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06.12.2005 22:36
Women Confronting Globalization
women confronting globalizationo Latina community activists from Chile and the United States will discuss women's collective struggle for economic justice and gender equality throughout the Americas. They will discuss how the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and other free trade agreements threaten women and indigenous people's livelihoods.

Margarita Plaza Vargas, a Chilean journalist, has also worked on community radio with indigenous communities in Chiapas, and has worked extensively with the FZLN, the political wing of the Zapatista indigenous rights movement. Vargas will discuss the central role women take in the innovative Chiapas movement, from their work in weaving cooperatives to assuming political leadership. Vargas will be accompanied by Christina Obregon, a grassroots organizer at the Mexico Solidarity Network. Obregon has worked alongside undocumented workers in the US in the struggle to gain civil rights, as well as with the mothers of femicide victims in Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico to end impunity. She also coordinates a medical aid program for communities in Chiapas.

Wednesday December 7th, 2005, 7 PM Portland State University, Smith Student Union, Room 327



06.12.2005 05:32
PCUN Acts To Defend Immigrant Community
pcun logo Over 400 immigrant rights supporters surrounded the offices of PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union on Saturday [Dec 3rd] in support of Mexican nationals who were there to receive services from the Mexican Consulate. The support rally was organized by PCUN and CAUSA in response to Oregonians for Immigration Reform, who have followed the "mobile consulate" around the state, protesting issuance of the Matricula card and the participation of Oregon state agencies. Supporters from as far away as Roseburg and Hood River joined community members carrying signs saying "I Support Immigrants" and "We put the food on your table" to form a picket line surrounding people waiting in line for the Consulate's services.

Meanwhile across the street, a group of about 40 protesters from Oregonians for Immigration Reform waved signs saying "Stop the Illegal Invasion" and "Illegal Immigration Is a Crime." Michael Temple told reporters, "Why do they get free stuff? If they're illegal why do they get ID?" Mike Veley added: "If you are here illegally, you are by definition a criminal." Protesters claimed that only undocumented immigrants need the Matricula card and that undocumented immigrants are a drain on state services. They also called for all "illegals" to be deported immediately, even if that leaves millions of jobs with no one to do them. Immigrant supporters found these comments to be disrespectful of immigrants' contributions to the state. Ramon Ramirez, President of PCUN, commented, "We are hardworking people. We pay taxes. Some of us here even fought in Iraq."

Javier Ceja, a farmworker from Woodburn, said that he didn't understand the arguments of the protesters across the street: "We come here to work hard and to get a better life. We contribute to the economy and do the work that no one else wants to do." In addition to the action on Saturday, PCUN and CAUSA are active in the immigrant rights movement both locally and nationally, including advocating for Comprehensive Immigration Reform that provides a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people currently in the country.


06.12.2005 05:25
Eco-Defense Prisoners, Stephen and Charles, Take Plea Bargain
Two eco-defense prisoners take plea bargains, get credit for time served, fined $25 each, no probation, and then get released. Stephen Marshall and Charles Jordon plead guilty today at the Federal Couthouse in Portland, OR "to improper storage of dynamite." Both appeared today in person along with their court appointed attorneys in front of Judge Garr M. King, who dropped all the charges except the improper storage of dymamite and lowered that charge to a misdemeanor.

In October 2004, they were both squatting an abandoned farmhouse in Hillsboro OR, which according to Charles, "had electricity but no running water." The house was raided by the Hillsboro Police Department, who were responding to a trespassing call reported by neighbors. During their search of the house, the police found dynamite in the basement and a bowl that contained nitroglycerin. The dynamite is said to have come from a nearby barn discovered during a more intensive search of the property. They were originally accused of planning to destroy vehicles & equipment belonging to Oregon quarry company, Morse Bros., a company that runs quarries throughout Oregon and operates a concrete materials and tool business at 3150 S.E. Tualatin Valley Highway. They both accuse Morse Bros., of polluting Rock Creek. The creek flows from the Tualatin Mountains in Forest Park to the Tualatin River. Because Rock Creek and its tributaries pass through rapidly urbanizing neighborhoods within the cities of Hillsboro and Beaverton, protecting water quality is a priority. The political aspect of their intentions were not discussed in court today.


06.12.2005 02:45
Schumacher Furs Threatens Student with Death

After Peter Young, a group of students and I have become more involved with animal activism. One topic that stood out from all the rest was fur. This disgusting technique doesn't have any reason to keep going other than to make rich people look richer. Feeling strongly about this issue, I decided to make it the main subject of my presentation for my speech and debate class.

Our assignment was to pick an issue and do a "street preacher" like speech outside in downtown Portland. The subject's chosen were feminine abuse in relationships, the park block curfew, and my topic, which was fur. One speech was made in the park blocks and the other was on the stairs of the courthouse. I decided to do my speech in front of Schumacher furs. Not even expecting a response, I was overwhelmed when I was threatened numerous amounts of times, and was even threatened that the storeowner was going to kill me.


Saturday protest at Shumacher furs

After hearing about the action from last weeks fur-protest, I thought I'd come down and try for a few pictures today. Fortunately there wasn't too much in the way of exitement this time. There were about twenty dedicated people, some in exqusite attire for the occasion, handing out literature and educating potential customers and passers by of the horrors of the fur industry.

At least several of the folks have first hand knowledge of the methods used in harvesting the fur from dozens of small mammals to be used in a typical mink or fox coat. Obviously preserving the pelt is a priority over any consideration of a humane end to the animals life. Anal electrocution was described in detail, being favored by a local "farmer" as an inexpensive way to get the job done. As an electrician I have some authority to say this is not a nice way to go.



Blood In The Streets Of Oakland 05.12.2005 03:26
The Last Testament of Mary Jesus
A haunting photograph of Mary Jesus, an Oakland tenant who committed suicide. You may wonder what started all this; it was an accounting error by a hearing officer at rent adjustment, (much like Justice True). He found that I had a five hundred dollar credit. I believed it, the landlords have made so many chicanerous accounting "errors" I thought he caught it.

But, it wound up getting me evicted, even though the rental board found that my rent was current. I did'nt have an attorney, and I think they tricked the judge who presided over the case into evicting me. But, I am hoping, that with the motion to reconsider, she will do just that.

I have to fight them! What kind of a person would I be, if I let them push me around? I'd be weak, "that which does not kill you makes you stronger"! And, I've already died; when the ambulance took me to Highland on the morning of my last motion, I was so delerious from lack of sleep that I thought I could die from it. When they put me in the hospital bed, I may have "fallen" asleep, but I thought I died, and woke up screaming an hour later.


04.12.2005 19:17
Don't let Califorina kill the peacemaker
save tookie williams The State of California has set December 13 as the execution date for Stanley Tookie Williams, whose remarkable change from co-founder of the Crips gang to Nobel Peace Prize nominee was made into the movie "Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story," starring Jamie Foxx. Williams is a five-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, four-time Nobel Literature Prize nominee, 2005 Presidential Call to Service awardee, and author of the Tookie Protocol for Peace. He maintains innocence for the crimes he was sentenced to death for, and he faced racist discrimination throughout his trial.

People around the country are taking action to stop the execution of Stan Tookie Williams, the California death row prisoner who is scheduled to be executed on December 13. From now until that date, we will send out a regular action alert to report on events held in support of Stan, let people know about efforts currently underway, and how you can get involved today.

Educators for Tookie: The Campaign to End the Death Penalty is calling on educators nationwide to sign on to the attached letter urging California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to death row prisoner Stanley Tookie Williams. The collective voice of educators can send a powerful message calling for clemency.

Download and circulate this petition and fact sheet

. Contact Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant Tookie clemency:
916-445-2841 phone
916-445-4633 fax
e-mail governor@governor.ca.gov


04.12.2005 19:13
US Drug War Brings Mass Die Off of Akha in Laos
Children are the first to die in the drug war How odd that the US effort to hold my wife hostage by denying her a visa thus keeping us in exile in Laos should end up exposing the secret US Drug War in northern Laos.

In village after village poverty and disease tell the same story. For all the reports and promises of crop substitution there was little to none. Death stalks the villagers. One could say, that when they are dead, then poverty will have been "eradicated". But we don't think this is what the UN had in mind with their poverty eradication goals. Or is it? After all, it is the UNODC and the US who ran this disastrous Drug War in Laos.

Village death rates are placed at 20% in some villages. Maybe what is surprising is that it isn't higher given the hardship that has been forced on these people. The Government of Lao did its best to protect these people, while having the US Drug War forced on them, bringing about results which the Government anticipated and tried to prevent. International news stories and reports listed on this website clearly identify the causes of this humanitarian disaster, far from the international hotspots which dominate the international news.



04.12.2005 19:07
Chemical weapon victims to visit Portland
Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign Tour: Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, & Education WithOut Borders, KBOO 90.7FM, PSU Multicultural Center & Students for Unity, will be hosting three Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange and their doctor, Dr. Nguyn, Trang Nhân, Former President of the Vietnam Red Cross, representing the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin. The tour will address the medical, environmental, and legal issues associated with chemical warfare.

Date: December 7, 2005
Place: Portland State University Multicultural Center
Room 222 Smith Memorial Student Union
Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


04.12.2005 19:02
Help For Families Who Are Looking For Their Katrina Pets
LA shelter dog was adopted Most animals in New Orleans died because Governor of LA Kathleen Blanco, FEMA and Mayor of New Orleans Nagin refused to let people affected by hurricane katrina to stay with their pets or to return to New Orleans to rescue their loved family pet members. At least 40,000 companion animals were murdered because of the government left them to starve to death or suffer injuries. Some pets who survived have been lost in the system because the HSUS have been so incompetent.

You can email lostinsystempets@yahoo.com or nance898@aol.com if you are sick of your recorded message on 1-800-humane-1 and even sicker of your "canned" statement letter. Read this on Craigslist about the HSUS. Around 10,000 companion animals survived despite the cruelty that the state of Louisiana and Kathleen Blanco inflicted upon them. Please let katrina survivors with missing pets know that they can look for them on Petfinder and Petharbor.


Praise instead of Protest 03.12.2005 14:50
J.Crew Promises "Fur is Out"
Victory Declared as J.Crew goes Fur Free For 11 weeks, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal's supporters, members of the In Defense of Animals group, Liberation Collective goers, and local community activists around the world have been waging a vigorous campaign against retailer J.Crew formerly known as J.Cruel during the Anti-Fur Campaign, which included a website domain named "jcruel.com", which has now been deactivated, and by capturing headlines and attention throughout the nation and also demanding that the chain stop selling fur clothing, fur trim, and fur accessories. This pressure, along with a tremendous outcry from J.Crew's own customers, who were shocked to see that the retailer was supporting the violent and bloody fur industry, paid off on November 30, 2005, when J.Crew confirmed that it will no longer sell fur.


I have seen, first hand, the true horrors of the fur trade. I lived in Oregon City, and once dated a man who worked in the local mill but supplemented his income through fur trapping. He was an otherwise kind and gentle man, who was inexplicably incapable of understanding the pain and suffering his actions caused. He once explained to me that he saw fur trapping as an ancient tradition, a skill not easily learned, and that he felt good about knowing how to do it. It didn't hurt that there was a tremendous amount of money in it.


Mike D, activist detained again | Fur Free Friday Rally & March | Victory! -- J. Crew Promises "No More Fur!" | J.Cruel(J.Crew) On-site Inspection or Protest PDX, Friday, Dec. 2nd. 2005@11AM | report back from Fur Free Friday and Nov 26 fur protests | Dec 3 protest at Shumacher furs


03.12.2005 06:39
Police Murder Man with tazer in Longview
A man, possibly a Native American man from the Cowlitz tribe, was murdered by Longview police. He collapsed and died after being tazed by them. Police in Portland have used tasers, pepper spray, and projectile weapons for everything from "crowd control" (meaning oppressing people who were attempting to exercise first amendment rights) to "having a little fun" with street kids and homeless people. Someone should let them know that these are not toys. They are painful weapons of torture, and can be deadly.

Even small town America is not safe from this onslaught. In September of this year, we were stunned and horrified to learn that a Sandy police officer and a Clackamas County Sherrif used tasers to attack an injured and severaly burned young man who urgently needed medical attention. Rather than rendering aid, the officers tased him repeatedly, until he reacted by leaping up onto a patrol car in an effort to escape the torture. At that point, they shot 27 year old Fouad Kaady to death.

I hereby give notice to the Portland Police Bureau, who monitors this site with alarming frequency in their efforts to spy on the citizens of this community, that tasers kill. Pepper spray kills. Weapons of torture KILL. You are no longer authorized by the people of this community to use these weapons, and if you persist, consider this your notification of the dangers. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And if you do not stop, it will be time to arm ourselves in self defense against your predations.

comment:Word has it... He wasn't naked, but apparently was mentally ill, and the staff at the Cowlitz center where he was killed had called 911 because they felt that he needed to be transported to the hospital. Instead, police responded...and killed him. He was 39 years old. I think it's time to pass some sort of law preventing pigs from responding to calls meant to help people. Emergency calls should elicit the services of paramedics, fire fighters, or others who are capable of responding to emergencies without killing people...And we need to defend ourselves.


03.12.2005 06:17
An Open Letter to United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ)
Dear friends in United for Peace and Justice, Congratulations on organizing a very large demonstration in Washington, D.C. the weekend of September 24-25. The numbers and the resulting media coverage and visibility were indeed impressive. Having said that, we would like to share with you some fundamental political concerns of ours with:
  • the manner in which the mobilization was called,
  • what was and what was not included in the political message,
  • and how that was reflected in the way in which the organizing for the demonstrations happened on the ground.
A fact that was very well known to the national leadership of UFPJ - though they may deny it - is that the IMF and World Bank were meeting in Washington, D.C. the very same weekend that they called the anti-war march. By bringing attention to the IMF and World Bank meetings, we do not wish to make the claim that resisting the policies of these institutions is "more important" than demanding an end to the occupation of Iraq (and the occupations of Afghanistan, Haiti, and Palestine). The more important issue at stake here is the fundamental lack of solidarity of the leadership of important sections of the U.S. peace and justice movement with billions of poor people worldwide, overwhelmingly of color. It is imperative for that section of the U.S. peace and justice movement that works mainly on foreign policy issues to recognize that the damaging foreign policies of the U.S. are not solely about who this country bombs and occupies, but equally about who this country starves and exploits for the profit of multinational corporations. It is equally important that we recognize that exploitation extends to the environment, and that forests are clearcut, air and water polluted, and ecosystems destroyed every day to extend economic control.

The Politics of the Anti-War Movement & the Intractable Dilemma of ANSWER


01.12.2005 17:59
Trucks Blocked from Logging Giant Trees
In the pre-dawn hours Monday Nov. 28, two women put their bodies on the line for the ancient redwoods by locking themselves to gates and trucks entering the access roads leading to a controversial logging plan in Nanning Creek watershed outside Scotia, Calif., in Humboldt County. The women and supporters unfurled banners reading "Stop Maxxamum Greed/Save Nanning Grove," "Save Nanning Creek Ancient Forest," "Extinction is Forever" and "Save Scotia/Kick Maxxam Out."


A grove of ancient redwood trees, habitat to the endangered marbled murrelets, continues to be logged in Northern California near the town of Scotia. Wednesday, protesters attempted to block the gates at Maxxam corporation's Pacific Lumber Company when logging trucks were entering the site early in the morning. Unlike on Monday when logging trucks were turned away and loggers did not reach the grove, the effort was not successful due to lack of people power.


CFD/Native Forest Council film screening in Eugene | Giant Trees Are Falling As Court Ponders Appeal | Last Largest Unprotected Ancient Redwood Forest In the World Now Being Logged | PL starts cut in ancient redwoods and endangered species habitat | Down with Hurwitz, Maxxam Etc.


30.11.2005 05:50
Community Meeting on DFZ POLICY
Mayor Tom Potter will convene two meetings to receive community input about the current drug-free and prostitution-free zone ordinance. As a resident of the Lents neighborhood, I'm really interested to hear why Potter thinks an apartheid style DFZ stretching the length of 82ND avenue is a good idea. Considering how controversial these zones are, I really hope that others are there to point out how much these zones harm the communities they are enacted in.
  • Thursday, December 1st 6:30 to 8:30 P.M.
  • City Council Chambers
  • 1221 SW 4Th Avenue, Portland 97217


30.11.2005 05:42
Interview with Peter Young
Peter Young Peter Young was arrested March 21, 2005, after a seven year stint on the FBI's Wanted list for a string of fur farm raids. He was sentenced after this interview took place, on November 8th, 2005 to a two year prison term. Here he takes time to talk about his case, direct action, snitches, and what the future holds. For all the latest news on Peter's case and how to support him visit SupportPeter.com.


30.11.2005 05:33
Audio File: Report Back On Blumenauer Community Meeting
On Monday evening, November 28, 2005, Rep. Earl Blumenauer held a Community Meeting at Lewis and Clark college to gather public input concerning his recent Resolution to systematically withdraw troops from Iraq.

According to Blumenauer, the troops will be coming home next year. Through the evening he repeatedly stated that this would occur between 12 - 15 months. "".....the issue is how many, how fast, and what is going to be left on the ground....It's not enough to say that I was against it, and to be critical, but I think the notion of where we go from here..."

His comments were well thought out and, I believe, sincere. Some will agree, some will disagree with all or part of his position. But, personally, it is good to see someone stand up and make an effort to extricate our nation from it's present reckless path towards empire building. Not only reckless, but brutal and, for the most part, ineffectual.

Blumenauer's Website

Blumenauer On Iraq, RealPlayer
Blumenauer On Iraq. MP3


28.11.2005 21:57
Support our comrades at PCUN as they face the hostility of anti-immigrant groups.
Jobs with Justice / PCASC Action Alert: Support our comrades at PCUN as they face the hostility of anti-immigrant groups. Please join PCUN members, allies, and community members for a pro-immigrant rally when the Mexican Consulate comes to Woodburn, to help our companeros at PCUN who, on December 3rd, will be facing anti-immigrant intimidation and harassment outside their offices. PCUN is a farmworker union in Oregon that represents many immigrants.

Saturday, December 3, 9 am to Noon PCUN, 300 Young St, Woodburn, OR

Carpool from Portland: Meet at 616 SE Burnside at 8:00 am. Leave at 8:20 for Woodburn. Feel Free to bring signs and banners

Background: Immigrant communities around Oregon have faced intimidation and harrassment by the anti-immigrant group Oregonians for Immigration Reform, who has followed the Mexican Consulate around the state to protest issuance of Matricula cards - a card which is necessary identification for a Mexican national to be able to return home.

At a rally in support of the Minutemen in Salem last month, OFIR announced the protest in Woodburn. PCUN is calling on immigrant community members and allies to be present December 3 to send a strong and visible message that we value immigrants' contributions and that immigrants deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

If you plan on joining us, please be prepared to take a pledge of nonviolence.


28.11.2005 14:27
Videos from the Resistance
At 7pm tonight (Monday, November 28th), Videos from the Resistance will be showing at It's a Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont at about 33rd). Come in, get warm, eat pizza, and see what's new with the Resistance.
Showing this month:

Finding Common Ground: Straight from New Orleans, this video details the birth of the Common Ground Collective in the aftermath of the hurricane. Poor people and people of color in Louisianna had no illusions about any safety net to catch them after the storm, so even before the waters of Katrina subsided, they and progressive people from across the world came together in solidarity and mutual aid, to help each other. While FEMA foundered in indifference and bureaucracy, and the Red Cross cowered on the outskirts of town because it was "too dangerous" to go in there with all those black people, the people of Common Ground set up a health clinic, provided food and water to people in need, set up a pirate radio communications system, and rescued abandoned animals throughout the city of New Orleans. Their story, and the passionate words of former Black Panther Malik Rahim, who helped found Common Ground, are truly inspiring. (And for those who enjoy her work, there's a great cameo interview with Naomi Klein in there too.)

Too Small to Help: A short roasting of the pathetic job done by the Red Cross in New Orleans.

There will be other videos as well, possibly even an animal rights piece if rumor is to be believed.

See you there!


28.11.2005 09:36
info meeting: Volunteers needed for Dec. 10th WTO Protest
Over 30 organizations have come together to organize what we hope will be a massive rally and march in downtown Portland and a comprehensive teach-in about free trade. The Portland mobilization and march also commemorates International Human Rights Day, and will protest the erosion of workers' right to form unions.

Join a coalition of labor, environmental and community to say "No" to the WTO and "Yes" to the right to organize unions. From December 13-18, the World Trade Organization will meet in Hong Kong to implement anti-labor, anti-environmental, and anti-democratic policies. Widespread opposition has derailed these meetings in Seattle, WA in 1999 and in *Cancun, Mexico in 2003.

Two orientation meetings this week to find out more about the issues, what is being planned, and ways to plug in and volunteer.
Wednesday, November 30th 6:30 PM @ AFSCME Council 75, 6025 E. Burnside, Portland
Thursday, December 1st 6:20 PM - *film screening to follow @ the Clinton Street Theater, 522 SE Clinton St.

Come find out about the:

  • Protest on Saturday, December 10th
  • Teach-in on Saturday, December 17th
  • How you can plug in and volunteer
Comment: The positive alternative So-called "free" trade apologists will always try to put you down, saying that we can't just get rid of the WTO. These corrupt idiots think they can put you down just by asking you what your alternative is. Would you just stop international trade overnight, or what? It's like the opposition to Iraq withdrawal. DON'T LET THEM GIVE YOU THAT CRAP! There IS a positive program for global trade, and it's been on the table (although ignored by corporate media as well as by academia) since Seattle! The name of the alternative is the "Global Sustainable Development Resolution". Here's some good background on this issue from Rep.Peter DeFazio's web site



26.11.2005 17:18
Cascadia Political Prisoner Updates and Communiques
Message from Vegan Prisoner Stephen Marshall:
[10-27-05] "How you all doing? I'm in Multinomah County now awaiting trial on December 6th [along with co-defendant Charles Jordan]. Listen, I'm having some issues on my vegan diet - they are having trouble believing I'm vegan! I am asking if you could all send Multinomah County a couple letters regarding myself and my vegan diet. That would be a great help!" Full Story & a poem

Dispatch from Jeff "Free" Luers about Global Warming
[11-6-05 -- Jeff's Birthday is Dec 5th] "It's been a long time since I can remember being happy. It's been even longer since I can remember having hope. When I close my eyes, I can feel my heart breaking. A sadness dwells in my heart that I have never felt before. It goes beyond my comprehension. Tears build in my eyes when I see pictures of melting ice caps. I am so sad for us and for the kids in my life that will inherit the future. How did we let this happen? How could we destroy our home? Our world is going to change. Things we once took for granted will become scarce. It is already starting. We need NOW to start working toward self-sufficiency. Every community needs to start preparing..." Full Dispatch

Reportback from Raise A Ruckus for Rob Los Ricos Benefit:
[11-14-05] A million thanks to all who helped make the Nov 11 and 12 Portland, OR Raise @ Ruckus fundraisers a success! The Saturday night screening of Machetero and the post screening Q & A with Machetero director Vagabond once again provided much needed dialogue regarding direct action, violence, and revolutionary violence. We also got to address the old Machetero "gender issue" again... ". Full Story

Important Message from Brother Tre Arrow - Dec 5 deadline
[11-26-05] "Thank you to all who have written your letter to the Minister. For those who haven't written their letter yet...IT'S NOT TOO LATE! However, the time is now, please don't wait any longer. The submissions to the Minister are due by Dec. 5, so please write your letter ASAP, so he has your words of support to consider when making his decision." Full Message & Sample Letter

Peter Young's sentencing statement | Former Black Panthers Jailed for refusing to cooperate with SF Grand Jury | ALF activist Joshua Demmitt serving 2.5 years in Oregon Federal Prison | Portland IMC Prisons Page | Portland IMC Political Prisoners Page | ELP update on prisoners who have been moved, including current location of Peter Young |Vegan Prisoner Chris McIntosh goes to trial Dec 16th in Seattle

Dec 3rd International Day of Solidarity for Political Prisoners: Houston, TX | New York City | Bellingham, WA


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