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14.06.2007 03:47
Portland Business Owner Doing Okay At "Ground Zero To Day Labor Movement”
Businessman Charlie Becker & neighbors at

Alejandro is an immigrant from Oaxacaca, Mexico whose weathered, toughened hands betrayed his experience with construction jobs. In a recent interview, he said visiting the de facto day labor corners at SE 6th and Ankeny every morning has been his ongoing task for at least a month, every time landing him some type of work. "Oaxacaca is too much resting, not enough work," he explained. "In Portland there is good natural beauty and good jobs." His personal plan was to work here very hard for five years and then return home to his wife and two children, ages 7 and 4.

While some area businesses and property owners want laborers like Alejandro who search daily for work on and around the SE 6th Avenue and Ankeny intersection relocated as soon as possible to a new as yet unbuilt day labor center, others in the area have not made that demand. In fact, the functioning business closest to the day labor issue, the only one along that stretch of SE 6th Avenue whose front door literally opens into the on-street labor market, has been doing quite well and has no immediate plans to change.


previous: Portland's Newest Labor Movement? SE 6th & Ankeny Day Laborers May Relocate to New Center


13.06.2007 23:17
PDX Immigration Roundup: Tip of the ICEberg
Amnesty Now! In response to yesterday's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid at the Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. plant in North Portland, over 300 immigrant workers, worker families and immigrant rights supporters came together last night to voice concerns and learn about resources available to those affected by the worker roundup in which 167 were arrested and detained for immigration violations.


12.06.2007 08:50
Coming Soon to Drinking Water Near You
Oregon House Bill 3099, a mandatory water fluoridation bill which seeks to force the introduction of industrial toxic waste products into our drinking water, is very close to becoming law. After initial opposition was too strong to pass the original bill, "opt-out" clauses have been added, but this is still a wolf in sheep's clothing -- just a few extra phone calls and/or e-mails could make the difference. If you are familiar with the issue already, please take a few minutes to take action now, otherwise find out more now!


10.06.2007 21:35
Montana Lied, Intends to Slaughter!
buffalo mother's day WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO.

Your calls are needed now.
Approximately 50 wild buffalo are in the trap near West Yellowstone's
airport right now. After all their quotes in papers worldwide
promising not to slaughter any buffalo left in Montana, the agencies
have back-tracked on their word to the American people and others
throughout the world.


Agencies might also send yearling buffalo to the Corwin Springs quarantine facility, where they will be raised like livestock and used in scientific experiments. Half of all the yearlings sent to
Corwin Springs will be slaughtered.


Bikes/Community building 10.06.2007 14:53
Portland Naked Bike Ride and Kickass Dance Party Reportback
Pedalpalooza 2007 Naked Ride The Root Chakra prevails at Pedalpalooza's biggest ride yet! Your intrepid un(der)cover(ed) Indymedia reporter was there to bring you the details.


10.06.2007 12:48
Boise neighborhood still being MALed
How has the streetscape plan come to arrive on Mississippi and how does it relate to Rachel Elizabeth's appeal of The City Garden development scheduled June 25th before the Historic Landmark Commission?

Let's start at the very beginning. Mississippi Ave is in a Pedestrian District. This means that new developments must provide a 12 foot sidewalk. There are two ways that this is achieved, the builders either step their building back 2 feet or the street may be narrowed. In either case, the Developers provide (pay) for the modifications to the right of way. It is more common for new developments to step back their building. This is what PDOT told The Mississippi Ave Lofts (MAL) they must do when they were going through review. But, they did not want to do that so they arranged to talk with a PDOT supervisor. They met with Kurt Krueger and the outcome was that the street would be narrowed instead.


10.06.2007 12:45
Code Pink and Veterans for Peace You rock!
In a preemptive strike for peace, CODE PINK and VETERANS FOR PEACE chapt. 72 marched along the route of Saturdays Grand Floral Rose Festival Parade.

Bright pink umbrellas spelling the word IMPEACH and other banners calling for peace brought delight and amusement to thousands who lined the route waiting to watch the 'official' parade.


10.06.2007 12:43
Grannies Arrested Blocking Tank in Portland
Two of the "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies " of the Surge Protedtion Brigade were arrested on June 9th stopping the tank that was in the Rose Parade in Portland, Oregon.

Bonnie Tinker and Sara Graham were arrested at the 100th Anniversary Portland Rose Festival Parade when they stood to block a U.S. Army Tank from entering the parade.

Why Try to Stop a Tank from Parading Through Portland?
This is a time to mourn war, not to celebrate it.
The military section of this parade is intended to honor "the Greatest Generation."
Inviting the veterans to march in the parade honors veterans.
Honoring service to country is what democracies do.
Parades are fun, but if we want to honor our veterans, we should also pay for the health care and services they need and deserve.

Related Articles: Frontline Peacemakers The Grannies, Stop Tank In Bloody Tracks | Seriously Pissed Off Grannies Block Tank - 2 Arrested


10.06.2007 12:36
Monsanto Buys Terminator Technology: U.S. approves take-over of seed company
On June 1, 2007 the United States Justice Department gave the green light for Monsanto's $1.5 billion takeover of the world's largest cotton seed company, Delta & Pine Land (D&PL) -- the US company that developed and patented the world's first Terminator seed technology.

Terminator seeds are genetically engineered to be sterile after first harvest and were developed to stop farmers from saving seed.

"As the biggest seed company in the world, Monsanto stands to gain the most by incorporating Terminator technology into all its seeds, thus forcing farmers to buy new seed every year" said Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.


09.06.2007 16:21
Update: Tire Burning Plant Shoved Outta Town by Angry St Helensistas
Last month, I reported that Reklaim Technologies was trying to build a dirty, toxic tire-burning plant along the Columbia river, in the city of St Helens.

At the time that I wrote that report, it appeared that the permit for this facility was a done deal. The groundwork had been laid in the middle of the night, sneaking in under the radar in an effort to avoid citizen involvement in this decision. Ever-grasping planning commissioner Skip Baker appeared to already have his mind made up, and Reklaim spokespersons were already rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation of the new facility. However, the people of St Helens have proved to be more than these greedy industrialists bargained for.


09.06.2007 10:34
Press Release: Portland Stop La Parota Dam Action at Sears
La Parota Dam On Friday, Stop La Parota PDX launched its campaign to pressure companies with ties to the financing of La Parota Dam to sever all connections to the destructive project.

Activists held a colorful demonstration in front of the Lloyd Center Sears to demand the Sears Holding Corporation cut all ties to Grupo Carso. Grupo Carso is the financial umbrella of Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim Helú, who has publicly declared that Grupo Carso subsidiaries will be involved in every aspect of La Parota.

La Parota, a 765-megawatt hydroelectric dam slated for the Papagayo River in Guerrero, Mexico, is a classic infrastructure expansion project resulting from trade agreements like NAFTA and the FTAA in the worst of ways. The dam would submerge 43,000 acres of forest and farmland along the river's banks, displacing at least 25,000 mostly indigenous campesinos (subsistence farmers) from the Communal Lands of Cacahuatepec. Already, indigenous resistance to the dam has been met with imprisonment and murder.

Peasants Against La Parota Dam Talked with the Company that Promotes the Installation of the Hydroelectric Central | Marcos: "Only With a War in the Mexican Southeast" Will They Be Able to Build the Parota Dam in Guerrero


09.06.2007 10:30
G8: Report from Germany #7
If they deny us information about our culture, our people and our revolution they deny us something to extract hope from. The corporate media is the corporate media and they will NEVER give us that satisfaction, nor will they ever give us a revolution to `join´. So, please, do not complain or gripe about their lack of coverage. The corporate media is the systems most powerful weapon and they use it well.

On that note: Germany is full of things which should give you all something to hope for. I am currently in a GIANT squat, having been taken in by a total stranger. I am surrounded by anarchists. In my conversations here I have learned that there has never been a black block like the one seen on the 2nd of June in Rostock. I was part of something unprecedented here, something I do not think I have even dreamed of. A few blocks away from is a park that used to be the wall between East and West Germany. After the collapse of the East 200 houses were taken over. While the government is systematically trying to crush all of them, the ones that survive are thriving centers of revolution. They are living examples of the world we wish to build. The `left scene´ here is not something always hoping to finally do something, it is something. It IS a new world. And it is fighting a WAR against the state.

Report from Germany #6


09.06.2007 10:25
Pedalpalooza: multiple donut debauchery!
Yesterday was the kickoff to two weeks of nonstop mad bicycle love.

It all started with a "parade" leaving from Jamison Square at 7pm. A great location for staging too, what with the Farmer's Market across from the southeast corner of the square (complete with petting zoo and miniature pony rides for the kids!).

I meandered about the grassy area east of the fountain taking in the dazzling array of bike creativity on display: Unicycles, trikes, tall bikes, and highly unusual spaceage, imported German Human Powered Vehicles! ( http://www.greenash.net.au/images/go-one-velomobile). And most of them decorated in innumerable ways: a triple decker tall bike with "wings" intended to look like an old biplane, the rider complete with aviator goggles; a "chariot" a la ancient Rome; numerous "xtracycles", one with a mobile soap bubble generator (the kids loved it!), and on and on.

Pedalpalooza: 17 Days of Bike Fun, June 7th-23rd


06.06.2007 15:31
G8 Protest: More than 10,000 block Heiligendamm
As hundreds of G8 delegates arrived in the area today, mass blockades seriously interrupted their arrival in the fenced security zone. Thousands of activists blocked all routes leading to the G8 meeting venue. Over 10,000 people blocked the fence gates and breached the newly declared zone around the fence in which all demonstrations had been declared illegal. In the evening, police violently dispersed one of the blockades, while others were continuing, with several thousand people still on the streets. Other activists were protesting in the streets at the Laage airport.

In the late evening, more than 1000 people prepare to stay overnight in three blockades.
Pictures 1 | Pictures 2 | Pictures 3
Germany IMC (en) | G8: Breakthrough to the fence

Follow the continuous flow of latest updates in english at IMC Breaking News (also available in 5 other languages: de, it, fr, es, gr)


06.06.2007 07:32
Portland's Newest Labor Movement? SE 6th & Ankeny Day Laborers May Relocate to New Center
Preparing to Move?  Pressures Rise to Oust Day Laborers from SE 6th & Ankeny Plans are in motion by the city, businesses and even labor advocates to relocate mostly poor Hispanic day workers from a long established SE 6th & Ankeny site to a new day labor center, yet to be built or located. Mayor Tom Potter will meet with participants in latest round of public planning dicussions set for 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 6, in Lovejoy Room on 2nd Floor at City Hall.

"Sometimes it's okay, but sometimes no," Avl Bararcas explained in the raw, biting wind ripping through the Willamette River valley down Southeast 6th Avenue just a few steps from East Burnside. "Sometimes it's three hours waiting. Sometimes you wake up and come to here, the bosses are coming and you go to work. But sometimes you wait for three hours, four hours."

The anti-immigrant hysteria rising daily in Oregon and throughout the country has certainly added to the already considerable pressures faced by day laborers. A clear and malicious sign of the times occurred late last month when published reports allege a mob of 20 to 30 white teenagers beat and threw stones at two Latino men in an unprovoked attack at a park south of Oregon City. According to police, the mob kicked, beat and pummeled the Salem men with large rocks while chanting, "Go back to Mexico." Last weekend, a group of about one hundred rallied at the park to protest the rising anti-immigrant hate and violence.



06.06.2007 07:30
This weekend, Int'l Day of Solidarity with Jeffrey Free Luers
The 2007 International Day of Solidarity with Jeffrey Free Luers takes place this coming weekend, June 9th. This is a very critical time in Jeff's case as he awaits resentencing. It is also a trying time for the activist community in general with the recent bogus terrorism enhancement to the defendants in the Green Scare cases sentenced these past 2 weeks. See  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/topic/greenscare/

To support legal efforts on behalf of both Jeff and the Green Scare defense, please go to  http://www.cldc.org. As always, direct donations can be made to Jeff at  http://www.freefreenow.org/donate.html

I hope you join us in this Day of Solidarity and help spread the word about Jeff's case and others. For the original statement about this event and other details, go to  http://freefreenow.org/june2007.html or see the end of this email. Thank you for your support!
-Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers


06.06.2007 07:22
NLG Calls "Terrorism Enhancement" Chilling to Free Speech
June 5, 2007 New York. The National Lawyers Guild calls the terrorism sentencing enhancement issued to Daniel McGowan yesterday an unnecessary and excessive government tactic to discourage the exercise of free speech. U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken sentenced McGowan to seven years in prison, calling one of the fires an act of terrorism because of a communication issued after the first that referred to potential legislation aimed at activists (which would indicate an attempt to influence the government). Ten activists plead guilty to committing property crimes-most of which were arsons-that carry average sentences ranging from 5-8 years in prison. The terrorism enhancement, Section 3A1.4 of federal Sentencing Guidelines, can add 20 years to each of the sentences laid out in the plea agreements. Formal sentencing began on May 22 and continued through today.

National Lawyers Guild Executive Director Heidi Boghosian says, "Is this what a terrorist is? Applying terrorism enhancement to property crimes where the perpetrators went out of their way to minimize the risk to human life makes little sense as a matter of law or common sense. Americans know the different between Daniel McGowan and Osama bin Laden, and this effort to subvert the fairness of the judicial system is an affront to the values they hold dear."

National Lawyer's Guild, NYC Chapter


06.06.2007 07:14
NASA - Greenland Ice Melting at Increasing Rate
Global Warming Glaciers NASA released two reports Thursday on climate change.

A research team has been in Greenland measuring the ice sheet and glaciers for three weeks with new laser and radar equipment. They say that "Greenland has experienced a significant loss of ice." " ...the ice sheet and glaciers have been melting at an increasing rate over the past several years." "Some of the island's major glaciers have sped up since the turn of the century, with documented thinning from 65 to nearly 100 feet per year." In the other report, The chief climatologist at NASA Dr. James Hansen again states that the earth is close to 'tipping points' that will make it impossible to slow the warming. Only here he reveals that it will not take much more warming to hit those points.

On a bazzarly ironic note, head NASA Administrator (non- scientist, political appointee) Michael Griffin said on NPR "To assume that (global warming) is a problem is to assume that the state of the Earth's climate today is the optimal climate, the best climate that we could have or ever have had and that we need to take steps to make sure it doesn't change..." He also said aid he doubts that global warming is an issue mankind should address. Do these statements sound like what the top guy at NASA should be saying ....especially the day that research is released on Greenland's ice melting at an accelerating pace?


06.06.2007 07:10
NEST is back! Help save Cascadia's Forests
N.E.S.T. The Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team (N.E.S.T.) is a group of forest defenders committed to protecting the habitat of rare species associated with old growth and late-successional forests. NEST enforces environmental protections built into the Northwest Forest Plan (NWP). In 2004, Bush and the timber industry conspired to end the protections provided by the Survey and Manage portion of the NWP. However, their conspiracy was short lived because in January, a U.S. District Court judge upheld Northwest Forest Plan rules that required on-the-ground inspections for various animal and plant species before logging can begin. This ruling halted more than 140 logging projects on public land in the Northwest -- about three-quarters of them in Oregon -- after concluding that the Bush administration illegally stopped checking for sensitive species before letting the cut proceed.

So starting this summer NEST will resume it's citizen surveys for sensitive species. Nest will begin its activities starting in June and continue throughout summer. NEST needs volunteers of all kinds!


06.06.2007 06:59
Rostock: Tens of thousands protest against the G8
Rostock G8 In the run-up to the G8 Summit next week, tens of thousands of anti-G8 protesters, with several thousands on the Black Bloc alone, took part in the international demonstration in Rostock on 2 June, 2007.

With colourful banners and puppets, protesters of different backgrounds tried to draw attention to the bigger problem of capitalism and the 'empire'. Police was very aggressive and provocative, using batons, water cannons and tear gas, not only against the 'bad protestors' but 'normal' ones as well. Violent confrontations were taking place while, on stage, the concert and speeches were trying to continue. Over 100 people were arrested and many injured on both sides.

Reports: [en] 1 | 2 | 3 | [de] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | [it] 1 | 2 | 3
Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14
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