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20.11.2005 05:14
US House of Representatives approves $50 billion in social cuts
In the early hours of Friday morning, the House of Representatives passed a budget reconciliation bill that includes cuts of nearly $50 billion over five years, primarily in social programs for the poor. At the same time, Congress is considering extending tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy in the amount of $60 billion-$70 billion over the same period.


19.11.2005 20:08
Close the School of Assassins!
soa watch This weekend, thousands gather at Fort Benning, Georgia -- one of the largest military bases in the world and home of the notorious School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC) -- to confront injustice, to speak out for truth, to change oppressive US foreign policy and to shut down the SOA/WHINSEC and the racist system that it represents.

As the weekend's events to close the School of the Americas (SOA) started and thousands of people converged in Columbus, Georgia, we received sad news from our friends in the Colombian Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado. On Thursday, November 17, 2005, troops commanded by General Luis Alfonso Zapata Uribe attacked and killed Arlen Salas David, a leader of the peace community. His two small children will continue to walk besides us, building a different tomorrow in which there will be respect for life. Arlen, our tears accompany this horror but you are with us, giving us life. Thank you for your leadership, your committment. Someday history will judge those who murdered you."

122 Co-Sponsors to Close the SOA!
As of September 30, we have 122 co-sponsors of HR 1217, the legislation introduced by Rep. McGovern that would close and investigate the SOA/ WHINSEC. We are now in our strongest position to close this school since we won a vote in the House of Representatives in 1999!

Feb '05 massacre of SOA activist Luis Eduardo Guerra and 7 others | SOA Watch


18.11.2005 16:31
Basic legal info for Sat fur demo PLDN
I sat down with a Lawyer from The NorthWest Constitutional Rights Center this afternoon and we reviewed tapes of a recent fur protest. I have asked the Attorney to inform people as to the law on a couple of issues using this post. He will post comments here and also take questions. The NWCRC has reviewed the tapes and has these comments about the statutes invoked by the officers:

City of Portland Code, Section 14A.30.020 - Unlawful Operation of Sound Producing Equipment. A. It is unlawful to operate or use or permit the use of any sound producing equipment:
1. Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. so as to be plainly audible within any dwelling unit which is not the source of the sound; or
2. While on public property so as to be plainly audible 100 feet or more from the device.
B. Sound producing equipment includes but is not limited to any radio, television set, musical instrument, phonograph, loud speaker, bell or chime.

---- This implicitly says that you may use a bullhorn or other sound amplification system if the sound is not plainly audible 100 feet from the speaker. It would be wise to have members of the crowd observe from slightly less than 100 feet away (measure it) to make sure the police do not have any grounds to cite people under this ordinance. Read More | Fur is Dead | Report back from last and date for next fur protest | NorthWest Constitutional Rights Center (NWCRC) ]


18.11.2005 07:45
Hundreds of Animals Seized from Slaughterhouse, Volunteers NEEDED
Animal Acres, a Los Angeles area farmed animal sanctuary, is providing emergency rescue care for hundreds of animals seized by humane officers from a California slaughterhouse. The animals were being warehoused in nightmarish conditions. Animal Acres rescuers who assisted humane officers described the grisly scene... The situation is critical. Animal Acres volunteers are working 14 hours a day to provide medical care for sick and injured animals and to feed, water and clean the animals. Several of the sheep could not walk and had to be carried to safety. Over 50 sheep are sick or injured and require daily veterinary treatments. Many of the animals are covered in manure and urine, and need extensive grooming. Others are severely emmaciated and are extremely weak from malnourishment and dehydration.

Emergency caregivers are needed from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily to help clean barns and treatment areas, assist with health care and grooming, feeding and watering the animals, driving animals to veterinarians, photographing animals and other tasks. Due to this emergency, we do not have time to call back individuals who can help — we are requesting you leave a message on our voxmail or send an email with the dates and times you will be coming to the sanctuary to help. Please call: 661-269-0986 or email us info@animalacres.org

Contributions are urgently needed to fund this massive rescue. We are spending approximately $150 PER DAY for feed, bedding, and veterinary supplies. Several of the sheep will also require intensive veterinary treatments and surgery to save them. The veterinary costs alone will exceed $5,000 or more. The rescue effort will cost at least $25,000 — we simply can't do it without you. To make a donation online, please click here or mail your emergency care donation to: Animal Acres, 5200 Escondido Canyon Road, Acton, CA 93510. [ Read More ] [ Animal Acres ]


17.11.2005 14:39
New Sustainability Committee (team) forming in Humboldt Neighborhood
If you're a concerned activist and want to see this planet avert total disaster thanks to the extremely dangerous direction this country is taking, then get active in your neighborhood! For it is in our neighborhoods, where we live, where we behave in ways that either heal or damage the earth and other people. Living sustainably and becoming politically strong in our individual neighborhoods is how we stop the governmental and corporate abuse that is ravaging this planet and generating so much war and human misery. And the one significant political body through which your voice can be heard and you can actively make a difference not only locally but globally, is your Portland neighborhood association.

Bordered to the west and east by the Boise-Eliot and King neighborhoods in NE Portland is the Humboldt neighborhood, where residents face many of the same challenges regarding ecological, social and economic sustainability. To address these, the Humboldt Neighborhood Association is forming a Sustainability Committee. If you live and/or work in the Humboldt neighborhood, you are warmly invited to become part of this new committee.


17.11.2005 14:26
Report back from Saturday 11/12 Fur Protest
baby fox caged for fur On Saturday November 12 about 10 protestors gathered in front of Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison) for an anti-cruelty protest. Protestors handed out fliers about the fur industry ( http://www.furisdead.com ) while letting the store and its customers know that, at least for a few hours in downtown Portland, wearing the fur of tortured animals would not readily be tolerated.

Schumacher employees and proprietors were clearly annoyed by the protest, and seemed to be thinking of ways to try to irritate the protestors and get them into "trouble." For example, one employee dared protestors to step over the line onto Schumacher property, apparently so he could call police over to discipline them. Another employee came out of the store, started pointing at protestors, and maniacally screamed, "I love you! I love you! I love you!" I guess thinking that she would rattle them with some Ghandian display of tolerance or affection. But her behavior was so odd that she was ignored. [ Read More | Basic legal info for Sat fur demo PLDN ! ]


17.11.2005 14:16
Last Largest Unprotected Ancient Redwood Forest In the World Now Being Logged
Nanning Creek Grove, one mile east of the logging town of Scotia, is the last, largest unprotected stand of primeval redwood forest in the world. It contains old-growth trees up to 15 feet in diameter standing over 300 ft tall, likely to be thousands of years old. Of the two million acres of original Redwood forests that existed when California gained statehood in 1850, less than three percent remain today.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently gave the Pacific Lumber Company the go-ahead to log this old-growth grove. Loggers began falling the giant redwoods in Nanning Creek on Friday, November 11, 2005.

Activists have set up a treesit in the grove and a basecamp is being held at Grizzly Creek State Park.

PL starts cut in ancient redwoods and endangered species habitat


15.11.2005 19:10
Common Ground relief workers in New Orleans arrested, threatened by NOPD

Last night, Thurs. November 10, 2005, three medical workers documenting police harassment outside the Common Ground Free Clinic became the targets of that harassment. This incident is the culmination of increased daily harassment this week, and are just a few of the examples of abuse that volunteer relief workers have faced over the past two months and that New Orleans residents, especially African Americans, are facing everyday.

Greg Griffith, a volunteer relief worker, was arrested by the New Orleans Police and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) near the Common Ground Free Clinic in Algiers. Greg was thrown against the car, charged with crossing a police line, resisting arrest, and carrying a concealed weapon- a small pocket knife. While handcuffed in the back of the police car, he was told that he would be "shot, and his body thrown in the river". He was bailed out last night fearing for his safety and will go to court at OPP this morning. Emily Westerholm, the Unit Coordinator was violently thrown to the ground and Scott Weinstein a resident RN was verbally abused.

katrina aftermath


15.11.2005 19:08
Boise Neighbors Come Out to Discuss their Community
Tonight, November 14th, the Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA) held its monthly meeting at Albina Youth Oppurtunity School (AYOS). There was a small agenda on the table, but alot to discuss. The agenda and some points exist here. The agenda points were: Green Space Grant, Drug Free Zones, and Elections.

The Green Space grant money was granted by the artice formerly known as Prince in 1992, I believe. THe idea behind the money was to create green spaces in low-income communities of color, the original amount was $10,000. A failed community project ate up $6,000 of that in 1997 I believe. The BNA asked community members to think of proposals for the remaining $4000. The Kurisu Corporation made a stunning powerpoint proposal presentation, explaining how the $4000 would cascade into the Kurisu's private Japanese Garden. The original plan is that the Kurisu's would be granted the monwy and for the first year the $4000 would be held up for possible community areas, and if the community did not come together in that year, the Kurisu's would absord that $4000 into their $250,000 Japanese Garden.


15.11.2005 19:05
Copwatch Art Show!
Radical police accountability organization Rose City Copwatch will host the multi-media art show "The Language of Swine and Freedom" Wednesday November 16 at the Backspace Annex (115 NW 5th Ave) at 7pm. The show, a first for Rose City Copwatch, will display and offer for sale original artwork by a dozen local artists, with half of the proceeds to benefit Rose City Copwatch.

"The Language of Swine and Freedom" will showcase local art inspired by the dual themes of police violence and community power. The show will feature noted direct action photographer Bette Lee, incendiary mixed-media work from anarcho-maestro Alex Lilly, video from the Ubergay Cabaret, multi-media collages by Beth Reddy, specially-commissioned work from muralist Robin Corbo, pen and ink drawings by Kieran McGuire, comic-book art by Shane Ingersoll, and a sculptural installation by Elizabeth Cartozian and Karolina Puk.


human & civil rights 14.11.2005 15:41
My account of the encounter at Wyden's office today
A group of citizens came out to Ron Wyden's office this afternoon to give him hell for presuming to nullify the Habeas Corpus rights of individuals taken prisoner by federal officials. A representative from Wyden's office, came out to address the group.


14.11.2005 10:35
Fur Is Not Sexy
Here's the rest of your fur coat.Fur is not sexy! Fur is not sensual! Fur is not beautiful once it is removed from its original owner! At least two local television stations, KATU 2 and KGW 8 are carrying advertisements for Schumacher Furs. Please, take a few minutes, call their sales department and let them know how offensive these commercials are to the average viewer and then encourage them to call Matt at In Defense of Animals, (503)249 9996, to learn the real horrors behind the fur trade. The calls will only take a few minutes but could mean the difference between death and freedom for the animals involved and I guarantee the animals will thank you for it. You, I, we, together, CAN make a difference in helping to eliminate the senseless pain and suffering of all animals.

Channels 2 and 8 are televising commercials for Schumacher Furs. Please, let these stations know that this is not acceptable.
KATU: (503) 231 4222
KGW: (503) 226 5111

[ Read More ] [ The State of the Fur Industry ]


14.11.2005 07:58
Join the O2 Collective For a Relief Trip to New Orleans!
o2 collective New Orleans trip The Oxygen Collective is organizing a trip in our biodiesel bus for the first three weeks of December to bring supplies and volunteers to offer direct aid and relief work for people in the New Orleans area. We will be joining with an inspiring grassroots effort spearheaded by the Common Ground Collective in the Algiers Neighborhood.

The folks at Common Ground are engaged in many amazingly inspirational projects, but they are stretched thin and are desperately in need of people on the ground to help them. The Common Ground Collective operates a health clinic that serves thousands, an fm radio station bringing news and information to the Greater New Orleans Area and two supply distribution centers, including the only relief center located in the heavily damaged 9th Ward District. They also serve as the central hub of the grassroots, anti racist community organizing effort occurring in Southern Louisiana. They play a crucial advocacy role for the empowerment of poorer residents facing a deeply entrenched racist system that is in many cases marginalizing and neglecting people rather than helping them return to their homes.

Our plan is to leave Southern Oregon on Dec. 3rd, completing the journey by Dec. 22nd at the latest. Please contact oso@o2collective.org or laurel@o2collective.org for more info or to pass along useful contacts, make a donation or volunteer to come along.


14.11.2005 07:54
November 17th??
With much talk about future protests, in numerous occasions, people have mentioned November 17th. So the question is, is there going to be a protest on November 17th? If so, where and when? There is a lot of angry people out there and January 20th is too long away for the next anti-bush protest.

Comment: National "Not Your Soldier" Youth and Student Day of Action, Thursday November 17/18th at a high school or college campus near you.... Are military recruiters invading your schools and using promises of scholarships and career opportunities to convince your friends to join the military? You are not alone! On November 17, International Students Day, join youth and students from around the country in the first nationally coordinated day of action for and about young people! NOT YOUR SOLDIER!

United For Peace announcement | Another UFP article | National Youth & Students for Peace Coalition | Flyer

Comment: Another important note: I will stress to people not to rely on some big organized protest to vent there anger at the system, with no defined goal. Biggest question that I think needs addressing in this movement RIGHT NOW is, What is Non-violence and what is violence?
Recruiters Near You


Join the BIKE Cavalry, Nov 17th (THURS)

come ride with fellow cyclists to demonstrate our disgust for the war for oil. Nov 17th 12:30 pm north park blocks and couch st (by the elephant). ride in solidarity with counter-recruitment actions across the nation. bring positive energy, music, signs, fun, and of course bikes. we will ride as a group to demonstrate pedal power = people power.



14.11.2005 07:41
Cascadia Discussion Forum
cascadia flag I've created an online forum for Cascadians to discuss and imagine the future of our bioregion and the possibility of our independence from the United States. The forum will be lightly moderated - spam and some troll posts will be removed. Please come and add your ideas, energy, and input. Thank you.



human & civil rights 12.11.2005 19:55
Wyden's Office 12pm Monday: Portland Says "No" to Int'l Crime
Some Portlanders want to directly confront Mr. Ron Wyden on his endorsement of international crime that endangers all ordinary Americans and other innocent people.


12.11.2005 15:15
Pictures and Report Back From The PDX IMC Tech Benefit

On November 5th various individuals who had volunteered their time and energy held a benefit to raise money to purchase new server hardware for portland indymedia. The event was extremely successful both in terms of raising money and also creating a space for people with various affiliations with portland indymedia work to come together to strengthen connections, build alliances, and have a fantastic amount of fun. [ read more ]

PDX IMC Tech Benefit: Report Back

So if you missed the benefit, you really missed a good time. The vibe was great. $2.00 beers and vary diverse bands. The "Fuck The Corporate Media" and "Novus Ordo Nuntius Seclorum" hand printed T-shirts and posters were awesome. I think there are still some for sale, but I think quite a few were sold. The amount raised was not quite enough to buy the new server(s), but it was a couple a hundred shy. So, it may take a while longer, but this site and all other supported social justice sites should be operating much faster and smoother in the not too distant future. [ read more ]


12.11.2005 13:47
Do we have tenant rights in Portland?

My landlord evicted me, entered my property to remove all of my belongings, locked me out of the property, is now threatening to throw my stuff to the curb and I can't find anyone to assist me.

I'm a good tenant. I have always paid my rent on time, I mind my own business and I respect the property that I live on.

However, in the middle of last month I received a handwritten note from my landlord asking me to move by the end of the month. One other woman was asked to leave at the same time. The landlord told her he was kicking out all of the women in the coming months, which he later referred to as a "band of lesbians".

It was my understanding that even though he asked me to move by the 31st, I legally had thrity days. This being said, you can only imagine how shocked I was to walk into the building on the 1st to find that my stuff had been removed from my apartment and there was already someone living there! [ read more ]

Landlords' Rights ... An Update

Finding professional assistance has been and still is an uphill battle. I still don't have a lawyer, but thanks to the supportive responses from those of you who have also been in this position, I have a few more leads to follow.

My fear? I fear that I am devoting almost all of my energy to this and will get nothing in return.

I fear that it takes money to find justice. I know that I am not the woman this landlord has treated this way. Perhaps if one of those women had stood up for her rights I would not be in this position. I can't blame her though ... if I had a place to live I probably wouldn't care much either.

For the "City That Works" I don't see a lot working for the people in my position. There are a lot of people willing to speak to what the law states and few people willing to enforce it ... unless the issue is liquor laws, or drug laws, laws that protect business ... or the laws that protect the landlords. [ read more ]


12.11.2005 13:43
Multnomah County's ITAX Record Problem?
Beware! I don't know if I'm one of the lucky few to get a letter from Multnomah County, demanding a 2004 ITAX payment that was already paid months ago. But if you haven't kept records or you don't recall if you already paid it, better check. This notice arrived in today's mail.

When I received the letter, which basicly treated me as though I had not paid the Multnomah County tax and demanded payment and response by November 8th or December 8th (depending upon which statement in the letter you chose to believe), I went to my 2004 tax file, pulled my photocopies of the check and the form and confirmed with my bank that the check made out to Multnomah County had been cashed long ago.


12.11.2005 10:46
AUDIO FILE: Bark Hike To The Hipo Timber Sale
Barkers in the field at Juncrock Timber Sale The October Bark Field trip was to the Hipo timber sale, one of four sales sold as part of the Hilynx Timber Sale.. The Hipo Sales, which are in the White River watershed of the Barlow Ranger District have already been logged, and though called a thinning project, resemble more a clear cut.

Join Bark this Sunday for a different kind of Bark-about. Sunday, November 13 at 8:45 AM. Traditionally Bark has focused on logging as the primary threat to our public wildlands and forest ecosystem. However, a primary threat is not to be confused with a solitary threat. Our experienced volunteer hike leader Laurele has worked on many grazing projects in the past and is full of information to keep your mind stimulated. On this unique hike, we will examine the recently released Long Prairie Grazing project area and use the trip to investigate the issues raised by cattle grazing in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Just as many people don't realize that logging occurs in our National Forests, so are many unaware that cattle are imported to the forest with potentially severe consequences to the ecosystem, wildlands and waterways.


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