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Autonomadic Bookmobile Visits Portland


The Autonomadic Bookmobile visits portland this weekend. Today, sunday, the bookmobile is parked near Reading Frenzy and Powells books, downtown, off of burnside. Come and see a wide variety of radical liturature and zines, from 3pm-6pm, maybe a little earlier and later. The Autonomadic Bookmobile is a travelling "medicine show" of small press and independent publications. It consists of a brightly painted truck stocked with books and zines, touted by seven sideshow performers: Dr. Henceforth Flummox, Okra P. Dingle and a five member orchrestra, which happens to be the world's smallest orchrestra, so small it fits inside a portable stereo. It is a project of two nonprofit arts organizations: the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, a circus and variety troupe which tours nationally, and Autonomedia, a New York book publishing collective.

Last night they performed at the Disjecta, a multimedia exposition space. It was a night of knife hurling, glass dancing, fire eating, self-trepannation, human pincushion, bed o' nails, sword ladder, and many more acts of comic entertainment. Before and after their performance, a local band, Djin Teeth (fangs), entertained the small crowd with exciting music, consisting of acordian, flute, clarinet, violins, drums and a varitey of other things including a oil can and a saw. They will be preforming next at the Alberta street fair. [Read More]

This is What Democracy Looks Like: Citizens Forum in Eugene
From the open publishing newswire: "A group of protestors from Eugene who attended the Bush Protest in Portland held a Citizens Forum to inform the community about the real story behind the outbreak of (police) violence that occurred on August 22 (A22). There were perhaps 50 people (not including the protestors) in attendance.

"As per common practice, the corporate media spun and skewed the story, leaving the public at large with the impression that protestors became unruly and were violent towards the police who were 'just doing their job' of protecting Mr. Bush.

"The event had three primary purposes. One was to set the record straight, to tell the truth about what happened that fateful day when Bush visited Portland. The second intent was for the protestors to share their personal accounts of what they saw, what happened to them, and the feelings that they were left with. And thirdly, the forum was to address the crucial issue of our (diminishing) right to dissent." [ Read more... ]

We the People... In response to provisions of the so called 'Patriot Act' HR 3162, Ashland citizens plan to put a resolution before the City Council establishing Ashland as a 'Civil Liberties Safe Zone' as a number of communities in the Nation are doing.

Inspired by an analysis of the Patriot Act on hippielawyer.com, citizens of Northampton, MA worked with city officials to obtain the City Council's UNANIMOUS approval of a strongly worded Resolution in Defense of the Bill of Rights. A similar resolution was recently passed in Boulder, CO.Many other cities and municipalities throughout the nation have approved , or are considering, similar legislation.

[ Full story ]

9.11 ANNIVERSARY 07.09.2002 09:59
9.11 Events in Ashland, Oregon
From the open publishing newswire: "We are gathering to Honor the Dead, Sustain the Living, and to Stand and Fight for Justice by discussing appropriate responses to real and existing threats to the American public. We will examine group, corporate, and government culpability in world events which are leading to violence and the suppression of human rights and democracy. We will call for an Independent Commission charged with the calm, determined, and open investigation of the facts related to the tragedies of September 11th, 2001.

"These events are a day of music, theatre, sidewalk chalk art, speakers, discussion and silent vigils with a flavor of the 60's 'teach-ins' to examine the 'war on terrorism', homeland security and 'democracy' as promoted by the Bush-Cheney Administration." [ Full schedule ]

GLOBAL SOLIDARITY 07.09.2002 01:30
Portland activists building 100 computers bound for South America; Help needed
From the newswire: Working with old equipment donated by Free Geek, Media and Tech activists in Portland are assembling, testing, and transporting approximately 100 computers to San Francisco. There the computers will be combined with 1-200 others collected from the SF Bay Area, and together shipped down to South America in time for the upcoming anti-FTAA protests.

This is an exciting project which provides needed computers to activists and organizers in countries where computers are not so easy to come by as they are here. The equipment will go to help the people there get their stories out to the world through the internet, and help them organize themselves regionally.

There is a tight timeframe within which to get the computers down to SF and people will be working hard over the next 3-4 days to prepare as many computers as possible. Help is needed to get this project done in time. Some tasks require computer skills, but others do not, so anyone can help out. Donations to cover the costs of transportation down to SF are also needed. [ Read More ]

Notice of Intent to sue filed with the City of Portland -- Witnesses and evidence needed
From the open publishing newswire: "Alan Graf, speaking at a Press Conference held at City Hall on September 5, 2002, announced the intention to sue the City and Police Chief Kroeker. The suit concerns violent actions taken by the police against non violent protesters during the August 22, 2002 demonstration against the fund raising visit of pResident Bush. He is suing in the name of at least 6 people who sustained injuries from unprovoked macing by Portland police, or other officers acting under PPD orders." [ Audio of press conference ]

Excerpts from speech: "Lloyd Marbet, Don Joughin, Corinna Andrews and their children, along with Evelyn Moyo and Sunny Walters and other yet unnamed plaintiffs announce their intent to sue the city of Portland, Mayor Katz and Chief Mark Kroeker for their unprovoked assault and attack on peaceful law abiding protestors who were exercising their First Amendment rights on August 22nd at the Bush protest."

"We will be asking for both monetary damages and injunctive relief. In particular, we will ask the court to order the police to cease and desist from using pepper spray, tear gas and rubber bullets for crowd control—similar, I might add, to what Mark Kroeker concluded over two years ago in his post May Day report."

"We now ask the courts, who have acted as the protectors of the constitution and bill of rights, to fulfill their historical duty and protect our bill of rights and save our struggling democracy." [ Full speech, legal details and photos ]

"[W]e are looking for witnesses and evidence to help us put together our law suit---Our email address is a-22-law@aracnet.com and phone number is 503-772-9989."

[ A22 Bush Protest ]

Public Power in Portland

"If you are served by PGE, congratulations! You pay the highest electric rates in the Pacific Northwest and are helping to pay fat yearly bonuses to corporate America's least deserving executive officers!"

"Every other private utility that signed contracts under the manipulated market is petitioning the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to be allowed to rengotiate them. PGE isn't; because they're part of Enron, that goes against the wishes of those whom control them."

"There's an effort underway to form People's Utility Districts in all the counties served by PGE. See http://www.oppc.net." [ Full Story]

[ Contra another proposal and in favor of a PUD |
An audio file of the Aug.28th press conference of the Oregon Public Power Coalition ]

Eugene: A Week of Dissent Around 9-11
From the open publishing newswire: They use our fear to keep us silent. It's time to speak up and listen to each other:

Organizers are hoping that all events are focused on discussing and sharing. This is not just about soaking up more information. It's about assessing our personal and community situations. It's about learning and listening from one another. It's about moving past our fears toward action.

We need help with: promotion (tell everyone you know. emailing the url of this web post would be a good way to do it) collection of supplies for art and banner making in the park (just start piling it up and bring it. maybe email us to let us know what we might expect) Food and coffee donations. Probaly some other stuff, email us if you want to help.

[ Full schedule of events | Downloadable flyer ]

MEDIA ACTIVISM 06.09.2002 12:58
Reclaim the Media in Seattle! Alt_Media contra the NAB
From the open publishing newswire: "Reclaim the Media" is part of a growing media democracy movement concerned about the private takeover of public broadcasting resources, corporate consolidation and homogenization of media systems, and the deregulatory rollback of public interest accountability.

"Negativland will be in Seattle September 10-15 as part of 'Reclaim The Media', an amazing 5 day festival/event/protest running concurrently with the yearly meeting of the National Association Of Broadcasters in Seattle. Negativland will also do a film/lecture presentation on the evening of September 12th. 'Reclaim the Media' is part of a growing media democracy movement concerned about the private takeover of public broadcasting resources, corporate consolidation and homogenization of media systems, and the deregulatory rollback of public interest accountability."

"For those who are unfamiliar, Negativeland were some of the first electronic musicians in the nonacademic side of music to use sampling with such classics as 'Christianity is Stupid', which is a really amazing song using 50s red scare samples about what communism would be like." [ Full Story ]

[ Surround the NAB in Seattle | Reclaim The Media ]

GENDER AND VIOLENCE 06.09.2002 12:44
The Problem of Male Obedience
This is the sixth in a series of essays concerned with male domination by "Emma Goldwoman": "Today, theoretically, we all have the dubious privilege of voting, and we can often vote for either a man or a woman, but the enforcement of the laws is still based on men obeying orders from other men. The police force is 90% male. In Portland's recent demonstration against Bush how many riot cops were female? I would say around 1%. Those cops who shot (with rubber bullets), sprayed (with pepper spray) and beat (with billy clubs) legally protesting citizens were men simply obeying orders.

"In Portland the mayor is a woman, of course, which does not in the least affect these facts. Perhaps she gave the order, but the order was enforced because men obeyed. And let's not forget that 80% of big city mayors are men and the corporate leaders that more or less select our leaders are, over 95% of the time, men.

"Why this fact of extreme male obedience? Why are men willing to kill and to maim simply because they are ordered to do so?" [ Full essay ]

Previous essays in the series: [ Part 1: A Modest Proposal Concerning Masculism | Part 2: Ten Thousand Years is Enough | Part 3: The Movement For Male Restraint | Part 4: How To Challenge Violent Male Domination | Part 5: A Statistical Analysis of Violent Male Domination ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 06.09.2002 12:06
Friday Rally Marks 9-11 Anniversary, Calls for No War on Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, September 6, at 5:00 p.m., begins the week marking one year since the September 11 attacks by calling for no war on Iraq. "We're encouraged by the clear dissent both within Bush's cabinet and within Congress," said Chris Roehm of the PPRC, "but the news reports of the US moving tanks and artillery to the Middle East suggest that Bush is intent on a war regardless of international law or public opinion." The Independent, a British newspaper, reported today that "[t]he US Navy has booked a giant commercial transporter to take tanks, artillery, ammunition and back-up vehicles to the region," and that "[m]ilitary analysts said it showed the US Navy had probably exhausted the capacity of its own fleet and resorted to the open market." [ Read more ]

Films made by Arab and Jewish teenagers in Jerusalem to be shown this Saturday
From the open publishing newswire: On Saturday, September 7th, Orly Yadin will be presenting a selection of films made by Arab and Jewish teenagers in Jerusalem. All have participated in video workshops over the past three years, focusing their collaborative filmmaking on the complex subject of identity. She notes, "This is a very interesting attempt to bring together kids who would otherwise never have met and to get them to get to know each other as human beings through the medium of film."

This is the Portland premiere of these films. Don't miss this unique opportunity to view the collaborative film-making of young Palestinians and Israelis. [ Read more ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 06.09.2002 12:03
"Christian Gunther for Portland City Council!"
From the newswire: "We here in Portland have a very important choice to make in the coming days. Christian Gunther is the only City Council Candidate who marched, and spoke, at the Aug 22 rally; the only City Council Candidate speaking loud and clear abainst the police actions of late; the ONLY City Council candidate with a detailed, credible ARTS platform; he supports the establishment of a People's Utility District - he's against the introduction of BioScience Industries-- wants to increase incentives for bicycling..." [ Read More ]

Another poster wrote: "Christian Gunther is the only candidate who seems to understand the pulse of progressive communties. He has been endorsed by the Green party. I talked to him personally. He is approachable. I did not agree with everything he said, but he actually listened to my concerns and seems to be a person who understands representative democracy. He has consistently lived his life in a progressive way. He is able communicate effectively and stand up and speak in a forceable way when there is injustice (i.e. he spoke out about police brutality after the Bush protests)." [ Read More ]

[ Christian Gunther Website ]

Mike D arrested at Borg Timber Sale; Arraignment Friday the 6th
From the open publishing newswire: "Mike D was arrested on Wednesday September 4th around 4:30am at the Borg Timber Sale. He arrived on the scene as Independent Media Press, approaching a law enforcement forest service vehicle. The Forest Service vehicle was blocking a white van that had "BUSH IS A TIMBER PUPPET" painted on it with green paint. This white van also had a 16 year old girl locked down underneath the vehicle, with flat tires and boards propping the center of the vehicle up where the young girl was. In front of the van was large branches that also helped block the road. This van was intended to block the log trucks from getting to the Borg Timber Sale to cut. As Mike continued to approach the scene, Lawrence (a forest service/law enforcement officer) shined the flashlight at Mike and then started to run towards him, not even saying anything. He arrested Mike D for propable cause, and after several hours of having him sit in the freddy's vehicle, Mike was then taken to Clackamous County Jail and is being charged with 2 felonies that was previously from the Solo Timber Auction. He has an arraignment on Friday, September 6th at 3:oopm,located at the Washington County Law Enforcment Center (the larger new jail) on 215 SW Adams Av. in Hillsboro, Oregon. Max line runs right next to it. There will be Carpools meeting at the Daily Grind at 1:30pm. Please come show your support!" [ Newswire post ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 05.09.2002 22:46
Community leaders call on mayor to abandon sweeping 'Sit-Lie' plan
From the newswire: This morning a coalition of Portland organizations and residents called on Mayor Vera Katz to cancel plans for implementing new rules that allow the Portland Police Bureau to arrest and cite people for sitting on city sidewalks. Mayor Katz announced her new effort two weeks ago at a press conference with the Portland Business Alliance, a downtown business group that has long pushed for a "sit-lie" ordinance.

The new rules interpret an existing ordinance to create broad criminal prohibitions on sitting, lying, and some forms of standing on Portland's sidewalks. Under the new rules, it is a crime, punishable by up to a $500 fine and six months in jail, to sit on any sidewalk in the city, at any time, in any manner.

The coalition opposed to the Katz plan includes religious leaders from various faiths, non-profit agencies that provide social services, legal advocacy groups, and numerous homeless and formerly homeless individuals. [ Read More ]

LABOR 05.09.2002 22:36
Bi-monthly 'Boycott the Bell' protest this Saturday
From the newswire: This Saturday join CBLOC and other local labor, student, farmworker, social justice, and community activists at our bi-monthly picket of Taco Bell. The picket will be at the corner of Powell and Foster in South East Portland. Bring your voice, bring your friends, and come ready to stand up for justice in the fields. Portlanders have been demanding justice from Taco Bell regularly since January, and with each protest more and more people turn away, choosing not to cross the picket lines.

The bi-monthly pickets are part of a nationwide campaign to support farm workers. Tomato workers in South Florida work for the Six L's corporation which supplies most of the tomatoes used by the chain of pseudo Mexican restaurants (Taco Bell). Workers at Six L's haven't had a raise in the piece rate they work under since 1978. To earn $50 they must pick and carry two tons of tomatoes in a day. [ Read More ]

Boycott The Bell - SE Foster and Powell - Saturday, Sept. 7, 12:30 - 2:00 pm

[ Boycott the Bell HQ | Coalition of Immokalee Workers | CBLOC | Previous Taco Bell Protests: July 20 | August 3 | August 18 ]

CIVIL RIGHTS 05.09.2002 13:15
Community Action against Police Brutality, Sept. 12th
"The Police Accountability Campaign is urging members and supporters to voice concerns and demands at the Public Forum on Citizen-Police Interaction, hosted by the Civilian Review Committee of the Independent Police Review Division."

"We anticipate a large turnout so please arrive at 6PM at the Kaiser Permanente Conference Center, 3704 N Interstate, on Thursday, September 12. We'll be on hand at 6 to hand out information."

[ Full Story ]

Downloadable flyer for event: [ ILWU Local 5'er Post and Flyer ]

INDEPENDENT MEDIA 05.09.2002 09:40
A22 Video Project Underway
From the newswire: "Currently, a group of local folks have been gathering in order to make a documentary of the A22 Bush Protest. Our aim is to tell the story you don't get from the corporate media as well as to show the importance and rewards of dissent. We hope to collect unedited audio or video footage from the Portland protest, and any protest that followed the Bush tour, such as the ones in California or in Houston(at Bush's ranch). We're also looking for footage of the corporate media's coverage of the protests, and any recording of Goerge Dubya's speech in Portland." [ Read More ]

"Please send any related info to pdx-video@lists.riseup.net."

10 Minute A22 Video
56k: [ Streaming | Download ] Broadband: [ Streaming | Download ]

Statement from the Earth Liberation Front Press Office
From the open publishing newswire: "Over the past several months, it has come to our attention that people are unclear about whether the Earth Liberation Front Press Office is still being attended to, and what support the ELFPO is continuing to give in the absence of having an indentifiable spokesperson."

"Further, the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office wishes to restate it's commitment to supporting actions that fall within the guidelines as stated in ELF materials and on the website, which are:

  • To inflict economic damage on those profitting from the destruction and exploitation of the natural environment.
  • To reveal and educate the public on the atrocities committed against the earth and all species that populate it.
  • To take all necessary precautions against harming any animal, human and non-human.

"The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office is a legal, above-ground news service dedicated to exposing the political and social motives behind the covert direct actions of the underground Earth Liberation Front." [ Read More ]

[ Recent newswire article: ELF Torches United States Forest Service Northeast Research Station | Earth Liberation Front Website ]

CITIZEN EDUCATION 05.09.2002 08:36
Who can vote in the state of Oregon?
From the newswire: There are two upcoming elections that will affect Oregon sustainable community in profound ways. The first election on September 17th will ask us to fund schools and choose a Portland City Councilperson. The Second election on November 5th will ask us to pass progressive, revoluntionary measures and choose a State Sentator (among other things). [ Read More ]

Who can vote in the state of Oregon
From the newswire: O.K. I just wanted to know "who can vote in the State of Oregon". It was not easy to find the details...of "who can vote". I wanted basics...I wanted it to be easy to understand, and I wanted to know about voter disenfranchisement in Oregon. I mean, can people who are in prisons vote? What about people who are paroled or on probation? Can homeless people vote?

I ask these questions because I have been working to help pass Measure 23 - the Health care for all Oregon measure and was amazed at how many people told me they could not sign a petition or get involved in the initiative process because they did not think they can vote. And, I could not answer their questions about who can vote.

So, here is what I found after spending much time talking to the Multnomah County Elections office (who could not answer the deeper questions and referred me to the Oregon Secretary of State's office). [ Read More ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 04.09.2002 19:35
Direct Action at Borg Timber Sale: Two arrested in road blockade; Tree-sit erected
From the open publishing newswire: "Activists are once again successfully stopping the logging of native forest at the Borg Timber Sale. After two activists were arrested at a road blockade successfully delaying logging this morning, CFA forest defenders announced the presence of a new tree sit in the Borg sale.

"Following the arrest of a bystander and the woman who was locked down to a van, the road blockade is being deconstructed. The area surrounding the blockade has been declared a crime scene and supporters have been pushed back away from the area.

"'With the new Borg tree-sit, we will continue to non-violently protect the Oak Grove Watershed and resist commercial logging on our public lands,' said CFA volunteer Celia Klain." [ Full story ]

other stories about the day's action: [ Forest Activists Block Logging Road | URGENT!!!!! ROAD INTO BORG TIMBER SALE BLOCKED AGAIN ]

previous action at Borg (Aug 30): [ New Road Blockades at Borg Timber Sale ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance | Borg Photos | info on Borg Timber Sale ]

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