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02.07.2007 03:17
Model rocketry: "lethal and highly illegal"
The day Kyle and I finished the device, we decided to test-fire it in what we perceived to be a safe location in the nearby area. The location was ideal. It was on a dirt lot away from any property or timber that could be damaged, an area I had practiced target shooting with my bow years prior. It was an area that a lot of local kids, like I had done, visited frequently to light off firecrackers and shoot slingshots without getting into huge trouble or burning something down.

Kyle and I put the launcher into the cab of my Ford Ranger and, followed by my father (who decided to come along to take pictures), headed to the area which was located just down the road from our house. As we pulled into the lot, the ignition switch was touched somehow and the rocket ignited in the truck, filling the cab with smoke, resembling a particular scene from a Cheech & Chong movie. No damage done. At that exact moment, however, a squad car pulled in behind us and turned his lights on.

My truck was searched, the launcher was seized and given over to the State Police. From there, it was handed over to the FBI in Salem. Little did we know, the property I had been visiting for years was newly-acquired airport property. Now it was a matter of National Security.


29.06.2007 18:15
People to Reklaim: NO! We STILL Don't Want You Here
Earlier this month, the people of St. Helens gathered to demonstrate their ferocious opposition to the attempt by Reklaim Technologies to site a tire burning plant in our town.

We did so in spite of the sneaky, underhanded attempt on the part of our corrupt city officials (most notably, city planner Skip Baker) to sell us out. Baker made a backroom deal with Reklaim, and did not even bother to notify the people of this community that we were about to be assaulted by the dirty, smelly, toxic fallout that spells profit and dollars for a few, and poison and waste for the rest. Apparently, we were not worth consulting about this, as Baker did not want to be bothered with pesky public input.

Word got out, though, and before the ink was dry on the first checks, the people of St. Helens were organizing.


29.06.2007 17:52
Governor Ted Kulongoski Wages War On Oregon's Wildlife
Salem - Big Wildlife, an international wildlife protection organization headquartered in southern Oregon, slammed Governor Ted Kulongoski today for unleashing what the group described as the Governor's "war on Oregon's wildlife."

The organization condemned the Governor for enacting legislation Wednesday afternoon that would reinstate the cruel practice of using packs of dogs to pursue cougars. The newly signed law essentially overturns Measure 18, a 1994 voter-approved ban on hounding of the big cats, by permitting the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to deputize hound hunters to implement the Department's Cougar Management Plan.

That plan calls for killing nearly 2,000 cougars across the state. In addition, Big Wildlife said the Governor has for years been "aiding and abetting a brutal and unnecessary program of killing bears who peel the bark of trees on corporate timberlands" in Oregon.



27.06.2007 20:38
Help With Coalition To Abolish Animal Testing's Educational Outreach Campaign
Every 2 weeks, including this Sunday, CAAT (Coalition To Abolish Animal Testing) volunteers go out in the community and put door hanger flyers on doors. The campaign has been ongoing for over 5 years and has distributed over 60,000 doorhangers in the greater Portland area.

CAAT is looking for some new volunteers to help out. Every other Sunday morning, a group of people go out together. It is a fun group and nice to walk around different neighborhoods in Portland. The flyers are placed on the doors, but when there is dialog with people, it is usually positive. It would also be helpful if people wanted to go out by themselves but don't have time on Sunday morning.


27.06.2007 12:40
We Fought the Law and We Won!!!!!!
The state has given up and will dismiss the naked bike ride case -- all four counts!!!

Thanks to Paul Piche, Shirley Fitzgerald, Diane Woodcock, and Damon Woodcock, who all spent endless FREE hours investigating this case, and never wavered in their devotion and commitment to protect everyone's right to ride naked in front of the justice center, in front of Cinema 21, in front of shoppers on NW 23rd, endless cellphone cameras, and of course, the Portland Police.

Thanks to the naked witnesses, Jasun Wurster, Adam Douglas, Kyle Kelly, Curt Dewees, and of course Rev. Phil for making this representation such a joy!


27.06.2007 12:37
Hot Springs, Arkansas: More Police Brutality on Go Skateboarding Day
13 year year old Jarad Graham being A video is circulating the likes of MySpace and YouTube wherein several young boys- and one girl- in Hot Springs, Arkansas, decided to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. While skateboarding downtown, one was arrested- and it appears to be because he was skateboarding.

One youth took a picture of the Officer Joey Williams on top of thirteen year old Jarad Graham, who was facing up, and Williams has his hand around the boy's throat. After handcuffing the child, he chased the person who took the photograph, leaving the child in handcuffs. Williams later comes back, takes the child to speak with him away from his friends, and tells the boy he was in violation of city ordinance and resisting arrest... resisting arrest for what? WHY was he arrested in the first place?


27.06.2007 12:34
Peace Vigil in Sandy June 22
As I drove up to Mt Hood this past Friday I did a u turn to get a few pictures of these peacemakers in Sandy Ore.

It was inspiring to me, I am proud of these dozen anti war activists out on the front lines in Sandy.

Good Job!

Here is the 2 min youtube video link:


27.06.2007 12:33
Audio File: Portland Demonstration to Support Immigrant Rights
This is a 44 minute audio file of the speeches which took place at the ICE building, before the march to Pioneer Square.

The list includes, among others, a teacher, a Latino student, a representative from the Mayors office, someone from the labor unions, as well as a mother arrested during the raids.

The audio report begins with some spirited Latino music and is moderated by Shuzuko Hashimoto, of Portland Central America Solidarity Committee.


25.06.2007 02:44
Reportback and Photogs of Rally to Support Immigrant Rights
Today, June 24, 2007, somewhere between 400-500 people gathered in front of the Immigration building on SW Broadway in downtown Portland to protest recent raids at the Del Monte canning facility in Washington State.

The Demonstration, organized by Portland Immigration Rights Coalition, gathered at the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) office for a series of speeches, and then marched on the sidewalk down Broadway to Pioneer Square, for more speeches. All those who spoke did so in both English and Spanish or were interpreted from either language to the other.

Audio of the Protest
suggestions for sticking up for immigrants


25.06.2007 02:42
Video File: Out the Earl
George "W" Bush paid a visit to Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer on Tuesday, June 19, 2007, specifically to thank him for supporting his Free Trade agenda.

Apparently, Blumenauer had been meeting behind closed doors with Democratic House leaders Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel, the White House, other House Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce to hammer out a deal extending NAFTA-like trade agreements with Panama and Peru.

These politicians claim that the deal has unprecedented labor and environmental provisions included, but there is no guarantee that these provisions will make it into the text of the legislation itself.


25.06.2007 02:40
photos from Washington County Peace Vigil June 20, 2007
Over 50 people attended Wednesdays peace vigil from 6:30 pm. Lone Vet: Your signs are welcome at our weekly vigil. Please join us.

Earlier this week, 15 US soldiers were killed in a 40 hour period.This senseless occupation continues while the conservatives keep repeating the same untrue talking points. Keep letting your elected officials know we oppose this insane foreign policy through your calls, faxes and e-mails to their congressional offices.


25.06.2007 02:13
Lone Vet Report
Many of you might know that my original name here was Lone Vet 2000; I took that name because I started my lonely journey after bush was appointed, the first time. I wrote, signed petitions, and became a pain in the ass to those who supported the war in Iraq. I was convinced we were headed towards a disaster. During the 2004 campaign, I went to the Morrison Bridge with my signs telling people what a madman we had in the White House----I was horrified by the results.

I remember most people in passing cars would yell things like, "You lost, get over it"-- "Bush is the man", "Kerry is a coward"--etc, etc. I was called a commie, a coward, stupid, sad American, and terrorist. There were a few times when I thought I was going to be run off the bridge by a car or truck. I knew I was on the side of what America was supposed to be and not what we had become--a nation of invaders.


24.06.2007 13:00
POWER SHIFT voices from the Camp for Climate Action 2006 screening June 25th Red&Black 8pm
Bikes to the Future WHEN: MONDAY JUNE 25th @ 8pm
WHERE: Red & Black Cafe, 2138 SE Division St. (503)231-3899
WHAT: Monday night movie showing presents:

voices from the Camp for Climate Action 2006
In the summer of 2006, the 5th hottest year ever recorded in recent history, 600 people convinced that there is no time to waste set up a Camp for Climate Action in the shadow of one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in Yorkshire / UK.
28 SECONDS: The Killing of Fouad Kaady
For 18 months, the police and the corporate media have claimed that the killing of Fouad Kaady was justified. They said he was on drugs. They said they feared for their lives. They said he threatened to kill them. They said officers "never violated policies or procedures."
We beg to differ.


22.06.2007 19:20
Portland Event in Support of Briana Waters, 6/28
flyer image Community advocate Briana Waters has been caught up in the Bush administration's "eco-terrorist" hysteria. As a vocal pacifist and a devoted mother, Brianna is an unlikely candidate for a terrorist. Swept up during the hysteria of the renewal of the US Patriot Act, the charges are vague and and a product of guilt by association.

Friends and supporters will host a "Folk the Man!" benefit event on Thursday, June 28. The event will take place at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy, beginning with speakers at 7PM and followed by music from 8PM onwards. Speakers will address Briana Waters' case, and also Bush administration's attacks on civil liberties and the right to criticize the government. Acclaimed folk artists Hanz Araki (myspace.com/hanzaraki) and Timothy Hull (timothyhull.com) will perform.

Admission for the event is a $10-20 sliding scale donation. All proceeds will benefit Briana Waters' legal defense.


22.06.2007 07:02
Protest the Military for Gay Pride Saturday June 23
Members of The Surge Protection Brigade will hold protest at the Army/Marine Recruiting office at 1310 NE Broadway in honor of Gay Pride Month on Saturday, June 23 at 10:00 AM. The Theme of the protest is "DO Ask, DO Tell, DON'T JOIN. "Discrimination is wrong, said Bonnie Tinker, but serving as a hired soldier in the US Military is even worse." Youth are routinely given misleading information in an attempt to get them to sign up with the Military, says Ann Huntwork. "Once they are in they find out things are different than they expected and they can't get out."

The Surge Protection Brigade urges all youth to ASK military recruiters to leave them alone, to TELL recruiters that they can't be paid to enough go to Iraq where they will kill or be killed, and to refuse to JOIN an immoral and illegal war.

After the demonstration at the recruiting office, The Surge Protection Brigade will join Military Families Speak Out to protest a recruiting festival at Clackamette Park in Oregon City. The Army is sponsoring a picnic and play day for Portland-area residents who joined the Army. The event advertises a "virtual Army experience".


20.06.2007 20:49
Minutemen Outnumbered By Human Rights Activists At City Hall Protest
It looked to me like a 30% minuteman supporters turnout And a 70% Human Rights turnout of supporters. I went to show support and solidarity against the HATE protest

The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies had a city Hall meeting on an un related issue of having TANKS on our city streets. When they came out of the front doors into the "protest zone" they were chanting and marching side by side. I didn't quite hear well what they were saying ...but I got it on film. When they came out with their march .....the energy ratcheted up and the minute men started getting louder to voice their (sic) message.

Reportbacks:1, 2

Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime
OR State Senator speaks out against I.C.E. raids
Sin Fronteras Statement on Oregonians for Immigration Reform

MinuteKKKlan/anti-immigrant forces at Seattle Space Needle on 6/23/07 (1pm).


20.06.2007 05:28
Bike-In Movie Benefit for OLIN/Sin Fronteras PDX
Abajo la Frontera!

farmingville (u.s., documentary, 2004) the human impact of national immigration laws that perpetuate racism, fear, and violence.

wallyball - a short film about the u.s./mexico border wall

8:30 pm
2825 NE Dekum

olin is a collective affiliated with Portland Sin Fronteras focusing on solidarity work with revolutionary anti-authoritarian groups in Mexico. we are raising funds to send to the CIPO-RFM, an indigenous Magonista organization in Oaxaca, to aid in travel costs for CIPO members as they accompany the Zapatista delegation currently touring Mexico and prepare to send delegates to the Intercontinental Indigenous Conference in Sonora this October. We are also accepting donations of computer parts as well as collecting medical supplies for developing autonomous clinics in CIPO communities.

for more info contact us at olin@riseup.net

Sin Fronteras Portland Statement on Oregonians For Immigration Reform


17.06.2007 16:26
Imigration reform or blatant racism and nationalism?
Twice this past year, the kindest hard workers in my work force have been deported or not allowed back into the united states for trumped up reasoning. Typo on paperwork, or legitimate citizen, it no longer seems to matter, they disappear overnight with no warning. The recent CIA bust of 160 workers in north Portland is nothing new, just more obvious.

What is so overlooked is the ridiculous double standard in place. We can't have immigrants working here, but we can ship jobs to other countries. Where's the logic in that?


15.06.2007 03:14
Immigration Raids: Standing Up for Neighbors

Two days ago, ICE attacked our neighbors and comrades. They did so in the name of Homeland Security and the federal government. Families were broken apart, parents were ripped away from their children, wives and husbands were torn from their spouses. This is not right. Cascadians, this is an assault on our community, on our comrades. We will not stand for it.

On the night of the attack, hundreds of supporters flooded into St Andrew's Catholic Church to express their outrage, offer support to the detainees, and demand an end to the raids. Even the mayor of this city denounced the assault. Community members are beginning to organize a new Sanctuary movement. Let it grow.


Mass Rally Saturday At Tacoma Detention Center

We will stand in solidarity with detainees where they are being held in Tacoma Detention Center (1623 East J Street, Suite 2--Tacoma, Washington) Saturday June 16th, 1-4pm

Carpools from Portland leave @ 10am
- Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy St. Portland, OR)
- Ascension Catholic Church (7507 SE Yamhill St Portland, OR)


related: Immigrant Rights Handbook | How to help respond to the raids


15.06.2007 03:07
Grannies Project War Images On Buildings
Three ...  4 .......What are we fighting for? On Saturday 6-8-07 The SPOG Brigade of Grannies use a DVD, a projector, and a generator, to shoot war images on walls downtown near the Rose Festival Fun Center

Joe Anybody filmed the two projections by the Grannies on 6-8 and posted a video on YouTube here:

The montage of Pictures and Sounds from Iraq that the Grannies projected onto the walls is also
on YouTube you can see it here:


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