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MEDIA CRITICISM 25.09.2002 11:01
Journalism itself was murdered today
From the open publishing newswire: Below is an article from the Reuters website that has been running all day. I have printed it in full with brackets containing my comments. Its omission of basic information is truly FRIGHTENING AND KAFKAESQUE. RIP JOURNALISM 101. [ Analysis ]

PEACE AND ANTI-WAR 24.09.2002 16:25
War without end - Not in our name, October 5-7
From the open publishing newswire: Across the nation there will be anti-war protests and rallies against the proposed invasion of Iraq and the destructive actions of the American government against Afghanistan. Mass protests are planned for New York City (ground zero), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and many other cities across the nation. The rallies and protests are timed to coincide with two national days of action on 10/6 and 10/7 entitled NOT IN OUR NAME. October 7 was the day the first U.S. bombs fell on Afghanistan last fall.

Oregon will be no different. Events are being planned in Portland, Corvallis and Eugene. [ Details ]

MALE DOMINATION 24.09.2002 16:13
Woman's Greatest Fear
This is the seventh in a series of essays concerned with male domination: Imagine a woman proposing a worldwide organization which men can join, can work for (building up the capital assets of the organization) and to which men are encouraged to donate time and money. And this organization works consciously to condition men from childhood with the idea that the most holy and important action men can take is to serve this organization without question.

Imagine a woman proposing that this organization will always be a completely undemocratic organization, rigidly hierarchical, and 100% controlled by a very powerful group of women who will never, ever, allow men to participate in formulating the aims and ideas of the group.

Imagine a woman proposing that this organization shall exist for 2000 years and shall meet every challenge by the men who dare to ask for equality in this group with torture, murder, enslavement, imprisonment, ridicule, assault, expulsion, exile and legal punishments of all kind, barring men from any except the lowest positions in this organization. Please, take a second and imagine a woman proposing an organization of this kind. What would be the response of men?

"Man-hater!" "Feminazi!"

But that organization exists today; it's one of the most prominent, authoritative and wealthiest organizations in the world, and it has powerful overt and hidden influences on political decisions that affect your life... but of course it is not controlled by women. Oh no. It is completely, 100%, controlled by men. Just substitute 'woman' for 'man' in the description above and you have an accurate description of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. [ Read more... ]

Previous essays in the series: [ Part 1: A Modest Proposal Concerning Masculism | Part 2: Ten Thousand Years is Enough | Part 3: The Movement For Male Restraint | Part 4: How To Challenge Violent Male Domination | Part 5: A Statistical Analysis of Violent Male Domination | Part 6: The Problem of Male Obedience ]

People's Utility Districts solve the PGE/Enron mess for Oregonians
From the open publishing newswire: The Peoples Utility District petition drive for Washington County is in full swing! We have collected several hundred signatures over the last few weeks, but are still far short of our goal! We need dedicated people who are willing to "walk the walk" and do the "fun" legwork known as signature gathering! We also need ideas for "tableing" venues and signature gathering locations. This is a "coalition" effort and all community groups are encouraged to participate! [ Details ]

S.O.A. WATCH 24.09.2002 15:11
SOA Watch Contra Dance
From the open publishing newswire: Come out and dance to help raise funds for a group of Oregonians travelling to Ft. Benning, GA to protest the School of the Americas! Saturday September 28, 7-11pm, St. Francis Parish Hall, 330 SE 11th, Portland.

There will be a live band and Contra dancing merriment for folks of all ages. Refreshments and Childcare will be available. Donations are requested on a sliding scale to support members of SOA Watch Oregon as they travel to the School of Americas (SOA) at Ft. Benning, GA, for the vigil this November.

The SOA, funded and operated by US tax dollars, trains Latin American soldiers in counterinsurgency techniques that target civilian populations. Graduates of the school have been responsible for the torture, murder and disappearance of thousands of civilians. [ Details ]

Write to local SOA activist Chani Geigle-Teller in prison
Chani Geigler is one of the people serving a six month sentence for protesting the SOA last November. She is a local resident who was interning for Oregon Peace Works at the time. She entered jail earlier this month. Here's a note from someone who has spoken to her since:

"She never called but we got a letter. Says she is doing ok and that the prison is like an apartment/dorm complex. She says she was crying when she went to report in but the prison workers were 'as nice as they could be for prison workers'... But she wants everyone to write her asap."

Federal Prison Camp Dublin
Chantilly Geigle 90968-020
5775 8th St., Lamp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568

previous portland indymedia coverage of SOA activists:
[ Chani Geigle-Teller Sentenced To Federal Prison | 10 School of Americas protesters receive six-month sentences | 50 gather to Support the SOA 37 in Salem | Salem City Council Sends Letter to SOA Judge | Crossing Lines of Justice - Voices of SOA Activists ]

[ SOA Watch website ]

LABOR 24.09.2002 10:18
Medford Living Wage Initiative to be Filed on Thursday Sept 26
From the open publishing newswire: Supporters of a Living Wage policy for the City of Medford will gather on Thursday, September 26 at Medford City Hall to file a ballot initiative for a Medford Living Wage Ordinance. The group will file in the City Recorder's office on the third floor of City Hall at 11:00 AM.

After a series of public requests over the last year for public hearings by Oregon Action for a City Living Wage proposal the Medford City Council reversed itself and held a hearing, but voted 5 to 3 against adopting any movement toward living wage policies. [ Read more... ]

THEFT OF NATIVE LAND 23.09.2002 22:28
Domestic Terrorism? Preparing for Another Assault in Shoshone Country
From the newswire: Crescent Valley, Newe Sogobia (Nevada) The morning after a round of intercontinental missile testing overhead, Mary and Carrie Dann prepare for the threat of fully armed federal agents -aided by helicopters overhead and rented cowboys on horseback - swarming into their ancestral grazing lands and rounding up their livelihood. The Danns are Western Shoshone grandmothers who have been engaged in a decades long struggle with the federal government over access to and use of their lands, lands recognized in an 1863 Treaty with the United States. The U.S. claims the lands are ?public lands? and has engaged in continuous threats and enforcement actions against the Dann sisters and other Western Shoshone as they attempt to survive as cattle grazers and native people in the vast valleys and mountain ranges stretching across present day Nevada.

After receiving news of the pending raid through an anonymous call, Mary Dann, now in her early seventies, appeared tired, "We have repeatedly asked the federal government for Western Shoshone land transfer documents. If our ancestors agreed to give up or sell this land we would respect that agreement. But the federal agencies have never shown us such documents and our own Shoshone history does not talk about any agreement or document giving away the land." In fact, legal scholars and the Report of the Inter-American Commission agree that U.S. history contains no cession or abandonment by the Western Shoshone people, and the 1863 Treaty stands untouched. Carrie Dann's only public statement was to term the current federal action as 'domestic terrorism'. [ Read More ]

[ Shundahai Website ]

An open invitation to the Mayor and Portland City Council to attend this Friday's Critical Mass
From the open publishing newswire: Mayor Katz and the Portland City Council,

This message is to invite you to attend the upcoming Critical Mass bike ride through downtown Portland. There is no better way to find out if the participants and the police are behaving non-violently. I am not an organizer of Critical Mass, I am a simply a participant who has read police distortions of events. In order to observe the event in its real form, I urge you not to tell the PPB that you are choosing to attend.

To the media: you are also invited to ride along and see for yourself if the tactics of the police are justified.

I can find bikes and helmets for any member of the city council who wants to attend; simply send me an email before Thursday, September 26th.

The ride forms at 5:30, Friday, September 27th, under the west end of the Burnside Bridge.

I look forward to seeing you and your staff there! [ Invitation ]

Eleven fun things to do at Critical Mass
Be pro-active: Don't stand idly by and let yourself or some else get brutalized. Let's get organized so we can safely have a good time. A list of fun things to do at Critical Mass:
1. THROW YOUR BIKES IN A PILE IN FRONT OF THE RIOT COPS!!!!! Ever tried to walk through a pile of bikes? How about a group of people trying to maintain a line formation walking through a pile of bikes? Or a horse trying to walk a pile of bikes. [ Read more... ]

[ Critical Mass Poster: zip on! | Critical Mass art | Wuss Ride 4ever | Critical Mass should come together as one ride | Police riot at A30 Critical Mass ]

U.S. IMPERIALISM 23.09.2002 19:28
Interview: Author of War On Iraq - William Rivers Pitt
Interview posted to the newswire: "With President Bush pressing Congress for a resolution to allow use of force against Iraq right now, understanding the issues involved is more critical than ever. William Rivers Pitt and Scott Ritter have written the book War on Iraq to inform people on critical issues regarding whether or not the US should take up arms again against Saddam Hussein. I recently discussed this with War on Iraq author William Rivers Pitt."

"Pitt: Also, there are a number of neo-conservative super-hawks in the Bush administration - Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle and Wolfowitz to name a few - who very much want to make war not only on Iraq, but Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and a good deal of the Middle East. This is why Bush's recent resolution for war on Iraq sent to Congress does not only say "Iraq," but "the region." They want it all, and they're gunning for it hard.

"As for Ritter's comments, they are well-articulated by him in my book. He believes the threat posed by Iraq has been horribly and cynically overblown, for all the reasons stated above and more." [ Read More ]

ART & POLITICS 23.09.2002 19:12
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival at NW Film Center


From the open publishing newswire:
The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
26th September - 7th November, 2002 at NW Film Center
For more film info
Q&A session with Andrea Holley of Human Rights Watch to follow film screening

[ Newswire article | NW Film Center ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 23.09.2002 12:21
Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon
From the open publishing newswire: Early monday morning, the Forest Service announced a closure on the Peak timber sale are. Minutes later, loggers entered the forest and began felling trees in an area near tree-sitters occupying the sale.

Mazama Forest Defenders announced a second tree-sit in the Peak timber sale. Officials from the Forest Service and the local media have been notified of the second platform, and yet logging continues, jeopardizing the safety of the forest defenders. [ Newswire post ]

[ Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June 2002) | Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories ]

Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force harassing Somali community
From the open publising newswire: On Saturday, September 21, Kayse Jama spoke at the Palestinian Forum at the Campus Ministries Building at PSU. Kayse is a member of Portland's Muslim Somali community and he was there to talk about the problems currently being faced by Somali people in the United States, especially in Portland by the Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF). Kayse was among the people who testified against the PJTTF at the recent City Council hearing where that ugly civil liberties-buster was renewed for another year by the fascists currently holding the mayor's and city commissioners' offices...

...I was really inspired by hearing Kayse speak and and would like to help build solidarity between the Somali community and the activists here who understand the importance of these issues. An opportunity for that is coming up. [Local Muslin cleric, Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman] Kariye is still being held by local authorities and members of the Somali community will probably be holding another rally soon to show their support for him. It is very important that as many non-Somali people as possible come out and stand with them. We need to send a messsage to the PJTTF and to the U.S. government that we will not stand for the harassment, surveillance, and destruction of our civil liberties. The powers-that-be need to know that when they take one of us on, they take all of us on, and that "us" has no one color or religion. Check back with portland indymedia for details as they are announced. [ Full story ]

[ Photos | FBI Tests Show Sheik's Luggage Had No Explosive Residue (Sept 23 AP article) | Stanley Cohen, Civil Rights and Criminal Attorney (speaking about civil liberties and the Muslim community, 22 Sept.) | Courthouse Vigil for Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye (10 Sept.) ]

ANTI-RACISM 23.09.2002 02:49
October 22 organizing meeting announced
On Thursday, September 26th at 7:00 PM there will be a meeting at the Laughing Horse Book Collective to plan for the upcoming demonstration against police brutality. The demo is excpected to take place on October 22nd, and will be in solidarity with the October 22nd CoalitionAnyone interested in participating in the event and/or helping to organize is welcome to attend. [ Details ]

[ Last year's October 22 march ]

ANTI-CAPITALISM 22.09.2002 16:44
Capitalism & Its Discontents
From the Newswire: "Large sections of America's manufacturing base have been transferred to sweatshops in Third World countries, throwing thousands of Americans out of good-paying jobs and creating what is called the "rust belt" in America's heartland."

"In addition, the tax burden is increasingly being shifted from corporations to the middle class and poor. Many corporations pay no income tax by sheltering assets in offshore subsidiaries. The CEOs of large corporations now make about 500 times the average worker's wage." [ Full Story ]

From another post to the Newswire by the same author: Most Americans know enough about the Nazi holocaust to thoroughly despise the horrible events that occurred- the torture, executions, concentration camps, forced starvation, gas chambers and the attempted extermination of the Jews. I wonder what Americans would think if they knew that the part of this Nazi terror apparatus which operated on the Russian front was incorporated into the CIA after World War 2. [ Full Story ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 22.09.2002 16:27
Civil rights attorney Stanley Cohen speaks in Portland: 'Those who plunder others will always live in terror'
From the open publishing newswire: Stanley Cohen spoke at a forum sponsored by the Islamic Center of Masjed AsSaber at PSU last night. Cohen is a well-known civil rights lawyer who takes on "political cases" and has represented many Muslims, Palestinians and other persecuted minorities in the U.S.

Cohen used the bulk of his time to list the long litany of assaults on civil liberties that have occured in the United States, both before and after 9/11, most of which are familiar to activists already: the Palmer raids of the 20's, the internment of thousands of Japanese-americans during World War II, McCarthyism in the 50's, surveillance of activists by COINTELPRO in the 60's and 70's, the profiling and harrassment of Muslims (for at least the last ten years), the USA PATRIOT Act, Homeland Security, and the recent arrest of Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye here in Portland. But Cohen also brought some of his own unique perspective to the issues. [ Read more... ]

AUDIO: The presentaton is broke up into two audio files of about 30 minutes each (in streaming format): [ Part 1 | Part 2 ]

[ Islamic Center of Masjed AsSaber | Courthouse Vigil for Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye ]

RACISM/FASCISM 22.09.2002 11:07
The Renewed Fight against Nazism, in Portland
From the newswire: "In 1993, after years of anti-fascist street organizing, violence, and a lawsuit by the SPLC, neo-nazi skinheads were driven out of Portland, Oregon. Now they're back."

"This was all topped off on Halloween when nazi skins came into a lefty cafe/bar in southeast Portland (the same area where Seraw was murdered in '98) with knives, threatenened patrons and workers, and tore down posters. This cafe/bar is an informal meeting place/hang-out for organizers, activists, and militant union people"

"Apparently a new young female nazi recruit was supposed to prove herself by attacking an anti-racist skin at the bar. She backed out, so the nazi crew took it upon themselves to attack. The young woman was later severely beaten and held against her will for four days by the nazis."

[ Full Story ]

Laughing Horse Bookstore benefit
From the open publishing newswire: Please join Laughing Horse Books next sunday the 22nd from 6-9 pm for our sustainer benefit featuring entertainment by local artists, vegan and vegetarian food, a sale on used books, and information on our new sustainer program.

During the past few months, you have probably heard about the financial troubles at Laughing Horse Books. In addition to the ordinary economic struggles many resource centers and collectives face during these times, we experienced a significant misfortune last fall with the cancellation of two of our major accounts... To accommodate the setback, members of the collective have devised a sustainer program based on financial contributions from the community.

To initiate our sustainer program, we will be holding a benefit next Sunday the 22nd from 6-9pm. There will be more information about our sustainer program, a sale on used books, performances by local musicians and poets, such as Luke Warmwater, and an abundance of vegan and vegetarian food. Any monetary or edible (please label food vegan or vegetarian, organic or non-organic) donations are welcome. [ Full story ]

MOVEMENT POLITICS 22.09.2002 00:31
Whither Critical Mass?
From the open publishing newswire: The monthly Portland Critical Mass ride has split into two separate rides - the "regular" Critical Mass and the Wuss/Courteous Mass. Here's an explanation on the Wuss Ride and its motivation to clear up some apparently common misperceptions that have been posted on Indymedia. [ Discussion ]

Another poster writes: Critical Mass should come together as one ride after the police violence of last month. Even if it separates into two again later, it should be one ride for this month. Please find a way to agree on approach for this ride. [ Discussion ]

Critical Mass art

PRISONER SUPPORT 22.09.2002 00:23
Show your solidarity with Mike D by writing him in Jail
From the open publishing newswire: Show your solidarity with Mike D by writing him in Jail and flooding District Attorney John Foote with phone calls/fax's. Apparently they have not yet charged Mike with the 2 felonies, inciting a riot and conspiracy. He has an arraignment date on Oct.4 at the Clackamous County Courthouse. John Foote has between now and Oct.4th to charge Mike. Tell John Foote NOT to file charges against Mike D/Michael McMullin! Keep posted for further updates this next week. [ Full details ]

[ Mike D Arrested at Borg Timber Sale (6 Sept.) | POLICE OPPRESSION CONTINUES IN CASE OF MIKE D "SUPPORT NEEDED AT TRIAL" (7 Sept.) | Mike D Solidarity Flyer (10 Sept.) | Who is Mike D? (12 Sept.) | SUPPORT MIKE D: WHEN THEY TAKE ONE OF US ON, THEY TAKE ALL OF US ON (12 Sept.) | Police Target Moms and Harrass Supporters A Mike D's Court Date (13 Sept.) | Double Plus Goodness at Mike D's Arraignment (13 Sept.) | The Injustice System at work: Mike D. gets 60 days for probation violations (15 Sept.) ]

LABOR SOLIDARITY 22.09.2002 00:18
Taco Bell Boycott: Large turnout, protester attacked
From the open publishing newswire: Today was the largest turnout yet [that I have seen]. The boycott consisted of chanting, flyering, educating, and all around fun-having. With the large crowd and cheerful people, there was much support, honking, and cheering.

The boycotts are a bi-monthly event sponsored by CBLOC [cross border labor organizing coalition] and Jobs with Justice. Today NWRAGE came out as well. The Boycott is to express solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and their organization attempts to win better wages for tomatoe pickers in Florida. Such pickers must pick 2 tons of tomatoes to earn 50$. Each time we go to a Taco Bell we request the managers send corporate a letter informing them of the issue and trouble they had because of our boycott. The CIW is asking for a 1 cent/pound raise.

...One altercation took place when a driver attempted to run over a protester. The man drove his Chevy F250 truck directly through the line of protesters without stopping and yelled. One man was hit and eventually managed to get dragged by the rearview mirror after rolling off the front towards the side. The police were called and they are going to get the other person's story before they prosecute. There is video of the illegal assault by the man against the protester. [ Full story ]

[ Boycott the Bell HQ | Coalition of Immokalee Workers | CBLOC | NWRAGE | Previous Taco Bell Protests: August 18 | August 3 | July 20 ]

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