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26.07.2007 13:55
Dennis Banks @ PSU 7/27
Dennis Banks will be speaking at the Native American Student and Community Center. Light refreshments will be available. This event is free and open to the public.

Dennis Banks will be speaking about the 30th anniversary of the "Longest Walk". The event will begin at 7pm July 27th
NASCC is located at 710 SW Jackson st


25.07.2007 15:32
Man involved in attack on Hispanics in Mulino sentenced
Austin Greenwood was sentenced on Thursday.

Eighteen year old Austin Greenwood was sentenced to three years in prison for attacking two Hispanic men along the Molalla River at Wagonwheel Park on May 24th of this year. His attorney told Judge Ronald Thom that the incident was not racially motivated, but apparently it was serious enough to warrant a lengthy prison stay. Greenwood did plead guilty to assault and criminal mischief and he must pay restitution to Edwin Gonzales and Bivial Guzman. He was heard yelling "Go back to Mexico" as he threw rocks at the two men. (Not racially motivated?....hmmmmmm)


25.07.2007 15:14
Filipino Workers will continue fight against the terror law
The Human (In)Security Act chokes the air of democracy... The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) today called on labor solidarity against the anti-terrorism law, which takes effect today and declared support for moves to bring the Constitutionality of the law to the Supreme Court.

"There is a thick blanket of fear in the air with the threat of the anti-terror law against all freedom-loving Filipinos," warned APL Secretary-General Josua Mata. "The Human Security Act (HSA) is prone to abuse as it operates under a deliberately vague and broad definition of 'terrorism', which undermines our freedom of association, assembly and movement," he warned.

"The HSA cannot - and does not - address terrorism," Mata added. "It is aimed at stifling legitimate political dissent," he added.



25.07.2007 15:11
Philippines: On Mrs. Arroyo’s 7th State of the Nation Address
"Gloria's economy is not working." This is what the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) said of Mrs. Arroyo's flamboyant and rosy economic claims; two days shy from the Executive's 7th State of the Nation Address (SONA) this 23rd of July. In an economic forum at the University of the Philippines, FDC said if there is one way of truly measuring the economic performance of this government, then it is by scrutinizing our current debt situation beyond what is being peddled to us by Mrs. Arroyo's economic managers and spin doctors.

"If Mrs. Arroyo has anything to say on the debt during her SONA, most likely it would be a boring reiteration of her deceptive claims that the debt problem is 'over' or is being managed prudently," FDC President Ana Maria R. Nemenzo said. "While this assertion may be partly true, however, these so-called improvements in the debt statistics have been achieved through pre-payment of loans in exchange for new loans with longer maturity, decreased availment of agencies of direct loans and the unplanned resurgence of our currency—all of which speaks of Mrs. Arroyo's core debt management strategy of borrowing heavily to pay old debts," Nemenzo said.



25.07.2007 15:09
tacoma infoshop grand opening party!
Pitch Pipe Infoshop is kicking off with a party on July.

The infoshop will include a community lending library, computer(s) with internet access, coffee and tea, possible organizing and meeting space, movie nights, skill sharing, conversation and ideas, and hopefully much more.

So please come and bring your friends and family to the grand opening party. There will be food, music, and fun. Everyone is welcome!

Friday July 27, 7:30pm-10pm (after Critical Mass)
617 South 17th St (corner of S 17th & S G St)
Tacoma, WA



25.07.2007 15:01
Veterans march at the Lakefair parade in Olympia
Peace in Oly The Rachel Corrie and Portland chapters of Veterans for Peace marched in the Lakefair Parade last Saturday. So there was the usual thumbs down and head shaking in response to these veterans that dare interject a message of peace to yet another parade. However, there was a pleasant surprise. Several large groups of parade watchers broke out in loud approving applause and yells of support....seems the "offensive" peace message is reaching more people.... Thanks Olympia

The link


25.07.2007 15:00
lets save the portland zoo animals....please
animals in the portland zoo need our help. i and many people i have come to know are deeply concern about the treatment and the care of the animals at the Portland zoo. we have noticed the the cages for the animals are inadequate... ... now i know Portland zoo is a small zoo, but they need to fix their exhibits and take better care for these animals we all come to enjoy and love...there are many things that need to take place to make the zoo better for animals and people a like. please i can't do this myself and i am calling out to you and everyone, please help me help these animals...


25.07.2007 14:57
sheehan busted during Impeachment March
Cindy Sheehan was busted in D.C. today while marching from Arlington to the Congressional Bldg. Now you know why all this spam has appeared at this time. They'll do ANYTHING to stop this impeachment drive.

comment:... lost in this story is the explosive news that Cindy Sheehan, the most recognizable peace activist in America, has announced she is running against Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House (one of the most powerful positions in our government).

I've been going around with my "IMPEACH CHENEY" sign in this town for weeks, both as an individual and with Code Pink. I have to tell you, public sentiment is very strong towards impeachment....I'm not the only San Franciscan who thinks Cindy should and actually *can* win -- read Justin Raimondo's article "Sheehan's Rebellion": http://antiwar.com/justin/?articleid=11269 .



22.07.2007 17:16
Forest Service Logs, Then Burns Ancient Forest
after In 2005 protestors at the Sten timber sale near Eugene had both live ammunition and hunting arrows shot at them. This year the Forest Service set a "prescribed burn" at the site of the protest and killed most of the remaining trees.

One activist lived on a small platform in the upper canopy for over two months, while loggers endangered his life by falling trees around him. Hired climbers and Forest Service personnel threatened to physically remove him. During his extended stay in an old growth tree, "Katrina", the Forest Service stole his bicycle, trailer, identity papers, and all his possessions.

"Katrina" is now dead. Eighty-five percent of the trees in the project are either standing dead or blackened stumps. According to a Forest Service spokesperson, a "prescribed burn", started with drip torches by Forest Service personnel, got out of hand "when the wind shifted". The Forest Service inadvertently "missed its target" of 10 to 20 percent mortality. Seventy percent of the trees that remained after logging were killed by the fire. The destruction of a once healthy forest ecosystem is now complete.

What is next for unit 43 of the Sten timber sale? Salvage logging?


22.07.2007 17:13
Mexican State surrounds Oaxaca to favor URO and transnational tourism
Visit Oaxaca! ¡Visita Oaxaca!

Mexican State surrounds Oaxaca to favor URO and transnational tourism
Boycott the Commercial Guelaguetza

July 20th, 2007 - Translation from Indymedia Oaxaca:

48 hours before the commercial festival of Ulises Ruiz Ruiz (URO), Oaxaca is surrounded by police and the military;
Elbeto asks, "Are they prisoners of war?" Are we in a war in Oaxaca Mr. Governor, Mr. Hotel Owner(s) and Mr. Restaurant Owner(s) in la verde Antequera?" The Space of Civil Organizations warns of an official provocation in the next days: "the governor "little ulises" is declaring a tradition to be authentic which does not belong to him (...) and turning a cultural celebration into a propagandistic space of its government."

source of original article in spanish: http://mexico.indymedia.org/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=224

source of photo: http://mexico.indymedia.org/tiki-browse_gallery.php?galleryId=157
homepage: elenemigocomun.net


22.07.2007 17:11
Callout: 5 Days of Direct Action and Economic Sabotage!!!
Callout for 5 days of decentralized direct action and economic sabotage
Across Turtle Island (North America)
August 17-21, to culminate August 20 & 21,
The days of the SPP meetings in Montebello, Québec.

This is a call to action against the companies and governments who govern our lives through law and capital. Since the beginning of the invasion process, capitalism and state governance have perpetuated colonization on the lands of Turtle Island. This process has not stopped. Instead, it takes new forms through the neo-liberal agenda and continues under the authority of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

In March 2005, the SPP was initiated by Paul Martin, George W. Bush and Vincente Fox under the pretense of fortifying North American borders, thereby increasing trade opportunity. In other words, the goal is to manipulate and exploit human lives and their social contexts in the service of capital for the benefit of the ruling class.


22.07.2007 17:08
Racist Biggot Proposes "No Immigrants Allowed" Signs in Columbia County
A prominent pain in the ass in Columbia County, one Wayne Mayo (Constitution Party), appeared before county commissioners this week to propose that this community declare itself an "Illegal Worker Free County." To that end, he has demanded stringent, new requirements for employers and landlords to prevent them from hiring or renting to so-called "illegals." He demands enhanced support from the Sheriff's office, and the enactment of a "citizen's complaint line" where we can snitch out our neighbors. Finally, he wants signs placed throughout the county, declaring us to be an "illegal worker-free county."

Comment:KATU online has this issue in it's "official" poll. When I checked it out, 80% of those responding supported Mayo's idiotic proposition. If I ever see such a sigh in any community I will deface it and then take my money and my business elsewhere. As this poster stated so well, We ARE better than this!!!


22.07.2007 17:03
The West Coast Convergence for Climate Action is just three weeks away! -we NEED YOUR HELP
The site is beautiful, the workshop presenters are awesome, the food will be tasty and healthy, and now we need your help pulling together this monumental event for climate and energy justice.
Here are four things you can do in preparation for the event.

1.Take a job from our Help Wanted list
2.Get ready for direct action by attending one of the action training events (info below)
3.REGISTER! - We need an estimate of how many people we will be feeding. To register please visit:  http://www.climateconvergence.org/west/rsvp.php
4.Come to a set-up work party day
[Saturday] August 4 - meet in Portland at 11 AM (call 541-521-1832)

Please contact  westcoast@climateconvergence.org.



20.07.2007 12:13
'In Oaxaca, Because There’s Culture, There's Resistance': New Escalation of Police Repression Against the Popular Movement!
oaxaca From El Enemigo Común

On the morning of July 16, 2007, the people of Oaxaca poured into the Zocalo, intent on reclaiming their annual cultural celebration known as the Guelaguetza. By late morning, the "People's Guelaguetza" had become a "megamarcha" with thousands taking to the streets.

By early afternoon, it had become a battle for the city, after police attacked the peaceful march....at approximately 11:30 a.m., elements of the Municipal Police, Preventive Police, and Industrial and Banking Police, attacked with tear gas and rocks, marchers of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) and teachers of the National Teachers Workers Union, Section 22, who were trying to join the local festivities Fiesta Popular Oaxaqueña, in Guelaguetza Auditorium, Cerro del Fortín de la Ciudad de Oaxaca.

We consider that this incident is one of many provocations implemented by the state government against the APPO and is an irrefutable sign, moreover, of a government that is unable to dialogue, opting instead for the irrational use of police force against civilians. These actions are clear evidence of a recurring violation of human rights in the Oaxaca region, illegal under international treaties signed by Mexico.

Therefore, we make the following immediate demands:

  • For an end to police repression, harassment, and intimidation of the social and popular movements in Oaxaca
  • We condemn governmental actions and indiscriminate use of force by the State and Federal police
  • We demand the release of all political prisoners, making Federal and State officials responsible in the case of arbitrary detentions and disappearances of civilians.

Send your petitions to with copies to human rights entities:

A Full Report on the Battle of Oaxaca July 16, 2007 | Guelaguetza 2007


20.07.2007 11:24
3 Direct Action trainings this weekend in PDX!
tripod You've got a couple of choices this weekend:

1) Go to an awesome action training campout on Mt. Hood.
2) Go to a short but sweet direct action and climbing training at Laurelhurst Park this Sunday.
3) Sit around feeling bummed out that there isn't more action happening in Cascadia these days.

But Wait! Ther's More

Jobs with Justice Strategizing for Victory
Action Camp and Skill Share
Saturday, July 21, 10 am to 2 pm
SEIU 49 Hall, 3536 SE 26th

Join activists, organizers and JwJ pledgers in developing skills to

  • Get the message across at an action.
  • Know your rights; Stay safe but hold your ground.
  • Explore and develop effective strategies for action that move a campaign.

Please RSVP to Eliana at


20.07.2007 11:13
Federal Judge: Oregon Coho Protections Must be Reinstated
A federal judge has recommended that the Bush administration's decision to remove endangered species protections for Oregon Coast coho salmon be declared illegal. The court recommended that coho's legal "threatened" status be reviewed and a new listing decision be finalized within 60 days. Restoration of ESA listing would prohibit actions that harm the species and require the government to prepare recovery plans. The decision comes in response to a lawsuit filed by fishermen and conservation groups last year.

The decision to withdraw endangered species protections from the coho was predicated on a novel scientific theory adopted by federal agencies. The theory held that coho are inherently resilient at low populations, and that they will always bounce back. The court cited extensive scientific critiques of that theory from government scientists, who said that it was unreliable and failed to pass the "red-face test." The court ruled that the new theory did not represent the "best available science" as required by law.

The slight rebound between 2001 and 2003 prompted the state of Oregon to prematurely declare Coast coho sufficiently recovered to be stripped of federal protection. The federal agency charged with administering the fishery, National Marine Fisheries Service overruled its own scientists—who raised grave doubts about Oregon's novel population analysis as well as the status of the species—to remove federal endangered species protections in 2006.



20.07.2007 11:12
Japan's Nuclear Accident...remember Chernobyl?!
Is the recent fire and radiation leak at Kashiwazaki worse than reported? Monday's earthquake in Japan that damaged the world's largest nuclear power plant caused a previously underreported amount of radioactive pollution to enter the ocean and the atmosphere (via a fire that broke out at one of the reactors). This incident is getting only a small amount of coverage. Spokespeople from the plant have offered very little information regarding what is happening, saying only blanket statements like, "The radiation poses no health risks", "The amount of radiation is well below safe limits", and "The radiation poses no risk to the environment".

This brings to mind the horrors at Chernobyl, where a fire burned uncontrollably for days, causing massive environmental damage and health effects. Repeatedly over that week, the world was told, "This poses no risk." While (hopefully) the accident in Japan is nowhere near the scale of Chernobyl's, it still raises questions about how "safe" these radiation leaks really are, and why officials still refuse to own up to the real damage that is occurring.

From my perspective, there is NO safe amount of radioactive waste!!


18.07.2007 13:13
Portland Assembly on Free Trade and Job Loss--Thursday
A Portland assembly on free trade and job loss is being held on Thursday evening at PCC.

Thursday, July 19 * 6:30 pm
Portland Community College - Cascade Campus
705 N. Killingsworth, Student Center Cafeteria

Join displaced workers from Freightliner, Georgia-Pacific, Intel and elsewhere to discuss the negative impacts free trade agreements like NAFTA are having on Portland-area communities -- and what we can do to finally put an end to Fast Track and destructive trade policies once-and-for-all. Free trade agreements like NAFTA have cost thousands of people in the Portland metro area their jobs. Many more are at risk of having their jobs shipped abroad if trade policies continue on their current course.

There is a growing recognition in Congress that free trade agreements have hurt our communities, and many elected officials are now taking a stand against the free trade agenda. Still, many Members of Congress from the Pacific Northwest remain undecided on this issue. Show your support for laid-off workers and learn how you can help put the brakes on Fast Track for good by attending this important event.


17.07.2007 13:24
Daniel's First Outbound Communication
solidarity July 9, 2007 Blog Friends, Well, I have been here one week now and although I don't have any stamps yet, and writing with a 4 inch pen that bends is miserable, I thought I would write if only to say I'm OK. A good place to start and a question you may have is "why did I have to report so early?" I'll start from my sentencing. On June 4th, Judge Aiken sentenced me to a term in federal prison of 84 months, just 8 months less than what the prosecution wanted, citing my activism from 2001 to my arrest. My legal team files a motion asking for me to stay out on bond pending designation.However, the prosecution objected citing three reasons:

1. They said my interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! in early June showed I had no remorse from my crimes.
2. My support website, supportdaniel.org was "operational."
3. That had a link to sell a children's book which encouraged children to employ arson and sabotage as a tactic.

As luck would have it, I lost and was directed to report to prison on July 2. Regarding the prosecution's brief, my interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! was quite long and I expressed regret at many points. My assertion that I did not do anything morally wrong seems to be the quote that got a reaction. The website, supportdaniel.org , run by my wife Jenny since January 2006 is online and last I checked, will continue to be online for the indefinite future.

UPDATE: Daniel will be leaving MDC Brooklyn soon. Please hold off on sending letters until we have a new address for him.

greenscare.org | GreenIsTheNewRed.com>


14.07.2007 12:13
Frontline footage from the Riot of Rostock
Hello friends, I learned a lot about what can happen on the streets while I was in Germany. This video shows the power we had over the police that day, if only for a few beautiful hours. I believe all of us up here, in cities across the North West, can find something meaningful in these images.

A lot of us have fallen into our lives, living them exactly as we want to live them. Unable to effectively resist the system and actualize our collective dreams, we instead actualize our own dreams. And, much of the time, we are not on the streets. We have seen too much infigthing, pettiness, authority, back-stabbing and outright hijaking to want to ever return to those peace-policed streets. As we were being gassed, beaten, maced, sexually assaulted, paralyzed, brain damaged and traumatised, people called us "childish" and labelled us "agents provoctours." Since well before 1999 our people have been following the same pattern of burnout, one year at a time. Either we burn out, we dissapear into our own close-nit projects or we concentrate on building up what is around us. In any case, we are not on the streets. Why?

If we are there to answer those questions ourselves (rather than recently pied dingbats) people might just find something in one anarchist idea or other. That something, soon, just as it happened to us, will make them begin to question everything. Oh, incedently, a revolution is well underway in Europe.


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