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05.05.2006 08:00
Philippines: Agrarian violence claims more lives under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Regime
phillipines agrarian struggle Agrarian violence claimed two more lives this month. A leader of Task Force Mapalad (TFM), Rico Adeva, 39, was gunned down by three men as he and his wife Nenita were walking to their home in Barangay Dos Hermanas, Silay City, Negros Occidental on Black Saturday. He suffered seven bullet wounds - in the head, stomach, chest, and hand. Meanwhile, in Davao, the Secretary General of the National Coordination of Autonomous Local Rural People's Organizations (UNORKA), Eric Cabanit, was assassinated by two masked men while he was in a public market in Panabo last April 24, 2006. His daughter, who was with him when the shooting happened, was also wounded and is still in critical condition.

The killing of Adeva and Cabanit are clearly agrarian reform-related. Indeed, we expect more cases of violence because CARP is already in its last - and arguably most difficult - stretch. The government has already distributed non-controversial public and private lands, while controversial and large haciendas remain untouched. Big land owners have cultivated a sense of impunity hardened by the government's coddling of landed interests, private armies, and the lack of political will to redistribute lands.

akbayanrisa.wordpress.com | peace.net.ph


05.05.2006 07:57
Portland screening of Loose Change 9/11, with directory Dylan Avery
Portland screening of Loose Change 9/11 with director Dylan Avery at 7 pm on May 5th at the 5th Avenue Cinema. Come and see the film that's lit a fire under bloggers and chat rooms across the whole country by asking, do we really know the truth about 9/11? Love it or lambast it, it must be seen.

Dylan Avery, will be in Portland on Friday May 5th, to show and discuss his film, Loose Change, which the Republic Broadcasting Network called, "hands down the very best video analysis of the events of 9/11."

Avery will be appearing for one night only at the 5th Avenue Cinema
at 7 p.m. on Friday May 5th, to show and discuss Loose Change along
with producer Korey Rowe. Admission is free for PSU students, and $2 for non-students, with free popcorn for all. This is a co-sponsored event brought to you by the PSU Rearguard, and the PSU Film Committee.



05.05.2006 07:54
A comment on Nepal
Nepal: One Year Later This was my response to the expert. In a lot of ways I agree with his basic premise. However, I have very strong opinions that differ from what he is saying.

Bhai means brother. Bahini means sister. "There is absolutely no basis to suspect and fear that we will impose one-party dictatorship once we assume power in Kathmandu. And this is a fundamental principle for their politics in the future too:" This is laughable and hilarious. First of all, you arbitrarily, as party, make descions that do not reflect the will of many of the common people. You say that you will cease fire and then you don't.

There are a lot of basic economic solutions for making Nepal a strong economically viable country. The problem that I see in Nepal are a bunch of feudal tribal interests being unaddressed in a constructive economic manner. The maoists are part and parcel of this. Because of the maoist war in the country thousands have had to flee to Kathmandu in order to make a living. This counter productive. I think that it would help if Nepal was the first Green Country who ran all of its services green and imposed huge tarrifs on tourist organizations. Nepal is a farming country that should make hemp products and should increase global demand for these products and energy systems.

The problem in Nepal is not political. The problem in Nepal is economic. The problem in Nepal are groups like the BBC and foreign intrests that have not paid to local governments ie Tengboche etc. If you were to say, Bhai, I would like you to run things, then I would also say that the villages were usually already communalistic. What communism do you want to bring to already communilistic villages? Rhetoric. Plain and simple. What Nepal needs is to legalize abortion, and family planning services and keep, Bhai, the gangsters from stealing and divvying up the resources that are supposed to go to the women.

Related: Nepal—The Most Significant Popular Struggle for Freedom and Democracy in the World Today | Birth Pangs of Democracy in Nepal


04.05.2006 14:43
Zapatistas vs Walmart!
Zapatistas en el barco The fight against the environmental and social destruction promoted by Walmart is not just in the United States! The events of this week, a violent police crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in the heart of the country, have electrified people throughout Mexico. A Zapatista solidarity call for the people of Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco should resonate loudly with the people of Portland.

[Links: Alerta Roja General por represión en Atenco | Mexico: The Conflict in San Salvador Atenco | Rebellion in San Salvador Atenco: One, Two, Many Chiapases | Narconews article on Zapatista "Red Alert" |Virtual Sit-In]


04.05.2006 11:58
Ágora TV: community TV online
Agora T.V. Grupo Alavio, Argentine direct action and video collective has participated in working class struggles and supported them with audio-visual materials for over 15 years. Grupo Alavio has produced over 50 films dealing with many social conflicts: occupied factories, unemployed worker organizations, political prisoners, Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, subway workers struggling for a 6 hour workday, art and Iraq. Grupo Alavio has just premiered several new films and launched the brand new Internet Community TV Station Agora TV, www.agoratv.org. We are working to let as many people as we can know about Agora TV, "a window for freedom and a new working class imagery". It is a great way for people around the world to learn about current struggles and to create networks.

A member of Alavio is going to be travelling to the US and would like to sell videos to raise funds for Agora TV. If anyone is interested in acquiring copies, please contact me this week. I'm leaving next week for the US and can take the copies with me.

Contact info: alaviocine@yahoo.com.ar or Marie


03.05.2006 12:22
Beaverton Wal-Mart DRB Hearing: Day 1 Report
Wake Up Walmart City of Beaverton's Design Review Board had one of two public hearings for the proposed Walmart development near the intersection of Barnes Road and Cedar Hills Boulevard. The proposal also includes approximately 5000 square feet of office and 10,000 square feet of additional retail. The Design Review Board gave the applicant 20 minutes to provide a presentation of their proposal. Most of the presentation focused on the architecture of the site. The attorney for the applicant mentioned he has received 453 letters of support in which 69 of the letters are residents from Beaverton.

Triple Creek Neighborhood Association, CPO1, and Save Cedar Mill each were allocated to 10 minutes of testimony. All three groups oppose the proposed development. Each group claimed the proposed development will be pedestrian unfriendly due to wide streets crossing signalized intersections. They expressed their feelings that a zoning called 'transit-orient retail commercial' should have developments that rely on public transportation instead of personal vehicles. The groups also expressed concerns regarding cut through traffic on neighborhood streets. [ read more ]

Beaverton Wal-Mart DRB Hearing: Day 2 Report

About 40 people provided public testimony tonight to the City of Beaverton Design Review Board in opposition to the proposed Wal-Mart near the intersection of Cedar Hills Boulevard and Barnes Road. The testimony mostly touched on concerns regarding the roadway width being too long for pedestrian to cross, traffic cutting through neighborhoods, and long-term planning. People also had concerns regarding air pollution, runoff, crime on Wal-Mart parking lots, and over-night camping in the parking lot. [ read more ]


03.05.2006 01:16
May Day 2006

An audio file featuring about 50 minutes of the powerful and engaging speakers from the May Day '06 Rally in the South Park Blocks in front of Smith Memorial Hall at Portland State University on May 1, 2006.

The remarks delivered to the crowd, prior to their March through downtown Portland and back to PSU, are in both Spanish and English. Speakers include Ed Edmo, Native American Poet and Spoken Word artist; Carrie Dann, Shoshone elder and activist; a student speaking for students; a union member; a day laborer, and an African American speaker. Other spoke during this time and after returning from the March, but this is all I recorded.

All spoke passionately for their Latino people and for America, their country. The Rally was flush with American flags and signs, some declaring that "no human is illegal" that "immigrant rights are basic rights," many reminding Americans that they too come from immigrant roots and that these Latino immigrants, despite being undocumented, have arrived with a strong work ethic and family values. [ read more and listen ]

Any Portland May Day Reportback?

worker bee: When I was riding downtown to the rally I saw a group of high school age people marching over the Hawthorne bridge behind a banner or flag (couldn't see what kind). As soon as they hit the west end they began chanting slogans about workers' rights-they had definitely made the connection. And these were, it appeared, white kids. Maybe they'd walked out of school to come down.

As for the event itself I have not seen that many people march and stay strong and together ever before. And why have all forms of media diminished the number of people? There were so many that when I ducked out to have some food it was still going past when I got done so I hopped back in. Many people were young (under 35?) and they stayed strong and spirited the whole way which was very long and wound around up through the Pearl district and back to PSU.

pchy: I thought the march was awe inspiring to say the least. I was near the front of the march... within the first block or so that is. It was a good spot b/c we really got to see the "whoa, this is still going?" reactions of on lookers. I had expected there to be a big turn out, but nothing like I had witnessed. On some of the small hills throughout the route, I had an excellent vantage point to see the thounsands of people in front of me filling the street from sidewalk to sidewalk. Turning around, I saw at least twice as many people behind. The energy was incredible too... even as we approached the last turn, we were still chanting, clapping, shouting, and whistling. Flags were still being waved while we marched up Broadway towards PSU. [ read more ]

"Illegal Immigrants" Take to the Streets

Bringing up the rear is harder than I expected. Block on block I wonder how far back this mass of people extends. All the way up to 8th, and then left, and then a few more blocks, I finally make it to where the contiguous mass of participants thins into a milling crowd of spectators. I turn and step into the mille, empty my paper cup and throw it into a garbage can, and then start slowly back down the path from whence I came.

I've walked about a mile, down and twisting around the streets of downtown Portland. The only thing of note to strike me came as I walked under the glass bridge that spans the two building of the World Trade Center. There, a business man in a suit stood leaning up against the glass, staring down onto the mass of people in the street. It struck me that this could very well be the one single thing that this man feared the most - the masses joined as one, rising up like a great wave, high enough to wash him out of his glass tower. [ read more ]

photos: Portland May Day 2006 Images || More photos from May Day || Portland May Day Photos || photos of todays gathering at south park blocks || Photogs Of Portland Mayday Celebration

elsewhere: May Day Footage from New York City || Hundreds Mark Historic May Day in Olympia || Seattle May Day Photos || Olympia May Day Celebration || May Day in Madison, WI || Photos of MayDay Marches || Philly's March A Diverse One


03.05.2006 01:01
Portland Now Has the Largest Peace Symbol in the World
VFP 72 has adopted a site and created a new Portland Peace Memorial Park which sports a 75-foot peace symbol made of turf. Go to the corner of N. Interstate and Oregon Street to see and enjoy it. (Between the Convention Center and the Willamette River, at the east end of the Steele Bridge)

The background of the symbol will be filled in with flowers to be planted on May 20, and many volunteers are needed to help that day. A Memorial Day dedication will take place May 29, 2006.

The purpose of the park is to memorialize all victims of every war, including civilians and future generations, a "peace" memorial rather than a "war" memorial, representing the true human cost of war.


03.05.2006 01:00
David Korten's new book "The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community"
[April 27 2006] David Korten is the author of the international best seller "When Corporations Rule the World". His latest book, "The Great Turning" will hit bookstores in the next few weeks. The End Corporate Personhood Committee at First Unitarian Church got some advanced copies for a study group which began last night. Here is my report.

Last night, 30 people turned off their TV's and met at First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland to begin a four week study group around David Korten's newest book, "The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community". It was very inspiring to see such a great turnout and such a diverse crowd.

Korten argues that "Empire" is how our society is currently organized through heirachy and violence but that isn't the natural order of things and we can choose differently. Throughout the book he compares and contrasts what he calls "Empire" with "Earth Community". Our choice is between these two models.


03.05.2006 00:44
schumacherfur.com has been suspended

Thanks to all who have visited the site. It was a beginning and more was planned. Unfortunately this letter to me from the Schumacher's attorney via the web host was my birthday present from the Schumachers. The site is down for the moment but I will try to get it back online real soon, possibly with a new domain name. Don't forget...protest day tomorrow in front of Schumacher's, 811 SW Morrison St. Peace everyone.

Update: Thanks to everyone who has posted comments, they have been very helpful... I was told by Bluehost that after my conversation with them earlier today they reconsidered their determination and have now determined the domain www.schumacherfur.com is not in violation of their terms of service. I was told they would have to take me to court if they wish to try to get it shut down again and they would have a difficult case.

I re-registered the domain yesterday and I'm free in the eyes of Bluehost to make it active. I also registered www.shumacherfurs.com (I was told this one was never in violation of the tos). [ read more >> ]

Schumacher Furs Stalking Order Trial

Krahmer filed a stalking order against Mills after the March 4 protests, where Mills and Clout Tolstoy were arrested (and brutalized) by Sgt. Larry Graham.

I believe Mr. Mills was engaged in constitutionally protected speech, and that his behavior does not warrant the issuance of a stalking order against him. That issue will be before Judge Beckmann tomorrow.

Update: Unfortunately, the judge ruled against Jonathan Mills. I believe the judge let in too much extraneous information, and will discuss an appeal with Mills.

In the meantime, every other person is welcome to protest, and Mr. Mills can even protest against Nicholas Ungar Furs, Saks Fifth Avenue (who *always* was advertising fur in the New York Times this winter) or other stores. [ read more >> ]


03.05.2006 00:34
Support Rep. Ron Paul's Bill to Force Fed to Keep Publishing M3
In a tragically under reported story, new Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke declared that the Fed would no longer publish M3, the index that shows total U.S. dollars in circulation. By doing so, the Fed has eliminated transparency into the total money supply being printed. Representative Ron Paul has introduced legislation to force the Fed to keep publishing M3. Call your Congressional Representative and demand that he/she support this legislation.


03.05.2006 00:33
John Kenneth Galbraith dead at 97
Liberal economist and activist, John Kenneth Galbraith, died Saturday night in Boston at the age of 97. The liberal PhD in Economics and author of more than a dozen books on sociology, economics, and relevant history has his obituary from the Associated Press listed below. However, the story does not fully pay tribute to his liberal credentials in life, so I've taken some time to pay respects and hopefully inspire Indymedia readers who are unfamiliar with his work to read some of his books.


02.05.2006 09:45
"On the Air in the Americas" on May 2
 Coalition of Immokalee Workers successfully built a community radio station The Portland Central American Solidarity Committee (PCASC), Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), and the Prometheus Radio Project are proud to present "On the Air in the Americas," an event that will showcase the power of grassroots radio in community organizing from Portland to Woodburn to Venezuela.

"On the Air in the Americas" will be held on Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm in Portland State University's Multicultural Center. The evening will feature reportbacks from radioheads who visited to Venezuela during the World Social Forum in January, an update from KBOO radio collectives, and a special visit by Adrian Valladares-Carranza, coordinator of PCUN's newly-licensed low-power FM station in Wodburn.

The license for KPCN-LP was obtained by PCUN last summer after years of work. The May 2 event is part of a collaborative tour between PCUN and Prometheus aimed at raising awareness about the new station, and about low power radio in general. PCUN -- Oregon's union of farm, nursery, and reforestation workers -- is one of hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the US that have been granted low power FM frequencies since the FCC reinstated this licensing category under popular pressure in 2000.


01.05.2006 22:39
Hundreds Celebrate May Day in Olympia
Today in Olympia, WA, hundreds gathered to celebrate May Day and send a message to the government: Hands off immigrants, workers and families. The gathering started at Sylvester Park at 2:30 when a small gathering danced around a May pole. The crowd began to swell as music came on around 3:00 and continued to grow speakers began around 3:30.

The Citizens Band, a music group composed of IWW folk played songs celebrating free speach and labor history. People from groups including the Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition, Bread and Roses Advocacy Center, Schools For Chiapas and more spoke about their organizing. The crowd left the park and marched in the four lanes of the street to the capital building around 5:00. At the Capital a sign reading "Hands off our- Immigrants, workers, families" with hand prints from marchers on fabric attatched to the banner was hung from the capital building while people stood, chanted, and spoke on the steps.

more reports May Day in Madison, WI | Philly's March A Diverse One

photos: Seattle May Day Photos | Portland May Day Photos | photos of todays gathering at south park blocks | Photogs Of Portland Mayday Celebration | Photos of MayDay Marches

related articles: breaking news - May 1st 2006


01.05.2006 01:51
Local Portland Neighborhood Site Issues Endorsements

News4Neighbors.net announced their endorsements of candidates in 4 key local Portland area races today. Portland City Council Candidates Erik Sten and Amanda Fritz recieved endorsements along with Multnomah County Commissioner candidates Lew Frederick and Ted Wheeler. [ read more ]

Voter-Owned Elections - You are invited to a house party to defend Voter-Owned Elections. Learn about Portland's groundbreaking public financing system for candidate campaigns. Support will level the local political playing field, diversify the candidate pool, remove undue influence of big-money contributors and make City Hall accountable to YOU, not special interests. When & Where: Friday, May 5th, 7pm. 4345 SE 47th Ave, Portland. [ read more ]

Multnomah County Sheriff Election - 2 Candidates to Consider - Ballots will be arriving soon and I'm sure people are interested in voting out the current corrupt sheriff of Multnomah County so here are 2 candidates to read up on. One is a write-in, and the other will be on the ballot and both have some interesting things to say so check their statements in their own words. [ read more ]

Rich CorporateSon, Inc. for Oregon Governor - As a result of corporate media consolidation, a multibillion dollar a year lobbying industry, and increasingly unregulated campaign finance laws, our government is now run largely by special interests. This is not enough. For the sake of efficiency, we have come together to cut out the middleman, incorporate, and take direct control of the government. Join our historic campaign as the first corporation to run for Governor of Oregon. With your help, we will create an empire of, by, and for the shareholders. [ read more ]

Write In Keating NOW - At a Sierra Club forum four years ago, Joe Keating posed a question of what the new governor would do to reign in the State Board of Forestry, which was then, as now, under the exclusive control of timber profiteers, with virtually no consideration given to the continuing devastation of our natural environment or to modern sustainable forestry theory. Mr. Hill's response was poor; Ms. Stein's was somewhat evasive. But it was Mr. Kulongoski who provided the truly memorable response. He claimed he could do nothing as Governor, since it is the legislature that sets the qualifications for the Board. Do Nothing. This could be Mr. Kulongoski's leadership motto. [ read more ]

Want to make a difference? - We are 80% of the way to getting two crucial campaign finance reform measures on Oregon's November ballot. Your help now can make it happen! Now is the time to join over 300 other volunteers who are getting signatures for the Oregon Campaign Finance Reform Initiatives: Petition 8 and Petition 37. [ read more ]


01.05.2006 00:47
Stephen Colbert Shreds Bush and Media at the White House Correspondent's dinner
And as excited as I am to be here with the president, I am appalled to be surrounded by the liberal media that is destroying America, with the exception of fox news.

Fox News gives you sides of every story, the president's side and the vice president's side.

But the rest of you, what are you thinking, reporting on N.S.A. Wiretapping or secret prisons in Eastern Europe? Those things are secret for a very important reason, they're super depressing.

And if that's your goal, well, misery accomplished. Over the last five years you people were so good over tax cuts, W.M.D. Intelligence, the affect of global warming. We Americans didn't want to know, and you had the courtesy not to try to find out. Those were good times, as far as we knew.


30.04.2006 13:41
Portland Workers Celebrate May Day, Monday May 1st
30.04.2006 12:53
Birth Pangs of Democracy in Nepal
Communist Party of Nepal milia members After the declaration of a state of emergency and imposition of royal military dictatorship in Nepal on November 26, there has been wide speculation and certain apprehension amongst the international community about the real happenings inside the country. Since a strict press censorship is imposed and the general public is subjected to one-sided royal military propaganda, the outside world is forced to buy the deliberately floated theory that the fight there is between 'democracy' and 'terrorism'. After September 11 it has been convenient for every tin-pot dictator to brand any opposition or rebellion against him as 'terrorism', and the fratricidal and regicidal Gyanendra Shah has naturally sought to cash in on that global revulsion against terrorism. However, the dialectics of universality and particularity ought to be correctly grasped and every particularity has to be properly discerned so as not to err in policy matters. It is, therefore, submitted here that the real fight currently in Nepal is not between 'democracy' and 'terrorism', but between completion of the democratic revolution and the restoration of monarchical autocracy.

Nepalese Revolution Background


30.04.2006 07:53
Grinch Award Delivered at Benson Tower Sales Office
Saturday, April 29 - The Grinch Award was delivered today to a representative at the Benson Tower sales office. An action organized by SLAP, the Student Labor Action Project, included a rally, brief march, and the presentation of the coveted Grinch Award to the nice folks at the Benson Tower sales office!

The Grinch Award is awarded every year to someone who is determined to be the greediest around. Activists entered the sales office to present the award, but the security guard decided to call 911 (we overheard him saying "Hello? 911"). Someone decided that this was not an emergency, because the police never showed up.

related: Jobs With Justice


29.04.2006 07:22
Cyclists Arrested During Cricical Mass
At least four bicyclists were arrested Friday during Critical Mass. Reports about the cause of the arrests were varried. Inital interviews suggest that they were due to a minor traffic violation.

Two bicyclists allegidly were involved in a moving violation at the corner of Stark and SW Broadway. According to Officer Christen, two bikers turned South on to Broadway Ave. from Stark St. without performing a complete stop. They were told to pull over (although some might say yelled at).

Reports at this point are very mixed. According to Christen the two bikers who allegidly ran the light and two other bikers in the area were being arrested for resisting arrest or interfearing with the officers. Most bikers who were on the scene agreeded that, "This shit is fucked."

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