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24.04.2007 18:56
Trident Submarine Protest at Indian Island
Trident protest on Port Townsend On Saturday, April, activists staged a peace vigil at Naval Magazine Indian Island to protest the arrival of the Trident Nuclear Submarine, Ohio. The Ohio has been converted from a ballistic missile sub to one that carries cruise missiles and Navy SEALS. Indian Island is approximately 2 miles from Port Townsend, Washington. Liz Rivera Goldstein and Bethel Prescott were both arrested on Saturday at the gate to the base. Both were also part of the 37 activists that were arrested last year at Indian Island.


24.04.2007 18:55
Turn the RAT into Roadkill
In the early days of fee-demo, the US Forest Service concentrated it's effort to transform recreation into Disneyfied products, goods and services near urban centers. They focused upon those parts of the country where they expected the least resistance. For example, they converted the four major forests of Southern California located within a hundred miles of Disneyland, into one great big pay-to-play "Enterprise Forest" where even basic entry was prohibited except to "Adventure Pass" holders. Yet at the same time, the agencies largely avoided implementing fee-demo in the conservative, more-traditional, West. Barely a fee was charged in the Big Sky state of Montana.
The Forest Service knew exactly from where the most hostile reaction to their Disneyfication agenda would come. They avoided confrontation in those regions for as long as possible. Only with the passage of the RAT did the land management agencies begin expanding and extending their commercialization / privatization agenda into every corner of the nation. And now that they've done so, the backlash they long feared, is bursting forth uncontrollably.

It is with great pleasure that I share the news that the RAT is in serious trouble on many fronts. Opposition has materialized in all quarters and, based upon the appended article from NewWest, it
appears likely that the senior Senator from Montana, Max Baucus, will introduce legislation to REPEAL THE RAT. Not only that --- in an area long considered "safe" by the USFS, the California Legislature will vote this week on a resolution (AJR-21) calling upon Congress to REPEAL THE RAT.



24.04.2007 18:53
Prisoners revolt around Greece
In the morning of Monday 23/4, prisoners at the prison of Malandrino (in Fokida, mainland Greece) revolted. The spark igniting the revolt was the beating of anarchist prisoner Yiannis Dimitrakis as well as the vicious, violent response of the guards to the protests staged by his co-prisoners. Disgraceful holding conditions, lack of water, regular beatings, electronic surveillance and the extremely short time they are allowed at the yard comprise a grim reality for the Malandrino prisoners. The prison has seen plenty of revolts in the past... According to our latest info the prison is now under the complete control of the prisoners.

Meantime, information coming in right now (2:30pm, April 24) indicates that prisoners at the Ayios Stefanos prison of Patras have also revolted; two hundred of them abstained from their meal. 340 prisoners at the prison of Tripoli have gone on hunger strike.



24.04.2007 18:51
Fouad Kaady Video:Report Back
Last night, an outstanding film was shown to a full house in SE Portland. People packed the cozy venue, piling on couches until they were full, and then lining the walls. It was standing room only. And finally, the truth about the killing of Fouad Kaady was told.

The film's producer spoke out about the pattern of police violence and corporate media complicity, describing the link between the stories that are told about incidents of police violence and the public's reaction (or non-reaction). She showed that the police and the corporate media kick in to high gear every time someone is killed by police. They create a story in which the victim either deserved to be killed ("had it coming"), or was someone we don't need to care about anyway. Whether that story is true or not is irrelevant. Once such a story is created, it takes on a life of its own, and influences the way the public reacts to the killing.

I don't think anyone is ever going to look at police killings in the same, passive way again, after seeing this one. There is something rotten going on behind all those badges, and the stink is beginning to leak out. Thanks to those who took the risks and shared their energy to drag this story out into the light of day.


22.04.2007 19:25
Protesting Market of Choice's "poor choice" of banking with StUmpqua
market of choice in bed with stUmpqua On Thursday, April 19 Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates (CEA), Cascadia Forest Defenders (CFD) and the UO's Forest Action held a citizen demonstration outside Market of Choice in Eugene to urge Market of Choice to stop banking with Umpqua Bank, whose board of directors is personally responsible for clearcutting and herbiciding hundreds of thousands of acres of Oregon's forests.

Members of CEA and CFD held a 9 foot banner outside of the store saying "Save Oregon's Ancient Forests: Boycott StUmpqua Bank" and other signs, as well as passing out leaflets (on tree free, sugar cane based paper) to Market of Choice customers. Leaflets asked customers to call Market of Choice and urge them to do the right thing by withdrawing their accounts from Umpqua Bank and placing them in an environmentally responsible local bank. Postcards addressed to Market of Choice owner, Mr. Wright, were passed out as well as brochures explaining Umpqua Bank's ecocidal practices.

Hundreds of customers were made aware of the issue and dozens of individuals approached protesters to learn more about it. Despite one "friend" of Market of Choice owners and Umpqua Board of Directors who thought native forests were an "unpicked crop" and who didn't believe in global warming, the public was almost entirely supportive of the rally and expressed surprise and concern about Market of Choice's decision. Despite Market of Choice's green, eco-friendly image, by continuing to bank with Umpqua Bank, they are complicit in the destruction of Oregon's precious forests and watersheds.



22.04.2007 08:48
June 9th Day of Solidarity with Jeffrey Free Luers
solidarity with jeff The 7th anniversary of Jeff's imprisonment is fast arriving, and to mark this date we are encouraging everyone once again to participate in a Day of Solidarity. This year we are asking people to hold demonstrations to demand change, not just for Jeff's case but for the world. Please plan an event in your community and inform us of the details so we can help you publicize it.

Below is an announcement that can be circulated and reposted.

Donations are still needed to help with Jeff's legal costs.

Thank you all again for your support! We don't have any updated information about Jeff's resentencing as of yet, but we will certainly keep you posted! ~Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers

Past solidarity events & actions | www.freefreenow.org


22.04.2007 03:58
Surge Protection Brigade Granny Arrested with Bike and “Grandkid”
 Recruiters go home early; office closed again.

On Friday April 20, 2007 bike riders in front of the Army Recruiting office In Portland Oregon traded in bright jackets for signs that read "No Blood for Oil" and "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies" T shirts. The bikers rode west on Broadway and then walked their bikes past the recruiting office to minimize risk to pedestrians. The group of about 40 people, fairly evenly split between seniors and young adults, gathered at 10:30 and by 12:30 two of the protesters had been arrested for blocking the doorways to the recruiting office. Sara Graham, 66, blocked the door with her vintage bike. After about 15 minutes she was joined by Wendy B., a young woman who blocked the second door. For a while it appeared as if the officers would allow the protest without arrests, but after some consultation and gathering of copies of laws they moved in to arrest the protesters.

The recruiting office was undergoing an inspection on Friday, and many of the recruiters from the office and those sent to do the inspection stood in the doorway chatting with the demonstrators. The tone was more civil that the past two protests on March 30 and April 6. Some protesters attributed the respectful atmosphere to the presence of the City Attorney. Officer Schaffer, who in the past has antagonized demonstrators and used physical force to push protesters out of the doorway, was civil. Other officers were friendly, as they have been in the past.


related: A20 Surge Protection Brigade Pix, Surge Protection "Everybody Look Whats Going Down"


22.04.2007 03:56
Happy B-Day Fall Creek
Quite a few years ago some crazy people got together and decided to try to stop the forces of destruction at a place called Fall Creek.

Many people passed through those woods. Some staying a few days, some staying a few years.

There were tears and laughter, conflict and resolution.

The campaign grew into more than a direct action camp. For some it became a home, a community, an autonomous zone, a free place in the midst of so much restriction.


22.04.2007 03:51
Lone Vet Report
I don't know what I will do from here, it looks like this war will go on for another year, that is the best the dems have come up with so far, very depressing. One more year will cost us maybe a thousand more lives and many thousands of injured soldiers, the Iraqis will take the hardest hit, how many more must die for these criminals is beyond me.

I have been off line for a few weeks but now have high speed and will get back to writing what I see and hear. I will continue to protest but in my own way, joining others when needed but mostly by myself. I truly believe we must take on the dems and push them to stop this pretender who calls himself the Commander in Chief. The dems say they don't have the votes to over-ride a veto so they are trying to compromise in order to get something passed. I understand what they are saying but hate this idea. How do you tell the families of those who will die during this compromise that you did the best you could? All who will die or be torn apart from this point are senseless casualties and their sacrifices are for nothing----wasted.


20.04.2007 00:34
The Washington Legislature Fails to Pass an Impeachment Resolution
Senator Oemig, debriefing The effort to pass an impeachment resolution in this legislative session ended today in Washington. Over 100 people rallied on the Capitol steps before taking seats in the gallery to watch a debate that was scheduled for impeachment and the Iraq war. Curiously, no one defended the President or Vice President. No one stood up to say the allegations were untrue. Yet, impeachment failed because too many believed it wasn't their job to stand up for the Constitution.

The Senate Joint Memorial 8016, which petitioned Congress to begin impeachment investigations of the President Bush and Vice President Cheney, began its journey on February 14th. Freshman Senator Eric Oemig led the effort, along with eight co-sponsors: Senators Fairley, Fraser, Kauffman, Kline, Kohl-Welles, Prentice, Regala, and Spanel.


20.04.2007 00:33
Urgent: Oregon HB 3099 Statewide Mandatory Water Fluoridation Bill Moving Closer to Law
Tomorrow, Friday, April 20th, 2007, the Oregon House of Representatives Health Care Committee is having a work session on House Bill 3099 (HB3099) which would institute mandatory water fluoridation statewide in Oregon for all communities of 10,000 or more residents. It is very important that Oregon citizens educate themselves on this issue as this would result in us paying for hazardous and toxic waste materials to be added to our drinking water. Call and e-mail your representatives today (contact info on my web site!)



20.04.2007 00:32
Mountain Cops' Embarrassing Secret: Sandy’s “Bonanza Bunkhouse”
Let me tell you a story I've just heard recently about how the "wild, wild, west" brand of justice that law enforcement employ here on the mountain played out at Sandy's infamous "Bonanza Bunkhouse."

Like I imagine many were, I was understandably concerned and upset after reading of the six lawsuits filed against members of the Sandy police force and Clackamas County Sheriff's department. Even the staunchest conservative or law-and-order type should question why - especially after 20 years without - the city and county now face six legal actions alleging corruption, police brutality and other serious violations of constitutional rights.


20.04.2007 00:31
Request for letters of police perceptions for Mayor's office
Hi All,

Next week I have a meeting with the Mayor's office as an average citizen discussing some of my experiences with the Portland Police. This stems from an officer detaining me and using the threat of arrest for a law that did not exist.

Anyhow, as part of my meeting I would like to leave the Mayor's office with a stack of printed out letters from other citizens that have had experiences where they felt that the PPB over stepped their legal bounds.


19.04.2007 19:19
Bring yer bikes - join Surge Protection Brigade tomorrow (Friday) at recruiting center
SPOGs - Seriously Pissed Off Grannies The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies will get off their rockers and onto their bikes with the rallying cry: No Blood for Oil. Join us!

On Friday, April 20th, the Surge Protection Brigade will stage a protest at the military recruiting center on NE Broadway at 13th beginning at 10:30 a.m. This week the theme, No Blood for Oil, will be underscored by the presence of a bicycle brigade from the Portland cycling community joining the grannies to protest the link between US military action and the country's dependence on oil. Bicyclists will form a moving picket line in front of the recruiting office.

The Surge Protection Brigade is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our elected officials are not responsive to the majority of American voters who want the Iraq occupation to end. Their have been 21 arrests at their actions at the Recruiting office.


19.04.2007 19:14
Women in Oaxaca
Concepcion Nunez Miranda will be speaking Fri. April 20th, at Liberty Hall. She has been highly involved in the Oaxacan social movement and will be discussing the role of women, as well as media within the movement. Please come and see this amazing speaker.

A part of the women's takeover of radio and TV stations, and a leader in the fight for indigenous women's rights in the prison system in Oaxaca, Concepcion will speak on the dynamic role of women in the social movement in Oaxaca, with an emphasis on their use of the media. Concepcion speaks from extensive and passionate experience as a teacher, APPO member and writer, who's interviews with Indigeous women prisoners have been incorporated into two films resulting in the release of some of those prisoners.

Friday, April 20th at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy St). Dinner and Oaxacan Music will begin at 5:30PM. Concepcion will speak at 6:30 PM.



19.04.2007 06:05
Oregonians Defeat Oregon's and Army's Attempt to Burn Mustard Agent at Umatilla
Judge Michael Marcus Today Agreed With Oregonians and Ordered the Gov't Shall Not to Burn Mustard Agent at the Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot

Today, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Michael Marcus enjoined the State of Oregon and the U.S. Army from burning mustard agent at the Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot. Judge Marcus, in his opinion issued today, concludes that Oregon's Dep't of Environmental Quality and Env't Quality Comm'n's findings that incineration is the best available technology [to process Mustard Agent] and that there will be no "major adverse impact on health and the environment are not supported by substantial evidence in the record . . ."

Stu Sugarman, an attorney for The Sierra Club, GASP, Oregon Wildlife Federation, and 22 individual Oregonians, says "this is what we've been telling the judge for 10 years now. This is by far our biggest victory in this litigation to date." Sugarman added that this decision will prevent the facility from spewing high concentrations of mercury through its smokestacks and ultimately into the bodies of unsuspecting children downwind of the facility in Hermiston, Oregon and other cities. Judge Marcus says that his 27 page opinion will be available online on the court's website soon.


19.04.2007 06:03
World Week for Animals in Laboratories April 22nd - April 28th
World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL) is April 22nd thru April 28th. Animals used in research desperately need our voices, as they suffer day in and day out. The labs that make these animals' lives a living hell routinely ignore the laws that exist to offer minimal protection from cruelty. Rather than trying to fix these problems, many would rather spend their energies and resources trying to hide them from the public.

NW IDA will be having events all week including a march to the OHSU campus beginning at the South Park Blocks on Sunday, April 22nd. A full listing of events is at the end of this article in the 'What You Can Do' section.

 http://www.vivisectioninfo.org |  http://www.boycottohsu.com |  http://www.whitecoatwelfare.org |  http://www.navs.org |  http://www.pcrm.org |  http://www.idausa.org


19.04.2007 06:00
Protest Oregon's Right to Life conference!
Oregon Right to Life [pro-lifers. boooo!] conference is being held this Saturday from 9am-5pm in Wilsonville, OR at the Holiday Inn.

We would be crazy not to protest at this fine opportunity of dissent. Women deserve the right to choose - it's our bodies!!! That said.... Students for Unity has reserved 2 vans [that can fit up to 24 people] to leave Saturday [April 21] afternoon at 12pm - the vans will be parked in-front of or in-between smith and cramer. We will be back by 4 at latest, maybe even by 3pm. RSVP is preferred but not mandatory and you can bring yer own car if you'd like to follow us.

PLEASE come to this protest, and bring any protest signs, chants, guerilla theatre you can come up with.

forced pregnancy | IUD


19.04.2007 05:55
Iranian Teacher's Union continues protests and walk outs despite mass arrests
The teachers follow the protests of Tehran's bus drivers. The billions of dollars of oil revenue generated after the sharp increase in oil prices during the latest Iraq war has only resulted in high inflation.

(New York, April 14, 2007) - The Hamedan Teachers Association is one of 34 local professional organizations that work under the umbrella of the National Council of Teachers Association. During the last two months, Teachers Associations nationwide have been active in organizing peaceful demonstrations to rally the government for better wages and benefits. As a result of these activities, Iranian authorities have banned the Hamedan Teachers Association, cracked down on these gatherings, and have arrested teachers in several cities.

The Iranian authorities should immediately lift the ban on the Hamedan Teachers Association and release teachers detained as a result of their work with the association, Human Rights Watch said today. " The government's banning of the Hamedan Teachers Association and the arrest of its members demonstrate Iran's flagrant disregard for its own laws and its obligations under international human rights law. " ~Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch


19.04.2007 05:52
Gun Control is not a leftist position
Hate to be the first to tell ya, though gun control is not really a leftist position historically or currently. Gun control is a right wing totalitarian, genocidal, classist, ethnic caste, and religious caste domination policy by powerful minorities. I'm really surprised that more lefties don't want to understand it though as they say "there are none so blind who don't want to see". Don't simply blame those people introducing such legislation, you should blame yourselves for having your idealism manipulated by very cold blooded people against your own very rights. If scale of unrequired deaths shows anything, there are many other things that you could concern yourselves to talk about--from the first chart below.

Frankly, a "war on bad diets and pesticide poisoned foods" would be more appropriate way to address mental imbalance, if that is what this is. If the school had organic food, everyone would be much better. A 'war on bad medicine' would be even better. Impeaching Bush who has killed around 665,000 Iraqis recently would be even healthier.


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