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16.02.2007 16:03
Antarctic Direct Action: Japanese Claims of Injuries are Bogus says Sea Shepherd
antarctic pirates Captain Paul Watson, from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has refuted Japanese claims that two whalers were injured during an engagement between the Sea Shepherd vessel 'Robert Hunter' and the 'Nisshin Maru' on Friday. Sea Shepherd activists threw 6 one litre bottles of foul smelling but non-toxic butyric acid to the flensing deck of the 'Nisshin Marun' Whaling Factory Ship.

Before the engagement between the Sea Shepherd vessel 'Robert Hunter' and the 'Nisshin Maru', Sea Shepherd called for the Nisshin Maru to cease all whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary as sanctioned in international law and treaties: "Nisshin Maru, this is Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd vessel Farley Mowat. Please be advised that you are killing whales in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary. You are targeting endangered species of whales in violation of international conservation law. You are killing whales in violation of the IWC global moratorium on commercial whaling. Please cease and desist your illegal whaling operations and leave the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary. We are acting in accordance with the principles of the United Nations World Charter for Nature. The Charter authorizes non-governmental organizations and individuals to uphold international conservation law."

Attempts were made by Sea Shepherd activists on the Robert Hunter and activists in zodiacs from the Farley Mowat to disable the Nisshin Maru. Several attempts were made to foul the propellors of the Nisshin Maru through the use of tow lines, and buoys and netting. Activists also sealed drainpipes from the flensing deck by the placement of steel plates over the drains, thus leading to the backup of blood and liquids from slaughtering the whales on the flensing deck. http://www.seashepherd.org


16.02.2007 00:03
Memories of Camp Quixote
My name is Ray Kavick, anarchist and member of the Olympia Poor People's Union (PPU). This is a short reflection on the first week of an encampment we set up in Downtown Olympia on Thursday, February 1st. We called the encampment Camp Quixote. This piece is not that comprehensive, but gets the basic story out there. My comments DO NOT represent those of the PPU. The PPU is a non-hierarchical group dedicated to improving the lives of the poor and "homeless" in Olympia by whatever means available.

The first tents were awkwardly set up with the people at the campsite looking over their shoulder every once in a while. I felt that many of us were waiting for the police to come immediately. During the planning meetings, it was assumed by nearly everybody that we would be at the site for an hour at most. When the first five tents went up and an hour had passed, none of us were completely sure what to do. But that soon passed, the group got together and we decided to go ahead and put as many tents and as many people on the sight as quickly as possible.


15.02.2007 23:51
Audio File: Press Conference at Sen. Gordon Smiths Office
After several arrests over the last few weeks, including two the day before, Sen. Gordon Smith chose to close his office on Tuesday afternoon, rather than be confronted again by citizens requesting he join in their efforts to Defund the War.

A Press Conference was held outside at 3:00 to inform the media about the reasons they are taking this course of action. The Corporate Media was conspicuously absent, OPB, KBOO and myself being the only media present. There was also no representative from Smiths office present, though after the Press Conference, security personnel went up to the office to inform them that someone could come down and accept whatever written materials were available to pass on to the Senator.

Two women, both who live out of town, traveled to Portland to speak with Smith or his aides about their concerns over the Iraq Occupation. They were denied admittance, and were forced to settle for handing their written concerns over to an aide.


15.02.2007 23:45
Washington County Peace Vigil 2-14-07
Over 50 people attended tonights vigil at 5th and Hall in Beaverton. Comcast community access channel sent a reporter out to film and record various people's comments on the occupation, impeachment and the cabal in the White House.

There will be an Iraq Town Hall next monday, February 19th at: Pacific University, Taylor Auditorium in Marsh Hall (2043 University Way, Forest Grove from 6 to 8 pm. It is time to demand the withdrawl of American soldiers in Iraq. Representatives from David Wu's office should be present. Let our elected officials know that the majority of Oregonians want the miltary out now. Stop the Iran air assault before it starts.


15.02.2007 23:44
Valentine's Day Foie Gras Demos: How Romantic!
victim of force-feeding, choked to death on his own vomit This Valentine's day a group of animal activists gathered outside of three gourmet restaurants in the Pearl District, pressuring them to stop serving foie gras - a delicacy of fatty duck liver which requires painful force feedings. All three restaurants were booked solid, but activists still made their presence known. The first protest occured at Hurley's where the owner greeted activists by threatening them with a restraining order. The romantic evening took a more serious turn when three cop cars showed up outside the restaurant with lights flashing. This was probably pretty embarassing for Mr. Hurley. Mr. Hurley claimed to have removed the item from his menu, but was soon outed by the Portland Mercury who said it had reappeared and was served when requested.

The next restaurant visited was Carlyle where activist held graphic photos in the windows so everyone could see what foie gras production does to animals. Employees shut the blinds, but activists still got the message across with chanting and a bullhorn.

The third location was Blue Hour. Demonstrators passed out fliers about foie gras, had friendly conversations with those going in and out, and asked people to tell Blue Hour to take the product off their menu. Some restaurant goers did just that, thanked protesters, and promised never to eat foie gras again.


15.02.2007 23:38
Shooting on Trimet/NE Portland
Feb 13, 2007, NE Portland

Lately, there's been a lot of crazy stuff going on up here in NE Portland. Almost every night, I see tons of cop cars and flashing blue lights, and one night nearly ended up in the middle of a street brawl.

While riding the southbound number 6 bus to Portland this evening, I went past an eerie sight. The Vancouver bound bus was laying idle across the road a bit north of Freemont, with darkened windows on the side of the road. It was still surrounded by police line tape, the flashing blue lights of cop cars, and several Trimet vehicles. According to the driver, there was a fight and a shooting on the bus sometime this evening between 6 and 7pm. By 7:30 there were only a few people still on the scene, but apparently no one was injured.


15.02.2007 21:21
Rally for a Sweatshop Free PDX
Come hear Wal-Mart sweatshop workers from India and Colombia, Oregon's Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner, and a Portland fire fighter speak on why Portland should rid sweatshops from city contracts and become sweatfree now.

Monday, February 19th (President's Day)
In front of City Hall

(1221 SW 4th Ave, between Madison and Jefferson Streets)

Background on the campaign: The goal of the sweatfree campaign is to end taxpayer subsidies of human rights abuses. The City of Portland purchases goods from companies known to have partnered with subcontractors accused of labor rights violations. The Sweatfree Coalition is working to pass a sweatfree ordinance that upholds local and international labor laws and respects the dignity of all workers.

Printable Flyer


15.02.2007 13:45
Federal Court Finds USDA Erred in Approving Genetically Engineered Alfalfa
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Precedent-setting Decision May Block Planting, Sales of Monsanto Alfalfa

Washington, DC (February 14, 2007) ­In what will likely be a precedent-setting ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Charles R. Breyer of the Northern District of California decided in favor of farmers, consumers, and environmentalists who filed a suit calling the USDA's approval of genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa a threat to farmers' livelihoods and a risk to the environment. Judge Breyer ordered that a full Environmental Impact Statement must be carried out on "Roundup Ready" alfalfa, the GE variety developed by Monsanto and Forage Genetics. The decision may prevent this season's sales and planting of Monsanto's GE alfalfa and future submissions of other GE crops for commercial deregulation.

In his ruling, the judge consistently found USDA's arguments unconvincing, without scientific basis, and/or contrary to the law. For example: "... For those farmers who choose to grow non-genetically engineered alfalfa, the possibility that their crops will be infected with the engineered gene is tantamount to the elimination of all alfalfa; they cannot grow their chosen crop."



14.02.2007 16:51
Jeffrey Free Luers Appeal Decision!
Jeff at OSP The Court of Appeals just unanimously ruled that Jeff's case will be reversed and remanded back to the Circuit Court for resentencing as a result of Judge Velure's errors in imposing the original draconian sentence.

The opinion just came out this morning and we are still reviewing it for details, but it looks like Jeff could potentially get about 15 years taken off his 266 month sentence.

We will provide you with more information as it becomes known. The entire opinion is included below for those who are interested. Congratulations to Jeff and his family!



14.02.2007 01:10
Oemig to introduce bill on impeachment in Washington
Washington State Senator Eric Oemig is announcing that he is introducing a joint memorial that calls on Congress to begin investigation of the serious allegations against the President and Vice President.


If a state legislature passes this, according to House Rules, it goes to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives where it can trigger an impeachment investigation. New Mexico is also considering a similar resolution.


14.02.2007 01:08
Smith's Office Locks Out The Public

The "Occupation Project" had a press conference at 3pm, after which Gordon Smith's office locked the general public out, for (they are claiming) the rest of the day.

There were 2 arrests yesterday, of people refusing to leave Smith's office until the war is defunded. On this second day of planned actions at Smith's office, they have responded by locking down the building.

Greg Lief: Locking down the entire building is an extremely drastic move. This demonstrates that Senator Smith is too frightened to answer to constituents (including myself, who was arrested on Monday afternoon), who are merely trying in a peaceful non-violent manner to urge Smith to follow his December 2006 statements condemning the Iraq war with concrete action, e.g., voting to defund the war and withdraw American troops as soon as possible.

Evidently it is one thing for a professional politician such as Smith to make such statements, but his attempts at blocking Iraq debate show where he really stands on this issue.


14.02.2007 01:06
Open Letter to Rep. Wayne Scott
Representative Scott:

As one of your constituents living in the Redland area near Oregon City, I'd like to let you know about an anniversary in my family. Three years ago tomorrow is the day my family received that heart-stopping knock at the door in the wee hours. Three years ago tomorrow my brother called me sobbing to tell me that his son, my 19 year old nephew, was hit by a roadside bomb and died in Iraq. Three years ago tomorrow my family changed forever and there is no going back.

You will never know that kind of pain and I do not wish it on you. I do wish that you could at least try to understand that the war in Iraq has and continues to affect the lives of Oregonians. Not just the 79 killed, but the hundreds maimed, suffering PTSD and those serving extended tours and all their families that suffer with them.


14.02.2007 01:03
Anchors aweigh!
Dear US Navy friends:

I don't have to tell you that you're being set up. You know it in your guts. Sure, the missile-destroyers and aircraft carriers have Phoenix anti-missile systems and reactive depth charge systems, et cetera, and they will certainly hit a few of the barrage of Shkvall-type supercavitating torpedoes and post-Exocet-style missiles that come their way. But that's just the point: they won't stop a barrage, not even from the Iranian's worn-out F-14s and outdated diesel submarines.

You see what is happening. The Fifth fleet is being bottled up in the Persian Gulf, not just as an air launch platform, but as a decoy. A really bloody decoy.


12.02.2007 22:56
PLDN: 2 arrested at Smith's office today

2 people were arrested this evening at Gordon Smith's office. The two were charged with trespass. This was the fourth arrest to have taken place in Smith's office in the past two weeks. The folks arrested are citizens who want Smith to stand up and stop the funding for the war.

They were arrested at 5:15 pm. One was cited and released. One is still in custody and is expected to be released around 11:00pm.


Pres Conference for Civil resist Actions at Sen. Gordon Smith's office

WHAT: The Defund the War Campaign will launch civil disobedience actions Monday, February the 12th, to ask that Senator Gordon Smith agree to defund the Iraq war.

WHY: We ask that [Gordon Smith] listen to his constituents who understand the price we have paid, and that he represent us by agreeing not to vote additional funds to continue this criminal war when the appropriations bill comes before him.

WHERE: Press Conference at the World Trade Center Building, near the bottom of the escalators.

WHEN: 3:00 p.m., Tuesday Feb 13th.

WHO: The Occupation Project is being organized by Defund the War Campaign, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Oregon PeaceWorks, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Peace Action affiliates and many local peace and justice groups.



12.02.2007 04:24
Audio: Appeal from Forest Advocacy Group for Public Comment
The monthly Bark Field Trip for February hiked a portion of the Gordon Creek sale, offered by the Bureau of Land Management, now in its initial scoping phase. During this hike, Amy Harwood of Bark spoke about an upcoming open house, where the pubic will be able to offer comment on some up and coming Forest Service cost cutting measures.

Amy has already posted this alert to Portland Indymedia last week, but I think hearing her words will have more of an impact than the written word. This audio file details the issue at hand which, basically, is the Forest Service wanting to close some of OUR public recreations sites as a cost cutting measure. This is ludicrous, as the Forest Service has been losing money for decades with their timber sale program, and now ask the public to help them decide what recreational sites be cut due to their incompetence or downright collusion with the timber industry.

Audio File, RealPlayer
Audio File, MP3


12.02.2007 04:23
Washington State Senator - putting impeachment on the table!
Senator Eric Oemig Yesterday, State Senator Eric Oemig announced his intention to submit a joint memorial to the Washington State Legislature asking Congress to investigate the serious allegations of abuses of power by the President, Vice President and others in the Bush administration that have weakened the Congress and placed the Bill of Rights in peril.

Speaking at a packed house in Bellevue, Washington on Feburary 10th at an event sponsored by the Eastside Fellowship of Reconciliation, Senator Oemig stated that restoring the Constitution and the balance of powers in the federal government is "a moral imperative." As he a new Senator, he has been advised not to take this on. However, he stated that he does not want to ever have to tell his son that he did nothing to stop democracy from being dismantled. It is not about partisan politics, he said. It is about stopping the abuses at the federal level. At it is most basic, it is simple a case of right and wrong.



12.02.2007 04:22
portland freeskool: call out for teachers and organizers!!
The spring session starts soon and we want to teach you how to organize and run the Freeskool. Currently only 2 people are organizing this project and we are looking for a new group, new ideas, new energy! During the last two years the Portland Freeskool has brought together many great free learning experiences all over Portland. If you want to see this awesome project continue, come be apart of the free education revolution!

Meetings are Tuesdays 6:30 pm at the
Waypost Cafe
3120 N Williams
Portland, OR



11.02.2007 02:39
Stop McSchools in Portland!!

The Portland Public Schools administration is attempting to very quickly push through a change in policy that would mandate for every public school a standardized curriculum using textbooks developed by the big national publishing companies and costing over $4 million...

244 teachers, the great majority of impacted high school teachers, have signed a petition asking the school board to delay the "adoption" and consider it with the care and diligence that such a momentous decision deserves. They will be gathering at the BESC building, public school headquarters, at 601 SE Dixon (just north, across the street, of the Coliseum/Rose Garden complex) at the School Board meeting that starts at 7:00pm [Monday Feb 12th]. But come a little earlier. The Rethinking Schools teachers have asked for our help, and the testimony will be fascinating.


11.02.2007 02:32
Oaxaca: Revolutionary Streetart
Here some impressions of revolutionary street art in Oaxaca.

Because most of the original paintings and graffities were destroyed by police after the uprising, much of the work is now presented in an exhibition in Oaxaca City.


11.02.2007 02:29
Why Removing Bush and Cheney Matters
Many people know that Bush and Cheney engaged in a systematic media campaign to deceive the American people and Congress about the reasons to launch a preemptive war on Iraq. Many others recognize that the President has violated numerous laws by spying on citizens without a warrant, dismissing their rights accorded to them by the Bill of Rights, and promoting torture. Some are also concerned about the President's abuse of power by using unconstitutional "signing statements," in which he signs a bill into law but then states he does not have to obey it. These are impeachable offenses.

It is, therefore, curious that although few argue that Bush is innocent, many are willing to give him and his team the equivalent of a "get out of jail" card. They offer a number of arguments opposing impeachment.


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