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13.04.2006 08:33
New article by Jeff Free Luers - on state repression
artwork by Breakfast By now everyone knows about the arrests and indictments handed down to 11 people charged with ELF actions. The SHAC 7 have been convicted on all counts for maintaining a website. Rod Coronado has been arrested for explaining how he committed his arsons. Activists have been arrested in Sacramento charged with thought crime. Not to mention the various Grand Jury investigations around the country.

Like it or not, the radical movement has found itself in the middle of a war. The ELF, ALF, anarchists and other radicals have been declared the number one threat to the state. The FBI devotes more time and energy to activists than it does Al-Qaeda.

For every article I write, I wonder if this will be the one that lands me back in the hole. The FBI, in connection with the Oregon Department of Corrections, reviews all my outgoing mail. Some of my mail has been censored and not allowed to go out at all. I am banned from meeting with the media. None of those who were arrested are allowed to contact me, or allowed to be contacted by me.

I'm beginning to feel a lot more like a P.O.W. than a political prisoner.

"This is a state of emergency. Not only our success, but also our existence depends on your actions. The police state is here. Everything we've long feared is coming to pass. This isn't someone else's fight anymore, it's yours. What are you going to do about it?"

Organize an event for the International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare! June 9-11, 2006 | http://www.freefreenow.org


13.04.2006 08:27
Weather Underground Film Fest Friday 7pm L.H.B
We will show 3 short films this friday at 7pm at laughing horse books
3652 se division st 503-236-2893
donations accepted and discussion encouraged

Laughing Horse Book Collective Closing it's Doors May 15th


13.04.2006 08:23
Wisconsin Towns Vote for Immediate US Military Withdrawal from Iraq
On Tuesday, April 4, 32 communities in the state of Wisconsin voted on referenda calling for the immediate withdrawal of all American military forces from Iraq. Of these areas, 24 voted for immediate withdrawal, and eight voted against. In the Milwaukee suburb of Shorewood, 70 percent voted for immediate withdrawal.
The referenda results represent a major embarrassment for both big-business political parties in the US, as well as for the media, which consistently present the Bush administration's "war on terror" as enjoying a popular mandate, while attempting to marginalize any opposition. What these referenda reveal is that while the war may be fully supported by the media and big-business politicians, it is widely opposed by the broad masses of ordinary people in the US.

Significantly, when the same choice was put before the US Congress in November of last year, only 3 congressmen—less than 1 percent—voted for immediate withdrawal, and 403 against. Both the Democratic and the Republican candidates in the 2004 presidential elections were in favor of continuing the war in Iraq indefinitely.

The broad popular opposition to the war revealed by the referenda immediately provoked defensive remarks and denunciations from the Bush administration.


13.04.2006 08:21
April 4th 2006 Legal Update regarding tre arrow
tre Hello to you all, it's tre here at wilkie. I'm doing well, and holding strong through this 23rd day of my hunger strike. I've received word from my lawyer that the minister of justice, Vic Toews, is postponing his decision on whether or not to surrender me for extradition. By Monday, April 24th, we will know his official decision.

Even if he decides to surrender me, this doesn't mean that I'm going to be swooped away to the states the next day! If the desicion is not favorable, my lawyer will file the necessary paperwork notifying the minister of our intention to appeal his decision. This appeal could take a long time, therefore, I most likely will not be leaving Canada anytime soon.

Thank you for your continued support, love, prayers, and energy. This extension gives us all an opportunity to send the minister, and all his associates, who are deciding my fate, much abundant light and positive intention to make a just and fair decision.

love, peace, and solidarity



13.04.2006 08:18
The 2006 Philadelphia Queer People of Color Film Series!
2006 Philadelphia Film Series Call For Submissions printable flyer Rogue Collective is seeking film submissions of all kinds which highlight the struggles and achievements of queer people of color, by queer people of color!

Our aim is to engage the greater public in meaningful discourse on race, sexuality and gender in media; to supplant false popularized conceptions (e.g. being portrayed as "exotic", "hypersexual", "nonsexual", and "junglistic") sustained by and created for commercial interests; and to recognize achievements by QPOC in filmmaking.

Films must be submitted by May 20, 2006.


13.04.2006 08:15
Prisoner Support Alert: Liam O'Reilly
Here is a message from Liam, who is self-reporting to federal prison tomorrow. Liam spent time last year in Southern Oregon, working on forest protection issues. Please give him support! He is a wonderful person.

Well this is my final mailing for the the next 90 days. I'm going to Federal Penitentiary Canaan -satellite camp.

I am self reporting to a 3 month (90 day) prison sentence for destruction of government property, with the charges stemming from the School of Americas Watch Protest, (Non line crossing). I am self reporting Tuesday April the 11th at 2:00pm. I will be released on July 9th. If you want to send mail you can send it to:

Liam O'Reilly #91431-020
P.O. BOX 200


13.04.2006 08:11
City Repair Project Volunteer Opportunities
city repair ankeny chalkwork may '03 The City Repair Project is ramping up for several projects over the next few weeks and months and we are in need of people to help us create sustainable, people-oriented communities. You will meet inspiring people, have lots of fun, and transform yourself in the process.

How to Get Involved:
City Repair has regular Volunteer orientations at City Repair Headquarters (2122 SE Division) every other Thursday at 6:00pm. If you cannot attend, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Ashley via email or phone (503-235-8646).



13.04.2006 08:08
April 10th update on Darren Thurston
freedarren.org On Friday, March 26th Darren was put in lockdown at Multnomah Inverness for possession of another inmate's ibuprofen (Advil). Although Darren is allowed to have ibuprofen by prescription, he was given some extras by another inmate which corrections officials found during a shakedown of his range. For this Darren served five days in the hole, and upon completion was sent back to Multnomah County Detention Center for a 30 day period (in order to "reintegrate" him into the law-abiding population at Inverness).

* Darren will be transferred down to California for arraignment on the new charges likely at the end of the month. We expect this trip to be brief, as we hope that Darren's Portland lawyer (Dan Feiner) will be able to handle the cases in both states, which would necessitate Darren being moved back to Inverness in Portland to be within easy access of his legal support.

* We encourage people to keep sending letters to Darren at MCDC for the next couple of weeks (lots of letters right now would really help to boost his spirits, so get writing people!) Please stop sending books for the time being as he won't be able to take anything with him when he goes to Sacramento.

Darren Thurston #701415
Multnomah County Detention Center
1120 SW Third Ave.
Portland, OR 97204



11.04.2006 22:35
Vigil at the Recruiting Center: Tuesday Report
I went to the Recruiting Center Vigil tonight. There were over a dozen people there from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. It happens every Tuesday at the Armed Forces Recruitment Center at 1317 NE Broadway in Portland. Most of the people held signs, while a couple people handed out info to passersby. The response from people on the street and from those in cars was overwhelmingly positive. Dozens of drivers honked their support. To them I say thank you. I also say, please come out and join this effort.

Some people at the vigil are talking about starting up another day. If more people show up, it can become a third and a fourth. I know there are enough people in Portland opposed to the war who can come out. Let's all make this happen! There were 10,000 at the anti-war march. If just 10% of those people would come out once a month that would be 30 people every day at the recruiting center! This is a solid next step after having a large march!

related: 1/24/06 Report | 1/15/06 Report | 8/18/05 Report | all articles by 'PDX Dragon'


11.04.2006 22:09
BLM Proposes Clearcuts in South Umpqua Watershed
The Roseburg Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to clearcut 585 acres of mature and old growth forests, leaving as few as 6 trees per acre, in the South Myrtle Creek watershed, between Roseburg and Canyonville. The BLM is asking you for your opinion on what alternatives they should include in their environmental analysis. The BLM is required to consider alternatives to their proposed action. If enough people write to the BLM and ask them to consider another alternative, they must do it. We want the BLM to consider an alternative that thins instead of a "regeneration harvest" (a clearcut with 6 trees per acre left).

There are at least 8 pairs of northern spotted owls that use these forests for foraging. Logging will occur so close to some owl nests that the BLM thinks there could be an "incidental take" of 5 pairs of owls. "Incidental take" means these owls might die, not because they will be directly killed, but they because their grocery store, food source on 585 acres, will be eliminated.


11.04.2006 17:50
Laughing Horse Book Collective Closing its Doors
laughing horse books The Laughing Horse Book Collective founded in 1985 on NW 23rd Ave in 1985 : since 1993 at its present location at 37th and Division has lost it's lease and must move in 30 days. The collective calls upon the community for support. The Building in which the bookstore is currently located has been remodeling. The new ownwer want the bookstore out to remodel the space. After the remodel they want to charge "market rates" which would increase the rent 100%.

The need for Laughing Horse has never been greater according to Tim Calvert one of the founding members of Laughing Horse Books. The reality is we are at extreme risk of going out of business unless the community comes forward with help in the form of an affordable location. Please call Laughing Horse Bookstore with any information or leads on potential move options.


11.04.2006 09:25
Cruzando Juárez con la Caravana Internacional por la Justícia
Caravanistas and local activists at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego Un reportero gráfico de indymedia Portland acompañó, en la etapa de la costa Oeste, a la Caravana Internacional por la Justícia en Juárez y Ciudad Chihuahua. El 31 de octubre la caravana marchó a través de la frontera entre El Paso, EE.UU. y Juárez, Méjico para pedir justícia en los casos de aproximadamente 400 mujeres asesinadas, casos que se han tratado con negligencia y no han sido suficientemente investigados por las autoridades mejicanas. Esta es la segunda parte en una serie de informes sobre la Caravana, que ha visitado docenas de ciudades en los EE.UU. y Canadá y pasó 6 días en Méjico reuniéndose con autoridades y las famílias de las mujeres asesinadas. Las 5 etapas de la Caravana Internacional por la Justícia en Juárez y Chihuahua llegó a Las Cruces, Nuevo Méjico, a cerca de una hora de la frontera, el viernes, 30 de octubre.

Hay varios grupos no gubernamentales implicados en que se aborde el problema de los cientos de mujeres asesinadas en Juárez y Chihuahua, a ambos lados de la frontera, en Las Cruces, Nuevo Méjico; El Paso, Tejas; y en Juárez y Chihuahua. Las Amigas de las Mujeres de Juárez fueron nuestras anfitrionas en Las Cruces aquella noche. La mañana siguiente nos unimos a miembros de Justícia Para Nuestras Hijas, Nuestras Hijas Regresan a Casa, CETLAC (una organización laboral de Juárez), y muchos otros activistas, junto con otros miembros de la delegación de Juárez que acababan de llegar en avión a El Paso el viernes. Desayunamos todos en el YWCA El Paso y entonces nos dirigimos a uno de los varios puentes que cruzan el Río Grande y la frontera.


11.04.2006 09:19
Manifestación ciclonudista en España Naked cyclist demonstration in Spain
Vista general Por tercer año consecutivo y esta vez con convocatoria pública y galáctica se ha celebrado la Tercera Marcha ciclonudista que ha transcurrido por el centro de Zaragoza, ante la mirada de miles de curiosos, cámaras de los medios y de los mirones y simpatizantes que han aplaudido a rabiar desde las aceras y han tomado la calzada, recuperando este espacio inmenso que normalmente nos roban los automóviles.

La marcha, que coincidía con el día en que asumía el poder municipal el nuevo alcalde de Zargoza, Belloch, pretendía recordar la carencia crónica de espacios para circular en bicicleta por nuestra ciudad. De hecho, con todo el despilfarro en cinturones de ronda, nuevos aparcamientos y espacios para los coches, los carriles bici siguen siendo algo casi anecdótico y están situados mayormente en torno a cinturones de circunvalación, que los convierten en inútiles como vía de comunicación para l@s ciclistas urbanos.


10.04.2006 21:54
15000+ Rally in Salem for Immigrant Rights
Salem, Apr 9 On Sunday, I was one of at least 15 thousand people gathered at the steps of Oregon's state capital, waving flags and calling for legislation that respects the role of immigrant workers in US society. After a two-hour rally, the largely Latino group marched in a circle around the capital mall, while passing cars honked their approval.

The protest, called by Oregon's Farmworker Union, PCUN and endorsed by a number of unions and labor organizations including Jobs with Justice and VOZ - the Worker's Rights Education Project, was a prelude to Monday's National Day of Action for Immigrants Rights, which all told drew hundreds of thousands to the streets to express opposition to pending anti-immigration legislation in Congress.

more from salem: Sunday's Immigrant Rally in Salem | Blog entry on the Salem immigrant rights demonstration | Audio - Salem Immigrant Rally

On the streets of Seattle today....a tremendous day
It's easy to get overwhelmed with emotion on a day like today: Hundreds of thousands of people in the streets demanding respect, equality, RIGHTS!---and overwhelming proletarian. Maybe 20,000 marched in Seattle, maybe 40,000, I can't say. All I know is that I when I stopped to rest and wait for a couple comrades to come by the crowd just kept coming, and coming, and coming... .maybe for 40 minutes, maybe for nearly an hour. more from seattle: AUDIO from Seattle Immigrant Rights March 4-10 | At least 50,000 marching in Seattle
Thousands March for Immigrant Rights Downtown
Here in Portland, several groups put together a rally, and amazingly thousands of people showed up considering it was put together almost at the last minute, and news of it was spread mostly by mouth. (I knew about the day of action because people had been passing around a flyer, but I didn't know that there would be a march until I ran into some people who were going to it). If you were downtown today, you couldn't miss the thousands of people in the streets.

more from portland: Pro-Immigrant Rally | Up to 8,000 march for Immigrant Rights in Portland

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10.04.2006 08:27
While We're Here, We Should Dance: Schumachers Report
The usual fake flowers, plastic manikins, and fur from tortured dead animals adorned Schumacher Furs display windows this week, while outside the Shop of Death a lively celebration of life, hope, and protest against unbearable cruelty was taking place. Throughout the day, over 50 protesters chanted, passed out literature, danced to live bagpipe music, chalked lovely pictures of animals on the sidewalk, celebrated the birthday of one of the protesters, and ate vegan treats (4 dozen cupcakes, 6 dozen cookies, banana bread, and a birthday cake).

While the Schumachers did not come out for birthday cake, they sent out an apparently intoxicated, red-faced, angry woman in a shabby black fur coat (which certainly looked better on its original animal owners). Perhaps the free-flowing alcohol inside Schumacher for their visitors is not a good idea. The woman stood and flipped us off, made antagonistic remarks, and for a time made no attempt to walk down the sidewalk or leave. As the woman finally started off down the street, Linda Schumacher flew out the front door with her video camera up to her face in a seemingly desperate attempt to film a confrontation.

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10.04.2006 08:15
"Land and Liberation"- Issue 1 of Flashflood is out Now
"Flashflood Magazine: Communities Against Imperialism" has put out its first issue. The purpose and ethic of this bi-monthly magazine is to give voice to struggles against imperialism and for self-determination in our communities. We'd love your help in making this project both sustainable and relevant.
April Edition: The Boise Voice
The Boise Voice as a monthly newsletter is in its second month, after a nearly three year vacation. This month, neighbors have written about dispelling rumors and gardening with kids.

"As a nearby neighbor and a person with a passion for gardening and mentoring children I am starting a garden project at the school with any interested students," notes Martha Wright in her article Gardeing With Boise-Eliot. Laura Parisi, in her article, The Rumor Mill, addresses a few development rumors in the neighborhood.

related: all articles by 'bht' | boisevoice.org


10.04.2006 07:51
Africa Sounds and Blues Programs, on PDX IMC Web Radio
Here are links to some new radio programs I produced this week. They were each posted on the newswire, but I thought they may have gotten missed by the casual reader.

The first is "Africa Sounds". This one-hour program travels from the dance club music of the 1950s perfected by bandleader Franco to the Malian blues of Ali Farka Toure and the electrified tribal rhythms of Toureg refugees Tinariwen (pictured). Along the way, we stop on the island of Madagascar and take a side trip to the slums of Soweto.

The second is a blues program. This is a one-hour program featuring Bobby Bland, T-Bone Walker, John Lee Hooker (pictured), RL Burnside, John Mayall & Eric Clapton, Luther Allison, Greg & Duane Allman, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, the legendary Otis Rush, and the dead Eva Cassidy (RIP).

related: pdx imc web radio (scroll all the way to the bottom to see all of Jayson's shows) | other articles by 'jayson'


09.04.2006 09:30
Weekend of Action/Fin de Semana de Acción
There are lots of important events and actions this weekend. Come and join with the movement for immigrant rights and Latin America solidarity.

Este fin de semana hay muchos marchas y eventos importantes. Ven y juntar con los movimientos de solidaridad latinoamericana y por los derechos inmigrantes.

Derechos Inmigrantes/Immigrant Rights: Come to the March in Salem this Sunday April 9th Aztec Dance at 2pm, March at 3 pm Where: The Capitol in Salem Carpools leave from PCASC (616 E. Burnside St.) @ 1 PM

2.- Ven a la concentración en le Plaza Terry Schrunk (calle 3 con Madison) en el Centro de Portland, el LUNES 10 de ABRIL 12:00 del medio día. Trae rótulos y ponte tu playera blanca para unirnos a este día de acción en Washington DC y en más de 50 ciudades en todo el país.

Come to the demonstration at Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd & Madison) in downtown Portland this Monday April 10th at Noon. Come join us for this National Day of Action for Immigrant Rights. Bring your signs!

homepage: www.pcasc.net

Unidos sin Fronteras! March for Immigrant Rights Sunday in Salem! | Immigration Rights Battle Comes to US Schools - Week of the Walkouts | ILPS Statement of Solidarity With US Immigrants and Supporters | Middle School Student/Organizer Kills Himself After Being Threatened by Vice Principal


09.04.2006 09:27
Huge Month of Anti-War Demonstrations
Not to mention the immigration bill protests, March saw massive demonstrations all over the world. Two international action days - International Woman's Day, and the Iraq War anniversary - brought hundreds of thousands out protesting the war and the Bush Administration. The weekend of the 18th, some cities had actions both days as the war moved into it's fourth year. San Francisco held "8 days of anarchy" which started the 14th to mark the repulsive occasion. London had the largest as the crowd grew to an estimated 100,000. Organizers stated that over 500 cities participated in the US.

On International Woman's Day, women held demonstrations and vigils all over the world against the Iraq war in some cases in bitter cold wind and rain. In DC, they marched "to the White House to deliver the Women's Call for Peace and more than 100,000 signatures."

related: February Report | January Report | all stories by D. Burbeck


09.04.2006 09:25
Torture Victim And Others Report From Baghdad
First Person Accounts Of The Brutality In Baghdad

So many Iraqis are being killed, tortured and destroyed by the brutal, criminal war. We need to understand the suffering the people in that devastated country are enduring and we need to hear it in their own words. This account is part of a larger piece on the Mantic Eye Blog.

"The first day went by and our arms were still tied but now blood was dripping from the handcuffs. At noon, a guard came and untied a group of prisoners, and an hour later the guard returned. He opened a little window in the cell door and said: "I brought you lunch." He ordered the ones who were untied to feed the ones who were still tied up. Then he poured a small can of ful (fava beans) on the floor. One small can of fava beans. In your opinion, do you think that would be enough to feed 25 people? He poured it on the floor. The floor was disgusting because it was not tiled. It was a dirt floor. So anyway, each of us ended up getting about four beans. I discovered that this was the food they gave you every two days. Our bathroom was simply an oil can in the corner of the cell or the corner of the cell itself.

On the third day, they prevented my brother, my cousin and me from using the bathroom at all and it was the worst day. In the morning the guard came and took us and after one hour of interrogation they began to torture us to get us to confess to the crimes of killing and bombing. We were innocent. We had not done these things. They became very vicious because we refused to confess, so they began to torture us more: the real torture..."

Full story here: www.manticeye.com/blog


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