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20.08.2006 02:53
Portland IMC delivers commercial-free web radio and podcasting
PDX Radio button Did you know you can stream Independent Media Center (IMC) radio programs from all over the world on your computer? If you've got a simple media player like xmms, iTunes, or Winamp, Portland IMC Web Radio can be heard 24 hours a day with coverage and programs from independent journalists worldwide.

The dial-up friendly streaming web radio (accessable via the "radio" button on the left side of the front page) features aggregated news and other programming collected from radio.indymedia.org and other sources such as Pittsburgh IMC's Rustbelt Radio news program among others.

Additionally, the Portland IMC radio collective is pleased to announce our integration with Odeo.com an online MP3 host which allows for nearly all of Portland IMC's audio archive to be downloaded (also called podcasting - in reference to the portable "iPod" MP3 player). Odeo's website will allow a listener to susbscribe to their favorites shows via RSS (really simple syndication) which will automatically deliver new programs straight to your iTunes or other music player interface.


19.08.2006 03:18
Psyops against the Bush Regime: Impeachment Flash Mob!

Impeachment flash mob this Monday from 4:30 to 6:30 PM at west(downtown) side of Sellwood Bridge.

True Brew Democracy for America Monday flash mobs are an opportunity for psyops FOR progressives and AGAINST neocons. You can brighten the day of Bush badgered bourgeoisie and blue collar workers! See the smiles, waves and honks from the many kindred spirits who see you holding a sign calling for IMPEACHMENT! See them recognize the spirit of liberty from my Ben Franklin costume.


How to Impeach a President--Olympia Movement || "The Plan for Victory" Impeachment Rally


A Permanent Goodbye to the United States 18.08.2006 03:09
By The Light of a Burning Bridge
It was about a week before I left the United States forever that I watched Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tell Charlie Rose something all of us already know in our hearts. "Today," he said, "the United States is hated around the world far worse than it was at the height of the Vietnam War." I remember the Vietnam War. I will never forget it.

I opposed that war, and I still remember riots on the UCLA campus in May,1970 when four students were shot dead by National Guard troops at Kent State University in Ohio. I was a college student then, and I was 2S-deferred for the draft. A year later I would be re-classified 1A as the nation shifted to a lottery system. At least someone in my country was willing to risk his life in the face of injustice. It gave me hope. That kind of risk-taking was commonplace then, from the civil rights movement to the anti-war movement, to the American Indian Movement. American blood was shed regularly on American soil to resist American tyranny; from Watts, to Detroit, to Selma, to San Francisco to Memphis to Wounded Knee. It fertilized our lives and souls as it touched the ground. The willingness to endure physical suffering, material sacrifice, and jail for the sake of justice was a singular mark of the American character that earned respect as it infected the world.

What is the United States infecting the world with today?


18.08.2006 03:01
Strip Mall Peace Vigil August 19
We are standing up for peace out here in the boon docks! We attract a lot of attention and have a good time every 1st and 3rd Saturday, from 12:00 to 1 pm, corner of McLoughlin (99E) and Oak Grove Blvds, out here in Oak Grove, Oregon. There is a lot of traffic out in the area, and a lot of people see us.

Come join us, and bring a sign if you have one. If not use one of ours. Peace now, no war on Iran! Stop the imperialist war machine! Money for education and healthcare, not bombs! If you can't make it for this Saturday, August 19, put it on your calendar for future events! 1st and 3rd Saturdays, every month.


18.08.2006 02:59
Camp Suzanne
Suzanne and her mother Sara Fort Lewis, WA -- On Thursday, August 17th 2006, The Swift Action Network began "Camp Suzanne" outside Fort Lewis in Washington State, in honor of active duty soldier Spc. Suzanne Swift. The organizers' stated goals are to bring attention to the epidemic of sexual assault in the military, and to show support for Suzanne Swift. They have demanded an honorable discharge and medical care for life for Spc. Swift.

During her deployment in Iraq, Swift was sexually harassed repeatedly by two of her Sergeants there. She was the victim of "command rape," which is rape by a superior officer under the threat of punitive action. The harassment continued even after their return to Fort Lewis. The situation culminated when, within a month of her return, she asked her superior where she should report the next morning, to which her superior, the third perpetrator, responded "In my bed, naked."


17.08.2006 01:26
Iraq War Goes on Trial Tomorrow!
Watada with Combat Vets While countless other US service members have refused to participate in the illegal US invasion of Iraq, 1st Lieutennant Ehren Watada is noted for being the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse to deploy to this shameful US debacle zone.

His first hearing in the legal proceedings surrounding the related charges that he now faces as a result of his principled position on the Iraq war, will take place tomorrow, August 17.

Here is an excerpt from his speech:

"Today, I speak with you about a radical idea. It is one born from the very concept of the American soldier (or service member). It became instrumental in ending the Vietnam War - but it has been long since forgotten. The idea is this: that to stop an illegal and unjust war, the soldiers can choose to stop fighting it."


17.08.2006 00:54
15 august 2006 - palestine journal

to me this picture has come to symbolize the war between israel and lebanon it was taken within the first two days of the war.... way back on july 14th or so, when people were fleeing for their lives from the hundreds of missiles raining down on southern lebanon.... and the people in northern israel were beginning to hunker down in shelters as hezbollah fired rockets in their direction....

the little girl, half-buried in rubble, was in one of the many vehicles of lebanese people fleeing north which were hit by the supposedly 'precision-guided' israeli missiles. her face, covered in dirt, is peaceful. in death, she can have, perhaps, what she never had in life: peace.


palestine journal - August 4

the war drags on........ I didn't realize how war-hungry israelis could be, til this whole thing started..... wherever I look, there is that blood-lust in the eyes of the israelis....... smugly satisfied that their army has killed 50 times more lebanese civilians than hezbollah has killed israelis. and hungry for more. as if all jewish people who have ever been killed throughout history will be avenged if they can just be allowed to wipe out lebanon, once and for all.

(i've been reading a book of testimonies from former israeli soldiers who have served in the occupied palestinian territories, called 'breaking the silence'. here's one testimony, about a 'revenge killing' in the west bank. to me the most striking thing is where the soldier says, "It was... really... I really enjoyed it. It was the first time (in my experience) that we were in an 'advance... storm...' situation, like in our training exercises. And we acted flawlessly. We performed superbly.", while describing a brutal attack on two unarmed, middle-aged Palestinian Authority police.)



17.08.2006 00:51
Condo-mania . . . Are We Helpless?
It seems that every time we turn around, an apartment house or a manufactured home park is being sold for development, displacing hundreds of low-income, disabled and retired people. With the options narrowing, where will we go when every owner sells out?

I have always thought of most of Portland as an affordable city. Until recently, I didn't feel personally threatened by what I have come to think of as Condo-mania and the McMansion explosion because there still seemed to be affordable housing and apartment options in less desirable parts of town . . . even in good neighborhoods in the name of diversity.


17.08.2006 00:49
On Mt Tabor Today
On a few different occassions this summer I have gone past Mt Tabor on 60thAve and seen a group of younger african americans pulling weeds from the bushes on the side of the resevour in Mt Tabor. As they all wore the same shirts I assumed they were part of some local program.

Knowing the demographics of the neigborhood (hell for most of Portland)I felt it safe to say that they were probably not from the neighborhood. So I found myself asking, "why is a group of young african americans being brought into an upscale white neighborhood to pull weeds"?

So today I stopped to ask.


17.08.2006 00:41
Cops are very sensitive

just thought i'd share what i feel was an unecessary abuse of police authority. i work graveyard, and got up to get ready for work at about 10 PM. i started cooking my lunch, then walked down to the mexican restaurant down the street to buy a bag of chips and a coca cola.

at the intersection of 7th and Morrison, i stopped, and looked both ways. the intersection was completely empty. there was not a car anywhere in sight. i crossed the street, and was immediately pulled over by a police officer parked in the lot of jay's garage.


Why Taxpayers Cringe

Recently, I observed a Portland Traffic Copper, on a Portland Motorcycle, in uniform, playing around with a long haired biker (probably a narc) in of all places, beautiful downtown COLTON, Oregon. Now, for those of us who are unfamiliar with Colton, it lies at the very LEAST, twenty two road miles outside of Portland City limits, in the lovely foothills near Estacada (wherever that is).

Since this is not the first time that I have seen Portland equipment being used out in the boondocks, I thought maybe I would query the Mayor's office regarding what the hell possible use the Portland Taxpayers might be receiving for the gasoline and equipment being spent to patrol an area where seldom even a Clackamas County deputy can be seen.



16.08.2006 06:13
Jeff Hogg Denied Release
Today, [August 15] in Eugene, Ore. Jeff Hogg appeared in federal court in front of Judge Michael Hogan to present arguments for his release from jail. Hogg has been jailed since May 18 for civil contempt, for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury. This Grand Jury was empanelled to investigate acts of eco-sabotage in the Northwest. Hogan didn't consider Hogg's case for relief to be sufficiently demonstrated, and therefore Hogg's motion was denied.


Jeff Hogg #1065518
101 W. 5th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401



15.08.2006 23:02
Camp Suzanne - A Call to Action
Enough is enough Sexual assault in the military is intolerable and inexcusable. The military's response of indifference is incomprehensible. The failure of us, as citizens, to hold them accountable for their sex crimes stops now.

Starting Wednesday, August 16th 2006, the Swift Action Network, a Suzanne Swift support group, will pitch up tent outside Fort Lewis in Washington State, where Swift is stationed. The camp will begin at 7pm Wednesday, at Exit 119 on Interstate 5. Our goal is to show solidarity with Suzanne Swift's ongoing plight, and to bring awareness to the epidemic level of sexual assault in the military.


15.08.2006 22:52
Pack City Hall on Wednesday, August 16th, for the vote for a Children's Bill of Rights

On August 16th, 2006, Mayor Tom Potter will introduce "Our Bill of Rights, Children and Youth" and an accompanying resolution to the Portland City Council and they will vote to adopt the Bill. This Bill is written by Children and Youth and for Children and Youth, and covers the rights that thousands of young people identified, including right to education, a voice in decisions concerning them, respect from adults, basic needs, recreation and many more. The endorsement of the Bill by elected public officials is crucial in order to raise awareness for and protect these rights, and would serve as a guide in developing and reviewing city policies if passed. Please join us in asking the City Commissioners to pledge their support to the well-being of children and youth, in both their votes and their actions. We hope to get as many signatures as possible to present a meaningful statement to City Council!


related: [ Children's Bill of Rights (PDF version) | Support the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth | events + activist opportunities for the youngin's ]


15.08.2006 22:43
Support Lt Ehren Watada
There will be a rush hour bannering to support the Lt on the Failing St pedestrian overpass over I5 at 8 am and again at 430 pm Weds, 8/16.

Join Veterans For Peace, Code Pink, Vancouver For Peace and Combatants For Peace (and others)on the Failing St overpass at 8 am and at 430 pm as we raise public awareness of the heroic stand of 1st Lt Ehren Watada against the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Lt has refused to be deployed to Iraq on the grounds that the US military's presence in Iraq violates International and US law. He states that an order to support an illegal act in any way constitutes an illegal order and that as an officer in the US Army he has the duy and obligation to refuse such an order. The Army has charged him with contempt of officials and conduct unbecoming an officer for telling the truth and for doing his sworn duty. Please come out to support him if you at all can!


15.08.2006 02:09
Detained and deported for having an arabic dictionary
A young lady from Greece was coming for the summer to the US to study at a university. She arrived at the JFK airport and was stopped by immigration. They went through her things and discovered the most suspicious of things in her bag. An Arabic dictionary. They asked her why she had it with her. She replied that she has been studying Arabic. They asked her why she is studying Arabic. She said because it was interesting to her.

That answer did not go well with immigration.

After three days of been detained and not allowed to call her parents, a lawyer or anyone for that matter she was deported back to Greece.


15.08.2006 01:53
Federal Infiltration and Repression:
What It Means - What to Do - What Not to Fear

In January 2006, a fifty-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of damaging over a dozen cars and two buildings at an automobile dealership in Newport, Oregon. The buildings were spray painted with the letters "ELF," and two local news stations had received calls claiming the action in the name of the ELF.

However, as reported by the Newport News Times, "Police could not establish any connection between MacMurdo and the ELF organization. It is believed his actions were retaliatory in nature and not any kind of political statement." He was charged with criminal mischief and his bail was set at $32,500, a miniscule amount by eco-terror standards.

What does a guy have to do these days to get charged as an eco-terrorist? Obviously, he has to have the right friends.


15.08.2006 01:44
180 Ways To End War and Sow Peace
  1. Picket BP, Exxon, Shell, Texaco, Arco, Amoco, all of the many residences and newspapers of Rupert Murdoch, and other warmonger broadcasters such as CNN, sometimes the CBC, and the homes of MP's, senators and congressmen and governors and 'justices', the homes and offices of media anchors who are puppets of the Pentagon
  2. Hire message planes to fly over warmonger fundraisers
  3. Organize an interfaith prayer in at draft boards, the many factories of Lockheed whose burning bombs are dropped from Lockheed planes onto Lebanese babies, offices of GE, the offices of war profiteers, the homes of their executives


15.08.2006 01:30
World Trade Center Premieres, 9/11 Truth Movement Responds
Marquee of the Grand Lake Theater, Oakland There was a concerted 9-11 Truth activist response to the premiere of Stone's new film. Civil disobedience was planned in a few states, legal leafletting occurred in others. The mainstream press took some interest in the actions. Theater managers were so supportive of the leafletting in California, that activists were even invited to table in the lobby of one theater which boldly asked "Was 9-11 an Inside Job?" on its marquee.

The film is painful to watch. When Nicholas Cage and Oliver Stone attended a packed pre-release premiere held in San Francisco, a stunned audience failed to even clap at the end, until prodded by the studio sponsors; Cage and Stone disappeared and no one was able to question them. A free premiere in the East Bay drew a scant 80 people. At the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, where I saw it, and was invited to table in the lobby, the audience was pitifully small, and the consensus was that despite all the hype, media coverage and rave reviews, the film would be a box office flop.


14.08.2006 01:33
Monday's impeachment rally
impeach-29 This week's location of the DFA impeachment rally is Vista & SW Jefferson.

If you're for impeaching Bush & Cheney, you can do two things this week:

Come out with your impeach sign and join the merry flash-mob team of the SE DemocracyforAmerica meetup group in their regular Monday afternoon rush-hour demonstration.

This Monday it's on the corners of Vista and SW Jefferson—near the entrance to the Vista tunnel. Time is 4:30-6:30 pm.

Or you can call or email Portland City Council officials to pass the impeachment resolution that's been on the table since May 10.


14.08.2006 01:31
University Park UMC hosts second annual North Portland Pride Festival
Rev. Jeanne Knepper greets the group Excerpt from Rev. Jeanne's Pridefest Sermon:

Some of you may know that I worshipped at St. Paul's United Methodist Church for nearly a decade while I lived in Denver Colorado. While I was there, I got to know Julian Rush, the author of the hymn we just sang. Julian wrote these words in 1985; our small choir may have been the first people to sing them. Did you notice, as we sang the words together, that they seemed very familiar? If you were to take your copy of The Faith We Sing and turn to number 2238, you would find almost the same song, called "In the Midst of New Dimensions."

Well what, you might wonder, would be worth photocopying a song so similar to the one we already have in a hymnal? To answer that, we'd have to examine the words together. First off, you might notice that the original version had six verses, not five.


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