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INTELLIGENTSIA 18.09.2002 19:38
Ashland, Oregon's Peace House presents David Barsamian
From the open publishing newswire: " David Barsamian, producer of The Alternative Radio program, progressive journalist, and author, will speak in Ashland on September 24 at 7PM. He will be at Mulkey Auditorium, upstairs in Churchill Hall, at Southern Oregon University. His topic is 'United States of Amnesia: How the Media Construct Memory and Invent History.' The talk is sponsored by Peace House?s America at War Lecture Series, and co-sponsored by Ecology Center of the Siskiyous, S.O.U. Media Collective, Rural Organizing Project, and ANSWER. Admission is free; questions and donations are welcome." [ Details ]

Support Wild Salmon & Clean Energy, Monday Sept. 30th
From the open publishing newswire: "Action Alert: Your Voice Needed for Clean Energy and Wild Salmon! Protect your vision of a future with wild salmon and clean, affordable energy.

"The Bonneville Power Administration will soon sign contracts with utilities and large companies to deliver electricity from 2006 to 2026. These contracts will largely determine the fate of wild salmon and steelhead on the Columbia and Snake Rivers as well as the rates you pay, the quality of our environment and the amount that we invest in renewable energy and energy conservation.

"These contracts offer BPA a tremendous opportunity to do something good for our region by increasing investments in clean energy and restoring wild salmon. Public Interest groups, including Save Our Wild Salmon, the NW Energy Coalition and others, have developed the Public Interest Proposal (outlined below). A strong public voice is needed to support the Public Interest Proposal and ensure that BPA makes decisions that reflect your vision for our region ? wild salmon and clean energy. [ Take Action Today ]!"

Computers for Ecuador depart from Portland
From the open publishing newswire: "After two weeks of hard work, tech and indymedia activists here in Portland completed and sent off 70 machines for the Computers For Ecuador project. The project was started by activists in the San Francisco Bay Area, who have been building computers in Oakland at the same time, with the help of the Alameda County Computer Resource Center. BIG PROPS to Free Geek, here in town, which donated the equipment. MORE PROPS to all the folks who helped with this project, from Free Geek, portland indymedia, and the community, at least two dozen in all, who put in hours and hours of labor, often until the wee hours of the morning. Folks who knew nothing about computer hardware or installing operating systems (like me) learned tons and had a great time doing it. Ever had to deal with 'kernel panic'? I don't want to get into the details, but let me tell you, it's a character-building experience.

The computers are bound for Ecuador, where the FTAA Summit of the Americas is taking place at the end of October and protests are planned. The technology is intended to help empower activists there with media work and community organizing. So when you read news from the anti-corporate globalization demonstrations in Quito next month, you can think to yourself, 'maybe these words were typed on a FreekBox from Portland'!" [ Read more... ]

Before the Middle East, there was the Philippines
From the open publishing newswire: "Since 9/11 the Bush administration has escalated its military presence in the Philippines, with more US troops there than at any time since World War II.

"Ten years ago, the Philippine Senate voted to kick out US military bases. In spite of this, the US has refused to give up its foothold in the Philippines. Right now there are thousands of US troops fighting and training in the Philippines. You may not see it covered on CNN or in the Oregonian, but military intervention in the Philippines has been a linchpin of the Bush administration's worldwide war policy since 9/11 and before. This October a new series of 'war games' (sic) Balikatan 03 will commence and run for 9 months.

"As in the US--where the 'War on Terror' is mainly a war on immigrants and civil liberties--in the Philippines it's working people who suffer the consequences. Thursday, September 19, speakers from Out Now and others will testify both how Filipinos are fighting back and how the movements here in the US can learn from their example. The forum will be 7 PM at PSU Campus Ministries, SW Broadway and Montgomery St." [ Details ]

A comment posted to this article adds: "Highly recommended event. The struggle in the Philipines has been going on for over a hundred years but the people there are not daunted. Now labor organizers are being called 'terrorists' by Colin Powell and the heat is really on. Come find out how you can show solidarity and lend support to the Filipino struggle."

FASCISM WATCH 18.09.2002 02:23
Buying your brain with your money for War
From the open publishing newswire: "George W. Bush and his staff can get any and all media time they want simply by calling up a journalist and saying, 'Hey, want an interview?' But the 'Bullypulpit' has limitations, all the more so given the FACT that the case Bush and Blair have made is flimsy, at best.

"So, what's a 'good' president to do? Slippery Karl Rove and other notorious spin master advisors have apparently decided to buy some insurance. The administration is going to spend $200 million dollars to target emotions (advertising). Reason alone (media debate) simply isn't enough. The Times in the U.K. published a news story about this today, and it appears to be the first media 'trial balloon'...

"When a US administration feels the need to spend what amounts to about 35% of what was spent in all advertising and campaigning in the 2000 presidential elections, you know they're worried about winning your brain. Drawing an analogy to the corrupting influences of the campaign financing system is apropos on more than one count, for the US media greatly benefits during election years. The argument can be made that media corporations have a vested interest in keeping a one dollar, one vote system alive. We now stand at the crossroads where the media and politicians may develop a vested interest in dollars for individual policies, never mind elections. With our money, the magnitude of financing emotion (not reason) campaigns for political ends is here." [ Read more... ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 17.09.2002 19:03
Sit-out around City Hall to protest sit/lie ordinance, Wednesday
From the open publishing newswire: "Crossroads/Sisters of the Road Café and street roots are inviting the community to protest at City Hall, Wednesday September 18th, at 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. We will be gathering at 10:30 at Terry Schrunk Plaza. We are demanding that the Mayor suspend enforcement of the ?sit-lie? law and engage in a public dialogue that includes homeless men and women. Since the Mayor?s announcement of these new enforcement guidelines, members of crossroads have presented there concerns directly to the City Council. Crossroads has also made multiple attempts to contact the Mayor?s office, to set up a meeting with the Mayor to address this issue. At this time the mayor?s office has not returned our calls. Our intention is to surround City Hall and sit on the sidewalk in non-violent protest to the City?s increasing criminalization of the homeless and attacks on civil liberties." [ Read more... ]

INDYMEDIA 17.09.2002 12:19
Objetividad... ser o no ser, esa es la cuestión?
¿Porque habría indymedia de ser objetivo cuando nadie lo es? ¿A quien beneficia eso? Pues en primer lugar a las corporaciones multimedios, que se siguen escudriñando detrás de un discurso de periodismo independiente o de libertad de prensa mientras, como quedo demostrado en Venezuela por ejemplo, no tienen mayores problemas en perder su objetividad de repente y apoyar un golpe de estado públicamente incitando a los venezolanos a salir a la calle desde la pantalla de los televisores.

Si indymedia se trata de un colectivo de periodistas militantes o de activistas con cámaras y grabadoras, entonces pretender ser objetivo no seria mas que una hipocresía, así como los medios venezolanos "militaron" activamente para la caída de Chavez y el triunfo del golpe militar (fallido), indymedia no puede más que aportar a que las luchas que muestra y difunde, se extiendan y triunfen, es decir salir de la figura del periodista que viene desde afuera y cumplir el rol del militante que se involucra en la realidad y la lucha social. [ Lee Mas... ]

Objectivity... To be or not to be, is that the question?
English translation: Why should the independent media strive for objectivity when it is impossible to achieve? Who does this benefit? In the first place, it benefits large corporations who, from behind a smokescreen of support for independent journalism and freedom of the press, continue their scrutiny and prying and, as demonstrated in Venezuela, do not have the slightest qualm at suddenly abandoning any objectivity and supporting a coup by inciting Venezuelans to protest in the streets via televised announcements.

If the independent media is a collective of militant journalists, or of activists with cameras and tape recorders, then seeking to be objective would be hypocritical. Just as the Venezuelan media actively campaigned for Chavez' defeat and the triumph of the failed military coup, the independent media must also contribute to the growth and success of the movements that it reports on. The independent media must abandon the figure of the foreign journalist who arrives to simply cover the story and instead fulfill the role of the militant deeply involved in the reality of society's struggle. [ Read More ]

[ original post | Indymedia Thessaloniki ]

COMMUNITY EDUCATION 17.09.2002 12:02
Michael Parenti Lecture Disappointing
From the open publishing newswire: "With all due respect to Professor Parenti, the peace movement deserves more than an uncritical rant that is short on specifics.

"I went with several friends to last Saturday's lecture by Michael Parenti. I really liked the first 20 minutes in which he eloquently explained the dangers of laissez faire capitalism and how power and greed can corrupt a healthy democracy. Unfortunately, these gains were wiped out when Professor Parenti launched into an incomprehensible apology for the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein.

"Parenti argued that there were only five times when the U.N. weapons inspectors found the government to be in non-compliance (and those five were trivial if not manufactured by spiteful weapons inspectors intent on finding something wrong). His source for this argument? A statement from the Iraqi government's state department! Parenti was so obsessed with portraying Saddam Hussein as the innocent victim of American imperialism that he failed to see the situation critically." [ Read more... ]

Another view: Parenti's presentation "witty, dynamic and educational"
"Saturday evening, September 14, 2002, at Portland State University, Michael Parenti gave another one of his customary witty, dynamic and educational presentations. He immediately launched into his subject by declaring that state leaders are concerned predominatly with the extraction of surplus value from the labor of people. He then defined Democracy as the antithesis of that process, as a popular reaction against surplus expropriation.

"There are two kinds of Capitalism, according to Parenti.The first is Procedural, or Political Capitalism, which has no social or economic content, and is basically, 'the rules of the game.' The second is Substantive, is rule of the people for the people, where the interests of the Demos (people) must get primary consideration." [ Read more... ]

Audio, Part 1 [35 min]

The merits of Parenti's presentation
"There has been some flapping about the merits of Parenti's presentation. Some found little value in it, others found more. Perhaps, as is usually the case when attending an event, what we come away with is somewhat relative to what we bring, or at least to our expectations.

"Ultimately, I believe that many of these judgements concerning the value of his speech miss the point. There were many folks present that were not activists, and perhaps much of what he said served to solidify feelings that were heretofore indistinct and in search of solidification. From the standpoint of seasoned activists, sure, perhaps he could have offered more of this and more of that. One can always find fault with anything.

"But, it seems to me that his words were well received, which means, perhaps, that he struck a chord with the audience, despite the possible negativity of much of his material, and the lack of specific instructions on how to incorporate his words into future actions." [ Read more... ]

Audio, Part 2 [31 min]

[ Michael Parenti website | Audio File: Excerpt From February's Parenti Speech | Michael Parenti Interview on Independent Media | more multimedia at philosopherseed.org ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 17.09.2002 11:07
City Council / State Measures ballots due at 8:00 P.M. today
From the open publishing newswire: "TODAY, Tuesday, Sept., 17 is the LAST DAY TO VOTE in our SPECIAL ELECTION. It includes 2 state ballot measures and a primary election to fill Charlie Hales' seat on the Portland City Council. Ballots must be taken to an official drop-off location by 8:00 p.m. A list of those drop-sites is available via the Multnomah County Elections website."

"Searching Portland Indymedia's archives (using keywords such as 'elections' and 'Portland City Commissioner') found articles on only one of the 16 candidates on the ballot. That is Christian Gunther... In the opinion of this writer, other candidates worthy of consideration include Clifford Walker, Liz Callison, and Jon Myers. Several candidates have websites that can be accessed via links at the City of Portland's online election info."

"Also on the ballot are two statewide measures, both referred to the electorate by the State Legislature during its third Special Session. Ballot Measure 19 would amend the Oregon Constitution to make changes regarding the education endowment fund. Ballot Measure 20 would increase the state cigarette tax to benefit the Oregon Health Plan and other programs." [ Full article ]

Info on candidates, measures, and voting: [ List of ballot drop-sites | City of Portland's online election info | The two statewide measures | Multnomah County Elections Division "site index" | Portland sample ballot [PDF] | City of Portland Elections Home Page ]

Christian Gunther for Portland City Council!
From the open publishing newswire: "Christian Gunther is the only City Council Candidate who marched, and spoke, at the Aug 22 rally; the only City Council Candidate speaking loud and clear abainst the police actions of late; the ONLY City Council candidate with a detailed, credible ARTS platform; he supports the establishment of a People's Utility District - he's against the introduction of BioScience Industries-- wants to increase incentives for bicycling and more... Voting for Christian Gunther would be one of the more important things that Portland acivists, progressives can do..." [ Read more... ]

I'm voting for Cliff Walker, not Christian Gunther
From the open publishing newswire: "It's so disappointing--white liberals are probably split between Christian Gunther and Serena Cruz, labor is backing Randy Leonard, and many African Americans support Cliff Walker. If these groups could unite behind one candidate--or god forbid--an independent political party or platform, some real good stuff might happen at city hall. Instead we get the usual bullshit from former liberals Vera Katz and Eric Sten.

"In looking at the voter's pamphlet, Cliff Walker stands out for me." [ Read more... ]

Candidate endorsements from newswire: [ I'm voting for Cliff Walker, not Christian Gunther | PORTLAND: CHRISTIAN GUNTHER FOR CITY COUNCIL. LAST CHANCE | Christian Gunther for Portland City Council! | Christian Gunther for City Council ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 17.09.2002 01:22
Peaceful vigil broken up by Portland Police

From the open publishing newswire: "Ten peaceful demonstrators were rudely disturbed at 10:45pm by five Portland Police officers who demanded they move from the sidewalk near the building or be arrested. Police officers told demonstrators that they could not sit or lie on the public sidewalk (thanks to the new sit/lie ordinance). Demonstrators decided to not stand in the rain all night, but instead rally people to 1. call Wyden 2. attend the sit/lie protest on Wednesday!!" [ Full story ]

Another participant wrote: "I arrived at 9:30 and about 8-10 people were sitting under the recess of the building out of the way talking. They had one small table and a bunch of sleeping bags. There was absolutely no one else around as this part of town (Wyden's office at 700 NE Multnomah) is dead. About 9:45 a security guard came out and told the group of us who were just sitting there that we had to move out from under the awning and take our protest out into the rain and onto the public sidewalk about 10-20 feet away.

"I should say the Wyden's office is inside a 20 story corporate office tower.

"The leaderless group tried to negotiate with the guard since moving 15' into the rain just seemed punitive and silncing. We were doing nothing more than sitting. The security guard called the police, who arrived 1 by 1 until they numbered 5 police officers. All this for 8-12 non-violent forest activists holding a peaceful vigil at our Senator's office.

"When the police arrived, one of the officers asked what we were protesting about and someone metioned Senator Wyden and one cop ignorantly blurted out "Who is that?". It turned out he was from Washington and sort of proud of the fact he was ignorant and not from here. (But I digress)." [ Full story ]

[ previous feature, with info on the issues ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance | pdx indy forest activism ]

Tuesday Press Conference: Proposed Renewal Of PJTTF Draws Civil Liberties Concerns
From the newswire: A number of community groups are calling for civil liberties safeguards to be added to the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) agreement between the City of Portland and the FBI if the Task Force is to be renewed in its present form. They will hold a news conference today, Tuesday, September 17, [ 1pm ] to express their concerns, and call on City Council to modify Portland's relationship with the FBI's Task Force.

The Council will consider renewing its operating agreement with the FBI at a public hearing this Thursday (September 19th) at 2:00 p.m.

The disclosure last week by the Portland Tribune that in the late 70's and early 80's, Portland Police gathered information in violation of city policies and state law raised the possibility that the Bureau may currently be conducting surveillance of Oregonians not suspected of criminal activity. [ Read More ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 17.09.2002 01:08
9.11 Vigil: Building Bridges of Peace
From the open publishing newswire: "The loss of our civil liberties was one issue being protested during 9.11 vigils, a concern about the impact that Homeland Security and The U.S. Patriot Act will have on our right to be in the 'land of the free'. Dissent against Bush administration policies, especially the pending (or perhaps already happening) war in Iraq was one of the primary concerns of the 9.11 vigil. 'Bush Knew' was also a message a few individuals protested about.

"Some people felt it was inappropriate to protest on a day reserved for mourning. But others felt it paramount to raise our voices in respect for those who lost their lives needlessly.

"Our mourning continues, for the loss of so many things: lives, liberties and liberation. But if we hide behind the false security of a waving flag, and delude ourselves into beLIEving that we are standing united, then we will miss out on the significance of the meaning of the 'terrorist attack'.

"Regardless of what we personally believe happened on 9.11, it is vital that we look at things with open eyes, void of denial. History repeats itself until we are ready and willing to look at the root cause of its creation.

"Did Bush have foreknowledge of 9.11; was he involved? Something that we may never know the answer to, though a few facts are known. It therefore becomes our responsibility to further investigate in search of truth. This is how we honor those who lost their lives on September 11." [ Full story ]

[ portland indymedia special coverage: A Year of Peace and Anti-War | 9.11 Investigation ]

THE LIGHTER SIDE 17.09.2002 00:39
Bush's new Feet Per Gallon Standard
From the open publishing newswire: "It was my honor this past week to be the only Indy unreporter to have been given a frank and farsighted interview with President Bush. The following is a transcript of that short, but telling exchange between myself and the second Bush to plant himself behind 'the big desk' in the oval office. Now, let us adjourn to the White House and the man behind 'the big desk'. And remember, George speaks with a Texas accent, although absolutely none of the siblings he was raised with do.
"Me- Mr. President, I can't tell you what an honor it is to be the first Indy unreporter to have this wonderful opportunity to speak with you.

"The President- Oh hell, Me, I have always said that I am a very accessible President." Read more... ]

The Veggie Car
From the open publishing newswire: "Saturday, at Southeast Uplift Center here in Portland, Capra J'neva gave an all day hands on conversion and lecture on veggie powered automobiles.

"Those who attended were provided with information about: the impact(or lack thereof) of driving veggie fueled cars and running veggie powered generators; networking for supplies of veggie oil and biodiesel; and an overview of creative ideas for a variety of alternative fuels, alternative transportation and urban infrastructure that supports transit, biking, walking, and community.

"Capra talks at length about the need to circumvent the need for automobiles, citing statistics, like the death of 3 billion people due to auto accidents since their invention.

"This audio file is edited from the lecture segment of that presentation." [ Newswire post ]

[ Northwest Environment Watch | Sonic Cinema | Dieselnet | Greasecar.com ]

[ more multimedia at philosopherseed.org ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 16.09.2002 16:28
War and Rents: what is the connection?
From the open publishing newswire: "Where do the resources come from to finance America's most recent war? Who is paying for the war on drugs? ...A significant portion of the funding comes from payments made by ordinary citizens in the form of rent and mortgage payments. These funds are funneled through banks, which invest them in the best growth stocks available. Some of these growth stocks are in industries such as defense/weapons research. Some are in our American prison/industrial complex, while others, such as the auto industry, the medical industry, the petrochemical industry, Coca-Cola, Nike, and other consumer goods industries. What all of these industries and corporations have in common is that they are all dedicated to maintaining control of resources and power within the framework of our current consumerist socio-economic paradigm.

"Does this framework serve the needs and desires of those among us who believe in pacifistic solutions to conflict? Does it affirm the need for equitable distribution of resources for all of humanity? Does it affirm the importance of human relationships over consumerism and exploitation in the name of increased corporate profits that benefit only a few?" [ Read more... ]

The Portland Space Project will meet to answer these questions
"Thursday, Sept 19th, the Red and Black Cafe (22nd and SE Division St) will host another meeting of Portland's Space Project Initiative at 7PM. Organizers hope to discuss the relationship between the administration's use of state sponsored violence in afginistan, the Prison industrial complex, corporate/consumer culture, and the payment of rents and mortgages. More importantly, they hope to share with others projects ideas, and initiatives that offer positive alternatives to renting and owning space, as well as other resources such as autos and other means of transport." [ Details ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 16.09.2002 16:23
Rally & Vigil at Senator Wyden's office: 'Don't Compromise Our Forests or Our Voices!'
From the open publishing newswire: "The Senate postponed the debate and vote on Senator Craig's (R-ID) Lawless Logging Rider and on Senator Bingaman's (D-NM) alternative until Tuesday, September 17. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) is a key player. He has said he won't support the most extreme proposals to suspend environmental laws across millions of acres put forth by Senator Craig. However, Wyden says he supports 'expediting' logging if it calls for 'fuels reduction' and continues to negotiate with Craig. Wyden is dangerously close to supporting a compromise which would weaken environmental laws and allow destructive logging to occur, even if it could worsen fire risk.

"Both proposals (Sen. Craig & Sen. Bingaman's) remain fluid and have not been finalized. Key issues in both proposals include limits on judicial review and injunction relief, waivers on cumulative impacts, and whether funding targed for the 1/2 mile community protection zone should also be allowed to be spent in key watersheds."

Vigil--Monday, September 16, 8:00pm - Tuesday 8:00am at Senator Wyden's office. [ Details ]

Retail Workers: Change the way you think about work
From the Newswire: "A fellow Delegate and I are currently pulling together a meeting of retail workers in Portland to establish an Industrial Organizing Committee, where I.W.W. workers from several local shops can work towards collective gains for this largely unorganized industry."

"The introductory meeting of the I.O.C. 660 will be on Thursday, September 19th, 5:30 p.m., at the I.W.W. Union Hall (616 E. Burnside, on the corner of 6th and Burnside). We would be honored and delighted if you would participate."

"the "revolution" isn't going to happen in the streets, people. We need to organize the places where we work, while simultaneously standing in solidarity with others in their struggles (i.e.: ILWU, JWJ, Janitors for Justice, Transerv bike messengers, Imolakee tomatoe pickers, etc.)"

[ Full Story ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 16.09.2002 00:26
Free zippers!
From the open publishing newswire: "across from the Red & Black just west of SE 22nd and Division, there are whole dumpsters full of perfect, new zippers! violet zippers, olive zippers, navy zippers, white zippers, ecru zippers, maroon zippers, eggplant zippers, dark green zippers, grey zippers. big zippers, small zippers, long zippers, short zippers. zippers with rings, zippers without. WHOLE BOXES OF ZIPPERS! zippers zippers zippers! ... it's a shame to see the hard work of diligent zipper factory workers go to waste. make a skirt out of zippers. make a shirt out of zippers. make a wig out of zippers! form a movement out of zippers! zippers zippers zippers! get them before the trash man cometh!" [ Newswire article ]

related posts: [ Ban the TERRORIST Zipperist Party!! | ZIPPERIST MANIFESTO | Zippers and the UK | Zipper Shortage... ]

MEDIA ACTIVISM 15.09.2002 22:52
IMC network needs a wake up call
From the newswire:"One argument I've continuously made is IndyMedia is two things: network and media. Network is bandwidth e.g. the machines and network connections that run Portland IMC's Web server. Media is everything else, namely content like news postings and Open Publishing. Anybody who says IMC's network and media are the same thing doesn't understand how things work between media and network."

"right now everybody has access to the IMC media like Open Publishing on IMC but nobody except for the "geek elite" has unfettered access to the IMC network on IMC. Shouldn't there be equal access to both the media and network (with safety provisions for the latter)?"

"What we have here is a grass roots movement within a grass roots movement to hold certain people ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for those actions. We are forcing these people to be compliant with a pre-arranged set of rules and standards (not yet established) which by vote can be amended at any time. Those who do not wish to conduct public business in the public domain will be censured. Anarchists who say rules and standards aren't possible are full of themselves."

[ Full Story ]

The Injustice System at work: Mike D. gets 60 days for probation violations
From the newswire: Here's the quick details of what happened to Mike D. at his hearing on Friday, September 13. I attended it with about two dozen other supporters. No cameras were allowed in the courtroom, but I'll tell you that Mike appeared healthy and undaunted, and spoke very well on his own behalf.

The hearing was about alleged probation violations. The violations were in three different areas: 1) community service, 2) staying in contact with his probation officer, and 3) getting a GED/"gainful employment". Mike's lawyer, with help from a Street Roots person who testified on his behalf, proved that he has definitely been putting in enough community service hours at Street Roots. So #1 was thrown out.

Regarding #3, Mike has been trying to negotiate a compromise with his probation officer to attend an alternative trade school rather than get a GED, but that process was still ongoing. He was unable to attend a meeting he had scheduled with her last Friday because he was incarcerated after his arrest at the Borg timber sale shortly before. [ Read more... ]

[ Mike D Arrested at Borg Timber Sale (6 Sept.) | POLICE OPPRESSION CONTINUES IN CASE OF MIKE D "SUPPORT NEEDED AT TRIAL" (7 Sept.) | Mike D Solidarity Flyer (10 Sept.) | Who is Mike D? (12 Sept.) | SUPPORT MIKE D: WHEN THEY TAKE ONE OF US ON, THEY TAKE ALL OF US ON (12 Sept.) | Police Target Moms and Harrass Supporters A Mike D's Court Date (13 Sept.) | Double Plus Goodness at Mike D's Arraignment (13 Sept.) ]

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