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18.12.2006 05:12
Last Biscuit report back shows logging loopholes
roadless old-growth forests going from Mikes Gulch sale to Oregon Overseas mill Are Oregon's roadless forests being sent overseas and certified as sustainable forest products by Oregon Overseas? This is a late final reportback on Biscuit roadless logging. Biscuit Logging is mostly done now, although Silver Creek may finish plundering the North Kalmiopsis roadless area this spring, and they may still log the massive live "hazard" trees the Forest Service has rewarded them. They call it an OSHA requirement to take out the biggest and best live old-growth trees along roadways.

The photos show some of the last remaining green forest in the North Fork Indigo watershed being hacked apart by loggers who are outside of actual logging units. Mikes Gulch and Blackberry roadless logging sales [were] exempted under the roadless victory ruling. This afront on our forests is being done under the Biscuit FEIS, the Forest Service maintains that no green trees will be cut but stumps don't lie and the green trees we photographed were still on the ground.

KBOO audio about Biscuit complex misdirectives


17.12.2006 11:00
Administration undermining organic food production
Alert: Stop USDA from Stacking Federal Organic Standards Board with Industry Reps! On December 5, 2006, the USDA announced its new appointments to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). The NOSB essentially advises the USDA on how to interpret and implement federal organic laws that regulate industry. The NOSB also reviews and approves substances for placement on the National List of Approved and Prohibited Substances. In other words, the NOSB has the ability to significantly weaken or strengthen the effectiveness of the national organic standards.

According to federal law, the NOSB is to be made up of a diverse group of experts in the organic field, including a consumer and public interest group representative, an environmentalist, a scientist, and a handler. Despite this clear mandate of diversity, the USDA's new appointments are all industry representatives.

Historically, there has only been one other instance where the USDA has attempted to stack non-industry seats on the NOSB with industry representatives, and the results were an embarrassment for the USDA. One year ago, the agency attempted to put a General Mills representative in the NOSB Public Interest Group Representative seat, which was closely followed by a massive consumer backlash spearheaded by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and the Consumers Union. The protests caused the USDA consumer rep appointee (Katrina Heinze) to resign.



17.12.2006 10:56
Buffalo Field Campaign Update From The Field
buffalo mother's day Dear Buffalo Friends, Less than a mile from the border of Yellowstone National Park, the eighth bull buffalo has been killed in Montana's so-called hunt...Over the past few days, patrols had been keeping an eye on two bull buffalo that were inside Yellowstone National Park slowly making their way west. So long as they remained within the veritable cage of the Park's boundaries, they were safe from gunners. And, after talking with Koelzer's grandson, coupled with this years' absence of "hunters welcome" signs posted on the property, we even thought the buffalo might be okay there. We were wrong.

Early this morning, patrols made their way from Fir Ridge along the Yellowstone boundary trail towards Duck Creek to check up on the bulls. The trail follows the western edge of Gallatin National Forest, a tract of public land less than 1/4 mile wide bordering the Koelzer property. Patrols waited in the cold and waning dark to get a glimpse of the shapes of buffalo. But they didn't find any living buffalo. As the sun began to rise shedding light on the landscape, they saw that buffalo blood had been shed on the Koelzer property. The only thing left of this bull was the blood-stained snow. His shaggy partner left only tracks going back deep into Yellowstone. The shooters must have waited until the last possible legal minute to kill the buffalo, making quick work in the dark last night. A testament to their conscience?



17.12.2006 10:51
McCain Bill Is Lethal Injection For Internet Freedom
This bill exploits fear of sexual predators and basic misunderstanding of Internet to attack blogs (like this one) critical of the warmongering agenda he fronts for.

Republican Senator John McCain has introduced legislation that would fine blogs up to $300,000 for offensive statements, photos and videos posted by visitors on comment boards, effectively nixing the open exchange of ideas on the Internet, providing a lethal injection for unrestrained opinion, and acting as the latest attack tool to chill freedom of speech on the world wide web.

McCain's proposal, called the "Stop the Online Exploitation of Our Children Act," encourages informants to shop website owners to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who then pass the information on to the relevant police authorities.


15.12.2006 17:06
Oregon BLM Breaks the Law Again & Again.
This slice was cut from a fresh 440 year old tree stump? at the Mr. Wilson sale. The Oregon Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which manages 2.6 million acres of public forest lands in western Oregon plans to slaughter Oregon' last ancient forests by eliminating the Northwest Forest Plan and weakening all other environmental safeguards to please their Oregon timber baron masters. These recent court rulings by the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals shows us again and again that the BLM is an out of touch and an out of control federal agency!

In November 2006 the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruled that the Oregon BLM broke the law over not protecting the red tree vole (an arboreal mammal and major food source of the northern spotted owl) in southwest Oregon specifically in the Medford and Roseburg BLM Districts. Most recently in December 2006 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has again ruled against the Medford District BLM when they illegally prepared and sold the Mr. Wilson timber sale back in 2001. (Yet no one gets fined or goes to jail. What a great system for the BLM!) The plaintiffs Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center (KS Wild) and attorneys with Cascadia Resource Advocacy Group (CRAG) have won a belated victory. Sadly, Judge Michael Hogan and Herbert Lumber (of Umpqua Bank fame) gave KS Wild and CRAG a lump of char "coal" and a few thousand ancient forest stumps instead.



15.12.2006 12:35
Important immigration meeting tonight
pcasc Venga a celebrar nuestro trabajo y el Día Internacional del Migrante! Come celebrate our work and International Migrants Day! please come share your support and ideas at a highly anticipated public event.

What Public Event - International Immigrants' Day
When Fri, Dec 15, 2006, from 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Where St Andrew's Church 806 NE Alberta St.

Now is a critical time for a real discussion about immigration and immigration reform. This dialogue has been central on a national and local level in our government and communities over the last six months. However, the discussion needs to reach a deeper level and address several neglected issues. We believe the attack against immigrant rights is part of a broader attack on civil and human rights; one that diverts attention away from the real issues we face as a society. [www.pcasc.net]


15.12.2006 01:09
Schumacher Furs protest reports Dec. 2 and 9 (the "red carpet" makes an appearance)
This week Schumacher rolled a red carpet down the sidewalk, with a shiny chain linking metal posts together, in an apparent attempt to partition off a walkway leading customers to the front door. At 4 feet wide, this set-up took up about half the width of the sidewalk. The problem is, no one really wanted to walk down it (as with nearly everything else the Schumachers have done to engage the protesters their plan backfired, as many passersby probably felt uncomfortable with such ostentation, and likely thought the carpet was reserved for someone else).

But no matter. The shiny gold and bright red are futile attempts at elegance. The truth behind the fur trade is anything but beautiful and refined. Motivated by greed and profit, anything and everything goes in the raising, trapping, and slaughter of the over fifty million animals killed each year for the fur industry. No red carpet or fancy packaging can hide that kind of ugliness. See  http://www.furisdead.com to see videos and read about how animals are brutalized in the fur trade. It's time for Schumacher to rip off the covering, walk the gray pavement like everyone else, and face the reality of their industry.


15.12.2006 01:08
Medical Mishap at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
On 25 Nov 2006, at approximately 7 pm, inmate Kim Zib collapsed in the bathroom area of unit F100 at Coffee Creek Correctional FAcility. Inmate Mikki Judson called out to Correctional Officer (CO) Jemenez to notify her of this medical emergency. CO Jemenez radio'ed for medical and first responders to report to the unit. The following prison officialsn responded (Lt Wall, Sgt Berry, CO Asay, CO Bryant and Nurse Jim Mackie) within four minutes of the call. Inmate Kim Zib was in tears and excruciating pain due to swelling of her liver. She notified the responding prison officials that she has cirrhosis of the liver, that medical officials informed her that her liver is shutting down and that she will most likely die during her incarceration. And that she had just got done puking up blood in the toilet and then got a sharp pain in her liver area, causing her to collapse.

Nurse Jim Mackie asked her if she could get up and into the wheelchair he had brought. Inmate Kim Zib tried, but was hit by another sharp pain that caused her to lay back down on the floor. Nurse Jim Mackie then said, "If you're not going to get up, I'm going to leave you here." He then left the unit as did Lt. Wall and Sgt Bryant.


15.12.2006 01:04
Military Indoctrination In Grade School: Questionable Practice?
Do you find it acceptable for the military to recruit grade school age children? A Navy recruiter came to my child's school to talk to the children. He came in uniform and handed out key chains and bookmarks. I was quite disturbed by this for several reasons. One being that I am pro-humanity or anti-war. Two being I think all grade school aged children are far too young to be exposed to that whole Go-Fight-Win military mentality. Third if someone is going to discuss foreign policy with my child it should be me or the person wanting to offer an opinion about it should get my permission especially within the boundaries of her education. When I voiced my concerns to the principal at my child's school I was treated as if I were a commie sympathizer.


14.12.2006 13:08
Sentencing Dates Set for “Eco-Sabotage” Defendants
Today, in the federal courthouse in Eugene, Oregon, Judge Ann Aiken set sentencing dates for ten individuals who earlier this year pled guilty to charges stemming from the FBI's "Operation Backfire" prosecutions. Despite the fact than none of the defendants in the case were ever charged with the crime of terrorism, federal prosecutors have announced that they will seek terrorism sentence enhancements of up to 20 years (It has never been alleged that any defendant injured another human or animal as a result of their politically motivated acts of sabotage.) Beyond additional time in federal prison, any terrorism enhancement would have potentially Draconian consequences for defendants upon release. Such a finding by the courts may prohibit them from being able to travel outside the U.S., open a bank account, or otherwise successfully reintegrate into society.

"The sentencing provision at issue, entitled 'Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries,' simply does not apply to the facts of this case and is a blatant attempt by the government to label citizens as terrorists for political gain and to manipulate and exploit Americans' concerns after 9/11 - which was a true act of terrorism," stated Lauren Regan, executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. "In a case where only property damage occurs, and where citizens took illegal action to stop environmental destruction and animal suffering within the U.S., this federal law was not meant to apply and is unconstitutionally applied to these defendants."


13.12.2006 02:11
Portland IMC Newsletter for Dec. 12, 2006
Articles included in this issue:

10,000 South Korean Farmers Protest Free Trade Agreement
Schumacher Folds up Portland Fur Shop
Durban, South Africa: Action in Solidarity with Greescare indictees
Fouad Kaady, we still remember you


13.12.2006 02:07
More Public Restrooms, But For How Long?
One of the outcomes of the most recent review of the infamous sit-lie ordinance, is that the city has been persuaded of the need for more public restrooms. This recognition on the part of the city is related to its agreement to decriminalize sitting on the sidewalk, finding approximately $750,000 for the entire program, part of which would go to provide an alternative, in the form of a drop in center of sorts, to this reality of homeless life.

Also in the new provision, is a determination to establish the availability of more public restrooms to counter the glaring lack of these essential facilities for people who have no alternative. In the account I read most recently about this pressing need, doubts were expressed that the restrooms could last long, because it was thought that they would quickly be destroyed by some of the people out there with the worst problems. Seattle's discouraging experience with the auto toilets was mentioned to illustrate this concern.


13.12.2006 01:40
The Cuban Five and US Terrorism
Free the Five! Now is the time to demand the release of the Cuban Five. They were sentenced 5 years ago this month and have been imprisoned unjustly in the U.S. for 8 years for the crime of trying to defend their homeland against terrorist attacks.

December 2006 marks five years since the Cuban Five were sentenced to prison. In 2001, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and René González were unjustly convicted of engaging in "espionage conspiracy" and other charges, and sentenced to terms ranging from 15 years to double-life. In fact, they committed no act of espionage against the United States. What they were doing was monitoring Cuban exile terrorist groups in the USA in an attempt to track and prevent terrorist attacks against Cuba.


13.12.2006 01:39
Citizens' hearing on Iraq In Tacoma, WA
The Citizens' Hearing on the Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq will be held on January 20-21, 2007, in Tacoma, Washington, two weeks before the court martial of Lieutenant Ehren Watada at Fort Lewis. The Citizens' Hearing will function as a tribunal to put the Iraq War on trial, in response to the Army putting Lt. Watada on trial as the first U.S. military officer to refuse deployment to Iraq.


13.12.2006 01:37
Take a stand against proposed big-box development across from Madison HS!

The Save Madison South Committee has just formed as an opposition response to the proposed 240,000 sq ft big-box store on the land located at NE 82nd and Siskiyou (old driving range and landfill that has a current zoning of 60,000 sq ft - the neighborhood does not oppose development of that size). The proposal is for a REGIONAL auto-centric shopping center that will pull traffic from all across northeast Portland and Vancouver, WA to this already congested location. Word is that the permit application will probably be going into the Portland Planning Bureau in the next 30-45 days.


13.12.2006 01:32
The bed bug epidemic

They're back. Deplorable conditions in North America's homeless shelters and tenements have contributed to the exponential increase in the bed bug population. Some advice for the wary follows...

The return of the bedbug to North America is causing some people to call for a return to the use of DDT as an antidote. Because there are some people who might be interested in a non-chemical answer to the bedbug invasion I have decided to post information about my own battle with those loathsome creatures, which are coming to a home or apartment near you sometime soon.


Sleep 'tight' and don't let the bed bugs bite -- In the past two years there has been a resurgence in the number of bed bug infestations in North America. Bed bug city has maps showing the extent of the plague, with the situation being worst with some of the heaviest infestations spreading in the Western Coastal regions of the United States which has a climate the most favorable to year round bed bug travelling (they are killed in winter should they be found outside the warm comfort of a nest in someone's bedroom, which inhibits their ability to travel in some regions of the country). [more]

Experiments with bed bugs -- The attached photo shows my attempt at isolating my bed. My mattress and box spring have been wrapped, trapping inside the colonies of bed bugs dwelling therein. I am using no head board. The bed posts are sitting in stainless steel bowls filled with water and some disinfectant. The bed is surrounded by sticky glue traps made of double sided carpet tape, and there is also a glue trap barrier on the bed posts. I have not yet aquired fresh water Diatomaceous earth, and I am thinking of purchasing a batch of those really sticky glue traps that can trap a mouse. I also have my tent pitched on my living room floor as a backup in case all these precautions fail. [more]


12.12.2006 00:51
Audio from the Green Scare Event in Portland

- A Background on the current "Green Scare"

- Talk by Jeff Hogg, Grand Jury resister, about solidarity, knowing your rights in front of a Grand Jury and the importance of political prisoner letter writing.

- Ester from Eberhardt Press talks about the harsh picture of global warming, the concept of the "tipping point" of irreversible global ecological damage and the government's attempt to silence concern for the environment.


12.12.2006 00:48
palestine journal: 10 dec 2006
sometimes people ask me, or wonder, why I would choose to live in palestine, given the violence and occupation.....why would anyone want to live in a place like that??
they ask....

but i think in such a question there is something missing - the value of the culture of the palestinian people is utterly negated when one equates the whole reality of palestine with the fact of the israeli occupation and ongoing illegal seizure of the land. and in fact, it is a rich, deep and beautiful culture, with a long history and a deep connectedness to this land.


12.12.2006 00:46
Yes, I brought a Pit Bull
Romeo A few days ago, I was walking Romeo along the river. He was happily trotting along in front of me, ears flapping like little wings as he went. For both our sakes, Romeo and I were on a leash, of course. As always. Suddenly, I heard a loud and threatening ruckus coming from the top of a nearby hill. I turned to see a woman with two large, standard poodles walking down a trail toward us. I smiled and waved, and she tried to do the same. But her dogs were lunging wildly, and the trail was slippery, and the woman lost her balance and fell. As she slid down the bank, the dogs pulled loose and came lunging and snarling and barking down at us. She screamed for them, and I shouted "NO!" But they kept coming, all gnashing teeth and wild eyes, and trailing a long, slippery green leash which bound them both together. It was a very frightening moment.


10.12.2006 18:35
Jeff Hogg & the Liberation of Dissent
Jeff Hogg The IWW union hall in North Portland was filled to capacity at the Liberating Dissent Anti-Green Scare event last night as Grand Jury resister Jeff Hogg shared his six month ordeal as a Green Scare political prisoner. [Audio]

Until his release from the Josephine County Jail on November 11 of this year, Jeff found himself caught in the snare of the government war on dissent. His speaking presentation occurred as part of an international call to mark the weekend of December 7 as a display of unity and opposition to government repression. It was on December 7, 2005, that the FBI's "Operation Backfire" began with it's broad sweep of harassment, intimidation and persecution of eco and animal rights activists. The ensuing investigation with Grand Jury subpoenas and arrests has come to be known as the Green Scare.

Targeted because of prior eco-activism and activist associations in the Eugene area including work with the Earth First! Journal, Hogg was served with a subpoena in May of this year to testify before the grand jury in regard to a supposed ELF arson that caused property damage. His experience was one of intimidation from the beginning.

Related Links: greenscare.org | fbiwitchhunt.org
Civil Liberties Defense Center | Oly Civil Liberties Resource

Statement from Jeff "Free" Luers | A Word From Josh Harper


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