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FOREST ACTIVISM 30.08.2002 09:36
New road blockades at Borg timber sale
Activists with Cascadia Forest Alliance erected road blockade structures on the roads that lead into the Borg Timber Sale in Mt. Hood National Forest on Friday morning. Some of these structures suspend people roughly 100 feet above the road. These dedicated forest defenders are once again putting their bodies on the line to protect some of the last remaining mature and old growth forests and drinking water source for 185,000 Oregonians.

The Borg sale would clear cut 60 acres in the Oak Grove watershed. Tree-sitters have been defending the Solo sale, also in the Oak Grove, since July 4th. The Forest Service wants to turn the Oak Grove watershed into a tree farm by logging the last remaining native forest. Thomas Creek Lumber, twice convicted timber thief, has purchased these sales along with already logged Bars.

"We need to protect our native forests and drinking water from commercial logging," said Cascadia Forest Alliance volunteer Carrie Taylor. [ Full story & directions to sale ]

Maxxam/Pacific Lumber's entire operations halted temporarily!

[ Info on Borg Timber Sale from Bark | Cascadia Forest Alliance ]

Get off of your ass -- it's Critical Mass
From the open publishing newswire: "Bike Summer is coming to and end and what better way to celebrate a wonderful month of bike stuff than to take to the streets and ride to show support for the human powered machine. What ever the reason one rides, weather it be for excercise, for the environment, to protest the greedy oil machine, or all of the above, what better time to come out to ride together and enjoy the end of summer together."

"The ride starts @ 5:30 under the burnside bridge. Food Not Bombs feeds a bit before that at the same location." [ Full Article ]

[ Critical Mass | Bike Summer | Car Free Cities ]

PEACE/ANTI-WAR 30.08.2002 00:12
'Pre-Emptive' demonstration to stop the war on Iraq before it starts
The Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group and others will be holding a demonstration against the U.S.' proposed war on Iraq on Friday, August 30, 2002, at Terry Schrunk Plaza, across the street from the Federal Building at SW 3rd and Madison. The action is from 4-6pm.

The focus of the action will be to educate the public about the devastating effects U.S. policy has already had in Iraq since 1990. 12 years of sanctions coupled with infrastructure that was destroyed in the "Gulf War" have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths; 300 tons of depleted uranium has caused increased cancer rates and birth defects; weekly bombings in the "no-fly zones" have killed several hundred people just since 1999, including members of the minority populations the U.S. claims to be protecting. [ Read more... ]

The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, August 30th, at 5:00 p.m., will join with the Iraq Affinity Group to protest the Bush administration's plans to invade Iraq. "From reactionary theocratic dictatorships like Saudi Arabia to the liberal democracies of Western Europe, the entire world is opposed to the Bush administration's criminal plans for war on Iraq," said Chris Roehm of the PPRC. "Last week's protests during Bush's visit to Portland demonstrated that there is also growing opposition to the war here in the United States." [ Read more... ]

[ Washington State AFL-CIO Opposes Iraq War & Patriot Act | Dancing With The Devil - Rumsfeld's Four Lies About Iraq ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 29.08.2002 20:40
Boycott of Adidas called until they stop funding kangaroo massacre; Events in Portland Friday and Saturday
This year alone, seven million adult kangaroos will be shot to supply the kangaroo leather industry - the largest massacre of land animals on the planet. Adidas is the industry's biggest customer, making their Predator cleats, and others, out of kangaroo skin. International animal organization Viva! supporters across the USA and as far away as Zimbabwe, the UK, and Australia will be staging demos outside sports shops stocking Adidas goods and urging shoppers to boycott all Adidas products until they stop using kangaroo leather. Adidas holds 70 percent of the market for professional soccer cleats.

"Adidas is in effect saying they approve of the bludgeoning of baby kangaroos in order to use kangaroo leather for their products," said Lauren Ornelas, US Campaigns Director for Viva!USA.

On Friday, August 30, at 10:30 a.m. at the Adidas USA Headquarters (5055 N. Greeley Ave), activists will present Adidas with a harrowing new video called Killing for Kicks, which highlights the role the sporting goods companies play in the slaughter of millions of kangaroos and their babies.

On Saturday, August 31, Viva! is sponsoring an international day of action against Adidas. The event in Portland begins at noon at 5020 NE Martin Luther King Boulevard. This event is taking place in conjunction with other protests in several locations around the world. [ Full article ]

[ Viva!'s Save the Kangaroo website ]

LABOR SOLIDARITY 28.08.2002 19:00
Jobs With Justice disrupts shopping-as-usual in downtown mall
From the open publishing newswire: "People started drifting over to the Jobs with Justice crew right at Noon today [for a National Day of Action to Support Dockworkers]. After a few minutes, there were about 20 of us (more than 40 people participated overall--includiong folks from AFSCME, Oregon Nurses Association, Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment, Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition, and others). After a brief orientation to the paln, we snuck into the mall in small groups, and headed to the Gap store on the first floor. When we reached critical mass, we busted out with the leaflets, signs and chants. Security approached us and informed us that we needed to go talk to the manager about getting a permit to do this. We said--tell them to come talk to us here. Meanwhile people are chanting 'Union Busting, That's Disgusting', and leafletting all over the place. We handed out more than 300 flyers describing the Gap's role in pushing Bush to bust the ILWU. More security guards showed up whining about private property and police on their way and stuff, but we held strong. After we felt like we had made our point, we gathered up and headed for the elevators, chanting 'We'll be back'." [ Full story | Photos | More discussion: "A word to the naysayers" ]

Recent Features: [ ILWU faces historic moment for Union and Nation | Critical Mass for ILWU solidarity met with police harrassment, union organizer ambivalence ]

Historic Photos from the SF Longshore and General Strikes in 1934 [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 ]

[ ILWU - International Longshore And Warehouse Union | Port Solidarity 2002 | Jobs With Justice | Jobs With Justice - Portland | Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment | Union Busters Exposed! ]

A22 Bush Protest page set up on portland indymedia
The contrast between corporate media and independent media became very stark over the past few days. Corporate media outlets once again exposed their own dishonesty, laziness, and pro-establishment/anti-people biases with their highly inaccurate coverage of the A22 Bush Protest in Portland. Here on portland indymedia, however, the real story of the day was revealed through hundreds of articles and photos published to the site by the people who were there on the street. The only other place to find the truth was KBOO.

Check out all the stories and multimedia that were posted to portland indymedia about A22 at: http://portland.indymedia.org/a22.

A revolutionary greeting from El Salvador to Portland

After hearing about the Portland anti-Bush protests, Salvadoran national union leader Ricardo Monge, leader of the El Salvadoran National Health Care Workers Union (STISSS), - who visited Portland this past April - writes to send both his support for the local struggle and a call for solidarity with theirs: "Please receive a revolutionary greeting, most dearest comrades from the city of Portland; I remember you well as a hard-working group of dedicated activists. I have been informed of the repressive measures taken by your own government against a protest in your city. Police viciously attacked a peaceful protest with senior citizens and young children. I think that every Salvadoran knows what you have experienced, and we feel good to know that even in the United States there are people fighting the same fight as we. I sympathize with you and at the same time am impressed by your bravery. In the difficult political climate after September 11, when anyone who takes to the streets is immediately labeled a 'terrorist' it takes courage to continue the struggle against imperialism.

"Here in El Salvador, we too are living through a moment of increased government repression. Partly because of the encouragement given to them by your government in its pursuit of a free trade agreement, ARENA has intensified its campaign of persecuting popular sectors struggling for a change. Our union, the STISSS, has always been the subject of government attacks because we have always been at the front lines of the struggle against the privatization of health care. Now, the government seeks to do away with us once and for all and privatize health care, which would have fatal consequences for the people of El Salvador. They have closed off all of the spaces of negotiation; they leave us with no other choice but to strike. Now, we are entering what may be the final battle against those who seek to do business with peoples' lives." [ Full statement ]

[ Background: El Salvador riot police crack down on anti-privatization unions | Dispatch from San Salvador, May 1-15, 2002 | Resistance | When Bush was in El Salvador ]

STATE REPRESSION 27.08.2002 00:54
Former political prisoner and indymedia reporter arrested for asking a question
From the newswire: "Indymedia reporter and former political prisoner chris plummer was arrested august 24th at the Texas Dept of Criminal Justices (TDCJ) 'pact conference'. Chris went as an indymedia reporter as well as a member of the anarchist black cross network to a TDCJ conference that was billed as a forum for the exchange of information between families and the prison officials, he was arrested after asking a simple question on policy that TDCJ found embarassing...

"He was later released, but everyone should understand that chris plummer is still on parole for his antifascist actions in the 90's, and this arrest is a possible reason for the parole board and the state to revoke his parole and send him back to prison..."

The awful question that got him arrested? "What percent of grievences get a not guilty verdict?" A commenter posted "a few people that know him... all said that it seemed that TDCJ was just waiting to pounce on him" [ Read More ]

[ Austin IMC newswire article ]

SANITY IN POLITICS 26.08.2002 14:36
Barbara Lee Given 'Integrity in Politics Award' in Eugene
Democracy that cannot be questioned is not democracy! Wise powerful words from a lone voice that stood up to the entire United States government in her refusal to support President (non-elect) Bush's war against terrorism.

The illustrious and courageous Congresswoman Barbara Lee, addressed an honored, overflowing crowd on Sunday at the Wayne Morse Commons at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Congresswoman Lee was invited to Eugene to accept "The Integrity in Politics Award", an award that was created to honor an elected official who exhibits the qualities of the late Senator Wayne Morse, one of two senators who opposed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which initiated U.S. military intervention in Vietnam.

Seeing Barbara Lee in person, hearing her speak with grace, eloquence and integrity, and witnessing her accept this prestigious and much earned reward for her steadfast commitment, was an important moment in my herstory. I left the ceremony feeling inspired and alive with hope, and strongly feeling that it is paramount for more women to take their rightful place in the political arena, to put (as Wayne Morse was famous for saying) "principle before politics".

* Today in herstory: On this day in 1920 women won the right to vote in the United States, ending a 72-year struggle against woman suffrage! [ Read more... ]

A22 PORTLAND BUSH PROTEST 26.08.2002 03:09
Corporate media is a disease; Independent media is the cure: Act Now!
From the open publishing newswire: "The A22 Bush Protest here in Portland provided a stark reminder that corporate media cannot be trusted to present a story fairly or accurately. The bias against democratic action and in favor of police violence was on full display in the local press, even with the comparatively sympathetic reports provided by media outlets whose employees were attacked. The Tribune characterized the protests as a "riot", though the only riot that day was a police riot, the Associated Press couldn't count, and the Oregonian was typically slipshod with the facts.

"Dissent is becoming increasingly criminalized, legally, by the government and increasingly demonized, culturally, by the corporate media. When the corporate media repeatedly presents protesters as violent and police violence as justified, it is not reporting facts -- it is shaping perceptions. The result is a country full of people increasingly hostile to the veryidea of dissent, who will gladly give up their liberty for security, as we have seen since 9/11..."

"Here on portland indymedia, the corporate media lies about A22 were countered with truth. Not only did protest participants post their own first-hand accounts that showed what really happened, they also jumped on the corporate media stories and called out the errors, mischaracterizations and slurs that they found. They found many:

"Write, email and call. Just once, or over and over. Be specific about where they went wrong and point out details that you can counter from your own experience. Needle them about obvious bias. Ask them how they feel about making money by lying. Let them know that you're aware they're lazy. Say they should be ashamed. Tell them you go to indymedia, KBOO, and the Alliance for the real story." [ Full story & contact info for corporate media outlets ]

MOVEMENT POLITICS 25.08.2002 22:58
Rock Against Racism: 'No one showed up. Why?'
From the open publishing newswire: "The following attack is on behalf of no one other than myself. I have no intention of representing anyone and their beliefs, ideas, or feelings. There was a 'ROCK Against Racism' that i attended(and helped flyer for)this past Saturday held at the Cascade campus of PCC. Rock Against Racism. Rock Against WHITE SUPREMACY. No one showed up. Why? I am so fucking disgusted at the extremely low turn out that i officially, as of now, refuse to work with anyone from Portland's white activist scene. I saw hundreds of flyers around town. I saw this event posted on Indymedia for days. I saw people handing out hundreds of flyers at the anti-Bush demo. Kboo announced it. What the fuck???"

"Sure you can get over a thousand people to march in the street(or one lane of traffic?) to protest George Bush. Sure you can disrupt traffic. Sure you can yell and scream because you got pepper sprayed by agents of his majesty's reign, but support a community event that brings to light the injustices that NON WHITE PEOPLE face on a daily fucking basis in that very same community, and you get nobody!!!!!! You can live in those very same neighborhoods, become instrumental in rent skyrockets, isolate yourselves and hold no accountability, but make room to waste time fighting for media attention that you think might get word out of 'your special cause'.....what a crock of shit." [ Full rant, with discussion ]

"reaction: an epidemic"
On August 26, the poster of this rant published a follow-up to the open publishing newswire: "hi. This is the boy who wrote the slanderous piece concerning the rock against racism event this saturday. I admire most of the comments that i recieved in return, and thank you all for sending them. it is not easy to do what i am about to do, particularly due to some information about myself that i find really difficult to convey to most people." [ Full article ]

After 9/11: A Forum on Civil Liberties and Social Justice
From the newswire: "Of the most affecting talks one was by Gulzar Ahmed, President of the Oregon Chapter of the American Muslim Alliance. He addressed some statistics gathered in a poll done by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR http://www.cair-net.org/). Of the ones I was able to record: 57% of American Muslims have experienced bias or discrimination due to their name or their faith. 87% knew or knew of a person of Muslim faith who had experienced bias or discrimination. 49% felt that their lives had changed for the worse. Muslims in America have faced their highest unemployment rate since Sept. 11, and the incidents of workplace discrimination have risen."

"Finally, we broke into smaller workgroups, mine was led by Dan Handelman of Copwatch (http://www.portlandcopwatch.org/) and Kathleen Jurgen... who has the honor of leading the absolute best chant at a Demonstration ever . Our topic, not surprisingly, was the renewal of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Another unknown (to me...) fact: there are Terrorism Task Forces set up attached to each US Attorneys' office. That total would be 93. My head just spun. 93 Anti Terrorism Task Forces. Where have i been? So here they all are: US Attorney's offices: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/offices/index.html 93 of 'em." [ Read More ]


A22 PORTLAND BUSH PROTEST 24.08.2002 21:19
Plea for help from the father of the pepper-sprayed children
From the newswire: "First and foremost I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the kind humanbeings who helped my children, my wife and me after we were pepper sprayed by the Portland Police. We were aided immediately by fellow demonstrators, the black cross and passers-by caught in the crossfire. These people shielded us with their bodies and soothed us with their treatments and words, and argued with police, putting themselves in danger, to secure our safe passage through the cordon. Their actions stand in beautiful contrast to the savage inhumanity of the police.

"We brought our children to a peaceful protest, we stayed in the back and we were walking on the sidewalk. The march stopped at the intersection of 2nd and Alder we could not see why from our position on the SW corner of the intersection. Police quickly moved up behind us and a moment or two later sprayed pepper spray into the crowd from the NE corner of the intersection. the crowd ran toward us to escape the spray. We asked the oficer closest to us how we should exit the intersection. He pointed and said to exit to the NE, into the spraying police opposite him. as the crowd pressed toward us I yelled to him to let us through (south on 2nd) because we had three small children. He looked at me, and drew out his can from his hip and sprayed directly at me." [ Read More... ]

A22 PORTLAND BUSH PROTEST 24.08.2002 15:38
Citizens demand accountability; Mayor defends brutality, hides in office
From the newswire: "Alan Graf, Portland resident and Chair of the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild called a press conference at 8:45am on August 23rd at City Hall to talk about the police violence during the previous days Bush protest."... "After Alan Graf spoke, a number of people came forward to tell their stories. One was Don Joughin, the father of the children who were pepper sprayed 2nd and Alder. He showed photos of his children crying, faces red and swollen. Don told how he and his family were in the back, away from any direct protest and how police surrounded everyone, and would not let people leave, at the same time that other police were ordering people to disperse."

"After speaking with the press outside City Hall, Alan Graf, many of the press, and the 60 or so people who attended the press conference went up to Mayor Katz's office to speak to her. The Mayor was in her office but declined to speak to the people there. She obviously does not care enough about babies and small children being pepper sprayed by police to come out and talk to the father of those children." [ Read More ]

[ National Lawyers Guild Letter to mayor Vera Katz ]

A22 PORTLAND BUSH PROTEST 24.08.2002 10:26
Friday rally marchers demand: 'Send Kroeker back to LA!'
From the open publishing newswire: "The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (PPRC) rally on Friday called attention to the previous day's events when a passionate but peaceful protest against visiting George Bush was marred by vicious police violence. In a march on City Hall participants chanted, 'Send Kroeker back to LA!' and '2-4-6-8, End the Police State!' Most people in the crowd had felt the effects of the day's rubber bullet and pepperspray attacks, either up-close-and-personal, or by entering areas where the poison still hung heavy in the air. Being the target of chemical weapons can tick people off, and the crowd on Friday, though small (about thirty people) was loud and energetic. Many people felt that that Mayor Katz [pictured, left] and Chief Kroeker are to blame for the inexcusable behavior of the police. " [ Story and Photos ]

A22 PORTLAND BUSH PROTEST 23.08.2002 22:42
Voices of women in protest
From the open publishing newswire: "I spent several hours talking to women about why they attended the Bush Protest. The interviews were done before the protest action. Here are a few of the voices."

"[I talked to] Elisabeth.- an elder lady. She walks with a cane and talks with the strength of 20 women... 'I have been marching for over 60 years. War is the worst way to solve problems. I am here today to support the effort to end this assault on America. I have been trying to make sure that in my lifetime we don't succumb to these warmongers...

"'I think these times are the worst I have seen. I think it is worse because it's so unctuous and disdainful. Business people treat Americans like children telling us how to think and what to consume and how to vote. I wish we had a leader for this movement. Someone like Martin Luther King, Jr. who cared about all the people. Someone who could speak to us and bring us together. We haven't had a real leader since Truman who had a real job. Most of these people we elect don't know what it is like to go to work everyday and worry about how we will care for our families from day-to-day.

"'Bush is running around acting like a child throwing a big tantrum. He's tearing up treaties that protect human rights, the environment and everything we need to survive together peacefully on the earth. I am here today to stand up no matter what the odds, against this madness.'" [ Read more... ]

A22 PORTLAND BUSH PROTEST 23.08.2002 02:15
Portland 1, Bush 0
At least 3000 people gathered in Portland today to protest pResident George Bush. Bush was visiting the state to spread lies about forest health and shake down the local ruling class to raise bribe money for regional crime lord Senator Gordon Smith, who is the Republican incumbent for U.S. Senate. The day of dissent started with a tree-sit in a downtown park where thousands gathered in the afternoon. Hundreds of people also gathered on the Waterfront for a Pacific Green Party-sponsored rally, which joined the crowd at the North Park Blocks and marched downtown. Police, including many in full riot gear, staked out a nine square block area around the Hilton Hotel where the fundraiser was happening. Protesters had free reign throughout the rest of downtown where they took the streets and blocked intersections. In the late afternoon, police declared a state of emergency to the glee of the protesters, and threatened to arrest anyone who did not disperse. Police then turned violent [ 1 | 2 ], shot people with rubber bullets and peppersprayed many others, including a 10 month old baby [ story: 1 | 2 ].

When the sun set people danced in the street and continued to face off police. The general feeling among participants was that it had been a great day. Corporate media accounts, unsurprisingly, gave different, often highly inaccurate, accounts [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ].

Audio reports: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
Photos: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
Video: [ eugene copwatch video | more video ]

Southern Oregon news and photos

From accounts posted to the open publishing newswire: "Roughly 100 demonstrators turned out both at Medford airport and Jackson County Expo where President Bush gave his logging policy speech..." "Police threatened to arrest all persons that would not move to the inside of the chain link 'free speech zone'. Many people were simply standing along side the road with signs, not content to be essentially caged in. Some demonstraters chose to actively resist by staging a sit-in in the middle of the road while the bulk of the remaining chose to stand their ground on the side of road. This particular action resulted in no arrests."

[ PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | about the issues: Usual Suspects Plan Rape of National Forests ]

A22 PORTLAND BUSH PROTEST 22.08.2002 12:22
Breaking news from the streets of Portland...
8:30PM: More pepper spray as police try to force crowds out of downtown.

8PM: Sun sets and Protesters party in the streets.

7:20PM: Huge crowds on streets as sun starts to come down. Children pepper sprayed. Bush mocks the dead to elicit laugh from crowd during speech. And Japan's Foreign Minister calls Bush, "Totally An Asshole." Portlanders rock as they post video to IMC Site! Keep it coming - more pictures, audio, and video!!! And Alan Graf calls for citizen's meeting tomorrow morning.

6:30PM: Police Open Fire on Protesters. Pepper Spray, Batons, Rubber Bullets used on crowd including babies, people in wheelchairs, citizens.

6:20PM: Bush Speaking as Police Order "Big Pepper Spray" from newswire article.

5:15PM: 2 to 4 thousand People Protest shrub! Police say size of crowds too big.

4:55PM: State of Emergency Announced

4:35 PM: News coming in that at least one protestor maced and riot cops ready to go here.

3:40 PM update: Great $#@%ing Day in Portland! - 2 to 3 thousand people on the streets!

3PM update on Shrub's visit here. According to news radio he has landed and is on his way downtown where the protesters have started their march.

Live webcam
of downtown Portland near the Hilton, refreshed every 30 seconds.

[ original annoucement feature | pdx indy "protest bush" organizing page ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 21.08.2002 01:49
Democratic Party lynches Representative Cynthia McKinney
Representative Cynthia McKinney lost the primary election in Georgia's Fourth District on Tuesday to a corporate-sponsored candidate put forth by the Democratic party leadership in order to unseat her. McKinney has been one of the few voices of reason in Congress, calling for an end to sanctions against Iraq, protection of old growth forests, and real, thorough investigations into the 9-11 attacks. She has also been one of the few politicians courageous enough to question the wholesale shredding of our civil rights and creation of a police state.

From the open publishing newswire: "Its final, Cynthia McKinney has been taken down by the DLC and there corporate cronies, the corporate media. If the Democrats had taken control of the House McKinney would have been the highest ranking member of the House Committee on International Relations. As a ranking member of that body she would have had the power to hold hearing as the chairperson for the International Operations and Human Rights subcommittee... If there was any doubt about the Democratic party turning its back on progressives it has now been sealed." [ Read more: "DLC takes out McKinney" ]

Another poster comments: "Anyone that challenges the Fascist State apparatus will get axed. The Democratic Leadership is an integral part of the apparatus, so their lynching of McKinney is no big surprise, though of course very disappointing. Hopefully all progressive people will see this and stop thinking that the Democratic Party is somehow redeemable, or the lesser of two evils." [ Read more: "Democrats: Enemy of progress in Georgia!" ]

[ Background: "Why we should help Cynthia McKinney" ]

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