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15.03.2006 00:44
Day 1 of Walking with Joan; Resistance in the Siskiyou mountains
Walkers with Joan's Cane and Chair Public opposition to the Biscuit Timber Sales have circled over a year, and a commemoration of the late Joan Norman's civil disobedience and leadership is being celebrated with a three-day walk from the Green Bridge over the Illinois River to Federal agency offices in Grant's Pass. Day one is over, and is recounted below, including an insightful meeting with the head Forest Ranger of this district. An invitation to join with the walkers on the second day is issued, as well as for a confrontation with the stewards of our public lands at the end of the walk.

Dawn broke upon the Green Bridge and revealed several inches of snow the fell during the night, with a mist that obscured the nearby mountains. We had camped there the night before in honor of Joan Norman, who was a dynamic keystone in the popular protests of the Biscuit timber sales last spring. She died last summer in a tragic car wreck, and some of us felt it was important to celebrate the last and greatest stand she took in a long life of principled social and ecological activism. Geese honked and flew past in small groups over the Illinois River before us, while we warmed ourselves in front of a huge radiant fire that had burned since afternoon of the previous day. We were preparing to begin a long walk to Grant's Pass.


15.03.2006 00:38
ITALY: massive riots in Milano

Italy, Milano. Massive riots started in the heart of the Italian financial capitol, Milano, when hundreds of antifascists attacked police because of their repressive behaviour. The police wanted to stop the antifascists from building barricades against a neofascists´ march through Milano. Police lost control: Windows of Banks and Companies were broken, cars and buildings were set on fire, even a nail bomb exploded in a group of police men.... Many persons were injured, some heavily, 45 were arrested. [ read more ]

FRANCE: 50 universities occupied/on strike, also schools; unions in solidarity!

All over France riots and Clashes with the police....some protesters heavily injured... In Toulouse protesters managed to occupy states´buildings... 300 pupils stopped a high speed train (TGV)... In Marseille 5000 pupils attacked police and police stations afters some arrests of demonstrators... schools are occupied by teachers and pupils, e.g. le college de france, or a school in Lannion and and and... in Lille states bulindings were occupied... [ read more ]


14.03.2006 02:48
FBI names Indymedia, Food Not Bombs and "Anarchists" to Domestic Terrorist Watch List
Special Agent G. Charles Rasner, the man who thinks free speech is terrorism

In a guest lecture at the University of Texas School of Law on Wednesday, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent G. Charles Rasner listed Indymedia, Food Not Bombs, and the Communist Party of Texas as "Terrorist Watch" cause groups in Austin.

Rasner gave a presentation entitled "Counter-Terrorism Efforts in Texas" to a U.S. Law and National Security class at the Law School. He used PowerPoint slides to illustrate the nature of the terrorist threat in Central Texas. The word "Unclassified" appeared prominently in bold red letters on the opening PowerPoint slide...

Rasner then placed the FBI's Central Texas "Terrorist Watch List" on the screen. On a list of approximately ten groups, Food Not Bombs was listed seventh. Indymedia was listed tenth, with a reference specifically to IndyConference 2005. The Communist Party of Texas also made the list. Rasner explained that these groups could have links to terrorist activity. He noted that peaceful-sounding group names could cover more violent extremist tactics. [ read more ]

[ FBI Charles Rasner names Austin Indymedia, Food Not Bombs Terrorist | FBI comes to Class (probative.blogspot.com) | Ausin Indymedia feature with links to "the FBI's own well-documented support and perpetration of domestic terrorism" | Houston Indymedia audio interview with firsthand witness and reporter ]


where we are and where we may go 14.03.2006 02:01
Dear Agnes and Denis,

I miss you both and hope you have found all the answers to the questions we are all haunted with, like what and who are we?

Things here are changing so fast it takes your breath away, our country--- the United States of America has become the terror of the world. We now are in the midst of preparing for another war in Iran, will it happen? I do not know.

Our President is hated throughout the world, Americans visiting other countries use foreign passports if they can get them, our military is being slowly destroyed in Iraq and our leaders are now trying to convince the people that it is a good idea to have our ports run by a country who has traditionally hated the U.S.


14.03.2006 01:59
Report Back: Presentation By Capt. Yee, Former Muslim Millitary Chaplain At Guantanamo
Captain James Yee Captain James Yee is the former Muslim military chaplain for the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Cuba, where the military is holding nearly 600 suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban operatives captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere. In December of 2005 Yee spoke at the First Unitarian Church. He had a sad story to tell concerning his treatment by the U.S. military.

After an exemplary service as chaplain, Yee was suddenly arrested when traveling to visit his family here in the U.S., held in solitary confinement for 2 1/2 months, and then released without charges. He has written a book about his life and his experiences called, "For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire."

A program from this presentation is currently playing on Public Access television. At the end of this report, I've included audio files of his remarks.


14.03.2006 01:45
Still waiting for justice...
I purchases my home for Kip Schoning who lives in Corvallis OR several years ago. I learned in Aug 2004 that he had defaulted on his loan and MY HOME was being foreclosed on by his seller.

I have already written an article about this but several things came to my attention today that I feel warrant a second "update" article.


14.03.2006 01:42
OMSI and the promotion of animal testing
I was lucky to chaperone a group of middle school students to OMSI on Friday. The students got this special 3pm-6pm field trip due to their extra-curricular participation in MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Academy) at school.

The first display inside the doors was an OHSU display promoting animal testing. The sole purpose of the display was to talk about the supposed benefits of animal testing. Besides a 4-panel display going on and on about the glories of animal testing, they also had an interactive display where a question would be asked and the children were to guess the answer before lifting a panel to reveal the correct answer. To provide a hint, above each panel was a small bag that said "Push" which would provide a recorded animal sound when pushed. [ read more ]

OMSI should promote science, not corporate propaganda

Shame on OMSI for allowing corporate promotional materials to masquerade as science. OHSU can make any claim it wants. It doesn't mean it's true. OHSU has been cranking out the propaganda lately because they know that the truth is getting out. It is getting harder to repress all the evidence that animal experimentation is a failure.

The questions were as follows:
Q: What animals assisted in OHSU's ground breaking leukemia discovery allowing for the development of the drug Gleevec?

It is important to remember how the promoters of animal research manipulate causal and casual relationships. Because animal experimentation occurred in one field of medicine and a breakthrough occurred in the same field, it does not mean one is responsible for the other. Gleevec is a great example of this manipulation. Gleevec was probably run through mouse trials because this is standard procedure. It was not discovered in mice. It is a breakthrough of human genetic medicine, discovered in vitro. Whatever it did or didn't do in mice is irrelevant. Protease inhibitors killed dogs and therefore their use in humans was delayed for years. It is a good thing digitalis was discovered before animal tests were standard because this life saving drug has the opposite effect in lab animals as in humans. Fen-phen was safe in animals. Vioxx was safe in animals. Hormone replacement therapy had cardiovascular benefits for monkeys but it did the opposite in women. This list is endless. [ read more ]


13.03.2006 22:58
Schumacher Furs Protest Report (Vanity thy name is Fur Hag), March 11
Throughout Saturday about 45 protesters arrived to hold signs, leaflet, enthusiastically chant, and eat some of the best vegan doughnuts ever made (thanks to Food Fight! Vegan Grocery and RiseUp Doughnuts).

One protester drew beautiful pictures of foxes on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/03/335596.shtml) Others wrote about the cruelty of the fur industry. Several protesters staged impromptu street theater showing the killing, skinning, and wearing of a fox near the front entrance of Schumacher. Meanwhile Schumacher people scurried around with cameras inside the store filming us, occasionally coming out, no doubt looking for any possible reason to call on the police. But no luck - to the apparent dismay of the Schumachers, our protest was vigorous but well within the bounds of our First Amendment rights. The Schumachers seem to be desperate to get rid of us (evidenced by numerous threats to protesters) as we educate the public about fur. And they have reason to be worried:

Education will work on most anyone with a compassionate heart. Hardly an AR radical, Martha Stewart has come out against fur after her vegetarian daughter made her aware of animal issues. Martha recently publicly stated, "So much violence in the world seems beyond our control, but this is one cruelty we can stop by being informed consumers."

Photos From The Day


13.03.2006 21:51
March 16th Grand Jury rally CANCELLED! - Rosebraugh Subpoena Postponed Until August
Craig Rosebraugh has been released from his subpoena to appear this Thursday, March 16th but he is now commanded to appear in front of the grand jury on August 17th. Because of this change, the rally scheduled for Thursday at the Eugene Federal Building has been cancelled. Let's all plan to be there on August 17th.

Help is still needed for a legal defense fund and the Tuesday, March 14th benefit @ Liberty Hall is still going to happen.

Previous Feature: UNITE! STOP THE GRAND JURY! STOP THE GREENSCARE! | Rosebraugh Released from March 16 Grand Jury Subpoena: Will be Re-Subpoenaed for Aug. 17 | Police/Legal topicpage


13.03.2006 02:15
No Justice for Fouad Kaady-six months since his killing
Six months have passed since Fouad Kaady, a 27 year old Lebanese American man, was brutally shot and killed by agents of the Clackamas County Sheriff's office, and the Sandy "Police" department.

Much has happened since this killing of an innocent, unarmed, badly burned, injured, bleeding, and naked man. Much has not.

First, many of us, shocked at the crass "reporting' from the "Main Stream" media, upon hearing that a naked man had been shot and killed by police, and that, in usual fashion, the police were awaiting toxicology reports to explain the victim's "bizarre behavior," began the process of attempting to learn the real story before the MSM and the cops could bury it. What we learned was truly frightening:


13.03.2006 02:12
February Protests - Calls for Impeachment Rising

In Washington, DC "on the evening of Feb 4, protestors continued the offensive of home protests. With torture and exploitation as the common theme, we first visited the home of a GSK exec (a SHAC action), then moved on to the home of Paul Wolfowiz's girlfriend, where he is rumored to sleep."

In New Orleans, "anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan staged a protest at one of the city's shuttered housing projects Tuesday, a day after 12,000 families left homeless by last year's hurricanes were forced to leave their federally funded hotel rooms." [ read more ]

[ Learning to Love Impeachment and Forget About Dick | Groundswell for Impeachment ]


13.03.2006 02:02
Cedar Mill Wal-Mart Hearing Dates SET!

For nearly a year, the group Save Cedar Mill has been fighting against a proposed Wal-Mart in our community. We have held rallies, held signs to raise awareness, raised thousands of dollars to finance independant surveys of traffic and community impact, written hundreds of letters, and now, we hope to pack full the Beaverton Council Chambers to show popular opposition to the proposed store. Here is an email sent around by the group leader, Steve Kaufman. [ read more ]

[ Dont let a 14 acre community farm in South Central LA turn into a Wal-Mart warehouse! | no new sprawlmarts | www.savecedarmill.com ]


13.03.2006 01:49
WWeek article on BTP/PDX Press Benefit

Jason Simms, an independent reporter, has been persistent in trying to contact me about the event that happened last weekend. Simms is writing the article for the Willamette Weekly. I've refused to contact him except to tell him that I won't talk to him due to my perception of his biases based upon his questions. Simms sent me the copy of his article. I think that it will probably get cut up and rearranged significantly by the WWeek editors. Therefore, I feel that it's important to lay the entire copy out here beforehand.

salaud adds: So here's how it went in draft: "Our friends at PDXPress.net (click here!) tried to save a charity on the verge of ruin, some activist named "Topher" gave a speech, he was heckled, thank you for your views activist, now let's move on to the music."

Se here we are in the spun-chop final version: "A innocent local band of high school punks was targeted only by activists who only work online at an event put on by the altruistic promoters www.PDXPress.net (click here!), but why?"


12.03.2006 19:20
March 13th Prayer Vigil For Tre Arrow
Tre Arrow Tre encourages all supporters across the world to join in a prayer vigil on Monday, March 13th at 6pm, to gather strength for his upcoming 24-day hunger strike. Every person's focused intention makes an impact. If you can't make it to Victoria, feel free to gather yourselves at this time and tune into us who will be gathered outside the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre.

Tre asks respectfully that his designated spokespeople in Canada represent the message of this vigil to the media. It is very important for all in attendance to honor this request and not engage with the media, for the purpose of not allowing our peaceful intentions to be distorted.

Over the course of the past fourteen years, Tre has lived a life dedicated to peaceful activism in social, environmental and political realms. As an extremely effective and outspoken organizer, Tre found himself at the forefront of an environmental movement, which successfully interfered with industrial powers. As a result, he has fallen victim to what appears to be a widespread campaign to silence the voices of conscience that choose to speak truth to power.


12.03.2006 19:02
VIDEO FILE: Help Bark Stop The No Whiskey Timber Sale.
The Forest Service is accepting your comments on the enormous (nearly 3 square miles) No Whisky Timber Sale until March 17.

The No Whisky logging project lies along the banks of the North Fork of the Clackamas River about 10 miles Southeast of the City of Estacada. Covering nearly 1,700 acres (almost 3 square miles!), the No Whisky proposal adds insult to an already injured forest ecosystem. The forests of No Whisky were clearcut in the early 1920s and in 1929 the railroad used to haul the trees started a fire, burning all but 40 acres of the current logging proposal. To make matters worse, the burned forest was logged again shortly after the fire, destroying any chance of a healthy recovery.

In addition, these past logging operations opened the area up to illegal off-road vehicle use that has caused significant erosion, pollution, garbage, noise that disturbs wildlife, and unnatural alterations to area streams. Any new logging projects in this area will not help the area recover as the Forest Service suggests, it will only make matters worse in an area that is finally recovering from past abuse.


12.03.2006 18:56
March Public Hearings On New Hanford Tank Waste EIS
Three years ago hundreds of citizens attended hearings and testified on the Hanford Solid Waste EIS in Portland, Hood River, Seattle and Richland. The Department of Energy (DOE) was planning to truck in thousands of loads of radioactive waste from across the nation's weapons' complex to treat, bury, or hold indefinitely at Hanford. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington Department of Ecology (the regulators of the DOE) agreed with the public that the data supporting these actions was flawed due to poor computer modeling and poor assumptions. The final document that was to come from these hearings has been delayed for three years because of public and regulator outcry. We have been heard.

This new document which will come together after these new scoping hearings is supposed to be based on new and hopefully adequate modeling of impacts. The public has an opportunity to give input into this new, much broader EIS, to reiterate its vision for the cleanup of Hanford and to question:


10.03.2006 19:01
Western Shoshone Victorious at United Nations
In 1973, when the U.S. Bureau of Land Management came out to two Western Shoshone sister's, Carrie and Mary Dann's cattle ranch and asked them to obtain grazing permits and pay grazing fees for their cattle, they argued that the cattle were grazing on Western Shoshone land. The Bureau of Land Management sued them for trespassing and the battle was engaged.

10 March 2006, Geneva Switzerland. Today, in an historic and strongly worded decision by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) the United States was urged to "freeze", "desist" and "stop" actions being taken or threatened to be taken against the Western Shoshone Peoples of the Western Shoshone Nation.

The decision is historic in that it is the first time a United Nations Committee has issued a full decision against the U.S. in respect to its highly controversial Federal Indian law and policy. The decision expressed particular concern that the U.S.' basis for claiming federal title to Western Shoshone land rests on a theory of "gradual encroachment" through a "compensation" process in the Indian Claims Commission. The decision highlights that this same process was found by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to violate "international human rights norms, principles and standards that govern determination of indigenous property interests." When the U.S. last appeared before the Committee in 2001, Committee members expressed alarm and concern that U.S. laws regarding indigenous peoples continue to be based on the outdated, colonial era "doctrine of discovery."

"We are Shoshone delegates speaking for a Nation threatened by extinction. The mines are polluting our waters, destroying hot springs and exploding sacred mountains—our burials along with them--attempting to erase our signature on the land. We are coerced and threatened by mining and Federal agencies when we seek to continue spiritual prayers for traditional food or medicine on Shoshone land. We have endured murder of our Newe people for centuries, as chronicled in military records, but now we are asked to endure a more painful death from the U.S. governmental agencies —a separation from land and spiritual renewal. We thank our past leaders for their persistence and courage and the CERD for this monumental step" Bernice Lalo, Western Shoshone.


09.03.2006 23:08
Tacoma March and Rally to Promote Peace and Human Rights Instead of Unjust Detention Policies and Militarism
War criminals are coming to Tacoma to plan future imperialist wars. Tacoma also has a detention center where a number of detainees are now being held.
Saturday, March 11, 2006

11:00 Rally at the Northwest Detention Center, 1623 East J Street
12:00 March to the Tacoma Sheraton, 1320 Broadway
1:00 Rally at the Sheraton

Join us as we call for an end to discriminatory immigration and deportation policies that target people of color and Muslims in particular. We will start at the Northwest Detention Center on the Tacoma Tideflats and then march to the Tacoma Sheraton, location of the Pacific Northwest National Security Forum, which is bringing together military commanders to chart the course of US foreign aggression "beyond Iraq and Afghanistan". We will connect the dots between unjust domestic practices and the wars being waged against the countries of the Mideast. We will call for an end to war and the planning of war, and for the inalienable rights of all members of the human family to be recognized and respected.

Carpools will be meeting up in Olympia at 9:45 in front of Rainy Day Records, at the corner of Harrison and Division. This is a permitted event and the organizers are working with the Tacoma police and volunteer peacekeepers to ensure everyone's safety.

Speakers and Musicians:
Ibrahim al-Husseini, Arab American Community Coalition, Mark Jensen, United for Peace of Pierce County, Asha Mohamed, Abu-Bakr Mosque Marion Ward, Veterans for Peace, Erin Genia, Olympia Amnesty International, Tim Smith, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Tacoma Seattle Raging Grannies, Holly Gwinn Graham, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Rob Whitlock, Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, Rebecca Saldana, SEIU Local 6 [ read more ]

pdf flyer | www.March11.org

Olympia's CodePink Says No to War

On March 8, 2006, forty people of all ages stood with CodePink in Olympia Washington to say no to the war in Iraq. Despite the bitterly cold wind and some rain, more than forty people stood at Percival Landing to join CodePink's International Woomen Say No to War demonstration. Holding a wide array of signs, including a teddy bear who could no longer bear the war, the high school women stood with the white-haired elders. Members from Women in Black also were there, a solomn reminder of the violence across all the mideast. Spirits were high despite the seemingly impossible task of ending this war.

The group waved to the people in cars who were going home from work. Most waved, honked their horns, or shouted their support. You could not predict based on the cars who would support the anti-war message; people in old cars, new cars, trucks and SUVS all supported the anti-war message. Bus drivers, plumbing guys, and a few men in military uniform flashed the peace sign as they drove by. I especially enjoyed seeing the young children traveling with their parents who all waved and smiled in support.

Now, I have been on Percival Landing many times over the past three years standing for peace and I think the responses from the drivers are a barometer. I can report that only one person made a rude gesture; in the past, there have been more including a few young men who would shout obscenities. Expressions of anger toward those speaking out against the war appears to have lessened. A small thing but these days, I take hope wherever I can find it. As we begin the start of year 4 of this war, I hope that everyone finds a way to express their opposition. Whether you join the planned vigils or marches or create local ones with your neighbors, whether you flood your elected officials with demands to end the war or demands to bring the national guard home, whether you decorate your homes, neighborhoods, schools, and places of worship with signs of peace--do something. It may not feel that it makes a difference but who knows which of our actions will be the tipping point? The only thing that we know for sure is that doing nothing maintains things as they are. [ read more ]


09.03.2006 06:01
OREGON AND N. CALI FISHING SHUT-DOWN, Low Klamath runs devastate communities and tribe
tribes protest at  Scotland Power, Portland based Pacific Power is owned by them In Seattle yesterday , goverment agencies confirmed that all ocean fishing in the Oregon and N. California will most likely be shut down due to record low runs on the Klamath. Fishermen and tribes will seek federal releif due to the devestating effects of losting their jobs and food this year. This has never happened before and comes as the Klamath dams are being under renewal. Tribes and fishermen are asking for removal of the dams and events all over Oregon are occuring for the Klamath. http://klamathforestalliance.org


09.03.2006 05:58
Stand in Solidarity with the Women of South Dakota! Planned Parenthood Action in Eugene
South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signed a ban into law this week that criminalizes abortion in the state of South Dakota! This ban is part of a larger strategy by anti-choice extremists to eliminate the right to abortion in the United States.

Oregonians are nothing less than outraged by this severe attack on women's health and safety.

Planned Parenthood will fight the ban in court to protect women but we need you to join us in our efforts.

This Friday, March 10th, Planned Parenthood activists will hold an Hour of Solidarity. We will be gathering at the Federal Courthouse on the corner of 7th and Pearl at 11:45AM for a demonstration to convey the message that: "We Stand With the Women Of South Dakota!" All signs and materials will be provided [ read more ]

Chronology of Attack on Reproductive Rights | www.saveroe.com

An Abortion Manual

In the 1960s and early 1970s, when abortions were illegal in many places and expensive to get, an organization called Jane stepped up to the plate in the Chicago area. Jane initially hired an abortion doctor, but later they did the abortions themselves. They lost only one patient in 13,000 -- a lower death rate than that of giving live birth. The biggest obstacle they had, though, was the fact that until years into the operation, they thought of abortion as something only a doctor could do, something only the most trained specialist could perform without endangering the life of the woman.

They were deceived -- much like you have probably been deceived. An abortion, especially for an early pregnancy, is a relatively easy procedure to perform. [ read more ]


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