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06.06.2006 03:07
Schumacher Furs protest report (No rich kid left behind), June 3
no-fur on wheels It was a mix of serious outreach and lively protesting this Saturday at Schumacher Furs as we held signs, passed out literature, chanted, showed video of animals on fur farms, jumped on pogo sticks, used hula hoops, blew gigantic bubbles, danced, and ate cookies. Anti-fur cheerleaders periodically performed cheers for smiling on-lookers. While Schumacher Furs provides just one deathly item to those callous enough to enter their store, there's something for everyone at our protests outside.

Many people stopped and thanked us for being there. An older couple said they had read news reports about our protest and were pleased that we were continuing to protest for the animals. This gives us encouragement that, even though reports seldom focus on the actual issue (the cruel treatment of animals), some people are still able to see through to the issue that we are protesting. In contrast, a woman who said she was one of Schumacher's long-time customers said that she "loved fur" and "didn't care" about what happened to the animals; it was never in doubt that the Schumachers and their loyal customers cannot be reached by compassion.


06.06.2006 02:48
Remembering Tiananmen-6/4/89

It's been so long ago and yet still I weep when spring turns to summer, remembering their young hopeful faces...

In 1988 I was in Beijing for 23 hours on the way home from a PSU study-trip in another part of China. My classmate/traveling partner and I visited the Temple of Heaven and met a Beijing University student who wanted to practice her English. I will always wonder if she was one of those who marched to the square a year later, their wills in their pockets.

We also managed in those short hours to squeeze in a quick trip across one corner of the vast expanse of Tiananmen Square, then we crossed the broad boulevard in front of the Forbidden City and hiked back to our hotel, stopping at a freeway overpass for sodas bought from a street vendor. [ read more ]

100 Protesters Massacred: This Day In History: Remembering Tiananman Square

During the time I had today to write up a short piece commemorating the massacre at Tienanmen Square I had an opportunity to interview several Chinese citizens attending college at the University of California. To my shock and dismay, they expressed little interest in their own tradition of resistance and seemed only too happy to forget the past.

In marked contrast to contemporary students in Europe,the Middle East,South America, the US, and even other parts of Asia, they were distinctly apathetic. One student who gave her name only as "Wei Wei" even stated that she felt she was "not qualified to have an opinion because [I am] too young."She would not state her age, but appeared to be in her early twenties. I wonder how many would say "I am too old?" [ read more ]


05.06.2006 23:24
Native Youth Movement Resistance
Support the People of Six Nations, and send Chris Francisco to Canada. When this Friday the 9th [7:00 pm and run until around 8:00 pm]... at Laughing Horse books [at] 12 Ne 10th street. donations greatly appreciated. Chris Francisco is a Film Art student at PSU. He is trying to raise funds to travel to Ontario Canada to stand with the people of Six Nations. We will be showing a film that he made from the resistance to coal mining on the Navijo reservation. [ Read More ]


05.06.2006 03:10
Greg Palast - Class War It’s Them versus Us. Monday June 5th in Portland
armed madhouse
Monday, June 5
7:00pm - 9:00pm
First Unitarian
Universalist Church
1011 SW 12th Ave

Armed Madhouse Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War It's Them versus Us. Greg Palast, the most censored journalist in American media, comes to Portland to discuss his latest book - Armed Madhouse: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War - including the secrets of the secret war for oil in Iraq; how the last election was stolen, and the next one; pushing Tom Friedman off his Flat Earth; the truth about globalization; the war on terror as a profit center and finally, class war: they take away your job at General Motors and, if you complain, they drown you in the Mississippi. They've got the war-making machinery, the terrorizing machinery and control of the ballot boxes; they've got the politicians and the receipts to prove it; they've got the cash and the power... and we've got we the people. They don't stand a chance. [ read more ]

related: Democracy Now! Greg Palast on His New Book "Armed Madhouse" || Alliance Events June 5th and 16th - Greg Palast & Medea Benjamin || Armed Madhouse || Gregpalast.com


MEDIA CRITICISM 05.06.2006 03:01
Conservative propaganda cover for US massacre on pages of The Oregonian

If no one at The Oregonian is reading David Reinhard's columns before they make print, editorial management there should seriously re-evaluate that practice. In Slouching toward Haditha on June 1 he flatly states, "Of course, nobody knows for sure what happened in that small Iraqi village last Nov. 19." Is he joking, or better yet, making a bad attempt at an existential moment?

Any rational observer could inform Mr. Reinhard that yes, there are people alive today who definitely know what happened on that day in that small Iraqi village when more than a dozen civilians, women and children included, reportedly were shot and killed. Those that know what happened undoubtedly include the on-site US Marines and probably their immediate superiors. And what about anyone who survived the Haditha Massacre? Yes, there are credible accounts of Haditha survivors. They would have a good idea of what went down. And what about any other witnesses who might have seen or heard something? I would say that yes, all these people surely have a good idea of what happened that day in that Iraqi village. [ read more ]

What Did The Oregonian Expect?

The Oregonian endorsed Bernie Guisto for Sheriff. Now they are attacking him for mis management.

I read an editorial published in the Oregonian written by Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Guisto. The Oregonian published an editorial on May 25 severely criticizing the Sheriff for mis managment in his jail system.

It so irritated the Sheriff he wrote an animated reply saying he was doing this and doing that and things were really better.

Should we be amused? The Oregonian endorsed the Sheriff for four more years. What did they expect but more of the same old same old. Did they expect change? Did they expect progressive reform? [ read more ]


05.06.2006 02:54
Mississippi Ave Lofts (MAL) meeting sham
the developers had a huge drawing of their, unchanged project displayed in the front of the mtg room along with a bunch of other pictures of buildings on mississippi and other surrounding streets(albina for example). One of the architects began his speech that described, yet again, the project and how it's designed and why and how he lives in the neighborhood and how great the building is and on and on and on. After listening to what seemed like hours of this, my neighbors and I began exchanging looks of disbelief and disgust, what we had feared was looking to be true, in the nine days since the historic landmark committee sent them off to redesign their building they had done nothing. even more insulting was that they were taking up so much of our valuable time with a long, long speech on the merits of their building they had been directed to redesign... I interrupted the architect and told him as much and then left.


04.06.2006 09:05
Environmental Activists Denied Bail in "Green Scare" Case
Eugene, OR - Release was denied at a detention hearing held in federal court in Eugene Thursday, June 1 before Judge Thomas Coffin in the case of individuals associated with what is being called the "Green Scare" round up of environmentalists in several states. Judge Coffin denied bail. Ms. Zacher and Mr. Block, both of Olympia, Washington, have been in custody since February for an alleged arson in 2001. Their arrest resulted from a bargain struck between federal authorities and one or more individuals previously arrested for the same alleged crimes. The previously arrested informants claim Zacher and Block's involvement out of hope for future leniency. The Bush Administration continued to describe the alleged crimes as "terrorism" despite the fact that none of the defendants have been formally charged as such and no injuries or casualties occurred. In fact, Judge Coffin stated that he believes these are "arson cases, pure and simple". However, the judge denied bail despite the fact that Block and Zacher presumably meet the legal standard for bail. Neither fled or hid after others were arrested in December and no weapons were found at their homes. [ read more ]

Chelsea Gerlach & Suzanne Savoie are informants

Chelsea Gerlach and Suzanne Savoie have both been named by some of their co-defendants, as well as by some of the lawyers, as cooperating with the authorities which has included making statements against others. We have no yet confirmed the full extent of their cooperation with the authorities (and there may be others who they have named), but we have confirmed that both Gerlach and Savoie have made statements against Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher. ELP is removing Chelsea Gerlach from our prisoner list. We are also withdrawing our support for Suzanne Savoie (who is currently on bail). [ read more ]

Green Scare Sacramento Defendant Lauren Weiner Takes Plea and COPS OUT

Lauren Weiner, Zachary Jenson, and Eric McDavid were arrested in Auburn,CA as part of the government's Green Scare campaign on Jan 13, 2006, and were charged with conspiracy to destroy property by means of fire or explosives. According to assistant United States Attorney Steve Lapham "the defendant agrees to cooperate with the continuing investigation and prosecution of this case". This confirms that Lauren Weiner is a government informant. Sacramento Prisoner Support does not support government informants and we will not support Lauren Weiner at anytime in the future. [ read more ]


04.06.2006 08:44
Portland "Green Scare" Defendants Benefit @ Free Geek Sunday June 4
The Benefit:
When? Sunday, June 4th, 6-10PM
Where? Free Geek (1731 SE 10th Avenue at Market, two blocks south of Hawthorne)
Who? All ages
What? We will be showing and discussing films on critical issues of political repression, resistance and the prison system.
  • 2 post-Katrina prisoner documentaries
  • Josh Harper interview - "Refusing to be Silent"
  • "22/8: The Jeffrey Luers Story"
Speakers will discuss recent repression, and how we can make a difference in seemingly dark times. A range of projects active on behalf of human, earth and animal freedom will have literature available. The musical mavericks of Johnny Punchclock will perform their infamous "punkish hillbilly stylings," and there will be dancing!

This event will feature speakers from Olympia Civil Liberties Resource, Forest Ethics, Free's support campaign, NW Constitutional Rights Center, Tre's support campaign, and Josh Harper's support campaign.

There will also be discussion and Q&A on videos about post-katrina struggles, one from Common Ground, and one from Critical Resistance, and on the campaign for Amnesty for post-Katrina Prisoners.

How much? $5-$50 sliding scale donation will be requested, or you can donate a dictionary to Portland Books to Prisoners.


04.06.2006 08:38
Open Letter to TriMet regarding proposed fair increases
I feel like I'm going out on a limb here, but I thought I would share my experience. I'll update this post with whatever response I receive. From the TriMet website, "TriMet has proposed a five-cent fare increase to help cover the cost of inflation. If approved by the TriMet Board of Directors at its June 28th meeting, the increase would take effect in September."

I started riding the bus exclusively just over a year ago. I have already witnessed 4 other fair increases during my 3 year tenure here in Cascadia. I feel like my hands are tied, but there's no benefit to be gained by sitting on my laurals. I decided to write the following letter. Comment:Well I have talked to several drivers about Peak Oil and how TriMet should be switching to biodiesel. Several have gone to management with no success. Oil will be the eventual issue, but right now its greed and mismanagement for some really stupid decision at the top levels. And to think last year and before some of us were pushing for a "free mass transit system"

Related: Happy New Year From TriMet | Biodiesel conversion ideas


04.06.2006 08:21
Schumacher Furs protest report (dance revolution), May 27
When we arrived at Schumacher Furs on Saturday, the store was dark, desolate and "dead" inside. A small sign on the door said the store was closed until Tuesday, for Memorial Day weekend. We decided to stay and remember the 40-plus million animals brutally killed each year by the fur industry, by educating the public about their needless suffering for businesses like Schumacher.

Last week a protester gave a flier to a woman who said that her cousin had won KPTV/Schumacher's recent fur coat giveaway. She said that while Schumacher claimed/publicized that the value of the coat was $27,000, her cousin had had the coat appraised and it was actually worth only $3,000 to $4,000. Assuming the story is correct, we wonder how Schumacher's taxes might reflect this discrepancy.


04.06.2006 08:18
Brazil: "Petists" and "Toucans" have an agreement with bankers
The "reform" of the Social Security, mixing interests of pension funds and of the financial system, will be implemented in the next government - no matter who will occupie the chair of the president of the republic at "Palácio do Planalto. Petists and Toucans defend a continuity of the regimen of distribution (where the active worker pays the retirement of the inactive one), that prevails today. But the great banks are looking at the capitalizaton system (where each wage-earner one pais for its proper retirement in the future).


03.06.2006 03:03
Olympia Port Militarization Resistance Wrap-up

Protesters worked to bring attention to the militarization of the Port of Olympia from Monday the 22nd until Wednesday the 1st of June. The protesters made a call to action in Olympia and 37 were arrested during the events. The height of the protest happened on May 30th when protesters took direct action against the port and tore off the fence at the entrance.

On that day, protesters outside of the port were at a stand off with the police. The police violence had become too much for those protesting the militarization of the Port of Olympia and U.S. imperialism. Rounds of pepper bullets, tazers, billy clubs, steal toe boots, and unwarned multiple fogs of pepper spray were just some of the tactics used in the attempt at squashing the demonstrators who had been at work since Monday of last week.

Leading up to Tuesday's events, 16 people were arrested. On Monday, May 22nd, one arrest was made when a protester stepped in front of a Stryker convoy. On May 23rd, Drew Hendricks was arrested early in the morning for attempting to lock the port gates and five more were arrested later in the day, again for blocking another Stryker convoy. Hendricks was charged with second degree trespassing while others were charge with pedestrian interference. A vigil was held later in the day at Plum and State. During this time folks protesting watched a number of Stryker vehicles roll in to the port.


pictures: Port Of Olympia direct action pics || port olympia direct action vol 2 for real!


03.06.2006 02:43
Bush Administration Puts Roadless Forests on Chopping Block
Roadless forests threatened by the Mike's Gulch logging project The Bush administration announced plans today to auction the controversial Mike's Gulch logging sale in Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest. Logging could start within days after the auction, now scheduled for 10:00 AM in Medford, Oregon on Friday, June 9th.

The Mike's Gulch timber sale would be the first wholesale logging of roadless forests in the country since 2001 when the national Roadless Rule was approved. The Bush administration, in a move to gut the Roadless Rule, has asked state governors to complete complicated petition processes to request protection for roadless forests in their states - a process Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski is currently undertaking. Despite a promise to provide "interim protections" to roadless forests while petitions are being completed, the Bush administration is moving ahead with roadless forest logging in Oregon.

Concerned citizens can express their opinions and send instant faxes to Bush Forest Service officials at the Siskiyou Project website: www.siskiyou.org.

Related: [This Weekend, June 2-4:]Oxygen Collective Roadless Tour

Oxygen Collective | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Rogue Valley IMC coverage | Biscuit Logging Studies and Reports | Background about the "Biscuit Fire Recovery Project


03.06.2006 02:36
Akha Back in Salem/Keizer
Akha family at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues We have returned to Keizer Oregon from Vientiane Laos after waiting a full year for a visa, meanwhile discovering serious problems with the US drug war in Laos, abuse by NGO staff of Akha women, a trip to the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues at the UN in New York and other items.

While in Laos we uncovered the disastrous US Drug War in Laos. Eradication of the opium crop while people had nothing else to eat, and the forced relocation of villages as an excuse to make them comply with the eradication program. Villages were forced into the lowlands where malaria took over, killing up to half the population in the villages during the first year, in order to make the US Govt. happy with its eradication program. Since there is little information coming out of Laos it was safe to bet that the US could force its policy, along with the UNODC (office of drugs and crime) and get away with it. Press articles carried glowing reports of crop substitution, which was in fact starvation and death. These issues were brought up at the UN in New York last week.

As well, while in Laos we discovered that the NGO's Norwegian Church Aid, and Action Against Hunger had severe staff problems. NGO staff were systematically raping the young Akha women in the villages of north Laos as the Akha testified to it in video interviews. Currently these stories are breaking in the Norwegian press and soon to be the French press.



03.06.2006 02:10
Esequiel Hernandez, Jr.
Esequiel Hernandez, Jr. Residents of Haditha, Iraq claim USA Marines murdered civilians there in November, 2005, investigation pending.

Residents of Redford, Texas claim USA Marines murdered an American civilian on USA soil in May, 1997, investigation closed, murderers free to kill again. "Team 7 was driven back to Marfa, put in a motel room, given a six-pack of beer, and told to write statements."

When Esequiel Hernandez Jr. died in 1997, he became the first American killed at home by U.S. troops since the massacre at Kent State University in 1970. This is his story.


03.06.2006 02:01
Divergent waiting times at Portland DHS offices
Recently, my monetary-influx changed dramatically (I was given a "discharge for performance" from a job; i.e., "fired"). I soon found out what I always knew -- that while employed I was always about one paycheck away from poverty. Within a month the severance they gave me was running out. Small trickles of money were beginning to flow in from this or that random source or odd job, but not enough for everything. I realized that if I got Oregon Trail benefits (i.e., Food Stamps), that I would be in a much better position to direct cash to rent. (Fortunately, my landlady is a friend who is giving me some slack for the time being. Thanks again, if you're reading this!)

So I went to the DHS office on Alberta and Williams, because it was conveniently located for me, and wasn't pleased with what happened.


01.06.2006 22:42
30 worldwide events for Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare!
Resist the Green Scare!

The list of events continues to grow, but now stands at 30 events planned worldwide for the International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare June 9 - 11, 2006.

December 7, 2005, marked the beginning of the largest roundup of environmental and animal rights activists in U.S. history. There have now been nearly 20 arrests and many Grand Jury subpoenas. The nation-wide sweep of arrests, dubbed "Operation Backfire," has been described by the FBI as a major hit to environmentalists and animal rights activists who engage in destruction of property as a means to defend wild lands and lives of animals. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stated in January that, "Investigating and preventing animal rights and environmental extremism is one of the FBI's highest domestic priorities".

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-New Jersey) said. "The Oklahoma City bombing killed 168 people. The attacks of 9/11 killed 3,000. Since 1993, there have been at least five fatal attacks on doctors who performed legal abortions. Eric Rudolph recently pleaded guilty to placing a bomb in a public area during the Olympic Games in 1996, as well as bombing a Birmingham women's clinic and a gay nightclub. All of these cases involved the loss of human life. To date, not a single incident of so-called environmental terrorism has killed anyone." Despite the lack of human injury in any of these actions, the government is threatening extraordinary sentences, ranging from 30 years to life plus 335 years. Similar crimes committed without political motivation receive far shorter sentences and even different charges. For example, a string of nine recent church arsons are being described by the authorities as "youthful pranks".

Environmental activist Jeff "Free" Luers received a disproportionately long sentence (22.8 years) after confessing to attempting to burn three SUVs at a Romania dealership in Eugene, OR. At trial, Jeff clearly stated that his action was a desperate attempt to bring awareness to the destruction of the Earth by this unsustainable form of transportation and its external costs of global warming, pollution, and war for oil. Because of his stated political beliefs, "Free" received an extremely long prison sentence; he is charged with a Measure 11 crime despite the fact that this fire did not endanger any life; and he continues to suffer harassment by the Department of Corrections due to his designation as a member of a Security Threat Group'. June 2006 marks the sixth year that "Free" has been in prison as well as the 3rd year of International Days of Solidarity with him. The focus of international events this year will be on "Operation Backfire" and what many are calling a "Green Scare" campaign of government repression.

ecoprisoners.org | olympia civil liberties resource | cldc.org | freefreenow.org


01.06.2006 02:54
Groups Protest Budget Cuts at County Commissioner's Meeting
A variety of concerned groups and interested citizens came to the Budget meeting on Wednesday evening to speak out against the proposed budget cuts (due to the loss of I-Tax funds). Some of the groups that testified including the Women's Crisis Line, SMYRC (Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center), SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) Schools, SEI (Self Enhancement, Inc.), Portland Impact (Project Independence), DCJ (Department of Community Justice-Juvenile Division), Oregon Community Warehouse, Friendly House Senior Program, Northwest Family Services, Loaves and Fishes, Clara Vista, and a variety of Drug Treatment Programs and Domestic Violence services, and many many others.

The proposed cuts would affect appropriations for a variety of safety net/basic needs programs for everything from child development to senior independent living assistance. A surprising number of basic needs that could be cut under the current version of the budget including drug treatment programs, after-school programs, meals on wheels, crisis counseling, gang intervention, and basic needs programs that fill the gaps for people who are not eligible for federal and state assistance. Given that these were funded by the expired I-TAX, there is a very real risk of budget cuts that could seriously limit the good that these programs do in our community, and in worse case scenarios, the programs would cease to exist altogether.


01.06.2006 02:53
SALEM - biodiesel, sustainable community, and more
thanks to a local co-op. a new community is being developed in salem, or. over 140 homes are being built in this community which will use only sustainable energy sources including solar power. the community's sewage will be treated with a series of tanks with plants that absorb the waste and allow the cleaned water to be drained safely into a nearby stream. several other buildings are popping up in the community including a community hall and several art buildings. all of the buildings in the community are being built with 100% recycled materials gathered onsite. the community is located on strong road in south salem off fairview industrial drive. the community is also one of the only two locations serving biodiesel in salem.


01.06.2006 02:47
Another Vietnam
If you woke up to the Washington Post on Aug 5, 1964, you would have read in big bold letters, "American Planes Hit North Vietnam After Second Attack on Our Destroyers; Move Taken to Halt New Aggression." We now know there was no second attack, just as we now know there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

At the end of 1964, three years after the war had officially begun on Dec 11, 1961, 216 American soldiers were killed in Vietnam. At the end of 1965, that number rose to 1,926. Today in Washington DC there's a wall with over fifty eight thousand names on it. Perhaps there's a few names you know. A generation later, as of Feb 7th '05, almost 2 years into the current war, 1,448 American soldiers have been shipped out Bagdad in a box.


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