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19.06.2006 09:09
South Central Farm: education about capitalist land ownership
At least a small but significant part of the battle for saving unique and special places like South Central Farm in Los Angeles, now and in the future, revolves around public education on the subject of land ownership under the capitalist system.


19.06.2006 05:35
What happened at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Saturday?
My friend and I were driving on Yamhill towards Broadway when we saw cops speeding ahead of us screech to a halt past the intersection and then chase an African-American man wearing a dress across the intersection and in front of Banana Republic. The man was unarmed, and surrendering, he sat against the wall waiting for the cops to come arrest him. When they got to him, they held him down and proceeded to beat him mercilessly.


19.06.2006 05:32
Bunk and Debunking Battles
The most recent article on [9/11] published in Scientific American is a despicable piece by one of the magazine's stars, Michael Shermer. He postures proudly "debunking" our efforts for research into the World Trade Center demolition and for a more coherent version of the truth. (The event itself, the collapse of the towers seen as a demolition, seems to be almost a certainty by now.) Michael Shermer's article "debunking" that line of thought consists of 90% political sloganeering, cultural cliches, and "setting the mood" to predispose the reader with context that ridicules our explorations, and then adds 10% of pseudo-science. It's unbelievable that he is one of the leading establishment scientists of our time.


18.06.2006 07:43
Independent Journalist Asserts Constitutional Rights and Resists Federal Grand Jury Subpoena
In a show of courage against an attempt by the federal government to obtain First Amendment protected information, independent journalist Josh Wolf refused to testify or provide video evidence yesterday to a federal grand jury convened in February. The grand jury is investigating events surrounding a July 2005 demonstration against the Group of Eight (G8) meeting that year in Scotland. Wolf asserted his First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights as a basis for declining to answer the grand jury.

In a closed session, San Francisco District Court Judge William Alsup threatened Wolf with confinement for civil contempt if he did not comply with the subpoena. Making his position clear from the start, Judge Alsup ordered the hearing closed, barring a number of supporters and a San Francisco Chronicle reporter from the courtroom. The order ignored both Ninth Circuit case law and a previous order by Magistrate Maria-Elena James requiring that the hearings in the case be open.

The grand jury was convened ostensibly to investigate alleged damage to a police vehicle at the time of the July protest. However, the GJRP, a coalition of lawyers and activists working to resist politically motivated attacks by government, condemned the still-active investigation. The GJRP claimed that the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are working together to misuse the federal grand jury to circumvent the California Shield Law, which protects journalists' files and notes. "What we saw today was the harassment and intimidation of a journalist and an activist," said Samantha Levens of the Grand Jury Resistance Project (GJRP), who observed the Marshals in the courtroom. "Yet, the dismissal of the subpoena shows how important it is to resist misuse of government power in order to obstruct political fishing expeditions and suppression of free speech rights."

www.fbiwitchunt.com | www.greenscare.org


17.06.2006 10:15
SHAC7 Support Video
Keep Supporting The SHAC 7 Rattle the Cage Productions just completed a short video on the recent SHAC 7 conviction. The video is intended to spark an interest in those who are unaware of the appalling erosion of free speech in this country and to inform the average American of the plight of the SHAC 7. The current format of the video is on You Tube, but will be available shortly for downloading at www.rattlethecage.org . Use it as a tool for fundraising and tabling events.

To see the video America's # 1 Terrorists visit: http://www.youtube.com video



17.06.2006 09:16
Peace Protesters Picket Democrats in Vancouver, WA
The Clark County annual Democrat social and fundraiser, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, didn't happen without a protest out front of the new Hilton in downtown Vancouver. At $50 a pop, 6 protesters stood outside as we watched people going in. What is crazy is these people say they are for peace. Really!

If they are for peace, they wouldn't be going inside. We reminded them there are many bills the 3rd Congressional representatives have not signed onto to help get our troops home now. We told them Sen. Murray and Cantwell voted with the Republicans yesterday. Our own Rep. Baird has not signed on to Bills, such as the Murtha Resolution, redeploying troops, a debate on Iraq, stopping war funding, plans for withdrawal, and no permanent bases.


17.06.2006 09:13
Critique on the DHS Foster Care System
I have been in the DHS Foster Care System for 10 years now. Here is some of the bullshit that goes on within. Recently my DHS caseworker has been totally nonexistent so I have not been able to get the help and guidance that I need. Also being in the Foster Care System for so long, I have realized that it is all a BS Joke that is played. Most Foster Parents I have encountered are real pieces of shit who just care about recieving their monthly paycheck of $1500 per month.


17.06.2006 09:09
Rental Management Services does shady business
Rental Management Services displays complete lack of care for habitable housing or human life. Our experience with RMS was not only outrageous and unbelievable, but potentially hazardous to our health. If you're in the market to rent an apartment, and the price seems right, first double-check who's managing. During the months of April and May, my girlfriend and I began renting from Rental Management Services (RMS) at 3200 SW Dolph Ct., Just Two blocks north of SW Barbur Blvd. The price was right for rent: $425 for a 750 sf 1 br, 1 ba; and only $595 for a 1100 sf 2 br, 1.5 ba. That's really hard to beat, especially for the location!

Upon planning to move in with my girlfiend and her 8-month-old daughter, we gained interest in a 2 bedroom unit that became available just down the hall from her existing 1 bedroom unit that she had currently rented for over 1 month. RMS set up an appointment to view the unit, only they had showed me a unit adjacent to the one that was available (an exact mirror oppposite), claiming that they had "forgot" the key to the actual unit and had promised the exact condition as the unit I had inspected, with the addition of "new" hardwood floors. Lession 1: ALWAYS get a tour of the ACTUAL appartment. It really sucks to be so trustworthy sometimes.....


17.06.2006 09:04
Standing on a Bellevue Corner Waiting for Bush to Drive By
A small high-spirited crowd gathered in Bellevue today as the rain waited until after the demonstration was over before pouring down. This was a passionately pro-peace, anti-Bush policies crowd who wanted change! After a few speeches on a wide range of issues, we marched through Bellevue and then headed to Medina where Bush was selling "photos with the Pres" to raise money for the vulnerable GOP. We sang some songs and chanted on this mile-long walk. The Bellevue police adjusted to the change in plans and stopped traffic at every intersection so no one got left behind. Since I was the slowest walker in the crowd, I appreciated it.

No one knew for sure which way Bush's motorcade would go but when we showed up on 24th street, the presence of the Seattle police and the barricades were a clue we are at the right spot. There was some friendly banter between some of people and the police. At one point, it seemed as if there were more police than demonstrators. Then the police tensed up and we knew Bush was on his way. It was a brief moment as the motorcycles and limos sped through the intersection too quickly for me to even get a decent picture.

related: What happen Seattle???


17.06.2006 08:58
LAPD Storm Largest Urban Community Garden
LAPD, six helicopters, L.A Fire Department, and 65 helmeted deputies of Sheriff's Department's Civil Management Unit crack peaceful organic heads, at dawn. LAPD armed police and others stormed an organic community garden in South Central L.A. this week, arresting 25 people including actress Daryl Hannah who had spent three straight weeks at the farm, choosing to be arrested. A lot of time for a celebrity to commit. --- 14 acre plot of land, used by 350+ neighborhood fruit and vegetable farmers for 10 years, is the U.S.'s largest urban community garden. It is a symbol of local development, nutrition, and hope for embattled South Central L.A., that keeps many kids out of gangs. A dispute over land--and a reneged purchase price deal once matched--led to dramatic standoff between neighborhood residents and truly evil real estate lobby of Los Angeles behind Mr. Ralph Horowitz.

Despite massive public opposition, the multi-millionaire Horowitz obtained court order to pave over the community garden for an industrial warehouse, calling in police and bulldozers to clear the property of inhabitants, some chained to trees. Some so injured they were taken out on stretchers. Neighborhood farmers and residents, along with the L.A. organic community, have vowed to keep up the struggle and save the community garden.

related: South Central Farm: education about capitalist land ownership


17.06.2006 08:54
Sign of Peace in Lincoln City
We drove to Lincoln City yesterday to catch a breath of the ocean and on Highway 101 going South around 30th street, we saw this sign stapled to a telephone pole. I am always encouraged when I see evidence of others' working for Peace, and thought I would send the inspiration along to this list.

from the comments:Peace was once an American value. I remember it. I know it and think it still is. The warfighter today even gives lip service to it -- deep down they long for it. But they are taught to fight for peace. They are conditioned to believe that their violence will bring peace. Their commanders play on that innocent value and through distortion of logic, manage to convince many that "war is peace". But I like that simple sign. Where's my staplegun...


16.06.2006 16:18
Nazi Boneheads in Southeast Portland
Kicking Out the Nazis The U.S. Bombs, Straitjacket show erupted into bedlam when approximately twenty neo- nazi "skins" came into Sabala's last night. While they were initially confronted by staff, they were allowed to stay until seemingly out of nowhere violence between other showgoers and themselves broke out in a bloody mess. While no names were taken an onlooker described one of the offenders as recently being released from prison, no details as to the reliability of that though.

After tailing out of Sabala's in a wake of blood and broken glass, the fight continued across the street where one of the nazi's was beaten pretty badly and kicked in the face repeatedly before retreating with the bullk of his buddies into a large black SUV of unknown make/model.


16.06.2006 16:11
Weekend of Resistance Skills Workshops
Anti-Imperialists, Students for Unity and friends are proud to present two days of workshops, discussion, brainstorming, and more. On June 24th and 25th, from 11 am to 6pm, we will be at PSU Smith Center, Rooms 204 and 209 and the adjoining area, to support one another and teach one another skills for our common struggles for justice and community power.

Scheduled workshops include:

Street tactics, screen printing and stenciling, uncovering buried history, confronting heterosexism, understanding and confronting racism, action planning, how to organize against corporations, guerilla media, organizing your workplace, and MUCH MORE! A schedule of workshops and events, as well as information on the planned saturday evening benefit event will be coming soon.


16.06.2006 09:23
Portland Protest for Immigrant Rights Sat. 6/17 @ 9:00 AM!

Saturday, June 17th 9:00 AM - Outside the Rose Garden Arena

While Congress debates the fate of millions of families in the USA, PSU has invited Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio to be the keynote speaker for this years graduating class. Peter DeFazio voted in support of the anti-immigrant HR 4437 which threatens millions of families and adds fuel to the increasingly reactionary debate on immigration.

Together, as students and as members of the greater-Portland community, we will demand that Immigrant Rights will be respected. We will continue the struggle for immigrant rights while celebrating the accomplishments of ALL PSU graduates.

Come, Join the immigrant rights movement and demand that Peter DeFazio

  • End the raids
  • Respect all workers rights
  • Promote a clear path to legalization for ALL immigrants
  • End the militarization of the boarder
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of ALL PSU graduates, regardless of the immigration status of their families.
For More information contact the Student Immigrant Solidarity Coalition: SISC.pdx@gmail.com


16.06.2006 09:15
Killing season in the Philippines
Killing season in the Philippines The escalating repression taking place now in the Philippines is no coincidence. Twenty years since the end of the dictatorship and three "people's power" uprisings later, Philippine society is hugely polarized. If the recent killing spree signifies anything, it's that the growing coercion and the abandonment of democratic rights portend the fraying of the post-1986 political order, when the dictator Marcos was unceremoniously thrown from power and democracy restored. What will replace those democratic hopes, more than at any time in recent years, is a point of bitter political contention.

Over the past two months, at least 18 activists have been murdered by unidentified assailants in various areas of the country - an average of two killings per week. They are the latest victims in a creeping and escalating killing spree of left-leaning political activists in the Philippines. At no other time in the KPD's nearly 10-year history have so many of their members been assassinated.

The KPD is just one of many left-leaning groups now under shadowy assault.


Indigenous Struggles Heat Up Worldwide 15.06.2006 10:44
Six Nations' people and supporters have occupied their land for approximately three months to prevent its invasion.This is an interview of Thahoketoteh of the Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation of Grand River, who is a member of the Mohawk Nation News.

Thahoketoteh shares his thoughts, and reviews the history and updates of the conflict over the Canadian Government encroachment into Six Nations territory.

Last week, 100 Ontario Chiefs walked to the site of the land claim dispute and issued their own warning to Canada. Today Union of British Columbia Chiefs issued full support to Six Nations. In Manitoba, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, representing 64 First Nations, passed a resolution supporting a 24-hour railway blockade set for June 29th 2006, "to force the Canadian government to establish a reasonable time-frame for settlement of land claims." Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation will block two railway lines going into the United States. At least six other Manitoba First Nations have vowed to block railway lines at the same time. [ read more ]


Today, June 14, 2006, on of the most abhorrent manifestations of the exercise of power on behalf of the government has been perpetrated in Mexico. At 4:40 a.m., an act of repression against the social movement in Oaxaca began. At dawn today, state government police forces brutally and violently evacuated teachers who were occupying streets and the central square of downtown Oaxaca. We are speaking of more than fifty thousand teachers.
View Photos Here | How you can help

Felix Chuma Speaks on Indigenous Culture and Economics | Honoring Our Indigenous Women Activists-Audio File Reportback | NYM Delegation to Chiapas


14.06.2006 08:02
AWOL Eugene Soldier Arrested
Suzanne Swift with mom, Sara Rich Eugene Army soldier Suzanne Swift, who refused a second deployment to Iraq late last year, has been arrested. Her mother, Sarah Rich, has been an outspoken war opponent. She was on KOPT radio this morning reiterating the reasons her daughter declined to return to her unit when ordered: post-traumatic stress disorder, opposition to the war, and the constant threat of sexual harassment and abuse by her superior officers.

When Sarah Rich spoke at a peace rally in Eugene in March, she had this to say (via The Register-Guard): "Politicians who want to honor the fallen need to show some leadership and bring our troops home now," she said. "We need to show that dissent is patriotic. Now is not the time for passivity. Now is the time to make some noise."

A vigil is planned for outside the Lane County Jail, where Suzanne is being held pending a possible transfer either into federal custody or back to her unit. Anyone wishing to support Suzanne and her family should hustle down to the jail and see if people are gathering. I don't know what time the vigil is set to begin. Might as well start with you.

Fear For My Daughter by Sara Rich


13.06.2006 10:55
The Farm is under Siege!! Mobilize to the Farm in L.A.
south central farm The South Central Farm is under siege. If you live in LA or anywhere near there please make your way to the farm to keep the protesters and farmers safe. The immediate area around the Farm has been blocked off by the authorities limiting access to the site. Spontaneous rallies of support have sprouted on these perimeters with crowds increasing in size as the morning passes. Protesters still inside the Farm are being physically removed and arrested.

Once again, this is the Red Alert! The Sheriffs have begun and are carrying out the eviction! Mobilize as many people as you come to continue to protest this oppressive action Arrests have already been made. It is still unconfirmed but there are also reports that a protester was carried out on a stretche. Bulldozer positioned nearby have began breaking through the fences.

Once again, please converge to the Farm.
41st Street and Long Beach Ave. Los Angeles, CA

UP TO THE MINUTE COVERAGE: www.kpfk.org | www.la.indymedia.org

Press Release | southcentralfarmers.org | nwrage.org


National Lawyers Guild Press Release 12.06.2006 10:31
National Lawyers Guild Condemns Operation Backfire as Unconstitutional
nlg The National Lawyer's Guild has issued a press release making official their condemnation of the Green Scare. A hotline has been established to support activists targeted by the FBI and other government agencies.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 12, 2006: New York. The National Lawyers Guild condemns the FBI's Operation Backfire "green scare" tactics as an unconstitutional abuse of authority. The FBI has engaged in an orchestrated campaign of issuing subpoenas to environmental activists, conducting large scale roundups of activists, levying unprecedented penalties for property crimes, and using threats of severe sanctions to leverage fear of conviction and force individuals to turn state's evidence.

In 2004, the federal government launched Operation Backfire, a wide-scale investigation of environmental and animal rights activists. It used paid informants and conducted warrantless spying on a range of organizations. Since then, numerous individuals around the country have been arrested and charged with arson, destruction of property and conspiracy in the government's attempts to target the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). Others were subpoenaed to testify before grand juries. Some were charged with the use of "destructive devices," one count of which carries a mandatory 30-year sentence-two counts call for mandatory life in prison. The government is over-charging people with offenses that carry severe sanctions to force them to accept guilty pleas for a lower sentence or to intimidate them into turning state's evidence. The National Lawyers Guild believes that the government is misusing destructive device charges and engaging in selection prosecution.

Press Release | www.nlg.org/


12.06.2006 04:04
Call City Council to demand Impeachment!! - "One Man Parade"
One man's answer to the question, 'What can I do to slow BushCo's dismantling of our Democracy for his Imperialistic fantasy?' How one guy calls hundreds of Portlanders to action each day, as part of his regular routine. Portland needs to lead in the Impeachment of these despots!!

First, a little update on the successes I am having...

I have teamed up with a DFA group that is pressing Portland City Council to consider, debate, and adopt a Resolution of Impeachment against Bush and Cheney, using Jefferson's Manual, Sec. LIII, sec. 603. The Commissioners seem reluctant to get involved with such a "National" political issue, despite the fact that the FBI tried to plant a mole to spy on City Council during May!!


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