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CLASS WAR 15.09.2002 12:31
Attack on Family Owned Business
from the open publishing newswire: Ann's Grocery is a family owned business at 1724 SE Clinton. It has had a variety of owners in the past 50 years. Recently, in March, the store was purchased by a family. Even today the store is well run and is a good place to get your treats without going very far. One neighbor, who is a lawyer, has been complaining about homeless people in the neighborhood. This lawyer thought that if the store nearest to her house didn't sell beer that it would alleviate the problem. It surely didn't because another store is 2 blocks away. With a new owner in the store the OLCC gives the new owner a 3 month temp license. Within those 3 months the neighborhood lawyer took advantage of the temporariness of the license and shut it down. She claimed that homeless people were buying beer at the store and would pee on her lawn. The store owners have a petition to get there license back. The petition is at the store at 1724 SE Clinton. [Read More]

Why Represention at the PJTTF Hearing is Crucial
From the open publishing newswire: On September 19th at 2:00pm the city council will meet to hear the publics' view on renewal of this (thus far) renegade organization. Show up early and sign up to speak your mind! 1221 SW Fourth Ave, Second Floor, City Council Chambers Let 'em know where we stand, Portland! No Compromise in Defense of our Civil Rights!

The Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) is up for renewal and if they had not shown some sort of results over the last year the possibility of the PDX police force continued affiliation with the FBI would slim down considerably. In order to justify their very expensive and still-renegade existence through a mostly uneventful year they have suddenly discovered a "middle Eastern, High-Ranking Terrorist" (Sheik Kariye), and, Holy Cats! possibly the "whole ELF"!! Four real live, uh, social justice activist/student/green party representatives (Forest Activist Indictments). whoa.

The following two segments are taken from previous IndyMedia posts. What they have in common is our illustrious Joint Terrorism Task Force. What they also have in common is timing. For some contrast, I have added some very helpful information from the FBI website, as well as their site address. Personally, I found it just fascinating... [ Read More ]

Past PJTTF Features:
[ Oct. 4, 2001 - Mayor Katz forced to back-pedal: Joint Terrorism Task Force not renewed after all | Oct. 12, 2001 - Portland City Council meeting update | Oct. 17, 2001 - Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force renewed ]

GLOBAL SOLIDARITY 15.09.2002 00:04
Help and money needed for the Computers to Ecuador project
From the open publishing newswire: "Working with old equipment donated by Free Geek, Media and Tech activists in Portland are assembling, testing, and transporting approximately 75 computers to San Francisco. There the computers will be combined with 100-150 others collected from the SF Bay Area, and about 100 from LA and together shipped down to South America in time for the upcoming anti-FTAA protests.

"This is an exciting project which provides needed computers to activists and organizers in countries where computers are not so easy to come by as they are here. The equipment will go to help the people there get their stories out to the world through the internet, and help them organize themselves regionally. These are all machines which most people here consider too old and slow. However, with Linux installed, and an appreciation for how useful even these older machines are, indymedia centers, schools, labor organizers, and social and environmental groups will be able to put to good use what would otherwise become toxic waste in U.S. or foreign landfills."

"Work parties at Free Geek Sunday 1pm - midnight and Monday 1pm - midnight. Computer experience not necessary. Also donations for shipping are urgently needed to get the computers down to San Francisco. A few people went out to the Alberta street fair, and to table at the Parenti talk and were gifted with $150 in donations. $300 are still needed to get all this equipment down to San Francisco. This is not so much money to make this important project happen, so please help out."

Call 503-768-5001 (portland indymedia), Email - imc-portland@indymedia.org

[ Full Details ]

[ Computers for Ecuador are being assembled in Oakland | Stop the FTAA |

PEACE IN ACTION 14.09.2002 23:50
Portland woman spreading Peace
From the open publishing newswire: "A Portland peace activist named Becky is continuing her messages of peace and outreach as she travels across the Nation. I first met her on the 2002 Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage earlier this year. It was a 2,000 mile walk for World Peace and nuclear abolition. Becky brought her enthusiam, her bright spirit, her music and her gift of giving to others on the walk.

"In August she started a journey across the country on her way to another Peace Walk in New York. She stopped at visit a Flamewalker in her travels and he wrote a short story of Becky's adventures. Here it is..."

What is Indymedia?
From the open publishing newswire: "Indymedia, from the very beginning, was organized as a non hierarchial collective, establishing procedures where everyone was invited to participate, and everyone had equal voice in all proceedings. The spirit of Indymedia was based on democratic principles and the equality of all individuals. Great care has been taken to establish an organization where all opinions are honored, but no one individual, or group of individuals within the Collective, could "own" the organization and make decisions for the Collective.

"These Democratic values are relected in the Principles of Unity, a document that all subsequent IMC's must agree to adhere to, if they wish to become an Independent Media Center.

"In essence, this is Indymedia, a Collective of individuals working towards a common goal, respecting each persepetive, and providing opportunity for each opinion to be voiced, acknowledged and integrated into Collective decisions.

"Now, what would you do if conditions arose within one of these organizations that betrayed these egalatarian principles?" [ Read more... ]

Counter-Revolutionary Tendencies in pdx imc edcom
On the same subject, another newswire item reads: "In fact, edcom ["Editorial Committee"] seeks to kill off the pdx imc General Collective altogether, or to render it absolutely powerless. That is why they are not aggressively promoting or advertising the General Collective meetings, or the real issues, except by means of back-channel agitation and lobbying. They revel in the fact that meeting attendance has fallen off drastically, as a direct result of their own subjective and contentious bickering and deliberate avoidance and sabotage of democratic process, for months prior to my involvement (which they now seek to blame on me, for contesting their unprincipled practice)." [ Full article ]

The next meeting of the portland indymedia General Collective is Sunday, September 15, at 6:00 p.m., at Laughing Horse Books (3652 SE Division). Editorial folks meet every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. at the Red and Black (SE Division @ 22nd).

ELECTORAL POLITICS 14.09.2002 11:01
Last chance to vote for Christian Gunther for City Council
From the open publishing newswire: "Portland, today is the last chance to show the establishment that we, the progressive community, have a powerful voice. Vote for Christian Gunther for City Hall. MAIL IN YOUR BALLOTS TODAY. LET PORTLAND CITY HALL, THE POLICE, AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA GET OUR MESSEGE! VOTE TODAY!

"Christian Gunther is by far the candidate that holds progressive policies on social justice (he was AT city hall when the police were sued -- none of the others cared enough to say peep!), the enviornment (he got the endorsement of the Pacific Green Party, supporting a PUD and rececting Bio-Science), and a wide range of other issues...

"Let's show Portland that the progressive, activist community HAS a loud voice and must be heard.

"SEND IN YOUR BALLOTS TODAY and CALL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME. Ballots must be RECEIVED by this Tuesday." [ Newswire post ]

previous posts: [ Christian Gunther for Portland City Council! | Christian Gunther for City Council ]

[ Christian Gunther 4 City Council ]

Police Target Moms and Harrass Supporters at Mike D's Court Date
From the newswire: "Approximately 2 dozen friends and supporters made the long journey out to Washington County to attend Mike D's hearing, including myself and another mom who brought our kids along. After enduring the same harrasment doled out to all Mike's supporters as we made our way though security and into the court room, we were then told that the judge had ordered "no children in the court room" and we were told we would have to wait outside."

"While waiting outside the courtroom I was apprached by an officer who attempted to interogate me on the basis that my son (who has a liver condition) appeared ill, when I stated that I did not have to answer his questions he stated that he was detaining me because my sons appearence indicated he might be malnourished or neglected and indicated that if I refused to answer question I would be put under arrest and my son put in the custody of children's services." [ Read More ]

From another poster: "Its been awhile since I've been to a courthouse... last time was prior to 9/11 and I remember metal detectors but not lockers for bags or making people sip water bottles to make sure it wasn't er explosive BUT I sure as hell don't remember visitors being videotaped!"

One of the sheriff's mentioned that there were already security cameras throughout the building. They're not exactly hidden but their not that obtrusive. Now, having at least three people hovering around a video camera pointed at you on a tripod pointed at you is kinda obtrusive, especially since they were saying no cameras were allowed into the court. Given that there are already cameras in the building for security, what possible reason could there be for this other video taping? Intimidation? Are they making sure to get color video of people who show up so they can sting them at the next action for inciting a riot? Whoops, there go our civil liberties! [ Read More ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 13.09.2002 20:41
Police Harrassment in the Forest
From the open publishing newswire: " The forest-service l.e.o.'s (freddies) have been walking over peoples civil- liberties left & right. Today a car load of 3 people attempting to go out to solo timber-sale was followed for 2 miles & then pulled over after we turned off onto a spur road, the officer (dan blythe) claimed that he had seen us cross over the yellow divider line 11 times (which was B.S. we were trying our hardest to stay legal), when asked why he didn't pull us over sooner, dan stated that there was no room on the main road (a tactic used to isolate us from the public), he then took the liscense of the driver (the person didn't have their proof of registration or insurance on them at the time), dan then proceeded to run the info and came back and said the car (which was being borrowed from a family member) was flagged as "sold" in their computers, the driver said they didn't know what that was about, dan then went back and tried again and came back to say that the car was possibly "stolen" and he was going to need the passengers id..." [ Read more... ]

9.11 ANNIVERSARY 13.09.2002 20:39
Building Global Community: Into The Mystery
From the newswire: "On Wednesday, in the South Park Blocks here in Portland the Portland Peace community remembered the tragedy of September 11, 2002. No flag waving, no patriotic speeches to avenge the deaths of so many innocent Americans, no bravado, no angst, no raised fists.

"What you did hear were members of various spiritual paths speaking about the need for peace in the world, and the need for all citizens of this planet to stand up and demand an end to war, racism, hatred and greed. What you heard were Jews singing for Peace; a member of each of the Ba'hai, Christian, Hindu, Sufi and Muslim faith quoting their ancient texts; a Buddhist chant and dance, energetic and at the same time solomn and emotional. We were all there to be moved, and we were moved, to understand the spiritual, emotional and physical necessity of Peace between all races, all cultures, all nations, and all classes.

"The days events were punctuated with music by Glass Wing, Hunter Paye, Red Emma and Anne Weiss. Mark Mathabane of South Africa spoke at length On Common Humanity, and John Linder, whose brother was murdered by the U.S. backed Contras in the closing decades of the 20th century, spoke on Political Context and Call for Peace Action." [ Read More ]

[ Audio | PhilosopherSeed Website ]

PORTLAND POLICE STATE 13.09.2002 20:35
Call to action, Notes from the Speak-Out against Police Misconduct
From the open publishing newswire: "On 9/12/02 the Civilian Review Committee of the Independent Police Review Division held a public forum on Citizen-Police Interaction. Approximately 50-70 people attended including members of more than 12 activist organizations. This was to be the first of a series of public forums to get public opinion on issues regarding the Police in Portland. 7 out of 9 members [volunteers I might add] of the Civilian Review Committee were in attendance. The issues they presented us with were: whether police ought to identify themselves at stops, whether profanity is justifiable at stops, and whether officers ought to give reasons for stopping someone. Note the specificity of 'stops'. There was a feeling on my part that the Committee is only working on issues within some slim boundary, i.e. police stops rather than the more general categories of brutality, accountability generally, racial profiling city-wide, etc." [ Read more... ]

LIE... Sit... Stand, Public Nuisance Ordinance. Let your voice be heard.
From the open publishing newswire: "Portland City is seeking top 10 gripes about city regulations... but I couldnt find this referenced on their web site, and we only have until monday to send our top ten list into the city mayors office. I found this article in the oregonian thursday sept 12th issue at the bottom of the back page of section D. They are really looking for public opinion eh? Well since they asked lets give em a whammo and get the camping ordinance and the sit stand oirdinance in the top 10, prefferably numbers one and two."

Another person comments: "Add to these the Prostitution Free Zone and the Drug Free Zone. These awful laws mean an ex-prostitute cannot even travel through certain areas, and someone who's been busted can be busted simply for existing, and being in the wrong place." [ Call to action, with further suggestions ]

RECLAIM THE MEDIA 13.09.2002 20:30
In Seattle, Prometheus/Cheap Channel Storm the NAB!
From the newswire: At 9:45 on Friday, September 13th, at the Exhibition Floor of this year's National Association of Broadcasters Convention, activists succesfully formed a marriage between the media democracy movement and the daily activities of corporate broadcasters. The marriage was attended by journalists and attendees of the NAB convention, although the media-democracy brides were escorted out, minutes later, by angry policemen.

Hannah Sassaman, the program coordinator of the Prometheus Radio Project, and Jeff Perlstein, the executive director of the Media Alliance, posed as cheerleaders for Cheap Channel Radio. They walked into the exhibition floor, gathered the attention of the merchants and corporate representatives, and delivered a scathing parody of Clear Channel's business model to corporate executives and salesmen all too familiar with the way the company works. [ Read More ]

[ Cheap Channel Radio | Media Alliance | Prometheus Radio | Seattle IMC ]

Measure 23 and Oregon small businesses
From the open publishing newswire: "I am constantly being told how Measure 23 will hurt small and large business alike and how new business will run from Oregon. The only big business to run will be insurance companies and the middle man for drug companies.

"Having owned only small business all my life, I know that small business is really you and a couple of part time helpers. Your wife works full time for a big company to provide the family with insurance. You can't hire and train help because you cannot offer a living wage and insurance together. You can't expand because you can't get good long term help because you can't afford insurance for them. You can't bid on or seek out bigger and better work because you don't have the employees to do the work.

"I am the first to tell you that not everyone wants to be in business for themselves, however, a lot of people do. Many people are unwilling to try to start a business because of one issue only - Health Coverage." [ Read more... ]

[ Yes on 23 website ]

LABOR SOLIDARITY 13.09.2002 12:13
Jobs with Justice Action Against the West Coast Waterfront Coalition, Saturday at 1:00
From the open publishing newswire: "The ILWU (International Longshore And Warehouse Union) contract with Pacific Maritime Authority expired on July 1st, and the PMA still hasn't made an acceptable proposal - so the workers are still without a contract. Meanwhile, the Bush administration has been threatening to send in the military to take over their jobs to pre-empt any action on the part of the ILWU - they claim that a strike or slow-down would threaten national security. Additionally, large corporations who use the ports most, including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and The Gap, are pushing the federal government to intervene in negotiations.

"This contract fight not only affects the thousands of Longshore Union members up and down the West Coast, but also all other contract struggles coming up - reaching working people everywhere." "Join Jobs with Justice to tell the West Coast Waterfront Coalition and their corporate members NO MORE FEDERAL INTERFERENCE IN PRIVATE LABOR NEGOTIATIONS."

"1:00 pm--sharp! We will head out by 1:15."

[ Announcement ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 13.09.2002 11:15
Portland Tribune should release 'secret' files
From the open publishing newswire: "The Portland Tribune has been trying to make a name for itself lately -- first with the missing girls case (some of the information was just plain wrong) and now with the discovery of investigative files Portland police kept on political activists prior to the early 1980's. The Tribune, however, wants to decide which of these documents the public gets to see. The paper offers those who believe they were named in the documents the opportunity to contact the Tribune for a peek at the information that pertains to them. This method, it claims, will protect privacy rights.

"There is something particularly disingenuous about a newspaper taking on a government agency for clandestine surveillance of private citizens, then casting a veil of secrecy over these important historical documents in the name of privacy (read it, 'secrecy')." [ Read more... ]

PPRC Friday Rally calls for support of local Islamic and Somali Community
The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, September 13, at 5:00 p.m., will call for support of the local Islamic and Somali community in the aftermath of last weekend's arrest of Portland religious leader, Sheikh Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye. A representative from the Somali community will speak at the rally.

"We view this arrest with intense skepticism in light of the FBI's track record of ethnic profiling, their role in past political repression and surveillance, and their demonstrated and ongoing incompetence related to the anthrax attack investigations," said William Seaman of the PPRC. "We must remember how they tried to railroad Wen Ho Lee in Los Almos and the Earth First! activists Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, their illegal wiretaps and surveillance of Martin Luther King and later of CISPES and other human rights activists here in the United States."

PPRC spokespersons also questioned the timing of the arrest last Sunday at the Portland International Airport. "Is it merely coincidence that the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force is up for renewal at the Portland City Council next week?" asked Tom Hastings of the PPRC. Hastings cautioned that there are many more questions than answers at this time, but emphasized the need to support the Somali and Islamic communities. [ Full story ]

[ background: Citizens outraged over arrest of local sheik by Joint Terrorism Task Force (11 Sept.) ]

[ Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (PPRC) ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 13.09.2002 00:44
Meeting the police review commitee...
From the open publishing newswire: "I found out that there was going to be a community meeting with the people that I will need to speak with if I feel I am unjustly treated by the police [ 1 | 2 ]... There were many individuals attending the meeting tonight that believed and more than believed, brought videos and stories that ammounted to a not so pretty picture painted of a police force struggling to maintain a viril presence and look good to their bosses vera katz and mark kroeker, a police force that used to be composed of individuals with bachelor degrees until kroeker became chief and a force that feels the ire and resentment of the community and blames the community ...

"There was also shown an outreaching from the establishment for the purpose of either generating good PR and the image of open mindedness and the ability to effect policy, whereas the reality may not be so ..." [ Full story ]

[ Independent Police Review Division seeks public input on Community-Police Relations (from city website) ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 13.09.2002 00:10
Call for solidarity with politically-targeted activist, Mike D., at Friday court date
From the open publishing newswire: "the powers-that-be are at war on the activist community of portland. the recent grand jury subpoenas and felony-related arrests are baseless and their clear intention is to intimidate effective organizers in our community. the police violence of A22 bush protest and the A30 critical mass revealed the increasing militarization of government tactics. the corporate media repeats lies without qualification. the establishment is trying to scare us and we must not let that happen. we must fight back, with loud dissent, independent media and Truth.

"Mike D.'s courtdate is tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at the Washington County Courthouse. we must all go there and support him. he's one of us. and when they take one of us on, they take all of us on. we must show the powers-that-be that we will not stand for this harrassment. supporters who showed up at his arraignment faced a phalanx of uniforms who attempted through intimidation to keep them out of public places that they were legally allowed to be. expect tomorrow to be even more intense. the more people we can bring out to support Mike the better. especially folks with cameras, video and still. we'll need to post the Truth about what we see 'cause the corporate media will either ignore this story or twist it beyond recognition." [ Read more... ]

Another supporter writes: "Mike D's Court date is Friday the 13th at 2:30pm at the Washington County Courthouse in Hillsboro. People will be meeting at the Daily Grind to carpool at 12:30 pm. You can also take the Max right to the court house. Changes might happen because they don't want us to be there, so keep updated. You can call Cascadia Forest Alliance at (503)241-4879. Or keep checking Portland Indymedia.

"We need to form a solidarity and stand up to this Police Oppression." [ Court Date support details ]

[ Mike D Arrested at Borg Timber Sale (6 Sept.) | POLICE OPPRESSION CONTINUES IN CASE OF MIKE D "SUPPORT NEEDED AT TRIAL" (7 Sept.) | Mike D Solidarity Flyer (10 Sept.) | Who is Mike D? (12 Sept.) | SUPPORT MIKE D: WHEN THEY TAKE ONE OF US ON, THEY TAKE ALL OF US ON (12 Sept.) ]

9.11 ANNIVERSARY 12.09.2002 11:30
Highlights from Portland's 9/11 'Peace in Action' Memorial
From the open publishing newswire: "I attended the 'Peace in Action' memorial services and was pleasantly surprised with the moving and heartfelt program. It was a beautiful location - with trees and shade - and many literature tables set up along the edges of the audience.

"Several hundred people were in attendance and the atmosphere was incredibly hopeful and warm. They had a spiritual program in the beginning that was compromised of representatives of various world religions - B'hai, Muslim, Jewish, Christian. There were prayers and moments of silence that you'd expect at any memorial - but there was also dancing and singing by various members of these religious communities. A very nice touch.

"One of the big surprises was speaker Mark Mathabane. Mathabane is the best-selling author of 'Kaffir Boy'. He gave a wonderful speech titled 'Common Humanity'." [ Read more... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 12.09.2002 03:48
Emergency overnight vigil for forests outside Senator Wyden's office Wednesday night
From the open publishing newswire: "As you may have heard, the Senate is debating whether or not they will vote to suspend or weaken environmental laws in order to speed up logging as a means to prevent forest fires. Senator Ron Wyden plays a critical role in whether our environmental laws will be weakened or compromised away. Although he said last Tuesday that he won't support a complete suspension of environmental laws, he very well could support a 'compromise' with Republican Senator Larry Craig from Idaho which could significantly weaken the laws we use to protect forests from destructive logging. The Senate could vote on this early tomorrow morning, or possibly next Tuesday, if a 'compromise' isn't worked out yet.

"First, we are holding an all night vigil TONIGHT outside his office to let Ron know we're watching how he votes very closely. The vote could occur as soon as 6 am tomorrow morning. We'll be starting the vigil outside his office at 11pm tonight at 700 NE Multnomah St. near Lloyd Center. We will stay outside his office throughout the day tomorrow awaiting news of the vote or its delay. Please join us tonight or anytime tomorrow, the earlier the better.

"If you can't make the vigil, its extremely important to call his office in Washington DC early tomorrow morning at 202-224-5244, and his office locally as well at 503-326-7525." [ Story and Photos ]

Related Stories [ Bush's Fire Plan Won't Work | Protest at Senator Wydens office - Stop the fire salvage rider! | Where's Wyden on Fire Rider? ]

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