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14.03.2007 21:28
Lone Vet Report
I have not been out with my signs for a few Thursdays, there are two main reasons for my absence, and the first is that our family and I have to move to new digs. A few weeks ago our beloved dog Lucky suffered a leg injury and can no longer get up the stairs to our apartment. She is now isolated much of the time in a small area just inside our front door. We live in an old house, which is now two apartments--- one up stairs and other down stairs; Lucky cannot get up the thirteen steps four times a day, so we will move in about a week to a place with no stairs. She is part of our family and we do take care of each other the best we can. The second reason for not being part of the action, I had to go to court for my resistance at Gordon Smith's office. Troy and I were ordered to court on the 26th of February but the DA did not have their paper work in on us so, we had to return on the 12th of March.


14.03.2007 21:27
Inslee Tries to Justify Opposing Impeachment
Wa Rep. Jay Inslee tries to justify his opposition of WA impeachment resolution. He clearly cannot tell the truth and I am not sure he even knows the truth. Here is his letter with my response...

Jay: It concerns me that a resolution to impeach the president, though satisfying, could stunt our progress and have a negative effect on our effort to stop President Bush's multiple errors.

Me: Do not trivialize impeachment. We know how serious this action is. You want to stop Bush on "multiple errors." We want to stop Bush for clear violations of the law, for putting an end to our system of checks and balances and for effectively re-writing the bill of rights. We are not talking about errors. We are talking about abuse of power and law breaking. We don't need to find him guilty on every action or "error", but we do need to name his violations to the Constitution so that we can restore it back to its pre-2001 form. The four we have identified: using fraudulent evidence to get us into war (and he clearly is using the same strategy for Iran -- why not -- no one is stopping him), illegal spying of citizens, arresting and imprisoning people without due process, dismissal of habeas corpus, torture, and the use of Signing Statements declaring he only has to follow the laws he wants to follow -- all seriously damage our Constitution.


14.03.2007 21:24
Death threat rec'd for holding sign, "IMPEACH FOR PEACE"
I was just doing a little morning protesting at the mouth of the Hawthorne Bridge, and when walking to my car, a man saw the above sign and felt he should tell me I was an idiot. I gave him a big, "HAH!! Bush is a LIAR! Read up!!"

His reply...

...as I was already by his car, maybe 15 feet behind, was, "You are endangering the lives of my children, and I WILL KILL YOU!" I yelled back that I had his license plate.


14.03.2007 21:23
Plastic Bags
This morning, as I was leaving for work, I heard a report on the radio that San Francisco is considering a ban on plastic grocery bags because they harm the environment. I thought about it, and decided to count how many plastic bags I could see floating around on my way to work. Here is what I found.

My walk took me from NW Portland to downtown. So it's not a very long walk, and I wasn't checking every nook and cranny, but just counting what I could easily see. I counted more than 20 bags. There were bags pressed against fences, bags in bushes, bags flattened out on the street and glued down with rain water, even bags hanging from branches up in the trees. Yikes!


13.03.2007 15:33
Plan for Tacoma Tuesday Night
Marching Meet at Pierce County Jail at 7pm and then head down to port at 9pm. The computer system is down in the jail and the 5 arrested last night still have not been released. 7 is the earliest the police said they could be released so lets all get down there and have a JAIL RELEASE PARTY! From there we can head down to the port for the 9pm meet up. Bring stuff to make noise. As long as we are on the sidewalk, we can cause any kind of rucus we want to. [read more]

Pigs Gas Protesters Again in Tacoma

Last night, Monday the 12th, over 100 people gathered at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee. Once we got there, we realized we in a really shady spot. The cops were poised to cut us off and there were snipers on the rooftop of a nearby building... When we got back to the intersection, a lot of us started gravitating towards the barricades. Slowly, most of us trickled up to it, with everyone else hanging out in the rear. And then the warning came, telling us to leave or we would be arrested... the pigs did NOT give us a time limit or a place to fall back to, things they HAVE to do by law. The pigs started putting on their gas masks in front of us and then we saw a bus pull up and unload the riot cops to our right. The same thing happened on our left and we were surrounded on three sides by lines of riot cops.

The cops directly in front of us moved their line out and surrounded the people by the barricade. After taking those five in, the line kept moving. We kept it tight at the intersection, but when the gas and the bullets came we began to slowly move back...

Bring everyone back tonight. Meet at Lincoln and Milawakee at 9pm. [read more]

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13.03.2007 07:32
Grow Zapatista GMO-Free Corn
Schools for Chiapas The Zapatista community is selling GMO-free Mayan corn. The seed is being sent all over the world in an effort to save an old lineage. Mutated corn seed is being planted by corporate interests to destroy this old lineage. The money from the sale of the corn will be used to build Chiapas schools. Sow the seeds of resistance and join the growing movement against transgenic contamination of Mayan corn in Chiapas, Mexico!

By planting Zapatista corn, you become a part of a global effort to preserve a vital genetic heritage that has evolved over thousands of years. You can plant these powerful Zapatista corn seeds in your community, farm, home, school, or family gardens. These seeds have been donated by Zapatista farmers who hope and pray that people of conscience around the world will provide respectful sanctuary for this living part of their cultural heritage. Despite massive importation from the USA of corn carrying genetic modifications, the autonomous Mayan communities in Chiapas are dedicated to keeping their corn pure and natural.

To find out more about this seed go to:


13.03.2007 07:27
Stop in Bush in Guatemala and Colombia
Bush greets the people of Colombia... Bush arrives in Guatemala tonight. Amidst a number of protests, Mayan priests are furious that Bush will visit a sacred archaeological site and plan to cleanse the area of evil spirits upon his departure. Read more here:

A scandal over right-wing paramilitary death squad ties to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's government clouded Bush's visit there. According to the New York Times, some lawmakers are beginning to question U.S. military aid to the volatile South American country. This is a historic opportunity to take action against Plan Colombia and the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Click here to read more:



13.03.2007 04:21
23 Antiwar Protesters Arrested at Port of Tacoma
Amanda Askea and TJ Johnson being led away by police.  Photo by Carrie Lybecker. Tacoma, WA, March 11, 2007 - Fifteen protesters, including Olympia City Councilman TJ Johnson, were arrested for crossing a police barricade in an attempt to deliver a "Citizen's Injunction to Halt Shipment of Military Material to Iraq." The injunction declared the Iraq war to be "contrary to the rule of law" and the current escalation to be "counterproductive" and opposed by "a majority of United States Citizens."

On a ship docked nearby, hundreds of Stryker vehicles from nearby Fort Lewis were being loaded for the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, which will be deployed next month to Iraq as part of the unpopular escalation announced on Jan. 10 by President George W. Bush.

In addition, eight persons were arrested for challenging on First and Fourth Amendment grounds what protesters believe to be an illegal police ban on backpacks, bags, and purses. Phan Nguyen of Olympia told police his backpack contained only a copy of the United States Constitution. He was arrested anyway. "Just as we feel that soldiers should disobey unlawful orders, so I refuse to obey illegal orders from police," he said.


13.03.2007 04:01
Flag Display Of Iraq War Body Count.... a video
Well I took a bunch of photos of the all day flag display memorial installation effort (at Lewis & Clark College) That was organized by - www.IraqPeaceProject.org - and "Students For Democracy"

It was a powerful sight..... There were flags everywhere

For every flag I put in that was colored white....it represented "6 dead Iraqis" For every red flag it represented an "American solider who had died" What is just overwhelming is how many rows and rows and rows of flags there were It was fields and rows of flags .... and then times by 6 for every white one .....my my my!


13.03.2007 04:00
"Shoot Out" With Police On SE 39th & Holgate
Heavy SWAT to left & Military looking cops to the right w/ APC in background According to eye witness no cop has been shot. I repeat, no cop has been shot. The suspects are 2 females and 1 male all in their late teens. The 2 females did not run. The cops chased the suspects from the Belmont area and trapped them in by Trader Joe's. The male exited the car and shot as he ran. No one was hit. He escaped into the neighborhood...

We have a "reporter" from the inside. Person reports that the situation inside is somewhat dangerous. The cops are very nervous and carrying fully automatic weapons in ready positions. If you are currently in this perimeter be very cautious when/if approaching cops. Be sure to speak calmly and keep your hands visible at all times. Person reported, in their encounter, that even in taking precautions, the cop kept their gun ready and maintained nervous demenor.


13.03.2007 03:57
City of Eugene Votes to End Oil Wars
The Eugene City Council just passed a resolution on a vote of 5 to 3 to end current wars in Persian Gulf, and to oppose Bush's plans for new wars in Iran of Syria. Curiously, the city councilors who opposed the resolution stated that they were also against the war, but that they felt it "is not a local matter"... and that specifically it is congress job to end the war.

Peter Defazio has been hiding and avoiding taking leadership against the oil wars. Please contact him and let him know the time has come for him to stand up and cut off funding for the current wars.


13.03.2007 03:56
Send This Letter to Stop Gold's Gym on Division
Dear Suzanne Savin:

I am writing to express my support for the appellants in their appeal of Administrative Decision - LU 06-179785-AD.

As the appellants point out, a 33,000 square foot retail service would not "equally or better meet the purpose" of "insuring 'small scale' retail use" on Division, but would achieve the opposite result. Thus, the proposed development should not qualify for an adjustment to the Code.


12.03.2007 03:49
Call for Another Massive Convergence at Port of Tacoma on Monday Night @ 9pm

We will meet at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee, the intersection where everyone got gassed. Let's show these rutheless, bloodthirsty pigs that we are not afraid of going back to where the confrontation happened and that we will not stop. The boat will be gone soon and if we do nothing, especially after what they did to us, we will all regret it later. Bring all of your friends, tell them to bring all of their friends, and be there at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee at 9pm. From there, after or before, we will figure out what to do on Tuesday, but let's just worry about being there tomorrow. [read more]

Twenty-three arrested at Port of Tacoma in Protest of the War - Sunday March 11, a committed group of citizens from Olympia, Seattle, Port Townsend and Portland engaged in non-violent civil disobedience to prevent equipment from the 4th Stryker Brigade from being loaded at the Port of Tacoma on a ship bound for Iraq. This is an effective way to show support for the troops - prevent them from being placed in a position where they may kill or be killed. Other efforts to stop the war have not worked--the President and Congress continue the war despite letters and demonstrations, said one of those arrested. [read more]

As Resistance to Stryker Shipment Grows, Police Turn Violent on Peaceful Protesters - Following an afternoon rally at the Federal Courthouse in Tacoma on Friday, members of Port Militarization Resistance staged a peaceful demonstration at the Port of Tacoma, where they were met by Tacoma Police. Later, police turned violent and launched tear gas and rubber bullets at activists as they sat chanting peace slogans. [read more]

Report Back From Port of Tacoma - A protest organized by the olympia/tacoma port militarization resistance and the tacoma sds ended in violence at 3:30 early this morning. Protesters moved from one heavily reinforced police barricade (about 250 riot police) to another in the hopes of participating in a non violent act of civil disobedience by sitting in a street and allowing themselves to be arrested. The police responded by firing into the group with pepper spray pellets, bean bags and rubber bullets followed by CS (tear) gas and pepper spray dispersal gas. A few protesters returned the canisters back to the police line to keep them out of the unsuspecting crowd who was not participating in the action. The police then advanced through the cloud of gas and opened fire on the fleeing protesters, chasing them three blocks and launching at least 20 canisters of gas. [read more]

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12.03.2007 03:22
Impeachment Day: Monday at the Capitol

We are going to make a last push to get 8016 to the Senate floor for a vote. People will be converging on the Capitol to meet with the Senators and to generally be a presence. We will begin to meet around 11 on the North side of the Capitol--top of the stairs. Vigil with signs--noon-1, so folks who work for the state can join in.

Others may wish to lobby Senators to support 8016. Lobbying: Visit the Senators and ask them to support 8016. Most likely, you wil talk to their staff. Find out how the Senator will vote when 8016 comes to the floor. Ask them if they are willing to call for 8016 to come to the floor.


Monday March 12th, Impeachment Day In Olympia

Monday is Impeachment Day in Olympia. Our intention is to lobby undecided Senators effectively. We are asking that you attend for an hour or all day.

You are welcome to start the day at any time. Let's meet in the cafeteria around 10:30 or 11:00 to meet others from Washington For Impeachment, The Backbone Campaign, Oympia Meetup to Impeach Bush and Cheney , Progressive Dem's, and many others.



12.03.2007 03:19
NYM Warriors Targeted & Arrested At Anti-olympic Protest
It always takes more than one Once again colonial fascism rears its ugly head as the colonial brownshirts (vancouver police) arrested three Native Warriors on February 13, 2007 for protesting the 2010 winter olympic games, scheduled to take place in unceded Squamish Territory (whistler re: vancouver). In yet another example of colonial terrorism, the kops arrested NYM Warrior Tselletkwe, of the Secwepemc Nation, Gord Hill of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, and Lynn Highway of the Anishnabe Nation. The kops, well known for the terrorism they inflict on Indigenous Peoples, also arrested members of the Indigenous Resistance Organizing Committee (IROC).

As the vancouver olympic organizing committee and the vancouver board of trade (businessmen) were celebrating their unveiling of a "3 year countdown clock" in the downtown business district in vancouver, one Native Warrior stormed the stage and took over the microphone, yelling "Fuck the olympics" until the kops managed to capture him and haul him away.


10.03.2007 10:48
Police Attack
I have just returned from Tacoma. The police responded to non violent civil disobedience in the form of passively sitting in a road with huge amounts of tears gas, pepper gas, pepper spray, bean bags, rubber bullets and pellets. It's unclear how many are injured. There has been at least one arrest (for taking a backpack in a no backpack zone). This was a MASSIVE show of police reppression. I estimate at least 20 canisters were launched.

THIS IS A CALL OUT TO ALL WHO WISH TO SEE AN END TO THIS WAR AND AN END TO POLICE REPPRESION! Please join us in Tacoma tommorrow (3/10/07) at 4:00 at the federal building for a continuing NON VIOLENT but non complicit protest.


10.03.2007 10:42
The most severe police brutality against 35.000 of students and teachers in demonstration
The new law for the functioning of the Universities is being voted at the moment, after the decision of the government to start the process in the Parliament despite the public outrage; since students, pupils, teachers and academics have been in an ongoing struggle since May 2006, including occupations of schools and faculties, strikes and demonstrations...

It was in front of the Parliament that some demonstrators clashed with the police while the air got full of asphyxiating and tear gas. The march was forced to split into pieces and about 100 hundred demonstrators that had randomly been at that place, were segregated and severely walloped by a heavy police force. Several attacks followed, in order to split the rest of the march into smaller pieces, when the school teachers were beaten as well. Individuals had to ran away and hide into nearby buildings.


10.03.2007 03:09
Impeachment in Washington -- Round 3
Your presence is requested to support the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for high crimes against the citizens of the United States. We will gather, rally, then set out into the streets to gain support for SJM8016 in the state Senate.

The Bill is not dead and has until March 14 to be moved to the floor of the Senate for a vote. By appealing to the Democratic Caucus through the grass roots and lobbying in Olympia the people can convince the Senate leadership that voting for SJM8016 is the right thing to do.

Impeachment Rally
March 10, 12 noon
Downtown Seattle ­ Westlake Park


10.03.2007 03:05
Stop the surge, keep the 4th Brigade home!
Four arrests at the Port of Tacoma this week have not deterred anti-war activists from their campaign to prevent Stryker vehicles and other combat equipment from shipment to Iraq as part of President Bush's escalation of the conflict.

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OlyPMR) and Tacoma Port Militarization Resistance (Tacoma PMR) plan to continue daily vigils and other actions for as long as the military equipment continues to arrive at the Port of Tacoma, and while the equipment is being loaded on a ship bound for Iraq.


10.03.2007 03:04
(Video) Nablus: New Clips from Army Operation
Today, a-films and RJI released another two short video-interviews from the recent military operation in Nablus, Occupied Palestine. The first interview was conducted with Ashraf al-Tibi, the injured son of 'Anan al-Tibi, whom the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) shot dead on February 26th, 2007. The second interview is with 11-years-old Jihan Tahdush, who was used as a "human-shield" by Israeli soldiers during house-to-house searches in the Old City of Nablus.


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