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30.10.2005 08:33
Community discussion about future of the Drug Free Zones
If you seek justice, please stand and voice oppostion to this unconstitutional Drug Free Zone (DFZ). At last months Boise neighbourhood association meeting, the attendees voted overwhelmiongly to oppose the DFZ. This is a community that is 100% inside a DFZ, and also an historically minorty and low income community. It is a truly radical stance to say NO! to this practice and at least defend justice. (Just as a side note, the Boise neighbourhood is where Kendra James was murdered a few years ago by racist police).

Currently a police officer has the power to stop a person for suspicion, and if any drug paraphenilia is found, that officer alone has the power to ban a person from the area for 90 days. There is no review or fighting it, even if you live within the area, you are restricted for 90 days (if you live in the area you are permitted to go to and from your house, but not anywhere else, unless with a written court order). This is supremely racist and classist, as many of us know the tools of law are hardest to obtain for those that need it most. So effectively the people that are punished under the DFZ are guilty no matter what. It is a bad cycle.

"The city's location of the zone and the enforcement of the zone is based on race," O'Connor said. "It's almost as if an officer could see that certain people didn't belong in certain parts of the city. It is my opinion that this is a race-based system."

As community members, and justice seekers we have a chance to strike down this "law". We can stand in opposition to it. At the upcoming community meeting Tuesday November 1st from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Emmanuel Temple (1032 N. Sumner). Please, wherever you live, come to this meeting and voice your opposition the the DFZ!

related: The Boise Voice | A Community in Flux


30.10.2005 01:40
Government Officials visit Portland for Halloween!
Lies, anyone? You've already paid for them. High-level Government Officials visited downtown Portland this afternoon to thank the American people for accepting their lies so easily. They will be visiting the Hawthorne District on Tuesday evening to reach out to SE residents as well.

Many important people visited our fair city today! Vice-President Satan was here, Donald Rumsfailed - Grim Reaper. Tom DeLay came straight from his booking in prison stripes. And they all helped kill the "Ghost of Democracy." Lovely Laura Bush, the Witch, helped stir the cauldron of LIES that were freely distributed to the fine people of Portland!


29.10.2005 09:53
Murals! Audio Interview with Nelson Santana and others
metro murals Murals, corporate control, politics, and freedom. We talk about it all, from Venezuela to Portland and back. [ Audio Link]

Here is the link to listen to Tuesday night's audio interview with Nelson Santana, mural artist activist from Venezuela and Alex Taylor from Metro Murals, a Portland based grassroots mural advocacy group. Nelson is visiting us from Venezuela until Nov 3rd, giving talks, skill sharing in our public schools and working on murals at Reed College and the PCASC office. Here is a complete list of his activities during his stay in Portland.

Alex from Metro Murals talk about Clear Channel and the lawsuit they have filed against the City of Portland. We also talk about the mural situation in Portland. Here is the website which also has photos and locations of murals all around Portland.

If you are interested in art, politics, Venezuela and Portland...if you want to hear us trashtalk clear channel and corporate control, this is the show for you!


29.10.2005 09:47
Video From Anti War Vigil
lockhart antiwar vigil A 12 minute video of Wedneday evenings anti war Vigil, honoring and remembering those who have lost their lives due to United States imperialism.

Video features Michelle DeFord, who lost her son in the Occupation, and a selection of people reading off names of those killed, American service personnel and Iraqis, mostly children. Music taken from the song, "Operation Iraqi Liberation," by David Rovics, whom I taped earlier in the week here in Portland.

Not One More Death -DSL/Cable Stream | Not One More Death-56 K Stream | People in Olympia, WA gather for Peace Vigil


29.10.2005 07:40
Venezuelan ambassador speaking in Portland Saturday October 29th!
Bernardo Alvarez, Venezuela's ambassador to the United States, will be speaking at Portland State University this Saturday, October 29, on alternatives to "free trade" in Latin America, the political changes that have taken place under Hugo Chavez, and Venezuela's relations with the United States.

Since Hugo Chavez took power in 1998, his government has faced consistent hostility from the United States, which culminated in a US-sponsored coup attempt in 2002. Chavez, who identifies as a socialist, has been the most outspoken critic of "free trade" of any leader in the Western Hemisphere, except perhaps Fidel Castro. This, and Venezuela's oil wealth, make him a serious threat to US dominance in the Americas.



29.10.2005 07:30
Military Recruiters Unwelcome in Santa Cruz
Hey, Recruiters, Leave Them Kids Alone

David Rocknich: On October 18, military recruiters returned to UC Santa Cruz for the first time since they were rallied off campus by Students Against War on April 5, 2005. Students Against War organized a protest and hundreds of people rallied and marched to the College 9/10 Dining Hall. The Military and UC held the career fair on the second story of the building and had numerous police officers and administrators guarding the stairs and entrance to the career fair. At least one uniformed police officer was video tapping demonstrators.

Bradley: Here are links to other people's audio, photos and a the Students Against War (SAW) press release. Thankfully, there were numerous IMCistas covering various aspects and angles of the October 18, 2005, demonstration against military recruiters. IMCistas from our community, the corporate media, and any students suspected of having intentions of doing documentation were prevented from entering the career fair..... but, the SAW/IMCistas on the inside were able to take photographs of the Queer Kiss-in and publish them on SC-IMC before the next morning. David Rocknich linked to the first set of photos I published and here is the second set of photos.


29.10.2005 07:29
CASE CLOSED: Oregon Veterinarian Susan Matlock Goes Free
CASE CLOSED: Oregon Veterinarian Goes Free
Published 09-24-04 (Banks, Oregon)

A Washington County, Ore., veterinarian who had been charged with six counts of animal neglect following forfeiture of six of her horses who were so severely malnourished that it was nearly impossible to guess their ages, will not stand trial afterall.


27.10.2005 19:51
Halloween Critical Mass is gonna rock ... only if you show up!

So what is in store for this ride you may ask ... along with educating Portland motorist that these things called bicycles legally share the road with them ... we plan to ride to a party where there will be costume making material for those who forgot ... plus the Phermons ( female biker Ramones cover band ) will play a set. After about an hour we will ride for across town in the traditional critical mass fashion as a costume party on wheels to ... are you kids ready for this ...

The end destination is a larger party that will be protected from the rain, DJ Jasun and Sean will be playing kick ass 80's dance music for you to get your groove on, another local favorite band called 'The Bugs of Lightening' will play a set, a huge Halloween scary garden is set up for you to get lost in, cauldrons of food (though if you wanna bring something that is way cool), fun ... you know the things that make Portland the great city we create! [ read more ]

Bike Event Friday Morning on the Hawthorne Bridge Hawthorne Bridge Event Encourages Drivers to Share the Road Friday, October 28th, 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Hawthorne Bridge, north sidewalk. Auto, pedestrian and bicycle commuters on the Hawthorne Bridge Friday morning will be greeted with handmade signs educating motorists on state traffic laws that require motorists to share the road with cyclists and encouraging them to give cycling a try. [ read more ]

Friday Super Hero Breakfast on the Bridges Want a Super way to start your Hallowe'ekend? Get your Super Hero on, and come on down to the Bridges! Friday morning (7'ish til 9'ish) on the Broadway and Hawthorne Bridges. Coffee and pastries to nourish you for feats of incredible bike strength. Wear a costume, get a hand-colored, one-of-a-kind Breakfast on the Bridges Super Hero Trading Card. 15 designs, each made unique by the work of anonymous artists. [ read more ]


27.10.2005 14:21
Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar Vigil
east side view

Late this afternoon and into the early evening voices were raised in Portland Oregon memorializing the 2000 U.S. soldiers and countless Iraqis who have died in Iraq during the invasion and occupation. After a few brief comments by Kelly Campbell of the American Friends Service Committee, people lined up and took turns reading off the names of the dead, the soldiers, the Iraqi civilians, the children.

The litany of outrage and sorrow continued for what seemed a lifetime, a prayer and a gong rang out for lives cut short and offered on the altar of greed and indifference. The greed and avarice of a powerful few and the apathy and indifference of the majority of Americans who are content to sit idly by while their government forcibly occupies a sovereign nation, daily murdering its people.

[ see photos and read more ]

Vancouver Vigil

Den Mark: We had about 130 at our Vancouver vigil. Lots of lights, some hard-to-hear words, a few songs, "Taps" on a live trumpet. A good event. It was interrupted a couple times by the screeching of jets over the Columbia from the Portland base. I wonder if they did that intentionally.

gk: The rain held off in the dark, cool air as about 115 people gathered in a large circle. After opening readings and description of a solemn ceremony, some people broke out with peace songs, and a half dozen people spoke through a microphone. Another asked for veterans, and then veteran families to step into the circle. Some clapped for them.

[ read more ]

2000th U.S. soldier killed vigil Photo essay from naming of dead and river front candle lit vigil that followed. Both U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians who had been killed in the current Iraq war were named. As the pictures show the vigil took place on both sides of the river. [ more ]

Cindy Sheehan: Is Iraq War Another Vietnam? On a sidewalk in front of the White House, on Oct. 26, 2005, anti-war activists, Cindy Sheehan, John Bruhns and Juan M. Torres, Sr., and others from groups, like "Veterans for Peace," gathered at a Vigil to protest the conflict. [ more ]

A Few More Photogs My intentions are to edit together a video and play it Friday evening on "A Growing Concern." Hopefully, I can make the time to do this project. But, check out the program on Friday, channel 11 at 7:00 for some coverage of this event. [ more ]


27.10.2005 13:17
the rats are leaving the sinking ship, miers out
miers' nomination was doomed from the start, with no judicial experience and the only thing in her favor being bush's assurances that he knows and trusts his buddy well [which is an immediate liability to most]. but miers is probably the lucky one, to disassociate herself from the media spotlight quickly before the impending bush cabal implosion. as the approval polls show [and keep in mind that these polls are taken from "mainstream" americans and these numbers are FAR lower with the rest of us], there is a steady slide into the abyss of history for this administration. too bad the neocon foreign policy dillusions turned out to be colossal fuckups.


27.10.2005 13:12
A PPB Patrol car over a bicycle
As I was riding home on my bicycle from PSU tonight I was riding down on 4th toward Burnside. It is a ride I do all the time and have the traffic lights really timed ... almost too good . For the PPB patrol car behind me noticed. It took him a few blocks to catch up to pull me over. As I pulled my bicycle to the side of the road knowing that I was in gray legally, which means a ticket was coming forthwith.


26.10.2005 20:50
Official Launch of EcoTV
EcoTV is taking to the streets to Empower Community Organization for the Energy Conservation of Oregon by Environmentally Conscious Organisms. EcoTV will put your voice on the airwaves to connect the outspoken, and to highlight that the solutions are here now, awaiting our implementation.

EcoTV's pilot show, entitled "And Why ANWR?" has been playing on community access cable channels 11 and 23. A. Citizen and Democracy Catalyst present a multistreaming account of the fight to keep drilling out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, including footage from the September 7th Refuge Rally in Portland, Oregon as well as footage from the Arctic in Alaska, peppered with backup facts and their sources.

For more information about EcoTV, visit their website at www.ecotv.org, call them at (206) 20-ECOTV, or email A. Citizen and Democracy Catalyst at ecotv@uncompromised.org. Pilot Show attatched in RealMedia format. It is suggested that you go here and download RealAlternative to play it because RealMedia is one degree away from spyware.


26.10.2005 20:45
Ban Terminator Seeds - Join The Global Campaign
Unfortunately Terminator is not yesterday's news. Corporations and governments are again pushing hard to commercialize Terminator technology - plants that are genetically modified to render sterile seeds at harvest. The Canadian government tried to overturn the international (United Nations) de facto moratorium on Terminator in February 2005. To meet this new crisis and re-build global opposition, we ask you to join the new Ban Terminator Campaign and take action with us.

Mobilization is needed now to pressure governments to ban Terminator nationally and internationally. There are two important United Nations meetings coming up where debates on Terminator are planned. We will work to establish a ban on Terminator at the major meetings of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity: January 23-27 in Spain and March 20-31 in Brazil.

Reclaiming Commons - Old And New | www.nwrage.org


26.10.2005 20:37
Nov. 2nd World Can't Wait - Drive Out The Bush Regime!
world can't wait The rally taking place on Wednesday, November 2nd will be a turning point for the direction the Bush administration is taking us. This will be the day where people around the nation will take off work, walk out of classes, and take to the streets to relay this message: "NO, THIS ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT REPRESENT US AND WE WILL NOT STAND BY ANY LONGER

NOVEMBER 2ND - NOON - PIONEER SQUARE - BE THERE (www.worldcantwait.org | What You Should Know About the World Can't Wait |On Vanguard Parties that Trash Talk You and then Piggyback Off Your Organizing Efforts )


26.10.2005 12:59
Rosa Parks, Misremembered
rosa parks Rosa Parks died yesterday at age 92. Over the days to come, we'll hear a lot of very-much deserved prasie for Parks' refusal to abide bigotry and her courage in the service of a cause. Unfortunately, we'll also hear a new round of recitations of the stubborn myth that Parks was an anonymous, apolitical woman who spontaneously refused to yield to authority and in so doing inspired a movement.

The truth, as Aldon Morris wrote in his book The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement, is that a decade earlier in the 1940s Mrs. Parks had refused several times to comply with segregation rules on the buses. In the early 1940s Mrs. Parks was ejected from a bus for failing to comply. The very same bus driver who ejected her that time was the one who had her arrested on December 1, 1955...She began serving as secretary for the local NAACP in 1943 and still held that post when arrested in 1955...In the early 1940s Mrs. Parks organized the local NAACP Youth Council...During the 1950s the youth in this organization attempted to borrow books from a white library. They also took rides and sat in the front seats of segregated buses, then returned to the Youth Council to discuss their acts of defiance with Mrs. Parks.

This history is not hidden. But the Times' obituary describes Parks' arrest nonetheless as an event which "turned a very private woman into a reluctant symbol and torchbearer..." Parks was certainly reluctant to see too personal valoration of her as heroine distract from the broader movement. But she was not private about her politics. And her refusal to give up her bus seat was nothing new for her. As she would later tell an interviewer, "My resistance to being mistreated on the buses and anywhere else was just a regular thing with me and not just that day."

Tribute To Rosa on her 89th Birthday | The World Needs More Revolutionaries Like Rosa Parks! | Chicago NLG Rosa Parks Memorial Page


26.10.2005 11:59
Don't waste cops time with your stinkin' bicycle accident and assault reports
I had just finished restoring a vintage 10 speed racer and took it out on foster in s.e portland. As I approached 68th(round table pizza) I heard angry swearing and after a few seconds turned my head to see 'what the...' that was all about? My gaze was met by that of a man glaring right at me from his car just off to my rear. Before I had the chance to question in myself why he would be swearing and looking at me?..he swerved his car right into me. He hit me so hard with the right side of his car that it sent me flying over the sidewalk and into the Round Table pizza parking lot. Even though I had a helmet on it did not protect the side of my face from the asphalt scrub I got from hitting the ground. Damaged my just restored bike too.

Then, as if this guy had not just done something criminal ENOUGH, he stopped right in traffic and walked over and punched me in the face. I saw that coming and pepper sprayed him...but not before the WHAM. He got back in his Chevy Caprice (oregon license: MARILU), and drove away. A tri met bus driver who saw the whole thing gave me his number and so did a car with four adults who were stuck behind the guy when he stopped to assault me(further). So I had the injury and the evidence as good as anybody would need to get some action on this insane driver. Right?????



25.10.2005 05:37
Kaady grand jury Day 6: no indictment, no justice
For some reason, we had a 'good feeling' about the outcome. How could the grand jury NOT make a decision for indictment? Again citizens stopped for fliers and to ask questions. Others continued to give support. Jeremy came all the way from Eugene for yet another day of support. Two young men who had heard of Fouad's death stopped and took up signs to stand with us for awhile. All along, there has been a positive atmosphere about this vigil...a hope for justice. That was all dashed at 12:15 when the word came (perfectly timed for corporate news) that there would be no indictment.


[ fouad kaady is safe | Fouad Kaady beat by Mark Satntko's Brother in Law , Before Police arrived. | fouad kaady | We, the people, really, REALLY apologize | Kaady grand jury Day 6: no indictment, no justice | Fouad Kaady - What did we accomplish here? | Alert Re: Fouad's Family | Stop Killing Our Kids ]

summary: articles about the fouad kaady shooting


24.10.2005 21:56
Indymedia reporter on the ground in Iraq
aliveinbaghdad fantastic blog by Indymedia journalist on the ground in Iraq. aliveinbaghdad.org

There is a great website run by an unembedded Indymedia reporter, Brain Conley AKA Sharpie, Aliveinbaghdad.org which has articles, photos and video clips Brian has been compliling while in Amman and now in Iraq. He has only been in Iraq a few days and has already witnessed several bombings. He had a in depth interview with Hanna Ibrahim, director of the association "Women's Will" which supports refugees and advocates for women's rights in Iraq. Check out his website and if you can make any contribution for the uncensored telling of truth as told by those expereincing it on the ground please donate any funds you can directly on his website.

Sharpie is not subsidised by any corporate funders and is willing to keep all is work creative commons. We have a courageous indymedia reporter on the front-lines lets do our part to support him.


political assassination 24.10.2005 21:24
The Empire's Attack on Ojeda-Rios and Independence" by Mumia Abu-Jamal
The September 23rd, 2005 attack and armed assault on Puerto Rican nationalist, Filiberto Ojeda Rios, left the family and his island without his proud and noble presence, but it did not achieve its real desired objective. The armed agents of Empire attacked the home and family of the 72-year old revolutionary, shot him, and left him to bleed to death for hours in his home in Hormigueros, in the island's mountainous regions.

Dr. Hector Pesquera, president of the Hostosiano independence movement, nailed it when he said, of the heavily-armed FBI assault, "They did not come to arrest Filiberto Ojeda, *they came to kill him*." Nor was it mere coincidence that the date the FBI chose to raid the Ojeda home was the island's day of national historical significance. Sept. 23rd was the 107th anniversary of "El Grito de Lares", when thousands of Puerto Ricans annually mark a day of resistance against the Spanish colonizers.


24.10.2005 16:45
Black Panther veterans jailed in San Francisco
Panthers still treated as nation's 'greatest threat to internal security'

A San Francisco judge had two Black activists jailed Wednesday for refusing to cooperate with a state grand jury investigating a 30-year-old case. Ray Boudreaux and Richard Brown now join Hank Jones and Harold Taylor in San Francisco county jails.

Their attorneys argued that the grand jury procedures were abusive because the original indictments for a police shooting in 1971 resulted in the dismissal of charges when the U.S. government failed to disclose that their "evidence" was obtained by torturing at least three Black activists in New Orleans.

John Bowman becomes 5th Black Activist Jailed for refusing to cooperate with CA Grand Jury


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