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28.07.2006 10:34
Fuck You Officer Cox
Federal budget cuts may keep the homeless outside. Apparently, the warrant sweeps are still in full swing in O'Bryant Square. This morning, I wated the most disgusting scene of harassment. I am fed up beyond belief with the hounding harassment of my clients by sick and twisted, angry little men in police uniforms. And yes, Officer Cox, I a talking about you.

This morning, I walked through "paranoia park" in search of a client who has been missing for days. And I came upon a sickeningly familiar scene. I watched as four police officers in blue rubber gloves relentlessly hounded a homeless young woman who was sitting on the steps there, in tears and in handcuffs. It was more than I could stand. You see, I have mopped up after scenes like this one over and over again. I have tried to clean up records for people who can't get housing or jobs because psycho SS agents like these gave them criminal records for the crime of being homeless. I have held the hand of more than one young man or woman who cried while they told me how reviled and worthless they felt after such an episode. I have bailed people out of jails, and have picked them up in the middle of the night after the system got its cheap jollies by taking them into custody for a day and then releasing them in the hours after midnight. I am SICK of it. These people have ENOUGH TROUBLE. They do not need sanctimonious, self-appointed guardians of the morals of society like Officer Cox to heap more upon them. They do not need to be reminded that they are not considered citizens of this city, that the law is not there to serve and protect people like them, and that no one cares what happens to them as long as they are invisible.

And now, I use the same voice that told you to fuck off earlier today. I use it with clarity and dignity, and I tell this story. People will listen. And may they show up around that park and protect the people your predations have hurt. May they, at the very least, think about the human beings who live with us in this city without the benefit of the things we take for granted. May it become less acceptable to allow people like Officer Cox to hurt them for fun and games. May we stop paying people to hound them into the cracks. So yes, officer Cox, I say it again. Fuck you.


27.07.2006 04:04
Supporters of Israel Suggest: To End Terrorism, Support Terrorism
counter protesters to pro-israel protest

I went to the rally at Pioneer Square today with questions in my mind.

Who would actually support the indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets in the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict?

Who in their right mind would support the targeting of hospitals, ambulances, and UN outposts?

Who would stand up and affirm the right of a well-funded and well-armed nation to knowingly participate in the mass slaughter of innocent Lebonese people. Of their children?


Appeasement 2006: Europe capitulates to American-Israeli aggression || Captured Israeli soldiers were in Lebanon when clashes happened

AUDIO FILE: From Pioneer Square Pro Israel Rally

There were no surprises coming from the speakers supporting Israeli actions in Lebanon. Most of the audio file are remarks from the Oregon Delegation to Washington D.C. Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Darlen Hooley, and David Wu sent their support of Israel, as did Governor Kulingowski, and Senators Wyden and Smith.

All decried the actions of Hezbollah and condemned terrorism, calling for the successful defeat of both. Nothing was mentioned of state terrorism. Nothing was mentioned of the western terrorist creating machine recently placed in Iraq and now in Lebanon. There was a large amount of flag waving, often Israeli flags backed with the U.S. flag; little flags, big flags, waved by adults and children.


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Ongoing non-zionist Middle East coverage: www.imemc.org || ElectronicLebanon.net


27.07.2006 03:38
Global Warming's Gathering Storm
My insurance company and I just had a little "brush" with global warming.

It wasn't pretty.

I was driving my son to his karate class and noticed that the sky in the west where we were heading was incredibly dark. Since the sun was setting in that direction, the darkness of the clouds was particularly ominous.

I switched on the radio and heard an alert about severe thunderstorms in a broad front that was moving quickly across the eastern U.S. from Virginia up into New York.


27.07.2006 03:21
PDX City Council Hears Speaker Urging Passage of Impeachment Resolution
I make a living with my hands. But this I know: If I come into this chamber, I have a duty to tell the truth. Honesty in the workplace is also required. George Bush was not honest with Congress and the American people when he made his case for war. Nor was he honest about his secret domestic spy program. It is an impeachable high crime to provide false information to Congress.

On March 18, 2003 Bush sent a letter to Congress stating his reason for Iraq war. It was, to take "actions against those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001". But later that year in September, Bush admitted: "We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with September the 11th."


27.07.2006 03:18
palestine journal: 27 july - where were those two soldiers captured, anyway?
as israel's dual invasions of lebanon and gaza continue to spiral out of control, several people have asked me, "where were those two soldiers captured, anyway?", referring to the capture of two israeli soldiers by hezbollah fighters on july 12th, the event that supposedly set this whole thing off......

well, the answer, for my part, is, it's really not clear. hezbollah and the lebanese government claim that the soldiers were captured inside lebanon, near Ayta al-Sha`b village 60 km north of the Israeli border. the israeli government says the two were captured near the israeli town zar'it, directly along the israel-lebanon border.

what IS clear, and what i know from personal experience, is that israel controls that border. and their 'routine patrols' very often venture quite deep into lebanese territory.

- - Captured Israeli soldiers were in Lebanon when clashes happened ! - - Kidnapped in Israel or Captured in Lebanon? || The Two Israeli Soldiers Were Captured in Lebanon ||www.imemc.org/ || ElectronicLebanon.net


26.07.2006 01:47
Worldwide Protests Against Israeli Aggression
Tens of thousands throughout the world took to the street on Saturday, July 22nd, to protest against the ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon and Palestine. For the past 12 days and nights, Israeli air forces have destroyed countless civilian buildings and means of transportation in operations that have killed more than 400 people, mostly civilians, and wrecked havoc on Lebanese cities, harbours, airports and other infrastructure, leading to the displacement of more than half a million people. The International Day of Action had been called by various anti-war and solidarity campaigns.

In Israel itself, at least 5,000 Jewish and Arab peace activists marched in Tel Aviv against Israel's war crimes. Israeli police arrest 3 anti-war protesters [Israeli bombardment of Lebanon violates humanitarian law].

In Chicago, US, some 3,000 people from the Muslim, Arab and progressive community took part in one of the city's largest protests against Israeli aggression since the beginning of the Second Intifada.

In the UK, up to 30,000 marched through central London. Similar, but smaller, demonstrations took place in other cities up and down the country, including Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Other European cities also saw some big protests: Paris, Amsterdam, Bremen, Warsaw and others. Some 10,000 people had demonstrated in Madrid on July 20th, and so had people in Rome, Athens, Stockholm and Canada [report].

In Australia, thousands of people turned out at rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, while a gathering in Perth was cancelled by the police.

Links: IMC Beirut | IMC Israel | International Middle East Media Centre | Palestine News Network | Electronic Intifada | Electronic Lebanon | Palestine Blogs | Tadamon

Four peacekeepers killed in IAF strike on UN base in Lebanon

An IAF strike in on the building of a UN observer force killed four peacekeepers.in the town of Khiyam near the eastern end of the border with Israel. The four UN monitors died when Israeli warplanes attacked their post. They came from China, Canada, Finland and Austria. Unifil (UN interim force in Lebanon), a 2,000-strong force, on the Israel-Lebanon border. has suffered dozens of attacks and direct hits in two weeks of conflict between Hezbollah and Israel.

UN: Israel intentionally bombs UN post in Lebanon Killing 4 | Politicians condemn UN killings | U.N. Shocked by Strike on Border Post | UN calls for Lebanon peace force | Israel using banned cluster, vacuum bombs and white phosphorous against civilians in Lebanon | Israeli bombardment of Lebanon violates humanitarian law | DN July 25 | Rice Makes Bloody Footprints in Lebanon | Israel Using Chemical Weapons Against Lebanese Civilians |Israel to establish 'killing zone' on Lebanon border


26.07.2006 01:22
USAF Plane Disarmed in Shannon Ireland, Pitstop Ploughsare found not guilty
In the early hours of Monday 3 February 2003, five members of the pacifist Catholic Worker Movement ( 2 ) cut their way into Shannon Airport ( 2 ). The peace activists poured human blood on the runway that has been servicing U.S. military flights, troop and munition deployments to U.S. military bases in Kuwait and Qatar. They constructed a shrine on the runway to Iraqi children killed and threatened by U.S./British bombardment and sanctions. The shrine consisted of copies of the Bible and Quran, rosary and muslim prayer beads, flowers, photographs of Iraqi children and Brigid's crosses. They then began to take up the runway, working on its edge with a mallet.


26.07.2006 01:12
PacNW Congressional Delegation Reeks

In HRes921 & SRes534, the entire Pacific Northwest congressional delegation voted yes. Washington's Jim McDermott was the sole exception. Every other PacNW republiscum & democrap supports israel's atrocities against innocent Lebanese men, women, & especially children. The resolutions are filled with lies in the "whererases" & with pompous duplicity & despicable violence in the "therefores". What staggering viciousness. We should all phone & visit our take on these monsters during their August recess. Beneath worms they are.


PacNW Congressional Delegation Reeks, Part II

Last week, every Washington & Oregon senator & representative, except Rep McDermott, voted to support israeli atrocities against Lebanon. And this week, no Washington or Oregon representative has yet to co-sponsor Rep Kucinich's HConRes 450, for cease-fire, again except for McDermott, & no PacNW senator has offered similar res in the senate. This is staggering viciousness & despicable bias on the part of these repulsive politicians. We should bring their crimes to their attention during their August recess. How does Jim McDermott stand being near them. The stench must be overwhelming.


related: OR dismal CongressCritters


25.07.2006 03:31
The Case Of Chaos
When progressives talk about the stupidity of this administration, I remember what Governor Richards once said during the campaign before the 2000 election. She told democrats not to underestimate this guy, he is smarter than he seems. If you believe that Bush and those who control him are stupid then you are foolish. I suggest we start acknowledging the concept of Organized Chaos as the driving force behind this administration. This is not a new concept but one that should get more attention because it is closer to the truth than any others in the market place of ideas. Bush is out to create chaos whenever he can; this is why I write this piece.


25.07.2006 03:17
Two Big Rate Cases Underway
PGE and PacifiCorp have both filed rate increase requests, both of them highly - shall we say? - optimistic. PacifiCorp wants a 13% increase in rates amounting to about $110 million additional dollars from ratepayers; PGE wants 8.6% or $130 million. Our analysis shows that little or no rate increase should be granted in either case.

Current status is that while we are well underway, we are also far from done in even presenting and hearing arguments in the two rate cases. We have gone through settlement discussions, filed testimony in the general rate case and power cost update rate case for PacifiCorp, and in the power cost update case for PGE. We are working through other intervenors' testimony (such as Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities) and the testimony of PUC Staff.


25.07.2006 03:03
It's been a year: Joan Norman
joan norman July 23, 2005 Joan Norman was killed in Southern Oregon in a car accident. I was lucky enough to meet her and talk to her. I was inspired by what she had to say. I miss her. She made me feel like I was part of a community again. We shared a passion for the wild places. I would go there in a minute except I know that that is not what I am to do now. I have to stay with the human community, what's left of if and try to teach peace and resistance.

I would not matter if I went to the forest...the loggers and others would come there and cut it down around me. The warming of the earth from man's pollution will start fires that will come to my place under the trees. My heart would break. It's better to stand in the middle of the war of man and resist. And, help others the best I can.


25.07.2006 02:58
Portland peak oil Task Force First Meeting
The City of Portland's Task Force on Peak Oil will meet for the first time on Tuesday July 25 from 4:30 - 6:30 pm at City Hall's Lovejoy Room. Public comments will be heard during the last fifteen minutes.

The task force was established on May 10th to advise the city on the best ways to mitigate the effects of peaking of global oil production...

Tonight's meeting marks the beginning of a six month process to make recommendations to the City regarding a fundamental shift our collective way of life. More information can be found at  http://portlandpeakoil.org.


24.07.2006 02:39
3 Impeachment Actions in PDX This Week
If you're for impeaching Bush & Cheney, there are three local actions you can take this week to join the national impeachment movement:

Tonight (Monday) from 4:30 - 6 Bring your impeach sign—water/sun blocker/hat— to the corners of 82d & Burnside and join the DemocracyforAmerica bannering team for the evening rush hour. Stay home if your system can't deal with 90+º heat, of course.

This Wednesday morning at 9, come down to City Hall (5th & Main) Wednesday morning at 9:30 to show support for Randal S. Davis, who'll urge the City Council to pass a resolution to impeach.


24.07.2006 02:37
palestine journal: july 21
it's the continual process of turning human beings into names into numbers, in the ongoing compilation of statistics that add up to hundreds.....hundreds of human beings, each one of them with their own lives, stories and struggles.....one a seven-year old who just learned to ride a bike, one a grandmother who was almost finished embroidering a pillow for her daughter.....each person, each story, is lost in this barrage of numbers....

the following was written today by nora, an american woman who has been volunteering in a refugee camp in bethlehem:

There will be no statistics in this journal entry because what difference does 10 shredded children in Gaza, or 15 sliced children in Lebanon, or 40 smashed children in Iraq make to the international community anyway? What difference does it make when the twisted and sick US corporate media doesn't even mention their names, or their ages, or their favorite color -- something to put a human face on the mangled mess made by the latest US-manufactured, Israeli-fired missile that destroyed what used to be a nose, a mouth, two eyes, freckles, cheek, or forehead?

August 12 Rally Against Israeli Aggression in Seattle | Appeal From The Left in Lebaonon | Israeli Military Censor Issues Censorship Order to all Media in Israel/Palestine | Hezbollah has forced retreats of Iraeli forces daily | july 20 Palestine Journal -Maghazi refugee camp bombing | july 17 Palestine Journal | http://imemc.org | ElectronicLebanon.net


24.07.2006 02:33
Score one against Corporate Radio: Grant Park bike picnic after report
Radio station Jammin' 95.5 in Portland, Oregon learns, the hard way, that citizen cyclists are not going to accept a mere apology from the nationally syndicated morning show, The Playhouse, for inciting violence from their listeners on July 13, 2006 toward people riding their bicycle on public roads. Local cyclists peacefully create more conflict at a radio station sponsored public picnic in Grant Park, while keeping it fun for the attending families and children.

At the end I am asking for your help in keeping pressure on the station.


22.07.2006 21:53
ELF Alive and Fighting in Ontario - Recent String of Actions Causes Millions in Damage
Anti-'Development' actions are on the rise in Ontario, with four separate actions in three different cities in the past week. These actions, along with the revolutionary land reclamation in Six Nations, and the standoff in Grassy Narrows, among many other things, shows that resistance is alive and strong in the belly of the beast.
  • In Guelph, Ontario, on the weekend of the 25th of June, people acting under the name The Anarchist Fire Brigade claimed responsibility for sabotaging three pieces of construction machinery at a new suburban sprawl site.
  • On Tuesday June 27th, also in Guelph, saboteurs burned down one of the first new homes in a new suburb in another part of the city. The ELF claimed responsibility for the blaze, which caused $200,000 damage.
  • On Friday July 14, in Toronto, saboteurs acting under the ELF banner damaged a dozen construction vehicles working on a series of new condominiums. Damage was estimated by the site supervisor at $2 Million.
  • On Monday July 17 in Brantford, another city in Southwestern Ontario, saboteurs hit two different sites of suburban sprawl, damaging construction equipment.
  • In Guelph again, on July 18, another nearly-finished home in another new suburb was set ablaze, causing $80,000 damage.
  • Following that on Wednesday July 19, three more construction sites in Brantford were hit, in actions claimed by the ELF. The extent of the damage is unknown.


22.07.2006 18:18
Gresham Police Officer Kills One With Car, Walks Away Clean
Once again, we find that the grand jury system (and the District Attorneys that control them) is a total failure, as Gresham cop is cleared of wrongdoing in the killing of a Mexican American Family. Fouad Kaady is only one of many victims of this broken system designed to protect cops from responsibility for their actions.

Just what do you think would be your chances of skating, uncharged, unconvicted, and unrepentant, if you busted a stop sign at better than fifty miles an hour, t-boning a mini van full of an unsuspecting family, and you killed them? Think the DA would have any trouble getting an indictment for at the very least reckless endangerment? You would probably go down for manslaughter.

No lights, no siren, no real CAUSE to be speeding, blowing stop signs, etc. existed. The rookie cop just got overzealous in his attempts to protect the citizens from some alleged speeders in the neighborhood.

related: Stolen Lives: Oregonians Killed by Law Enforcement


Appeal from the left in Lebanon
Call for action against Israel's war on the Palestine and Lebanon The Israeli war machine continues with its war for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and Lebanon. Attacks against civilian targets are continuing, resulting in scores of dead and wounded in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, with the vocal and tacit support of the international community. For the past three days, attacks on Lebanon resulted in the destruction of major civilian roads, cutting off whole areas and hindering relief efforts. Whole families are being trapped under rubble in South Lebanon. The southern suburbs of Beirut, one of the most densely populated and poorest neighborhoods in the country, are currently witnessing intensive bombardment with the majority of civilians trapped due to the bombing of bridges and roads. Just as in Gaza, Israel is attempting to ethnically cleanse a population under the pretext of replying to the legitimate acts of the resistance.

The issue for us is clear. It is the presence of a fascist and racist regime in Israel. U.S. imperialism, its allies and military power in Israel prove that the issue has nothing to do with democracy or freedom. The Israeli regime has indicated that they will not stop. In these days, there is no space for compromise. It is either resistance or collaboration.

socialistworker.org/ | August 12 Rally Against Israeli Aggression in Seattle

palestine journal: july 20 - Maghazi refugee camp bombing

From 1 am to 9:30 am as I write this, the 'summer rains' have been falling, making a flow that has swept away six lives, wounded several others, devastated the camp's transformer, hit a wall of my son's elementary school, and inflicted damage to many homes and buildings.

My fear, as well as my family's, is the same as that of thousands of palestinian refugee families throughout the past six decades starting from 1948, 1956, 1967, and ending with 2006's latest invasion of Maghazi and other refugee camps since june 27th. However, Palestinians in the past century have found safe shelters to which they have fled. It now seems we have only one choice -- staying in our homes under candlelight. This is the story of Palestinian refugees. Now, in the 21st century, I ask Israel -- where else do you want us to go? It seems that you just want us all to die, and no one in the world seems to care.

palestine journal - 21 july | http://imemc.org | ElectronicLebanon.net

Israeli Military Censor Issues Censorship Order to all Media in Israel/Palestine

This is a document that was issued to all media in Israel/Palestine, issued by the Military Censor's office and distributed through the Government Press Office (the office with which all foreign and national media are expected to register before reporting on the Palestine/Israel conflict).
Date: 16.7.06 - Censorship Policy Regarding Fighting in the North
[partial list]

  • The Military Censor will not approve reports on missile hits at IDF bases and/or strategic facilities.
  • Real-time reporting on the exact location of rocket hits must be strictly avoided!

Hezbollah has forced retreats of Iraeli forces daily


22.07.2006 09:29
Clackamas County Officer Threatens Damascus Business Owner with Tazer
Dean and his wife Tara ran the breakfast house on 114th Halsey for years before selling and choosing Damascus as a place to live, run their business and raise their family. Dean's restaurant in Damascus is a restaurant like no other. The food is real food, unlike any other. However, that is not all, it has been a place of friends. The locals are always there, everyone is known by name. The waitresses are like out of a movie, so friendly, not just friendly but real friends to everyone. If you want to know anything about Damascus, you go there in the morning and you will learn everything. My four year old now sits at the counter with the local adults and has discussions with them instead of having to be seated at a table with his younger brother and I.

Two days ago, Dean pulled up to his business to the only entry in the building to unload supplies, now this entry is right off of highway 212. While unloading his perishable foods, a Clackamas County officer drove by, stopped in the center lane, and proceeded to tell him to move his truck. Dean then waived him over as to explain that it is a loading space for the kitchen, but the officer recklessly raced through the highway and almost jumped his car on the curb. He then came out of his car demanding that the truck be moved NOW and told Dean he was getting a ticket. Dean made the mistake of actually trying to talk to a Clackamas County Police Officer. The officer began screaming, pulled out his amazing mighty super duper tazor gun, and pointed it at Dean. Dean never once even approached this officer. The officer then called for back up, and Dean went inside of his restaurant out of fear.


21.07.2006 17:32
Bicycle Picnic in Grant Park
The picnic is a peaceful and fun show of solidarity that the radio stations actions ( see below ) are unforgivable and that we as citizens will no longer allow corporations to profit by exploiting public resources and putting us at risk.

On Saturday July 22nd bicyclist are meeting in Grant Park ( NE 33rd Ave & US Grant Pl from 11:30am to 3:30pm. This is a chance for bicyclist to talk to one another about the violent and threatening comments reported to www.bikeportland.org, the Mercury and the Willamette Week.

The nationally syndicated radio show, The Playhouse, and it's parent station Jammin 95.5 FM, are also holding an event that is open to the public in Grant Park between noon and 3:00pm. Almost all in the bicycling community agrees that the radio station should place the podcast of the morning show of July 13th back on it's Internet site, which they removed citing the sound of a can of "Rockstar energy drink being crushed" on the air is why the archive is not available. Rockstar, is a 100K sponsor of the show ... and for you that do not know Rockstar is owned by Micheal Savage's son.

We could really use a laptop that can get Internet in Grant Park. The reason for this is because we want to have a place where people can file FCC complaints against the radio station on line at out picnic. If any one has this ability please contact me.

More so please feel free to drop by and express your concerns to the bicyclist or the radio station. the organizers of the bicycle picnic are in the process of having out own fun events.



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