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01.06.2006 02:44
Concerns about Nuclear Test Blast
I just wanted to give some notice about the nuclear test blast planned for June 2, somewhere 45 miles from Indian Springs, Nevada; which is about 30 miles from Las Vegas. The thing is, the PR coming out from the government has been that it is a chemical blast, but on NPR about two or three weeks ago from last Friday, they had government guys on saying they had minimized the nuclear part and emphisized the chemical part, and it was both nuclear & chemical. (which is really like being a little bit pregnant- you either are or you're not radioactive.) The other thing is the size- Oklahoma City bombing was a 2.5 on this scale, the blast will be a 700 on the same scale.


01.06.2006 02:40
Laughing Horse Re-Opens Tomorrow
We are ready for action as your friendly REVOLUTIONARY info shop
we R at 12 NE 10TH STREET
right across from union jacks
kisses mates
We will have a cozy event on the 3rd SAT where we will have baloons and sales raffle, face paint for the childO's and show films (superstar, underground, genocide by sanctions)
it starts at 2pm


31.05.2006 03:26
Port of Olympia protest Tuesday

5/31 4:30p Update: Olympia, WA - Dozens of people have been arrested and police fired pepper spray at a group of 150 protestors Tuesday who were demonstrating at the Port of Olympia against the war in Iraq. Free Radio Olympia reports the USNS Pomeroy pulled into the Port of Olympia Monday evening around 7:10 pm to load Strykers and other military machinery to be transported to the war in Iraq. [ read more ]

Three of us from Vancouver were at the Olympia port Tuesday under sunny skies. Marion and I were there 5 hours. We watched the cargo ship being loaded with heavy military gear from behind the fence. Then everybody walked up to a point where we signed on 4 corners. After almost an hour of that we marched all together down and in the street to the vehicle entry to the port, all the while chanting.

Police gathered on the other side of the fence, but some protesters pulled the swing gate out and threw it aside in the field. They entered, but layed down nearby. Police dragged them away to the jail van, one by one. At one point the police sprayed at least 2 protesters in the face and medics helped them nearby. Then the spray came into the crowd and as I moved clear back, the smell irritated my sinus and I sneezed. [ read more ]

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31.05.2006 01:59
Solidarity and survival, part two

I mentioned a transphobic incident on this site two weeks ago as part of an essay on solidarity. This morning, I received a call on my bus radio to "report to the station manager"--so I did. Only there was no station manager in the room--just two cops. Tri-Met had arranged for a trap for dangerous ol' me.

"You're under arrest," they said. "What for?" I asked--because after two weeks, and especially considering the outrageous aggression I had suffered then, I hadn't expected anything further to come of it. "You know perfectly well," they said. It didn't make a lick of sense to me. I thought of KBR's new concentration camps. I started to bolt (I have panic disorder); irrationally, I wanted to call for help. They tackled me, so now I'm charged with resisting arrest--and with "menacing."

Yeah, "menacing"--whatever that is. Someone threatened me with her gun two weeks ago, I successfully evaded death, and now I'm a "menacer." [ read more ]

related: solidarity and survival


31.05.2006 01:15
More Tazer Torture

I continue to be an activist against the the police use of ETD'S (electronic torture devices) I am certainlly not alone. Amnesty International, the folks that keep track of official brutality and torture, has called on federal, state and local authorities and law enforcement agencies to suspend all use of elctro-shot weapons pending an URGENT, RIGOROUS, INDEPENDENT AND IMPARTIAL inquiry into their use and effects. Why their concern? It is the same as mine. TAZERS KILL PEOPLE!! Their report speaks of the deaths of 74 people. That is 74 people they did not intend to kill. OOOPS!! And those that survive describe the experience. "it just takes your legs out. It's like a jackhammer going Kaboom, Kaboom, Kaboom." "It's like getting punched 100 times in a row." "It is the most profound pain I have ever felt."

Tazers are a weapon of torture. The 800'th Military Police Brigade used them to torture people in Abu Ghraib prison. Miramar Florida police tazered a 9 year old girl. She was guilty of being "unruly." A 15 year old was tazered and pepper sprayed in an altercation on a school bus. Police tazered a 14 year old boy that broke a window and a 50 year old man for refusing to give police his date of birth. [ read more ]

Police Tazers (ETD's) Have Got To Go!!

What is an ETD? It is an electonic torture device, a cattle prod, a tazer. I have given this tazer dilemma a lot of thought. From the approximately one thousand questionairs I handed out I learned our citizens don't like tazers any more than I do, BUT they want an alternative less deadly than pulling the trigger on a 9mm Glock...

Bottom line here, I was a street cop in the 1960's. And how did I control suspects without ETD'S? We did a lot more talking and we didn't look like the Gestapo. When that didn't work I used the carotid hold shutting off blood to the head. In a matter of seconds the person loses consciousness, rolled them over and handcuffed them. That's how it was done and I used it dozens of times over the years. [ read more ]


31.05.2006 01:13
Olympia Green Scare Update

The FBI has been knocking on doors in Olympia to try to get information on people in the activist community. Please remember you have the right to remain silent! Even if you are innocent, if you choose to cooperate with the FBI or grand jury you may incriminate yourself or others. Olympia Civil Liberties Resource anticipates that Olympia residents will receive subpoenas to testify before a grand jury to answer questions about the activist community. When this occurs, we are prepared to support you if you choose not to cooperate.

Several people in Olympia have cooperated with the FBI and answered questions. The community does not know the extent of their testimony. So far, no one has received a subpoena to the grand jury in Seattle, but the grand jury issued new indictments on May 11. [ read more ]

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30.05.2006 19:17
Native Youth Organize Run to Klamath Dam for Klamath Salmon
klamath fish kill 2002
Power to the Fish people.

This weekend Hoopa Native youth and supporters ran over 214 miles from the mouth of the Klamath to the Klamath dams to honor Klamath River Salmon and to demand dam removal. This run ended with rally to Bring the Salmon Home to the Uppper Klamath Basin in front of Iron Gate Dam. Members of the four Klamath Tribes spoke, sang songs, and told stories of past salmon runs in front of the dam, which blocks hundreds of miles of the Klamath River to salmon. Due to the lack of salmon over one hundred people had to share one Spring Chinook at the dam.

The Great Salmon Reley started four years ago after the Klamath fish kill, which killed over 64,000 Klamath Salmon due to low flows. This run has been organized by a handful of Hoopa teenagers for years, two of which won the David Bower award for this efforts. These girls also created a movie about the Klamath Fish killl called Two Rivers, which has been shown in Portland several times.

UN-DAMMIT This years run was part of a monumental movement in the Klamath to remove four large dams through a FERC process with occurs every 50 years. These dams block hundreds of miles habitat and create warm water and toxic alga. Pacific Power of Portland Oregon owns these dams. If removed three out of four of the dams would be the largest dams removed ever.



30.05.2006 10:46
USNS Pomeroy Enters Port of Olympia: Police Pepper Spray Non-violent Protestors
After a week of protesters opposing Stryker vehicle convoys staging at the Port of Olympia, USNS Pomeroy pulled into the Port Monday evening around 7:10 pm to load Strykers and other military machinery to be transported to the war in Iraq. According to the Olympian, the ship "was greeted by about 70 protestors who had been waiting its arrival."

"The group lined the port plaza and the floating dock, waving signs that read "No Iraq War" and "U.S. Troops are worth more than $3.25 a gallon." At least one person used a blowhorn to shout to the ship "Get out of our waters."

Some protestors at the Port Plaza and the main gate to the port on Marine Drive were shaking the fences as part of their free expression of opposition to the war. There was no damage reported to the fences, but the Thurston County sheriffs and possibly also Olympia police used the opportunity to pepper spray at least 20 protestors, even affecting people who were not shaking the fence.

related: Coast Guard Has Arrived in Port - 12:40PM Monday May 29th | CALL TO ACTION-PORT OF OLYMPIA | Olympia Workers Assn Statement of Olympia Port Militarization | Actions at the Port of Olympia tonight May 30th

read more at: olyblog.net | Olympia Movement for Peace and Justice | photo slide show (flickr.com)


29.05.2006 02:53
Memorial Day: Veterans for Peace
Portland's Peace Community has a new home!

The Portland Peace Memorial Park has been created in memory of all who have suffered from war. Veterans for Peace and Brad Perkins invite the Peace Community of Portland to help dedicate this site in memory, in peace, in hope, and in celebration.

Join us at Memorial Coliseum at noon on Memorial Day -- the World War II memorial near the main entrance. Taps will be played at 12:30, and then we'll walk together from the war memorial to the peace memorial, only a few blocks away at the intersection of NE Interstate & NE Oregon for the dedication with musicians and Portland dignitaries.

Bring your families, your friends, neighbors and acquaintances!


29.05.2006 02:48
Wrong Way March - Vancouver, WA Saturday May 27, 2006
Vancouver WA progressive activist Dave Goldberg had an idea for a "Wrong Way March" & saw that idea realized today.

About 125 people gathered within the bandstand of Esther Short Park on this cold wet day to hear excellent speakers:

Bob Goss, Marjorie Casswell, Marion Ward, Christopher Luna, & State Rep Jim Moeller.


28.05.2006 12:55
An Open Letter to White America
I am not an American, at least not in the commonly accepted usage of the term. I am someone for whom the presumptuous ideal of "America" equates immediately to something more akin to passive totalitarianism. For the 500 countries destroyed in the wake of the European exodus to the promised lands of the southern and northern Americas, totalitarianism under a Eurocentric government is a way of life. Our cultures and independence, despite the howls of acquiescent Natives who proudly proclaim that "We are still here," are functionally non-existent. Hooping and hollering in today's commercialised Pow-Wow circuit is not evidence of a sustainable people. Neither is a doll made up to look like a Dine' code-talker or the mega-corporation Disney's revisionist cartoon for children and adults alike, Pocahontas. . . . [ Read More | Voice of a Native Son ]


27.05.2006 15:58
Today's Wrong Way March in Vancouver, WA
About 100 people came to the Wrong Way March and Rally today at Vancouver's Esther Short Park. Gathering under cover on the stage, we heard great speakers that warmed our hearts, even though the cold rain and breeze almost numbed ungloved fingers.

During the 2.5-hr. event, we listened to Bob Goss, Veteran for Peace, speak about the costs of war to the people, what it costs Vancouver, and how it can negatively affect, both physically and psychologically, returning veterans. Marion Ward, who went to Iran in December, spoke about not attacking that country. We heard from a representative from the Sierra Club, Chris Luna, a poet, and state Rep. Jim Moeller. Moeller sounded off on the government's wrong attack on the people.

See you at the weekly bannering, Thursdays, 4:30 at Mill Plain in front of the library. Here's to the power of people against war and violence, eavesdropping, logging our forests, wiping out choice, against a monarchy, corruption, and corporations. In peace and justice!

other news: Sick of sitting around waiting for the next anti-war protest?


27.05.2006 07:49
SHAC7 & Josh Harper Benefit - Sunday, May 28th 4p-8p
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.

June 13th is the sentencing date. 6 people and one organization, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty [SHAC], have been convicted under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act ... for running a website and speaking out against Huntingdon Life Sciences' [HLS] torture and murder of 500 animals a day.

What: Benefit for SHAC7 & defendant Josh Harper
When: Sunday, May 28th 4p-8p
Where: Clinton St. Theatre (SE 26th & Clinton)
How much? $7 & up [ Who? All ages! ]
* Bands:
- Divining Rods: local legends
- Eclectic Bastards: North Carolina's master mix of fun and feist
- Juha: hiphop vegan anarchist, groom of god and pioneer of gothic soul
* Video: Refusing to Be Silent: An Interview with Josh Harper, SHAC7 defendant
* Speakers: on the history & status of the SHAC campaign; Matt Simpson, board member of Animal Law Review, will expand on the larger legal ramifications

--This is a landmark case. Common opinion is that it is the first of many and will be used against other organizations. Don't wait until they get around to targeting you. The SHAC7 are challenging their convictions in appeal, even as they face certain time in federal prison while doing so. Their success or failure will quite literally be yours if you're fighting on the side of life and compassion, against the powers of death and disenfranchisement.

[ Read More | Bake Vegan Treats to Benefit Josh Harper! (SHAC 7 Defendent) | "Refusing To Be Silent" Video Online | shac7.com | insidehls.com | shac.net/ | shacamerica.net | Other articles on PDX IMC ]


26.05.2006 14:44
Community Comes out for Storybook Parade
The Boise-Eliot school held a Storybook Parade today. The entire student body dressed as their favorite story book characters. The parade was really great, I shot some pictures that didnt come out great because of the rain. I wasnt able to identify many of the storybook characters (its been awhile since i read them). I did see Harry Potter though!

The kids were excited and there was a good number of people that came out along Mississippi to watch them. I am happy that this community can host things like this in the neighborhood, it really makes this a great place to live.

Humboldt Neighborhood Association Update
Since we currently don't have a newsletter I wanted to get the following information out to you. Please forward to any other Humboldt resident you may know that is interested in finding out what is happening in the neighborhood. The Humboldt Neighborhood Association is actively recruiting for new board members. To be appointed as a board members you must have attended at least two board meetings, be a resident or own a business in Humboldt. We are also seeking a new letter editor. Our budget is $800 a year for a quarter newsletter.

The 14th Annual Good in the Neighborhood Multicultural Music and Food Festival is scheduled for June 24th and 25th, 2006, 12noon at King School Park located at 4815 NE 7th Avenue, adjacent to King Elementary School. The Festival attracts over 7,000 people during the two days of fun, music, food and festivities. The Annual Community Parade is scheduled for Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 11am and will begin at Emanuel Hospital parking lot. On Thursday, June 22nd we will once again host a spectacular evening to kick-off the 2-day Festival featuring dinner with the jazz sensations Ben Fowler Quintet and dancing with the R&B group, Moments Notice. The Kick-off Party is FREE and will be held in the McMenamins Kennedy School Gym at 5736 NE 33rd Avenue from 5:30pm to 10pm.

other neighborhood news: Victory! Neighbors Triumph Over Developers -- For Now | neighborhood news topic page | news4neighbors.net


26.05.2006 14:23
Steal This Festival Counter-Military Recruitment Benefit Saturday 5/27
On May 27, 2006, there will be a festival at the Loveland International (320 SE 2nd Ave), from 2pm - 10pm. The proceeds will benefit Recruiter Watch PDX, a group that monitors and opposes U.S. military recruitment practices in Portland schools, and Portland Area Rethinking Schools, a local teachers' group.


26.05.2006 02:26
"Refusing To Be Silent" Video Online
Refusing To Be Silent The animal rights activists known as the SHAC 7 are about to be tried as terrorists for the crime of speaking. They join animal rights and environmental activists across the country, who are being swept up in a government witch hunt intended to silence effective activists. The government's efforts are not going to work. Because animal rights activists refuse to be silent.


26.05.2006 02:25
"The News Is What We Make It" Video Online
The News Is What We Make It When the same company owns all the TV stations in town, where can you turn for an alternative perspective? A high-schooler gets burned and turns insult into action. Winner of the Media Reform Award sponsored by Utne magazine.


26.05.2006 02:23
Why do we need terrorists when we have Verizon?
Business Week has reported that the telephone companies that are trying to proclaim their innocence of not handing the Bush regime our private calling records without a warrant, subpoena, or court order may feel capable of lying because they likely hired out their felonies and treason to third-party companies.

These third-party companies are called "scapegoat" companies because they are often created in an attempt to isolate the heavily moneyed criminals and traitors from criminal prosecution and from civil lawsuits while the scapegoat company is allowed to be judically destroyed, leaving the real crooks and their corporations virtually untouched and unpunished.


24.05.2006 17:10
The Enemy Within

Today, Mayor Potter publically revealed (and condemned) an effort by the FBI to place an informant within the walls of City Hall. A lesser man might have been tempted to let the matter drop lest, in hearing the news, his constituents might suspect that he "had something to hide," a phrase often heard these days. But Mayor Potter is not a man easily cowed into the corner. Thankfully, he's moved to bring Big Brother out of the closet. In an open letter to the people, he spoke out not only against this personal intrustion, but against the whole web of warrantless, lawless government spying so nakedly revealed to us recently.

I've had FBI agents knocking on the doors of friends of mine, and even dragging some of them away in the night. I've had them haunting my own nightmares. Probably, since I am a media activist, I've even had them listening to my telephone conversations and reading my mail. So I am well aware that we are not in Kansas anymore, as the saying goes. Still, somehow it shocks me to learn that they have been so blatantly skulking around in, of all places, City Hall. [ read more ]

Potter's Letter

On Thursday, May 11, 2006, a Special Agent of the Portland Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation stopped a City employee and showed her a badge and ID. He asked if she knew any City Council members. He asked if she would be willing to pass information to him relating to people who work for the City of Portland . He said that while he had duties in other areas, the agency was always interested in information relating to white collar crime and other things.

One important and legitimate role of the FBI is to investigate public corruption within government entities. For example, recently the FBI arrested a member of Congress for public corruption. But federal officials have told me they know of no public corruption in our city. Federal officials say they are conducting no investigation of the City of Portland.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the agent in question was trying to place an informant inside the offices of Portland 's elected officials and employees, in order to inform on City Council and others. [ read more ]


24.05.2006 17:07
Popular uprising against high-speed train (TAV) in Italy
With the Turin Winter Olympics and the Italian elections over, repression of the "NO TAV" movement has begun and pressure will be on to begin work on the Turin-Lyon (France)link of the Italian high-speed train network (TAV). Massive protests late last year finally forced the issue into national attention, and now eight subpoenas have been handed down from those protests. But the opposition is ready to continue their 15-year struggle.

This article was written before the subpoenas came down three weeks ago. The first appearances before the magistrate will be happening soon. One of those requested to appear is Beppe Joannas, mayor of Bussoleno, one of the more outspoken of the 38 or so Susa Valley mayors, who all oppose the project. It is unclear at this point what eventual charges may be filed. Also only slightly covered in the article is what effect the narrow election of Romano Prodi's "center-left" coalition will have on the TAV issue. Prodi was involved in the early stages of the TAV network's development, supported it while President of the European Commission, and still supports it. But some key members of his coalition, like Fausto Bertinotti of Rifondazione Comunista, who was elected as President of the House of Deputies (3rd highest position in the government) has opposed it. To learn more about the issue, read on....


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