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27.08.2007 13:37
Ringling Bros Protest / Help Needed
"Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - The circus is here Thursday, August 30th - Sunday, September 2nd at the Rose Quarter. We will be leafletting 1 hour before every show. The leafletting times will be:

Thursday, August 30th - 6:30 pm
Friday, August 31st - 6:30 pm
Saturday, September 1st - 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm
Sunday, September 2nd - Noon

This year, PETA has a van following Ringling at every stop. A young man named Jason Bayless has been hot on their tail all the way. Check out  http://blog.peta.org/archives/2007/06/hey_peta_pimp_m.php for more info. He will be here in Portland with video cameras, posters, signs, leaflets, costumes, etc.... We will be ready for Ringling when they arrive and we will be following them on their elephant walk from the train to the Rose Garden, no matter what time of day or night they arrive. We need some volunteers to help with this.....


26.08.2007 10:45
She leads me
She leads me

The madness surrounds me.
Wild, crazed, violent
madmen, berserkers
of greed, power
and blood lust continue
their antediluvian creed
of slash, loot, rape and burn.

Taking my hand, She
leads carefully through
forgotten forests into the
highlands of an unfamiliar youth.
Here, underneath the gentle
music of dragonfly wings
lives the cool still waters of remembrance.

NOTE: Be sure to read the rest of this poem in the "Read More" link.


26.08.2007 10:42
It is a great disappointment to have to write about the great short fallings of my congressmen of Washington state 3rd district. Unfortunately of late he requires a series of article that likely could comprise a book. This first essay is on the cowardice nature of congressmen Baird of the 3rd US congressional district of the state of Washington.

Yes cowardice. I am not sure I would be a man of greater measure, but I am not the congressmen. And of course if I were one I would hope not to be such a god damn lily livered son of a _itch that is a supporter if not a co- perpetrator the mass murder of Americans and Iraqis alike. His cowardice nature first appeared on TV.
Yes on TV. He was claiming the need to have a back-up US government in case the congress was attacked by terrorist. This occurred after one of those congressional evacuations during a fake terror attack. If anyone has a copy of that network news clip you can see the fear in his eyes. I think he really thinks there are terrorist. But it's unclear which he is more afraid of the ones in US uniforms or the peasants in Iraq.


26.08.2007 10:35
Media For Social Change
LINK TO VIDEO : This past summer, 13 college students have been sponsored by the newly launched Northwest Institute and have been addressing the issues of the environment, Iraq Veterans, and Homelessness just to name a few — plus they have been learning about the new opportunities presented for the media by technologies like YouTube, The Internet, and blogs.

The event on Wednesday evening highlights and credits those students who are learning and applying "Media Activism" Their website is http://www.nwisc.com

I was interested in all these same topics and took it upon myself to come down and film their presentation. And I am glad I did.

There were books randomly placed on the tables and I filmed as many of the titles as possible - they all were on "The Media" and looked pretty interesting.


23.08.2007 12:04
Westcoast Climate Convergence Builds Opposition to Dirty Energy
The Convergence was met with strong local support and important exchanges between those fighting fossil fuel development on local, regional and global scales. The Monday and Tuesday events helped draw more attention to continuing infrastructural commitments to destructive energy sources.

The Skamokawa event culminated with over 150 people participating in a direct action on Monday, occupying the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) import facility at Bradwood, Oregon. The Columbia River divides Oregon and Washington, and participants in the Convergence learned about attempts to sustain the local economy of the Lower Columbia River while resisting massive fossil fuel developments in the area.

Using fishing boats, sailboats, kayaks, and an umiak, participants in the action crossed the Columbia River and occupied the beach at Bradwood where NorthernStar Natural Gas intends to construct a large LNG terminal. The terminal's peak daily capacity is twice the average daily use of Oregon natural gas consumers. The action had a twofold purpose, both highlighting local and global impacts of LNG development.

Protesters Lockdown at PacifiCorp, demanding Energy Justice | Another New Natural Gas Pipeline Proposed

Groups opposing LNG: Wahkiakum Friends of The River | Columbia River Vision | Columbia River Keeper


LNG Community Action Meeting Saturday Aug 25 in Coos Bay

Community action meeting 8/25 to prepare for a public hearing in Coos Bay, OR on 8/28. Speak out to prevent an ecological disaster from entering coastal Oregon's Coos Bay in the form of a supercooled liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal and pipeline with hundreds of miles of linear clearcuts across Oregon's mountains..

Since late 2004, multiple energy companies have proposed large, controversial liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments along the Lower Columbia River and in Coos Bay. Currently, five proposals exist in Oregon, each of them generating concern among people who live, work, and recreate in their vicinity. Here is a brief update on each of the five proposals:

Here's what it looks like when a pipeline explodes in your neighborhood | Dallas Explosion at Facility that sells Liquified Natural Gas



23.08.2007 11:13
Dying For Healthcare: Doctors, Healthcare Workers, and Activists Speak Out for Universal Health Care!!
Join us for a discussion on healthcare by people who have worked in the industry. Topics will include their personal experiences providing healthcare and education, as well as struggles and challenges to changing local and national healthcare policy.

Where: Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Center, Rm 236.
When: Aug - 7:15-9:15pm

Following the panel will be an open discussion of the roadblocks to universal coverage and how we can overcome them.



23.08.2007 09:29
Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP)
Oregon now has a drug buying program, open to all state residents, that allows you to buy prescription drugs at the lowest possible price. The expanded Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP), passed by the 2007 Legislature, is in place and open to every person in the state of Oregon, free of charge. It is free to join this plan but YOU MUST REGISTER. It takes about a week to get the card. More information is below.

You may remain an OPDP member and use your card for discounts at OPDP pharmacies [without enrolling in Medicare Part D]. However, you need to know that individuals who are eligible for Medicare Part D who choose not to enroll by May 15, 2006 will have a 1% per month penalty applied to their premium when they do enroll. In other words, if you choose to enroll a year later, your premium will be 12% higher.

enroll here!


22.08.2007 16:26
BABEFEST: Only a few days away!
Breaking Assumptions & Barriers for Equality, a three day fest of music and workshops is coming up August 24th, 25th, and 26th

Friday At the Ranch 8*24*07
Sleepwalkers R.I.P. Tandemnation Cull

Liberty Hall (311 NE Ivy ) 8*25*07
12-1 D-MASC (Dudes Making Sandwiches)
1:15-2:15 Consent 101
2:20-3:20 Gender Caucus'
3:45-5pm **making punk communities safe from violence & aggression***
Scary Bear Massive Meat Split Anon Remora
Order of the GASH The Vonneguts

1-2:15 Women, Alcohol & Punk (all genders)
2:30-4 Rebel Boy: Treason to Patriarchy is Loyalty to Humanity!!
12-1 Riot Grrrl and Beyond
1:15-2:15 F.A.T.A.S.S. PDX sizism workshop
2:30-4 Women of Color in Punk/DIY Panel
4-6 pm Consensus Meeting Facilitation
7pm Dancing as expression workshop -Sprockettes and HCABBC
9pm BIKE IN MOVIES!! Feminist Film Nite!


22.08.2007 16:09
Portland Grassroots Media Camp this weekend!
B the Media The Portland Grassroots Media Camp (PGMC) [August 24 through 26th, 2007] is a weekend long event of skills trainings and workshops designed to make media creation and,production more accessible to organizers, activists, and all community members. Workshops will take place across Portland at such sites as PCC Cascade Campus, the Musicians Union, St. Francis Church, KBOO, Laughing Horse Books, Liberty Hall, and the Center for Intercultural Organizing

The weekend will be an opportunity for community members, organizers, and activists, especially from immigrant communities in and around Portland, to learn new skills, get connected with local alternative media resources, and network with other immigrant, community, and media organizations. Workshops will two hours long focusing on one specific skill through the use of hands on activities. All skill levels are welcome. All workshops are FREE and open to the general public

The Media Camp Team
bolivarianmedia@gmail.com poster video | Schedule of Classes


21.08.2007 00:08
Green Scare: Minnesota Grand Jury Subpoenas Served in Seattle and Chicago
build a wall of resistance

This morning [Mon. Aug. 20th], grand jury subpoenas were delivered to an individual in Seattle, WA and an individual in Chicago, IL. Both have been subpoenaed to appear at a grand jury in Minneapolis, MN on September the sixth.

When Anthony Wong was subpoenaed in Seattle, the object of the investigation was not made clear by Erik Swanson of the Minnesota police and Joint Terrorism Task Force. Wong's account may be found here.

In the case of the person subpoenaed in Chicago, Brandon, it was made clear that the grand jury is investigating "acts of arson and vandalism that happened a several years ago in Minnesota state." Brandon's account may be found here.

Neither of the two people receiving subpoenas today have been charged with any crime.


20.08.2007 06:59
'Noble Resolve' begins
The U.S. military "experiment" known as "Operation Noble Resolve 07-2" begins today in Portland, with command centers in Virginia, Texas, Guam, Korea and two locations in Oregon: Salem and Portland. Despite the assurances of the US Joint Forces command that the exercise is "purely a computer-based simulation of an earthquake scenario in Portland", many people in the area are extremely concerned.

Some have mentioned the possibility of the simulation "going live", as happened with the Vigilant Guardian exercise on September 11, 2001. But even without it "going live", there is the little fact that the US military is NOT the organization commissioned by Congress to respond to disasters, and by doing so, as they did in New Orleans following Katrina, they violate the long-standing tradition of 'posse comitatus', which forbids the military from engaging in domestic policing activities.

Audio: Interview with Captain May on Atmoic blast scenario for Portland | Established Pattern for Such Drills to go "live" | Tracking Supply Chains With RFID? | 2005 Articles about Noble Resolve/Top Off | Potential Targets | Staging the Portland Nuke (A Comedy of Terrors) | Previous feature on Noble Resolve


20.08.2007 06:54
Solidarity for Non-Cooperating Political Prisoners
As the "anti-terror" furor claimed its predictable victims this year, we watched almost helplessly as scores of our comrades were dragged off the streets, out of their houses, and away from their families. All for the crime of caring enough about the planet to get up off their asses and DO something to slow the spinning destruction. Now, it's time to shake off the helplessness and do what we do best: Stand by each other in solidarity and reawaken the passions that will save this earth from our own kind, if anything will.

It bears repeating: Not one of the so-branded "terrorists" rounded up in the greenscare has ever done anything to hurt anyone. All of them went to great lengths to carefully, consciously, intentionally avoid any harm to any living beings with any of their actions. It's more than most people can claim. It's certainly more than can be claimed by their accusors, who make a living by plundering the earth to such an extent that it is rapidly becoming uninhabitable by many life forms that used to call this world home.

Yet these eco-saviors were rounded up and branded with the T word, were threatened with life behind bars, were told they might never see their families or the light of day again for what they had done. (And what, really, had they done? They did what the rest of us should have been doing all along. They stood up and they ACTED. They did what their hearts demanded. They did what was right. They fought against overwhelming odds to stop the destruction that is looming all around us, and they acheived a victory that cannot be overstated. They turned the eyes of the world onto what is being done to this planet in the name of private profit, and the impact has changed the course of public debate, as well as private choices for many of us, for a decade.) So I am grateful to ALL of the greenscare prisoners for what they have done. Not to mention all of the eco-warriors who have never been caught, whomever and wherever they may be.

Related: www.greenscare.org


20.08.2007 06:47
Report-back: "Bookin' For Daniel" Marathon Fundraiser Breaks Finish Line
bookin for daniel Of the thousands of runners who participated in the 2007 San Francisco Marathon on Sunday, July 29, many were running to raise funds for good causes. One runner in particular had a compelling cause propelling her towards the finish line: all of the pledges that had been made for eco-defense prisoner Daniel McGowan's education fund.

Esther, co-founder of Eberhardt Press, started taking donations and pledges for her 26.2-mile run on behalf of Daniel a month before the marathon, documenting her training and preparations on the "Bookin' for Daniel" blog (bookinfordaniel.eberhardtpress.org). Readers could use the website to make a donation or pledge their support on a per-mile basis. The funds will be used to help support Daniel's efforts to obtain a Master's Degree while serving a seven-year sentence for crimes committed in defense of the earth.

The long run was challenging, Esther wrote in a recent blog posting, "but knowing that I was raising awareness of the case and raising funds for Daniel's education helped get me through those last grueling miles."


18.08.2007 09:08
ATTN 1999 WTO Westlake Arrestees
Deadline to join class-action lawsuit over harm inflicted at Seattle WTO If you were arrested at Westlake in Seattle during WTO and have yet to file your claim to part of the $ 1,000,000 settlement, time is running out! Your claim must be filed by August 28th, 2007!

INFO for ARRESTEES Deadline rapidly approaches to file claims in 1999 WTO protest lawsuit ($1 million settlement) (those arrested mid-morning on December 1, 1999 at Seattle's Westlake Park)

If you are one of the 175 arrested in this situation and you haven't
already turned in your forms, please download the two files below and
send the claim form in by AUGUST 28th, 2007.

Notice of the lawsuit: www.zoopla.net/viewFile.php?fid=4044
Claim form: www.zoopla.net/viewFile.php?fid=4045


If you know of anyone else who was arrested at Westlake Park, please
forward this message and the attachments to them as soon as possible.


17.08.2007 14:17
Red and Black Benefit Dinner
This Saturday, the 18th, marks the second benefit dinner to raise funds for the REd and Black Cafe's move. Come eat some yummy vegan food, family style, and throw down some cashola to help the R&B! For background on the situation, check out:  http://www.redandblackcafe.com/ Reservations are required so we can get the necessary donations from Farmageddon and others ahead of time. Call. Thanks!

When: Saturday, August 18th at 7:00 pm
Where: The Red and Black, SE 22nd and Division
How Much: $9 to $20 Sliding Scale
What: Family Style Supper...Salad, Soup, Mashed Taters, Pie, and More! All Vegan and All Yummy!

homepage:  http://www.redandblackcafe.com/


17.08.2007 13:57
Climate Convergence Report Back
I went down to the NW Climate Convergence with some friends, to give a workshop. Following is a brief report about my own experience there.

First, Skamokawa is beautiful. Nestled along the banks of the Columbia river, on the Washington side, this verdant little village is a good place to reconnect with all the reasons why this planet is worth saving. It's also a good place to witness the encroaching horror of the storm that is approaching... It wasn't hard to spot the people who could tell me more about what is happening with the proposed LNG projects. They were all wearing No LNG buttons, and were clustered over near the stage, where they were about to give a workshop of their own, so I sat down and listened to what they had to say. There were farmers and teachers and fishers and people who had lived along this river all their lives. And all were equally articulate about what is happening to their community, and why none of us can afford to allow these plants to be built here. Cheryl Johnson, a teacher living near the proposed site at Bradwood, gave a brief history of the Northern Star invasion (Northern Star is the current name of the corporateer attempting to build the Bradwood plant). She told of secrecy and intrigue.

As soon as word seeped out about the proposals, the people of Warrenton, Astoria, Bradwood, Skamokawa, Puget Island, and other little communities in the path of the destruction began to band together. They started from the ground, holding meetings, passing out literature, doing the necessary research, and educating the rest of us about the danger. One activist who came to the workshop told of her own experiences, where she learned that her home sat on property that was in the path of one of the proposed pipelines. She said that she then met with Northern Star, and that the Northern Star reps told her during that very first meeting that, if she did not come to an agreement with them, they would simply condemn her property under imminent domain laws, and take it from her anyway. It seems that she is not the only one to be approached with such threats. This seems to be the way this corporation does business. They are thugs.

Chances are, you or someone you know will be very near to one of these lines if this nonsense is not stopped. But you will not be told about the possibility of the pipeline running through your door or putting you at risk until the last possible moment, because Northern Star is now hiding the final routes of the lines under the guise of Homeland Security. (Isn't it interesting how Homeland Security has failed to protect the citizens of this country, but it always seems to come through for corporate interests.)

If you would like to learn more, or to become involved in fighting the LNG plants, please contact the following organizations:
RiverVision ( 595 18th St., Astoria)
Wahkiakum Friends of the River
Columbia Riverkeeper (724 Oak Street Hood River, OR 97031, ).

Here's what It looks like when a pipeline explodes in your neighborhood


17.08.2007 13:43
Oaxaca..In defense of the forest and community life
Reportback from the Encuentro in San Isidro Aloapam, Ixtil,Oaxaca

August 3rd, 2007: We left the city of Oaxaca, piled into large trucks. Five hours of winding rural roads, giggles and gasps later, we stumbled out to a greeting of handshakes, flowers, and.. a live band!

Welcome to the community of San Isidro Aloapam. San Isidro Aloapam is a pueblo in the Sierra Norte mountains. The people here speak their indigenous language, Zapoteco, and many speak Spanish. The grow many plants, primarily; corn, potatoes, and wheat. They hosted this three day event on defending the forest surrounding their pueblo and the life of their community. About sixty five people from many parts of Mexico and Spain,U.S.A.,Italy, Brazil,Germany, and England came to participate in this encuentro.


17.08.2007 13:42
Fur Farm Release in MA
300 breeding stock mink were released from a fur farm in Hinesdale, western MA on monday night. The farm, now called Berkshire Furs, used to be known as Chatham Ranch and was raided several times in the 1990's.



17.08.2007 13:39
Tacoma Detention food poisoning
Just over the AP wire this morning, 300 detainees at the DHS Tacoma Detention Center were stricken with food poisoning on Saturday. The outbreak of diarrhea and vomiting was just reported today and a DHS spokes person says, "most have recovered".

Southern Poverty Law Center: Getting Immigration Facts Straight


17.08.2007 13:37
Code Pink: Camp Feinstein and Camp Pelosi
Report from camper/hunger striker: I've spent the last few days sleeping in a sleeping bag in front of one of the most gorgeous homes in San Francisco -- Senator Feinstein's house. It's up a huge flight of stairs, though, and seeing that I haven't been eating anything during that time, it's been a pain in the rear to go anywhere. The first night we had around 16 people stay overnight, but lately that number has dropped to around five. I'd like to see this movement build and if anyone reading this lives close to San Francisco please, show up to Camp Pelosi and at least show your support. We really appreciate it.

Essentially, we want Feinstein to stop funding the illegal occupation in Iraq. I'm also pretty mad at her for voting for the increased powers to wiretap American citizens, but to be fair I am glad she called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay Prison recently.


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