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Bush Administration wrong to pit jobs against endangered Northwest salmon
From the open publishing newswire: "Today, the RAND Corporation released a new report showing that removing the four federal dams on the lower Snake River in order to save endangered Northwest salmon can create almost 15,000 new jobs and leave the Northwest economy unharmed. These findings strongly refute the Bush Administration's claims that dam removal would cost the Northwest jobs, and provide important new information in the national debate over whether or not to remove the four lower Snake River dams.

"'Snake River salmon have declined by 90% since we built the four lower Snake River dams,' said Bruce Babbitt, former Secretary of the Interior. 'But what the RAND report tells us is that we can change that mistake. We can remove these four dams and build a future without impacting economic growth in the Northwest - indeed, we can create more jobs. This report demonstrates that by removing the dams, we can both improve the regional economy and save the salmon.'" [ Full story ]

[ Columbia & Snake Rivers Campaign ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 04.09.2002 07:29
Forest activists block logging road into Borg Timber Sale — Again
From the newswire: Activists are locking themselves under a van blocking the road to an active logging site. Forest defenders are speaking out against the Salvage Rider and the Bush administration's logging agenda.

"The Salvage Rider and Bush's plan are a scam to log our native forests, suspend citizen involvement and environmental laws. The public wants to protect our public lands and drinking water, so we stopped logging on Friday and we are out here to stop it again," said Sue Pickett, a volunteer with Cascadia Forest Alliance.

Bush released his plan to 'streamline' environmental laws and log mature and old forests under the guise of forest fires on August 22nd, while thousands of people protested in downtown Portland. Congress is expected to introduce a rider in the Interior Appropriations bill that would include: suspension of environmental laws; removing public participation; aggressive "thinning"; authorization of private, long-term contracts; and increased logging of mature and old growth forests.

"We are experiencing an agressive assult on environmental laws and our civil liberties. The law enforcement is going to extreme measures to target and intimidate peaceful activists," said volunteer Carrie Taylor. [ Read More ]

A30 CRITICAL MASS POLICE RIOT 03.09.2002 21:48
Open meeting to discuss and cope with Critical Mass casualties
From the open publishing newswire: "friday september 6th 7pm at laughing horse books [3652 SE Division St.], the victims of critical mass aug 30 are welcome to come and have some love and healing about all the fucked up police terrorism. We victims need to come together support one another and talk about our defense. Because even though they have all the weapons of fear and terror we have the power, not to mention love. Anyway death to new-fuedalism and We hope to see everyone there. Also we all need to work together to make it the safest forum that we can so if you were not ther you need to be at another meeting." [ Announcement ]

[ A30 Critical Mass Police Riot, collected posts ]

HEALTH AND SAFETY 03.09.2002 21:35
Have you been pepper sprayed?
Posted to the open publishing newswire by the Black Cross Health Collective: "Several people have contacted us about lingering effects or especially strong reactions after having been pepper sprayed at the A22 Bush demo or the Critical Mass on 8/30. This leads us to believe that there are probably more people out there with similar problems. If you experienced an especially strong reaction to being pepper sprayed, and/or are experiencing lingering effects, we can try to help you with aftercare ideas, as well as documenting any injuries you may have. (This would also include injuries from batons/rubber bullets/etc.)

"Write us at info@blackcrosscollective.org and one of us will get back to you. It is our intention to get back to folks within 24hrs." [ More information ]

Black Cross Health Collective Training on Saturday
From the open publishing newswire: "Come and learn how to be prepared for and deal with assault and injury due to police violence! As Police repression (and aggression) increases, it's evermore evident that we must learn how to protect ourselves and others from the dangers of hazardous chemical weapons used on activists and other forms of physical assault. To meet this need, members of the Black Cross Health Collective will be giving their unique First Aid Training.

"You will be trained in: Demonstration preparation, First Aid, Pepper Spray and Tear Gas treatment, Aftercare. The Training will be held on Saturday, September 7th from 1:00PM until 6:00PM at the The Empty Shell [NE 24th Avenue and Alberta]." [ Full announcement ]

Thanks to ALL the first-aid folks!
Posted to the open publishing newswire by the Black Cross Health Collective: "Our members wish to publicly thank all of the medics in town who aren't members of our affinity group. We get much of the credit/thanks for first aid, but we aren't the only ones out there helping folks! MASHH medics and others are always out there helping to provide first aid at protests, actions, etc. Hurray for all the medics out there, not just the Black Cross ones!" [ Newswire post ]

[ Black Cross Health Collective ]

LABOR STRUGGLES 02.09.2002 21:42
Local Teamsters March Against Mass Firings and Creative Accounting, 15000 Jobs Lost

"Vancouver, WA based national trucking firm, Consolidated Freightways has been caught...funneling assets into a non-union subsidiary, Conway. After this revilation, CF has announced its closure and the layoffs of 15000+ union workers nationwide"

"Rank and File Teamsters are calling for a mass picket at the CF national headquarters on Tuesday, Sept. 3."

[Full Story]

ILWU Local 5 Files Complaints Against Police
From the open publishing newswire: "On September 2nd, 2002 ILWU [International Longshore and Warehouse Union] Local 5 filed two complaints with the Independent Police Review Board against the Portland Police Bureau and officers due to their mishandling of the August 22nd, 2002 demonstration and subsequent use of excessive force. The first complaint is in regards to the conscious decision by the police to ignore an established line of communication to the protest coordinators. The second complaint is in regards to the excessive use of force against one of our members." [ Full story ]

[ ILWU Local 5 | ILWU Solidarity Leaflet ]

Community litigation and bail fund established by the Anarchist Black Cross
From the open publishing newswire: "In response to the police riot of 08-22-02 and 08-30-02 the Anarchist Black Cross Network - PDX establishes a Community Bail and Litigation fund. We pledge that no less than 50% of funds we raise beyond our operations cost will be set aside. Community members will determine disbursement. Priority for funds will be 1.) Seriousness of charges [and] 2.) Serious of need."

"The Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) describes itself as 'an international network of anarchist groups and individuals, which work in practical solidarity with prisoners. We support: anarchists, revolutionaries and others, who have been imprisoned because of their resistance against those in power and their system. We support persons, who have been arrested because they tried to survive or people who got arrested by the police. We support and make public the strives of prisoners behind bars, fighting against the system. Moreover we also support prisoners, who have been politicised through their imprisonment, and who had not to go to prison initially because of a political activity or idea.'"

"Currently, ABC is raising funds for a specific project and have a couple in mind. Once that goal is reached, ABC will start setting aside no less than 50% of the funds they receive into a special fund which is disbursed by the community. In the event that ABC raises 'way more money than we need' then they will start contributing more to the fund."

"Donations are definitely being accepted!" [ More info ]

NE Cooperative Redevelopment Coalition announces planning/work gathering
From the open publishing newswire: "The newly formed NE Redevelopment Coalition has announced their first public planning/work session. The session/communal celebration, will be held Thursday, 6:30pm at 2407 NE Alberta, in the Rexall Showcase Building/The Dandy Lyon.

"The coalition has been formed for the purpose of creating non-profit living, working, learning, performance, and meeting spaces, within the framework of a consensus-based, cooperative management structure. The primary purpose of this gathering/work session is to educate interested citizens about projects currently in development, and to invite citizens to become directly involved in these projects.

"Additionally, work will be done in the effort to develop a 'branch system' of bike, motorbike, auto libraries, and cooperative freeschools in Portland." [ Full story ]

Eugene citizens to hold forum on A22 Bush Protest
From the open publishing newswire: "Several from Eugene OR who participated in the Portland A22 protest of the unelected pResident will hold a citizen's forum to discuss outrageous police reaction to our few thousand dissenters... [i]ncluding photographs of the police attack (we hope!) and testimony from those who were pepper sprayed and shot at with rubber bullets."

"It's time for us to speak out to stop the kind of police brutality that interrupted citizens from dissenting our government on August 22 in Portland. Our public servants, the police, cannot be permitted to attack peaceful protesters as they have done in Eugene, Portland and other U.S. cities. Democracy requires that citizens have the right to exercise free speech without punishment.

"Our protest is the last voice we have left; we cannot afford to lose it." [ Announcement ]

Tuesday, Sept. 3
7 to 9 p.m.
Harris Hall (125 E. 8th) Eugene

ELF Torches United States Forest Service Northeast Research Station
Quoted from the open publishing newswire: "The Earth Liberation Front is claiming responsibility for the 8/11/02 arson attack on the United States Forest Service Northeast Research Station in Irvine, Pennsylvania.

"The laboratory was set ablaze during the early morning hours, causing over $700,000 damage, and destroying part of 70 years worth of research. This lesson in 'prescribed fire' was a natural, necessary response to the threats posed to life in the Allegheny Forest by proposed timber sales, oil drilling, and greed driven manipulation of Nature.

"This facility was strategically targeted, and if rebuilt, will be targeted again for complete destruction. Furthermore, all other U.S. Forest Service administration and research facilities, as well as all DCNR buildings nationwide should now be considered likely targets." [ Read More ]

Was it actually ELF?
This comment was posted to the original article: "The ELF do not condone violence. Whoever wrote this communique is masquerading as the ELF, or has nothing to do with the ELF. There are non-violence guidelines set out for the ELF and any group or person who takes action on behalf of the ELF must abide by them... Just because it's signed ELF does not make it so."

Skyline marred by big, fat chemtrails
From the open publishing newswire: "Today [Aug. 31] I awoke to see the skyline marred by big, fat chemtrails--several of them. Incidently, there were also a fewer number of chemtrails (not contrails, the distinction made very clear by Hamilton IMC's piece and admissions by public officials) on August 22nd just as the Bush protest began. I am impressed by IMC's ability to deal with so many diverse issues with agility and thoughtfulness on the large. So here's an update..."

"Yesterday I witnessed the characteristically long, fat trails stretch across the horizon as the sun was setting. From the amount of spraying I saw today I would hazard the guess that the majority of cloud cover of today over the Portland area was anything but clouds. Aluminum Oxide, Barium, Magnezium, Quartz and even red blood cells have been found in rainwater samples taken just after heavy spraying."

In a comment added to the article, another poster adds: "The author above is right on the money. But I want to warn some of you out here. When you research 'chemtrails' on the internet, you're going to find a ton of really strange sites. Chemtrails are *not* conspiracy theory, but you'll find many people talking about in ways that will make you question if they're just paranoid. Don't fall into that trap. Stick to the high quality research sites and sources." [ Full article ]

[ Heavy Aerosol Spraying Activity Over Hamilton Area Documented by IMC Hamilton Journalists | Chemtrail crimes and cover-up documented ]

Pastor Valerie - Fighting the ravages of capitalism
In these times of savage capitalism, there are some people that are refusing to allow the disintegration of our working class community. There are many that are opening their doors and offering some type of space for those people that have been shut out and warred upon by the system. One of these places is St. Francis Parish in southeast Portland. Valerie Chapman, the Pastoral Administrator at St. Francis Parish Church is one of those people.

St. Francis, on 12th and SE Stark, where Valerie Chapman administrates, is one of the oldest parishes in the Portland diocese. Its mission is one of hospitality, and most importantly this means: hospitality to the stranger. In today's environment this also signifies the working poor, those shut out of the system and those without a home. The grounds contain an alternative high school for immigrant youth, office space for the day laborer union organization, a small park, and dining hall facilities, and the small office of Valerie Chapman, which is cluttered with an immense amount of books.

The main mission of hospitality offers, to those without the private space of a home: a place to sit and to relax, since there is an acute loss of public space in Portland. The park enables this environment and the grounds are open for those who would want to sleep and to lay down their heavy loads. [ Read More ]

AUG. 30 CRITICAL MASS POLICE RIOT 01.09.2002 10:56
Cops pepperspray a small group of women
From the open publishing newswire: "...There was one large bulky officer who was getting out of control. He threw a bike to the ground and later threw it at my bike, then screamed at me to start moving, which was impossible since I had a bike tangled with my own. A fellow cyclist tried to calm the cop down, to no avail of course, as another helped me untangle my bike. At this point, I got on my bike and began to ride off. I had only pedaled a couple of times when I was hit full on in the face, twice, with pepper spray. As I was paralyzed and blinded, I had no choice but to drop my bike and find the nearest wall to lean against for support. I heard the large fat cop screaming "When will you learn? You have to learn!", a statement that still leaves me perplexed becuase I was following police orders at the time, and the only thing I learned from this instance was that our police force is absolutely unrational, irate, and uncontrollable..." [ Read more... ]

MORE STORIES FROM A30 MASS: [ Has anybody set up jail support? | Photos of brutal arrest at Critical Mass | One less car defense | Critical Mass ride - Text and Photos | Mayor Katz takes on Critical Mass and loses (Story & Photos) | Critical Mass Gone Insane!! | A fun game: make up critical mass newspaper headline--closest one wins prize! | Get off your ass Its Critical Mass! ]

[ Critical Mass online forum | PDX Critical Mass website ]

BUILDING COMMUNITY 01.09.2002 10:48
Musicians and activist organizations make Resistdance a success
From the open publishing newswire: "Saturday was the 7th annual Resistdance organized by Cascadia Forest Alliance. The event was a fine mix of speakers and musicians. This audio file is a collage of some of the speakers and musicians.

"The audio file opens with musician Dean Warner, singing the 'Cost of Gold'; followed by a brief talk by Jeff Lockwood of Rainforest Relief Northwest; followed by Calvin Hecocte, accompanied by Dean on mandolin, performing "Creations Child'; followed by Buckwheat from the Klamath-Siskyou Wildlands Center; followed by musican and songwriter Danny Dollinger; followed by a 10 minute talk by Karen Coulter of Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project on the recent assault on or public lands by the Bush Administration; finishing with more music from Danny Dolinger." [ Newswire post ]

[ AUDIO at philosopherseed.org | Cascadia Forest Alliance ]

Critical Mass in Eugene
From the open publishing newswire: "The ride started about 5:40 according to the busstop clock at 13th and Campus (by The Bookstore, Taylors, Renee's Landing). The usual Friday afternoon crowd began gathering at the bars. The weather was beautiful.

"Since it was just me, i decided to head for the river because it is there and the bikepath cruises directly over the mighty Willamette and the amazing awe of water and all whom depend on it for our lives. Every time i have participated in a Critical Mass bike ride I have wanted to start by going over this walking bridge and go from there but no one has ever wanted to so, there is an advantage to a solo Critical Mass ride...

"It is called Critical Mass for a reason. Perhaps there was a Critical Mass ride someplace else in eugene and i missed it? I really do not think it is neccesary to post a sign about Critical Mass except to bring in people that do not know. I will do that next time? But where in the world are eugene radicals? are there only three, five seven? Maybe you went to Portland?" [ Full story ]

Public Health Alert: The Truth About Pepper Spray
From the newswire: Despite assurances to the contrary from police and politicians, pepper spray is a chemical cattle prod. In Portland on August 22, 2002, news media, children, bystanders and protestors were all hit by indiscriminate use of pepper spray by the police.

The members of Black Cross Health Collective have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about pepper spray, through our research and our active treating of hundreds of pepper spray victims. We would like to share our knowledge with the public and the media. Pepper spray has both short-term and long-term medical effects, including the possibility of death. Courts have recognized that pepper spray may be a dangerous chemical weapon, resulting in liability to government or private parties, and jail sentences to those who have used it as a weapon.

For most healthy people, the effects of pepper spray are temporary, and are limited to excruciating pain and temporary blindness for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more. However, some people are at an increased risk for more serious, even deadly, complications. Children, especially infants, may have complicated reactions to being sprayed. Their tiny airway (the first item in the first aid ABC's) can swell and close - a serious, life-threatening situation. Even children with accidental exposures have spent months in intensive care units. [ Read More ]

[ Past Feature: Black Cross Health Collective offers reliable advice and medic training for street activists | Black Cross Health Collective Website ]

First-hand account from young man with 'One Less Car' tattoo
From the open publishing newswire: "I am the young man pictured in the photos being arrested during the A30 critical mass. I have one less car tattooed on my back. I was standing near an arrest site yelling that the arrestee had in fact broken no law. the arresting officer, feeling threatened by my presence ordered an 8 foot perimiter. i pushed back and tried to establish a perimiter so he did not feel so threatened as to fell justified in using pepper spray. due to the large amount of congestion in the street i was only able to push back about 5 feet. at this piont , which was no more than 10 seconds after the officer ordered a perimiter a second officer pointed at me and siad 'let's get him'. i was then grabbed by both arms, not having been informed as to why i was being assulted i went into the fetal position, which is the natural defense when i feel threatened. the police officers knocked me to the ground...

"if anybody has video or eye witness accounts of my arrest i would appreciate the information. also if there is any Legal aid available. Also any information about possible civil lawsuits against the city of portland police department, and possibile legal action for their part in incitiong riotous conditions and endangering public safety. This is Portland. This is the epicenter of the New American Revolution. We have to fight the good fight. We have to unite." [ Full story ]

MORE STORIES: [ Has anybody set up jail support? | Photos of brutal arrest at Critical Mass | Critical Mass ride - Text and Photos | Mayor Katz takes on Critical Mass and loses (Story & Photos) | Critical Mass Gone Insane!! | A fun game: make up critical mass newspaper headline--closest one wins prize! | Get off your ass Its Critical Mass! ]

[ Critical Mass online forum | PDX Critical Mass website ]

El Salvador: The new battleground for the Global War
From the open publishing newswire: "In the 1980s-90s El Salvador witnessed some of the most terrifying displays of brutality on the continent, if not the world. All but the U.S. government in name, the totalitarian government of El Salvador killed somewhere around 70,000 people in death camps, massacres, and assassinations. The current right-wing party in El Salvador [ARENA] is the same group that unleashed terror across the country for decades. Again the horns of war blow in El Salvador.

"The war is that of globalization, development, and the control of capital. It is waged against local autonomy, self-governance, and the rights of people as workers and human beings. The Unites States government and ARENA seek to force more privatization, foreign loans, crippling inequity, and extreme exploitation on the people of El Salvador. Currently the United States is negotiating trade agreements with Central America in the name of economic development and stimulus. After the passing of the TPA [aka fast track] or the Trade Promotion Authority, ARENA is moving forward to crush the unions that oppose privatization, privatize health care and electricity, and prepare the country for the Central American Free Trade Agreement [CAFTA].

"Since 9/11, the government of El Salvador has grown increasingly militant, aggressive, and confrontational to opposition of such neo-liberal policies. Due largely to massive popular opposition, their new war has met great resistance." [ Read more... ]

Previous feature: [ A revolutionary greeting from El Salvador to Portland ]
Background: [ El Salvador riot police crack down on anti-privatization unions | Dispatch from San Salvador, May 1-15, 2002 | Resistance | When Bush was in El Salvador ]

Mayor Katz responds to A22 Bush Protest by subjecting Critical Mass to pepperspray and police violence
From the open publishing newswire: "The police riot at last week's A22 Bush Protest outraged many people in Portland and around the U.S. Mayor Vera Katz delivered her response on Friday by subjecting Critical Mass riders to pepperspray and police violence. With this choice, she has made it clear that she stands with tyranny and against freedom. Katz's track record of affronts against civil liberties includes the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Sit-Lie-Stand Ordinance, and the humiliation of Dignity Village. Her committed opposition to basic human decency has never been more obvious. She is a disgrace to the caring, progressive, justice-seeking people of this city and if she had a shred of honor, she would step down...

"800+ riders showed up for this Friday's Critical Mass, the biggest of the year so far. Just before arriving, we heard over the police scanner that the cops were bringing vans and pepperspray. We figured that the city was somehow planning 'revenge' for the victory that the people of Portland enjoyed on A22, which sent positive ripples out across the nation. And while the city certainly tried to use the cops against us -- and certain cops were brutally dedicated to the cause -- the Critical Mass was not deterred." [ Story & Photos ]

Another account on the newswire: "This was my first critical mass. It would have been wonderful to ride all around Portland, with many hundreds of people, enjoying a beautiful and relaxed afternoon and evening without the police. Even so, I am very glad I went, because Portland activists have sent a message back to Vera: We will not be intimidated and bullied. When Bush comes to town, we will protest his visit and his mad war policies, and once a month, we will have a community bike ride." [ Story & Photos ]

MORE STORIES: [ A fun game: make up critical mass newspaper headline--closest one wins prize! | Critical Mass Gone Insane!! ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 30.08.2002 21:08
Four arrested at Borg timber sale; Logging successfully halted
From the open publishing newswire: "4 Forest Activists were arrested this afternoon after successfully halting logging at the Borg Timber Sale all day today.

"Two road blockades, suspending activists 100 feet above logging roads, prevented logging of our public lands at the Borg Timber Sale all day today. One blockade was removed after the occupant came down due to threatening police tactics. Activists removed the back blockade on their own.

"Earlier this afternoon, we received word that there as a heavy police presence at the front blockade. The area had been declared a "Crime Scene" and every one pushed back from the area directly surrounding the front blockade. Law Enforcement was driving over the cables that were holding a forest defender suspended over 100 feet above the road. Driving over these cables put the life of the forest defender at risk." [ Full story ]

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