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03.04.2006 14:25
Report back: Willamette Valley Indy project
This last Saturday people from the Willamette Valley and coast range met in Corvallis for the second organizing meeting. The group was enthusiastic and wants to go forward.

We decided to keep the name Willamette Valley Independent Media project. We like that the project will look closely at our eco-system, and our river as our namesake. We want to explore our connection to the earth and rebuild the commons and closer ties to each other, the earth and this beautiful place that we live in.

We are looking for a space to have a media center. Hoping to find something soon that is affordable. We are looking for equipment donations including video and audio equipment, software for editing, computers and people to skill share.

We will meet in a month and learn about how internal organization including communications can work. We will have informal meetings to talk about the project at the downtown Beanery in Corvallis every Saturday at 10:30 AM.


03.04.2006 14:19
Immigrant rights demo in Salem
There will be a march and demonstration for immigrant rights in response to anti-immigrant legislation on which the Senate is voting this Monday, April 10th.

The rally begins at 2pm at the Oregon state capitol in Salem, and a march at 3pm.

Can anyone volunteer to drive people down from Portland for the day? National Public Radio and the media in general have argued that these demonstrations have had a huge effect on the development of this legislation. This is an historic opportunity to get involved. Please contact me if you can help organize transportation.

LA Indymedia feature: Over 500,000 Protest Anti-Immigrant Law in Downtown Los Angeles | Chicago Indymedia Feature: Si, se puede! - Chicago Witnesses Massive Protest for Immigrant Rights | "Si se puede!" - On Chicago's Streets | To Hell With the Minutemen! Full Rights for All Immigrants Now! - Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee callout | The Historic Immigration March in LA-We Didn't Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us


03.04.2006 14:15
The National Disgrace of Katrina
It is 7 months post Katrina. Vast parts of N.O. still look like a war zone. While the U.S. spends billions destroying Iraq, our own people are still without homes, electricity, basic services. Out of the media spotlight, Katrina survivors are still struggling every day to get food, water, shelter.
Two days in New Orleans and my life is changed forever. There are no words to describe the devastation that remains seven months after Katrine.For much of the country, NOLA is old news. For people here it remains a monumental battle both against the destruction and aftermath, and also against the system that is racist, classist, corrupt and greedy

There is enormous need for volunteers.On-going home rehab will take years. At the peak of Spring Break there were 3000 people here, Today it's about 300. People Power is the greatest need, but almost every thing imaginable is needed from baby diapers to tools. Stores are boarded up and toxic so there's no running to to corner market for milk & bread.

Visit CommonGroundRelief.com. Common Ground is fantastic! Up out of the flood waters, holding the community together. Amazing! We may all need to know how to do this soon.




02.04.2006 20:31
US media reacts to French protests with hatred and fear
The US media, not known for following the internal political developments of other countries too closely unless it has a direct impact upon the US, has provided an inordinate amount of ill-tempered commentary on the wave of protests and strikes in France against the introduction of a law that enables employers to fire young workers without cause.

The reaction of the media has been universally hostile, varying from denunciations by the right-wing press of "mob rule" to the more low-key perplexity expressed by the liberal media, which suggests that French are suffering from some type of collective dementia because they believe they have the right to such things as job security.

World Socialist Website


02.04.2006 20:25
Eric McDavid Ends Hunger Strike
After a duration of two weeks, Eric McDavid ended his hunger strike on Friday, March 24. This decision was concurrent with the filing of a lawsuit on his behalf against the County of Sacramento and the United States Marshals Service alleging violations of his constitutional and federal statutory rights. These rights include food he can eat [ a vegan diet ] and outdoor exercise, two things he has been denied since he was first arrested. We are asking that people continue to contact the jail and the sheriff to protest Eric's mistreatment at their hands and insist that he be given vegan food. When calling, be sure to keep his x-reference number [ X-2972521 ] handy.

Portland Indymedia GreenScare Page


02.04.2006 19:54
Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation
Expose the Truth Billionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter and WTC survivor William Rodriguez this week embarked on a groundbreaking trip to Caracas Venezuela in which they met with with the President of the Assembly and will soon meet with Venezuelan President himself Hugo Chavez in anticipation of an official Venezuelan government investigation into 9/11.

Rodriguez was the last survivor pulled from the rubble of the north tower of the WTC, and was responsible for all stairwells within the tower. Rodriguez represented family members of 9/11 victims and testified to the 9/11 Commission that bombs were in the north tower but his statements were completely omitted from the official record.


01.04.2006 06:12
Nazis Plan Olympia Rally Sunday April 2: Anti-fascist solidarity requested!!!
The neo-nazi group "national socialist movement" (NSM) is planning to come to Olympia this Sunday. They intend to have a rally at Sylvester Park. Their rally is billed as "NSM RALLY TO SUPPORT RACHEL CORRIE Goyim Unite". We cannot let their hateful message be promulgated from the gazebo without resistance. Let's fill the park and the streets of Olympia with the sound of our commitment to diversity and dignity. Make a statement that you will not let the neo-nazis co-opt the memory of Rachel Corrie for their agenda of intolerance, hate, and fascism.

Keep in mind that the nazis could change the time of their rally (originally 2 pm), the location, or even not show up on Sunday. This depends on us. We need to be out in strength to express our solidarity with and support for all people who the nazis preach hate and intolerance for, which is most of us.

"Unity in the Community and some other groups are planning to hold a "Not in our Town, Not in Rachel's Name" rally in Heritage Park at Noon on Sunday, April 2nd featuring speakers that support diversity and oppose hate groups.(Please note that "Day Light Savings Time" begins April 2, so remember to change your clocks forward one hour)

Rachel Corrie's parents have joined the call for this rally to re-affirm Rachel's opposition to anti-Semitism and everything else that Nazi's stand for. Many local folks are disgusted that the NSM would try to pervert Rachel's memory to support their racist, anti-Semitic agenda."


30.03.2006 19:46
Help respond to Rep. Brian Baird (D)'s pro-salvage logging article in the Oregonian
Yesterday, Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) wrote an opinion piece in the Oregonian (copied below) with the intention of defending his indefensible logging bill, H.R. 4200. We need your help in sending letters to the editor pointing out that Baird's post-disturbance logging legislation is harmful to fish, wildlife, and overall forest recovery. At the bottom of this alert is a press release about 169 scientists from across the country who have come out against this legislation.

Sample Letter to the Editor Send your comment letter by May 1st to oppose the illegal auction of public lands

www.gptaskforce.org | www.americanlands.org


30.03.2006 14:24
Very Recent Message from Tre Arrow in Victoria, BC
Tre Arrow Friday March 24th, 2006: Today marks day 12 and the half-way point of my hunger strike. I'm doing well, and staying strong. It's been difficult, but manageable. Please, no need for concern or worry ... no fear, only love! We can go a long time without food, but water and deep breathing are much more essential. I've been consuming these two vital forces which are keeping me well. My Dad fasted the first three days with me. A kind brother in Stumptown fasted the first day, and will be fasting on day 24 as well. My spirit sister in Winnipeg fasted on day one. A person I've yet to meet has been fasting with me...

As much as I don't like being locked up, I'm making the most of it... The FBI can use all their wealth and power to keep my body locked up, but they will never, ever, be able to cage my spirit, my heart and my words! My mission transcends these walls and reaches the hearts of the world. I take solace in the fact that no matter what may come and even long after my body leaves this plane my passion and mission will continue to reach the people on this precious Earth. May there come a day when all living beings (not just humyns) are honoured and respected, where competition is replaced with co-operation, where healthy food is a right, not a privilege; and wealth is measured not by how much one posessees, but by how much wisdom and love they share. I'm with you in spirit



29.03.2006 23:44
The Historic Immigration March in LA-We Didn't Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us
Up to 2 million people took the streets in LA Don't believe the hype. I was in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday when the historic march to protest the racist anti-immigration bill HR 4437 took place. For those who don't know, this bill would make illegal immigrants felons as well as anybody, including family members who help them in any sort of way. This means that if you have a cousin living in Mexico who comes over here and his paper work ain't right, even if you didn't know, you could face jail time. This means if you unknowingly hire somebody to haul away trash you could be in trouble. This is not about giving the government the power to build a wall at the border. This is much deeper then that..

As for the march, the mainstream news media claim there were 500 thousand people on who showed up. Keep in mind, this is after they tried to hate on the march and say only a few thousand were going to show up the night before. Trust me more than a million people showed up... The vibe in the air and the overall energy was infectious as you saw everyone from church goers to gang bangers all fighting to keep this oppressive bill from passing. There was an enormous amount of young people. Many came with their families. Its been a while since I been to a rally or march where I saw Grandmas, parents, young adults and little kids all in attendance. I talked to cats who were all tatted up carrying signs that said 'Stolen Land Defeat HR 4437' and college cats carrying signs that read 'Where was George Washington's Green card' [ Read More |

LA Indymedia feature: Over 500,000 Protest Anti-Immigrant Law in Downtown Los Angeles | Chicago Indymedia Feature: Si, se puede! - Chicago Witnesses Massive Protest for Immigrant Rights | "Si se puede!" - On Chicago's Streets | To Hell With the Minutemen! Full Rights for All Immigrants Now! - Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee callout

Liberal Hypocrisy on Immigration - Krugman and Clinton: Shut the Door | AWOL: Black Leaders and Immigration ]


29.03.2006 23:04
Schumacher Furs and a great day for a picnic, March 29
trapped lynx "I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." - Edward Hale. It was cold and wet on Wednesday March 29, but still a great day to stand with friendly and compassionate protesters. Nine people held signs and passed out literature for a couple of hours on Wednesday to educate the public about the cruelty of the fur trade. Protesters brought bagels and other snacks to share, and lots of supportive comments from passersby let us know that fur is dead in more ways than one.

A couple of reporters (Channel 8 and the Oregonian) came by to ask questions, as well as someone who heard about the protests on Lars Larson's show. After a long discussion, even he had to acknowledge that the protests must be successful if he was so inspired to come all the way downtown just to stand with us and discuss the issue. Even when people approach in an initially negative way, these protests encourage those who previously weren't thinking about fur at all to eventually think about the ethics of whether fur is o.k. Also, on Tuesday March 28, several protesters held a quiet vigil in front of Schumacher with a candle and a picture of an animal killed for her fur. Due to this, Schumacher locked the store doors. [ Read More | http://www.furisdead.com | Schumacher Furs: indymedia newsire articles ]


29.03.2006 12:30
Fishermen Concerned About Klamath Caused Fishing Shut-down Rally in Oregon and California
California Fishermen rally in Santa Rosa Last night several hundred commercial, tribal and sports fishermen, concerned by a proposed salmon fishing shut down due to low runs on the Klamath River, convened on the meeting of the of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council in Santa Rosa, CA and a meeting with the govenor in Salem, OR. Fishermen demanded for the government to" Fix the Klamath". This comes on the heels of a major court decision that the government's plan for Coho Salmon on the Klamath, which came the year over 68,000 salmon died on the Klamath, was illegal.


29.03.2006 12:24
Next Meeting: Willamette Valley Alternative Media center
The goal of this local independent media project is to find citizen activists who want a more community-oriented and ecologically sustainable society. And, who want to capture and communicate our progress and process at creating the community and world we want to live in. We hope to work with the idea of peacemaking and localization (of culture, of economy, of decision-making) as a necessary foundation of sustainability.

The first step of our project is to create an alternative, independent media center which will be used by the group to educate, inspire, and activate the people of our community.

Saturday, April 1, 2006 - 1:30 PM
Westminster House
101 NW 23rd Street - Corvallis, OR


29.03.2006 12:21
News4Neighbors hosts local debates
The News4Neighbors website premiered the first in a series of weekly candidate debate questions. Respondents from several candidates are already up online:


Each week News4Neighbors will pose an additional question for the candidates. All readers are encouraged to share their comments with the candidates.


29.03.2006 12:19
Schumacher's Protest Picnic!
On Wednesday, March 29th, at 12:00 there will be a picnic in front of the Schumachers Fur store to protest their killing of innocent animals. There will be food, and delightful company of others that despise the fur industry. [ read more ]

Schumacher Furs -- Portland City Council Meeting

According to both the Oregonian and Portland Tribune, Schumacher Fur's is intending to bring the fur protests to the Portland City Council, Wednesday, April 5, 2006, at 9:30AM. Should they indeed be on the agenda, I urge any/all who can come to PLEASE attend.

Citizen Participation: Council Members welcome public testimony. As each item pulled from the Consent Agenda and all those on the Regular Agenda are read, the Mayor will ask if anyone wishes to be heard. Normally, anyone wishing to speak is given three minutes and Council Members may then ask questions. [ read more ]

Randy Leonard position on fur protests

Randy Leonard is talking about effective means to stop the protests. In my opinion, neither a city commissioner, nor the police, should be involved in trying to stop legal protests! People have the right to protest and the only comment from the police or the city officials should be that it is legal and that it is their constitutional obligation to protect such rights. Such rights are the basis of freedom in society and far supercede any need to please a downtown business owner. [ read more ]

Related Article: fur protest debate on blueoregon.com


29.03.2006 12:05
Call to Action: Follow-up to Wyden sit-ins!
It seems natural that in the March 19th protest rally in Portland, which was one of the largest in the nation, was followed up by two acts of civil disobedience, also the largest in the nation. But let's not stop here! On every 20th of every month, we should continue to occupy Senator Wyden's office and use the downtime to make sure every month more and more people are involved in the action. [ read more ]

ACTION ALERT: call/fax Wyden daily

To keep the pressure on Senator Wyden to end the occupation of Iraq various groups are mobilizing a phone/fax/letter campaign to his Portland office. Below is included a letter that you can use as a template to fax/mail to his office, or as a script for phone calls. This is a decentralized campaign empowering individual citizens to contact their senator with a coordinated message. [ read more ]

Related Article:Nonviolence Criteria for Wyden Protest & Invitation To Meet


29.03.2006 10:27
National Call-In Day for Roadless Siskiyou Forests
Dont let this happen! Join thousands of Americans today in standing up for two of our nation's best roadless forests: the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas. These botanically-rich wildlands, which feed salmon-rich rivers in southern Oregon's Siskiyou mountains, are threatened by extreme logging.

The popular Roadless Area Conservation Rule (Roadless Rule), approved in 2001, provides protection for the last roadless forests on federal land across the nation. The Bush Administration is trying to replace the Roadless Rule with a watered-down version that puts National Forest land at the mercy of individual state politics. The Bush Administration promised that roadless forests would remain protected while state-specific guidelines are developed. Breaking that promise, the Bush Administration recently announced plans to log the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas in the Siskiyou National Forest.

Roadless forests targeted by the new logging sales, called "Mike's Gulch" and "Blackberry," could be auctioned for logging within weeks. Your help is needed to stop this destructive logging before it starts!

Take a minute to make your voice heard!



28.03.2006 00:52
Schumacher Furs Protest Report ("The protesters just don't understand!"), March 25
chalk drawings Apparently, Greg Schumacher told someone this Saturday that protesters "just don't understand" - after all, he himself doesn't actually kill the animals. So, what's our problem with Schumacher Furs?

Hmm. While that Greg is certainly some logician, we'd probably have a problem with any business or person who orders and profits from the torture and killing of defenseless beings, whether they themselves are tightening the wire noose around the animal's neck, or skinning her alive. And those pathetic Schumacher commercials promoting cruelty as glamour, proclaiming, "Want more sex? Get more sexy!" with women in furs don't help the case.

Throughout the day, over 25 protesters stood in the cold and rain to leaflet, chant, hold signs and educate the public about the fur trade. Protesters drew pictures of some of the animals killed for the fur industry (foxes, minks, squirrels) in chalk on the sidewalk. One protester brought his guitar and enthusiastically sang anti-fur songs. We received many positive comments from passersby.

Related Article: Fur Protestors Having Impact on Schumacher's Furs


28.03.2006 00:46
Mike-D. Circus Protest Trial in Progress; Jury Still Out, Gathering Tomorrow at 9:30a.m
The Trial began at about 11:00 a.m., the judge stated he only had time for a trial ending today, with maybe an hour to finish up tomarrow, if need be. The Motions were made and most of them denied, in one form or another, with a partial granting here and there. The Jury Pool arrives, a high percentage of them being students, on spring break, most of the jurors had been to a circus, a few had been to some type of protest and/or had family involved with protesting. After Jury questioning and selection, the trial began first with state witness Julie Van Hee, a supervisor of security, for Coast-to-Coast Event Security contracted by the Rose Garden staff. After her testimony, direct and cross examination, with a quick re-direct. Judge Amiton sent everyone to lunch about 1:00p.m. telling all to be back at 2:00p.m. for the rest of the trial.


28.03.2006 00:41
Voting Rights and Social Justice in El Salvador: Three Portland Election Monitors Speak
Three Portland residents traveled to El Salvador this March as international elections observers. The Portland residents were part of a mission of 36 observers from the United Status, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. The mission traveled to El Salvador to witness the transparency in the electoral process, which is an element of the democratization as established by the 1992 Peace Accords that ended a 12-year civil war between a poor people's guerrilla army and a right-wing, U.S.-backed military government.

Delegates will share their experiences from El Salvador Saturday April 1, 7 PM at the Musicians Hall (325 NE 20th Ave, Portland). The event is free and open to the public.


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