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24.06.2006 11:57
Jeff Free Luers on Weekend of Resistance to the Green Scare
Resisting the Green Scare in Amsterdam Today is my six year anniversary. I almost didn't notice to tell you the truth. It isn't just because one day blends into another in here. Right now I just don't really care that much that I'm in prison. I know how that sounds but that's brutally honest. I got careless, I got sloppy. I slipped up. I got caught.

Now the state wants to send a more powerful message. They sent in agents and infiltrators. They bought off activists and turned others into traitors with threats. The message is simple: the government sees this movement as a threat. And they are telling you that if you challenge them they will try and lock you away for life.

It's a powerful message. It's down right intimidating, to be honest. But, this last weekend (June 9-11) another message was sent by 43 cities around the world. That message was very clear: we will not disappear.



24.06.2006 06:53
Salmon River Timber Sale Loses in 9th Circuit Court
South Fork Salmon RIver June 23, 2006: The Knob Timber Sale lost on all counts in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Knob is one of three old growth timber sales (along with the already cut Glassups sale and currently in court Meteor sale) making up a "mega-sale" on the wild and scenic Salmon River of Siskiyou County, CA. After years in court, the Knob sale will soon be auctioned and slated for cut there after. Some of the last intact oldgrowth forest in the United States can be found in these public-land timber sales.

In 2003 activists came together to stop the cumulative effects of the Glassups, Knob, and Meteor Timber Sales. That year, forest defenders rose up in three tree-sits in the Glassups sale. Although Glassups fell, the Knob auction was held off till now, a huge victory! But the struggle continues - Forest defenders of the Salmon River are committed to fighting the Knob sale through direct action! We are a diverse and colorful group of local concerned community members as well as activists from all over the country. The movement fighting to stop harmful and un-lawful logging is a multi-limbed creature. When the "arm" of litigation tires... the now rested and muscular arm of direct action re-emerges.

related: Salmon River Tree-Sits blocked by Feds, public land sales closed to public (June 6 2003) | Proposed Meteor Timber Sale Could Devastate Salmon River (Dec. 3 2003) | Fall Creek Salvage Sale Timber Auction (Nov. 4 2005) | Fall Creek "Salvage" Sale Timber Auction--On the Inside Looking Out (Nov. 6 2005)


23.06.2006 16:06
Weekend of Workshops
Portland Anti-Imperialists, Students for Unity, and friends are organizing a weekend of resistance skills workshops- Everyone striving for social and environmental justice is invited...Let's network, learn, and build our movements! Why: As sure as I am that we all have our own answers to that question, we also have common reasons why we organize and fight injustice. One reason is our hopes for future generations. Another is a love of the land; our desire for survival. Still another reason is our connections to what has happened in the past and the lessons to be learned. We are stronger together. As the government esclates repression against the environmental, human rights, and community movements, and targets immigrants, muslims, acitivists, and people of color as scapegoats for a flailing economy, we can't let ourselves be cowed into submission. Work remains to be done to determine the course of our society. For these reasons and more, we are doing what we can to build venues for our community to organize. Hope to see you there!


23.06.2006 12:53
Defend the Tuscon Two Saturday Night!
Daniel Strauss and Shanti Sellz, two Samaritans of the Tucson Arizona No More Deaths Coalition, were arrested by the US Border Patrol in July 2005 for trying to medically evacuate three critically ill immigrants from the 105 degree heat of the Sonoran Desert to a clinic in Tucson, after consulting a doctor about the three men's symptoms. Daniel and Shanti are being charged with felonies in federal court, and could face up to fifteen (15) years in prison. Shanti and Daniel speak 7 pm, Saturday. St. Andrew's Church, 806 NE Alberta Ave. Portland, OR



23.06.2006 12:45
Historic building downtown to be demolished for condos
The Rosefriend is not only historic, it is also affordable housing. It will be torn down to make way for high-end condos. The only reason this is happening is so the church that owns the property can have underground parking for its congregation. Action even at this late date is possible. Maybe an occupation of some sort?

This is a more direct and immediate loss of home for lower-income people than anything happening on Mississippi and Alberta, yet I've heard not so much as a yawn on Indymedia about it.


23.06.2006 12:44
Zachary Jenson Denied Bail Again; Eric McDavid Moved
Zachary Jenson, Lauren Weiner and Eric McDavid were arrested on January 13, 2006 in Auburn, California as part of the ongoing nationwide Green Scare. They are accused of conspiring to damage or destroy by means of explosive or fire public or private property. Lauren was released on bail and has recently plead guilty; taking a deal that requires her to testify against her co-defendants and assist investigators in every way possible, and we therefore consider her to be a government informant. Eric and Zach have maintained their innocence since they were arrested. They are both pleading not guilty and are still being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail awaiting trial.

Zachary Jenson had his second bail hearing on Wednesday, June 21. He was denied bail yet again; this time by Judge Drodz. After hearing oral arguments, the judge took a five minute recess and returned with his decision.

Eric was moved to a different floor over the weekend and his address has changed. Please continue sending Zach and Eric letters of support. They have both been in total isolation ("T-Sep"), since their arrest, and have little to no real human contact. Spending all but 5 hours per week in a single cell is extremely difficult, and both Eric and Zach absolutely cherish every letter they receive.

www.supportzach.org |


23.06.2006 12:39
Help stop the Mexican wolf slaughter!
Mexican Grey Wolf The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is destroying yet another family of Mexican gray wolves - even though the agency has identified the species as the most endangered mammal in North America. The male of the recently released Nantac Pack was just shot and killed, and the female is being hunted down right now. Both members of this pack were survivors of past predator control actions.

In 1996, an environmental analysis of the Mexican wolf reintroduction program projected that the population would reach at least 100 animals by the end of this year. However, it is believed there are presently fewer than 40 grown wolves in the wild plus an unknown number of pups born this year.



22.06.2006 19:03
Mayor promotes Sizer to full Chief of Portland Police Dept
Mayor Potter calls Press conference to Present Desision to Promote from within. June 22nd, 2006 Mayor Potter of Portland, Oregon announced in Council Chambers his desision to Promte and confer title of Full "Chief of Police", upon interium Chief of Police,Rosie Sizer.

Last week , Mayor Potter announced that he might conduct a nation wide search, however as he stated today, to the press, He had confered with Council members and other High ups and this was the only clear desision to make and the Right Choice.

Chief Sizer stepped up and spoke...She told her own Quilty Profiling incident(she is establishing her humanness)(or purging sin publicly) about a Guy that she once stopped, because as she plain old outright stated, He was "Ugly", and he was near where something had happened, and she took him in and ran him and he had never never never committed any offense in his whole life ,no record,no nothing....she said she apologized to him, and he even told her, he got stopped all the time for just being UGLY !!! (Quilty while being Ugly ) Lord help us...!!!!

Comment:You know, I have a lot of conflicted feelings about this. First, I too question why Foxworth got demoted while McCollister and Sery did not. I wonder why cops who kill people get medals, while a cop who engaged in the same kind of human behavior all the rest of us engage in (come on, you know you do) gets demoted. Weird.


22.06.2006 18:56
Chris McIntosh Still in the Hole
Chris McIntosh Chris McIntosh, currently serving 8 years for setting a fire at an empty McDonalds restaurant in Seattle has been in the hole since May 29th. On June 8th Chris was sentenced to another 45 days in the hole in addition to the 36 days he has already served. He says there is a chance he may get out early. He is in the hole for getting into a fight with a child molester. The hole is a very lonely place - an isolated cell where a prisoner is kept away from the general population. Letters are urgently needed to boost Chris' spirits.

www.supportchris.org | http://greenscare.org


22.06.2006 18:54
Washington escalates slaughter in Iraq
The killing of two American soldiers captured by insurgents at a roadblock south of Baghdad will be seized upon by Washington as justification for an intensified bloodbath against the Iraqi people.
Well before the discovery of the bodies of the young soldiers, reportedly bearing the marks of torture and mutilation, there were already mounting indications that the Bush White House and the Pentagon were implementing a shift in military tactics that spells a dramatic escalation of US violence in the occupied country.
The mass media, which has shown little inclination to highlight the daily death toll of American troops, now totaling over 2,500—much less the far greater toll of Iraqi dead, estimated in the hundreds of thousands—has exhibited keen interest in the fate of the two executed enlisted men, including gruesome details of their deaths. Their aim is to whip up an atmosphere of hatred and revenge against the Iraqi population.



22.06.2006 18:27
Stop the Witch Hunt Against Ward Churchill
The Standing Committee on Research Misconduct at the University of Colorado at Boulder voted 6 to 3 this week to recommend that Ethnic Studies Professor Ward Churchill be fired. In doing so it went beyond the conclusions of four out of the five members of its own investigative committee appointed to look into the charges, who called for
Churchill to be suspended for 2 to 5 years.

The university administration may now move rapidly to put the final touches on a vicious witch hunt that started over 16 months ago—aimed at driving Professor Churchill from the university, destroying
his reputation and career, and delivering a chilling message to radical and progressive faculty on college campuses across the country to "watch what you say, watch what you write." It remains for the provost and the dean of arts and sciences to send a final recommendation to Interim Chancellor DiStefano. This is the same interim chancellor that has guided the attack against Churchill
within the Boulder community from the beginning.


22.06.2006 18:23
Support Type-writers for Tennessee Prisoners
harold thompson Harold H. Thompson, an anarchist prisoner in Tennessee, USA, has requested that supporters send letters to the Tennessee Department of Corrections registering complaint with the current ban on type-writers from prisoners' authorized property list.

Without access to type-writers, Harold and others must struggle to complete work on legal cases and maintain correspondence with friends and family, among other writing tasks. Please see the letter below for more information.

Please consider sending the following form letter, or one similar to it, to the address below.



22.06.2006 18:21
USDA accepting comments on GE plum trees, the first temperate GE tree
The US Department of Agriculture is accepting public comments between
now and July 17, 2006 on a petition that would allow commercial
growing and marketing of the first genetically engineered (GE) plum
trees. If approved, this would remove all regulatory oversight of
this GE variety, a virus-resistant plum tree known as the Honey
Sweet Pox Potyvirus Resistant plum.



22.06.2006 13:45
Lt Watada refuses order, restricted to base
Lt. Watada (June 22, 2006) - At approx 0230 hours this morning, June 22, U.S. Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada refused written orders to board a bus bound for an adjacent airstrip, and Iraq War deployment - as he has pledged to do since first speaking out against the illegal Iraq War. At this time Lt. Watada has been restricted to base, possibly confined to quarters, and has been ordered to have no contact with any non-military personnel, with the exception of his civilian lawyer. More information is coming soon.

thankyoult.org/ | National Day of Action June 27: Stand up with Lt. Watada | Road Trip to Ft. Lewis to Support Lt. Watada | www.couragetoresist.org | Tacoma church declares itself sanctuary for refusers


21.06.2006 10:29
Boise Neighborhood Loses Playground to Development
The landscape is preparing to change again on North Mississippi Avenue. The Kurisu Family International, who own the Mississippi Rising Ballroom at Mississippi and Shaver are planning something big. But we arent going to talk too much about something big right now, we are going to talk about something relatively small.

NAYA, The Native American Youth Association, leased the main office in the Mississippi Rising Building for as long as I've lived here and longer. But the other week, they moved out. I have been told that they moved out due to the changing demographics of the area and them not being a welcomed addition by the new neighborhood dwellers. In the lot to the north of the Ballroom, NAYA had purchased and insured a small playground for neighborhood kids which had alot of use. This morning, when I came downstairs, it was in the process of being taken apart.


20.06.2006 16:31
Reportback from Jeff Hogg's Hearing
Jeff's lawyer filed a motion against the original contempt hearing being illegally closed to the public by Judge Hogan on May 18th. Judge Hogan was apparently unaware of that and seems to be being educated on this grand jury issue as we go along. As we suspected, today in court, even though the lawyer pleaded to have Jeff released, he simply had the contempt hearing in that moment and sent him back to jail for not answering questions. There is another motion to be filed and generally the paperwork of the courts takes about 30 days to get to the actual day of court. Hopefully we will be successful in July, but if not, then we will wait until September 30th. Thank you again for all the support and letters to Jeff. They really keep him going. I really cannot express my gratitude enough for everyone's thoughts and love.

Keep sending Jeff your letters of support and any interesting articles (xeroxed or computer print-outs)and photos (no larger than 4x6) you think he may enjoy.


20.06.2006 03:14
Schumacher Furs protest report (The real bullies support the fur trade), June 17
The air was thick with irony this week. While we spend our Saturdays blowing soap bubbles, hula hooping, pogo sticking, dancing to 80's music, and eating cookies in front of Schumacher Furs, Gregg Schumacher and his friends continue to refer to us as "terrorists" - look out Al Qaeda, if dancing to disco music is now considered a terrorist activity, we're all-stars. This week was especially rich as one of Schumacher's supporters knocked down a small female protester and was then led off in handcuffs. The real bullies reveal themselves.

A Schumacher supporter walked out of the store and started an unprovoked conflict with a mentally handicapped protester. As the protester tried to get away from the man, one of the radical cheerleaders (who is probably half his weight) stood in front to protect the protester. The man violently shoved her to the ground and continued to pursue the activist. Three police officers, who witnessed this event from across the street, ran over, pressed him against the building, and cuffed him. They arrested the man and charged him with misdemeanor harassment and disorderly conduct. We continued our protest.


20.06.2006 00:11
17th Pastors for Peace Caravan leaves Portland!
pastors for peace cuba caravan The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) Pastors for Peace Caravan has been collecting goods in Portland in solidarity with our Cuban friends. The caravan leaves Portland tomorrow for the Mexican border and then on to Cuba. Pastors for Peace has been collecting humanitarian supplies for the Cuban people for the past 17 years and delivering them to Cuba despite the US Government's embargo.

The caravan starts in 13 different US locations then winds it's way through the US gather support and supplies while educating the American people about the plight of Cuba, American policy and the Cuban Five prisoners. I believe the van/bus is leaving the church at 8am tomorrow making it's way to Mexico and ultimately on to Cuba. Last year they took 125 tons of supplies to Cuba, however all electronics were seized by Homeland Security at the border. They have been fighting to get these computers back for the past year and just had them returned 1 month ago after threatening litigation. Many of the seized computers came from Portland's own Free Geek.

Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization


20.06.2006 00:05
Jeff Hogg's hearing is Tuesday, 6/20 @ 11 am
Jeff Hogg Jeff Hogg's lawyer has filed a motion challenging the closure of his contempt hearing. He will appear on June 20th at the federal courthouse in Eugene.

Judge Michael Hogan closed the courtroom to supporters, lawyers (other than Jeff's), and his partner during the contempt hearing 5/18 which resulted in Jeff's imprisonment. Jeff's lawyer has filed a motion challenging this illegal closure, and the hearing is tomorrow, June 20th. The time of the hearing is 11 am.

Keep sending Jeff your letters of support and any interesting articles (xeroxed or computer print-outs)and photos (no larger than 4x6) you think he may enjoy.



20.06.2006 00:03
Irish Prison Protest Begins
On Monday 19th June Republican Prisoners Of War (POW's) began a protest action in Maghaberry, this is the first in a series of protests planned by Republican POW's in the gaol. POW's are making clear that they will not accept the sub standard conditions on the segregated wing, they will not be criminalised nor will they be intimidated or coerced by the petty restrictions being imposed by prison screws to make the day to day life in the gaol for POW's more difficult.

The British Government, the Prison Service, the media and local politicians have all been well aware of these issues for some time and have done nothing to address them. The POW's have been left with no choice but to engage in protest within the gaol and this protest will no doubt intensify if these issues are not addressed and their demands are not dealt with. The POW's are relying on the Irish people to stand with them in their fight to improve conditions and ultimately to win back Political Status. The Irish people have never failed POW's in the past and we have faith that they will not fail them now.



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