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04.06.2007 17:15
Final Two Sentencings in Eco-Sabotage Cases

The last two defendants in the Oregon eco-sabotage cases will likely be sentenced to federal prison this week by U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken. In the past two weeks, Aiken has ordered the other eight defendants in Oregon to serve sentences ranging from 3 to 13 years. Just before the sentence hearings, Aiken determined that, despite no injury caused to any living being, some of the arsons constituted "terrorism" under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: the Romania car dealership, the Jefferson Poplar Farm, a Eugene police substation, and the destruction of a Bonneville Power Administration transmission tower. The two remaining defendants are Daniel McGowan and Jonathan Paul. McGowan has admitted involvement in the action against Jefferson Poplar.

The application of the terrorism enhancement to any of the defendants allows the Bureau of Prisons to place them in the harsh environment of maximum-security prisons, including 23-hours-a-day lockdown and potential assaults from the most violent criminals. The nonviolent defendants' crimes were committed nearly ten years ago. They have been contributing members of society since then and include a volunteer firefighter, an abused women's law clinic worker, and a health clinic worker. [...]

McGowan's hearing is at the federal courthouse in Eugene today [6/4/07], and Paul's is tomorrow.
-- Civil Rights Outreach Committee

NEWSWIRE UPDATE, 6/5/07: Jonathan Paul was originally sentenced to 51 months (4 years, 3 months) today. The sentence is in "abeyance." Due to some objections raised by Paul's lawyer, a sentence will be handed down in a couple of weeks after the lawyers go back and forth on paper one more time. Full court notes are here.

NEWSWIRE UPDATE, Afternoon of 6/4/07: Daniel McGowan was today sentenced to 84 months (7 years) with the Terrorism Enhancement applied for the Jefferson Poplar arson. A brief report is here. Daniel McGowan's statement to the court is here. Full court notes are now here.

NLG Calls "Terrorism Enhancement" Chilling to Free Speech

Previous Features: Eco-sabotage Cases: Second Week of Sentencing Begins | Eco-Sabotage Cases: Judge Aiken Rules on "Terrorism Enhancements"


04.06.2007 00:30
No Tenemos Miedo: Report Back on the Vigil Against Hate Crime
In Oregon city this evening, the community came together in solidarity with two Latino men who were attacked by racist, white teenagers at Wagon Wheel park on May 24th, and to demonstrate against a culture of racism and intolerance that has been growing and festering in this country.

I saw representatives from Jobs with Justice, the Rural Organizing Project, PFLAG, Veterans for Peace, the Unitarian Universalists, and the Coalition Against Hate Crimes, among others. I suck at estimating crowd size, so I won't even make the attempt, but there were a lot of people there. Across the street from the gathering, a huge banner hung from the bell tower atop the Unitarian church that read, "Hate Free Zone." And one after another, people came up to the mic to denounce the attacks and to reaffirm that, in the words of one woman, "This is not the kind of community we want to be; this is not the kind of community that we are."


04.06.2007 00:28
Report from Germany #5
I've been making benches out here in the German country side. My friends and I perfected our design and have now made a total of 5 for our barrio in Camp Reddelich. The wood for the benches and everything else was collected by a group I only know as the "hand crafters". They are kind of like carpenters guild with different members wearing different color pants showing their level of knowledge. They have built a 40 foot watch tower, showers, a playground, a bar with 2 fire pits and other things, all with uneven, un-processed wood. I love these "hand crafters" and want them to be everywhere.

I had a few days of light, siesta ridden work at the camp and saved up my energy for the demo on the 2nd. I knew something would probably happen but it wouldn't be too big. David Rovicks played in the bar, desperate for a joint, fire blazed in the pits, everyone had a good old time and then went to bed. The next morning I got on the train from Reddelich to Rostock with about 500 other people.


04.06.2007 00:24
Now the Sandy police have their very own copy of "28 Seconds"
This afternoon we packed up around 20 copies of this video and headed to Sandy. Though some had already been left at the library, we decided to stop there again. That is a perfect place for information dissemination. Since the library is right down the street from the police department, we took a look in that direction and saw a patrol car waiting outside. What a nice place to leave a DVD! We left one on the windshield and hope that it finds its way to the officer training program. Since Fred Meyer's got a good supply of the videos a week or so ago, we turned to Safeway and left several there. Slowly but surely the city of Sandy is learning the truth about what happened to Fouad Kaady.


04.06.2007 00:18
Schumacher Schaudenfreude
While researching other cases at the courthouse, I decided to look up Schumacher Furs on OJIN, and I found some interesting tidbits to put a little spring in your step as you dance on the grave of Schumacher Furs & Outerwear...

I passed by the now-empty shell of Schumacher Furs and Outerwear on SW Morrison today. All that appeared to be left were some display window lighting fixtures and the awning signs, which makes two buildings that still have Schumacher detrius on them (their previous 10th and Yamhill location also has a falling-apart sign still on the building).

But Schumacher Furs still is active in the court system. Besides the TMT lawsuit for back rent and lease violations and the anti-SLAPP claims by In Defense of Animals, PETA, and IDA-affiliated people, there are other people and organizations who have claims against Schumacher Furs. Turns out, Schumacher Furs stiffed their ad agency and allegedly stiffed a lawyer who worked for them!


02.06.2007 15:47
Support Rally for Latino men attacked by 20 white teenagers
We urge you to join human dignity groups, the immigrant community, and allies in a Vigil Against Hate Crimes:

Last Thursday, 20-30 white teenagers beat and threw stones at two Latino workers in the small town of Mulino. We are appalled and outraged at this racist, violent hate crime. Anti-immigrant sentiment has fueled countless other unreported violent acts against immigrant workers and families. Now is the time for us say no to hate and to fight for dignity and respect for all.

When: Sunday, June 3rd, at 6:00 pm
Where: Carnegie Center Park, 7th and Jefferson, in Oregon City.

Carpools from Portland at 5:15pm. Bring your car if you have one.
from North Portland: Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy St.)
from Southeast Portland: 2222 SE Caruthers

The anti-immigrant, anti-worker legislation being pushed in Congress is fueling hate crimes and vigilante violence in the streets (see pcasc.net/nodeal to take action).


02.06.2007 15:40
Germany: 700 activists occupy military base and colour watchtowers pink !
The 142 square kilometre Bombodrom (80 km north of Berlin) was used as a bombing range by the Soviet army for 40 years. Since 1992 the German military has been trying to take over the facility to establish an air-ground bombing range for German, EU and NATO forces to conduct combined operations of air and ground forces. In protesting at the site the demonstrators are trying to highlight the connection between the G8 and war and to clearly show their rejection and resistance to war

Following some anti-war rallies the military area began to be occupied as people began erecting tents to create a temporary settlement. A military tower was painted pink in a repeat of a previous action that saw the military destroying a similar tower when they couldn´t get rid of all the pink paint!



GERMANY: G8 Rostock Demo Rally Attacked by Police

Just after half past two when the march from the station was entering the harbour a scuffle broke out at the far end of the stadium area near the exit. Several police officers were dragging a man away while people around where trying to find out his name. The situation quickly escalated... People were pushed back and then some sticks thrown at the police who responded with pepper spray. A wave of about 50 police followed a few seconds later, charging towards the crowd and was met with a hail of sticks and stones. All in all for what was just about one arrest the situation very quickly got out of hand. The police repeatedly charged into the centre of the harbour area in squads of around 30 or so, and thus became surrounded by thousands of people... some might call it provocation. At one point they were slowly pushed back out by a crowd of hundreds all with their arms raised above their heads, but then the police just turned around and charged back in again spraying people with pepper spray.


Videos: 1, 2http://de.indymedia.org/en/


02.06.2007 06:24
To Chavez, Lula, Requião and Carlos Rovira.
According to Miguel Angel del Ser, of Survival-International, six indigenous cultures, including isolated enawene nawe, face the perspective of 11 barrages that are being constructed throughout the course of the Juruena river, that crosses their territory. At the same time an old plan of construction of five great barrages along the Xingu river has been reactivated and will threaten the way of life of 18 different indigenous cultures from the region. The original plan was filed in 1989 after a massive international protest.

Remote enawene nawe are only 420 and live mainly on the fishing. They are protesting against the plans of the soybean companies, directed by the greater producers of soybean of the world, the Maggi family, to dam the Juruena river and to obtain hydroelectric energy for the industry.

What we do ask to governor Rovira is the creation of the great reserve of the Araucárias, private and also public, with about 500.000 hectares, from which we would like to recommence the empire of the Araucárias, extending it again for all its vast past region.

Thanks a lot, Emilio de Lima. Save the Amazon.



02.06.2007 06:16
anti-venezuela bill entering congress
As expected, the special attention the US press has given to the Venezuela RCTV 'scandal' is now being used as a political tool for the US government to increase hostilities towards Venezuela.

below is the bill proposed in congress that our great 'representatives' will most likely approve, and thus pave the way for 'regime change' by any means necessary.

Comment/Update: Every Senator approved this fascist bill! We need to seek real change, not Democrat cosmetics. There must be something right about socialism, to create such a backlash.

Noam Chomsky on Recent Developments in Venezuela


02.06.2007 06:11
Amnesty International Presents Benefit Concert this Saturday, June 2nd
Amnesty International presents a Rock4Rights event; a benefit concert this Saturday, June 2nd from 8pm-midnight+ featuring four great local bands for just $10 with proceeds going towards
1) Stopping Violence Against Women and
2) Stopping the Atrocities in Darfur;

Hawthorne Theatre, all ages
**Please spread widely**

Rock4Rights, 1704 NW Johnson St, Portland, OR 97209


01.06.2007 10:17
Tuesday Recruiting Center Photos
There were about 10 of us standing this week outside the recruitment center. The doors were shut today as they are from time to time. Still, lots of visibility, and flyers handed out, signs held. As usual the ratio of passersby, either walking, biking, or driving is about 40-1 positive. There are the occasional individuals who give the finger or yell that they support the troops. Such a jingoistic slogan which is devoid of meaning. If someone says that and they are walking, I ask, how do you support the troops? Do you actually do something to support them? It was a couple months back when I saw an Iraqi vet standing on the street with a will work for food sign. Car after car with yellow I support the troops stickers drove past. I did not see a one stop to 'support the troops'.


01.06.2007 10:04
Olympia City Council Says No to Impeachment
The Olympia City Council's General Government Committee voted 2-1 to not endorse the resolution calling on Congress to begin an impeachment investigation of Bush and Cheney. Jeff Kingsbury and Joe Hyer voted against the resolution, while T.J. Johnson voted in support. Prior to that meeting, Joe Hyer sent out an email to City Council members with his concerns, taken straight from the Pelosi script. Here is his memo with my responses.


01.06.2007 06:45
Carpenter Strike!
NW Carpenters Northwest Carpenters Strike across Oregon and Southwest Washington. More than 1,300 Carpenters in Washington and Oregon walk off Jobsites over Inadequate Wage Increases

PORTLAND - The contract governing drywall, acoustic ceiling and lather specialists in Oregon and Southwest Washington expired midnight on May 31st. PNWRCC members and their representatives have been negotiating with drywall subcontractors for the last several weeks to hammer out important contract provisions that affect jobsite safety, productivity, wages and benefits.

Comments: "How can we support you?"
"come out to a picket line and picket with us. also, bringing anything for people to munch on while they are picketing would be great. The pickets are up all over down town, to find one, just look for a tower crane that is not moving, and there will be a picket there."

http://www.nwcarpenters.org | Recent Coverage/Background
8400 Carpenters Rock the Tacoma Dome, 5-30-07 | Video of strike at Macy's in Portland 6-1-07


31.05.2007 18:06
Stop a Wal-Mart Supercenter and its Super Traffic Before it Comes to Town!
Wake Up Walmart The City of Tigard is in desperate need of your opinion. The city is revising it's comprehensive plan - the blueprint for all future development in Tigard. The next step in the Comprehensive Plan process is to receive input and direction from Tigard's citizens.
Policy Interest Teams are now being organized through the City of Tigard, where Tigard residents will help create goals, policies and action measures to drive the Tigard 2027 Plan.

We're asking all interested parties to join teams to help raise the issue of traffic and discuss potential land use changes that will alleviate congestion. The current opportunity requires just a two month commitment.

To join a Policy Interest Team call Darren Wyss at or email him at  darren@tigard-or.gov.

For more information regarding Tigard's traffic mess and the current zoning which creates it please visit  http://www.tigardfirst.com


30.05.2007 20:00
EMERGENCY ALERT! Slaughter of Yellowstone Buffalo Calves Planned by Montana
bison calves playing The last wild buffalo need your help today! Please take a moment to read this alert and contact the three decision-makers listed below, demanding that they cease plans to capture and slaughter approximately 300 wild buffalo, including little calves, their moms, and families. The Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) has set up a bison trap near the West Yellowstone airport, on state land and they intend to begin capturing approximately 300 wild buffalo - including tiny newborn babies and their whole families - starting Thursday. Little buffalo calves between one month to a week old will be captured, separated from their moms, and join their family members at the slaughterhouse.

HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO: PLEASE CONTACT these three decision-makers TODAY demanding that they cease plans to capture and slaughter the buffalo who are trying to live wild and free! Contact each by phone, fax, and email and let's not let them forget that the world is watching! BOYCOTT BEEF! It's what's killing wild buffalo.



29.05.2007 21:20
Eco-sabotage Cases: Second Week of Sentencing Begins
image of flyer

The second week of sentencings in the Oregon federal eco-sabotage cases began on Tuesday, May 29, when Darren Thurston was sentenced to 37 months (3 years, 1 month) for his part in an arson at Litchfield, California's BLM Wild Horse Corral. The terrorism enhancement was not applied in this case. Complete court notes are here.

Reports from last week's sentencings may be found here.

Upcoming sentencing hearings this week are:
Thursday, May 31: Suzanne Savoie (9AM) and Kendall Tankersley (1:30)
Friday, June 1: (non-cooperating defendants) Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher

UPDATE, 6:30 PM 5/31/07: Suzanne Savoie received a sentence of 51 months plus 3 years supervisory probation in the first of today's sentencing hearings. In the second sentencing hearing of the day, Kendall Tankersley received a sentence of 46 months plus 3 years supervisory probation. Court notes for Suzanne Savoie are here . Court notes for Kendall Tankersley are here.

UPDATE, 6/1/07: Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher were both sentenced to 92 months plus three years probation today. Terrorism enhancements were applied for Romania Chevrolet and Jefferson Poplar arsons. Court notes for Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher are here.


29.05.2007 15:58
Bean Bagged 2X, Tasered 2X while unarmed
On April 3rd, a brief aquaintance in Michigan called the Oregon State Cops, saying I was gonna commit suicide and might confront cops if they were sent to my room. The funny thing is, I had plane tickets for Omaha the next morning to take a week to relax and think things over. A state cop called me and egged me on, harassing me over the phone, then he said cops were waiting at the door ready to break it in and get me.


29.05.2007 07:25
USFS dumping its most profitable campgrounds
The USFS is rapidly moving to privatize the operation of its most popular, highest revenue producing, campgrounds. Less-developed campgrounds and those incapable to producing a positive revenue stream will be closed or their seasons of operation severely curtailed. Those facilities that will be privatized will in many cases be heavily developed by the concessionaire in an effort to maximize revenues. Nothing I've just said is new, as you will see below. What's new is that the pace of this privatization / commercialization has accelerated to the point where it is possible to see the process occurring on a almost daily basis.

Pasted below are newspaper articles published in the past two days. One is from Arkansas, the other from Georgia. They are explicit and they should serve as a warning to everyone. Neither, however, mentions the Recreation Site Facility Master Planning Process --- the process now taking place nationwide and threatening to bring privatization, outsourcing, decommissioning, and/or shorter seasons of operation of your favorite Forest Service campground no matter where you live.

Here's the warning we offered in April 2005. The good news is that Congress is none too pleased with what the Forest Service is doing.


29.05.2007 07:21
Annie's Cabin Groundtruthing Blitz Saturday, June 2nd
The Decision Notice for the Annie's Cabin Timber Sale is scheduled to be released in late May or early June. This Bureau of Land Management (BLM) timber sale threatens to log approximately 500 acres around the Molalla River Shared-Trail System used for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Recent groundtruthing expeditions have discovered red tree vole nests, Oregon slender salamanders, and other types of nests. Bark needs your help to groundtruth the entire sale to ensure every acre is covered.

Please RSVP by May 31st with Joseph at  okuni@riseup.net so teams and ground-truthing assignments can be created ahead of time. Please let us know if you can drive, your vehicle clearance and number of people with you. No previous groundtruthing experience necessary. A quick training will be held before we split up to groundtruth.

We will be meeting at the Daily Grind (4026 SE Hawthorne Blvd) at 8:50am. Carpools will be leaving no later than 9:15am. We plan to try to get people back to Portland by 5pm. For people outside of Portland, we plan to meet at the Hardy Creek Trailhead at 10:15am. If you need directions, e-mail Joseph at okuni(at)riseup.net



27.05.2007 18:31
Reportback: Support at Wilson High
A "small" work force arrived about 9:30 a.m. That was the last time that the word "small" could be applied to the community that showed up in support of Maggie, Daniel, and all of their un named associates in dissent. By the time that was designated (11:00 a.m.), at least a hundred folks were present.

The first thing that became apparent to all of us, is just how little the school officials cared about the entire detail: All access gates to the school were chained and locked, a situation that is not normal, according to many who walk or play there every week end. This was an obvious attempt to keep the work detail small as the administration had predicted. No, it did not accomplish it's intention. Wheelbarrows were brought from homes, and we wheeled the donated sod from the street, up the hill to the quad, a distance of about three hundred yards. Dedicated rebels are not going to be silenced or discouraged, no matter how many stinkin fences you put in our way!


Previous Articles: Wilson H.S. peace sign planter: "..you're teaching us to silence our voices" | Peace signs are terrorism!?!?!?


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