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17.12.2005 09:57
Katrina’s Aftermath: The Catastrophe Continues
Katrina was not a natural disaster; it was and still is a social disaster. Katrina and its aftermath is the market at work for you. In the same period another disaster is taking place, the destruction of workers' living standards, retirement benefits and health care. United Airlines, Delphi, GM, the last vestiges of the gains made during the 1930's are being destroyed as the US capitalist class seeks its goal of "Full Spectrum Dominance", the right of capital to go anywhere and do what it likes, unhindered by any form of regulation and Unions. The vicious attacks on workers at GM and Delphi are not new by any means, but they are an indication of the increased confidence of the employers and their politicians, going after this section of the working class with such venom. Why shouldn't they? The Union leaders will not resist and the two political parties will assist them. | read more >>

Related: End Corporate Personhood Action Group to meet January 17th

Common Ground collective reports: No account of what is occurring here can be given without a brief review of the stunning reality on the ground. The scale and scope of the destruction is really not possible to grasp if you have not driven the streets here. There are over a hundred thousand cars that will never drive again that have yet to be moved-they are in all manner of disarray- on curbs, upside down, in front lawns and perhaps most eerily- parked right where they were left when their drivers suddenly fled more than 3 months ago. There are currently 1.3 million households from the Gulf Coast still residing elsewhere. Bodies are still found every day. Vast areas sit festering, powerlines strewn across streets, trees sliced right through houses, two story homes crushed to the height of their front door. Tens of thousands of homes are filled with rotting furniture, warped floors and swollen drywall. | read more >>


16.12.2005 00:34
Boise Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting receives huge turnout
On Monday, December 12th, the Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA) held its monthly general meeting. The group convened at the Albina Youth Opportunity School at 7pm. The agenda included topics such as: Improvements at Unthank Park, the Drug Free Zone in our neighborhood, and the Mississippi Lofts project on North Mississippi. At its peak, the meeting held nearly 70 residents of the Boise Neighborhood.

As the legend goes, the BNA has faced meetings of ten people or less, just within the past year. Over the last several months, attendance has steadily increased bringing us to the totals that we saw at the December meeting. This meeting brought out folks who have just moved to Boise, folks who have lived their entire lives here, people who swore they would never attend another neighborhood meeting, and people who just found out that the BNA exists. Not to mention, the people who have faithfully attended meetings month after month, without fail. The response from BNA Board members: "We want more!"

Previous Article: Boise Neighborhood Association Monthly Community Meeting


15.12.2005 14:10
Rod Coronado and Matt Crozier Found Guilty
The jurys verdict came back yesterday afternoon guilty on all three charges for both defendants (Rod Coronado and Matt Crozier). Specifically, Rod and Matt were found guilty in federal court of:

Felony conspiracy to interfere with or injure a government official (max 7 years)
Misdemeanor interference with or injury to a forest officer (max 6 months)
Misdemeanor depredation (theft or destruction or the attempt to do so) of government property (max 1 year).

Remember, all three charges relate to an Earth First! campaign to prevent mountain lions from being captured or killed by hunters in Tucson, Arizona in March 2004. For details about the trial, including the way the prosecution alleged that using the media as part of a campaign now constitutes conspiracy and intimidation, visit www.azef.org (newest updates will be posted in the next day or two). In the next few weeks, we will release a statement about the political ramifications of this trial and what it means for direct-action organizers around the country.


15.12.2005 13:56
First 2 days of action against the WTO in Hong Kong
Some really excellent coverage is coming out of hong kong by independent journalists and activists. As many predicted the WTO will likely fail once again due to pressure exerted by activists on the ministerial. There are some truly excellent first-hand reports being written by people engaged in the events. Here are a few that I enjoyed.

Collection of 20 videos from WTO Hong Kong available on indytorrents.org

I packaged up the videos currently available from http://swtop.blogspot.com covering the first couple of days of WTO protests in Hong Kong as well as some of the events before hand. This includes video from the "No WTO : Stop Collusion between Government & Business" Rally, the "Stop WTO! Mourn for the Dealth!" Action, an interview about the police raid of the Indonesian Migrant Worker's Union (IMWU), video of Korean farmers and their shrine to Lee Kyung-hae, activists entering the conference center, and of course video of police violence (riot porn, though pretty tame by US standards).

NO WTO, Teach-in this Saturday in Portland

Please join over 15 local labor, environmental, and community organizations for a teach-in:
Saturday, December 17
10 am-4 pm
Koinonia House (633 SW Montgomery, Portland).


15.12.2005 13:47
Senator James Inhofe: Top Terrorist Threat to Planet Earth
With gavel grasped in his greedy clutches, Inhofe is the Senator Joseph McCarthy of the day. Whereas McCarthy presided over the Red Scare of the 1950s that attacked "communists" as threats to national security, Inhofe spearheads the Green Scare of our day that vilifies "ecoterrorists" as a menace to the American Way. As McCarthy chaired the powerful House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), Inhofe lords over the influential Environment and Public Works Committee. What McCarthy did to civil liberties, Inhofe seeks to revive, as he updates McCarthy's persecutorial policies for the current era locked in struggle over the rights of nature. Ultimately, however, Inhofe is far more menacing than his fascist predecessor Joseph McCarthy, as Inhofe's offenses against democracy and the constitution extend to crimes against nature and all future species who require a viable planet to live.


13.12.2005 21:29
Chelsea Gerlach Preliminary Hearing Notes
Just got back from the preliminary hearing for Chelsea Gerlach related to charges from 2 incidents : The Bonneville Tower in Bend, OR and arson at Childers Meat Co, both in 1999.

This was not an arraignment, as Chelsea has already plead not guilty on all charges at an arraignment last week (and since the charges weren't read today, I don't know what they are). This hearing dealt with her detention pending trial.

Chelsea's Federal public defender (I'm sorry I didn't get his name) cross-examined a federal agent, Paul Caldwell (agency unknown), based on a sworn affadavit previously submitted to the court. Caldwell testified that a confidential informant (referred to as CS1) had admitted to involvement at the Childer's Meat Company arson, and stated that someone going as "Country Girl" had acted as lookout with a handheld radio. Defense counsel asked Caldwell, "Has the Government made any promises to CS1 in exchange for info?" Caldwell replied that he was "not aware of the specifics". read more >>

A statement from the family of Chelsea Gerlach

A statement of love and support from the family of Chelsea Gerlach, a wrongly accused suspect of eco-vandalism.
In these normally joyous days before Christmas, our family has been gripped by the loss of our sister and daughter who has been suddenly and wrongfully incarcerated. We are both disturbed and baffled by the charges brought against her, as well as by the images presented in the press of a radical Chelsea Gerlach hardened by crime and malfeasance. The person we know and love is incapable of such acts and we have absolutely no reason to believe in her criminal involvement in these cases.

Though we have been kept in the dark by a legal system that tells us little about the status of our beloved sister and daughter, we have the utmost confidence that the federal courts will vindicate Chelsea and that these ludicrous charges will be dropped. read more >>


13.12.2005 02:16
Tookie interferes with CIA crack cocaine distribution

Despite the years of Tookie's efforts and success at preventing youth (150,00+) from joining steet gangs, Nazi Actor Arnold in Sacramento seems determined to end the life of this former gangster turned peacemaker. Maybe the CIA needs young African-americans to work for them and continue distributing crack-cocaine and automatic weapons in urban neighborhoods.

Stanley Tookie Willaims directly interfered with the CIA crack-cocaine importers when he wrote books and lectured to youth to avoid joining gangs. However many (150,000) young people Tookie has reached and have as a result changed their minds about joining street gangs are not going to be working (indirectly) for the CIA in distributing crack cocaine in working class neighborhoods in LA and elsewhere.. read more >>

California to execute Williams tonight!!

California will execute Stan Tookie Williams at midnight tonight. The Governor of our neighbor state to the south, the very man who ordered the word Rehabilitation added to the Department of Corrections name, denied Williams request for clemency this afternoon. If Tookie Williams is not rehabilitated, no one can ever be. After a violent youth in South Central LA, Williams admitted Co-founding the Crips street gang, An organization that has spread violence across this country. He was also convicted of four murders, though he claims he is innocent of those crimes. Since being sentenced to death for the murders, Williams has turned his life around, writing childrens books and advising young people to avoid gangs. He has attempted to negotiate truces between rival gangs from his prison cell. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 5 times.

The execution is scheduled for 12:01 am tuesday at San Quentin Prison outside San Francisco, CA. Many people are already taking to the streets to protest this miscarriage of justice, both for Tookie Williams and for and end to the barbaric practice of capital punishment nationwide. Rallies are planned in cities all over America this evening. read more >>


12.12.2005 09:11
Earth/Animal Grand Jury Roundup
no grand jury

Before dawn, this morning, two FBI agents from the Eugene office and several state police officers came to Southern Oregon to subpoena Suzanne Savoie, to appear before a federal grand jury on February 16, 2005 in Eugene...They told Savoie that if she didn't start giving them information she would take the fall for all the men they said were involved. They said women usually take the fall for men and that she shouldn't let that happen. They showed Savoie four named photos of men who they said were the "bombmakers" and that they wanted her to give information about them. The FBI also used the usual tactics of threatening 60 years in jail to intimidate Savoie.

...they tracked down [Jonathan Paul] on highway 238 about 50 miles from here. He was in a van returning from work with several other individuals. He saw a BLM law enforcement vehicle followed by the Jeep SUV carrying the same two FBI agents approaching from the opposite direction. The BLM vehicle made a u-turn and turned on his overhead lights and promptly went off the road into a ditch and remained there while the FBI vehicle turned and followed the vehicle Jonathan was riding in. Many miles later, the van had to stop to drop off a couple of the occupants and the FBI opened the door of the van and asked Jonathan if he was "JP". Jonathan replied "who's asking". Agent Lorin flashed his badge and served the subpoena.

At least 5 people have publicly stated that they have received subpeonas to a Eugene grand jury. Are there more? | addresses for recent USA eco-justice arrestees on remand | Police informants in the Round-up

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MEDIA ACTIVISM 12.12.2005 02:56
Portlanders critique media coverage of Dec. 10 events

Well, having read here about the demonstrations and other actions about time here, and only here, I proceeded (as an experiment) to check the local "news" broadcasts, to see what their take was on what was/had happened in Stumptown today. Nothing. Absolutely fucking NOTHING happened in Portland today. So, they had to fill the time with a review of Chronicles of Narnia (Again!), and weather. No interest in those protesting, those arrested, or the reasons for such actions. No "in depth" look at the issues surrounding wearing dead animals to highlight your personal shallowness, or World Trade, or Solidarity. Nothing about the woman who was assaulted by a cop, or the others who were arrested for the crime of being in the area. No fuckin news today.

Does anyone here STILL turn to the corporate infotainment tube to learn the truth of what is happening? It will rot your brain.

Oh, and don't bother telling them, THEY KNOW. I spent hours talking with several "reporters," who readilly admit that they come here to get their news, and sometimes they are able to run some of it past their corporate masters.

additional contributions:

  • In Portland, 2000-2500 people march down the streets of downtown against the WTO, the police officers assault someone, and what does the media cover? The lurking "problem" of prostitution in SE Portland. Wow. And someone jumped off the Sellwood bridge after a police chase. How exciting! 2500 people may have marched downtown, people were arrested trying to stand up for labor rights, and...that's more important?
  • I have double-checked for the impression we have of a corporate news black-out. Google News and Yahoo News searches show NOTHING about the Portland anti-WTO demos or any other local demos in the U.S. EXCEPT that Yahoo News search takes me to the Beta Blog search, which lists Indymedia links, mostly Portland Indymedia! (I tried many combinations like "WTO demonstrations San Francisco" and others.)
  • Another prime example of the lack of journalism is the "coverage" given to yesterday's protests downtown. There was NO mention of any of it on the infotainment shows or so-called 'news' stations. I sent the Indy articles to a friend who was shocked to know that all of that was going on in her city and she was clueless. Needless to say, she will be looking on Indy for news from now on.
  • I was requested to check, and if there was any coverage on any of the channels, to record it for those who were able to be the news. There was NO coverage on any "local" channel. Instead, between inane, and insane attempts to hold the commercials together, we had a review of Narnia, couple of "stories" taken from national infotainment during the week, a lot of giggling, and of course, the obligatory dead hero, home from Iraq story.

[ Local "news?" | On local broadcast media & (lack of) coverage ]
portland indymedia dec 10 coverage


12.12.2005 02:35
was Carlos Rubio the first settled score of 2005 for Sandy Police?

Tantalyzing rumours of sinister dealings on the part of Sandy Police in the demise of 20 year old Carlos Rubio beg exploration.

Does in fact, there exist, possible information about the demise of Carlos Rubio and "...at least 2 others besides..." amongst the "..old timers.." around Sandy, Oregon? Is this information not possibly known to others whose identity could avoid being revealed? Indy people being the resourceful people they are, might they not be able to devise a way for those with info to share it and stay shielded.


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12.12.2005 01:46
Police Riot at Schumachers

After the anti-WTO protest had ended, 40 of us went to go to Schumacher Furs. Some of us had previously been there, and we went back to get more people. We were followed by at least twenty cops. As we arrived at Schumachers Furs, many of us were angry. We screamed at the top of our lungs chants against fur. This was all happening while the Schumacher people were laughing inside and trying to take pictures of us. We became nervous when the riot police came. In a split second the police just randomly started attacking us. Great job mayor Potter, you are now making the police system as bad as it was back in the Vera Katz days, something you promised you would change.

Mostly all of us were dressed in black. We were sick of the amount of profiling that happens during protests, so most all of us were also wearing bandannas. The energy in that crowd was unimaginable, we were quite determined. The police laughed and watched us from a distance as we peacefully assembled. Then, all of a sudden, Officer Lee and his cronies interjected with the protest and told us all to clear a path. We did what he said, but that was just not enough for the pig. We asked him why he cared so much about us having a foot in their property, while here you have a much larger issue when the Schumacher people were giving people death threats. They gave us some bullshit answer, but we knew they were there just to protect the rich. [ read more ]

Mesomorphic Pigs Attack Women, Men, and Children in the Name of Profit

Officer Elmore will soon be resurrecting his role as riot porn star for the Videos from the Resistance. Because, in fact, officer Elmore is a mesomorphic asshole who has too many anger issues to allow him to make a living doing anything other than cop or possibly contract worker in Iraq. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up.

I attended the demonstration today, in solidarity with workers across the world. While there, I noticed a roving pod of riot police sticking closely to the black bloc. Officers Cox and Ismail seemed to be loaded for bear from the beginning -- cajoling and insulting people in the crowd. (Usually, the cops seem more like robots than human beings. It's unusual to hear so much nasty conversation from them.)

In any event, officers grew increasingly frustrated by their inability to figure out what the bloc was up to. It looked to me like the yellow-and-black pod had some inkling that something was up, and tried desperately to locate the ever-chimerical "Leader" of the bloc. In and out and around the crowd they wove, but the bloc continually shifted and changed and slipped through their fingers. In the end, they completely failed to notice as the bloc melted out of the crowd and went elsewhere. Where, you ask? [ read more ]


PORTLAND SAYS NO TO THE WTO 11.12.2005 01:42
12.10 PDX Human Rights/WTO rally & pics

About 600-1000 unionist, anti-WTO/FTAA, imagrants-rights, and kids, mothers, anarchists, environmentalists, brothers, daughters, liberals, families, anti-capitalists, farm workers, and cops came to downtown Portland to oppose the WTO, support opposition in Hong Kong, march for union rights, decry the capitalist state and the republican federal government, sing, chant, shuffle, and charge a down-town office building. Some organizers read off of large report cards describing the voting record of state representatives to the US congress on issues of right to organize, immigration, the environment, and fair trade.


Speakers and Photogs from Human Rights Day March and Rally
Today, December 10, 2005, Human Rights Day, the Portland community took to the streets, demonstrating an immense solidarity with labor, the environment and human rights. The message was a resounding NO to the World Trade Organization, who will be meeting next week in Hong Kong, and YES to the rights of workers to organize. he crowd, which, in my estimation eventually topped 1000, gathered at the World Trade Center at SW First and Salmon in downtown Portland, enthusiastically listened to some brief speeches and then marched to various predetermined places in the city for more remarks from labor, environment and social justice speakers.


Brief Report, Photos from Today's March
In what may have been the largest labor or global justice protests in Portland in decades, nearly 3,000 people took to the streets today to say No to the WTO and YES to the right to organize! The day started with a brief rally denouncing the WTO and the corporate trade agenda at Gordon Smith's office, with speeches from PCUN's Ramon Ramirez and others. Despite the cold weather, thousands of people gathered for the rally, then the large crowd took to the streets. The march stopped outside the National Labor Relations Board office, where Stewart Acuff, organizing director of the national AFL-CIO, gave a rowsing speech, urging the crowd to support the right to organize unions.


PLDN Updates: [ PLDN one arrest 5th and Clay/ Dec 10th demo | PLDN Permitted march for dec 10th over PROTEST HAS MOVED 2 more arrests | PLDN, 20 in front of Justice Center, 1 more arrest, woman assaulted by police | Update from Portland Legal Defense Network | Update from Portland Legal Defense Network ]

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09.12.2005 03:24
Portland Says NO to the WTO!!! YES to the Right to Organize!

A coalition of over 50 organizations invites you to Join us in the streets as we stand in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and around the world in the struggle against free trade and corporate globalization. Join us as we demand the right to organize unions!!

This Saturday December 10th at NOON
March begins at SW First and Salmon! [ more ]

Jail Support/ Legal Number for Sat. 503-295-6400 - Please write down our number and carry it with you. We encourage folks to video tape EVERYTHING. We would love to see your video after Sat. Even if you think you did not shoot anything important, you may have. Feel free to call us from the street if tension mounts and folks are getting arrested. Call us if you get a ticket for jaywalking or are threatened with a citation for not giving your name. Remember that shit often goes down as things are dispersing. If you are an organizer or are perceived as "a leader" you may be followed after an event. [ more ]

Queer Solidarity - Saturday, Dec 10th at Waterfront Park - This Saturday is Human Rights Day. As queers, we have an obligation to make our voices heard and to stand up for ourselves. We will be marching alongside the anti-WTO rally as a show of solidarity and to create awareness for ourselves. This Saturday's rally will also be in opposition to the upcoming WTO meetings taking place in Hong Kong. Along with it's anti-democratic, anti-union and anti-environmental policies, the WTO represents a significant threat to the queer community. [ more ]

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portland indymedia wto hong kong action page


08.12.2005 17:55
Condemn PGE--We Can Do It!!

PGE is one vote away from being condemned by the Portland City PGE is one vote away from being condemned by the Portland City Council. Sten and Leonard are both onboard. Call or email Mayor Potter and Sam Adams to let them know that you want them to condemn PGE.

PGE has been playing its coy, covert game of deceiving and ripping off Portland ratepayers long enough. This latest round of revelations on their tax ripoff is just one example of what lengths they are going to. The whole pro-growth, pro-destruction power elites in Portland and Oregon want to keep PGE out of the control of the public because they know that this could spell the downfall of the whole corporate, venture-capital, farmland grab scamming machine. But we are only one city council vote away from the City of Portland condemning PGE and thus putting it into public hands.

read more and take action >>

PGE Seeking to Dismiss Class Action Suit For Charging Tax They Didn't Pay

In response to a class action lawsuit filed against Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) in February 2005, PGE in October 2005 announced it would remove a charge from all of its electric bills to customers in Multnomah County. That is the charge labeled "Multnomah County tax," which PGE claimed to represent the Multnomah County Business Income Tax (MCBIT) it was paying to Multnomah County. In fact, while PGE has charged ratepayers in Multnomah County over $7 million for this "tax" since 1997, PGE in fact has paid less over that entire period than a total of $4,000 to Multnomah County for the MCBIT tax, and its parent Enron has apparently paid nothing at all.

Judge John Wittmayer of the Multnomah County Circuit Court will hear argument on PGE's motions to dismiss this case on Monday, December 12, at 11:00 a.m.

read more and take action >>


08.12.2005 17:51
November Again Month of Many Demonstrations
Last month had a very diverse mixture of demonstrations from the ever growing military recruiting stations, to the annual protest for the closing of the School of the Americas where an estimated 20,000 held an all day rally.

As President Bush (as well as other members of his administration) traveled the country and the world, they were met with protesters in every stop. Crowds of many thousands raised their fists and signs on his tour of Asian and South American cities.


08.12.2005 17:50
Portland Tribune: Taxpayers Should Subsidize More New Roads, Houses, and Pollution
n recent weeks the Portland Tribune, particularly through articles penned by the once-progressive Jim Redden, has been serving as a vehicle of unchallenged propaganda promulgated by the Portland area's massive growth machine--which itself is owned and operated by the most influential, elite leaders in big business and new construction, such as Don Morrisette, poster boy for the Home Builders Association, Portland Business Alliance's CEO Susan McDonough, and big-business attorney Jay Waldron of Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt.

The growth machine's propaganda goes like this: It's inevitable that the region's population will keep increasing, so we have to keep creating more jobs and keep building more houses and roads in order to ensure that the region's population will keep increasing. Tacked on to this circular argument is the threat that the machine's operators have been holding over our heads, also utterly false and absurd: If we don't keep spending our tax dollars on ensuring that the region's population and consumption will keep increasing, and if we don't keep subsidizing the building of more houses, roads and other new structures, our economy and livability will suffer even more than they already have been suffering because of the last two decades of precipitous growth.


07.12.2005 21:19
Grand Jury Targets Portland Activists
photos from grand jury protest Two Portland activists, Frank Winbigler and Shannon (Nonny) Urick, were today served with papers ordering them to be a witness for a federal Grand Jury, and were also advised that they are both a target of the Grand Jury's investigation. Nonny and Frank both have a long history of human, animal and environmental activism. The Grand Jury is scheduled for 3/16/06 in Eugene, Oregon. In Oregon and elsewhere, there will be organized opposition to the Grand Jury. It is essential that we support Frank, Nonny and all individuals attacked by FBI fishing expeditions. More information will follow in the coming days. [ read the full article... ]

Two Portland residents were approached in a cafe today by 3 FBI agents, 1 agent from Homeland Security, and an Oregon Sheriff. They were given grand jury subpoenas and told that the FBI either had, or were hoping to, make several arrests. The only other information available right now is that the subpoena's may be related to a fire at a Poplar tree farm, and that one of the agents present, Millicent "Millie" Tompa, is from Minnesota and has previous experience harassing animal rights activists. Keep your heads up and let people know to be alert.

I (shannon (nonny) urick) and frank winbigler were the 2 people given supoenas today as we were leaving pho jasmine restaurant in portland,oregon. we are ordered to testify at a grand jury in eugene on march 16. we were also given letters advising us that we are both targets of the grand jury. any information on others who were either arrested or supoenaed would be greatly appreciated.

I (Jennifer Adrian) was also served a subpeona today, December 7, 2005. I was approached at my workplace by two FBI agents, and was told that many arrests had been made across the country today for animal rights actions. I was also told that many other people were talking, and was pressured to "come clean" for my own good. When I insisted on talking to an attorney, I was issued a subpeona for a Grand Jury set for the same date as the one listed for the other people mentioned here.

read more: [ Heads up - FBI and Homeland security prowling for OR Enviros, AR activists | Feds Target Earth/Animal Activists Across the Country ]


07.12.2005 02:59
report back from Fur Free Friday and Nov 26 fur protests
Approximately 100 protestors and their dogs marched in defense of fur bearing animals on Friday November 25. The march went for a mile and a half, and included stops at Schumacher Furs, Nicholas Ungar Furs, Nordstrom, Meier and Frank, Saks 5th Avenue, and J. Crew (who has only just this week agreed to stop selling fur, due to protest pressure). Protestors handed out fliers, chanted, and spoke to onlookers about the ways that animals are used and abused so that fur hags can realize their cruel vision of status and fashion.

On-lookers learned about the millions of wild animals who are trapped, drowned, and beaten to death each year for their fur. And the millions more (including mink, which, despite what the fur industry claims, are wild animals) who are kept in barren wire cages, endure extremes of temperature, lack of veterinary care, and are killed by poisoning, neck breaking, or anal or vaginal electrocution. Many westerners are surprised to learn that dogs and cats are also used for fur (although these products are generally mislabeled in the US), and about the callous practice of skinning animals alive.
(Learn more about fur and see videos at:  http://www.furisdead.com).


07.12.2005 02:10
The Gates Of Hell

I have been listening to all the arguments about staying the course, leaving now, or some combination of these concepts. I have come to realize that this president has led our military to the gates-----no, not the gates, into the pits of hell. We cannot get out and we cannot stay in Iraq.

The most potent argument about bringing the troops home is that this was an illegal, immoral and ill-conceived war; it must stop now. We have spent over two thousand American lives, hundreds of billions of dollars, our reputation damaged and our country ripped apart. The cost to the Iraqis is staggering; as many as 100,000 civilians may have been killed by our invasion and the continuing battles in the cities and towns throughout Iraq. Torture, lies, corruption is at every level of the new government. Our military is overextended, we should get out now or as soon as possible. [ read more ]

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07.12.2005 01:41
Large Demos Globally Against Bush Admin's Climate Policy
Montreal, Dec. 3 - Saturday saw an estimated 7,000 people holding signs which read "(Bush) Wanted: for crimes against the planet", "Time is running out", and "You are not alone on this planet". They gathered at the United Nations Summit for Climate Change where the delegates are reviewing and updating the Kyoto Protocol.

Protests in solidarity with the Montreal group were held in 32 countries around the world including London where 10,000 took to the streets demanding that the US join in the effort to lower her CO2 pollution levels.

www.climatecrisiscoalition.org | www.climateimc.org


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