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07.05.2007 04:57
Buffett will not help tribes or remove Klamath dams
Tribes and fishermen rally outside Berkshire Hathaway meeting in Omaha Members of California's three largest Indian Tribes and allies from commercial fishing and conservation groups demonstrated today [May 5] at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting, known as the Woodstock of Capitalism. The group is demanding the removal of four Klamath Dams owned by Berkshire subsidiary PacifiCorp. Two members of the coalition asked questions directly to Buffett and his partner Charles Munger before a crowd of 27,000 shareholders. Buffett denied the need for dam removal with an uneducated remark. | read more >>

Reflections and Photogs of Fish Kill Memorial Rally

Tribes and supporters met at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center and marched a few short blocks to the offices of PacifiCorp, now owned by billionaire Warren Buffet. After a few brief words by the moderator, the mic was opened up to whoever wished to speak to the issue at hand, the dams on the Klamath river that are destroying the fisheries and Native American cultures who have subsisted in large part on these salmon runs for thousands of years. | read more >>

Klamath River People Rally at PacifiCorp

Karuk, Yurok, Hoopa, and Klamath Tribal members gathered with other river residents and PacifiCorp ratepayers at the company's headquarters in Portland yesterday [May 4] to advocate for the removal of the lower four dams on the Klamath River. | read more >>


07.05.2007 04:11
Aberdeen: Not in Our Harbor
The Grannies hold a peace vigil every Friday at 3:30 p.m. in Zalesko Park. Yesterday [May 4] over two dozen people joined them. The police presence was noticeable. Police cars from the neighboring towns circled many times along with police in unmarked cars and the county sheriffs cars. Why anyone thought this was a good use of their time or tax dollars is a mystery. | read more >>

Fascism in Aberdeen

Today [May 5] there was the first little rally. We got together at a nearby boat launch, marched on the street to the port where we could see the death machines and then dispersed. The whole time we were surrounded by cops. I talked to a woman who had lived in Aberdeen for 50 years and she had never seen anything like it before. | read more >>


07.05.2007 03:56
White Racism: The Major Obstacle To A United Left
Why hasn't the Left been effective...at any thing other than PR?

George Jackson, Blood In My Eye..."The major obstacle to a united left in this country is white racism. There are three categories of white racists: the overt, self-satisfied racist who doesn't attempt to hide his antipathy; the self-interdicting racist who harbors and nurtures racism in spite of his best efforts; and the unconscious racist, who has no awareness of his racist preconceptions...the self-interdicting racist, no matter what his acquired conviction or ideology, will seldom be able to contribute with his actions in any really concrete way. His role in revolution, barring a change of basic character, will be minimal throughout..."

George Jackson's words in 1971. How could something said so long ago have such perfect applicability to today? How could so few understand processes so evident to their victim/inferiors, yet continue to deny the existence of such conditions? | read more >>

Building a Community of Information War

The revolutionary movement (the product of the untold sacrifices of millions from before the time of Spartacus through the Russian and Chinese revolutions and the smaller current struggles) is today in a period of quagmire and lull. That's the bad news. The good news is that this will change.

The current US imperialist adventure in the Middle East is business as usual. In reaction to it a movement has emerged here in the U.S. The movement is not yet large or militant or sufficiently politically conscious to make a decisive break from imperialist politics. Movements like this emerge periodically and usually they do not amount to much. What this movement will amount to remains to be seen. | read more >>


05.05.2007 09:54
California Tribes hold dance for Klamath in the midst of the woodstock of capitalism
Medicine woman and dancers: Do not take Omaha, NE - Members of California's three largest Indian Tribes and allies from commercial fishing and conservation groups continue to hold outreach events in Omaha, Nebraska in an appeal to shareholders of the company that is destroying their livelihoods and culture. Instead of familiar dance grounds, traditional healer and medicine woman Kathy McCovey prepares the materials for the demonstration on the banks of an unfamiliar river near a bustling downtown business district. "This is very unusual for us. We don't typically perform ceremonies outside of our ancestral territory, but we felt we had to come and share some of our culture with the people here."

The dance involves about 15 singers and dancers, elaborate bead necklaces, hand woven caps, and elaborate buckskin skirts decorated with shells and other natural materials from the Klamath region. Four Karuk fatevaneen, or world renewal priests, came to support the event. The fatavaneen are in the seventh day of a nine day fast. "We make medicine for Pikiawish, which is our fix the world ceremony. We're fasting to purify ourselves so our prayers will be strong and so the creator will hear us loudly when we ask that the dams be removed so our salmon can come home," said a very lean Chook Chook Hillman.

Pikiawish is held each fall to 'fix the world' for all people. The Three tribes represented here, Yurok, Karuk, and Hoopa, each hold their own ceremonies to 'renew the world' annually.


IMMIGRATION 04.05.2007 13:30
The Circus is Coming!
CircasElephant Don't miss this event! C.i.r.c.a Boredom Patrols traveling Circus is coming to Portland tomorrow, May 5th, with workshops and performances at the Watershed in SE at 5040 SE Milwaukee St from 5pm till 10pm. A major theme of the workshop/performance is immigration and gathering of support for the upcoming NoBorder Camp in 2007.

Come down for the "Subvert Everthing Workshop" which is a clowning skillshare from 5pm to 8pm and learn some fundamentals about clowing... Release your inner clown!

Hurry, hurry, hurry COME! for the Circus Performance from 9pm to 10pm.... you'll see Lion Taming, Tightrope walking, the Theater of the Oppressed and Subversion! All donations will go to the No Borders Camp which will be the second week of November 2007. More info: NO BORDER Camp - Nov. 2007 | Article 2 | Article 1


04.05.2007 13:12
Impeachment Day report from San Francisco

Well, I just want to report we had a lot of fun here in San Francisco on A28. First, I went to the second "beach impeach" event where over a thousand people wrote "Impeach Now!" in the sands of Ocean Beach with their bodies. It was a perfect day for it -- the weather was awesome. There was free food, a festive atmosphere, and a great marimba band called Sadza many people danced to after our picture was taken. If you look carefully at the photo you'll see the letter "C" is mostly pink for ladies from Code Pink, and I believe the exclamation mark is made up of "World Can't Wait" people who dressed in orange jumpsuits to protest torture.


Impeach Beach Demands Impeachment

With splashes of orange, green, black and pink, and a myriad of other colors, about 1,500 activists came together on Ocean Beach in San Francisco on Saturday to spell out their demands to congress—-"IMPEACH NOW! in 100 foot tall letters.

The kaleidoscopic colors fit in well to the festive, yet serious, Beach Impeach event organized by San Francisco activist Brad Newsham.



04.05.2007 13:09
Death Threats on YouTube Against Portland Effigy Burners. Officials Won't Investigate.
This May Day the downtown streets of Portland promise to be a vibrant mix of demonstrators protesting everything from the Iraq War to corporate capitalism to immigration restrictions to US-sponsored terrorism. Portland Police will no doubt be out in force to crack down on the willful jaywalkers, unpermitted marchers, disobedient youth, and unruly peaceniks that decide, at least once a year, to take the First Amendment at face value.

What all the bike riding, horse mounted and riot helmeted gendarmes may not yet fully appreciate, however, is the real possibility of dark-hearted predators prowling those same chaotic pavements looking to cause serious bodily harm, particularly to the radical antiwar crowd.


03.05.2007 01:11
The Long and Winding Road
I'm in a hurry right now, getting ready for work, so all I have time to share is this one moment that I found so intriguing. It happened after the march was over, when some friends and I were heading home. We were walking down to meet up with friends and then go home, when we noticed a pod of Portland's yellow-jacketed finest, riding slowly down the street. They seemed to be following someone, sneak-sneak-sneaking along. | read more >>

Related: Photos from May 1st Rally


03.05.2007 00:30
Bobby Kennedy joins Klamath Tribes, fishermen and Riverkeeper in PacifiCorp toxin suit
2002 Klamath Fish Kill A group of Klamath River tribal leaders, commercial fishermen and recreational business owners filed suit today against PacifiCorp, contending that two of its dams in Northern California are the cause of massive blooms of toxic algae that are decimating the salmon fishery and causing an extreme potential health hazard to humans. The news comes just days before demonstrations by Native people, fishermen and others in Portland and Omaha.

"These dams are having a devastating impact on the economies and cultures of Native Americans and others who depend on the Klamath River," said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., co-counsel in the case. | read more >>

Fish Kill Memorial Rally in Portland

Friday May 4th, 10am Holladay Park, NE 13th and Multnomah. Over 100 Tribal members and Klamath River residents are traveling to Portland where they will gather with Pacific Power ratepayers at the PacifiCorp building in Portland to hold a memorial service for the Klamath River fish kills.

This event is being held in solidarity with Tribal members who are traveling to Omaha, Nebraska for the shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, Pacific Power's parent company, to hold a healing ceremony. Not everyone could make it to Omaha, so we are showing support for our friends and family by going straight to PacifiCorp's headquarters and demanding that they take responsibility for the disaster they've created on the river. | read more >>

klamathnews.org | www.karuk.us


02.05.2007 10:49
Whose Streets? -- Recommendations to the Portland Police Bureau for Responding to First Amendment Assemblies

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center and the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild work together to safeguard the rights of political activists in Portland. At every major demonstration in downtown Portland, legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild take to the streets to walk alongside protestors, documenting incidents of police misconduct. In addition, National Lawyers Guild legal workers and attorneys volunteer their time to defend the rights of individuals arrested at protests. The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center investigates protestors' complaints of police misconduct.

In the sections that follow, this report provides a chronology of Portland Police Bureau tactics during protests in Portland over the past decade. The report also analyzes the Portland Police Bureau crowd control and use of force policies as they relate to these tactics. Finally, the report concludes with a series of specific recommendations for changes in Portland Police Bureau policy.


AUDIO FILE: Whose Streets?

Today, May 1, 2007, the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center and the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild released the report, "Whose Streets? Recommendations to Improve the Portland Police Bureau's Response to First Amendment Assemblies."

The report was released at a Press Conference, moderated by Alejandro Queral, Director of the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center. Alejandro spoke briefly about why these recommendations are necessary. "The report presents recommendations on what the Police Department needs to do to improve it's crowd control tactics. Over the years we have seen time and again the Portland Police Bureau using excessive force against protesters, ranging from just a show of force all the ay to using impact munitions, such as bean bags and rubber bullets. There have been a number of incidents over the years involving pepper spray...we have also seen the use of mounted patrol as crowd control tactics which have resulted in injuries, panic by the crowd and adverse reactions by the crowd."


Companion Video to Recommendations (via youtube)


02.05.2007 10:35
Mayday: Riots in ISTANBUL

In Istanbul, Turkey, mayday protests turned into heavy riots when police tried to stop several thousand protesters to reach central Taksim-place in Istanbul where in 1977 500 000 people celebrated mayday and where police-snipers killed 36... Nevertheless 3000 protesters entered the place. [read more >>]

Mayday, Germany: anti-nazi rally turns into heavy riots

Germany, Dortmund. Thousands of antifascists gathered in Dortmund on tuesday afternoon to protest against 1500 neo-nazis who traditionally try to use mayday for fascist propaganda. After the police declared the anti-fascist protest illegal and tried to desperse it, the protest turned into heavy riots. [read more >>]

Mayday Switzerland: riots, fire bomb attacks on banks, courts, and police stations

After many hours of streetfighting between protesters and police, people began to attack banks, private companies, courts, police stations and cars of the rich with fire bombs and paint bombs. countless windows were smashed... police and media in switzerland are shocked. no one expected such an angry mass. [read more >>]


02.05.2007 00:11
Pedestrian Killed in Crosswalk
Tonight [April 28] at about 9:20 pm, a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk was struck by a hit and run driver. The location was SE 28th Place and SE Powell, a crosswalk servicing Cleveland High School. According to police scanner the car was a dark sedan with left front damage. | read more >>

UPDATE: It was Saturday night not Friday. I posted it just minutes after it happened and having stood next to the victim's shoe where it landed 25 yards from his body. No excuses, I was a bit shaken by this happening just outside where I live. I have nearly been run over in this location myself. | read more >>

Shit. THAT crossing

I use that crosswalk from time to time, as I live South of Powell, but have need to go North of it regularly. Powell is a major barrier in the City, comparable to I-84 or the River. The car traffic is nearly freeway speed, and the anxiety of the drivers is tangible, expressing itself as rage, disconnection, rushing, and more. Getting across without using a crossing is madness in many places, but the majority of the designated crossings are sketchy as hell. | read more >>


01.05.2007 11:19
Surge Protection Brigade provides metro area with “the news the media won’t tell you.”
One of many Oregonian boxes with a little Extra news on May 01 The Oregon Extra, a special Peace Edition, was inserted into over a thousand copies of The Oregonian today. The single page insert was created and distributed by the Surge Protection Brigade (aka the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies) as a May Day protest. The Extra spotlights subjects that mainstream media will not cover, such as the dangers and casualties of depleted uranium, the truth behind the lies told by military recruiters and how big media's failure to act as a watchdog has failed the American people.


30.04.2007 14:00
May Day Events and Actions

May Day Jail Support Number is 503.233.3194
Please call this number if you witness arrests, if you are arrested or injured, or if you witness police brutality or misconduct.
Por favor, llame a este numero si usted es testigo de un arresto or de cualquier ejemplo de brutalidad policial.
[read more]

Immigrant Rights Now! May Day Action Let's march for immigrant and Workers' rights! We demand just and comprehensive Immigration Reform Legalization NOW! Come and join us! When: May 1st 2007, 4:00pm. Where: SW park blocks and SW Salmon St., Portland What to Bring: food, water, and white, red or blue T-shirt and all of your friends! [read more]

Sin Fronteras Portland Mayday events! 4PM March and Rally with the Immigrant Rights Coalition. Meet down town at SW park blocks and SW Salmon St. Look for L@S Macheter@s de Justicia and the Sin Fronteras banner! Later MAY 1ST: SIN FRONTERAS AND THE WATERSHED MAYDAY CELEBRATION! 8PM @ the Watershed [read more]

Activists, be safe tomorrow and always, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Tonight, 6:00 at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy) come and listen to lawyers from the NWCRC speak about what your rights are on the street. Do you have to leave when police say, do you have to give police your name, where can you be, what can you carry, have your questions answered. [read more]

Immigrants and Allies to Rally for Comprehensive Immigration Reform What: Mass rally and march for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and access to Oregon driver's licenses. When: Tuesday, May 1, 2006. Gather at 11 am, rally at 12 noon with march and lobbying to follow. Where: Oregon state capitol building, 900 Court St NE, Salem, Oregon. [read more]

related: [ Fire the Bosses! A Call for a Mayday Black Bloc | PREPARE for Mayday! | What's going on May Day? | March on May Day! | May Day 2007 - Requests for Documentary Contributions on May 1 | Help from Food Not Bombs on MAYDAY? | Mayday Flier ]

Portland Indymedia May Day Coverage


29.04.2007 00:52
Rainforest Relief Protest Cancelled Due to Early Progress
Last Wednesday, Williams Sonoma (which owns Pottery Barn) agreed to meet with Rainforest Relief's executive director, Tim Keating, to discuss our demand that the company stop selling outdoor furniture made with nyatoh wood from Indonesia's highly endangered rainforests. The company also said they are looking for alternatives to this furniture, so we decided to postpone our protests planned for Saturday and Sunday.

We decided to switch to our backup target, Restoration Hardware, which sells similar items through its catalog. To our suprise, the company's senior vice president and chief marketing officer called us late this afternoon. According to Tim, the company offered to work directly with us and really sounded like they wanted to act responsibly on this important issue, so we are also calling off our protests against Restoration. (Interestingly, the company seemed particularly concerned about the potential Portland protests - we've no idea why, but way to go, Portland!) Without having to hand out a single flyer, we made real progress this week on this issue. | read more >>

related: New Target for Rainforest Relief Protest on Saturday, April 28 - Restoration Hardware


27.04.2007 16:27
Near riot on Alberta
I had just seen David Greir play a great show at the Alberta Street Pub and was biking with my friend toward a Mexican restaurant to pick up some food. A lot of people were hanging outside and in The Nest. We stopped and chatted with friends. It was Last Thursday, everyone was hanging out in a peaceful manner, no one was causing any trouble-- the whole street was an art show after all.

The Nest was too crowded for me, so I went to get my bike and head towards a party. It was just around the corner, but as soon as I had unchained my bike I heard the cops screech to a stop blaring sirens and flashing lights. I rushed with my bike to the front lines to see a cop straddling another man on the ground in the middle of a busy, thumping street. Evidently in the 7 seconds it took to get my bike, the man on the ground had been tasered three times by this man in a police uniform. | read more >>

There goes the neighborhood! I actually live one block off of alberta and when I was heading toward alberta to go to a friends house, a cop whipped around the corner and almost hit me -- he had no lights on, not even headlights. I was like "what the hell???" Then when I got on Alberta there were cops up and down the street with riot gear on, pepper spray, guns and clubs out. | read more >>

radicalxobserver: I was sitting on the patio at the Alberta Street pub when i counted about 20-25 cop cars roll by so naturally i went to investigate. The riot police were using the parking lot accross the street (10th and alberta) as a staging area to get their gear on. The news vans showed up as well. Then they began piling into thier cars about 5 cops each and heading east towards last thursday. | read more >>


26.04.2007 02:54
AUDIO FILES: How Bush Drowned New Orleans and the Theft of 2008
Greg Palast, investigative reporter visited Portland Wednesday evening, April 24, 2007, promoting the addition of two chapters to his most recent book, "Armed Madhouse." The event was co sponsored by KBOO Radio, and was a benefit for the Portland Alliance Newspaper.

Palast was in town last year on his Armed Madhouse Tour, and this visit presented some of the same information. Though he did review much of the earlier material, the additional two chapters added much that was new, especially his investigation of the Federal Debacle in New Orleans leading up to and after Hurricane Katrina.

The event was extremely well attended, filling up the majority of the seats at the First Unitarian Church, probably about 300-350 people.


26.04.2007 02:49
First Casualty: Sea Lion Down
Last night, I heard the plaintive barking of a far-off sea lion, somewhere down by the river. Usually, I love that sound. It reminds me that there are still wild beings left in the world, despite the best efforts of the worst of humans. And it connects me to the seasons. I know when I hear the sea lions, that the salmon are surging in the river, and the eagles and the osprey are gliding in the skies. Usually, when I hear the sea lions, the skies are full of geese and swans, either coming or going at the beginning or the ending of the warmer seasons.

Usually, when I hear the sea lions, I know that everything is as it should be in the world.


26.04.2007 02:48
Senate Bill 672 Limits Trapping Cruelty
Oregon Senate Bill 672 will require traps to be checked every 24 hours. This will significantly reduce the suffering of trapped animals. It's a step in the right direction.

The use of leg- and body-hold traps remains in wide use in Oregon, with well over 20,000 animals trapped each year. Under current ODFW regulations, animals can, and do, remain in a trap for from 48 hours to 30 days. SB 672, which is in the Oregon Senate Environmental and Natural Resource Committee, would reduce the time allowed between checking traps to 24 hours. The reason for a 24 hour check time is because these types of traps are so inherently cruel that every measure should be taken to reduce the time any animal spends in one. Furthermore, studies have shown over and over again that for every targeted animal caught, two or three non-targeted animals are trapped, and if they are released within 24 hours, they may escape death or maiming.


24.04.2007 18:58
Gypsy Moth Spraying in St Helens
I learned, today, that plans are underway to inundate the St Helens community with Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (BtK), an insecticide intended to eradicate the infamous gypsy moth. St Helens sits on the banks of the Columbia river, and is known for its lush wetlands, once-thick forests (before all the logging of the 1980s and 1990s reduced them to rubble), and rolling, green meadows. And... for its butterflies.

For my part, I have real concerns about the spraying of any toxin into the environment here in Cascadia. I am especially concerned when this spraying is accompanied by the kind of stone-walling, white-washing nonsense that has generally been doled out by the USDA any time questions are asked about the possible collateral damage that might result from the spraying of Bt.

If you would like to hear some of that white-washing, or if you would like to register your complaints about the moth spraying scheme, feel free to call the USDA at. Please let them know that we care about our environment, we care about butterflies, and we are not guinea pigs.


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