full of men wearing logging caps keep creeping by the site, shouting, harassing, and occasionally firing. Although they haven't aimed directly at the treesitters since last weekend, the danger is still high, and support is needed!

I am including audio interviews with two of the forest activists.

[ Pictures from Sten timber sale treesit | Directions to Sten Tree-sit ]


07.09.2005 23:32
Photos from Universal Living Wage Bridge Action
Just a few photos from yesterday's small action in support of raising the minimum wage from the paltry $5.15 per hour. Our signs and banner were visible to drivers on the Burnside Bridge, as well as I-5.


07.09.2005 22:38
34th Anniversary of Attica rebellion and massacre
Friday September 9th on the 34th anniversary of the 5 day Attica rebellion and massacre. Attica survivor SPLITTING THE SKY will tell his story, as well as Black Panther Elbert Howard who was invited into the prison by the prisoners to help negotiate a settlement.

We will also be showing the buried 1973 Cinda Firestone film, ATTICA.
If you have any questions about the capitalist, imperialist genocide commited legally again and again under the stealth and safety of our fascist and racist constitution and government, the buried history of what happened to the oppressed slaves of Attica is an important place study and understand.

7pm at Vollum Lecture Hall REED College 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd! $2 to $6 sliding scale


KATRINA AFTERMATH 07.09.2005 13:30
Report back from last night's African American Community Response Training Session
I attended a training session to be on the welcome committee for the soon to be arriving New Orleans hurricane survivors. The project has been named by Portland as "Operation Welcome Oregon". Hosted and facilitated by Portland's African American community in the Emmanuel Temple Church, they tried to give out a lot of information, collect volunteer's contact info and dispel rumors. The facilitators said that they approached the Red Cross and said you need Portland's African American community to be involved in this project.

The Red Cross and Multnomah County reps and other community leaders were around to help and also gave presentations. We saw the "Welcome to Portland" slide show that the survivors will be seeing courtesy of Red Cross, talks from physical and mental health professionals as to what to expect and what to look for from the survivors. They will be arriving by plane through the PDX Airport. There is no information when or how many individuals will be arriving, only that it will not be more than 1000 people in Portland.


COMMUNITY RESPONSES 06.09.2005 03:08
What We Are Doing About Katrina
Real Relief for Katrina Victims From its headquarters in southern Tennessee, Plenty International is sending relief supplies, food, water and medicines, to refugees from the hurricane Katrina battered Delta regions in Louisiana. A volunteer from California has flown out to Nashville and purchased a full-size school bus which is being stocked with supplies for the first run which is headed to Alexandria, Louisiana.Story from the front--the hippie bus makes it through military lines Gary McGlaughlin pulled into the Farm Friday night in a full size, diesel school bus. He had flown out to Nashville from Santa Cruz, CA the previous night and earlier in the day bought the bus from a company in southern KY for $1500. On the way down to the Farm he stopped in Nashville and bought another $1500 worth of food and water and dry goods like TP and handiwipes and aspirin and diapers. He rolled in the Gate at around 10PM. He hadn't been back to the Farm in 25 years.
Food not Bombs - Katrina Relief effort People all over America have been calling Food Not Bombs asking what they can do to help the people made homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Food Not Bombs has started organizing buses, vans and truckloads of food, kitchen equipment and clothing to the people fleeing the disaster. It's a real honor that so many people are looking to Food Not Bombs to help. So far we have busloads of material support and volunteers from Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dayton, Hartford, Tucson, and Saint Petersburg. Volunteers from the west are meeting in Houston and people from the east are meeting in Baton Rouge. The first Food Not Bombs kitchen is outside the Houston Convention Center. The Baton Rouge kitchen will be set up shortly. Please let us know if you can help.Ad-Hoc Hurricane/Flood newspaper in PDX-> help needed! We are putting a newspaper together here in Portland to offer an alternative to the BS being printed in the Oregonian about Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans flood, and the aftermath, and present the opinions of Portland residents, for potential printing as soon as Tuesday. This paper is coming out of the frustation at the government response to this disaster and the biased coverage in the local corporate-owned media. It will be free for distribution as widely as possible.
Letter I sent to my congressional delegates At this time, efforts are underway to rescue those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Nevertheless, I believe it is incumbent upon the Congress to soon begin hearings on why the emergency response to the event was so abysmal. While many jurisdictions may bear some blame for the aftermath of this national tragedy, FEMA in particular deserves some scrutiny.Open letter to my congressman about hurricane response I write you again after only a few days because not only did I not receive a satisfactory response to my letter of Sep. 2, I was mocked and rebuked by your staff when I called your office to follow up on my faxed letter challenging your lack of initiative on the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. I was told, in an extremely patronizing tone, "I'm sure the Congressman is doing everything he can to help the victims." Well, "Representative", I certainly do not appreciate being patronized to by your staff, when in fact my reason for calling was that you are not, in fact, doing "everything you can" in this effort.
Ways to donate NOW Gulf states area shelters addresses and list of needed items: Also Gleaners of Clackamas County are sending a truck Wednesday: Links to sites with current info- grass roots!Seattle HIP-HOP is RESPONDING!!! Hurricane Katrina benefit 9/11/05! Sunday, September 11th 6pm to 1pm. Consciousness In Progress: 206 Hip-Hop Benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina at The Triple Door (216 Union St).

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06.09.2005 02:42
300 Year Old Trees Logged In Mt Hood National Forest
The largest Western Hemlock in Hipo #4 after logging

'Hilynx,' a 794-acre timber project made into four sales, has been logged hastily this summer before the project's environmental assessment (EA) expires. A month ago, 200 - 300 year old Western Hemlocks and Douglas Firs once lived in the project area. These trees have now become timber.

The timber sale known as 'Hipo' has created much attention in the past couple years, especially Unit #4 that contained a large grove of Western Hemlocks 300 years in age. This pristine, ancient forest has been converted to dirt roads and large slash piles where the grove of Hemlocks once stood. The remaining 'leave trees' (trees designated not to be cut) bark has been scarred from the logging operations making these trees vulnerable to diseases.

Joseph eulogizes: I remember the first time I saw the Hipo Timber Sale back in June 2003. I got up early one rainy Saturday morning to groundtruth the sale. As I hiked through Unit #4 from east to west, the trees got progressively bigger until I arrive at what I called 'Hemlock Grove.' I have never seen Western Hemlocks as large as these trees. The hemlocks had a circumference about 14 feet (over four feet in diameter with an age estimation of 300 years old). I knew I had to let people know about these trees. I rushed to Hood River where Senator Ron Wyden was giving an open house. Arriving at the forum in wet clothes, I informed the Senator that I have witnessed a timber sale of old growth only to receive an answer from him that he already discussed forest issues. Due to his obvious apathy of my concerns, his assistant tried to spin Wyden's response that he does care about the trees. She said she would look into the sale, but never did.

read more

[ Ponderosa Pete visits the Hipo Timber Sale | Remnants of Borg (with appearance by Ponderosa Pete) | past articles about 'Hipo' ]


Hurricane Katrina victims arriving in Portland soon
The Portland Red Cross is working with the support of the City of Portland and other Partners to coordinate short-term emergency shleter for vitims of Hurricane Katrina who will arrive in our area within the next 24-48 hrs.

The site of Washington Monroe High School in Southeast Portland (SE 14th and Stark) will serve as a temporary shelter fo up to 1,000 refugees from the Gulf Coast region. Voulunteers and staff from the Red Cross, FEMA, Portland Public Schools, the Portland Police Bureau and the City of Portland, Office of Emergency Management, have been working to prepare the site since early Saturday morning.

Agencies, Community leaders prepare Rose City welcome for Katrina Survivors
After a flurry of short-notice meetings on Sunday, the mechanisms and community leaders are in place to ensure a warm reception for our new guests. The initial greeting at Portland airport will take place at a specially-reserved hangar where identification, health screens, and rest and refreshment will be provided by the Red Cross and Portland Emergency Services, headed by Portland Fire Bureau's Mike McGuire in a new position created by Mayor Tom Potter.

"It is a great testament to the strength and resiliency of our community leaders and foundations that multiple short-notice meetings and actions could be carried out over Labor Day weekend," said one participant.

[ More re. Katrina on pdx indy ]


03.09.2005 19:52
another portland bicyclist killed
i was riding home on my bike at 3am and came upon the scene. many, many cops, a mangled bike, and a dead rider covered with a white sheet in the middle of the road. it seemed that a black buick (or similar model) was the car involved. apparently the body had been in the street for an hour at that point. as far as i could tell, there was another rider on a bike with a baby trailer who was not hit but was riding with the person who was killed.

dead fella was with us at the Clown House. heres what I know about the hit and run, lot of tears here at the clown house. http://shmanarchy.blogspot.com/


What Are We Going to Do About Katrina?
Impressions and questions from the community *
New Orleans Demonstrates that we can Only Trust Ourselves "The buses never stop." It made me cry to read that. To think of people so hungry and so thirsty and so tired, going to all the effort of cleaning up around themselves in the middle of shit island, just so someone might help them, might see them as human beings. As if the problem is somehow located in themselves, rather than in a thoughtlessly indifferent culture, racist and classist to its core, that would just abandon them.Only Whites Claim Katrina's Poor Response is NOT Racist Katrina has exposed the racism and classism so prevalent in America today and it has shown it is intentional, is my take on it. Those who defend the racism and classism, or try to deny it aggressively, seem to WANT genocide of people of color and the poor. That is my serious take on it. ONLY WHITES are saying Katrina's response was not racist.
Katrina open letter to radical/progressive community There is this great myth that natural disaster is the "great equalizer"... While nature may hold no preference, we live in a society that makes its choice of victim clear... As humans... we need to come together with a meaningful message of compassion, love and solidarity that is not measured by our words but by our actions.No more fox news for me. You have tens of thousands of people locked up in huge cages for a week with no bathroom, very limited food,water... I have a sinking feeling... it was a low priority becuase those in need were for the most part lower income, and black.
KATRINA PSYOPS: "What we need is a strong leader." In Other Words: DICTATORSHIP What really is happening is a PsyOps and mind f**k of the American people by sacrificing the lives of the poor in New Orleans...The hidden thought line here is: "We need a dictator to protect us from black looters during a national emergency."My Thoughts On The Hurricane and What It Could Mean For Us? Why would they be making such an awful disaster so much worse? When countries are in such shambles, governments become extremely desperate to cling to power and become very dangerous... We need to get tight and plan for it now.
Katrina will help Army meet its enlistment goal. With a million new homeless, and jobless it doesn't take Nostradamus to figure where these young men and woman will turn for employment... it is almost certain that the Army, Navy, and Marines will be able to meet their enlistment quotas.Billions in Overseas Aid to US Refused Being kept from these American people by their Military Rulers have been the uncounted offers of assistance from Nations all around the world, including: VENEZUELA has offered their Medical Airlift Command for the evacuation of peoples trapped in these devastated regions...
Other Links and Updatesplenty of supplies waiting for these people, BUT THEY ARE NOT BEING ALLOWED INTO THE CITY., Kanye West and the Red Cross, "Combat operations are underway on the streets",
Offer Housing via Craig's List, or via moveon.org
What do we do?
Donate: Mennonite Disaster Services , Mercy Corps, Food Not Bombs, Plenty International [!], Ways to donate NOW
Grassroots, low-income, and people of color-led relief operations
Contact: Malik Rahim in Algiers @ (415) 671-0789


03.09.2005 01:16
PPRC Circles Fed Building Sidewalk
We headed for the federal building across from Terry Shrunk Park behind 3 No War Drummers. Our intention was to express that Bush should voluntarily leave the office due to incompetance. We chanted on the sidewalk in front of the federal building, "Iraq, Afghanistan, New Orleans...We need change in this regime."

Shortly, 4 security guards came out and stood in a military stance. One came up and told us to leave federal property or she'd call the police. We said it was a public sidewalk and that we were citizens. She said the feds owned it and we couldn't stand there, but we could stand on the sidewalk across the street. We weren't about to go across the street...


02.09.2005 23:09
Salem hearing Sept. 8 on Oregon Health Plan cuts
Public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 8 in room 50, Oregon State Capitol, 900 Court St. N.E., Salem. Sign-ups will begin at 8 a.m., and the hearing will begin about 8:45 a.m. Submit written comments to mary.reitan@state.or.us

The cuts were mandated by the state legislature, including the Democratic majority in the state senate. Every session for the last few years they've cut OHP. It appears that the poor have few friends in Salem.

Talk back to your state legislators [ here ]


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