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ANIMAL RIGHTS 18.09.2005 08:52
OHSU Researcher Responds with Violence to Non-Violent Demonstration
OHSU Primate Center Researcher, Henry Urbanski, received a visit Friday evening by animal rights protestors. They informed the neighborhood with a short speech and rousing chants that their neighbor participates in the horror that is primate testing. One demonstrator rang the doorbell to inform Urbanski of the demonstration's purpose. After Urbanski realized the demonstrator was not selling anything, he asked the demonstrator to remain, while he retrieved his camera.

Thinking the better of it, the demonstrator returned to the street, soon after to be accosted by Urbanski, who immediately became physical with protestors in an attempt to get their photos. As activists attempted to leave the area, he pushed them, and even kicked one, trying to trip her. At one point, he slugged one protestor's jaw, showing that the cold heart that uses living creatures like test tubes is just as unconcerned about injuring fellow human beings.

Bystanders phoned the police. When they arrived, the protestors attempted to press charges. Instead the police informed them that if they returned they would be charged with stalking.

Other OHSU news: Person arrested at OHSU pleads not guilty


REMA &The "New Waveland Cafe" serving thousands in Mississippi...
New Waveland Cafe Thursday, September 15, 2005:

Imagine a community that probably looks a lot like yours, it's banks and grocery stores sitting like hollow ghosts, monuments to nature's destructive power, their insides washed away in the tidal surge. The storm surge reached as high as 30 feet in this part of Mississippi. All the buildings around here were completely submerged in a fetid brew of saltwater, sewage, death, every toxic chemical, and the detritus of the land dwellers. The place is so toxic we use a case of bleach in the Cafe every day. Children should not be here but many have no choice.

I come from the Rainbow side of the Cafe. We call ourselves REMA, Rainbow Emergency Management Assembly. We're here to serve, listen, and inspire. We work 16-20 hour days and hope some more good volunteers show up soon. We just feed whoever shows up, give away everything in our Wall Less Mart (Where Everything is Free), and lend an ear when needed. I don't know how long we'll need to stay here; but a lot of folks absolutely depend on us.

The world forgot to notice that coastal Mississippi was annihilated by Katrina. The next town to the east of us, Bay St. Louis, lost 70% of its buildings. It looks like everything "below the railroad tracks" will be bulldozed and rebuilt. Recovery efforts were well under way by the time FEMA noticed that most of the buildings in coastal Mississippi were missing. We understand turf battles have severely slowed recovery efforts in Louisiana. We're not equipped to deal with politics. But we are equipped to feed and comfort these marvelous, ordinary folks like you and me living in a place not unlike your town, look them in the eye when they thank us, and reply, "You'd have done the same for us."



17.09.2005 14:46
Report from Reclaim Our Vote lecture at PSU
Friday night's (last night's) lecture by Thom Hartmann and Bob Fitrakis on the details of vote tampering in Ohio and its implications was great. Intelligent, well researched, engaged and well spoken speech from Fitrakis gave everyone the knowledge and determination we will need to address the serious problem of unverifiable votes and corruption in elections and its roots.


17.09.2005 10:32
Police Harassment on the Transit Mall
On my way to work this morning, I happened upon an all-too-familiar scene. Packs of white police officers hounding black men along the bus stops. Here's what I saw.

On the corner of SW 5th and Oak, three police cars and numerous white male police officers had one black man in handcuffs, and were stuffing him into a squad car when I walked by. People all along the street, waiting for their buses, watched impassively from the curb. The man being folded into the police car met my eyes with an expression of resignation. He was used to this, I imagine. A black man in a white world.


katrina aftermath 17.09.2005 10:26
Sept 15th Report: Finding Common Ground in New Orleans
Johnny White's has been open for 14 years, even during the hurricane Many homes and buildings in New Orleans have been checked by special operations crews for both live and dead people and animals, but at the same time there are still numerous parts of the city that have yet to be checked. Surely more people will be found dead in their homes. An "X" is spray painted on homes and businesses that have been checked and each triangle of the "X" is used to document the number of people found, the date the location was searched, the military unit that checked the building and something else, but I'm not sure what the fourth region of the "X" is used for.

It is critical that people organize to (re)create a community that best reflects the values and traditions that makes people proud to call New Orleans their home. I'm talking about a close knit society with a vibrant music and arts community, good ol' southern home-cooking, respect, solidarity and mutual aid. Hopefully we see an improved school system, universal health care based on peoples' needs, media labs and instructors for all parts of New Orleans and the continuance of a community radio station in Algiers and stations for other neighborhoods.

All of us who value people over profit need to act fast. Capitalists have their own agenda for New Orleans. There are reports of plans to build a Walmart in the 9th ward. Construction contacts to rebuild the city are not being given to the people of New Orleans, they are going to multinational corporations who will, of course, exploit people.


15.09.2005 22:20
Sten Tree-sit: active logging; 2 trees evicted, 2 arrests
Yesterday (sept 14th) contract climbers working for US Forest Service Law Enforcement and Lane Co. Sheriff's evicted 2 of the 3 tree-sits in Sten unit 43. One tree is still occupied. Active logging has begun within unit 43.

Today (sept 15th) USFS and Sheriff's Dept LEO's escorted fellers into the area of the two evicted tree-sits and found one tree had been reoccupied by an activist during the night. Law enforcement guarded loggers as they cut trees around the activist, who remains in the tree at last report. Two activists were arrested on the ground, both were charged with interfering with an agricultural operation. Another activist is remaining in the third tree-sit further down the hill that was not evicted yesterday.

[ Tree-sitter hit by arrow at Sten Tree-sit (13 Sept. '05) | Treesitters at Sten/McKenzie River still being shot at by loggers (7 Sept. '05) | Mckenzie Watershed: Tree-sitters and ground support shot at by loggers (30 Aug. '05) | Tree-sit action in Mckenzie Watershed defends forest from attack by Freres Lumber (23 Aug. '05) ]


15.09.2005 22:12
Portland Carpenters Union Starts Unfair Labor Practice Strike Against Neway Forming
Strikers gathered at SW Clay and 11th Ave in downtown Portland Thursday morning at 6:30 AM, carpenters started a strike against the Canadian construction company Neway Forming for unfair labor practices. The strike will continue on friday morning, starting again at 6:30, at SW Clay and 11th, and the strikers can use as much support from the community as possible.

Neway Forming, of British Columbia, has been known as an anti-union construction company and has brought down workers from Canada because it can pay them less than Oregonians, though it claims that they need to do this because there are not enough skilled workers in Portland. The company has been particularly hard on Mexican carpenters who are paid considerably less than other non-union carpenters who happen to be white (about $12 an hour compared to $18 to $20). Last week, carpenters on the site were talking about unionizing, and by Friday one of them had been fired.


15.09.2005 22:11
Speedbumps finally arrive at SE 21st
Finished speedbump, up near Woodward Neighbors along SE 21st between Division and Powell have been wanting speedbumps for the last several years. After a drawn-out process with City Hall (and some contentious folks up on 25th), the speedbumps finally arrived today. These improvements are part of a pilot project on the part of the City, which previously had been unwilling to put speedbumps on a street of this designation, with this much traffic. Though City permission was required to build the speedbumps, the people and businesses of the neighborhood had to pay for them, at the cost of about $2000 each.


15.09.2005 22:07
Animal Cruelty at the Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus
Using prod and whip Here are some photos I took at the Circus on Thursday Sept 8th at the Rose Garden. The tickets were donated to us by the way, we would never pay to see animal turture. During the show, the animals were wheeled out in tiny cages in the dark, while fancy lighting and performers distracted the audience. MEANwhile on the opposite side the animals were released out of the cages to perform their stupid human tricks that obviously did not come naturally to them. Throughout the show, the abusers used whips and prods to force the animals to perform.


15.09.2005 22:03
Lars Agrees that Lane City Planners "Should be Killed"
Today at 12:53pm on the Lars Larson local radio program on KXL 750 AM, Lars agreed with a caller that Lane County city planners should be killed. Lars and the caller were discussion some Measure 37 related issue when the caller said "...I think they all should be killed..." Very stupidly Lars said "I agree" before he went on to make his usual inane, ignorant, vile point.


katrina aftermath 15.09.2005 11:25
Common Ground Wellness Center: Solidarity not Charity
This Is Solidarity Not Charity On September 14, I visited the Common Ground Wellness Center at 1401 Teche St. in Algiers, New Orleans and had the opportunity to speak with Noah, a volunteer medic from Providence, Rhode Island. [ audio interview: download mp3 | download torrent ]

Noah discusses the reasons for medical volunteers coming to New

Common Ground Wellness Center
1401 Teche St. at Socrates
Home visits are also available
Orleans and how they were able to mobilize, the goods and services provided at the clinic, the background of the volunteers, the response of the military to the clinic, the truth about large charity organizations, the role of anarchism in medical aid and how community members feel about the medical clinic and volunteers.

Noah also expresses his anger at the humanitarian crisis caused by George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and the directors of FEMA and the Armed Services who are planing to turn New Orleans into a rich white disneyland on the Mississippi River.

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15.09.2005 10:04
Katrina's Latest Victim: Frances Newton RIP
A media awash in Katrina stories had no time for a poor black woman being killed by the state in Texas after being railroaded onto death row for a crime she probably never committed.

Those who are looking for an example of an innocent person's being executed by the state may well find it in the case of this unfortunate woman, who almost certainly was not guilty of killing her husband and child as charged by the state of Texas.


15.09.2005 09:59
Ticketmaster To Take Over All Wilderness Cabin, Campsites, & Lookout Tower Rentals
wreckreation fees InterActiveCorp--aka Ticketmaster, Ask Jeeves, Hotels.com, Match.com and ReserveAmerica--looks poised to take over all reservations and rentals of all wilderness cabins, campsites, and lookout towers. Get ready to shell out to them next time you want to take a hike on one of the few trails through lands not entirely ravaged by clearcuts.

"A plan to privatize some aspects of public lands management was lauded by some, but Silver says those early supporters never envisioned what he saw clearly - the eventual "Disneyfication" of the forest. His critics have dismissed his caution as nonsensical, but Silver might be more prescient than even he suspected...." ~The Missoulian Independent



Community Support in Algiers, New Orleans

On September 13, the Common Ground collective in Algiers, New Orleans began the day with a meeting to discuss everything from staying healthy to the difference between martial law and a state of emergency. A medic at the wellness center said that the best way to maintain to the health of the community is be sure that everyone washes their hands often and to not share plates and utensils. After the meeting, volunteers assembled personal hygiene kits and dropped them off at the Common Ground Wellness Center at 1401 Teche St. where hundreds of people from New Orleans have been treated and received supplies.

A little bit later in the day, Iasha, Errol and Christopher came by to see if they could have some bicycles. The folks from Austin who brought the bicycles were happy to set the three of them up with bicycles. Iasha, Errol and Christopher said that all their friends have left town and they are the only children left in the neighborhood. Francisco, an artist from Austin, drew a portraiture of Errol as Rosa and Vinny conducted an interview. Iasha, Errol and Christopher also left with a bag of toys, crayons and a coloring book. [ read and see more >> ]

more first hand reports: [ Creativity, Solidarity and Mutual Aid in Algiers, New Orleans | Algiers New Orleans: Where Common Ground Is Found | The Houston Astrodome: Do You Know What Is Really Happening? | AUDIO: Interview from 'Dome City' with Joseph Bijou of New Orleans | More Scenes from 'Dome City' | The Surreal Scene of Dome City ]

[ neworleans.indymedia.org | houston.indymedia.org | us indymedia katrina coverage | portland indymedia katrina coverage ]


14.09.2005 15:39
Wal-Mart, Corporate Citizen

Attention Please... Wal-Mart is coming. Their sights are set on Portland, and they want you to save money soon! Location scouts are considering sites in SE Portland, Beaverton, and Gresham, and your neighborhood may be the next place to save.

When Wal-Mart opens, they will contribute many things to our community. They will create jobs, pay taxes, provide affordable products to Portland, and maybe even build a traffic-light or sidewalk.

Wall Mart employs an army of handsome consultants and lobbyists to repeat these high points at every possible opportunity. Nobody can argue with the benefits of Wal-Mart, they really do all the things they say. Their colors are also red, white, and blue.

However, if you look just a little bit deeper--say, the last two paragraphs of most major media stories about Wal-Mart--the value of their community contribution vanishes. [ read more >> ]

[ no new sprawlmarts ]


Tree-sitter hit by arrow at Sten Tree-sit
On saturday september 10th the Sten tree-sit in the Mckenzie Watershed was again attacked by hostiles, this time by a man armed with a high-powered compound bow shooting tri-tipped hunting arrows. One tree-sitter was hit and cut by an arrow and his 5 gallon water jug ended up with an arrow through it. Everyone is OK, other than rattled nerves and the trees are still occupied. More updates on this situation will be forthcoming soon.

One commenter adds: "The would-be murderer comes out on the weekends, and this weekend is fast approaching. We need to mobilize as many supporters as possible for the well-being of all." [More...]
[Related: Treesitters at Sten/McKenzie River still being shot at by loggers]


REPORT FROM NEW ORLEANS 13.09.2005 13:10
Algiers New Orleans: Where Common Ground Is Found
Traveling by rental car we arrived in New Orleans around 3:30 P.M. central standard time. On the approach to the city it was a clear day. Damage was everywhere. Tree's were in twisted mangled messes along the roads. Roof tops off of gas stations had been completely ripped off in some places. Street signs were bent backward from the winds and hard to make out, and in some cases they just didn't exist. Gas stations are working as few as ten miles away. All the roads from what I saw were clear and traffic (yes there is traffic) was flowing.

On the way in almost all of the off ramps were blocked in one form or another. Check points are setup all over the place with military units dress in full camouflage with M-16's were walking around in full view.

Our main concern was to get to Malik Rahim's (a great guy and former Black Panther). A local resident of New Orleans in Algiers. There is a curfew from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. in place and is being enforced. Our main concern was to get from where we were to Malik's. After about fifteen minutes we found the house and were welcomed warmly to a very active household of independent journalists, bloggers, community organizers, doctors, nurses, people with vans bringing food and water, you name it.

Related Stories: Creativity, Solidarity and Mutual Aid in Algiers | French Quarter residents defy evacuation, begin rebuilding their communities | media hails martial law gen'l | Nat'l Guard and Army, Police, etc., Refusing To Allow Animal Rescues, Action Needed!


US peace activist detained under terrorist charges in Australia! Call the Australian Embassy!
September 10, 2005

Scott Parkin, a US peace activist from Houston, Texas, has been detained by police in Australia without formally being charged with any crime and threatened with deportation. His reasons for being held are ambiguous but his legal advisor has confirmed that among the reasons given for his detainment is that Scott has been identified as a terror threat to Australian national security. Scott is in no way a terrorist threat; he is a political activist, plain and simple, and is being detained because of his political activism.

Sept 18 Update: U.S. Peace Activist Deported from Australia!


12.09.2005 14:41
September 24 Portland Bridge Vigil
Planning Meeting:
Monday Sep. 12 7:00pm
St. Philip Neri Church
Paulist Center Building
SE 15th & Division
more details >>

There will be a reflective candlelight vigil, Sat., Sept. 24, 7:30 pm until dark (probably sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 pm). Three central bridges in Portland--BURNSIDE, MORRISON, AND HAWTHORNE--are key. We will stay safely and respectfully on sidewalks, allowing room for pedestrians and cyclists to pass. (If you can't make it to one of these bridges and have friends who will join you, any bridge will do.)

The message is "NOW IS THE TIME TO END THE WAR. NOW IS THE TIME TO BRING THEM HOME." The first message is to end this war. Concern is in no way limited to American safety, but to the safety of all who are in danger in this nightmare war. Announcements are scheduled in Alternatives Magazine and Oregon Peaceworker. PLEASE spread the word as far and wide as possible to your congregations, fellowships, peace groups,and other constituents.


[ portland indymedia s24 mobilization action page ]


12.09.2005 09:48
AUDIO: Splitting the Sky and Big Man at Reed College
I attended the 34th anniversary of the Attica rebellion and massacre, on September 9th at Reed College, where Splitting the Sky spoke. I recorded the audio of Splitting the Sky, and Black Panther Elbert "Big Man" Howard, who was also at Attica to help negotiate a settlement, speaking of their experiences at Attica. Over all it was an excellent event and I applaud the organizers for putting this togeher.

Big Man had set the stage of the Attica experience that night by giving a discriptive feeling of what he saw and felt when he walked inside the prison long ago. He spoke briefly but the experience he shared was a good intro into the past and reflection of the time. Then Splitting the Sky came on and socked you in the stomach with his experience of what happened at Attica. If you have never heard this man speak then you don't know what your missing. He discribes a vivid reality of his experience and delievers it with such a passion that your in shock. In all seriousness it was an amazing speech that touched on current events and brought a energy to those who attended. I remember talking with several people afterward and we all agreed that after the speech we felt inspired to smash the state. It was an inspiration to bring change that bordered on rioting because of past and present injustices of the government.

download torrents: elbert "big man" howard | splitting the sky | more pdx-imc-audio at indytorrents.org
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