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9.11 ANNIVERSARY 12.09.2002 03:04
9.11 in Ashland, Oregon
From the open publishing newswire: "A warm afternoon of music, guerilla theater, speakers and chalk art on the quad was followed by an evening of presentations by a panel of local activists, with special guest speaker Richard Becker of national ANSWER Coalition. The event was sponsored by SOU student Media Collective, and included programs by the local ANSWER Coalition, Ashland's Peace House, and o2 Collective. A candle-light peace march down main street wrapped up a long day of discussion, introspection , networking, and planning for turbulent times ahead." [ Photos ]

CITIZEN ACTION 12.09.2002 00:04
Benefit for Measure 23 - Healthcare for ALL Oregon
From the newswire: We need the support of Portland activists and the community to be able to win in November. We have made contact with approximately 70,000 Portland area citizens since June by going out on the streets and talking to people about this progressive, revolutionary measure to provide healthcare for every Oregonian.

Now, in the last weeks of the campaign we need to make phone calls and leaflet door-to-door. We need money to make copies of materials and get some media coverage. Please come to the benefit and help us pay for this last big push in the campaign. Tell your friends and come to the benefit for music, dancing, pizza, and campaign stuff.

The Bridgeport Pub, NW 14th and Marshall, Thursday, September 12, 2002, 5:30-9:00 PM

Summary of Measure 23: This ballot initiative ensures access to affordable quality health care for all Oregon residents through a comprehensive plan providing payment for medically necessary health services. [ Read More ]

9.11 ANNIVERSARY 11.09.2002 23:38
Vigil in Eugene: 'A Day of Community for Peace & Justice'
From the open publishing newswire: "A 24-hour vigil to commemorate the one year anniversary of September 11 is happening in Eugene today. About ten people gathered at the Federal Building this morning at 6:00 and dozens have been there all day in a show of solidarity and support. Some have committed to stay through the night up until 6 a.m. tomorrow.

"I met and spoke with many people, spent time with fellow rebel comrades, hung out with the Revolutionary Knitters, enjoyed some yummy vegetarian food provided by Food Not Bombs and had a great afternoon being a part of the vigil." [ Newswire item ]

9.11 ANNIVERSARY 11.09.2002 03:07
From the open publishing newswire: "The spectacular and brazen attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11 shocked the citizens of the United States. Within hours, the Bush Administration, U.S. Intelligence and the corporate media were already naming Osama Bin Ladin as the mastermind behind the attacks. Within just a couple days, a list of alleged suspects was made public by the FBI, and a general outline of how they guess the attacks were carried out was presented.

The list of suspects has since proven to be inaccurate, the official story has numerous holes and glaring inconsistencies, and the FBI itself has admitted, after 8 months of investigation, that it does not have one single piece of hard evidence linking the people they said did it to the planning of the attacks.

The blunt fact is, there is no proof at all that the FBI's alleged suspects, or even Arabs in general actually did carry out the attacks. From the first day, one set of suspects and a theory has been pursued with no success. An honest person would admit that they had made a major mistake by deciding who did it first, and then looking for the evidence to prove the decision correct, rather than openly collecting all the evidence, and looking where it led, no matter where that was.

This of course is assuming that the Bush Administration and the Intelligence community are honestly trying to find out what happened. Given the history of Bush and his Iran/Contra cronies and the track record of the CIA it is not only highly possible that they knew and let the attacks happen, but also that they might have initiated the attacks. There is plenty of evidence of coverup, and no possibility should be ruled out.

With Congress also having a poor record of investigation into governmental crime, it is up to people in this country to lead the way. With the US and other nations using the 911 attacks as an excuse to dominate and kill across the globe, it is the responsibility of the people to set the record straight.

Keeping an open mind to examine all information, wherever it may lead, and courageously pursuing basic investigative questions such as who had motive, who had means, and who benefitted are the means to uncover the truth. [ Newswire post ]

[ portland.indymedia.org/911investigation/ ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 11.09.2002 02:43
Courthouse Vigil for Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye
From the open publishing newswire: "More than 100 Portland-area Muslims poured out onto the streets in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland Tuesday to show vigorous and vocal support of Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye. Sheik Kariye, 40, was arrested on September 8 at the Portland International Airport by members of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force on charges of social security fraud.

"Inside the courthouse, Sheik Kariye was attending a detention hearing in front of U.S. District Court Judge Donald Ashmanskas to determine whether he would be released pending his November 5 trial. Late in the afternoon, the judge determined that although he did not consider Kariye a threat to the community, he would not allow Kariye to remain free until his trial.

"Federal officials claimed that tests on Kairye's luggage revealed the presence of trace amounts of a substance similar to TNT [ corporate news story with independent analysis ]. While the hearing was taking place downtown, Portland police and the FBI conducted a search on Kariye's home in Southeast Portland.

"Following a prayer, Sheik Kariye's supporters chanted '2, 4, 6, 8. US discriminates!' and 'Allahu Akbar! (God is Great!)' as they marched around the block in front of the courthouse. To a person, the faithful attending the hearing and vigil emphasized that Sheik Kariye is a man of peace." [ Full story & Photos ]

Audio Files:
Alaa Abunijem Defends Imam of the Islamic Center of Portland
5 minute audio from the vigil for Sheik Kariye [ Streaming | Download ]

[ related portland indymedia feature (9 June 2002): Countering Western disortions of Islam ]

CITIZEN ACTION 11.09.2002 02:40
Weekly update from the Oregon Public Power Coalition
From the open publishing newswire: "This has been another banner week for OPPC's grassroots signature-gathering effort! And it's only week #2! Thanks to the efforts of some 30-40 different volunteers, close to another 1000 signatures have been collected and more and more petitions are now circulating. Many thanks to everyone who's turning up and getting out.Our total signature count is now approaching 2000 for our first two weeks of work (and fun!).

"And it has been fun; to quote our newest group of Washington County signature gatherers: 'We got a lot of support from all kinds of people and it was quite a bit of fun'....

"Petitions are beginning to circulate more and more widely throughout the tri-county area (Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah), with petitions soon to be ready in Yamhill and Polk/Marion. OPPC's continually updated website at www.oppc.net contains locations where petitions can be picked up and dropped off, a calendar of events where you can help gather signatures and ideas for doing your own local petitioning." [ Read more... ]

[ previous story (9 Aug. 2002): Pacific Green Party leading charge for 'People's Utility District' in Portland | more information: Oregon Public Power Coalition ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 11.09.2002 01:52
Where's Wyden on Fire Rider? Activists put on the pressure for a 'nay' vote
From the open publishing newswire: "Today in the Senate, Senator Wyden (D-OR) opposed Sen. Craig's (R-ID)Fire Salvage Ryder proposal because it suspended environmental laws. Wyden acknowledged that if Craig's proposal passed, that tree-sits would spring up in every state. However, environmentalists wonder what compromises Senator Wyden will make in order to appease fire fears and big timber interest. Wyden has indicated he is willing to compromise, but has not detailed what those compromises might be.

"Senator Wyden is a key player on forest issues in the U.S. Senate, and other Democratic Senators often look to him for direction. On the issue of the Fire Salvage Rider, Wyden has been unclear; and therefore, we must continue to let him hear our demands regarding forest protection. Wyden has repeatedly stated that we need to 'streamline' the judicial process and 'frivilous citizen challenges'. These delays are a direct result of public agencies refusing to comply with environmental laws in the first place. We cannot compromise any of our environmental laws or citizen involvement under the guise of reducing wildfire risks.

"Call Senator Wyden's office and your Representatives and urge them to Stop the New Fire Salvage Rider. (202) 224-3121 Wyden @ (503) 326-7525." [ More info ]

"Protest at Senator Wydens office - Stop the fire salvage rider!"
From the open publishing newswire: "For the second day in a row, a few forest activists stood outside Senator Wyden's office for a couple hours. They held a banner for the car traffic, and handed out literature for the passersby. People stopped to read the flyers, and hear some information about the fire salvage rider. Wyden has been sending mixed signals on the issue, so people were there to inform the public, and pressure Wyden to take a clearer stance." [ Photos ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance | pdx indy forest activism page ]

WASHINGTON DECEIT 11.09.2002 01:47
The culture of theft within the Forest Service
From the open publishing newswire: "I need to report something to my fellow Americans. Something that has bothered me for years. I'm referring to the culture of theft within the Forest Service. Theft by Forest Service employees. I ask you to please read this writing with an open mind, and to understand that while I harbor no ill will toward the decent individuals within the Forest Service, and there are many, I am sickened by the staggering employee theft that takes place within that agency. Let me share with you what I have personally seen of this ongoing situation... Through the years, I have know many Forest Service employees. And I am sad to say, that each of them was a thief." [ Read more... ]

[ pdx indy forest activism page ]

WARTIME ANALYSIS 10.09.2002 11:47
Who profits? Try to think clearly in the Fog of War
From the open publishing newswire: "What treasures would be revealed within the waste of a Middle East suddenly more chaotic? Who would supply the needed weapons for the upcoming battles? Who would secure the world's oil supplies? Would we need more 'security' at home to 'protect' us from the growing evil and uncertainty? Who would profit from that security? Perhaps some more funding will be needed to help pay for the new 'War of the Righteous'? Who would truly profit from the ensuing madness?

"And ultimately what is the possibility we are witnessing, not a destabilized world created from outside, uncontrollable 'evil' forces but a destabilized world created intentionally by those who have always profited from the chaos of that instability?" [ Read more... ]

Legal defense fund set up for Oregonians targeted by Joint Terrorism Task Force
From the open publishing newswire: "In the wake of the trumped-up charges brought against four young Oregonians by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, The Speaking Truth to Power Legal Defense Fund has been established to protect and extend constitutional protections and civil rights by supporting the legal defense of citizens targeted by the JTTF and the thorough investigation of any 'evidence' brought against them.

"As many indy readers already know, the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force has a long and consistant record of spying on and harrasing law-abiding, non-violent citizens working for change through legal channels, we believe these indictments are just one more example of the PJTTF attempting to justify it's unconstitutional existance.

"A benefit is planned for the evening of October 6th at the Medicine Hat Gallery,in Portland Oregon, details to follow. 100% of contributions collected will go directly to the defense of the defendents charged by the PJTTF in the Schoppert Arson." [ Full story ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 09.09.2002 23:00
City Hall Sit-Out to protest Sit/Lie Ordinance
From the open publishing newswire: "Crossroads/Sisters of the Road Café and street roots are inviting the community to protest at City Hall, Wednesday September 18th, at 11:00 am. We are demanding that the Mayor suspend enforcement of the 'sit-lie' law and engage in a public dialogue that includes homeless men and women. Our intention is to surround City Hall and sit on the sidewalk in non-violent protest to the City's increasing criminalization of the homeless and attacks on civil liberties. For more information, call crossroads at 503.228.2543 or street roots at 503.228.5657." [ Read more... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 09.09.2002 14:22
The Truth of Oregon's Fires - In many of Oregon's forests the fires burned as beneficial under-burns
From the open publishing newswire: "In Congress, Jim Hansen, Chair of the House Committee on 'Resources' stated that '6 million acres of forest was destroyed by fires'. This inanely innacurate acreage figure was derived from totaling the perimeter acres from this season's fires across the country. Contrary to this fabricated and intentionally distorted hype, the actual acres burned are much less. Additonally, most of the acres burned in Oregon, burned as beneficial understory fires.

"[On September 1] representatives of the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project flew over 7 fires in Eastern and Central Oregon. We photo and video documented the actual impacts of the burns. The photos you see here are from all 7 fires (actually 8 total as two fires on the Strawberry Wilderness area burned together). The photos clearly show, not fire scorched lands of desolation and destruction, but what actually occurred: a mostly green forest mosaic of small scorched areas combined with primarily beneficial underburns. Our surveys also found that areas of forest which were 'thinned' by commercial logging, as well as areas with huge clear-cut 'fuel-breaks' burned the most severely."

[ Story and Photos: Part 1 | Part 2 ]

Sept 10 City Council Candidates Forum - Gunther urges press to attend
From the open publishing newswire: "Christian Gunther, candidate for Portland City Council, today challenged ALL Portland media to attend this Tuesday's candidates' forum in SE Portland, hosted by Oregon Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

"Noting that this is the last forum before the end of the elections, Gunther said the press has failed to report thoroughly on the substance of the elections. 'So far, Portland's mainstream press has concentrated much of their focus on sound-bites and the campaign funds of four candidates: Serena Cruz, Randy Leonard, J.P. Moss and Nick Fish, posing three of them as "front-runners" merely by virtue of their fundraising efforts' said Gunther.

"'At Tuesday's forum - the last time all the candidates will be together- I will again differentiate myself from the other so-called leaders in this race by articulating my strong opposition to several major policies. I challenge the Portland mainstream media, one last time before the election is over, to serve the public by reporting on the differences in policy among us, which I will pronounce very clearly on Tuesday', said Gunther." [ Full story ]

previous posts: [ Christian Gunther for Portland City Council! | Christian Gunther for City Council ]

[ Christian Gunther 4 City Council website ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 09.09.2002 14:00
Visit to Solo timber sale exposes Forest Service plan to destroy forests for tree plantations
From the open publishing newswire: "Sunday, September 8, 2002, was the monthly Bark Field Trip. A group of about 16 people went up to the Solo timber sale, in the Oark Gove Watershed, which joins the Clackamas River near Ripplebrook Ranger Station, about 25 miles south of Estacada. This destination was chosen because the road leading to the original choice for the day, the Bars sale, logged about a month ago, was closed due to the proximity of the Borg Sale, an active timber sale.

"The Solo sale is one of a group of timber sales, including Slinky and Batwings, designed by the forest service to reduce the entire Oak Grove Watershed of the Clackamas River into one massive tree plantation. This is not opinion, but what the U.S. Forest Service declares is their 'Desired Future Condition' for this area. It seems that all the remaining Old Growth forests stand out against the background of tree plantations as well as past and present clearcuts, and so must be logged in order to create a uniform tree planatation landscape. Again, their Desired Future Condition.

"The purpose and goals of the hike was announced to the group on road 5730, at an overlook which gave a large panorama of past and present clearcuts and tree planations, as far as the eye could see-except for some remaning Old Growth, many of which were current timber sale units.

"This 13 minute audio file is from that briefing.

"At the end of the hike, we all visited the tree sit, which is over 100 feet up in a large Douglas Fir, surrounded by other magnificent trees." [ Newswire story ]

previous stories about Solo: [ August 18: Base camp at Solo tree-sit Evicted | August 6: 'You buy Solo, you buy us!' - Pepper spray, arrests at Solo timber sale auction | July 10: Forest Defenders Take to the Trees at Solo Timber Sale ]

[ Bark | Cascadia Forest Alliance | pdx indy forest activism page | more multimedia of forest activism: philosopherseed.org ]

GLOBAL SOLIDARITY 09.09.2002 02:43
Computers to South America project update; Help still needed
From the open publishing newswire: "Working with old equipment donated by Free Geek, Media and Tech activists in Portland are assembling, testing, and transporting approximately 100 computers to San Francisco. There the computers will be combined with 1-200 others collected from the SF Bay Area, and together shipped down to South America in time for the upcoming anti-FTAA protests. This is an exciting project which provides needed computers to activists and organizers in countries where computers are not so easy to come by as they are here. The equipment will go to help the people there get their stories out to the world through the internet, and help them organize themselves regionally."

"Help is still needed for Monday, and likely Tuesday. . .People will be at Free Geek, 1731 SE 10th, just south of Hawthorne, from 1pm until well into the night, and likely again on Tuesday. Any changes in the schedule will be posted to the newswire. Bring a philips screwdriver if you have it."

"Within a few short days, this large scale project has come together, and this shows the strength of the portland community. Thanks to all the people who are volunteering their time and talent. The effort to assemble the computers is going very well with 35 systems built and with Linux installed and ready to go. Some funds for truck rental are still needed. Additional funds to send one tech person down to help with technical issues. For more info, or to make a donation, call 503-768-5001 or email imc-portland@indymedia.org." [ Full story ]

[ previous story (7 Sept.) | Free Geek ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 08.09.2002 21:09
Daily peace vigils held in Corvallis for over 11 months now
From the open publishing newswire: "They have stood on the street out side the Benton County Courthouse in Corvallis, Oregon since the day Bush and his regime began to bomb Afghanistan. October 7,2001 was the first day of the vigil that still continues to this day. Many of the protesters are affiliated with Alternatives to War, a loose-knit coalition of Corvallis peace activists.

"The participants hold their signs high and walk quietly back and forth in the sun, the rain, the dark or moonlight. At first the peace vigil produced a mixed response from the community: waves, honks, 'the bird,' yells -- even a naked butt or two. Slowly the number of those supporting the vigil has grown...

"The group is most of the time small but still remains posted outside the Benton County courthouse from 5 to 6 p.m. daily to protest the U.S. military response in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. And they'll stay, members say, until the U.S. exercises some common sense in the whole matter." [ Full story ]

Links to Peace Organizations: [ International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) | The National Network to End the War Against Iraq | List of on-going peace vigils across the nation | A list of protests across the globe | The United States continues to engage in nuclear weapons work at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, TN. The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance organizes to stop the bombs ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 08.09.2002 20:59
Police oppression continues in case of Mike D.; Support needed at trial
From the open publishing newswire: "Mike D (a local Portland activist) had an arraignment on Friday, September 6th at Washington County Law Enforcement Center in Hillsboro. About 6 people arrived to support him, and was greeted with Police Harrassment. There was an overabundance of officers, some taking picures and some video taping the six people. The arraignment was moved from 3:oopm back to 1:30pm on purpose, they did no want them there... [T]he officers did not want them to even enter the building, saying that everyone would have to go thru metal detectors, and it would be easier if he just went and got the information that they needed about his next court date...

"Mike D's Court date is Friday the 13th at 3:00pm at the Washington County Courthouse in Hillsboro. People will be meeting at the Daily Grind to carpool at 1:15pm. You can also take the Max right to the court house. Changes might happen because they don't want us to be there, so keep updated. You can call Cascadia Forest Alliance at (503)241-4879. Or keep checking Portland Indymedia.

"We need to form a solidarity and stand up to this Police Oppression." [ Full story ]

9.11 ANNIVERSARY 08.09.2002 20:55
Peace and Justice events announced for Corvallis, Salem, Hood River and the Columbia Gorge
A group of Salem citizens has organized a series of events commemorating the attacks of 9/11/01 under the umbrella theme "A Year Later: Learning from 9/11." The group hopes that Salem community members will take these opportunities to reflect thoughtfully upon what we have learned in the past year as a result of the terrorist attacks. The events include an interfaith service, a peace choir, and a march on the capitol building. [ Full schedule ]

Hood River, Oregon and the Columbia Gorge have planned 9.11 peace and commemoration events for an entire week. These events include an Arab American woman who will share her insights and thoughts on the state of affairs in the post 9/11 USA. Frances Moore Lappé Author of the classic Diet for a Small Planet and Hope's Edge. Poets, peace choirs, vigils are all part of it. [ Full schedule ]

[ Columbia River Fellowship for Peace ]

Corvallis will remember 9/11 with the tolling of a bell at noon, group mediation, group gatherings, and a Peace Forum. This is a partial list because much of the rest of the events are celebration of patrotism and the move toward war. [ Full schedule ]

ALLEGORICAL FICTION 08.09.2002 20:49
A Short Story
From the open publishing newswire: "I hope this never happens. These are just thoughts. Take them or leave them.

"THE people gave their economy everything. They gave their love, their dreams, their waking hours, their sleeping hours, their intelligence, their muscle, their emotions, their religions, their arts, their health, their bodies, the bodies of their plants and animals and insects, their lands and oceans and skies, their fear and hope, their science, their technology. They gave everything. Every last entity was liquidated into money. Every last entity became a product bought and sold. Every last entity, whether tangible or intangible, physical or emotional, political or spiritual, became fuel for the economy.

"AND so, their world began to change." [ Read more... ]

MOVEMENT POLITICS 08.09.2002 20:47
Essays by Emma Goldwoman spark debate over gender
From part 6 of Emma Goldwoman's series of essays concerned with male domination, "The Problem of Male Obedience", posted to the portland indymedia open publishing newswire on Friday, September 6: "Men join violent hierarchical gangs not only because they are terrified of personal responsibility, but also because they are terrified of women. Men know that as long as our society is based upon violent male obedience, women will be forced to be dependent on, and obedient to, men. This is why nothing enrages men more than female independence and disobedience. It threatens the whole system. This is why female disobedience is punished by violent words and violent deeds." [ Read more... ]

Dissenting views:
"Emma Goldwoman, a Wolf in Feminist Wool" —
"This virulent hate-speech is as bad as any neo-Nazi's that I have read. That it is on the 'left' instead of the 'right' makes no difference. Both groups point singularly to one cause to all the world's problems (Jews, men). This is shown clearly with Ms. Goldwoman's statement, '...humanity has been like a battered wife who must return again and again...Men have brought us to this point.'" [ Read more... ]

"10 signs emma is getting under your skin...if you're a woman" — "1. you start looking at men as the enemy; 2. you start lusting for vera katz's job once she gets tossed out; 3. you invite some of your 'anarchist male friends' out to a 'Portland cafĂ©' and start abusing them with your cock-eyed viewpoint, that women are superior and that men are the reason for all of our woes in the world..." [ Read more... ]

"Dismissing Emma Goldwoman: A Formal Refutation" — "An essay formally dismissing the points made by one 'Emma Goldwoman'. Examines the true roots of male domination and adopts a holistic approach including both genders towards an equilibrium-based solution." [ Read more... ]

"Is the pdx imc editorial committee just another Hierarchy ruled by a select few?" — "I have been watching, reading and listening to the responses on the Goldwoman articles. Debates are healthy and necessary. However, what I have noticed and am concerned about is the insistence (by a few who are posting comments), is that those who do not agree with Goldwoman are being branded as 'reactionary', and are 'refusing to engage in this discussion with a deep honesty and willingness'." [ Read more... ]

"EMMA GOLDWOMAN is as bad as ADOLF HITLER ... read the PROOF!" — "Why EMMA GOLDWOMAN should be CENSORED from Portland IMC. This text are EXACT QUOTES from her work published on Portland IMC, but with the word man/male replaced with Jew/Jewish, and woman replaced with Aryan. This is to demonstrate exactly how authoritarian, polarized, and offensive her writing is..." [ Read more... ]

Supporting views:

"Men against the structures of "masculinity" — "You need this self-criticism brothers! The patriarchy has been instilled in us since birth and that is why we are so afraid of confronting it. It has defined our whole life and to dispense with it would mean a totalizing re-evaluation of what we, with the pressure of the practico-inert (society's static inertia), have constructed as our 'selves'. It's scary, but it's liberating." [ Read more... ]

"what is porn RE: males/masculinity" — "The truth is both scientists and the well-educated communities have scientifically known for years women in SOME ways are smarter then men but the stupid white male system of patriarchy that scams us everyday has up until recently successfully blocked much of this knowledge from publication in media and academe." [ Read more... ]

"an observer" writes: "isn't it funny how... Emma Goldwoman is being accused of divisiveness, meanwhile, every time she publishes one article it's immediately followed up by multiple angry articles following the 'women-are-bad' theme?"

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