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INDEPENDENT MEDIA 22.09.2002 00:10
KBOO Annual Meeting
From the open publishing newswire: KBOO Community Radio held its Annual KBOO Foundation Meeting today at the IWW Union Hall. President Jack Danger, Treasurer Eugene Bradley and Station Manager Dennise Kowalczyk gave reports. About 35 people attended the KBOO Foundation meeting today where members and the public listened to "State of the Station" reports, financial reports and general discussions about KBOO. [ Read more... ]

Free Anarchist Booklet and Lively Community Discussion
From the newswire:"Just completed: A glossy, accessible booklet about anarchism, designed for non-anarchists, called Fighting For Our Lives. In simple (but not condescending) language, it explains what is anarchist in everyday life, and how those spheres of cooperation can be expanded. It addresses common questions that often deter people from exploring anarchist ideas and approaches. We have 250,000 copies that we want to give away."

"Mass-produced material like this is no substitute for individual expression, decentralized activity, or cultivating community, but it can be used to initiate and encourage those beautiful things. We're not trying to speak for everyone, but to make it clear that everyone can speak; we're not trying to define anarchy for everyone, but to undermine misunderstandings so everyone can begin that conversation afresh."

From a comment: "You want to experiment with anarchy? Move to Somailia. They have all the anarchy you could ever want. No laws. No law enforcement. Nobody to tell you what you can't do. Oh... suddenly you discover when you get there that anarchy means the guy with the BIGGEST GUN WIN. Who owns the biggest guns? The rich guys. Ooops."

From a different comment: " In fact anarchy is a communist theory of social structure, which advocates absolute democracy now, not someday, maybe. We don't need a 'Communist Party' elite any more than we need a Bourgoisie elite. We don't want a 'Socialist' transition, either... The problem with even the most liberal European 'social democracies' is that they are still owned lock stock and barrel by the Bourgeoise, including even some monarchy! Obviously, there are still serious problems with such a setup, even though it may be relatively somewhat better than less social bourgeois 'democracies' or degenerate Fascism." [ Full Story ]

Palestine Action Group Forum: The Impact of the War on Terror on Minority Communities
From the open publishing newswire: The Palestine Action Group will present the eleventh in a series of forums, 6 PM Saturday, September 21, 2002 at Koinonia House, 633 SW Montgomery.

"Portland activist Kayse Jama will speak on globalization and the impact of the U.S. government's war on terror on the local Somali community. 'The Somali community is being targeted by the anti-terrorist forces set up after September 11, including the shutdown of Al-Barakaat and raids of Somali grocery stores by federal agencies,' said Jama. Jama is the spokesperson for the Somali community, focused on the recent arrest of Sheikh Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye." [ Details ]

Islamic Center of Masjed AsSaber presents 'Civil Rights in America Calling 911'
From the open publishing newswire: Stanley Cohen, Civil Rights Attorney, has a distinguished record spanning over 20 years of representing high profile civil and criminal cases of our times. While his practice is based in New York, he has traveled the world intaking on cases which affect the lives of everyday Americans and touch upon the depth and breadth of U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Come hear him talk tonight! Portland State University, Smith 327-329. Saturday, September 21, 8-10 p.m. [ Details ]

NEWS FROM THE STREET 21.09.2002 15:21
How to love and care for a crack dependent person
From the open publishing newswire: i posted a while back that i wanted to produce something here on indy relating the tale--along with some logically moralistic crap--of my close friend who has been binging on crack-cocaine for the entire summer (and who continues to do so). it has been bitter heartache from the very beginning when i met her, but we grew close yet though she was moving further and further away from me (and the world that she's known for 44 years).

i met her on the corner of 6th and Burnside (NW), a corner that is a notorious congregating spot for crack users and the cool sha' hambone, young (and getting younger), mostly black drug dealers (and accompanying entourages). the police know this and have been taking action since a little after the summer began by making multiple day and night sweeps, being helped until dusk by the portland business supported rent-a-cops, Clean & Safe. [ Read more... ]

BUILDING COMMUNITY 21.09.2002 15:19
Eugene Celebration Parade - Whirled Peas and Rainbow of Love
From the open publishing newswire: Clutching steaming mugs and clad in pajama's while shivering in the late summer chill, Eugenians took to the streets at 8:00 a.m. this morning to watch the annual Eugene Celebration Parade; the theme: "Northwest of Normal". I haven"t attended the parade in the last few years, but really love them. It's unrivaled and I doubt like nothing one would ever see anywhere else. Parade participants bring issues to the streets, in fun and colorful ways.

The parade kick-off time has been 9:00 a.m. in the past, but this year, due to the Ducks football game commencing at 12:30, the parade got bumped up, much to the chagrin of many folks. Apparently the reason is because the cops cannot be in two places at once. Some people boycotted the parade for this reason.

The new and improved Autzen Stadium is one local issue that did not make its way into the parade, though I have heard a great deal of grumbling about it in past weeks. Maybe it was too late to submit a proposal, but many Eugenians are not happy about the millions of dollars that was dumped into making the U of O Ducks stadium bigger, while social services flounder and dry up. Meanwhile, word has it that the new Eugene Library (a work still in progress) may not be able to open its top floor nor have enough employees because of lack of funds. [ Read more... ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 21.09.2002 14:57
Corporate media coddling of Kroeker at PJTTF hearing
From the open publishing newswire: I listened patiently and waited for an opening. A short pause came and I asked "Do you believe the behavior of the Portland Police during the Bush protests affected your ability to get the job?" Silence. A reporter quickly interjected a question to relieve the Chief from answering. I waited for another pause and interjected the question again.

The "reporter" on my right flipped around in irritation and asked "would you let me do MY job?". I told him that because he chose to be paid for his work made him no more important than anyone else and that I was also a reporter. He said the question was good but asked at an "inappropriate" time.

It was a very appropriate time but neither he nor any of the others chose to pose it and became very shielding and protective of Kroeker when it was asked. [ Full story ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 21.09.2002 14:55
This is NOT what Democracy looks like (or my day with the PJTTF)
From the open publishing newswire: For those of you who were still awake after mark kroeker's long-wided, vacuous drone, followed by the absolutely pathetic whinging amd whining offered by michael conn ( who swears he is still affiliated with ohsu in some official capacity aside from a grant whore), you know that what we witnessed was an elaborate exhibition of the rapid death of democracy.

I attended these hearings already on the side of civil rights and democracy so that definitely puts me in the slant corner. I went with the notion to photograph the proceedings, and failed miserably (camrera malfuncion or user error, i still don't know), and to phone in reports to a stand-by reporter. There was nothing to phone in. Had i done so it would have gone like this: "ok, so the imperial invitees have had their 7 or 10 minutes to either drone or histrionically pead and everyone is now awake again. Call ya later" and "so, now, hmmm, let's see... uh, yeah. We aren't getting squat but they're entertaining us so's we don't, like, riot, or something". Yawwn...

Many people who spoke against the renewal succeeded their request with an addendum for an independent review board. Those courageous folks that did speak out against were a beautiful representation of a far-reaching cross section of our community. [ Read more... ]

PORTLAND POLICE STATE 20.09.2002 17:09
Portland Police Bullying/Threats at 2:45 AM 09-20-02
From the open publishing newswire: "At approximately 2:45 AM on September 20th, 2002, I was walking around the corner to the Plaid Pantry next to my home. I heard a Portland Police patrol car coming up the street with sirens blaring and lights flashing. I was angered by this because police in our city routinely use their sirens for no apparent reason other than to relieve boredom while en route to a call. This is completely inappropriate at 2:45 in the morning, when most people are trying to sleep. On numerous occasions my sleep has been interrupted by this problem. As of late, the police presence late at night seems to have risen considerably in my neighborhood, and I believe that it is nonsense, considering the fact that every time I see somebody pulled over on the road at this time of night there are at least four patrol cars, usually more, on the scene. This is unnecessary, and the manner in which they conduct their business is becoming a nuisance in my neighborhood. Because of this, and because I am a free and autonomous individual who wishes to exercise his 1st amendment right of free expression whenever the opportunity to do so may present itself, I chose to 'flip off' the patrol car as it sped past. After doing so, I continued into the Plaid Pantry. I walked inside and waited at the counter for the cashier to get back (I believe she was in the back room stocking the cooler when I walked in). As I stood there, I saw what I assume to be the same patrol car pull in to the parking lot from the opposite direction in which it had been originally headed (I assume that when the officer saw me flip him off, he flipped a U-turn and came back). The officer got out of the car, and entered the store. He walked up to me saying 'Hey, dude, what's with the finger?' at this point he grabs my arm 'Let's take a walk outside.'" [ Full story ]

Community Transportation Project
From the open publishing newswire: We all commit crime. Illegal lane change, jaywalking, fudging your taxes, stealing the bosses time and property. or grazing at the local corporate supermarket just to name a few examples. Some because of economic circumstances or substance abuse problems commit other infractions. The real crooks never wind up in prison. A glaring prison demographic is poverty and being of color. While the majority of Prisoners lived in urban areas, institutions of confinement are located in highly rural areas. To visit one must first get on the Greyhound for many hours of travel, then take a cab to the prison for its never on a city bus line. The Community Transportation Project is an initiative sponsored by Anarchist Black Cross Network-PDX. It is designed to encourage frequent visits to corrections facilities by providing transportation at little or no cost. ABC-PDX believes that by doing so we help maintain a Prisoners ties to their family unit and community. This project is unique in that we not only provide transportation but also a vehicle of advocacy.

[ Full Story ]

FOREST HACKERS 20.09.2002 13:10
Feinstein-Wyden Bill To Sell-Out National Forests
From the open publishing newswire: The final Feinstein-Wyden bill authorizing a massive timber giveaway under the guise of "fuel reduction" in our national forests is in. While lying to her constituents that the proposed bill would only target non-native species for fuel reduction, her final draft allows for millions of acres of timber to be logged. Furthermore, it exempts such projects from environmental review and other requirements specified in the National Environmental Policy Act. By terrorizing the public with overblown fears of wildfire, our county's last public forests are again at risk.

[ Full Story ]

EVENT IN EUGENE 20.09.2002 12:44
Eugene Celebration needs your peaceful and justice-seeking energy
From the open publishing newswire: Please join us Saturday for the Eugene Celebration !! It's early, but we peace and social justice activists are hardy folks, right? This entry will counteract the Red, White and Blue...rah,rah, rah let's go to war entries. It will also show the community that many Americans do not support the destruction of our civil liberties and the move to a war mongering culture in America. [ Full story ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 20.09.2002 01:01
PJTTF hearing: Vera Katz takes us one step further down the road of fascism
From an Anti-PJTTF/Portland Copwatch report, as posted to open publishing newswire: "the Council voted unanimously (4-0) to renew the Portland Police Bureau's agreement to be part of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force after just over 4 hours of testimony. The community--for the most part--did really, really well. At least 55 people testified in opposition to the task force; Only about 13 testified in favor..."

"Many good points were made about specific run-ins with the CIU and PJTTF, the files kept without the city's knowledge as exposed in the Portland Tribune, the reasons that police shouldn't be out of the auspices of our locally elected officials, and the historic precedent the council could set by rejecting the task force. The boisterous nature of the crowd, which had been warned many times about applauding but managed to keep doing so throughout the afternoon, carried all the way to the end." [ Full report, with many comments ]

From a piece of testimony given at the hearing: "The fascists in Nazi Germany could not have succeeded without the support of local government officials and business owners and we are seeing that again today in this room. The Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force is fascism. The corporate supporters of the Task Force are fascists. You, Mayor Katz, are a fascist and so is Police Chief Kroeker and any member of the City Council who votes in favor of the Task Force." [ Full story ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 20.09.2002 00:04
Cacadia Forest Alliance Action Camp this weekend
From the open publishing newswire: Action Camp Sept 20-22 - Action Camps are a way for people to learn the skills they need to defend the forests with non-violent direct action. Tree Climbing, first aid, Civil disobedience, Map and Compass, Legal workshops, Know your rights, Self-Defense and many more great trainings.

Carpools (friday all day through sunday morning) from CFA office. The action camp is in the solo timber sale. Please let us know if you are heading out there. Take 205 South to 224 East past Estacada, past the Ripplebrook Ranger Station, to the 224/57 juction, go left onto FS 57 (to Timothy lake) go 5 miles on 57 to FS 5730 go right onto FS 5730. Take that road to the action camp.

We will be camping at a high elevation so Bring warm clothes, a sleeping bag, tent or tarps, raingear and your flashlight. Bring some food and water, we will have community meals [ Read More ]

PEACE AND ANTI-WAR 19.09.2002 23:55
'Bush is a Lying, War-Mongering Scoundrel,' says PPRC
From the newswire: The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, September 20, at 5:00 p.m., will focus on the Bush Administration's drive for war on Iraq and on the lies and deceptions being used to bulldoze Congress into authorizing a military assault. "With Iraq unconditionally capitulating to weapons inspectors this week, we once again see how Bush's arguments for war are a series of lies and baseless propaganda," said Chris Roehm of the PPRC. "Rather than seize this opportunity to prove to the world that Iraq is on the verge of developing nuclear weapons, Bush's response makes it clear that he wants war no matter what the alternatives and no matter what the cost." The Bush administration has rejected Iraq's agreement to readmit weapons inspectors as a ruse and is now aggressively pushing Congress to authorize military action to overthrow Saddam Hussein. [ Read More ]

Iraq War--PLEASE, Stop What You're Doing and Get On The Phone NOW!

Also from the newswire: right NOW as you are reading this, Bu$h & Co. are bulldozing a resolution thru Congress for war with Iraq. Bu$h wants to pre-empt the United Nations and pass a Congressional war resolution within 48 hours. please CALL and EMAIL your Senators, Congresspeople, and the Whitey House IMMEDIATELY. this means ***RIGHT*** ****NOW****--PLEASE stop what you are doing, pick up the phone and CALL! [ Read More ]

STATE POWER 19.09.2002 23:41
Lawyers Ask: Are we living in a police state yet?
From the newswire: The show details freedoms lost since September 11 (extensive list, presented as a timeline) and details what may come in the future, including the nightmare executive orders that would empower FEMA. From the Patriot Act to Executive Orders that can be issued by the president and are not subject to review by Congress this two part program reviews the steps taken to limit freedom of speech and legal protection.

Who knows that there are already in place Executive Orders allowing the government to seize and control the communications media, food resources and farms as well as all health and educational institutions? TUC Radio put together a[n audio ] program featuring Attorneys Hormachea, Van Der Hout with Lynne Stewart [ Read More ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 19.09.2002 12:57
Urgent Action on Friday: Protect Forests and Wildlife, Defeat the Riders!!
From the newswire: Cascadia Forest Alliance consensed to hold an urgent action calling for the defeat (and if passed before then the repeal) of the so-called "fire riders" looming ominously over the future of the forests. These new "logging without laws" riders from sawdust hell would unleash irreparable destruction upon the forests and wildlife throughout the US.

Celebration of the Wild in downtown Portland: Time 11 AM Friday Sept. 20th, Location: Federal Courthouse, 1000 SW 3rd Ave, at Salmon and Main --gather at the park across the street.

We ask all activists groups and concerned folks to activate their phone trees and empower as many people as possible to join. In unity and diversity there is strength, in our combined alliance exists the ability to defeat the Bush, Craig, et al riders and the insatiable corporate greed destruction they represent. This call is Urgent, and the time is Now, for if these riders and related bills pass we will all be struggling with the ecologically devastating consequences [ Read More ]

UPCOMING EVENTS 19.09.2002 12:25
Reasons to get up and get out
Events from the open publishing newswire:

ˇAnti-Salvage Rider Protest in Eugene Thursday at 10 a.m.
ˇForest Fires: Fact and Fiction Using forest fires as a smokescreen, the Bush Administration is calling for lawless logging in our wild forests. Explore the facts about Oregon's forest fires, learn more about fire ecology, and what you can do to stop the "Son of the Salvage Rider." Thursday, September 19th - 7:30. Liberty Hall 311 North Ivy, $3 and up - no one turned away.
ˇUrgent action against "fire riders" which would unleash irreparable destruction upon the forests and wildlife throughout the US. Time 11 AM Friday Sept. 20th, Location: Federal Courthouse, 1000 SW 3rd Ave.

ˇPack City Hall to say NO! to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The notorious Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) is up for renewal in City Council chambers Thursday at 2:00 p.m.
ˇindymedia video night and how-to-be-the-media event at Reed College, Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
ˇNPDX Bike Works/Black Thorn benefit this Friday September 20th at North Portland Bike Works (3951 N. Mississippi).

[ Full September Calendar ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 19.09.2002 01:04
Pack City Hall to say NO! to the Joint Terrorism Task Force
From the open publishing newswire: "The notorious Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) is up for renewal in City Council chambers Thursday at 2:00 p.m. What is the PJTTF? A program that puts a bunch of spooks (FBI agents) in Portland to surveil and harrass activists. They say they're after terrorists, but that's pretty much a lie, unless you count their definition of 'terrorism' which is expanding all the time to include just about everybody who's against the status quo who stands up to say anything about it. Vera Katz wants to make Portland into a privatized, corporate-friendly, people-hostile police state, and the PJTTF is one of her main weapons.

"Tell Vera that she's full of shit and that we want to live in a city that's FREE. Tell the city council they need to show some backbone and compassion and vote against it. Tell the world that we are against this form of fascism. Some will argue that Nazi Germany succeeded not from top-down bureaucracy but through local tyranny. That's what we've got here in Portland with Vera and the PJTTF.

"Tell her NO to grand juries, NO to faked felony charges, NO to surveillance, NO to harrassment, and NO to the Joint Terrorism Task Force! Come in person by 1:00 to sign up for your 2-3 minutes. Last year, so many people signed up that the council had to tack on an extra meeting. Let's make 'em tack on TWO more this time. These monsters have to be stopped. Our very rights to protest, to dissent, to walk down the damn street, must be protected. [ Newswire article ]

More: [ Why Representing at the PJTTF Hearing - 9/19 is CRUCIAL | Stop the PJTTF - Write A Letter | PJTTF Needs to See Spiderman | How are we really going to stop the PJTTF? ]

2001 PJTTF Features: [ Oct. 4, 2001 - Mayor Katz forced to back-pedal: Joint Terrorism Task Force not renewed after all | Oct. 12, 2001 - Portland City Council meeting update | Oct. 17, 2001 - Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force renewed ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 18.09.2002 23:40
Election Results from Democracy Girl
From the open publishing newswire: These are the elections results from Multnomah County just in case you wanted to know...also the State results on the two ballot measures are included. OK..so i included the Portland City Council race too. I know how much you want to know all this.

[ Full story ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 18.09.2002 22:42
Sit/stand/lie protest in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: About 250 people gathered from 11am to 1pm???? (I left around 12:30) at Portland City Hall for a rally protesting laws which make it illeagal to sit, stand, or lie on a sidewalk in some circumstances. The laws are often used to harass the homeless, youth, activists and anyone not actively engaged in commerce.

A large media contingent (main$tream and local) was there as were people from a wide variety of different communities all coming together. I saw forest activists, Green activists, the folks from Sisters of the Road, homeless people, business people, clergy, elderly, youth and others. It was a diverse crowd for Portland and a nice rally.

[ Full story ] | [ SIDEWALK CAFES AND SIT/LIE ] | [ Background on this protest ]

Sit-lie Ordinance used to quash political dissent: [ Police break up all night vigil ] | [ Peaceful Vigil Disrupted by Portland Police Officers ]

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