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12.11.2005 03:17
Armistice Day with Vets for Peace
Members of Veterans for Peace commonly observe federal holidays among themselves, but this time were joined by approximately 60 others: friends, students, other activists, and strangers passing by, who were encouraged at the end to sign on to a movement to ask Governor Ted Kulongoski to recognize "Armistice Day" in 2006.

A pair of empty combat boots, worn but highly shined, stood at attention in the middle of the circle at 11:11 AM as the veterans opened with a two-minute silence followed by the playing of "Taps". In this wide circle, veterans and non-veterans alike were then invited to step into the center to share their thoughts and feelings on this day of remembrance in an open forum.

Grant Remington, President of Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, started out by reminding the assembled circle of the origins of Armistice Day, and its significant ties to remembrance and peace. Quoting President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954, people were reminded to "reconsecrate ourselves to the task of promoting an enduring peace."


12.11.2005 03:04
True Cop Confessions

In a recent posting, we heard from "I was there" who claimed to be one of the cops who shot and killed Fouad Kaady. This got me to thinking: What if we had a truly informative exchange with cops (reformed or otherwise) who feel the need to purge their guilt?

As a former cop, with many years of high stress experience, I do understand the need for the officer to cover his ass with bland statements like "I would do it again," and to protect his ego and his job by creating some imaginary bogey man with the strength of ten, to somehow justify the killing. I feel his pain. I have been very close to his shoes a number of times. Fortunately for me, I chose the "protect" part of my oath over the self preserving need to kill all threats. When I think of the number of persons I could have killed, I am very glad that I no longer am faced with the challenge that these guys face.


related articles: [ Fouad Kaady police shooting public inquest call told to hit the road | Call Ghost Busters, it is Safer | fouad kaady: summary of indymedia coverage so far ]


12.11.2005 02:56
GhostCycle.org: Raising Vehicle Driver Awareness
GhostCycle #39 in Lower Queen Anne in Seattle

Walking down the street a few months back, I noticed a visibly mangled bicycle with white-washed and twisted tires and frame, chained to a lamppost with the sign, "Ghostcycle.org #39" hanging on it. Curious, I went to GhostCycle.org and found it is a "bike accident awareness" organization. GhostCycle is a Seattle project that could be mimicked in any city. The group solicits stories online from bicyclists who have had accidents revolving around interactions with cars on Seattle streets, primarily. The site tells the story of a bicyclist's accident, and then a memorial broken bike is placed on the spot of the accident. The bikes are painted an eerie white, and the tires are contorted and completely painted white, too, which really works well for a "ghostly" effect.

bike sadness adds: There have been about nine or ten Ghost Bike memorials put up in the last few weeks in Portland. Yes, there is one at NE Sandy & 37th. Yes, there is a plan to replace the SW Broadway memorial, though memorials downtown probably won't fare well. Coming soon: ghostcyclepdx.org, with photos and info on all the local memorials plus features for reporting crashes, dangerous intersections, etc.


11.11.2005 15:28
Report back from fur protest (for liberator Peter Young)
mink and defender

On November 8, approximately 30 protestors let Schumacher furs (811 SW Morrison) and Nicholas Ungar furs (1137 SW Yamhill) and their customers know what they thought of their shameful participation in animal cruelty. The proprietors and employees of Schumacher's watched, sometimes smirking, sometimes seemingly dumbfounded, as the protestors called attention to the reality of how fur used for clothing is obtained.

Protestors held signs, passed out literature, and vocally let people know how wild fur-bearing animals are caught in steel-jaw leghold traps (left for up to a week, sometimes dying of cold and dehydration, not uncommonly chewing off their own limbs in an attempt to get free); and how wild caged animals like mink go crazy from stress, confinement, and boredom until they are finally anally electrocuted for their fur. Dogs and cats in China are slaughtered for their pelts (which are mislabeled and sold in the US). But the proprietors of these fur shops, and their bloated customers, seemed wholly unconcerned by what happens to the animals.

www.supportpeter.com | www.animalliberation.net


11.11.2005 15:15
War criminal traitor Ron Wyden votes to eliminate Habeas Corpus

Mr. Wyden voted in the Senate to approve an unconstitutional law that purports to strip prisoners of Habeas Corpus rights recently upheld by the Supreme Court. The move amounts to an unconstitutional attempted power grab by the legislative on behalf of the executive branch to wrest power from judges to decide basic constitutional questions.

Ron Wyden violated his oath of office to defend and uphold the US Constitution yesterday, by voting for a law which purports to strip judges of the ability to decide the legality of arbitrary detentions of people arbitrarily labelled "enemy combatants" by Texas ex-governor GW Bush Jr. and his hirelings. In this time when our rights are so endangered by high-level criminals acting under color of illegitimate authority, Wyden has voted to give more power to the criminals.


Wyden Votes to DENY Habeaus to anyone Bush calls 'enemy combatant'

Wyden voted today to bar anyone at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from filing lawsuits in American courts to challenge their detentions, despite a Supreme Court ruling last year that granted such access.

In a 49-42 vote, senators added the provision by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to a sweeping defense policy bill.

Under the provision, Guantanamo Bay prisoners would be allowed to appeal their status as an "enemy combatant" one time, to the Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. But they would not be able to file petitions known as writs of habeas corpus, which are used to fight unlawful detentions, in that or any other U.S. court.



10.11.2005 21:20
I ain't marchin' anymore
Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 will be observing Armistice Day this November 11th instead of the traditional Veterans Day hoopla. Please join us as we "... reconsecrate ourselves to the task of promoting an enduring peace... "

Armistice Day Observance
Contact: info@vfpchapter72.org
Date: Friday, November 11, 2005
Place: Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, Oregon
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Wage peace, war is obsolete


10.11.2005 08:43
Alpenrose Dairy goes rBGH free!
The family-owned independent dairy, based in Portland, has been a highly-respected fixture in the NW Oregon dairy scene since 1916. Since early 2004, Alpenrose, like all dairies in Oregon that still use rBGH, has received hundreds of consumer comments generated by Oregon PSR - post cards, e-mails, letters and phone calls -asking them to go rBGH-free.

Oregon PSR's Campaign For Safe Food has been communicating with Alpenrose, and showed their Power Point on rBGH, discussing the problems that rBGH presents. In addition, the campaign has been contacting grocery stores and coffee shops regarding concerns with rBGH, and some of them have in turn relayed these concerns to Alpenrose. In August this year, a large parochial school in Beaverton, discontinued their milk contract with Alpenrose. This followed Oregon PSR's Power Point presentation to the principal and food service director and expressions of concern led by a parent/PSR volunteer. In addition, PSR volunteers had made initial contacts with the Portland Public Schools, which serves Alpenrose milk, expressing their concern with rBGH.

Alpenrose now becomes the third Oregon-based dairy since 2003 to go rBGH-free. Tillamook announced that its cheese (not other products) would be rBGH-free as of April 1 and Eberhard announced it was going rBGH-free in June.

More info:
NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering Oregon PSR's Campaign For Safe Food rBGH: A primer pdx imc genetic engineering topic page


10.11.2005 08:00
*THIS* Fri & Sat - Support events for Rob "Los Ricos"
color corrected version Portland, OR: the following fundraisers are sponsored by psu mecha and psu students for unity with en lucha. After serving nearly eight years in Oregon prisons, anarchist political prisoner Rob "los Ricos" Thaxton is due to be released in June of 2006.
Portland, Oregon

Fri Nov 11 & Sat Nov 12 6:30-9 pm PSU Multicultural Center 1825 SW Broadway SMSU 228 Portland State University $5-$15 Sliding Scale--SLIDE HIGH, Y'ALL

As one true to his convictions, Rob went into prison "owning" very little. He will be released with even less. Please join us at Portland State University in Portland, OR, on November 11 & 12 to learn about Rob, the documentary about his experience as an anarchist of color and political prisoner and his Fall/Winter 2006 speaking tour. Let our brother know that he has not been forgotten. [Event Details ]

For more on Rob's case and other national Raise @ Ruckus events, go to www.roblosricos.net

Philly Events All Weekend | Party for Rob Thaxton Saturday at the Firehouse in Eugene!


09.11.2005 21:11
Sisters of the Road to Celebrate 26th Anniversary
The Sisters of the Road Cafe feed homeless people downtown Sisters of the Road Cafe which serves Portland's destitute through barter trade for meals will close at 1pm Friday Nov. 11 to prepare for the celebration and will re-open for an anniversary party 5-9pm which will include music and refreshments.

At Sister of the Road, poor people trade their labor washing dishes and serving food, among other tasks, at a rate of $6.00 per hour for hot meals that sell for $1.25 per plate. Their ability to accept EBT food stamps for hot meals is unprecedented in Oregon state which adheres to the draconian Federal standard which allows EBT food stamps users to buy only uncooked and unprepared foods.

Sisters of the Road Cafe is no ordinary soup kitchen. Their menu is both hearty and healthy. Perhaps their most unique aspect is their expessed intention to build positive social relations between the poor whom they serve and the service provider. Their motto is: "In here there are no strangers...just friends we've never met."

Sisters Nov/Dec Fundraising Drive | sistersoftheroadcafe.org/


09.11.2005 00:21
Portland City Council Considering Resolution Supporting Public Access
cable access logo On Wednesday, November 9, 2005, the Portland City Council will consider a resolution introduced by Commissioner Dan Saltzman opposing the broad preemption and loss of local control and benefits proposed in the several bills now pending in the Congress.

There are many things at stake here: citizen access to the media; free speech issues; ability of local governments to govern their own right of way within their jurisdictions. All these are important facets of Democracy, especialy media democracy.

Even if one does not care about televison, we the people have the right to access this technology, as we are the owners of the airwaves. Corporations reaps billions on dollars in profits every year, and do little for the community in return for this enormous windfall. One thing they do, the are mandated to do, is provide the public access to both the cable itself and the technology necessary to produce television.

Related Link: Call To Action


INJUSTICE SYSTEM 09.11.2005 00:15
Woman Arrested For Asking About Animal Research Found Guilty Of Trespass
The trial was in front of a judge and because it was a violation trial, the standard of proof for the state was preponderance of evidence. OHSU had 6 witnesses, including 3 security officers and Mars was her only witness.

The woman who called security when Mars showed up at her office, Kristina Kerns, was one of OHSU's witnesses. Mars came to the office and told them she was there to pick up the information that had been described to her on the phone (materials printed specifically to give to the public). The defendant's lawyer asked Kerns what about Mars made her feel unsafe. After taking a moment to think up an answer she replied that it was because Mars was carrying a bag and she didn't know what was in it. The particular bag that the defendant had been carrying was present in court. It was a small purse, about six inches long with embroidered flowers.
[ read more ]


08.11.2005 11:34
Italian TV Airs Documentary on US use of Chemical Weapons in Fallujah
US assault on fallujah - phosphor as a weapon Italian state TV aired a documentary that claims US used chemical weapons-- white phosphorus, which melts human flesh to the bones "I saw the burned bodies of women and children. The phosphorous explodes and forms a plume. Whoever is within a 150 metre radius has no hope," one former US GI, Jimmy Massey reports.

Mohamad Tareq, a biologist who was in Fallujah, stated in the video, "A rain of fire fell on the city, the people struck by this multicolored substance started to burn. We found people dead with strange wounds, the bodies burned but the clothes intact."

Indeed, in watching this video, there are numerous graphic photos of horrific injury. Melted charred bodies with the clothes strangely intact. Many of them obviously civilians including children. You can watch it yourself (English version) at either of these links

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10907.htm | http://www.rainews24.rai.it/ran24/inchiesta/video/fallujah_ING.wmv

US Army Admits Use of White Phosphorus as Weapon

[ read more ]

Beware the U.S. media
In recent weeks, U.S. corporate media has been claiming that they were fooled just like everyone else about the WMD's in Iraq. They have apologized, said they will do better. Well this is just a pile of bull.

Hundreds of independent sites were saying before the full scale assault on Iraq that there were no WMD's. It was proven that the documents claiming Iraq was buying uranium were forgeries. Millions of people around the world marched in the streets, knowing the US government was lying. Only a willful ignorance could explain why the corporate media, with its thousands of people, ultra-high tech equipment and millions of dollars, could continue to propagate government lies. [ read more ]


rainbow mutual aid 08.11.2005 06:08
stop the eviction of the 'welcome home' kitchen in new orleans!
Rainbow Mutual Aid The only kitchen serving fresh, nutritious meals to the people of New Orleans east of Canal St. is being threatened with closure by city officials. The loose-knit coalition of groups known as 'the Rainbow Family of Living Light', best known for their yearly 4th of July Rainbow Gatherings at rotating locations throughout the country, have been instrumental in the relief effort following Hurricane Katrina. The mobile kitchen they founded in Waveland, Mississippi, the area hardest hit by the storm, has been consistently serving 2,000 people a day since its inception in early September.

The "Welcome Home Kitchen", as the Rainbow Family's Kitchen is known, has been serving well over 700 people each day for three meals a day, as well as providing free medical care, a distribution center of clothing and supplies, a community bulletin board and information table, and a sense of camaraderie that has brought smiles and hugs from people in the most desperate of circumstances.

But now the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of the New Orleans Emergency Operations Center, Ms. Cynthia Lear, has declared that the city will unilaterally shut the kitchen down on Wednesday, providing no alternative and no resources for the underserved in New Orleans. Ms. Lear has stated that there is no appeals process for this decision, even though community members at the Fauberg-Marigny neighborhood council meeting on Monday gave virtually unanimous support to the ongoing work of the kitchen.

Please call ms. cynthia sylvan lear, the deputy chief administrative officer of the new orleans emergency operations center at 504-658-2180 and Mayor Nagin at (504) 658-4924, Fax: (504) 658-4938 to express your dismay that such a resource would be unilaterally dismantled by the government while it is providing such an important resource for the community.

Related: www.remarelief.net/ | The Forming of the New Waveland Cafe | Ongoing reports from Waveland | After The Flood, There Were Rainbows | Pics of the Cafe in NOLA | | Rising From Ruinscompilation of onsite reports from both kitchens


07.11.2005 08:02
Salvage Logging Bill Introduced
Forests Need Fire Salvage Logging Is A Hoax Salvage Logging Legislation Introduced in the House of Representatives: On Thursday November 3rd, Representative Greg Walden (R-OR) and Brian Baird (D-WA) introduced a bill that will sweep aside protections for old growth reserves, roadless areas, fish and wildlife in order to rush logging after fires and natural disturbances. The bill eliminates meaningful environmental review and public involvement.

The Walden-Baird bill is an extreme example of what happens when money from the logging industry influences politicians that are entrusted with protecting America's natural heritage.

Representative Tom Udall (D-NM) has introduced an alternative bill called the "National Forests Rehabilitation and Recovery Act" (H.R. 3973).

Related: gptaskforce.org | Fall Creek "Salvage" Sale Timber Auction--On the Inside Looking Out | Oly Ecology Center Week in the Trees Int'l Forest News | Rogue IMC Forest Defense Page | Oxygen Collective Biscuit Defense & New Orleans Relief Efforts | O2 Collective Biscuit Movie: Keep Towing That Line


07.11.2005 07:44
The Clock on the Slaughter Starts
Clubber The Canadian government may let us know this week how many seal pups they will allow to be legally slaughtered—it could be as high as 350,000!

As early as Tuesday, November 8, the Canadian government could issue the quota for how many seal pups can be legally bludgeoned to death in this seasons annual seal "hunt." It is unclear why such a practice is referred to as a hunt as the animals are completely defenseless and have no way to flee. The facts are shocking. Last season, almost 320,000 seal pups, only days and weeks old, were killed just for their fur, which is illegal in most countries including the U.S. A veterinary panel concluded as many as 42% were skinned alive while conscious. As many as 120,000 were killed in two days!



07.11.2005 07:35
Report: Action against Sun Peaks Resort
skwelkwekwelt resistance On Saturday, October 22, No One is Illegal members in an unannounced action went to the Vancouver Snow Show to protest the occupation of Sun Peaks Ski resort on Secwepemc territories, land which has never been ceded, released, nor surrendered.

Sun peaks resort is located near Kamloops, British Columbia and is owned by Nippon Cable. Despite the fact that the United Nations has repeatedly condemned Canada for violating International Human Rights of Indigenous communities, Sun Peaks Ski Resort continues to abuse the rights of the Secwepemc people through the continuous expansion of its overpriced bed units and hotel chains such as Delta Hotels on the Secwepemc Territories. Sun Peaks Resorts has forced the arrests of 54 Secwepemc Elders, youth and land-users.

We struggle for the right for our communities to maintain their livelihoods and resist war, occupation and displacement, while building alliances and supporting indigenous sisters and brothers also fighting theft of land and displacement.



06.11.2005 15:20
Peter Young Support Demo - Nov.8th
He's in there for the animals, we're out here for him! Animal Liberation Prisoner Peter Young will have his last court date on November 8th and will appear for sentencing in Madison Wisconsin. Altogether, Peter's involvement led to the release of approximately 10,000 mink who would have otherwise been brutally murdered for their fur. Several fur farmers will be present at this court date to tell the judge how Peter ruined their livelyhood by liberating the mink on their farms. Show your support for Peter and the countless number of animals being brutally slaughtered for their fur.
Portland OR, Tues. Nov. 8th @ NOON

Meet at Schumacher Fur Store at 811 SW Morrison, Portland OR (corner of 9th and Morrison). We will then be going to other Fur Stores AND Fur Farms in Support of Peter.

Before being apprehended in California earlier this year, Peter Young spent seven years on the run. Since his imprisonment Young has received support from animal and earth liberation supporters across the world.

"As bad as it could get, it will never be as bad as it was for those mink, I would do it all over again."
~ Peter Young



06.11.2005 11:08
Hanford Clean-Up to be Cut $340 Million
Computer graphic of leaking underground nuclear waste tanks Congressional budget negotiators and the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) have agreed to a massive cut of $340 million in funding for cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in 2006. Over a million gallons of High-Level Nuclear Waste have leaked from tanks at Hanford and another million gallons was deliberately dumped in the soil. Contamination has spread faster than previously believed and
is moving towards the Columbia River.

"Every year of delay increases the spread of contamination and the risk to thesafety of clenaup workers and the public," said Gerald Pollet, Executive Director of Heart of America Northwest. "The federal Energy Department's priority is to push to use Hanford as a national radioactive and toxic waste dump, rather than fund cleanup and safety. The massive budget cuts show why Washington's voters were wise to pass Initiative 297 one year ago to require cleanup before more waste can be dumped,"

Funding cuts will likely delay: retrieval of High-Level Nuclear Waste from tanks which have leaked over a million gallons of waste; safety for workers and characterizing leaks around those tanks; cleanup of massive sol contamination spreading from unlined burial grounds and liquid waste discharge sites; and, halt work to cleanup safety risks at the Plutonium Finishing Plant.



05.11.2005 22:58
2 Indymedia Journalists detained in Argentina Nov. 4
argentina people's summit Urgent: two journalists detained in the repression by the police in Mar del Plata The Alternative Media Network of Buenos Aires, Argentina November 4th, 2005. Journalists Fernando Catz and Roger Sampedro, both with Indymedia, are among the 87 persons detained by the Federal Police during the repression unleashed this afternoon against Anti-Bush demonstrators.

We ask our fellow journalists to urgently disseminate this news by way of agencies, newspapers and websites in order to facilitate getting information on their location and to call for their release.

It is vital for all of those detained that the press take notice of them because in these past few years there have been scores of cases of misconduct, abuse and torture at the hands of the police in Argentina. [Read More]

Provocateurs Trigger Repression at Summit of Americas: So far 2 independent journalists have been siezed as provovateurs seek shut down peaceful protest at the Summit of the Americas. This year the Summit is in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, where the radical right wing Peronists regained power with the ascension of George Bush in the US. A brigade of 8000 police were assembled to "protect" the summit. What has ensued is a physical enactment of the ungoing war against the poor the US seeks to advance with the FTAA. Five of the 34 counties represented at the summit steadfastly oppose the treaty.
"Here, in Mar Del Plata, FTAA will be buried." ~ Hugo Chavez [Read More]

Grand Theft Argentina: We too will be sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered at the alter of capitalism... The people of Argentina perhaps feel a little shocked and maybe even a bit awed at the sight of the President of the United States proclaiming another bout of grand theft after such a short time following the criminal plunder of their country by his clients, bosses, and bretheren. The President of the United States, the spokesman for the very same theives that looted the country the last time is back around, salivating over the prospect of stealing billions more. Neo-liberal policies have been the ruin of Argentina. Argentina has actually been under the neo-liberal gun since a military coup occurred in 1976. [Read More ]


05.11.2005 10:18
Vermont Independence Convention: Confronting the Empire
On October 28 a statewide convention on state secession and running on the theme "Vermont Independence: An Impossible Dream or a Vision of the Future?" was held in the State House in Montpelier, VT. The last time a convention similar to this was held took place in North Carolina in 1861 when the state decided to secede from the US.

The group that organized the convention in Vermont was the Second Vermont Republic (SVR), formed in large part during the last few years. The SVR, according to its web site, "is a peaceful, democratic, grassroots solidarity movement committed to the return of Vermont to its rightful status as an independent republic as was the case in 1791 and to support Vermont's future development as a separate, sustainable nation-state." [ read more ]

Related: Vermont passes resolution to secede from USSA; 20+ states w/ succession movements


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