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01.02.2006 04:14
Uranium Found in Salmon Habitat
Hanford, Wash. - Independent analysis has confirmed uranium waste contaminating sediments in the Columbia River. This confirmation comes from joint sampling by the Washington state Department of Ecology and The RadioActivist Campaign, a non-profit, public-interest project.

Ecology and the project collected four samples from the Hanford Reach riverbed in September 2004. Ecology submitted the samples to independent laboratories for uranium-233 analysis. After reviewing Ecology's data, the project now reports the confirmation of uranium-233 in Columbia River sediments.



01.02.2006 04:11
Saint Patrick’s Four
The date is March 17, 2003. St. Patrick's Day and just two days before U.S. bombs began raining down on Baghdad, 40 year-old Teresa Grady, her older sister Clare, Daniel Burns and Vietnam veteran Peter De Mott decided to take action against the impending illegal Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.

The group of Catholic Workers from Ithaca, New York, known as the "St. Patrick's Four," entered an Army-Marine Recruiting Center and poured their blood on the walls, recruiting posters and an American flag in an act of non-violent civil resistance to what they knew already was to be the first of countless violations of international law the Bush Administration would commit during their invasion and occupation of sovereign Iraq.

"We are about caring for the poor, needy and disenfranchised," Teresa told me two days ago when I asked her to sum up what the Catholic Worker movement was about, "We do this while confronting the political and economic structures that cause poverty."

It had already been a long day, as Teresa had earlier sat through her sister's sentencing - six months in a federal prison.


01.02.2006 04:02
1st Person Accounts of GenoaG8 Diaz Raid Trials Has Made UK IMC
pic of raid of diaz school convergence space

Wherever they are held, the G8 summits, the meetings of the 8 most powerful industrial nations, have a history of attracting campaigners and protestors from all over the world. There are the hard line protestors who believe that unless protest is radical (and for some violent) that nothing will be achieved, there are those who approach the situation with powerful humour and ironic messages such as The Clown Army at the recent G8 meeting in Scotland and those who subscribe to policies of non-violence. However I would argue that this is a simplistic view. At a forum where emotions run high and policing is tough and often intimidatory, any individual whatever their views can be caught up in situations designed by the authorities to contain, stamp out or prematurely end demonstrations. Reports at spike-online.com at the time of the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001 point out that "Condemning the 'mindless violence' of anti-capitalist protestors lets everybody off the hook - protestors and authorities alike." The G8 in Genoa saw arguably the worst violence of all summits, including one demonstrator shot dead. The right wing government at that time had an agenda of repression, intolerance and a determination to totally crush demonstrations. Finally 4 years later they now have a case to answer for the violence inflicted on many attendees at the Genoa G8 meeting in 2001.. [ read more ]

[ Diaz School Raid: Some G8 Genoa Links | ITALY, the Genova G8 trial: protesters were beaten and tortured during the "Chilean night" ]


31.01.2006 04:14
"State of Emergency" protest

On Tuesday the 31st of January there will be a public protestation of discontent over the "State of the Union." Citizens from Portland and across the nation will be voicing their concerns over President Bush's actions at home and abroad. In addition, they will be offering solutions to many of the very real problems that the President is unlikely to address in his speech to the nation.

The World Can't Wait campaign here in Portland will rally at Pioneer Square at 4:00pm on January 31st. Those in attendance will demonstrate to the citizens of Portland that our Nation is in a "state of Emergency." They will also demand that "BUSH STEP DOWN." [ read more ]

J31 Protest To-Do List

Hey all you drones, tomorrow is your time to actually make something of your life. You all need to stand the fuck up. Don't be intimidated and don't take no for an answer. Tomorrow there will be a BIG protest at the square at 4 o clock. Here is something you should keep in mind before going to the protest.

Contacts to keep in mind: The legal support number is 503 295 6400. Do not be afraid to call them, they are there for you. If you see someone get arrested, if you see the police being violent, and if you just want to know your rights, call them. To connect with the Indymedia radio, who will be there all protest, call 503-715-0994. They are good for information, and they will be more than happy to hear your story. Remember, make a lot of noise, get the message out, and be safe! [ read more ]


31.01.2006 03:54
Kaady: Policy NOT followed

There's been a lot of discussion here re: the CCSO review panel's decision about Foaud Kaady and about police policies and procedures.

But what hasn't been examined very thoroughly (though a couple of comments did mention it) is that the police did NOT follow all policies and procedures in FK's case. Careful reading of the Sandy Post's article misleading titled "Board: Kaady shooters followed protocol" which appeared on January 25, 2006 clearly shows this. Why, even the headline for the continuation of the article on page 8A states: "Kaady: Questions about shotgun use remain." [ read more ]

Fouad Kaady Anti-Police Violence Demonstration

When: Saturday, February 11th, noon
Where: Clackamas County Sheriff's Office -- Kaen Rd in Oregon City (near the Clackamas County Jail).
Bus Route: #33 trimet route -- for those coming from pdx who do not drive

As you may recall, Fouad Kaady was tortured and killed by officers from the Sandy police department and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (CCSO). Mr. Kaady was badly injured and in shock when he was approached by police last September. They demanded that he lay face down on the ground. Because he was so badly hurt, he was unable to immediately comply. Officers then proceeded to tase him in what can only be described as torture. When he finally responded by jumping up in a daze and leaping onto a police car, they shot him to death. Both officers later admitted that they knew, at the time, that he was unarmed. (Please see http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332345.shtml for further details.) [ read more ]


31.01.2006 02:43
Schumacher Furs Protest Report, January 28
In business since 1896, the Schumachers still don't seem to be able to figure out an ethical way of making a living. But perhaps 110 years of cruelty and getting rich by exploiting those weaker and unable to speak up for themselves is coming to an end.

We think Portland is better than this. Fur loses its appeal when people learn the truth about the fur trade.

One of Schumacher's employees admitted that Schumacher gets fur from China. Most of the world's fur (85%) comes from China, where video evidence has shown animals slammed headfirst onto pavement, their backs, necks, and paws broken but leaving them still conscious while the skin is ripped from their bodies. See the reality of the fur industry for yourself at  http://www.furisdead.com Fur is an unregulated industry: as far as animal cruelty goes, anything goes.


31.01.2006 02:33
Bringing The War To Hillary
January 27, 2006 Portland, OR-Grassroots activists presented a united, determined front against Hillary Clinton's support for the Iraq War at a Democratic Party fundraiser for her 2006 Senate campaign. Code Pink chapters from Portland and Eugene teamed up with the Eugene Civil Resisters to upstage and disrupt her speech to the Party faithful in the ballroom of the Portland Hilton Executive Tower, and grabbed the headlines by putting her on the spot about her support for funding the war.

Our intention was to present the strongest possible message against funding the brutal and immoral war in Iraq to Hillary and the mainstream media in a peaceful and humorous way that would convey the message in the most effective manner.

Five activists from Portland and six from Eugene purchased $50 tickets for the political pep rally that was billed as support for her Senate re-election, and was to include appearances by Governor Ted Kulongoski, Senator Ron Wyden, and Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Darlene Hooley, David Wu, and Peter Defazio, with 1000 tickets available for the standing only affair.


31.01.2006 02:20
Yippie, Stew Albert: RIP

Stew Albert, a leading member of the "Youth International Party" (Yippie!,) an unindicted co-conspirator in the infamous Chicago 1968 "Conspiracy Trial," an instigator of People's Park and so much more - died today.

Albert had incurable and inoperable liver cancer, but his belief in a better world and his unfaltering activism, kept him busy until the very last moments of his life. On January 30, 2003, the following notice was posted on his weblog: [ http://stewa.blogspot.com ]

>> Day in the Life: Stew died today, January 30, 2003 at 3:20 a.m, age 66. Peacefully, in his sleep, surrounded by Judy, Jessica and his many friends. Funeral services this Wednesday, Feb. 1 at Havurah Shalom in Portland. More will be posted.<< [ read more ]

just a personal hero.

Stew passed away early this morning after a heroic battle with liver cancer. A service will be held on Wednesday, February 1, at 1:00 at the Havurah Shalom at 825 NW 18th Ave in Portland, Oregon . Some of his last words were that "his politics had not changed". Rememberances can be sent to Planned Parenthood in Portland or the Rosenberg Fund for Children. [ read more ]

Revolutionary activist and YIPPIE founder STEW ALBERT 1939-2006

He threw and burned money at the new york stock exchange, he levatated the pentagon,he fought in the streets of chicago during the 68 democractic convention, he helped build people's park, he was beaten, he did time,and then he ran for SHERRIF against evil frank madigan in 1970 and almost won. He and other YIPPIES made ties and helped organize with groups such as S.D.S, S.N.C.C.,the black panthers, the young lords,the G.L.F., the weathermen and others. He was a true servant to the PEOPLE and a good friend, til the end. Stew died early monday morning after fighting a brave battle with liver cancer.

His will be an immense loss to all who knew him and all who didn't get a chance. The service will be on Wednesday, February 1, at 1:00 at the Havurah Shalom synagog at 825 NW 18th Ave in Portland, Oregon [ read more ]


31.01.2006 02:16
Governor Hopefuls Live in Studio Feb. 1

Join a special live one-hour broadcast with Green Party Nominee Candidates Ed Winslow and Joe Keating on Wednesday Feb. 1 starting at 3:45pm.

We will be taking your phone calls and AOL Instant Messages [PORTLANDIMCRADIO] on a wide range of topics from running a third party campaign to protecting Oregon's natural resources and personal freedoms. After the interview, Ed and Joe will be appearing at a Green Party Town Hall meeting at Multnomah Co. Central Library in Portland starting at 6pm. [ read more ]

Pacific Green Party candidate forum this Wednesday

Pacific Green Party candidates for governor Joe Keating and Ed Winslow will face off in a town hall forum this Wednesday February 1st at 6pm in downtown Portland at the Central Library in the US bank room. Both candidates will take questions from the audience about their candidacy for governor.

This is a great opportuntity for people to learn more about the two excellent Pacific Green party candidates for governor. For the first time in the history of the PGP, we have a contested nomination. [ read more ]


JOIN THE RESISTANCE 30.01.2006 13:42
Videos from the Resistance Tonight!

What: Videos
Where: It's A Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont, about 33rd)
When: Tonight (Monday, January 30th) at 7pm
Why: Because a Picture is Worth a Thousand Police-State Denials

No Cover as always, because capitalism is gross.

Expect an exciting show tonite at IBP. Lots of great videos to show. [ read the schedule ]

video details: [ SHAC 7 video to show at VFTR Monday night | Anti-WTO Solidarity Video to Show | Portland Police Surveillance Video to be Released to Public by PDX Indy Video Collective ]


30.01.2006 03:25
Tillamook elk hunt called off
roosevelt elk image from dfw.state.or.us On January 24th, the Indy community was alerted to a small article from an obscure coastal newspaper, concerning a demented plan to "thin" the elk population in and around Tillamook, to "solve problems caused by a proliferating herd of Roosevelt elk by killing as few of the animals as possible." Supposedly, the poor animals had been damaging fences and property adjacent to the airport, and the stormwater drainage system. The story was also carried in some form on some of the t.v. stations.

Being thus alerted to yet another ill conceived bureaucratic scheme to "solve" one problem at the expense of living creatures, many here at Indymedia (I do not suppose that we were alone) chose to commence a telephone and email blitz of all the commercial interests in and about the Tillamook area that might be affected by an intended boycott, should they actually continue this plan.

This morning [ January 26 ] at 912 a.m, responding to one of our earlier messages, The Port of Tillamook Bay emailed us, advising that the hunt had been called off. | read more >>

Tillamook Elk Slaughter This Saturday | Stop the Elk Slaughter | Elk Hunt Cancelled!


29.01.2006 08:43
Report from World Social Forum, Venezuela
The revolution here is visible in other ways, though. In every barrio, there is a small, octagonal shaped building where people can go for free health care. At all of the big events, there are dozens of local officials there to help out (I am not used to liking police!). When people see my orange WSF badge, they often say Bienvenidos--Welcome to Venezuela.

I am part of the PCASC delegation of 20 or so people from Portland, and there are many others here from the Pacific Northwest. But the U.S. is, again, incredibly under-represented. The Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, Global Exchange, and Grassroots Global Justice are the only organizations with any serious presence. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the debate in the U.S. is so much farther to the right than what I am seeing here. Everyone is denouncing Bush as a terrorist, advocating for socialist revolution, and organizing stuff that would seem crazy back home. Meanwhile, my email brings me depressing information about what looks to me like a renewed effort to tone down the rhetoric at Portlands upcoming peace march (titled End the War, Begin the Peace--ugh!). We have a long way to go in the belly of the beast.


26.01.2006 17:01
Information on the Confidential Source in the Auburn Arrests
Through several sources across the country, the friends of Eric McDavid, Zachary Jensen and Lauren Weiner - the three environmental activists arrested outside Sacramento on January 13th - have confirmed that the name of the FBI informant is "Anna." According to the FBI's own affidavit, "Anna" was involved in gathering information on 12 separate cases in the anarchist movement. Through discussion with activists across the country, "Anna's" presence or
"4 people went to Auburn together, 3 ended up in jail. The 4th person was Anna. I was told to make everyone aware of this person to watch out for her, and to, like one should do with every snitch, erradicate their prescense from the radical community."
attempted involvement in various events has come to light. She ran as a street medic during the Bio-Democracy protests in Philadelphia last June and attended both the Crimethinc convergence in Indiana and the Feral Visions gathering outside Asheville.

It was also discovered that this informant made an attempt to get involved with the Pittsburgh Organizing Group and attended one or two of their meetings ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Boston. She told POG that she had been involved with the G8 Organizing Committee in Georgia as a direct action outreach coordinator. She wanted to get involved with organizing for the DNC in Boston, and was supposedly talking to various groups about merging "talents and our outreach, [to] put a little more bang in the DNC actions."

related: portland indymedia prisoners page | indybay police state page |
Eugene Civil Liberties Defense Center


25.01.2006 23:40
Daniel McGowan released into the custody of his sister
Judge Ann Aiken released political prisoner Daniel McGowan into the custody of his sister, despite the urgent plea from the prosecutor for continued detention until trial.
Although the DA expressed fears that Daniel McGowan "presents a serious flight risk," and may be "violent," the judge asserted that she would follow the law and "protect the interests of all parties." To that end, she released McGowan on condition of $1.6 million dollars in bail, put up by Mr. McGowan's sister. She imposed the condition that McGowan would reside in his sister's custody in New York, that he would wear an electronic monitor, and that he would report weekly to pretrial supervisors in Manhattan.


25.01.2006 23:30
Police Setup Bicycle Stings Around Portland
The Portland Police are trying to send a message to all bicyclists: Stop at that stop sign or get a ticket! Or so I found out this morning on my way to work. Luckily, I was only issued a warning for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign (I'll admit that I pretty much blew through the stop sign since all was clear) in the Ladd's Addition circle area between SE Division and SE Hawthorne. Apparently the residents of Ladd's Addition have been complaining about all of the bicyclists rolling through stop signs...hopefully, they are complaining about the cars rolling through the stop signs as well.

Anyway, the officer had a group of us pulled over and explained two things: 1) The Portland Police are setting up traffic (bicycle) stings like this all over the city where there have been complaints of this nature; 2) The ticket, if issued, is about $200. The officer explained that they would at least like to see some attempt to stop (or at least pause) at a stop sign, but it is to the officer's discretion whether or not to write someone a ticket if they don't come to a complete stop.


25.01.2006 07:33
Shipbreaking plan STOPPED in Newport!
Shipbreaking Ghost Ship Bay Bridge Enterprises of Virginia will be looking for another site in their quest to establish a shipbreaking facility on the west coast. Tonight, the Port of Newport Commissioners voted AGAINST shipbreaking in Newport's Yaquina Bay!

About 200 people packed the Yacht Club's meeting room in Newport, Oregon tonight to hear Don Mann, the manager for the Port of Newport, announce "some projects are a good fit, or not a fit at all. (Bay Bridge's plan for a shipbreaking facility in Yaquina Bay) does not qualify in our test for a good fit." We were all caught by surprise with this sudden announcement near the outset of the meeting. But it only took one second for us to recover, and we all erupted into cheers, applause, and a standing ovation!

Don Mann continued: "This was not a good business deal for the company, or for the Port. I believe that the environmental issues could have been resolved, but our financial concerns could not be (adequately) addressed." No doubt one of those "financial" concerns was the insurance costs of an environmental catastrophe, caused by the 'ghost fleet', on established businesses, bay residents, commercial fisheries, The Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Lots of folks carried signs and were wearing buttons supporting Yaquina Bay's environment. The best sign I saw: "Yaquina says: if you protect me, I will feed you." Port Commissioner Rob Halverson said: "We greatly appreciate your concern and input."

While this stressful process ended tonight in a victory for the people of Newport, Lincoln County, and all of Oregon - Bay Bridge's next move on our coast remains to be seen.

Previous related posts: Ship Breaking on the Oregon Coast? | Update: Shipbreaking on the Oregon Coast? | The Friends of Yaquina Bay website


25.01.2006 07:14
Betting On Biscuit
Cascadia Wildlands Project It's rare to find two diametrically opposed sides using the same exact posterchild to support their views. However, that's essentially what's developed over the past few years as the logging industry have locked horns with conservation groups and scientists in a battle over so-called "healthy forests" policy and the future of America's public lands following wildfires.

Natural fires have been an important part of the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area for thousands of years. The fire-enriched Siskiyou region has more conifer species than any other temperate-zone forest in the world, and has been identified by scientists as one of the most important ecosystems on planet. In other words, not exactly the ideal place for industrial logging of ancient forest reserves and roadless wildlands.

Unfortunately, listening to some people, you'd be led to believe that the 2002 Biscuit Fire laid waste to everything in its path. While referred to repeatedly by the logging industry and their supporters as catastrophic, devastating and unnatural, the reality is that 84% of the Biscuit Fire area was either unburned, or burned at low to moderate intensity.

Yet, this reality hasn't prevented Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) - who incidentally has received $643,363 in campaign contributions from the logging industry during his senate career and was one of the major supporters of the so-called "Healthy Forest Restoration Act" - from declaring in a recent opinion piece that "Today, nearly half the Siskiyou National Forest remains a charred moonscape."

www.nativeforest.org | Cascadia Wildlands Project | Oxygen Collective Background | OSU Study says Salvage Logging at Biscuit Harmed Forests | video


25.01.2006 07:12
AP's police shooting story is a PRESS RELEASE
AP admits to running a clackamas county sheriffs office press release as story

I just got off the phone with the Portland AP office where the lone duck media schmuck admited that there is no editorial review of the work he writes and that it looks like the Saturday AP broadcast article about Foud Kaady's shooting at the hands of the Clackamas county sherriffs deputies was:

a press release from the sherifs office....without revision or editorial oversight "because its just broadcast". One poor schmuck in an office posts shit because its'just broadcast. Thats the AP stamp of approval.

IF you would like to make your set of facts known to the powers that be...excuse me...weaklings that be, you can contact the portland office of the AP at:

121 SW Salmon St., Suite 1450
Portland OR 97204-2924
(503) 228-2169
228-5514 Fax

for more background, see  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332345.shtml


24.01.2006 16:34
Every minute, Americans are sending hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas to buy oil, and our reliance on foreign oil is continuing to grow. America's overdependence on oil threatens our environment, our health, and is the number one reason why it's time for you to stand up and fight for better gas mileage standards from the auto industry.

Wednesday, January 25th 5:30-6:30pm

SEIU Local 49 Union Building Ballroom
3536 SE 26th Ave

Local 49 is just off Powell, and can be accessed by TriMet bus routes 10, 9, and 66. There is a small parking lot behind the building as well as street parking a few blocks away [ Read More ] [ America is too dependent on oil ]


23.01.2006 21:16
What does Indigenous Power in Bolivia Look Like ? Check This Out !!!
We all know that Evo Morales, Aymara Indian who is the son of a shepherd who grew up in an adobe home in the frigid highlands, was just signed in as President of Bolivia !!! But, WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE ???

"In the Congress, Mr. Morales asked for a moment of silence for Inca martyrs, for the Argentine guerrilla Che Guevara, who died in a failed effort to start a revolution here in 1967, and "the millions of humans who have fallen in all of Latin America."

"I want to say to you, my Indian brothers concentrated here in Bolivia, that the 500-year campaign of resistance has not been in vain," Mr. Morales said moments after being sworn in. "This democratic, cultural fight is part of the fight of our ancestors, it is the continuity of the fight of Tupac Katari, it is a continuity of the fight of Che Guevara."

With a speech ebullient and emotional, announcing that the days are numbered for the neoliberal policies are going to be over. Evo asked that the Bolivians make sure that he does not retreat or become to slow in implementing this change. "The triump of December 18th is not a triumph for Evo Morales, it is a triumph for all Bolivian, it is a triumph for democracy, it is a triumph for the expression of a democratic and cultural revolution in Bolivia."


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